Asuka of the Scarlet Sky Chapter 9

Chapter 9: World’s Hero and the Treasure Tool (4)

「W-what’s this… A protective gear?」1

Inside Yuuto’s workshop, Asuka gazed at the treasure tool cloth that she picked up.

Red, it is made from unreliable fabric, Asuka gazed at it with her heart beating fast.

「I-I wonder if this is clothes? B-But this is…」

Spreading the treasure tool, Asuka viewed it in different angles with great interest.

The material is a cloth dyed red. It has a beautiful luster, a scarlet armor. It would have such an impression at first glance.

「I-It’s not just this right? …Ah, this is possibly a set」

Asuka looked around restlessly, she found a basket on the floor. Inside it seems to be the companions.

「Let’s see.…Hey. U-Uwa. …W-what is this? Does he want to make me wear this?」

With her heart beating faster, Asuka licked her lips.
For some reason, Asuka looked at her back then held the equipment in her arms.

However, if she wore those clothes it would be a huge problem. That thought crossed Asuka’s head.

「W-well. If I just wear it it’s nothing. I-Isn’t it? W-well if the size is wrong it would be a problem」

To disguise her rough breathing, Asuka open her mouth to make an excuse. Feeling her cheeks heating up, Asuka put them on the desk.

After a short pause, Asuka slowly grabbed the hem of her clothes with her fingertips.

「…Nn. …Haha, this feels weird」

Her clothes dropped lightly on the floor.
Her upper body feeling the chill of the basement, Asuka’s face dyed.

(U-uwa. I’m naked in his workshop)

Even though no one is watching, Asuka shyly hid her chest. The skin of her arm touched something stiff.

「…Ah. …Geez」

Her nipples are standing. Blushing as it got hard, Asuka shook her head.
She somehow feels strange, ‘let’s do this quickly’, Asuka took off the clothes below.
When she loosened the straps of her underwear, that’s where Asuka’s hand stopped.

「E, eeeei. Whatever!」2

Half-desperate, Asuka become upright stark naked in the workshop Looking at her own cared posture of her body, the complexion of her chest has a trace of the previous civilization.3

(N-Naked. I’m not an exhibitionist.4 I-In his workshop)

‘fufu’, Asuka breathed out. She noticed that she’s excited, Asuka took the cloth on the desk in a hurry.

「E-err. This is the top. …Hey. T-This is. …S-seriously. How to use this?」

She looked at the equipment she picked up once again, Asuka remembers the pseudo-eloquent guy that’s not here right now.

(F-for him to do something like this. H-He wants to put this on me? N-No. But…)

So, Asuka thought of another possibility. In the morning, he headed out together with the maid.

(S-Shit. I-If he aims at Sasha what should I do? Those two seems to be in good terms recently)

*Ugugu*5, Asuka thought of the dazzling smile of the maid. The scene she saw the other day is burned in her eyes and it doesn’t leave. As a matter of fact, it was her first time to see ‘that’ from a man.

She shook off the dreamlike scene a lot of times, Asuka shook her head.

(I-It’s not like I’m related to whatever happens to Yuuto and Sasha!)

‘That’s right’, Asuka grasped the equipment tightly. Even if it’s a present to Sasha, it’s necessary to check it. He might’ve put some devious ability, she had to take it off. Thinking that, Asuka decided that it’s good.

「Heave ho!~ U-Uwaa. This is completely exposed」

It’s structure is similar to underwear, Asuka raised one leg to let it through. She raised it to her waist, then, along with the cold air of the workshop, Asuka’s lower half was wrapped up.

(I-It squeezes more than I thought. But, T-this is…)

*Doku Doku*, Asuka’s blood pulsed. ‘It couldn’t be, right?’, Asuka extends her hand to the equipment to convince herself.

「T-this is the top right? …L-Like this?」

There’s no bra in this world. But, Asuka is telling herself that it’s some sort of corset. For the time being, approaching from bottom to top, she covered her chest.

(Uwa, Somehow, my breast. I-Is being emphasized…)

*Tayun*, Asuka’s breast shook. It’s not as much as Sasha’s, Asuka’s size might be big but, it doesn’t interfere her. The chest is wrapped with the strange undergarment, Asuka stared at it with a bright red face.

「T-that guy. What is he thinking?」

Asuka’s chest and lower body is in full view.
Bra and panties. That was it but, it was enough to be overwhelming.

The cloth area. Between her chest and groin is directly exposed to air because it has a hole, Asuka bashfully hid it with her arm.

The swelling of her chest can be said to be supported by a triangle string, the panties on her groin has a heart shaped hole and exposes the important part.

This thing couldn’t be a clothing, Asuka bind her lips in shame.

「Ah. …Uu」

Feeling it on her skin, Asuka’s face turned red. Along with Shame, there’s some strange feeling that’s attacking Asuka.

「T-this is. As expected…」

‘fuufuu’, while breathing roughly, Asuka embraced herself with her arms. She straightened her posture to make sure after that.

(A-as expected. This is a perfect fit for my body)

Though the clothes had some suspicious ornaments, It perfectly fitted on Asuka’s body. *Michiri* Asuka’s flesh, is lifted by the string just by a little.

(Aah, I can’t. My nipples and that place, everything is seen)

‘What should I do?’, Asuka’s face burns. In her head, Yuuto’s smiling face floated.

(N-No way. …W-what does this mean? S-such a thing?)

Asuka felt herself becoming hot. She’s not touching anything yet the treasure tool on her chest tells an effect.
The cold metal ring is urging Asuka.

(T-this equipment is somewhat dangerous. A-as expected it has some ability…)

‘Any more than this’, Asuka unsteadily put power on her feet.

「…I-I should soon. He’s coming back」

However, Asuka’s movement is drowned out by a hanging voice. 6

「Eeh. Who’s coming back?」

Asuka felt she plunged into darkness.


  1. is it bikini armor?
  2. Help in this line “どうだこんちくしょー”
  3. 気を付けの姿勢で見下ろした自分の身体は、胸の先だけが文明の色を帯びていた。Maybe this means “She’s naked”
  4. わたし、すっぽんぽんじゃない, This one attached a negative non-past on “Naked”, so I guess She denies that she’s naked but she is actually, ugh, japan and their negatives.
  5. SFX for surprise, not necessarily a scare but more like when one doesn’t know what to say when they lose an argument.
  6.  しかし、Asukaの動きは掛けられた声にかき消される。