Asuka of the Scarlet Sky Volume 2 Chapter 19

Chapter 19: Reason to fight (2)

A tremendous storm rages in the training ground and the blade of the wind tears the ground.
It’s like a typhoon. Yuuto stared in dumb surprise at the roaring mighty wind that goes everywhere.


The blue mantle was shaken with the wind, a man with silver hair fires himself up.
Grasping a long sword from his right hand, the swirling tornado attacked a girl that’s in front of him.


But, the girl didn’t flinch. While having a enjoying smile, she walked like she’s inside the soft breeze.
The blades of wind tears even the ground. The sword that’s supposed to reach the point of invisible, the girl played with it like dancing.

「What’s wrong? Is that all you can do? Marx」

Grinning, her eyes are appraising. The girl shakes her blonde hair on purpose and the young man called Marx turned over his sword.

Changing his stance, flash.

The torrent of air changed moving, it changed it’s consciousness to a monster and attacked the girl.
The tornado and typhoon compressed mayhem in one place. The stream of wind makes you feel horror, but the ground where no one is was shaved off.

「ーーGame over, it seems」

Instead, a blade was affixed at Marx’ nape. The tip is touching, there’s a slight amount of fresh blood flowing through the blade.

Marx who realized his defeat raised his hands giving the idea of giving up.

「I give up. Thank you for your instructions」

His tone seems to be vexed, Risty had a smile of satisfaction.
◆  ◆  ◆
「Iyaaa, It’s that. Vice captain was strong」

Hearing Yuuto’s mutter, the silver haired young man scratched his cheek shyly.

「No, someone like me. I still have lots to go compared to captain」

Marx humbles himself while Yuuto walks by his side. A clean profile. He’s an ikemen but Marx has a gentle personality that Yuuto likes.

「By the way, Vice captain is called 『Tyrant』Marx aren’t you? I didn’t know that you’re above Asuka-sama」

During the match, he asked the members of the troops. Saying that the violent alias doesn’t suit him, Yuuto curiously opened his mouth.
Though he doesn’t know the rank, he’s above the ninth. Seeing that he’s actually an amazing person, Yuuto looked at the good natured face of the vice captain./

「…N? No, that’s not. Ah, Yeah. I’m not well informed about Yuuto-dono’s rank」

Seeing Yuuto’s face of admiration, Marx raised his finger to explain. Yuuto having such a vacant look, Max spoke what he’s thinking.

「When you’re given an alias, it will never be removed. It’s because there are heroes who retire too. Even if a hero with 20th or more have it, it won’t be strange. I, I have dropped to the 13th place now but my alias has been appointed when I reached the 10th place」
「Eh, it’s that kind of system?」

Hearing Marx explanation, Yuuto have understood it. ‘Now that you mention it, it can be said as natural’ For instance, Thunderbolt won’t lose her 『Certain Hit』alias even if she was overtaken by another hero.

「It might’ve been serious when you lost」

Imagining Thunderbolt being stripped off her alias, Yuuto’s face distorts happily. Perhaps, she refuses to feel down by using self determination. It seems interesting so I’ll play with that.

「…But. Even so, Captain Risty is exceptional as expected. Captain Marx wasn’t a match at all」

Recalling the mock battle in the training area, Yuuto turned around to Marx. Marx is also a hero with an Alias. A user of a long distance wind magic attack. In addition, you’d be minced meat if you approached the tornado sword. He’s someone that Yuuto doubts if he can win against.
But, to be easily exceeded by Risty, a chill ran through Yuuto’s back. Her strength is game breaking as usual./

「Fufu, it might be. Even in old times, I try doing my best but I can’t keep up」

Marx speaks somewhat gladly, Yuuto recalls Risty and said ‘Speaking of which’
Though Yuuto has a man and woman relationship with Risty, he doesn’t know anything about Risty now that he thought of it.

Marx should be able to know Risty’s past so Yuuto asked a question on the vice captain that has a friendly face.

「Does Vice Captain know Captain Risty for a long time?」
「Captain Risty? Let’s see. We’ve already known each other for almost 10 years」

Hearing it come out from Marx’ mouth, Yuuto’s eyes opened wide. It’s more than what he imagined. Come to think of it, Risty’s age is 27 so it’s not that strange. Marx’ age is similar too.

