Asuka of the Scarlet Sky Volume 2 Chapter 21

Chapter 21: Reason to fight (4)

「N, Chu…Na」

Feeling the wet hot tongue of Risty, Yuuto scratched his cheek as he’s troubled.
Risty continues to kiss Yuuto for an hour already.

While pulling the plug by her own, Risty kept stabbing her tongue inside Yuuto’s mouth while having an ecstatic expression.

「Puha. Love, I love it. Naaa」

The nude Risty stares at the blushing Yuuto. The girl in his arms has been spoiled too much that she’s like another person.

「Really, you seem to like kisses now」
「Afu. B-because. I never had thought that a kiss with a man is like this」

Feeling Yuuto’s lips, Risty’s body and leg kept trembling.
Though she’s embarrassed that her secret place is drenched, Risty put efforts to tighten the plug.

「O, Oooooo. N-No good. I’m cumming from my anus while kissing」

Watching Risty had her whole body twitch anxiously, Yuuto rubbed her back and told her ‘there, there’

Though she’s a handful captain, he decided to accept her. Risty shut her eyes happily as Yuuto’s palm gently stroke her.

◆  ◆  ◆

「By the way, why did Captain become a hero?」

Looking down on the lying Risty that came too much, Yuuto asked his thoughts.
Risty fixed her breathing and she slowly turned her face to the questioning Yuuto.

「Why did I become a hero?」

Getting up, Risty looked at Yuuto curiously. Her face is asking ‘What would you do after hearing it?’

「It’s for reference or, I just want to learn more about captain」

But Risty’s face turned red after hearing Yuuto’s honest words. Risty scratched her head while facing the smiling Yuuto.

After stopping her words for a bit, Risty plopped on the bed. Seeing Risty being unusually evasive, Yuuto tilted his head.

「Let’s see. …I maybe can talk to Yuuto about it」

Yuuto listened to Risty’s murmur.

「I actually am a woman that shouldn’t have been a hero」

Hearing that indifferent voice, Yuuto opened his eyes wide.
‘What do you mean?’, Yuuto silently looked at Risty’s eyes.

Then, she’s a bit uneasy. It’s like her eyes are saying that he’ll hate her after she speak about it so Yuuto shut his mouth.

Confirming that there’s nothing coming back from Yuuto, Risty leaned on the wall.

She looked far away. Feeling nostalgic, Risty spoke up.

「The place I was born is the dessert Area called Owen district」

It’s the first time he heard about Risty’s past. Yuuto heard some familiar words as he watch Risty’s hand.
Owen. It’s Risty’s last name.

「That’s a nowhere. No, it’s a town that’s crowded. The place I was born is a town outside the wall」

Risty’s expression of remembering is empty. Unable to read Risty’s emotion, Yuuto silently stared at her.

「It’s a cruel place unlike the rich inside. You have to rummage through garbage for food and water, that’s the place I was born」

Yuuto saw Risty smile at that time.
Then Risty’s facial expression slowly turned cold, Yuuto felt chill on his back.

Risty reports without looking at Yuuto.

「I was desperate to live. I did everything. To steal, to snatch, I did all the bad things」

Yuuto’s pulse jumped.

「Err, all?」

His sweat flowed. Yuuto’s voice trembled but Risty stated the truth indifferently.

「I murdered. It’s not even an excuse of protecting oneself. The 10 year old little girl is living in the trash. Of course, there would be such fellows」

Yuuto’s throat went dry. Even Yuuto knows that Risty has a beautiful body. But, in shortー.

「When I was 9, I was caught by a garbage band of thieves. There’s nothing I can do. They found out that I’m the one scavenging on the garbage site. …It’s laughable. In a world filled with trash, I have to live by slurping the trash there」

He held his breath. Not knowing what to say, Yuuto listened to Risty’s story with open eyes.

「I was stripped nude, was violated and hit. At that time, a fragment of glass was reflected in front of me who fell down」

It was beautiful, Risty’s lip moved slightly.

「When I realized, I was standing in a pool of blood」

Something runs through Yuuto’s back. Looking at Risty’s expressionless eyes, he felt her as if she’s laughing somewhere, Yuuto held his breath.

「It’s laughable. For the first time in my life, I laughed from the bottom of my heart. …From there, it’s just predictable. I was loathed called 『Thief』when I was aware. It was an easy work of stealing money and goods from the rich in the town」

Risty grasped her fist. Those eyes aren’t suited for him, Yuuto pressed his heart.

