Asuka of the Scarlet Sky Volume 3 Chapter 1

Chapter 1: Hidamari1 Girl (First Part)

That day, the girl from the village church prayed to god.

「May everyone’s soul be led to safety by God」

She thought of her Hometown.
The town located on the east of Trishulia Kingdom, Riat.

Though she doesn’t go to the capital, it’s praised to be the largest area in the east and it was destroyed a year ago.

It’s a demon who introduced himself as a vampire count. That noble demon enslaves humans by their blood and changed Riat into nothing in just one night.

「Mother, Father」

The girl prayed for her parents who’s face she doesn’t know.
Her young self was thrown away at the back alley of the town. She lived by chance, thus she pray for her parents that she never saw.

She hadn’t received affection. She knows nothing, not even the face nor name.
Thinking about it, at least they’d have the same black hair as her.

Fate is cruel. She saw the happy life of her parents in her dreams again and again. If she had that, she won’t be living right now.

She received information about her hometown from the church.
Perhaps, the parents who abandoned her might not be in this world anymore.

That’s why she prayed.

「Asuka-san, Yuuto-sama」2

It must be a coincidence. However, the girl thought about her fate.
If this is the caseー

「Ah, you’re here! Sasha!」

The moment he heard the voice of the man, the girl turned around.

Surely, her meeting with this boy is.

◆  ◆  ◆

「Sorry. Did I bother your prayers?」
「No, It’s fine. I just finished」

Yuuto looked at her apologetically at Sasha’s appearance that’s setting the tools.
She was strolling at the village and when she saw the church, she stopped by.

「But, Sasha’s a good girl. You’re even cleaning the village church」

Yuuto looks down at the church floor that’s polished shiningly.
Though the village Yuuto is living in has a church, there was no priest nor a sister.

The sister lived there had died ages ago, it was neglected afterwards.
Sasha maintained that church free of charge.

「Telling me that I’m a good girl, that’s.3 …I just can’t bear to see it ruined」

Though she said that, Sasha’s happy face can be seen, Yuuto looked at her with a smile.

She’s a good girl. That’s not just an ordinary compliment, Yuuto thought that there’s no other words that would suit Sasha.

The girl who wears a maid apron contains solemnness from the sunlight coming from the window.

「Why is Yuuto-sama at the church?」
「I’m jus strolling. I was wondering where Sasha is」

Sasha’s cheeks blushed when she heard Yuuto. To come to look for herself purposely, Sasha’s chest became hot.

「The church is an important place for Sasha after all」

It’s a desolated church that’s not popular. Seeing Sasha at a location where there’s no cross hanging on the wall, Yuuto felt proud.

Her faith doesn’t sway even if she began to work as a maid.

「Yes. I was led by God and was able to meet Yuuto-sama」

Instead her heart grows even more, Yuuto felt embarrassed instinctively.,
He looked at Sasha while scratching his cheek.

The girl who smiles like the sun is beautiful like a Goddess.

◆  ◆  ◆

「Nboooooo! N, juu. Nbooo」

After a few minutes, the Goddess is breathing through her nose as she holds a penis in her mouth

「Wait, Sasha!? W-wait. Hyu」
「Nbuuu, Hubuuuuu…Puha, nope. I won’t wait」

Casually putting her habit and apron on the floor, the naked Sasha sucks Yuuto’s penis.
Seeing Sasha spread her legs and breath through her nose lewdly, Yuuto’s lower half reacted.

「FuuーFuuー. Nju, hubo, naa」

Sasha gladly made her tongue crawl to the beat.

「Fufufu, amazing. Yuuto-sama’s penis is so hard. Isn’t it no good on this kind of place?」

Sashsa slowly licks the ball to the tip of the pole.
While kissing the penis with her lips, Sasha pinched the tip of her breasts.

「N, ahi. M-My nipples. Sasha’s nipples came out」

The tip of her big chest usually sinks and hide itself.
Sticking out both of her nipples completely erect, Sasha pulled Yuuto before herself.

Pulling out the nipples from her breast lewdly, she crushed her nipples.

「O, Ohi. How is it? Yuuto-sama? Your penis grows big」
「I-It does but. This place is…」

Contrary to Sasha who’s heavy in heat, Yuuto looked around his surroundings. Inside the village. Furthermore, he’s doing Sasha at the church. What kind of rumor would spread if they’re seen by the villagers? He can imagine it easily.

Yuuto’s expression isn’t quite good, Sasha smiled.

「Yuuto-sama is really a worrywart. Does being seen doing lewd things with your own maid trouble you that much?」
「T-That’s Sasha’s…Hin!」

Before Yuuto could say anything, Sasha stroked Yuuto’s penis. Rubbing the glans with her palm, Yuuto was unable to endure and cried out.

「Fufu, we’d be found out if you leak much voice? Hora, do your best. Na」
「Agu, T-that’s」

Sasha dropped saliva to his penis and it’s mixed with Yuuto’s pre-cum She strokes his superb article along with the lewd sound, Yuuto raised his waist instinctively.

Sitting on the sofa of the church, Yuuto raised his stiff waist.

「Hoora, Jukojuko I’m licking it」
「Hyuu. S-Sasha. That’s no good, stop」

Yuuto stretches his hand to stop her but Sasha brushed it off with a smile.
She licked the balls with her tongue and stroked the head of the penis.

「Nbo. Njububu. …Nfufu, Yuuto-samaaa. Please give it to Sasha」
「Au, Sasha, Sasha」

Yuuto trembles as his name is called, Sasha watched him happily.

「Yeees. Fufufu, amazing」

Sasha caught the semen by sticking out her palm.

「Kufu, you let out a lot. Nby, Juzu」
「Ah, Auuu」

Sasha slurps the semen collected in her palm, Yuuto looked at her with pounding heart.

「Nbu, nju. Berobero」

She’s making a lewd noise on purpose, Sasha licked her palm deliciously.

「Nbaaa. Horaaa, I drank all of it」

Sasha opened her mouth wide in front of Yuuto who’s gone senile.
Seeing the remains of semen inside Sasha’s mouth, Yuuto’s penis pulsed small.

Sasha looks down on Yuuto’s penis that’s not completely back yet in trance.

「Fufuu, it’s not over yet? I’m going to do it until you’re empty」

Sasha who expressed a smile, Yuuto looked at her with his body trembling.


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  2. I like how Sasha regards Yuuto as the higher one
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