The Lust System: Chapter 84 (Unlocked)

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Chapter 84 – As the Movie Ends



‘So slow!’

Max felt a slight wave of regret, wasting time running around buying things as he watched the long lines in front of him.

On the direction he was looking at, Max watched as stacks of people were trying to go in at the same time.

In actuality, the lines weren’t really long. Max was just too excited to get in that he thinks waiting a minute or two would be too long.

Finally getting in Max led Lydia directly to the nearest person in charge he saw to guide them on where they should be going.


Getting in their private room, Max was out of words as he ran his eyes around the whole room. It was surprisingly big, enough to fit ten people comfortably.

‘That was why it was that expensive! I thought they were just taking advantage of rich people!’

A dark red carpet-like wall covered the room. The first thing Max saw when he got inside was the luxurious design of the room.

The cold temperature and the quiet atmosphere was just the right balance. There were also a lot of leather sofas positioned in rows and columns.

The best thing about it was the remote-controlled sofas that Max can adjust depending on what he prefers, sitting or lying down.

In front of them was a glass window. They were still in the theaters, but their room was a few feet up in the air, giving them the best view of the whole screen.

Their glass window seemed to be the usual one-way glass as Max couldn’t see the inside of the private room on the opposite side of them.

Max expected it to be a small room with okay seats, thinking it was only made for people to have their private space. He didn’t know it would be like this.

‘Worth? Meh, I don’t really care. Oh! We have our own restroom!’

Max went straight to the restroom to check the condition of it. It was clean and looked brand new. It only has a toilet and a sink, but that’s good enough for him.

Looking at Lydia, she seemed to be surprised as well, checking out everything she touched with her hands. The same with Max, she thought this was only a small room just like a private cabin on a train.

She wasn’t expecting it to be this good. That was why she never bothered using this place in the past even when she could easily afford it.

[Hehe! This is my spot!]


[No one can use this spot! This is mine!]


Little Dou jumped around the right sofa at the front that has a direct view of the massive screen. She was claiming the seat as hers, thinking that Max would want it as it was a good seat.

Max didn’t mind as he would be sitting with Lydia on the left side. He guided Lydia to the left seat so that Little Dou can have her place for herself.

Before the lady that guided them left, she explained to them everything that they can have like being able to ask for any of the food and drinks available.

They only have to click the button on their seat, and someone would knock on their door for the things they asked.

Privacy was one of the main objectives for building rooms like these so that no one would barge in without any good reason.

The two of them sat together on their sofa as Little Dou calm down to prepare for the movie, sitting alone on her big seat.

Her little frame looked even tinier as she intently watched the movie that was starting. She had popcorns beside her that Max had sneakily placed when Lydia wasn’t looking.

To hide it better, he also placed all of the things that he bought in there so it would look like he only put all his stuff there so it won’t be distracting.

As the movie started with Max and Lydia sitting next to each other, they had a little understanding of wanting to watch the movie first.

No one said anything, but they know it from their actions, only focusing their eyes on the bright screen in front of them.

Max got lost in watching, not expecting that it will be this good. The movie overall surprised him as he never really cared about what he will watch, only choosing the most popular one.

But right now, he was genuinely enjoying it. In his mind, most movies nowadays were just pretty much the same stuff.

Little Dou and Lydia were in the same position as him. They were doing nothing else other than watch what was going to happen next.

It never crossed their minds to do anything else. Little Dou, while intently watching the movie, continued to reach for the popcorns beside her.

She had to take a few bites to finish one, but with her unlimited stomach capacity, there were no signs of her stopping any time soon.

‘That was close! I almost forgot why we were here!’

Max only noticed Lydia beside him when he turned his head for a second as his eyes were starting to hurt.

He turned to look at Little Dou then to Lydia and saw that they were lost in the movie just like him a while ago.

Not wanting to waste time and the opportunity, Max moved closer to Lydia to hold her hand.

Lydia felt his hand on hers, but she didn’t care about it as it was only his hand anyway, still concentrating on watching the fantastic movie.

Usually, she would turn shy and blush but not this time as holding her hand was nothing compared to the thoughts she had, going into this room with Max.

Not seeing any reaction from her, Max slowly slid her arms around her waist, pulling her against him, enjoying each other’s warmth in this cold room.

That was the only thing that Max did as both of them knew this wasn’t the right time, still wanting to finish the movie at least once before thinking of doing something else.

Max knows what he should and should not do right now. All the things they bought wasn’t touched at all.

