Asuka of the Scarlet Sky Volume 3 Chapter 2

Chapter 2: Hidamari Girl (Later Part)

「Nfuu. Ah, Ahii, Nguu」

While the vulgar voice echoes inside the church, Sasha spread her legs lewdly to catch her master’s attention.

「Afu, ofu. C-Can you see it? Sasha’s drenched pussy」

Sasha shows off her masturbation in front of Yuuto inside the sacred church.
Of course, Sasha’s the one who suggested it.

「Uu, Sasha, amazing」

Seeing Sasha spread her legs like a bow and stroke her clitoris, Yuuto’s crotch swell even though it’s not touched.
Seeing that, Sasha smiled happily.

Moving her waist back and forth, Sasha pulled her nipples using the remaining hand to her hearts content.

「Ah, Ahihi. How is it? Sasha’s waist dance?」

Sasha surrenders herself to the exploding pulse as she shake her waist back and forth.

(Aah, Yuuto-sama is getting that big. I’m glad. Uu, It feels good doing it in the church)

She knows it’s disrespectful. But, Sasha’s head seems to boil from the arousal her current disordered situation a sacred place for her.

(More, Thrust out my ass more…)

She swings back and forth greatly and her chest shakes every time she does. Sasha’s reason is about to collapse as her nipples and clitoris are completely erect.

「Unii, Nhii」

She’s leaking out voices just by touching it. She thought that she mustn’t but her waist doesn’t stop moving, Sasha’s face is dyed red.

(G-God. Please forgive me. For Sasha, there’s no other one)

Every time she thrust out her waist, love nectar squirts forward. The floor she just cleaned accumulates her juice, Sasha’s insides felt thrilled.

「But, that’s surprising. I didn’t think you’re a child that would do such a thing at the church. …Don’t overwork for me okay?」

Yuuto’s real intention leaked out. Though he’s not drawing back, it’s still unexpected for him.
Yuuto says that she shouldn’t mind him too much, Sasha’s body shook.

In short, he’s confirming if she’s doing it willingly. Yuuto knows that Sasha is a child that tries to do the impossible.

Feeling her pulse getting violent, Sasha pulled both of her nipples.
Then, she shook her waist in front of Yuuto.

「T-That’s right. Sasha is a perverted maid that gets aroused when masturbating at church」

She thought she can no longer go back but Sasha’s feelings feels cleared up.
Sasha stir up her own insides while looking at Yuuto’s shocked expression.

「I do this everyday while thinking of Yuuto-sama. It’s not the first time I did in the church either. O, Ahi」

Embarrasing. However, the arousal dominates Sasha’s body even more than that.

「N-No good. I’m sorry Yuuto-sama, I-I’m cumming」

Both of Sasha’s legs tremble as she scream. Looking at her shaking breasts, Yuuto nodded.

「Y-You can cum you know?」

The moment Yuuto said that, something broke inside Sasha1
‘No more’, she thought, then Sasha took it all out.

「Thank you very muuuuuuuuuuuuuuch!!」

She crushed her own clitoris and thrust out her front lips vulgarly.

「Cumming, I’m cumming! I’m cumming inside the chuuuuuurch!!」

As Sasha twitch in trance, Yuuto’s penis throbs and swells seeming painful.

◆  ◆  ◆

「A-Are you really sure? Even though this is the church」
「It’s okay. I think that God will be glad」2

Kneeling in front of Yuuto, Sasha took the penis inside her mouth like it’s her most favorite thing.
According too the myth Sasha learned on her monastery age, Gods are quite wild in nature. There’s no problem to be seen in particular so Sasha’s nose widen as she breath.

「Nju, Njubu」
「Ah, Sasha」

Every time her name is called, love nectar drips. Feeling aroused, Sasha made the vulgar sound even louder.

「Njubo! Nbo, Nbo」
「Uu, uu」

Closing her mouth, Sasha’s upward glance looks vulgar. It’s unimaginable for her who’s usually clean to do this silliness, Yuuto’s superb article turned to diamond.

「Nboo. …Naa, afufu. Yuuto-sama, I’m sorry for being a lewd maid」
「G-Geez. You’re already a pervert」

Patting her head and telling ‘There, there’, Sasha looked up joyfully.
Certainly it was him who likes this amount of vulgarity but Yuuto didn’t expect her to grow like this.3

「Fuhihi, That’s right. Sasha is a perverted vulgar maid」

Sasha stick out her ass towards the cross4 She showed off her ass flesh and anus just like that.

「Noo, G-God, please take a looook!」

Hearing Sasha’s ‘Hihihi’ laugh, Yuuto felt chill on his spine.
Thinking that she’s beautiful, Yuuto’s penis grows bigger from Sasha’s silliness.

「Sasha will tease Yuuto-sama’s penis then」

Feeling a bit of fear from Sasha’s eyes and smile, Yuuto nodded.

