Asuka of the Scarlet Sky Volume 3 Chapter 4

Chapter 4: Scarlet and Brown (First Part)

「N, Yuuto. Kiss, Kiss me」

Seeing Risty pleading for a kiss with an innocent face, Yuuto scratched his cheek troubled.
The person sitting in the chair of the room sent fluttering gaze.

「What? Do it I don’t mind」

It’s Asuka. For some reason, Asuka is smiling while holding the quill pen.

『Then, should we all study about tax?』

Risty had proposed that several hours ago.
The study meeting was progressing smoothly at first but.

「Uhm…Captain, what about the study?」
「Uu, Becauseee. We haven’t done it recently」

Yuuto’s enduring Risty who’s sitting next to him but he’s reaching his limit.
His body was being drawn to Risty, Asuka’s temple twitched.

「R-Really, aren’t you like a cat in heat. Saying it by yourself, isn’t that impossible?」
「Yuutooo, I love you」

“Disregarding me?”, Asuka broke the quill pen. Along with the sound of breaking, Yuuto’s spine felt cold.

「You see, Asuka-sama. This is you see」
「I know, Yuuto. …W-well, It doesn’t matter to me what you and Captain are doing」

Asuka turns with a smile on her face while an aura is shooting out from her back.
‘Ah, this is bad’, Yuuto pushed Risty away.

「Uu, yaaa」
「It’s not ‘Yaa’ When it’s the two of us then…」

The two were like that but Asuka looked at them surprisingly, with such feelings other than jealousy.

(C-Captain is really amazing in front of Yuuto. I-It’s not like I’m jealous though)

Towards the Risty being pampered like a child, Asuka sends sidelong glances as her heartbeat grows faster.
After all, the brown one in front of her is the captain of the imperial guards and the fourth in the hero Ranking. Different from the Yuuto who’s used to it, Asuka still has the sense of incompatibility with Risty in front of Yuuto.

(Rather than that, what is Yuuto usually doing with Captain? No, I do know what it is)

Asuka knows that Yuuto and Risty has that kind of relationship. She knew that the ass is being used after the case of the Nekyuara.
However, she doesn’t know the detail of the play of the two.

「H-Hey. How do you two usually do it?」

Then, Yuuto and Risty looked at each other due to Asuka’s mutter that came out carelessly.
◆  ◆  ◆
「W-wait a moment. W-why is this」

Asuka’s face that’s dyed with the wisdom of many is looking at Yuuto and Risty curiously.

「Why you say?…Speaking of, I wonder why?」
「Won’t it enter if you squat like this?」

‘There’s no way it will’, Asuka frowned at Risty’s remark.
Currently, Asuka and Risty are opening their legs and standing in the room.

Risty is on her usual micro bikini. Asuka is on her holed underwear from that day.

Asuka hides her body bashfully and Risty gave her a frank advice.

「Asuka, you can’t squat in that posture. Here, put your hands behind your head」
「N-No, I feel this is different…Or rather, why squats?」

Risty’s vertical motion had already exceeded a hundred times. Risty motivated Asuka who hadn’t started for a long time with harsh words.

「Hey, don’t be shy! You should be able to do it a thousand times!」
「D-Didn’t the purpose change!? Or rather, Captain is…uhm, don’t you feel embarrassed?」

Asuka asked Risty who’s working diligently to move vertically cheerfully.
Risty’s micro bikini is quite immoral. Even though she can show herself naked on her partner, Asuka stared at her embarrassed instead.

Risty answered with an ecstasy look on her face.

「Isn’t it obvious that it’s embarrassing. Y-Yuuto is, Yuuto is looking at my. fu, Fufu. my body, a man, fufufufu…」

Asuka felt amazed as she look at Risty who’s feeling chills on her back. She’s completely a pervert.

「Captain is a pervert that’s getting aroused when seen by a man isn’t she?ー There, there」
「Ah, aaaa.1 That’s right. When seen by Yuuto, M-My nipples and that place wells up」

Yuuto pats her head and Risty’s legs and body trembles.
Asuka looked surprised at the fourth place who’s body shouldn’t be staggered around several hundred of times.