‘Great movie!’

The movie finished as everyone below them was slowly walking out. Workers came in to do some spot cleaning here and there before another batch of people would come in.

As they were already rubbing each other’s bodies, Max went to the next step and kissed Lydia. Lydia returned it in her own way, touching Max’s hair as she wasn’t assertive at the beginning.

While they were kissing, Little Dou was blabbering about how great the movie was as she hurried people below to start the movie again.

None of them were hearing her, but Little Dou kept going and going on hurrying them up while holding a popcorn in her had, taking a bite at it, finishing it bit by bit.



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The Lust System: Chapter 83 (Unlocked)

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Chapter 83 – To the Movies



As it was the time after school, Max could see a lot of people around the movie theaters. Most of which were students or young workers.

They were in groups of at least two people. He can see a lot of what seemed to be couples, but there were also all boys and all girls groups. It was a bustling scene of running kids and outgoing students.

One thing was certain: all of them were excited to be here. Their eyes were shining as bright smiles can be seen on their faces.

Max could hear the echoes of people chatting all over the place. The movies available seemed to be popular, having this many people right after school.

Scanning his eyes everywhere, looking at each of their beaming faces, Max nodded to himself.

‘Surprisingly, there were a lot of people here at this time. That should mean it’s good right?’

Max and Lydia decided to watch the newest Fantasy/Sci-fi movie. Max heard everywhere that it was a fantastic movie.

It was also the most popular choice for the people here, seeing the long lines that seemed to have no end. Everyone was patiently waiting in their spot, further convincing Max on how popular it was.

Max would take a long time a long time if he were to wait in line behind all these people. Fortunately, they were going to get a private room for themselves. The line for private rooms didn’t have anyone in it.

The reason for that was private rooms were made for certain people that wouldn’t do well with crowds. Mostly for high profile people in case they decided to watch, not minding to pay a high price for it.

It’s simply for the VIP and those who wanted privacy. A lot of people wanted to try it even once in their lifetime, but can’t as it was too expensive. It has the same value as a luxury hotel room, too costly for a day of movies.

The room is paid once a day. If Max paid for one, they could stay for ‘one whole day,’ but they only meant until the theaters close down.

The allure of the private rooms was seen from the envious gazes of people as Max slowly walked forward.

Lydia stayed far away as she had already expected how people would react once someone went to the lines for unique and wealthy people.

She also slightly blushed, knowing the reason why Max would choose to go for a private room. She had a hunch that this was what Max would go for but didn’t expect she would be right.

‘Hehe. Look at those gazes on me. They’re going to die with envy. Hahaha!’

Max was filled with pride as he became the center of attention. But on the outside, Max’s face was void with any emotion, slowly making his way to the counter, his chest puffed up in confidence.

The feeling of people’s eyes on him as he made his way to the counter was exciting. It was as if people were looking up to him.

[Hey! What are you acting like that for! You just cheated your way to making money!]


‘What do you know? Those guys’ eyes were looking at me with hate as their girlfriends were comparing them to me.’

At his side, some couples were looking at him. Max ignored their gazes, only being amused by their girlfriends following him with their eyes.

‘This is the right way to show off! Look at those groups of cute women. See? If I asked them to join me, they would probably not hesitate to say yes!’

Quite obviously, Max wasn’t planning on asking them out. He only felt good instigating chaos on those couples. It was a passing entertainment for him.

‘Haha! This feels great!’



That was all Little Dou was able to say as she couldn’t refute Max, knowing that everything he said was the truth. She then went back to laze around on Max’s head.

“One private room please.”

Saying it to the lady in front of him, Max felt it was a bit awkward. This was his first time doing this. He didn’t know what he needed to do, or if he needs to show anything.

“What movie would you like to watch?”

A feminine and professional voice reached his ears. Max became calmer as his previous tension disappeared.

The lady’s conduct was simple and straightforward, making Max more comfortable speaking with her. She could beat Max in hiding her emotion. It looks like she genuinely takes her job seriously.


“The price for that is…”


“This is your ticket. You can show it to the person in charge after you get in.”

“That lady handled it professionally. I guess she was used to different types of people.”

Max made his way back to where Lydia was waiting for him. It was quite far as she didn’t want people to stare at her because she’s with Max.

[Hehe! It’s time!]


Little Dou stood on Max’s head as she watched the people around them. They all had the same liveliness in their eyes as they prepared to get in the theaters.

‘Why are you excited? It should be me who is excited!’