「My encounter with Captain risty is a bit embarrassing」

Yuuto got interested about Marx’s story as he squint his eyes feeling nostalgic. Yuuto is also curious about the Risty 10 years ago.

「Actually, I was a bit of a rascal a long time ago. The alias『Tyrant』is the remains of that time」
「Eh, was vice captain a former delinquent!?」

Marx start of the talk was out of his expectations that Yuuto raised his voice in surprise. He felt that the alias was incompatible but it doesn’t suit the calm person in front of him.

「I was raised in the country. I made a name for myself and became a hero. I can say that now but before I demand money and goods from the village I helped」
「Uwaa. That’s quite bad」

It’s not a crime in particular if you’re not a soldier under the direct control of kingdom, even though it’s not a crime, Yuuto still frowned at Marx. Even Yuuto and Asuka never threatened to get rewards.
Marx scratched his cheek embarrassingly from that stare of Yuuto, yet he continued speaking.

「Such a brat only has his strength as his pride. Being undefeated, he already is the 10th place before he noticed. At that time」

He looked far away as if recalling, Marx expressed his smile

「The very day I received an official appointment, I fell in love at first sight」

Yuuto was taken aback by Marx’ words. He never expected that the vice captain would fall in love with Risty. ‘What to do?’, Yuuto had sweat in his back as he doesn’t know.

「I-Is it Captain Risty?」
「No, it’s not captain」

But, seeing Marx shook his head, Yuuto curiously tilted his head. If it’s not Risty, then who would it be?

「At that time, I fell in love at first sight at the princess. Of all things I went to the princess’ bedroom at the night of the appointment and said. 『Become my woman, if you don’t want then let me fuck you once』」

Yuuto opened his mouth wide open. Yuuto really doubted his ears as the person in front of him is reminiscing.

「T-Then…w-what happened?」
「Fufu, I was half-killed. By Captain Risty. The captain was 6th at that time but I wasn’t able to do anything to her」

Saying that, Marx began to take off his jacket. Yuuto looked at the upper body of Marx with fright as there are countless cuts in there.
As expected of an experienced vice captain, Yuuto’s gaze didnt’ change in particular.

「Could it be that those wounds」
「Yes., All of them are from Captain Risty. Well, I was wrecked that time. I never thought that I’d be screwed by the grip of the sword on my anus. If the princess didn’t stop her, I’m sure that I’m not here to tell you the tale」

‘Ueeeee’, Yuuto covers his own ass. It’s Risty. She won’t forgive anyone who harms the princess.

「But, that was the first time I noticed how small I am. I never thought that it’s the difference between me and the 6th. Even my prided tornado sword was knocked down by captain without making a single scratch on her. After a few days, I begged at the captain to enlist me on the imperial guards」
「I see. It’s a case of love, former delinquent」

Risty is sports minded. Easily imagining the enlistment of Marx’ Yuuto laughed wryly. Perhaps, she has a state of mind like an adviser of a baseball club in a senior high school.

「Well, I admire captain」
「Admiring Captain Risty?」

Imagining Risty that’s writhing on her anus, Yuuto walked to the hall of the castle while saying 「Well, humans are different」
◆  ◆  ◆
「Ah, afu. Yuutoo. You’re late, you made me wait」

That captain Risty is now leaking a hot sigh while clinging on her subordinate inside her room in the castle.

「Captain, you’re in heat again?」
「B-because. Because of Marx. Being that violent…」

Risty rubs against his groin so Yuuto spit out a thin sigh.
Risty was also like this after the incident with Nekyuara. Even if it was a mock battle, she’s already in heat after she threw herself in a fight.

When she had a mock battle with Yuuto, she was absorbed in masturbation at the back of the barracks.
She herself can’t do anything about it so Yuuto accompany Risty by 「playing」

「Even though you’re in heat because of other men, you’re using me?」
「Hi, nn. B-Because…Hin~!」

Thrusting his hand into Risty’s underwear, he fiddled the wet insides. Risty raised a lovely voice as she’s unable to bear it, she began to tremble.

「Yuuto, if it’s not Yuuto, I don’t want it」

Risty hugs him while saying that, Yuuto had his heart beat hard instinctively. Risty rubs her body into Yuuto’s without noticing the pulse.

