Asuka of the Scarlet Sky Volume 2 Chapter 18

Chapter 18: The reason to fight (1)

「You…have you ever kissed?」

Asuka’s voice sank into Yuuto’s ear. Yuuto faced sideways as Asuka grins.

「What’s with this suddenly?」

With Asuka’s arm in control, Yuuto has no way to escape the wall. The fragrant smell of Asuka made Yuuto’s heart beat desperately.,

Seeing Yuuto lose his composure, Asuka’s heart also speed up. While Asuka hides her body getting hot from arousal, she started to lick Yuuto’s face1

「I was interested in it before. You don’t kiss when we do lewd things. Not even with Captain Risty. …You never kissed didn’t you?」

Yuuto’s body trembled. Asuka’s guess was correct. Yuuto had never kissed a girl up until now. Somehow he felt that it’s no good.

「Fufuー. Bull’s eye?」
「Then what about it?」

Asuka narrowed her eye boastfully, Yuuto spoke out angrily. ‘Even if you say that, it can’t be helped because I never had a lover’

After looking at Yuuto’s displeasure seeming satisfied, Asuka lips approached Yuuto’s ear. Yuuto’s heard jumped from the sudden movement.
The distance is where you can feel the feverish breath. Then, Asuka’s lips moved.

「…You want to kiss?」

Hearing that voice, Yuuto’s heart stopped. Hearing Yuuto’s mutter, Asuka brought her body closer.
In order to adjust the equipment, Asuka is in only one piece of thin cloth. Yuuto’s throat dried at once from the softness and heat he felt.

「Fufu, something is hitting my stomach」
「Eh? Ah, S-sorry」

Feeling the stomach of Asuka, Yuuto raised his voice in panic. He can’t hide just that.
Seeing Yuuto blush his cheek shyly, something strange flowed into Asuka’s back.

「What? Having your first kiss with the one you love?…Aren’t you cute?」
「T-that’s not」

Yuuto stammers and Asuka had her grin floating.
It’s Yuuto so he probably hadn’t done it with any other yet. While staring at the strangely honest Yuuto happily, Asuka whispered to Yuuto.

「But, you can’t. I’m going to take your first time after all」

The lips touched the moment Yuuto raised his voice.

◆  ◆  ◆

It was surprisingly soft, he thought.

「N…nu, nmu」

Yuuto’s lips is being gently touched by the other. His heart is pounding but he has no room to worry about it now.
Putting the tongue in, it opened the lip and touched the front teeth. Though he’s resisting impertinently, she’s opening it forcibly and he gave up from the idea.

「N, chu. nbu, n」

He’s not serious though he’s resisting desperately. Even Yuuto is a Man. If he put all his strength, I won’t be let off.
From the sigh leaking out from Yuuto, I felt wet under there.

「See, it got hard. It’s probably no good to end it with just a kiss」

I won’t listen if you tell me to stop. The swelling of Yuuto can be seen from top of his trousers so I slowly stroke it with my palm.

「Was the kiss pleasurable, That’s bad luck for you. It wasn’t with someone you like」

He tries to say something but it seems he’s doing his best to endure moaning.
What’s this? Cute. If you can be this cute then you should have done this from the start.

「My kiss was too good that your penis got hard. See, it’s throbbing」
「Wai, A-Asuka-sama…Hyuu」

I thrust inside his pants and touched it directly. It’s hot and the tip is already soaked.
Seeing Yuuto this perplexed, my heartbeat got faster. Even I know that he’s being aroused.

「Stick out your tongue. We’re going to do it again. …Rero」
「Nuu, ah」

I turned his chin towards my face and kissed him again. The tongue that was withdrawn is sucked by force.
Twining our tongues, Yuuto’s lower half trembles. He’s like a toy, interesting. The trembling tip of the penis is rubbed by my palm.

「Auu, S-stop」
「There’s no way I’d stop. I’ll punish the child who got erect from just a kiss」

It’s really hard. It’s only when we first had sex that it got this hard. Getting aroused from a kiss, he’s unexpectedly delicate.