◆  ◆  ◆

「Au, Hyuuuu!!」
「Hora, Hora, Do your best Yuuto-sama. You’re a hero aren’t you5

Yuuto raised his chin as his penis is gently stroked by a finger.

「Fufu. We’re naked in the church of the village. It would be the end of someone saw us」
「S-Sasha. We really should do it after we retu…Higuu!」

Being teased many times, Yuuto’s penis is already hot red that it’s telling the body pleasure just from touching air.
The naked Sasha clings to his back while smiling.

「Eh? You want to go back? Fufu, okay」
「Fuee? Ah, W-wait! Sasha!?>」

Yuuto called out Sasha who’s approaching the entrance.

「S-Stop. Here, Let me cum here」

Though they won’t come out of the church naked, Yuuto called out to Sasha who he doesn’t know what she’s thinking right now.
Sasha narrowed her eyes and smiled to Yuuto’s plea.

「Acknowledged. I’m guiding your penis」

Saying that, Sasha put her tongue inside Yuuto’s ears.6
The sound goes to his brain directly, Yuuto’s body trembled frontwards.

「Naa, Ju. Jubo. Reroo…Fufu, What’s wrong? Your nipples are standing?」7
「Ah, Ahi. S-Stop」

Sasha spreads Yuuto’s arm frontwards. Sasha played with the small hard swell in his chest using her fingers, Yuuto raised a cry as he can’t endure.

「Hooraa, your nipples are so lively. It’s like a woman’s8
「Hii, Hyu. Stop, my nipples are hot」

Hearing the teary voice of Yuuto, Sasha’s insides feels tight.
Yuuto’s face is small and clean that you can say that he looks like a girl.

「Araraa, you like it in your nipples? Very well Asuka-san won’t do this kind of things anyway」
「Ah, Auuu」

Yuuto’s penis jumped9 even though it’s not touched.10 There’s no reply but ‘right’ Sasha watched Yuuto happily.

Even if Yuuto denies it, he’s popular.
It’s obvious. Including herself, Sasha knows four women who likes Yuuto.

However, they’re not just ordinary women.

They’re heroes that the people of the kingdom admires.

「J-Just Sasha, but」

Hearing Yuuto’s senile voice, Sasha’s pussy spills love nectar.

「Ah, Fufu. No good. I’ll get aroused. Yuuto-sama, is it okay for Sasha to do front?」
「Ah, Au. S-Sashaa」

Stroking his penis, both of Yuuto’s feet are trembling. It instantly reached Sasha when her name is being called.

This silliness of Yuuto isn’t known by those women.

「I can feel superiority as a woman. Aah, geez. Just how mad can you make me Yuuto-sama?」
「I-I don’t know. I don’t know that~」

Having his nipples pinched, Yuuto’s penis trembled.

There’s no need to have sex.
While bearing the dark feelings, Sasha licked her lips.

「Hora, please call my name11

She whispers in his ears while pinching his nipples to her heart’s content.

「Oh, Ah」

Sasha slowly crawls her finger as Yuuto’s penis began to tremble.


Her finger suddenly brushed the glans.

「Ah, aaaaaaaa. Cum, It’s coming out. Sasha, Sashaaaaaaaaa.」 Sashaaaaaaaaaaaa」

Yuuto’s penis discharged semen.
Sasha looks at Yuuto’s ejaculating face in ecstasy.

「Haaan, Love. I love you, Yuuto-sama」

Yuuto’s trembling didn’t stop.

◆  ◆  ◆

「I am very sorrryyyyyyy!!」

Sasha prostrated on the floor of the church and Yuuto feels troubled as he looked down on her.

「I-I did it on impulse. T-That…I am very sorryyyyy!!」

Sasha’s chest can be seen from the side as she prostrate on the floor naked. However, Yuuto who has no room to mind it called out to Sasha.

「E-Err. …Don’t mind it?」
「I doooo. I’m sorry, I did something unreasonable to Yuuto-samaaa」

Sasha who’s crying seems to have raised the heat completely. Remembering that he’s the master she swore loyalty to, Sasha’s face turned pale.

It was quite arousing so Yuuto scratched his cheek from happiness and embarrassment.
Remembering the disordered him a while ago, Yuuto scratched his red cheeks bashfully.

「It’s fine, don’t mind it. …Honestly, it felt so good」

‘Ahaha’, Sasha looked up to Yuuto’s embarrassed face. Sasha’s face dyed red too and the lewd maid looked down fidgeting.

「Let’s wear clothes for the time being?」

Both of them are dyed red so the master and the maid laughed.

When they’re preparing to return. Sasha bashfully raised her hand when she saw the love nectar scattered on the floor.

「Can I wipe it for a minute?」

Towards the maid who’s face is dyed red to her ears, Yuuto can do nothing but nod.


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