Asuka of the Scarlet Sky Chapter 6

Chapter 6: World’s Hero and the Treasure tool (1)


In the village fields, Asuka’s shout echoed.
She can’t belive the spectacle, Sasha and Yuuto went shopping together.

「……Asuka-sama, what are you doing?」

Gaze. In his line of sight is the appearance of Asuka who’s wiping her sweat from the labor pleasantly.
In her right hand is a scarlet sword.

「Ah, Yuuto and Sasha. Welcome back」

Asuka waved with a smile, Yuuto spat out a deep sigh.
Around Asuka are five farmers. They seem to be lifting the harvested wheat.

If you look over, you can see a vast beautiful wheat field plane.

「Iyaa Thank you Asuka-sama. Who would’ve thought that a Hero would appear to help us harvest」
「Ahaha! It’s fine, it’s fine! This kind of field is just one swing for my scarlet sword!」

The villagers bow their head, Asuka sets up her scarlet sword like a peacock. Seeing the villagers look up on her, Yuuto had a headache as he’s at his wits’ end.
◆  ◆  ◆
「I can’t believe it! That scarlet sword was just lent, lent. Who would’ve thought that she would just use it to harvest rice」
「W-what? Isn’t it okay? Since it’s too sharp, the juice of the grass doesn’t stick」

After returning to the mansion, Yuuto kept preaching Asuka. He didn’t tell her to not associate with villagers, but it’s a holy sword he took great pains to make for Asuka. The perfection he put into it is different from those instant treasure tool.

Yuuto was a little angry because she used such an important scarlet sword as a substitute to a farming tool.

「Isn’t it fine already! It’s my scarlet sword after all」
「That’s true but」

When Asuka began to think sorry, Yuuto spoke in an apologetic voice. However, thinking that it can’t be helped anymore, Yuuto breathed deep.

In addition, Yuuto doesn’t hate that Asuka either. But, ‘I want you so stop using the scarlet sword like that’

「Well, fine. Since we bought chicken today, Sasha will cook it」
「Really!? Yaay!!」

Asuka rejoiced in the meat dish, ‘really, this person’, Yuuto exhaled.
◆  ◆  ◆
「Uun. I should better apologize」

That night, Asuka was loitering in the corridor.
Though she was obstinate during the daytime, the scarlet sword is originally a product of Yuuto’s ability. She really did misuse it, Asuka hung her head.

「He’s really angry」

Yuuto has an incomprehensible expression, his eyes were narrowed, since when Asuka acted rashly and got a serious injury, That time, if it wasn’t for Yuuto’s treasure tool, Asuka would’ve been in a big trouble.

「U, Uun. But, should I apologize? To him. H-How do I apologize?」

She should just say it honestly. Asuka’s body becomes stiff when it comes to Yuuto. ‘What ever you say it would be washed away with a smile’, Asuka folded her arms thinking of what to do.

「O-okay. There’s no helpig if I just think! Just a simple sorry! I’ll go with this」

Apologies doesn’t have to be elaborate. Thinking that, Asuka opened the door of the night.
Asuka walked on the stair to go to Yuuto’s room that’s below hers.
◆  ◆  ◆
「Yuuto-sama, The juice is dripping」

*Perori* Sasha used her tongue to lick Yuuto’s penis. On the stimulus he can’t get used to, Yuuto gripped Sasha’s shoulders in surprise.

Licking the penis like it’s her favorite, Sasha peeped at Yuuto’s face.

「Since then, you called me every evening right? I’m glad」
「Uh, Sorry. I think that this isn’t good but」

Yuuto scratched his cheek shyly in response to Sasha’s words.
To be honest, Asuka’s face comes to his mind. However, Sasha’s a beautiful girl that he thought wouldn’t approach him. That girl said ‘You can call me anytime’, enduring it is fundamentally impossible for an adolescent high school student.

Rather, Yuuto really worked hard for enduring it for three days.

「Nju. Nmu. hamu. …Naa」
「Uu. S-Sasha. Did you get better somehow?」

While making a *Jupo Jupo* sound, Sasha moves her head up and down. Sasha use her mouth to suck the penis and her nose to breath, she sticks close.

The lovely Sasha uses her mouth to suck lewdly, Yuuto’s mind sways away.

「Rero. becaush, I practished. To make Yuuto-sama’s…penis feel good」

While speaking obscene words, Sasha shyly sucks the penis. Of course, the one who taught her is Yuuto.

「…Really, are you fine with just the mouth? If it’s Yuuto-sama then I」
「I-I’m saying it is! I-It’s enough! It’s enough!!」

Sasha looks up while licking the penis, Yuuto shake his hands in panic. This current relationship is just Yuuto pampering Sasha too much. Any more than this, not just lovers, they can’t make a child.

「Is that so? …Well, you’ll fall sooner」
「Eh? Did you say something?」

Sasha’s murmur didn’t reach Yuuto’s ears.

「I didn’t say anything. Nnbu」
「Uu. This is amazing」

Sasha’s tongue is making a *necho necho *feel, Yuuto felt miserable as he surrendered to pleasure.
◆  ◆  ◆
「Eh? Eh? W-why? Why’s Yuuto and Sasha?」

*Jupo Jupo* wet obscene sounds echoes in the crack of the door, Asuka covers her mouth with her hand and watched the other side of the door.
・・・ ・・・ ・・・

Scarlet sword Brynhildr
Physical Attack: S Magical Attack S: Synthesis Rarity: S
Supplement: It’s a scarlet sword Yuuto made for Asuka. It can cut anything, it owns plain and simple power. It can cut diamonds to two, it can break barriers like it’s cobweb. While the sword has great sharpness, it doesn’t posses any special effect on the other hand.