[Movie! I want to watch a movie! This is my first time watching a movie! Everyone around us is excited about it, so it must be fun!]


Little Dou shouted with her squeaky little voice that Max had to look around to make sure once again that no one was able to hear her.


Max nodded in understanding as he recalled that Little Dou still hasn’t experienced a lot of things, and fun things like going to the movies were something she definitely would want to try.

Reaching Lydia that was waiting almost on the opposite side of where the counter was to make sure no one would see them together, Max asked her if she wanted to buy anything before they get in.

Lydia shook her head as they just finished eating. She didn’t feel like bringing anything with her to the movies.

In the end, Max bought two big bottles of water and a few packs of wipes. It was in case they made a mess inside when something happened.

Max mostly had sex on this house, and every time, they had to clean themselves from all the mess they made. Now, they weren’t at home, so Max had to prepare, even if it may not happen.

‘All set! Fun, start!’

The two of them with Little Dou made their way to the entrance, each having something they were looking forward to.



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The Lust System: Chapter 82 (Unlocked)

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Chapter 82 – Minds Wander



Walking back, Max couldn’t help but feel excited that he almost wanted to jump wherever and do whatever he wants to calm his hyper-energetic self.

Every time he was horny, his mind seemed to turn into a demon that can only think with his lower body. His dick was hard as a rock that Max had a hard time containing it on his boxers.

He kept picturing hot springs, how relaxing it was, birds chirping and sounds of water flowing around him to relieve his stone-hard dick.

All of that only happened in his mind. On the outside, he had been relatively calm the whole time, not showing any sign of excitement.

While Max’s thoughts were wandering, thinking about a lot of things, Lydia also focused on her situation. They were going to the movies.

That was one of her favorite things to do. Every time Lydia was bored, she would always watch a movie. She had even watched all the good ones that she got used to watching some movies once more.

However, that wasn’t what was mostly on her mind. It was what her sister had said to her this morning.


Two girls were lying down on a well-decorated massive bedroom. Their bed was so big that they can spread out their arms and legs and still have enough space for another two of them.

“Haha, my little sis would be going out with a boy later.”

“Are you excited, Lydia?”

“You must be, right? Right? I saw you sometimes trying out some of your clothes in front of the mirror! Hahhaha, my little sis has grown up now!”

Enchanting laughter filled the room like a succubus luring their prey with just their voice. But Layla wasn’t done yet.

“Oops! Hmm, now that I think about it you’ve turned into a woman already. Hahaha!”

Layla was teasing her little sister about her planned date with Max for a few days now. Lydia was currently sinking her face on a pillow, hiding her face that was red from embarrassment.

She also moved her legs out to give Layla a kick, causing her to give out another set of laughter.

This was a regular happening between the two of them. Layla, teasing her little sister and Lydia fighting back to make her stop.

Even when they were treating each other like that, they knew that all of it was only a joke, not taking anything seriously.

In their current state, they would be able to tempt anyone that was to see them, wearing hot and revealing clothes that left plenty of room for imagination.

They were wearing a pair of thin and short shorts that in the right position would show part of their ass.

Lydia’s smooth white legs looked even more alluring on the white sheets that she almost gave out a pure and sacred aura around her body.

Layla, on the other hand, looked the opposite, giving out a bewitching feeling as her curves became more pronounced with her tight clothing.

None of them seemed to mind what they wear and how they look as it was only the two of them in their house.

“Have you thought of any plans?”

“Not yet.”

A soft and almost inaudible muffled voice sounded out from the pillow as Lydia replied to her sister.

“Hmm? Are you going to do it with him again?”

This time, Lydia flushed red as she was still shy when talking about this topic.

“You are?”


“Max must’ve really liked these, huh?”

Layla gave Lydia’s ass cheeks a weak slap that it jiggled around enough to cause nosebleeds to anyone that were to see it.

“So where are you going to do it?”

“In a hotel?”

“Hmm? How about in the movies! Wouldn’t that be very exciting? I heard there were private rooms now that you can stay for as long as you like!”

“Most people use it so that they can watch their favorite movie a few more times but doing some other things after watching isn’t a bad idea, right?”

Lydia was close to overheating as her skin blushed in a darker shade of red. Imaginary smokes were also coming out of her like she was close to exploding.

“Layla! Stop that!”

Lydia said in a high pitched soft tone. Couldn’t take her big sister’s teasing anymore, Lydia thought of something to say.

