Asuka of the Scarlet Sky Chapter 8

Chapter 8: World’s Hero and the Treasure tool (3)

「…Eh? What did you say just right now?」

On our way back from the castle, Asuka’s face paled as if she’s dying.

「I said that I had a quarrel with Captain Risty」

Yuuto walking next to Asuka is playing with dead leaves in his right hand as if he lost interest. Asuka is looked at that Yuuto with amazement.

「F-Fight, you mean. …Why?」

Asuka forgetting why he was angry, Yuuto looked at him as if saying ‘what are you doing?’ Yuuto stopped moving to Asuka’s question.

「…She made a fool out of me. Calling me a small fry even if I’m in 908th rank. Even you would feel offended with that right?」
「G-getting offended, you」1

Yuuto mixed in some lies. Asuka who’s unaware of it stares at Yuuto. ‘Just what had you done?’, she was worried.

「It can’t be helped. You’re keeping your ability as a secret after all. So even I would get angry if they called you a small fry」

Asuka sighed as she’s having a headache. Yuuto told that Asuka that it’s fine.

「Isn’t it okay? If I get serious, even captain Risty would be instantly killed. There’s no problem」
「There’s a lot of problems! A lot! Why did it come to you being able to kill nor not kill! Risty-sama is a superior! A superior! We’re just assigned, why did you set your eyes on the superior suddenly!」

‘Aah, geez’, Asuka dishevel her head. Right now, Yuuto and Asuka are public servants. Of course, Yuuto understands Asuka’s complains.
Yuuto himself is a type that stays away from the discord as much as possible.

「Well, I’m really fine. In the end, for some reason that person laughed」
「L-laugh you say. It’s surely a laugh about putting you down. That must be」

‘Hii’ she shouted in unease, Asuka glanced sideways ang Yuuto recalled the events from earlier.

『Hou. Your angry for your master not for yourself? At least you have some manliness in you. …Well, hang in there」

Saying that, Risty went away while laughing. Leaving with her palm opened, it was provoking for Yuuto.,
‘That brown loli’, Yuuto grit his teeth in frustration.

「W-well. There’s no use thinking about it. Apart from that, listen. During today’s soldier meting, the princess decided to give me an alias」

Without realizing Yuuto’s expression as she was walking at his back, Asuka matched her arms happily. Yuuto turned as he heard Asuka said an unfamiliar word.

「That’s right, an alias. It’s given only to ten people, it’s an alias that you would call yourself and would be admired by the other heroes. Even I, did think about it secretly. T-that’s, eeeh. For that day to really come」

*deedee*, Asuka squirms her body happily. Yuuto doesn’t get it but it’s the greatest honor for the soldier in this world to receive an alias.

「Alias? Sounds like chuunibyou. …When you say it’s just the 10, then Risty also has one?」
「Isn’t it obvious? Risty is called『Soutou2』, there’s no person in the kingdom who doesn’t know it.」

‘Except for you’, Asuka turned back from Yuuto. ‘Even if you say that an otherworlder won’t know that’, Yuuto kept silent and pretended to listen to Asuka’s story while saying ‘Yes Yes’

「Well, aside from that, since we’re already at the capital, we should buy a souvenir for Sasha. I think sweets would be good」

The aroma of flour and butter flowing from the side of the road, Asuka stops walking. Her eyes were shinning as if it was saying 「I want to eat」

Yare Yare, Yuuto also stopped seeing that Asuka.
◆  ◆  ◆
「Asuka-sama, I’ll go out with Sasha for a bit」

Next day, after the meal was over, Yuuto called out to Asuka. On his side, was Sasha wearing a maid uniform bowing to Asuka.

「N? Where are you going?」

Asuka put down the cup of tea on the table. *Poriri*, a cookie crunched in her front teeth.

「We’re just going to buy tools to repair the roof. Since the luggage will likely be huge, I will also go」

Saying so, Yuuto and Sasha headed to the exit. Asuka thought that she would also go with them but, Asuka had given up from standing and waved her hand.

「See you」

A crispy, sweet flavor spreads in the mouth of Asuka.
◆  ◆  ◆
「Uun. Now that I think of it, it’s been a while since I’m alone」

Asuka looked around while stretching. Looking at the silent mansion, Asuka ‘uuun’ curled her back.

