Asuka of the Scarlet Sky Volume 3 Chapter 6

Chapter 6: Scarlet and Brown (Latter Part)

「No, oo…Oo」

Asuka had an expression never seen before.

「Asuka has the aptitude just as I thought. Look, it entered easily
「Nhii, nuuuu」

On top of the bed. Risty smilingly watched Asuka’s hole in the ass sticking out while lying down.
While showing Yuuto the long and slender dildo make a sound while being pulled out, Risty traced the surrounding of Asuka’s anus with her finger.


Asuka’s anus that had the toy put in is lewdly open. The opening isn’t that big but it’s the proof that something entered it.
Her red hair is drenched with love nectar and lotion, Risty pulled it lightly with her finger.

「Hyuuu, yaa」
「You don’t seem to dislike it, you’re already wet on your front. Look, Yuuto can see it」

Asuka’s body trembled from Risty’s voice. The moment Asuka sent a fleeting glance to Yuuto, Asuka’s anus is pierced by the dildo again.

「Noo, oo」

Asuka’s chin leaped and she leaked out a gasp from her lips as she can’t endure.
Having her anus being played with for two whole hours, Asuka’s body is completely ready.

「Your mouth stopped. Give it to Yuuto」
「Ah, Ah, Nuuuu」

Having her ass lightly beaten by Risty, Asuka’s back trembled. Unable to endure the voice, Asuka looked up to Yuuto.

「Uuu, Yuutooo」
「There, there. You’re cute, Asuka-sama」

Though his heart is secretly beating so fast, Yuuto patted Asuka and smiled.
Yuuto had tried to make a small dildo dog-fication treasure tool before but the state of Asuka is much more abnormal compared to that time.

「Oh, How about here? Bang」
「Noo!? Oh, Ooouuuu」

Asuka grasps the sheets tightly as the dildo goes in and out. As expected of Captain that’s the incarnation of anus.
Looking down at Asuka who’s completely drown from the pleasure of the anus, Yuuto looked at Risty with respect.

「Well, as expected. Who’d expect that it’s already been a few hours」
「N? What? Didn’t you notice?」

Yuuto tilted his head towards Risty’s answer. Risty skillfully moved the dildo, looking amazed.

「Asuka, try to play with yourself. You should play with it regularly」
「Noo, Oh, Oooo」
「Eh!? Is that so!?」

He didn’t notice at all. ‘Is that so?’, Yuuto looked at Asuka’s crotch.
Though she’s making a lewd voice, Asuka bashfully looked down.

「It’s not to the extent where Yuuto can put it in but. If it’s a small dildo then, hey」
「Nuuuu!? Oh, ouuuooo」
「Uwaa. I-It is. Why again」

Listening to Yuuto’s question, Risty stopped her hand. Asuka leaks out a rough breathing, her head was drawn to the tired foot.
Noticing the glacne, Asuka’s cheeks blushed.

「B-Because. Captain…does…」

‘I don’t want to lose’

It reached Yuuto even if she didn’t say it. Yuuto’s groin had increased in hardness unintentionally.
Seeing that, Asuka brought her blushing cheeks closer.

「Don’t look so much…n, nbu」

She kissed it with her lips and held it in her mouth.
Yuuto spoke in a small voice as his penis is being eaten.

Asuka’s pulse shook from Yuuto’s voice.

「Nbu, hamu…nbuu」

She licked the hard penis deliberately. Yuuto endured his voice as her lips stimulate him.
Asuka sucks the bottom in a way that looks as lewd as possible.

「Ju, Jubu, nbuuuu」

Yuuto can’t endure so he pulled out Asuka’s face. Unplugging the tip, Asuka smiled on the flustered Yuuto.
However Risty placed the dildo with a good thrust at that moment.


Seeing that Asuka tremble on her legs, Yuuto swallowed his saliva.
◆  ◆  ◆
『Okay, Yuuto, let’s switch』

Few minutes after Risty said that, Yuuto’s penis wells like it’s about to explode
It’s as expected because the bowlegged Asuka is in front of him.

「Fufu, what’s wrong? Tell Yuuto」
「Ah, Auuu」

Leaning against the naked Risty, Asuka thrust out her ass while dyed in shame.
Since she’s thrusting it out bow-legged, the rear and front hole are fully exposed.

「Hey, if you want to say some thing then say it」

Asuka’s cheeks got even redder from Risty’s whisper. However, Asuka looked down and steeled herself.
Breathing roughly, Asuka spread her ass flesh with both of her hands.

Then, Asuka showed her own anus to Yuuto.

