Asuka of the Scarlet Sky Volume 2 Chapter 26

Chapter 26: Duel (4)


Thunderbolt glared at the presence in front of her while putting power on her hanging left arm.
Beating the collarbone, she can’t now raise her left arm.

Thunderbolt laughed as she’s unable to pull her bow now.

「Haa, haa」

Thunderbolt that’s covered with wounds looks at Asuka with her blurring consciousness.

Her arrow had pierced the left chest deeply. Barely missing the vital spot, it’s not strange for her to fall down anytime.
Asuka smiled for some reason and stabbed the weight sword on the ring.

The two people laughed at each other and the dumbfounded watchers had time move again.

『W-what offense and defeeeeense!!!! Who would’ve imagined this kind of development!? It’s a battle where you can’t even breathe! Both of the combatants are wounded!! But is the fight decided!?』

The commentator raised her voice as she had recalled.
It’s natural, because she was also fascinated from the fight of the two Heroes.

And just like as she had said, the fight had already concluded.

Although both are standing, the bow user can’t use her bow anymore.
Her loss is clearly seen by anyone.

But, only the girls on the ring had noticed.
This can’t be the end.

「…Asuka-san. I’m glad, it’s you」

Thunderbolt smiled at Asuka.
That’s gratitude. Then, the game should be decided with one hit.

It’s likely that they have stopped if only it’s the limit.

(Aiming at the middle of the forehead? That’s funny)

Still, she knew. She’s impossible to be killed with those kind of things.
If not then she’s not the Scarlet Sky swordsman he believes in.

「I will put my all in this attack and exceed your『Scarlet Sky』」

She pulled the huge bow. Thunderbolt aligned the string and tore it off, her treasure tool made an appearance.

Asuka’s eyes that reflects the godly magic spear made her burst in tears from happiness.
Gungnir. The proof of 『Certain Hit』that was given to her by the Osudia royal family.
She doesn’t know that this treasure spear is actually handed over to the prestigious family from a remote region.

「It’s needless to say the meaning of this spear right?」

Asuka stood firmly on the ground after hearing those words.

She’s going to take the blow upfront. She’ll believe in the strongest pride.
「Scarlet Sword, release」
She gripped it. The shining crimson is the proof of her 『Scarlet Sky』

Everyone on that location had their breath taken away by the red sword appearing after a bright red flash.
Even Yuuto was captivated by the brilliance.

「I’ll surpass you. I’ll beat your『Certain hit』using his strongest scarlet sword」

She raised her stance. It’s a downward swing she repeated again and again. The foolishly honest her can only do this.

Thunderbolt smiled at the beauty of that scarlet swordsman.

This is the genuine Asuka of the Scarlet Sky.

(It’s a very magnificent masterpiece…but)

She posed. All what remains in her. She’ll muster beyond that.
That moment, her demon eyes had sensed the wish of the other side of the magic spear.


Thunderbolt offered all of herself to that throw.

「If you can stop iiiiitt!」

That’s literally her full power.
All magic, all of the strength, she loaded all of her power, her last attack.

She removed the homing function, the fastest flight magic in the world.

She loaded. Pierce. She is 『Certain Hit』Thunderbolt

Her demon eyes can pierce the gap of the world.
Air, molecule, more than that, the resistance of the world. A single blow of the demon eye that pass through all friction.


It accelerates. The flight magic’s original purpose.
Acceleration limit. Exceeding the reason of the world even the speed of sound, her spear is beyond speed of light.

Her aim is the heart.
Asuka cuts the blow that can pierce the world.


Coincidence? Inevitable? The tip of the scarlet sword captures the light.


The clash impacts. In the short time where you can say it’s a blink, Asuka swung down her scarlet sword.

Off point. The flash of light the scarlet sword flicked cut down the orbit of Gungnir.


◆  ◆  ◆

A roaring sound echoed.

A blow that would penetrate god. The impact of the magic spear crushes all the soil

『N-No way!? The barrier!?』

The barrier cracks. Mihorin Shaunad bent her body forward from the impossible scene.

The prided magic barrier of the kingdom made by a hundred elites. The mystery that shouldn’t be able to be surpassed by an individual power is pounded by a blow.

Just now, it was the burst of magical convection. She looked in utter amazement as the dust soar up in the arena.

『T-This…I don’t get it! That was combatant Thunderbolt’s full power! Is combatant Asuka safe!?』

Risty also bent her body towards the ring to look.
However, Risty stopped her rushing feet because of the expression of the boy on her side.

The meaning of his expression shouts the real situation.

『OH goooooood! S-She’s standing!! Combatant Asuka is stannddiiiiiing!』

The audience looked at the live scene.