“That’s why you don’t have a boyfriend.”

“Heeeh? Me? Not having a boyfriend?”

“That’s only because I chose not to have one! Do you think no one would like these?”

Layla squished her breasts together, changing its form with her hands. When Lydia peeked a little bit from her pillow to see what her big sister was talking about, her eyes went wide.


“What are you talking about? I’m just telling the truth. That’s all!”

“Let’s not talk about me. Let’s talk about you, so what’s your plan?”

“Did I guess it right?”

“Well, if you don’t have any plans yet, then you can, of course, take my suggestions.”

Layla stared at her little sister like a predator playing with her prey. Part of her wanted to tease Lydia, and part of her sincerely wanted to help her.

“Hehe, I have also thought of some other things! Want to hear it? First, you…”

The more Lydia heard what her sister was saying, the redder she became, but that didn’t stop her from listening to what she was saying, thinking it wouldn’t hurt to consider some of the things she suggested.

(end of flashback)

Sneaking a glance at Max, Lydia sighed in relief when she didn’t notice anything different with Max.

‘Don’t be a pervert like Layla! Nothing will happen! Just enjoy the movie that you’re going to watch!’

Lydia cheered herself on her mind, taking her mind off the subject, only thinking about what movie to watch as there would be a lot to choose from.

This time, it was Max who was daydreaming,

‘Hehe, Little Dou, do you think I should make a move on her in the movies?’

Max was imagining how hot it would be to do it while watching a movie. In his mind played an image of him humping Lydia while watching a movie, then it changed to Lydia sitting on him.

[Hmph! Why are you asking me when you have already decided on it!]


‘I’m just making sure that there was nothing for me to worry about.’

[There’s none then! Lydia had been peeking at you a lot of times now! Hehe! She probably already knows that you’re just a lust demon!]



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The Lust System: Chapter 81 (Unlocked)

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Chapter 81 – By the Sea



Not wanting to waste any time, Max led Lydia to the small park outside the mall as his next plan was going to happen in the next hour.

Around the park, various restaurants were lined up. As it was currently after school, they can see a lot of students from different schools hanging out in here.

Seeing all that, they felt more comfortable as the chances of other people recognizing them were close to none.

Walking at a slow pace, Max and Lydia enjoyed the atmosphere. A broad and open place in the middle of the park, cars were stopping as people cross the street, groups of friends and couples who were strolling the same way as them.

“Lydia, you don’t have anything you want to do? We have a lot of time!”

Max looked at her in her eyes as he called her name. This was for both of them, not only for him. He didn’t want to be the only one who enjoyed their time here.

*inaudible muttering*

“What was it you said?”

Max went closer and turned his ear close to her face. He understood that Lydia might be embarrassed about something she was saying.


Lydia mumbled in a low and soft tone, but this time, Max heard her what she said. His eyes shone as that was the same plan he had.

Max planned for them to go to the movies later. He wasn’t quite sure whether she would like it but hearing what she said, Max got excited.

The movie theater was where they could do everything they want. Even if they show their feelings to each other, no one would know.

As long as Max can get a private room for themselves, everything would be set. His dick was starting to stand up as Max imagined what would happen later.

Shaking his head to get rid of his impure thoughts, Max responded in an enthusiastic voice,

“That’s what I planned for us later! Good thing you like movies too! If not, I wouldn’t know what to do.”

Having heard what Max said, Lydia also felt ecstatic. Movies were the only one she wanted.

Lydia had been watching movies for years now. Usually, she goes with her sister after pleading for a few days.

But if she had something to do, she would only watch on her phone. Still, it wasn’t as good as going to a movie theater and watch it on a big screen.

Watching movies like that would look more realistic, and the powerful sound system around her makes her feel alive.

Now that she knows that Max also liked watching movies, Lydia was seriously considering asking him to go with her every time she wants to.

“Before that, we should find something to eat first.”

Max pulled her to a great place he found after reading thousands of reviews online, and his sister bugging him that he should go there.

“We’re here!”

Both of them looked at the massive place in front of them. They were currently a few blocks away from the Mall.

They would have to walk back for a few minutes to reach the mall. Seeing this whole place, they felt it was worth it.

The establishment overlooked the sea that seemed to stretch in every direction. Waves rolled softly across the surface as the cool breeze brushed against their faces.

Their city was a port city that a lot of businesses make full use of it. While ships and boats were numerous, most of them are privately owned.

Most ports were also mainly owned by big businesses. They enforce strict security around it that it became hard for other people to get close to the seas.

