Asuka of the Scarlet Sky Volume 2 Chapter 25

Chapter 25: Duel (3)

The moment the signal of the start of the match sounded, Asuka lowered her waist greatly.

She’s making a stance of charging. In order to cut down with one stroke, Asuka poured all of her nerves to the point of the sword.

(I’ll finish this in one blow! I’ll be at disadvantage if she takes distance! I’m going to leap to her chest and end the match with one blow!!)

She stepped on the soil firmly. The ring of the arena breaks and the repulsive force changed Asuka into one arrow.

Asuka can’t think of losing. What she’s wearing the strongest armor in the world, the Scarlet Sky.
But, she can’t win with just that. She wants to show it to Yuuto. To make Thunderbolt understand.

(I will surpass that 『Scarlet Sky』in this battle!!!)

That is her mission to meet a miracleー!
『M-Match Staaaaaart!!』
Before the voice had echoed, Asuka fired herself.

The ring hollowed. With the speed of Asuka that accelerates forward, Risty that’s on the audience opened her eyes wide.

She’s far stronger than that timeー


However, the eyes of the accelerating Asuka sees an unimaginable spectacle.
Thunderbolt. She’s jumping towards her.
Pulling the bowstring, Thunderbolt had kicked the ground and rushed similarly as she open her golden cross-pupil eye wide.

She’s surprised for a moment. She’s already prepared for something unexpected. The difference arises as a result inside the ring.


The impact of the arrowhead strike the middle of her forehead. Asuka can tell the strength by the ring on her chest.
Her neck was flicked off even if there’s no damage. She kept on piercing her with the arrow to prompt her away, Asuka’s body was always swept backwards.

(Having such power from only bow and arrow!)

As her right chest pains, Asuka approached Thunderbolt while scowling.

Brushing aside the glint in eye, she stepped further.

Three arrows had been shot simultaneously and pierced Asuka’s armor from the gap.

『I-Infight!? What! Combatant Thunderbolt volontarily jumped into combatant Asuka’s bosom!!』

The hall makes a stir. It’s natural. The cowardly bow user that attacks from long distance is “Fighting” Asuka of the Scarlet Sky.

The scene is unbelievable.

However, she’s not looking at the hall. Thunderbolt stared at the head she’s throwing her arrow off.

「Da, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!」

However, even both of the arm and legs were surely pierced, it still doesn’t reach Asuka.

Sacred Tool Orth Linde Matching up with the Scarlet Sky armor, it’s the best masterpiece of Yuuto.

Leaving her body to the ring that makes all attacks null, Asuka swings down her weight sword.


Flash. She made a single stroke ignoring her defense and concentrating the consciousness to attack.

That moment, Thunderbolt poured all her perception to evasion.

Thunderbolt’s hair was cut off and the weight sword was stuck in the ring without hesitation.

(As expected, it’s not just a treasure tool!!)

The ring was just smashed. Not just on her feet, the impact of the sword crushed the ground from center ahead.

One layer of the hair. An attack that won’t make it strange for the match to end right now. However, she avoided it.

(A defensive treasure tool inside the Scarlet Armor!? Is this invincible defense the reason for Asuka-san being the ninth!?)

She can dedicate everything to attack as her defense is perfect.

(Strongー! No, I know that from the start!!!)

She has no time to hesitate. She already came over those things alone.

To defeat the strongest swordsman in front of her, Thunderbolt strained all of her power.

(I’ll concentrate all of my perception ability to Asuka-sanー!!)

She sharpened it. Yuuto’s beating heart from the seat also disappeared from her.

Right now, the only presence in the world that’s necessary isー!!

Time stops. Inside the slowed down world, Thunderbolt watched all of Asuka.

(…I’m jealous)

Seeing that Asuka had already moved to her next attack, Thunderbolt smiled.

Scarlet Sky armor, the ring in the chest. The mystery of Yuuto is handed down to Thunderbolt.

She acquired knowledge of it. The hidden heroic tale in the Scarlet Sky that Asuka has.

(I can’t lose here!!)

A flash closes up and the edge of Thunderbolt’s cheek was shaved off.

She sharpened her concentration further. She’s tearing blood from her demon eyes.

(I’ll show I can pierce itー!! I am 『Certain Hit』Thunderbolt!!)