「Hey, Asuka-sama is also looking. Won’t you report to your member?」
「Auuu, that’s embarrassing. Yuutoo, Yuutoo」

Risty smiles while having tears on her eye, Yuuto thrusts his hand on the bikini below. Her wet genital made a wet noise.

「Uwaa, aren’t you drenched? You’re this wet even though you’re a virgin.2 Asuka-sama can hear the sound you know?」
「Auuuu, Nnn. Ah, Faa, yaa. Yaaaaa」

Risty’s body convulsed. The silliness of the captain of the imperial guards made the member Asuka look at her astonished.

「You. Y-You’re nasty as usual」
「R-Really? Well, but. This is what captain loves」

Saying that, Yuuto whispered to Risty. Risty’s back jumped as Yuuto’s voice reached her ear.

「Fufu, that’s cute. Hey, let’s show of Captain’s lewd place to Asuka-sama」
「Fue? Ah, but. As expected, thats…」

Risty’s glance swam to Asuka. Their eyes met but her crotch got even wetter.

Same sex, a subordinate, furthermore, she’s the the loved of her beloved.
Feeling the glance of Asuka, Risty almost reached the end.

「N, fuu. Aaaa…」

Giving up, Risty thrust her ass towards Asuka.
T-back like string. Seeing the plug at Risty’s ass that can’t be hidden, Asuka opened her eyes in freight.

「Isn’t that amazing? It’s an Anal Plug. Unlike the time when Asuka-sama became a dog, this is fat」
「Uu, auuuu」

Breathing roughly, Risty displayed her ass to Asuka. Then, the micro bikini is shifted slowly .

Asuka gulps down her throat as the bikini’s thread is being pulled.

「Hey, explain what happens to Asuka」
「Eu!? B-But…as expected…」

Risty demands help from the excessive shame. However, seeing Yuuto’s radiant smile. Risty’s legs tremble.

Risty slowly opened both of her hands from the trembling ass meat.

「What’s happening at Captain’s ass?」

Tracing it with fingers, Risty raised a lovely voice.

「Hyuuu, aah, I’ll say it. I’ll say iiit」

Yuuto supports her head and Risty thrust out her ass.
From Asuka’s view, everything is completely exposed.

Seeing the brown ass, Risty exposed her bowlegs to Asuka.
Her ass meat, that place is also shown, the captain of the royal family’s imperial guards’ voice vibrated.

「R-Risty’s anus…I-Is a huge pervert’s, W-woman asspussy…」

Love nectar gushed out from her virgin hole.
The moment she declared it, Risty’s reason was cut.

「U, uuuuu. I love being done in my ass. I always play with it, I-I feel sorryyyyy」

Risty’s finger pinches her clitoris and nipple.
Yuuto ordered her as he pat the Risty who’s face is completely senile.

「Can’t you see the anus when there’s the plug? You want to see the anus that’s wide open right?」
「Ah, Aaaa. But, buuuut」

She’s shaking her head in refusal but Risty puts effort in her abdomen.
She can’t stop anymore.

「Ya, yaaaa. Coming, it’s coming out」
「Good. Hey, let it out in front of Asuka-sama」

Stroking her back gently, Risty put power in the hole in her ass blindly.

「Noo, Nooooo, I-It’s coming ouuuuuut」

Then, the anal plug went out of Risty’s anus.

「O, Ohoooo, D-Don’t looook. Nhiiiiiii」

Hearing the sound of the anal plug coming out, Risty shouts but doesn’t mean it.

「Oh, Noo, Oh…Ooo」

Feeling the glance at her own lewd anus that’s opened, Risty Owen climaxed.

As he gently look down at the captain of the imperial guards, Yuuto looked at Asuka that’s in blank surprise.
It’s inevitable coming up to here.

「Now, Asuka-sama. It’s Asuka-sama’s turn next」

Yuuto turned to her with a smile and Asuka’s chest jumped.



  1. That was a fucking headpat, Risty climaxed with just a fucking headpat!
  2. Confirmed