Asuka of the Scarlet Sky Chapter 7

Chapter 7: World’s Hero and the Treasure tool (2)

*kotsu kotsu*, footsteps of two people sounds in the pavement.

「Fuaaー. It’s big and beautiful as alwaysー」

While staring at the stonework at the depths of the corridor, Asuka don’t even know how many times she sighed.

「That’s true」

Yuuto accompanies Asuka with one step back.

Trishulia1, the castle in the center of the imperial capital that soars the sky, it’s the biggest castle among the continent. It’s impressive, even though Yuuto was used to seeing Japanese Buildings but, it’s his first time seeing this.

Today, they’re on an errand from the imperial squad, Yuuto and Asuka visited Trishulia castle.

「Or perhaps should I say that the imperial squad isn’t at the castle all the time」
「That seems like it. There are some aide that’s always babysitting the princess but, the squad members are basically called only on times of emergency」

While walking on the corridor in a steady pace, Yuuto said ‘hmmm..’ and he threw an answer to Asuka’s question. Actually, Yuuto and Asuka is called to the city for the appointment ceremony. That Yuuto and Asuka frowned and opened their mouth.

「I mean, they already gave you an explanation about the appointment ceremony but, I did my best and raised you to be my spokesman」
「Ah. I slept that time」

Yuuto answered blankly, Asuka squinted her eyes in shock. ‘Even if I say it, it can’t be helped, haaa’, Asuka sighed.

「Ah, that’s right. This is just a talk about me. It may be wrong but, aren’t you just wasting your time?」
「Eh? Then, I didn’t need to come don’t I?」

Asuka clapped her hand as if she remembered, Yuuto gave her a glare that’s asking for explanation. Asuka laughed and made a posture telling that she forgot to deceive him.

「…You still don’t trust me?」
「I-I can’t help it!! I don’t have actual combat experience after all!! I’m the one who should be worried!!」

Asuka pushed out her chest assuming a defiant attitude to Yuuto’s glare. Over the clothes, Asuka’s well shaped breast swayed.

「You can’t enter with your armor nor helmet. S-So right now this is all I have!」

Asuka hid her chest with her arm quickly. For some reason she’s embarrassed for this day, I see I see, Yuuto began to laugh at Asuka.

「Ah, so you put it on? I’m happy. It was my first time giving an accessory present for a woman」
「If it was your first time then what was that!?」

*Gaan*2, Asuka’s ponytail swayed, She’s almost crying in shame.

It was the defensive tool that Yuuto specially made. If both rings are installed on Asuka’s nipples, it can null physical and magical attacks.
However, the effect hadn’t been experienced actually. That’s why Asuka is anxious.

「Geez, what a handful of a hero are you」

Saying so, Yuuto extends his hand. That moment, a long narrow sparkling blueish white sword had appeared in Yuuto’s right hand in a flick.

「Hii. What are you doing at times like this!?」
「It’s to remove the uneasiness of Asuka-sama. This sword has a blade that can bisect up to atomic level, it’s equivalent to an A rank treasure tool. Even I don’t even know what this can do」

Setting up a smile, Yuuto proceeds to slowly set up the sword.

「Eh? Waiー. W-what!? A-atom? I don’t understand it but that’s dangerous…」
「Yes. It’s extremely dangerous. ーーHere we go!?」

*Shurari*, Yuuto aims the tip of the sword at Asuka’s neck.

「Hi, Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!?」

Asuka raised a scream that didn’t become a voice and her body stiffened.


The moment the tip of the sword made a contact on Asuka’s neck, a beautiful sound reverbed.
A blade that should be able to bisect all things, it stopped on Asuka’s neck without even making a line of scratch in her skin.

「…F-fuee. I-I’m not cut…?」

*Pakii*, in front of Asuka, Yuuto’s treasure tool made a noise and crumbled. Asuka dumbfoundedly looked at it’s state.

「I did make that as a present for you that day right? Please trust me」

Yuuto looked straight to Asuka’s face while her hands are shaking. To Yuuto’s expression, Asuka’s tension melted.

「Y-Yuuto. As expected, you’re a goooooooooooood guy!!?」

The moment Asuka smile teary eyed, Asuka’s body jumped. Yuuto’s face changed to a smile.

「Nn, Ah. W-what’s this…?」
「It’s a bonus feature. It seems it’s effect is coming out properly」

Yuuto explains with a refreshing smile while Asuka is bending her body.

「That said, this isn’t mean. Both are reacting. That means the attack earlier isn’t just physical, but also has a magical power in it. As a result, you can know the attribute of the enemy attack」

By the way, it’s an exceptional item to understand the strength and weaknesses of their power. That attack earlier was outrageous, Asuka herself experienced it first-hand.