This place was one of the popular ones in the city for being publicly accessible for anyone. It was Max’s first time going here.

Max saw a lot of people playing by the sea. Most of them were locals that lived near this place. Breathing the fresh scent of the ocean, Max thought that he should come by here more often.

People were lying on the sand sunbathing. Max, being himself couldn’t stop his eyes from wandering, inspecting the hot bodies of some women in there.

Sitting by the sea as they ate their meals, Max randomly thought of something. He imagined how great would it be if they had their private beach.

Max didn’t know how to make it possible as he had no idea if he could even buy one easily, so he put it off for later to ask his sister about it.

“What do you think about this place? Cool right?”

Lydia nodded at him. Max had been catching Lydia constantly looking at the sea. She pleased by the view, frequently checking it out, admiring the scenery of the shining reflection of the sun on the surface of the water as birds flew over it.

Max smugly smiled for making the right decision of bringing her here. Even Max didn’t know this was a great place, if not for his sister and the internet, he wouldn’t have known anything about this place.

“Have you ever been here before?”

“Nn, with my sister. Only walked around.”

Lydia liked it here. The soft waves of the sea gave her a calming feeling inside. The smell of the ocean also gives her a distinct feeling that she couldn’t explain.

Maybe it was because of her Purple Lightning Skill. In her earlier years of training, she always goes to the sea as her lightning flows easier in there, causing her daily practice to be a lot smoother.

Lydia didn’t notice it, but she was starting to speak in a more lively voice now. INot like she was too energetic, but her volume was up by a few levels. Now, Max can hear her even while sitting across the table.

‘Ahh, times like this are fun. If not for that stupid school, I would’ve had a lot more free time for things like this.’

Max’s feelings to stop going to school after his sister finished her last year was getting stronger. Max thought of the fun things he can do if he were to be freed from school, imagining having the perfect life he wanted.

Finishing their meal, Max got both of them some ice cream. Max didn’t know whether the ice cream was delicious, or it was only because of the hot sun shining straight at them that made it taste good.

Not having any more time left, they head back as the best has yet to come and that time is getting closer and closer.



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The Lust System: Chapter 80 (Unlocked)

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Chapter 80 – Date Begins



“Oh sorry I wasn’t paying attention!”

Max was too immersed in his thoughts that he had no idea how much time had passed. He became a little nervous thinking what a way to start their supposed date.

Giving a side glance to other places, Max saw the same people still hanging out with their friends, internally sighing in relief confirming that only a little time had passed.

Lydia shook her head, implying that she didn’t mind. She was also partly blaming herself for being late.

“Let’s go!”

Max looked around cautiously, not wanting people to see them going out after school. Having a good understanding of each other, they walked in a quick pace, going straight out of the school gate.

Train Station

Max had good plans for both of them this day. Not knowing about all this going out stuff; hence, he did some serious research on what to do.

Yu’er also helped him in making up his plans. In the end, they decided to keep it simple and fun. There will be more time in the future anyway.

Sitting in another private cabin that Max had grown to like, they waiting for the train to start moving. Silence filled the room as no one was trying to say anything.

“Do you have places you wanted to go?”

Max, not having any reserve, started taking. He knew that they don’t need to be shy with each other as they already did everything with each other.

He also knew that Lydia could be shy at the beginning, but once she felt comfortable with her surroundings, she would start to be responsive.

“Anywhere is fine.”

Lydia had some things in mind, but she wasn’t going to say it just like that. Maybe if they really did go near the place, she would say it.

However, if Max chose to go somewhere else, she would be fine it too. She isn’t picky about where they would go, and this was her first time, so she was open to everything that can happen.

This news also reached Layla as Lydia tell her everything. Since hearing it, Layla had never stopped in teasing her on some things that were bound to happen when going out with someone.

There was also something about Layla’s tone that was different than usual. Lydia didn’t know the reason for it but was determined to find out why.

Lydia does an exceptional job of reading people, including her big sister. She had a lot of reasons that came into her mind, but she still needed to see things out.

“We’re going on places around the Mall. We can do pretty much everything in there as it’s a vast place.”

Nodding her head, Lydia relaxed on her seat. She didn’t know what to feel about this or if she should expect that it will be fun.

Max was also quite nervous. As he knew that Layla was her sister, he already expected that she might have come up with a plan too.

He could only hope that they had some plans in common, even at least just one.

‘Haah, problems again.’