「W-were you a honor thief?」

Hearing those words, Risty’s eye caught Yuuto. Then, she laughed.

「Hahaha, no way. I’m just aiming at the rich as they have a lot of money. …There was no need to kill. It wasn’t able for anyone to catch me」

Risty spoke her time calmly.
One girl who doesn’t have justice at all.

「One day, I heard about the princess coming into the town. I was foolish. I was having such thoughts of 『She might have money』」

Princess. Perhaps, it’s the princess she loves and respects. Hearing an unimaginable story, Yuuto’s heartbeat goes faster.

「The princess taken along by the imperial guards was beautiful. She was sparkling unlike me who’s dirty. …I thought it was unfair. Then, I attacked the princess」

Risty looks somewhere while telling an old tale. For her, it’s an important memory but she doesn’t want to remember it, Yuuto has no way to know.

「I can’t forget it, I was 11 years old that time. I mowed down the imperial guards and run through the princess. It’s not like I’m going to kill her. I just wanted to ask. What does it feel?」

Gulp, Yuuto swallowed his saliva. Though it’s natural, the imperial guards are elite troops. For Risty to mow them down in that age, just what kind of girl is she?

「Then…what happened?」

He finally was able to squeeze his words. Risty smiled at Yuuto’s interjection.

「I was held down. The captain of the imperial guards that time, lord Pergiman. I was surprised. After all, it was the first time there’s someone stronger than me」

Risty gritted her teeth. Yuuto realized the change in Risty’s face. What would be her memories from here?

「Then, I saw. The figure of the princess while I was pinned on the ground」

Saying that, Risty fell silent on a moment. Recalling this memory, she chose the words to tell Yuuto.

「She was beautiful. It was too beautiful and cute. …I understood it immediately. That I am living in a world different from her」

The world is different. Saying that, Yuuto listened carefully in silence. The world Risty felt is too distant, supposing that he himself came from a different world.

「That’s why I cursed. Why, why is it so different. I threw the flame of my resentment in life to her who’s age isn’t different」

Risty’s voice isn’t steady. Yuuto thought it’s unexpected.

「But she said. To the one who attacked her, to the eyes that’s cursing her, she smiled」

That’s the moment the world had changed.

『You, can you protect me?』

‘I can’t forget her voice’

「Can you believe it? Next day I was invited as a member of the imperial guards. It seems that I was seeing a nightmare. No one would say anything about me in that place」

Yuuto stared at Risty that instinctively laughed. Even she called it a nightmare, her expression is gentler.

「Then the princess gave me a warm bed, work and education. Me who’s unable to read a character was read by the princess a picture book」

Risty’s voice is thin and deep, it’s cold like a knife. Noticing the difference in temperature, Risty looked at Yuuto.

Yuuto instinctively went back from the sharpness of the gaze.

「I know, Yuuto. …The princess changed me from trash to a person」

Then, she became a hero.

「Climbing to the 4th position in the hero ranking, the leader of that imperial guards and the people on that town don’t think good of me. It’s natural. The fact that I am a trash doesn’t change. The madness I held that day still breathes in the rotten meat of me」

Risty told the man she fell in love with for the first time the reason for her to grip the sword.

「But, the princess needed me. That’s enough for me. Justice or wrong, human or demons are unrelated. …For me, the princess is the only absolute justice」

Risty’s tone shook Yuuto’s back.
Dangerous. Such words floated. But, that danger is the source of Risty’s strength.

Risty glanced on Yuuto that holds his breath. Then, she sighed while closing her eyelids.
The smiling Risty is the girl Yuuto knows well.

「I became a bit tired. Sorry for accompanying me」
「N-No. I was the one who asked」

Yuuto spoke in a hurry to the standing Risty.
A slightly awkward air flows, Yuuto scratched his cheek instinctively.

Risty felt embarrassed from that Yuuto.

「I’m also grateful to Yuuto. …The princess made me a person but it’s definitely you who made me a woman」

Stunned by the sigh, Yuuto stared at Risty’s naked body.

「If you’d like, please teach me more. If it’s in front of Yuuto, I can be a dirty woman」

She said so with a smile, Yuuto hugged her gently.
The night has just began.