Asuka of the Scarlet Sky Volume 2 Chapter 27

Chapter 27: The Scarlet Girl (1)

Asuka opens her eyes slowly even though the pain in her chest still remains.

「Ah, you’re awake?」

She looked towards the side where she heard the voice.
Yuuto’s worried face is seen and Asuka recalled what happened to her.

「Yuuto, this place is?…」
「Ah, geez, don’t move. The wounds was just blocked」

Asuka tried to get up but Yuuto opened his mouth to rebuke her. Confirming that she’s laying down in bed, Asuka held the right part of her chest.

「This, arena」
「This is the first aid room. Since you were sleeping, it was lent for overnight」

Yuuto’s fatigued face can be seen. She doesn’t know how much time had passed since the fight but since the candle lights are lit, it’s probably night already. Looking at the window, she saw a beautiful starry sky.

Did he wait for her all this time? Seeing Yuuto felt relieved, Asuka’s cheeks blushed instinctively.

「T-that’s right. …the wounds It’s closed?」

Asuka noticed the abnormality on her body for the first time. There’s still some pain but her chest had already returned to her everyday clothes and there’s no scar of the hole anywhere.

The arrow Thunderbolt shoot out certainly should’ve gone through her chest.

Asuka stares at her own chest in wonder and Yuuto kept talking while having an expression of relief.

「I think the recovery mage cured it. Though I didn’t met her, what was her name again? The Eight in the hero ranking…」

Yuuto nodded at Asuka’s shout. Yuuto was also surprised as Asuka’s wounds were completely recovered when he saw her in the first aid room. The high ranks in the heroes are really beyond imagination.

「It seems that she came to sightseeing for an emergency. …Well that’s how many the people who saw over it」

Then, a lot of people had a change of heart.
He is one of them but Yuuto didn’t say it of course.

「That was cool」

Instead, he made a brief comment.
Asuka turned around and Yuuto laughed.

While looking at Asuka with his mouth wide open, Yuuto scratched his cheek.

「Somehow, I was surprised. Asuka-sama became a real hero」

‘What are you saying?’, Yuuto thought
He’s the one who made her a hero. But, Yuuto thought that it’s beyond an encounter.

「Thunderbolt-san is definitely one of the『World’s strongest』 She might be hated but she’s never a coward or a cheater, she’s a genuine hero」

And, Asuka surpassed her.

Her scarlet sword cut the Gungnir and it didn’t reach her. The full power attack she gave certainly exeeded Yuuto’s 『Scarlet Sky』that time.

The scarlet armor, the scarlet sword, even the ring on her chest, it didn’t reach the strongest bow user in the world.

「Honestly, it’s mortifying」

Yuuto muttered. But, Yuuto closed his eyes feeling calm.

Then why did she lose?
That’s obvious.

She, that proud bow user won’t be defeated by Yuuto.


「But, I’m proud. I’m glad that my beared is Asuka-sama」

『Asuka of the Scarlet Sky』lost.

Asuka’s eyes opened wide from Yuuto’s words. Asuka stared at the smiling Yuuto with wide eyes.

「You did your best, Asuka-sama. You’re a true hero」

It’s a common story.
A story of the hero who pulled the sacred sword.

But they, she asked herself. Is she a suitable person for this?

Is the hero first or the sacred sword? Those kind of things won’t be understood by anyone.

However they’ll surely find answers someday.,
After all, they’reー

「Uu, fugu. …Uu, Uwaaaaaaaaaaaa!!」

Asuka can’t hide her tears. She looked up the sky and cried without worrying about the surroundings.

「I-I all this time…you, ugu, youuuuu!」

Asuka firmly gripped Yuuto’s body. Though her head’s wet with tears, Yuuto’s not unsophisticated to tell her that.

「Uuuu, egu. To be a suitable hero for you…」
「It’s okay. Asuka-sama is my only bearer」

Yuuto embraced her.
‘For someone like me’, Yuuto thought. But, there’s no doubt.

That itself is heavy. The thing he let this child shoulder.
Godly. Miraculous ability. Yuuto promised to offer the best for this girl of the Scarlet Sky.

「For me, Asuka-sama is the best hero in the world」

Hearing those words, Asuka asked while sobbing.
She’s been waiting all this time.

「…Me too, I’m glad it’s you」

That moment, even before Yuuto receives the meaning of her words, Asuka’s lip closed Yuuto’s.

Falling down, Asuka entrusts her body to Yuuto on the bed.

Yuuto looks surprised from the sudden kiss but Asuka looks down on Yuuto with love.

「I’m glad that you’re my treasure tool」

Asuka’s teary face said that as she smile, Yuuto from down looked up absentmindedly.
The scarlet girl can be compared with the fire on the candlestick.

Slowly, Asuka’s finger was hung on the hem of the jacket.
Looking at the surprised Yuuto, Asuka slipped her glance bashfully.

But, she can no longer stop.

Leaving her body to the heat in her chest, Asuka advanced.

The jacket dropping made a sound.

「Yuuto…let’s do it?」

Yuuto did nothing but look up to the scarlet girl that shines like a fire on the candlestick.