The place where they were going to was only a few minutes away. It wasn’t in another city, so they don’t have to wait for a long time sitting here.

‘What to say. What to say.’

Max felt that he should talk about something here. He didn’t know what but his mind was running fast, trying to think of something.

‘What should I say?’

[Ask her about her day!]


Little Dou gave an idea. She didn’t know if it would work, but the only thing on her mind was at least Max would have something to say.

‘Are you sure about this? I don’t think I should ask that. Ah! Whatever!’

“So how did you day go?”

Max was sweating thinking about why was it so hard to make simple everyday conversations. While brainstorming on the possible replies she says, and how to continue it, he heard,

“It’s the same as usual. Boring.”

Max signaled Little Dou as if asking what he should say next. Max was now very nervous as he was running out of time. He didn’t want her to think that he was ignoring her.

While Max was feeling anxious, sweating on his palms, Little Dou acted like nothing was wrong, always thinking about ideas on what to say.

[Tell her she looks pretty!]


This time, like a lightbulb lighting up his mind, Max’s thoughts cleared up, sweeping away all the useless things he thought of saying.

“You look really good today.”

Max said that most sincerely as that was what he honestly thought. He forgot about it as he tried to think of random things to say, but after Little Dou said it, it came back to his mind.

Lydia’s face became red as she looked down, not knowing what to say. It was her sister’s idea for her to wear something like this.

Max inspected her with his eyes. Lydia was currently wearing a mini skirt. Her tops were the same baggy hoody, but with her mini skirt, Max thought she looked more beautiful with it.

He didn’t know whether she wore it to school or she changed after. Eventually, Max went with her changing after school as he didn’t think she can take it, wearing that to school.

Her mini skirt was short that as she was sitting, it showed her smooth white thighs that made Max want to reach out and feel in on his hands.

Feeling Max’s eyes on her legs, Lydia started fidgetting in shyness. That didn’t mean Lydia didn’t like it. If it was Max that was looking, she was okay with it, only feeling shy at his blatant stare.

Her pink glowing skin only further tempted Max to make his move but seeing that they were close to arriving, he held himself back.

Max added one of his plans for later to his priority list. He decided to do everything he can to achieve it, and his hard-on twitched, seemingly agreeing with him.

Under Max’s hungry stare, Lydia also felt something building up inside her. Every time Max make a move on her, she couldn’t feel any resistance for him like she had no problem with whatever he does, even a tiny bit.

Each of their thoughts got interrupted by the noises. Looking out the window, they found that they had arrived as the door was starting to slide open.

After sneakily fixing his boner in the right angle as it was getting uncomfortable, Max stood up getting ready to go out.


Taking a deep breath while looking at the sea of people at the station, both of them took their step out.



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The Lust System: Chapter 79 (Unlocked)

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Chapter 79 – Report (2)



“That’s it?”

“No! There’s a lot more! After that…”

Max got excited again planning to tell her about the club, the lady in the black dress that he stripped and played with for more than a few hours.

Max wanted to tell her every detail of it as it was that unreal that he wanted to share it. But Yu’er didn’t give him a chance to continue as she had priorities.

“Wait! Say that for later! I still have some things I want to be clear about.”

Hearing that, Max deflated like a balloon that had been poked by a needle, but Max quickly recovered from it and turned to look at his sister, waiting for her next words.

“This Dream Realm you’re talking about was like an entirely different realm from the real world or just your own dream?”

This was what had been bugging Yu’er’s mind ever since she heard the number of things that Max did in that realm.

It was unfathomable that he was able to do all that in just a dream, so she was starting to think that maybe it wasn’t just a typical dream anymore.

“Uhh… I think it isn’t just my dream. Little Dou said the Dream Realm was where people go when they sleep, so it’s probably not just me who goes there. Who knows maybe you were walking like a zombie in there a while ago. Right?”

Max turned to Little Dou that was flying around them. Max only noticed her when she came into his view. If she didn’t, he would probably not even remember that she was here.

Thinking about that, Max had some questions he wanted to ask Little Dou but just decided to ask her later.

[Yes! What Max said was true! The Dream Realm was where people go to when they sleep! Including you! You surely appeared in there somewhere!]


Little Dou stared at Yu’er with her big innocent eyes. She was lively as usual with her cheerful voice always having an effect of brightening up their day.

“If I was there then why don’t I know about it?’

[Because you don’t have the Dream Awareness Skill that Max has. You did go in there, but you aren’t precisely awake!]