There’s something that exceeds perceptoin. Scarlet Armor, Ring. Thunderbolt had seen through all of it suing her golden cross eyes without Yuuto noticing it.

Thunderbolt understood the feelings he put there.

(Asuka-san, do you know his reason? How much you’re cherished by him, how much he loves you?)

Godly. The highest reason in the world. Thoughts that will reach.


That’s the defect of the world. The gap in magic. Ripping the law of Gods.

Ultimately perfect and complete, meanwhileー


The strongest bow user in the world shoots through the gap.


The impact runs through. Before the pain was transmitted to her brain, Asuka had understood what happened.

Breaking through the Scarlet armor and the ring on the tip, she pierced with her strongest.

She had already taken aim for the next. That, towards the golden cross pupilーー

「And what about iiiiiiiiiiit!!!!」

Asuka swung down the sword without change.

Thunderbolt was surprised and the sword grazed her left arm.
The soil breaks. However, the sword still doesn’t stop.

In the face of the bow and arrow that pierce her, Asuka raised her sword once again.

She knows. She knows that this armor isn’t invincible.
She’ll exceed it. She’ll exceed even this armor.

That’s the person she yearned. The back she should surpass.

Still, she believes. She believes that the he’s the world’s strongest treasure tool.


「If my treasure tool is broken and I just 『okay, I lost』then I won’t be able to meet his face agaaaaaain!」

This time Asuka’s sword caught the demon eyes.

A single blow touches a shoulder. A dull pain reaches Thunderbolt’s brain.

However, she’s the same for not repelling it.

Thunderbolt kept looking at Asuka of the Scarlet Sky.
This is the image he longed for.

(Asuka-san. You won’t understand. Why I’m like this when I just met him the other day)

Thought. That smile, that time.

「I was glad!! There was nothing but happiness!」

She shoot out four arrows. All of them hit between the gap in an instant.

Thunderbolt sets up her bow in front of the one that has her sword able to contact her.

(I was despised as a coward, I who had been abused as a coward was accepted by him as a hero!!)

It’s not the process of effort. There’s no past to sympathize either. He accepted her without knowing those kind of things.

Those thoughts became four arrows and pierced the strongest swordsman.

「Ga! A, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!」

She swings it up. Still, she swing her sword up.

(I’ll demonstrate it, I’ll show that I’m the suitable hero to carry him!!)

She can’t retreat. Pain won’t become a reason.
Asuka shouted. Her thoughts.

Love or hate? She doesn’t understand those things well.
But, she must continue to stand next to that cheeky smile.

「If I run away here, I can’t be his supporter anymore!」

Fired off. She put all of her strength in one stroke.

Thunderbolt understood that shout. The reason for the strength in her sword.

Her demon eyes opened wider than ever before.
The time advanced, the world is only the opponent in front of them.
She knows the reasonー
(I know!! You’re stronger than me!! Even if I beat you, he won’t look back to me!! All of it, I understand all of the reason!!)

She took a stance. She loaded one. The strongest reason will pierce.
She knows the reasonー
(I know!! I know that it’s insufficient!! That I’m not suitable for him!! That there’s someone much more suitable for him!! All of it, I understand all of the reason!!)

She raised it. She charged her blow. She’ll cut down the strongest in front of her.
(Still, I’ll win!! I’ll defeat you and I’ll prove that this power of mine that he had recognized will be able to reach youー!!)

To go through the strongest armor in the world. She set up the ultimate arrow of the 『Certain Hit』repeatedly.
(Still I’ll surpass you!! The one I admired before!! I’ll boast that I surpassed the hero in front of meー!!)

She stepped forward. Another step. She approached the one she had admired before bit by bit.

The demon eyes was opened widely in surprise.

She’s taking a step voluntarily getting pierced, pierced by the strongest arrow.

(It’s a miracle for you to appear to me who’s an ordinary woman!! That meeting was right, there’s no one else!! I myself will prove that!!)1

She took a step. She moved forward. That’s to exceed the person she had yearned before.

Pain goes through her body yet she still take a step ahead. She’ll surpass everything.
「I am Asuka of the 『Scarlet Sky』!! The bearer of the strongest treasure tool in the world!!」
She raised her blow and the world’s strongest smashed.


  1. Asuka is probably talking about his first meeting with Yuuto