Inside the cloud of dust is Asuka standing while gripping her scarlet sword.

There’s an arrow sticking on her prided Scarlet Armor. Still, Asuka of the Scarlet Sky is standing.

However, it’s not just her.
Asuka stares at the hero in front of her.

『B-Both are alive and well. What a fight, what a match. For me, it’s no longer about who wins…』

Inside the area where everyone is holding their breath, Asuka stepped forward.
Ahead, step by step, ahead.

Then, she looked ahead.

The proud hero is standing in front of her.

「Thank you very muuuuuuuch!」

She bowed. With all her power, to the woman who clashed with her until the last.

The situation was understood from that voice.

That’s right, she mustered it. A single throw using all of the strength.

To the 『Certain Hit』hero who lost her consciousness, the commentated inhaled.

『I-It’s oveeeeer!! Combatant Thunderbolt can’t fight anymore!! The winner of the duel is Asuka Retroliva of the Scarlet Skyyyyyyyyy!!!』

Asuka’s body collapsed as the shout of joy welled up.

It’s not surprising as she alsoー

◆  ◆  ◆

Waking up.

The consciousness that was broken off was gradually waking up.

Because of the large voice echoing, the surrounding sound is confusing. For the first time in her life, she laughed.

The ground was making her back feel cold. Based from the hardness, it seems to be the entrance.

「Yo, you’re awake」

The usual tall figure is peeping to the lying down her.
Her best friend looks down on her cross legged.

Ruby Diamond Carbuncle1, Thunderbolt understood the state.

「…I lost」
「Yeah. It was an excellent defeat」

Hearing that voice, Ruby smiled. She’s a woman who can’t lie as usual, Thunderbolt smiled wryly.

Thought. His, hers.

(I lost?)

In the end she wasn’t able to reach her.

The scarlet hero that every one yearns for.
It’s not a lie to say that she’s not jealous.

「The match ended well for a disliked person」

The coward challenged the hero of this country. It might be very funny.
Turning the bow made her lose more and more allies. Even he never asked using his mouth.

Thunderbolt narrowed her demon eyes and declared.

「Still, it’s fine」

But, she smiled. She felt fresh somewhere. She lost yet, Thunderbolt smiled from the bottom of her heart.

「Hey hey, Don’t change your words, it’s still too early」

Ruby smiled to that Thunderbolt.
What does it mean? Thunderbolt stared at Ruby.

「What? You didn’t hear it? It’s a shame to your demon eyes」

She listened carefully for the content of that smile.
From the other side of the resounding head was something that’s heard certainly

『Please listen, the cheers doesn’t stop!!』


She muttered it unintentionally, her wounds surely hurt.
But, it’s not strange. After all, she had won. The shouts are natural.

But, what?

「It’s a nice game!! Both of you are the best!!」
「Thunderboltー! I misunderstood you! I’m sorry!」
「Did you see that infight? Who was it? Who called that she’s a coward?」
「It’s you. No, me too」
「That was the best duel. I’m glad I came to see it!」

What’s this?

『What a duel! What a match! Who would expect such a match!?
However, please listen! Praise both of them! Blessings to this match!
The colliding pride! This is our countries prided aliased heroes! Asuka of the『Scarlet Sky』and 『Certain Hit』Thunderbolt』

Strange. Why is her name lined next to her.

「Did you see that Gungnir?」
「I can’t believe it. Is that the tenth place?」
「Asuka-sama was amazing」
「The two of them were serious…」

That’s right. I used my all against the strongest swordsman.

『There’s no one who would despise her in this hall anymore! After all, we saw it! The scarlet swordsman fights bravely! The strongest Bow User!
The fight was fair and square! The bow user was magnificent! Did you see that Dammit! This is the tenth in the hero rankings 『Certain Hit』Thunderbolt!!!!』

The encouragement doesn’t stop ringing even if it was settled. That’s not all. The casual conversation in the seats.

She had sensed all of it.

After all she’s the world’s strongestー

「Didn’t you say you’re going to return the favor?」2

The gentle voice of Ruby was sent to her best friend.
Since she’s obstinate, she would say it first.

Thunderbolt shakes her neck to the question of her smiling best friend.

Tears that’s not known who to turn into had overflowed from Thunderbolt’s demon eye.


She can’t phrase it. Since when? From when does she kept having such a dream?

「There’s, there’s…!」

It’s strange. I, all this time.
But, that doesn’t matter.

Because, this is such.


She sobs. Tears flowed to her cheeks from the demon eyes.
Thinking about it, since that dayー.
That day, 『Certain Hit』 Thunderbolt cried until she can’t anymore.


  1. Previously Ruby Sapphire Diamond
  2. 「手のひら返しだと、そう言うかい?」