[Think about it, have you ever dreamt in your whole life? If you did, then all of it happened in there!]


“Hmm, that explains why Max said that the happenings in there were illogical and unexplainable. I did have some weird dreams and saw people’s faces that I don’t recognize.”

Yu’er nodded as she reflected and recalled her past dreams after Little Dou made things clear for her.

“So cool right?”

Max excitedly butted in their conversation. He badly wanted someone to share his experiences with. That place was enjoyable for him.

When he was going around wherever he wants, Max had a feeling of freedom. Freedom to do whatever he wants and do whatever he feels.

Most of all, it gives him the feeling of being in control. Looking at all the people in there, Max was filled with unshakable confidence. Confidence that whatever happens, he will always be in control, and no one would be able to hold themselves against him.

“That place was quite good.”

“What? You don’t think it’s great!? I can do whatever I want! That place was like my playground! And if we bought the Magical Space, Little Dou said you might be able to join me there!”

Yu’er instantly focused on Max. She just heard something that she didn’t expect to hear. Max’s words were like thunder booming in her ears.

“W-What did you just say?”

Even her always composed self couldn’t keep calm. If Max could bring people in there, then that would mean a lot more than just bringing someone to another place.

Yu’er can already think of a lot of good things coming from that. If the Magical Space can seriously bring her there, that was already enough for her to lose her composure.

“The Magical Space might be able to bring you there! I thought of a good explanation for it! It was like the Magical Space functioning like an elevator between two floors!”

“Hey! Sis! Do you now want to hear what happened after that?”

From how Max looked, his unusual actions while sleeping, to his now enthusiastic attitude, Yu’er could already guess what happened.

But she still nodded to Max as she wanted to know the specifics on what happened in there. Maybe she would get to know some more crucial information somewhere in his story.

“It’s magical! Me and Little Dou were playing around then we see a lot of people going in the same direction, so we followed them.”

“Reaching their destination, we saw this huge building that looked different from the rest! It has…”

This time, it was different. Max talked about things in a precise manner that Yu’er could already picture it in her mind.

Max told her about the lady that he saw and what he did with her. He also told her how real it felt and after experiencing it for a long time, he can say that there were no differences between the real and the fake, except he felt like he had endless stamina in the Dream Realm.

For Max, it was how Dreams should be. He couldn’t wait to come back to that place again. Maybe he’ll go back in a few days as his mind also needed some rest.


“Just be sure to be careful. Even if we know that nothing will happen, it won’t hurt to be a little bit cautious about some things you’re thinking of doing.”

Yu’er didn’t care everything that Max did in the Dream Realm. In her perspective, it was just like him playing in a virtual reality game.

She was even happy for him as he can do whatever he wants without needing to think of the consequences like in the real world.

Right at this moment, Yu’er was getting highly interested in going to the Dream Realm as soon as possible.

(End of flashback)


Max was thinking about the past when he felt something poking his shoulder. He turned to where it was and saw Lydia standing beside him.

She was poking him on his shoulder with her fingers. Max didn’t know how long she had been calling for him. He only hoped that it wasn’t that long and scolded himself in his mind, for not paying attention.



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The Lust System: Chapter 78 (Unlocked)

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Chapter 78 – Report (1)


Students were coming out of the school gate. It marked the end of the school day. Some of them looked tired while some of them were livelier than ever.

They were usually those students who had plans after class, hanging out on the local arcade, playing computer games with their friends, and for some people, going to the mall, just walking around with their friends.

Bright smiles occupied their faces as it seemed for them; the end of their classes was only the beginning of their days.

Like agreeing with them, the weather couldn’t be more beautiful. The sun was shining high up in the horizon, raining down warm rays of light, illuminating people’s faces.

But even with that, smiles never left their faces as fresh winds blew through their hair as it occasionally replaced the hot weather.

Every time that happened, squeals of girls can be heard all over the place as some of them were only wearing short skirts that always being blown up by the winds, exposing their cute panties.

It was the regular occurrence at the school grounds. Some guys had been waiting for it to happen, giving in to the temptations, intently admiring the heavenly sights.

However, it always comes with a cost that they had to pay for as they earned hateful glares from other women and looks of pity from the men as they knew those guys would get a merciless beating the next moment.

What was bound to happen, always happen. Soon after, cries of pain can be heard as groups of women chased and grabbed the guys to give them a beating.

From the musical peals of laughter and the overreacting groans, both sides seemed to be enjoying what they were doing.