「Uuuu. You’re just being mean」

*Piku Piku* Asuka’s trembling, she sent a hateful glare to Yuuto.

「T-that’s right. You, and Sasha…」
「Eh, Did you say something?」

Then, Asuka opened her mouth on this occasion. When her voice is about to come out, Yuuto mysteriously turned his ear.

「N, Nnn. We should better buy souvenirs for Sasha when we go back」
「Ah, certainly. Should we buy something sweet on the way back?」

They came to the capital after all. It would be a waste if it’s all work.
‘What do you think would please Sasha?’ Hearing Yuuto speak happily, Asuka smiled in return.
◆  ◆  ◆
「Now then, where should we wait?」

Asuka was about to go and finish her business, Yuuto looked at the interior of castle restlessly. Investigating the interior of a castle filled with fantasy is charming but, that would be in Asuka’s case, Yuuto folded his arms wondering what to do. A souvenir for Sasha, the two of them should choose later.

「At this time, having a telephone would be convenient」

Yuuto muttered to himself. How to people wait in the old days? Yuuto tilted his head.

Well, try not stand out while loitering, Yuuto’s feet advanced for the time being.

「Oops, Sorry」

When he’s about to turn to the hallway to the left, a shadow of a person appeared in Yuuto’s field of vision. They almost bumped to each other unintentionally, Yuuto bowed his head.

「N? You’re…?」

Seeing the small shadow in front of him, Yuuto said ‘Oh?’

「Ah. Err. Certainly. …Risu, Risuka-san?」

*Pikiri*, the person in front of him distorted her face in irritation. Seeing that, Yuuto clapped his hand as if he remembered.

「Ah, that’s right. Risty-san. No, I just heard it this morning. It slipped out from my mind」
「Aren’t you the follower of Asuka, Yuuto? Forgetting the name of the captain of your own squad, your must have a problem with your memory」

To the girl who speaks with some harsh words, Yuuto scratched his head.

Yuuto lowers his gaze, so she’s considerably small. Having a delicate appearance that you would think as a child at first glance, she’s wrapped in a healthy looking brown skin.
A golden twintail growing to her shoulder reflects the light that’s coming from the window.

「Iyaa, sorry. I do think my memory is average though」
「Fun. Are you mistaking it for a monkey’s average?」

A baby face. Her beautiful face can be called that way, Risty made a incited expression. If she kept quiet she would be a beautiful girl, Yuuto looked at Risty like it’s a waste.

「Well well. Don’t ruin your cute face with anger, Captain Risty」

Yuuto speaks as he tries to calm her down, Risty glared at him with scorn from the bottom of her heart.

「Fun. Does a small fish have a place in this society? Perhaps you had swindled Asuka? Listen, I won’t admit that you’re in my squad」

Yuuto reacted with a *Pikuri*3 on Risty’s words. Seeing that, Risty continued speaking to Yuuto.

「The princess liked Asuka since she’s capable. But, what about you? You’re in 908th in the Hero rankings. You barely passed to get a hero title, originally, you’d better be put off as an imperial guard」

Risty looked at Yuuto’s face while denouncing him. Her expressions is as if she making an anger vein.

「Furthermore, most of your exploits are just Asuka’s leftovers right? You’re originally just a small fry even if you have a title of a hero. Am I wrong?」

Yuuto became silent on Risty’s words. Well, for Risty who don’t know the actual circumstances it’s natural, Risty is looking down at Yuuto.
The silence continued for a short while. Yuuto didn’t answer back, Risty exhaled from the bottom of her heart in irritation.

「…Fun, Say something. In other words, a trash like you just relies on Asuka in every way, in the end you’re just a trash. The princess too is pleased with just a bitch, her eyes must be clouded」

Yuuto decided top be silent, Risty kept spitting out insults. Then, she was about to leave when she finished talking.

「Could you wait for a moment?」

*Pirati*, Yuuto’s voice stopped Risty’s footsteps. When Risty looked back, Yuuto had mad a grinning expression.

「Hou. So you can smile like that」
「Could you take it back? Who said something like that?」

With Yuuto spreading his right hand, Risty lifted her lips delightfully.
・・・ ・・・ ・・・

Atom Cutting sword.
Physical Attack: S Magical Attack: D Synthesis Rarity: A
Supplement: It can cut objects to atomic level. It has a powerful sharpness but it’s magical ability is at minimum. The durability is also low, regardless of Yuuto’s ability, it has a strength of an ordinary common iron.


  1. Not the Dragon of the Ice barrier
  2. Sound effect of shock
  3. twitch