「I-I want to play with Yuuto…W-with my anus. Back, ass…I want to do lewd things while having my anus seen」

Though she’s teary eyed, Asuka spreads her trembling ass flesh.
Not just her anus. The surrounding wet hair is also in full view.

‘If you say that much’, Yuuto could do nothing but stand up.
◆  ◆  ◆
「Ah, ah, nhiiii」

Asuka’s lovely voice that snapped out of her patience echoes in the room.

「Oh, you’re already this wet. You’re aroused from having your ass seen?」
「Nuuuu, Oh, It’s open…iiiing!」

Yuuto spreads her ass and Asuka’s back felt chilly.
Yuuto stretched his hand ahead and plucked Asuka’s ruined pubic hair.

「Your front is bushy. This would stick out from your panties already」
「Nguuooooo, T-That’s. From various places, N, Nhiiii」

Having her interior pierced, Asuka’s consciousness flew for a moment.
Risty watched that Asuka enviously while taking a rest in the sofa.

‘But, it’s fine that they’re getting along’, Risty lied down on the sofa.

「Y-Yuutooo, it feels gooood. Nooo, nhiiii」
「Asuka-sama!? Ugu」

Asuka shook her waist back and forth. Pulling her own nipples, Asuka holds Yuuto’s penis deep.
Breathing roughly, she purposely opened and closed her anus.

「Fufu, your anus is twitching. Does it feel good?」
「Nuuuuu…It feels good, it feels goooood」

Telling him to look more, Asuka stretched her anus with one finger. Then, she opened it with her finger until the inside is seen.

Yuuto’s penis swelled from the obscene pink color.

「Nhiiii, Y-Yuuto’s amazing. Look…Look at all of it」

Though she’s spreading it, Asuka desperately moved her waist back and forth. Yuuto was already at his limit due to Asuka’s movement.
He gripped Asuka’s waist and stabbed his penis deep inside instantly.

「Ah, Aaaaaaaa. Cum cum cum cumming!」

Asuka’s lips jumped out and her love nectar rise up. Yuuto attacked Asuka’s vagina as she hug the sheets tightly.

「How was it? You like it here right? I’ll thrust a lot here」
「Noh, Oh, Nooooooo」

Asuka’s voice sounds like a beast, Yuuto smiles as Asuka moved her flapping anus.
Then, he made the anal dildo appear on his right hand.

Yuuto inserted the dildo the same time he pulled out from the front.


A voice first time heard from Asuka leaked out from her mouth.
Yuuto thrusts her front without waiting for an answer.

Having two of her holes filled at the same time, something was broken in Asuka.1

「Nhii, nhiiiiiiiiiii!」

Having both her holes played with, Asuka’s body convulsed.
Asuka’s body pleads stimulation as she had already forgotten shame.

「Nooh, Ohi, Nooooooooo~」

Lovely voice leaks out from Asuka’s mouth every time it’s plugged and unplugged alternately.
Pee finally gushed out from Asuka’s crotch.

「Ah, No. It’s coming out, my pee…nguuuuuuuu!?
「Asuka-sama, I’m alreadyー」

She returned to her reason for an instant but it vanished from the shock attacking her deepest part.
While feeling Yuuto’s ejaculation inside her womb, Asuka opened her mouth saying ‘Whatever happens, will’
‘I want you to listen’, she faced Yuuto and announced her climax.

「Cum, Cumcumcum, I’m cumming from Yuutooooo!」

Asuka’s consciousness flew out and urine spout out from her groun.
Asuka rose to climax while discharging.
◆  ◆  ◆
「I-I’ll never do it again」

‘Was it too shameful?’, Yuuto scratched his cheek wondering what to do with Asuka who won’t face him.
Risty saw her wet the bed after that and Asuka finally noticed that she peed herself.

Risty soothes Asuka who apologizes bashfully, however Asuka curled herself like a ball on the corner of the room from too much shame.
Asuka right now is about to cry while pouting.

(Uuun, would I be used to peeing this time?2)

Asuka sniffles without knowing that Yuuto’s building a wicked plan.
Though it should be Risty that should be crying as the bed got wet but the person in question can’t help but laugh while putting away the sheets.

「…Or rather, won’t captain be the one thought to have peed?」

At that time, Yuuto noticed that Risty stopped moving.
Yuuto can no nothing but laugh on the panicking Risty.
◆  ◆  ◆
「I also want to participate in the study meetiiiiing!! Idiot meeee!!」

Thunderbolt who was too nervous to call them out wet the pillow with her tears


  1. Her reason
  2. Yes