Asuka of the Scarlet Sky Volume 2 Chapter 28

Chapter 28: The Scarlet Girl (2)

Asuka drops the jacket lightly on the side of the bed.

「Don’t…stare so much」

Asuka had said that while looking down on him, Yuuto instinctively muttered:


Hearing those words, Asuka’s face dyed red. 「What are you saying so suddenly1」she said while averting her glance, Still, Asuka put her hand on Yuuto’s chest to pin him down.

While feeling the pulse of Yuuto with blushing cheeks, Asuka stared at the fire of the candlestick on the side of the bed.

The glitter of the fire shakes as if it provokes Asuka’s body to move.
She stood up from the bed and put her fingers on the hem of the pants.

In front of the surprised Yuuto, Asuka slowly removed the cloth.


In the end, she put her fingers on the white cloth that’s sticking to her waist and Asuka exposed her birthday suit to Yuuto.
Smooth white limbs It shines with the flickering light, Yuuto’s breath was taken away.

「Err, Asuka-sama」

He tried to call her name. Staring at Asuka’s chest for a long time, Yuuto’s cheeks dyed red.

Longer than average, the tip of her chest can be seen erect. Guessing that Yuuto’s eyes are staring at her own nipples, Asuka feels embarrassed yet she smiled happily.

「Hey, Yuuto. Let’s do it?」

She asked again. ‘Do what?’ He can’t ask it. Yuuto can only gently hold Asuka’s body that’s over him.

「N…chu, nuu」

Asuka’s tongue went in. Recalling the day when they kissed for the first time, Asuka covets Yuuto’s mouth lustfully.

「Ah, nmu. Chu…n」

Not just the of the tongue. Holding the feverish body of Asuka, Yuuto’s pulse gets faster.
She’s a bigger girl than him in age and height. The girl he’s yearning for covets his mouth with her flushed body.

Yuuto’s lower part reacted to that fact.

「N, Yuuto, it’s hitting me」
「Err, you see」

Asuka’s finger traced his pants. Slowly tracing a line, Yuuto averted his face instinctively.
Asuka’s finger goes inside Yuuto’s pants to chase him. A bit chilly feeling touched Yuuto’s skin.

「For your information, it’s impossible already」

Asuka said, then she drag that out from Yuuto. Lowering his pants, Yuuto’s penis is exposed, Asuka wrapped it up with her fingers lovely.

「It got hard. …It’s okay isn’t it?」
「That’s, I don’t mind. That’s」

Every time Asuka’s white finger touches Yuuto’s penis, it trembles. Although Asuka had changed into aggressive, Yuuto helplessly felt aroused.

「You’re so mysterious. You just thought of something perverted and it’ll grow big without being touched. I can’t understand」

Asuka pulled the penis with her fingers and looked down on Yuuto spitefully. Then, she raised her waist on top of Yuuto.

「But, I’m glad…I’m glad it’s you」

She’s applying it by herself without any foreplay, Yuuto stared at Asuka in panic. Then, ignoring his glance, Asuka pressed her own genital against Yuuto’s penis.

「Ah, Fuu」

It’s contacting the mucous membrane even though it’s not inserted yet. Still, Yuuto endured his voice from the attack of pleasure.

「N, Aah…Yuuto」

Asuka moves her waist back and forth while making a wet sound. Yuuto’s heart roars as Asuka’s body is completely wet.

「Let’s do lewd things. It’s fine today. Let’s do lewd things」

Red hair, fair skin. Yuuto stared at the girl in front of him.
He just recalled it. The duel just a while ago. And, Asuka this time.

(Ah, shit…)

The encouragement in the hall welled up in Yuuto’s mind.
The beautiful crimson swordsman that’s receiving cheers from tens of thousands of people. That Asuka of the 『Scarlet Sky』2 is now in front of him on her birthday suit.

(Wait, calm down. Asuka-sama, It’s Asuka-sama)

However, he can’t help but be conscious. She’s not just the girl he’s admiring.
She’s the scarlet hero that everyone yearns for.

