Asuka of the Scarlet Sky Volume 3 Chapter 9

Chapter 9: Inside the blindfold (Latter part)


She’s just embraced yet Thunderbolt’s body was wrapped in the climax of happiness with just that.
Climax. In short, the pleasure of the happiness attacks Thunderbolt’s depths.


Yuuto thought that Thunderbolt is shaking strangely so she called out her name by her ear. With it as a deciding factor, Thunderbolt tightens her body without a composure to endure.


A hoarse voice spills from Thunderbolt’s mouth who’s being embraced by Yuuto firmly. When Yuuto asked back, Thunderbolt said it again with red hot face.

「Name…call me…once again」

Thunderbolt put her chin on Yuuto’s shoulder to hide her embarrassment. While feeling Thunderbolt’s nervous sounding heartbeat, Yuuto brought his lip close to her ear.

In expectations, Thunderbolt’s deepest part is making a squeezing sound.
Love nectar drips from her crotch, Thunderbolt bit her lower lip to endure her breaking pride.


He called her name by her ear./ The next moment, Thunderbolt’s body popped and bent like an arrow.


A lovely suppressed voice leaks out. Yuuto’s slightly surprised but, he was touched as Thunderbolt desperately tries to keep her voice down.

‘I want to do something’ He felt pity for a moment but Yuuto smiled as it was different.

「Auu…I love it. Sorry, Yuuto-kun. It feels good. I’m sorry」
「There’s no need to apologize. …We’re on a date today after all. I’ll listen to whatever Thunderbolt-san requests」

Yuuto knows that he’s not a saint.
But, he can only sympathize with her past. The boy named Kashiwagi Yuuto kept away the troublesome existence.

In short, there’s nothing else but him for her.

「If you want something, then say it」

Thunderbolt grasped the sheet from from his voice.
Kiss, Child making, love whispers, various acts passed through Thunderbolt’s brain.

However, her lips moved selfishly and even she was surprised from what she had chosen.

「…P-Please do…me violently」

Yuuto’s the one who said it but, both of them have a surprised face as they stare at each other.
◆  ◆  ◆
「…Err? V-Violently?」

Yuuto scratches his cheek as he thought he heard by mistake.
Thunderbolt’s face colors in embarrassment that’s about to die as she raise her voice.

「T-T-T-That’s not it! It is but it’s not!」

Thunderbolt’s white body turned red. Thunderbolt rages and speaks out her mind even if she doesn’t know it.

「That’s, because! Y-Yuuto-kun is! Yuuto-kun is!」
「C-Calm down. It’s fine, it’s fine okay?」

Yuuto controls the confused Thunderbolt. Thunderbolt breathed deeply and thought over her embarrassing words.

Tears swell from the golden cross pupils. She might be hated. Tears drop from the corner of her eyes as she thought that.

「Uuu, I’m sorry. Y-Yuuto-kun, he does it…u, he’s glad. E-Every night, also…you did it」

Sobbing, Thunderbolt wipes off her tears with her wrist.
Thunderbolt’s encounter with Yuuto isn’t common. However, when she remembered of the amour she had done with the maid, the pleasure deeply rooted to her body.

It was enough to twist the sexual disposition of the woman who lived in solitude and bluff.

「I want to be done violently by Yuuto. Uguu, don’t hate meee」

Thunderbolt’s weeping and Yuuto had a smile floating in his face.
He embraced her gently.


Thunderbolt was drawn back in surprise that her tears stopped.
‘There’s no way I’d hate you’ He’s the one who planted the seed in the first place so, Yuuto smiled at Thunderbolt.

「I won’t. If you want to be done violently, I’ll do it as much as you like」

Thunderbolt instinctively swallowed her saliva when she saw his smile.
◆  ◆  ◆
Is this good? Yuuto thought.

「O, ouuuu」

But when she looked down on Thunderbolt that’s trembling even when not touched, he scratched his cheek in giving up.

「How’s it? Happy?」

Skeptical. Yuuto had doubts in his question but Thunderbolt began to squeeze a voice with a tone of delight.

「A, afu…I-I’m happy…」

Every time she answers, Thunderbolt’s ass shakes a bit.

The naked Thunderbolt is kneeling on the ground while being stepped on by Yuuto.

Her underwear and eye mask are put on aside and Thunderbolt dogeza while pushing up her ass unnaturally.

「Are you masturbating every night while having this imagination?」
「Higu…T-That’s right」

He can’t see as her head is lowered but, the realistic rough breathing Thunderbolt sounds in the room vividly.
To confirm, Yuuto didn’t wish for this development.

『I-I don’t want…Y-Yuuto-kun to see such a disgusting appearance』

Just like that time. She wants to fall without mercy.
Yuuto decided to go with Thunderbolt’s innocent disposition.

Surely this is what he can do.

「Are you really sure?」

The last confirmation. He must pour his heart and soul if she pass here.
And, Thunderbolt nodded with the heat of the step of her beloved boy.

「I-I’ll do anything. I-I…Yuuto-kun’s, please turn me into something」

It doesn’t need to be a lover But she wants something special as she doesn’t have it.
That’s something she think probably much more sweeter than a lover.


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