「…As expected, it’s recent」

What’s recent is the love affair of Yuuto and Sasha. Though it didn’t enter the small body, but not matter how you look at it, it was a copulation of men and women.

「Could he be forcing her? …Nope, I guess not」

Furthermore, there were no expression of dislike seen from Sasha. Rather it was a face of a woman with her lover in front of her.
If Sasha consents the relationship, there’s no room for her to intervene, Asuka is at her wits’ end.

「However, she’s my maid」

She had no intention of claiming ownership of Sasha by paying money, but it wasn’t interesting for Asuka. Just where in her mind she gets irritated from it? Asuka had no experience in man and woman experience.

「Well, it’s fine. Even a guy like him likes a child like Sasha」

Asuka looks at her hand while laughing at herself. She has some ways to go to be a beauty, her life was only to wield a sword since she’s a child. Naturally, she’s not trained to be a bride.

In addition, Asuka expressed her gratitude to Yuuto seriously.

Asuka never imagined that the day where she will live in her own mansion comes. She had a delusion of becoming a hero, but she never had a concrete thought of her future.

「At any rate, An Alias it is. W-what could it be? I’m looking forward to it」

Asuka stood up while relaxing her face. From becoming a fledging swordsman to getting an alias, it was all thanks to Yuuto’s treasure tools. Glad that everything changed from this past three months, Asuka’s heart is clenching.

「Hey, certainly this room was…」

‘fun fun’, in front of Asuka who was humming while walking, a single door came into view. The stairs lead to an underground. In that door.

「Yuuto’s workshop. He told me to not absolutely not enter」

*Jii*, Asuka stared at the door, Beyond this point, Yuuto would start making his treasure tools. Becoming an obstruction on the image, and he also said to absolutely not enter because it’s dangerous, A whirlpool swirled in Asuka’s mind.

「I-if it’s for a bit. It’s okay right?」

She extend her hand on the knob of the door. That moment *Pakiiiin*, a sound of cracking echoed.

「N, Ahn」3

*Kyumu*, the tip of Asuka’s left chest tightened lightly. Asuka involuntarily let out a voice, ‘eeh’, she muttered.

「For him to turn it using magic. Just what does he not want for others to see?」

‘Fufufu’, Asuka’s face distorted evilly.
Asuka’s gratitude to Yuuto is at max, but his mean treatment on her is another story. While thinking that she may grasp his weakness, Asuka pulled the knob.

「Noow then, what’s in here?」

Feeling her heart beating, Asuka went down the stairs to the basement
◆  ◆  ◆
「Waa, amazing. There’s a lot of weapons」

The underground workshop, in one word it would be suspicious.
Several swords and spears leaned against the stone wall. There were some elegant equipment with shape she don’t even know how to use, it’s arrangement narrowed the room.

「If there’s a lot of it, he should’ve given one at least」

Asuka looked at them while muttering but, Asuka knows that it’s impossible. Perhaps, some of them are unfinished, or some treasure tools are in adjustment.

「These things seems untouchable. Scary Scary」

Just what kind of ability does he equip? She doesn’t know. Asuka advances, careful not to touch it. Without the treasure tool in her chest, she won’t be staying in here.

「Oh, A desk? Fuun. So he properly research-ish it」

Asuka stopped at the wodden desk that’s in the back of the workshop.
On the top of the desk are filled with incomprehensible things.

A dagger that fires out lightning, a string connected to a simple thin plate, Asuka took the sketchbook.

Asuka flipped over the large scale scholarly memo. Various designs of treasure tools were drawn in it, there were some notes recorded too.

Those were characters she never saw before, Asuka frowned.

「Ah, this isn’t my equipment. Uwaa, he’s really thinking seriously」

Asuka’s finger stopped on a certain page. It was a crimson sword and armor, distinct details were written on the other line.

「I can’t read it but, it’s filled out with lots of absurd things. Eh, eeehー」

Seeing the drawing, Asuka felt embarrassed and blushed. Though she felt guilty for entering without permission, still she felt happy, Asuka closed quietly closed the sketchbook while saying ‘ehehehe’

「…N, what could this be?」

A folded fabric on the desk caught her sight. Asuka lifted it.

「Clothes? Hey, eeeeeeeeeeeeeee!?」

It lightly spread in her view, then Asuka’s voice echoed through the workshop.


  1. Yuuto lived in 2015
  2. 双頭 – Double headed
  3. Guess what, it’s the nipple ring