「Uu, Yuuto. Sorry. It’s no good if it’s not you. Nuuu」

The right hand he inserted has been wet by the overflowing love nectar. Risty is flooding wet even though she’s a virgin, Yuuto gulped down his throat.

「Afu, haaan. Yuuto’s finger, I love Yuuto’s finger. My head is going dizzy」

Moving her own waist, Risty presses the finger against her clitoris. While leaking a sweet pained breath from the stimulation, Risty stretched her own hand to her chest.

「Hiu. My nipples, my nipples feel amazing. I’m already like this just by thinking about Yuuto」

She’s already in tears, Risty shows off her own silliness to Yuuto. Seeing that strong hero in teary eyes, Yuuto’s groin enlarged.

「Captain, you’re even cuter today

Hearing Yuuto’s words, Risty’s eyes opened wide. Risty’s face reddened with her ass, Yuuto touched it with his right hand while his heart is pounding.

「Fufu, you’re using the anal plug as usual. What a lewd anus captain」
「Ah, Aaah. Don’t say that. …Nhiii」

Touching the hard feel over her panties, Yuuto expressed a smile. Pushing it just for a bit and Risty’s body shook greatly.

「Wow, just pushing it in and your front is already flooding. You’re feeling too much from your ass」
「Fu, fuu. N-No good. Don’t say something that embarrassing」

She desperately suppressed her voice while feeling chills on her body. Seeing Risty that’s breathing rough, Yuuto patted her head.

「Really, you were amazing today. Something happened?」
「Ha, ah. Because, Yuuto」

Risty gradually had tears on the corner of her eyes. Yuuto had a curious look and Risty spoke out as she can’t endure it.

「I-I’m glad. I thought that Yuuto had gotten tired of me already. I thought you wouldn’t come」

He’s hugged strongly by Risty. Yuuto spoke out in a hurry to the crying Risty.

「Eh? W-why would I get tired of you?」

Soothing by stroking her back, Yuuto stared at Risty curiously. He certainly didn’t meet Risty recently but he’s confused that Risty is being upset.

「Really. I’m glad that I met captain Risty」

Hearing Yuuto’s words, Risty’s face warped. But, Risty looked down without her uneasy expression disappearing.

「But, Yuuto is going out with Thunderbolt don’t you? Your favorite is Asuka so my turn would be…」
「W-w-w-w-wait a moment. Who’s going out with who!? Or rather, why?」

Hearing those words come out of Risty’s mouth, Yuuto opened his eyes wide. Risty is the one who tilted her head this time.

「Is it wrong? Thunderbolt is saying that she’s going out with Yuuto though」
「How the hell did that happen?!」

The characters WHY1 appear on Yuuto’s head. Certainly, Thunderbolt’s actions recently feels strange but Yuuto has no memory about going out with her.

「Yuuto confessed passionately, though he refused to make love with her all night long, she said that you’re already going out with her」

He doesn’t get it at all. Yuuto opened his mouth wide. Seeing Yuuto’s confused state, Risty somehow guessed the circumstances.

「W-was it wrong?」
「It’s wrong!? I certainly did things to Thunderbolt-san several times but. I haven’t grasped her weakness just like Captain Risty」

It’s ridiculous but it’s true. Risty opened her mouth agape and the eyes that stopped the tears began flowing again.

「T-Then. You’re tired of me and going out with Thunderbolt…」
「Not! There’s no way I’d get tired of Captain Risty!?」2

Yuuto shouted and his voice sank into Risty’s body.
The moment she understood it, Risty had relief surge in her whole body.

「I-I’m glad. If I was disliked by Yuuto…」

Yuuto draws his eyebrows feeling troubled as he support Risty. He’s happy that he’s loved but he feels tight when she cries. Yuuto gently embraced Risty as he doesn’t know what to do.

「Aaah, Yuuto. I love you. I’m going to do my best. I’ll do anything. I don’t mind doing anything. Please use me more」

Embracing Risty closely, Yuuto confirms the warmth and put force in his arm.

「Don’t throw me away. If it’s for Yuuto, I’ll do any shameful things. Please love me」

Yuuto held his fist as Risty snuggle him. Seeing Risty’s sorrowful expression, Yuuto’s chest heated up.


Risty waited impatiently for Yuuto to continue his words as her interior become hotter.


  1. That’s the raw
  2. Yuuto now sounds like a playboy