I’m the older one here. Turning back on how should it be, I laughed at Yuuto.

「It doesn’t matter to me if you kissed other women you know?」

I whispered by moving close to his ears. Yuuto uttered a foolish voice from my words. Anyway, he could just extort a kiss from women.

「But, bad luck. I stole your first kiss and getting erect from it shamelessly won’t change」

The moment I said it, chilly pleasure goes up my spine.
I lowered Yuuto’s pants.

「Just be still., Fufu, this one is quite an honest childー」

Releasing Yuuto’s big thing that got erect, Yuuto looks at me with puppy dog eyes.
He probably wants to say ‘Stop this already’. Seeing it get bigger, I can see the opposite effect.

「Nooope. What is this. Isn’t it rock hard? Really, you like only my body」
「Ah, hii」

Yuuto leaks out a small voice as I stroke it. Really, it’s getting cheeky. Even though you’re not my lover, you’re just using me for your convinience.

「HoraHora, You want to spurt it out right? I’ll watch it so cum already」
「wa, Asuka-sama…Ah」

Yuuto’s waist began to tremble. Not minding it, I made the movement of my finger even more intense.
I put my tongue on the hole of his ear.

「nchu, na. Fufu, See. Let it out」
「Uu, Uuu」

He’s enduring it but his limit should be close. It’s unbearable in the first place. While wrapping the bag with my other hand, Yuuto’s waist moved.

「You’re lacking awareness of me. I came here to say that」

That’s right. He’s the one bowing. Yet, he’s playing with my body with a composed face everytime.

「Drink. Saliva…na」

Dropping the saliva that’s hanging like a thread, Yuuto’s tongue got sticky. Hearing Yuuto’s throat gulping, I noticed it while kissing.

「Habu, n. Nmu…chu」

Yuuto’s penis ejaculated just a drop. It’s swelling plump that I know that he’s reaching his limit.

「Puha, Asuka-sama, Stop C-cumming」

I really think it’s stupid. Even if you say that, I don’t intend to stop.
I stroke as it turns sloppy, I watch Yuuto while sticking out my tongue.

「It’s fine, let it go. Don’t hold back anymore」2

The moment I whispered it, Yuuto lets out an amount of semen I’ve never seen before and, he ejaculated before me.

◆  ◆  ◆

「You seem to be in good mood, Asuka-san」

Next day, while Asuka is drinking her tea, Sasha asked curiously while putting the toast.
Asuka speaks up while hiding her grin.

「Fufu, you see. I taught him the master and servant relationship once more. After all, I’m more like the Onee-san」
「Haa. Well, I’m glad that it worked out for you.

Sasha returned words without any intention to the Asuka with a triumphant look. Seeing Asuka’s state, it seems that her own advice was useful, Sasha nodded.

「By the way, it’s about Yuuto. Is he still sleeping?」

Looking around her surroundings, Asuka pouted her lips. Though Yuuto usually goes up late, Asuka wants to see Yuuto’s face early today.

「If it’s about Yuuto-sama, he shut himself in the workshop early this morning」
「Eh? Workshop?」

But after hearing Sasha’s answer, Asuka decided to ask what it means.
‘It means what it is’, Sasha smoothly continues her words.

「I’m told that 『It can’t remain like this』」
「Eh, eeh. Is that so?」

Sasha nods and turned her eyes to Asuka had sweat floating in her forehead.

「He also said 『I’ll teach her a lesson』」
「Fu, Fuuun. I see. I get it」

Drinking her tea, Asuka stood up slowly. Sasha stared at Asuka who stand up unnaturally with composed eyes.

「I’m going out for a moment. Hey, isn’t the weather great?」
「Have a great day」

While seeing off Asuka who jumped out of the front door hastily, Sasha looked up the sky.

「I’ll do the laundry today again」

After letting out a sigh on the cloudy sky, Sasha had returned to the mansion where the Master has disappeared.


  1. That’s the taste of a liar
  2. The raw says ‘Cum’, but I took the opportunity