The moment he became aware of this, Yuuto’s lower half swelled.

「Ha, That surprised me! W-what’s wrong?」

Feeling the excessive vigor, Asuka looked at Yuuto in surprise. Yuuto looked the other way as he can’t say it.
Seeing that action, Asuka puffed her cheeks.

「Naninani?3 What’s wrong? Hey, Yuutoo?」

While poking Yuuto’s body, Asuka brought her face closer. Yuuto got even bigger from the lip and nose approaching.

Yuuto spoke up with a flushed face as he had given up.

「…Today’s Asuka was so cool that I feel nervous」

Yuuto frowns as he said that, Asuka looks down with her mouth wide open.
Then, Asuka smiled.

「I seee. You saw me in a new light and got aroused. …Fufufu, even I am quite popular you know?」

Saying that, Asuka got a bit more conscious. Today’s cheer was also a pleasure for Asuka. She can’t worry about it during the duel, even now, Asuka is being attacked by the fact that she’s being admired.

Asuka lifted her chest from the heat that’s burning inside her body.

「H-How’s it? How’s Asuka-sama’s nude body?」

Asuka’s breathing turned rough, Yuuto looked up while swallowing his saliva.
Isn’t this a bad thing? Those thoughts are flowing on the two of them

「…I-It’s Asuka of the 『Scarlet Sky』nude body you know?」

Asuka had cut off her thoughts. 「She said it」as Yuuto look up, Asuka evaded her glance to deceive him.

「I-Isn’t that fine? It’s fine if it’s you. Y-You can monopolize me」

Moving her waist, Asuka put her arm behind her head. Showing her armpits, Asuka provokes Yuuto who’s playing dumb.

「Hora…Look at this armpit hair. E-even this is for your sake. That’s why」

Asuka speaks out as she breath roughly. Fuufuu, while her breathing is in disorder, she steels herself and speaks.

Pressing the groin, Asuka looked at Yuuto with teary eyes.

「Let’s do lewd things? Please? Let’s do lewd things」

Asuka’s secret part invites Yuuto.


Reaching his limit, Yuuto pulled down Asuka’s body.

◆  ◆  ◆

An obscene sound echoes.

「Ah, nuu. Haa, auuu」

As Yuuto swings his waist up and down, Asuka exposed her sloppy face.

Pouting her lips, she’s taking Yuuto’s penis wholeheartedly. While repeatedly taking it in, Asuka appeals as she’s feeling Yuuto.

「Uuu, It feels good. Yuuto, it feels good」

Yuuto doesn’t understand the feeling. However, he can feel his body getting helplessly aroused in reality, Asuka raised her voice.

「Your penis feels good. What the hell is this? Idioot!」
「E-even if you say that」

Yuuto frowns troubled, Asuka stared at him with a sullen look.

Even though he’s so worried, why is this fellow so chill? Asuka felt a bit irritated with that thought.

‘You, what do you think of me?’

Those words can’t come out of Asuka’s mouth.
Instead, there’s so much more to say so Asuka opened her hardened lips.

「Thank you」

That small voice reached Yuuto’s ears.
Before Yuuto could say anything, Asuka continued to speak.

「Thank you for making me a hero」

Asuka’s face dyed red in shame. It’s much more embarrassing than being seen naked.


Yuuto gently smiled to the embarrassed Asuka. Today, Yuuto marked in his chest what she had said.

「I’m also glad that I’m with Asuka-sama」

Asuka’s tip of the nose turned red from the gaze. Asuka resumed moving her waist to dodge it.

「Then, it’s fine」

She said bluntly, Unable to hide the happiness spreading over her cheeks, Asuka smiled at Yuuto.

The night has just began.


  1. Uhh, hello? you’re the one who said you want to have sex first, so what are you saying this late?
  2. How many “Roll Credits” have you said already?
  3. What, what?