All of this happened under Max’s watchful eyes. Leaning his back on the wall while crossing his arms, every little thing that happened was seen by Max in great detail.

As he also took a quick glimpse of the flying skirts of the cute girls he sees, deciding to reconsider further his decisions about having sex with only a few chosen women sometime later.

Max was currently waiting for Lydia as this was the day of their arrangement to go out together. While waiting for Lydia, Max thought back to what happened at the Dream Realm,


After resting on top of the lady, Max got hard once more and made his move on her. From that moment, the lady slowly started to make her moves.

Enjoying themselves to the fullest, moving from places to places, doing it in all sorts of positions they could think of.

Landing on the bed, after a couple of hours of releasing their desires to each other, they cuddled as Max closed his eyes to take his well-deserved rest.

Max’s eyes twitched as he opened his eyes. For him, it only seemed to be a second when he closed his eyes and opened them again.


A familiar feeling exploded throughout his body as intense pleasure shot up to his brain, groaning in delight as the muscles in his lower body jerked uncontrollably.

He felt his dick being enveloped by a warm and wet feeling as he continuously shot out never-ending loads of cum.

Reaching out his hand to lift the covers, Max saw Yu’er looking staring at him while giving his dick a good licking with her mouth.

Watching her as she sucked cum out of his dick until she was sure that there were no more, Max heaved a sigh of satisfaction.

Yu’er licked her lips as she enjoyed the tasted of Max’s cum on her mouth. A moment ago, she woke up to Max, humping her from behind, his dick seemed to be the hardest it could’ve been.

Not minding it, she pushed him to his back and slowly went down on him. What happened next was what Max woke up to.

“That was great! Do that again next time!”

While still physically weak from his peak, cumming in his sister’s mouth and mentally exhausted as he never got any rest with his mind kept working in the Dream Realm even when he was sleeping.

“So, did anything happen? You were more energetic than usual down there this morning.”

Yu’er looked at him wanting to know if there was something special that occurred for this to happen.

Max usually sleeps peacefully only hugging her while sleeping, but this time he was touching her everywhere as his hard dick poked her all over like it was trying its best to find her entrance.

“A lot happened while I was asleep! You won’t believe it!”

Max completely remembered everything that happened in the Dream Realm. From the start to end like it was real, and he truly experienced every single thing that happened.

“I went to the Dream Realm, then tested out my skills, went everywhere with Little Dou, having fun talking with people like they were NPC’s, doing everything we want with them! There was even th…”



Max looked confusingly to Yu’er, not knowing why she stopped him in the middle of his explanation.

“Slowly, I don’t understand what you were saying. Tell me in detail.”

Yu’er was just as confused as Max. Before asking him what happened, Max had a peaceful expression from being satisfied by her, but after asking him, Max suddenly got excited and started blabbering all this stuff about the Dream Realm and NPC’s that she couldn’t understand.

“Huu, so after I went to sleep, I woke up in this dark place. I felt bewildered at that time. I didn’t even know where was I at.”

“My head was muddled for some unknown reason. As I was getting more frightened, I mean getting nervous, Little Dou appeared and she briefed me on what was happening.”

“Even with that, I still didn’t understand so she…”

Max went on and on and on, explaining in detail what his skill was about. What was the Dream Realm and what they did in that place.

He also didn’t forget to tell Yu’er about his unexpected findings on the Dream Realm like skills getting stronger, most people being too amiable and stupid that he started to treat them as NPC’s.

Max also told her about specific details such as how that place was different from the real world, his next plans, and the future potential of it.

Of course, it was only Max being excited. Most of his blabberings were not very well thought of that Yu’er had to stop him and ask for the information she specifically wanted to know.



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The Lust System: Chapter 77 (Unlocked)

As I couldn’t edit the pages on my table of contents, here is the unlocked version of Chapter 77!






Chapter 77 – The Purpose of Dreams (R-18)



“Haa Haa Haa”

The lady leaned on the glass wall as her legs were weak from her previous climax. While panting heavily, her eyes looked unfocused, not having anything on her mind other than the intense pleasure she was feeling.

Max took a step back, sliding his dick out from her pussy. His dick was soaked with fluids with bloodstains all around it.

His cum and some other fluids can also be seen flowing out of the lady’s pussy, slowly sliding down from her crack.

Max felt excitement boiling inside him, watching everything he did on the lady’s pussy and how she looked leaning on the glass wall, trying to catch her breath.

“That was amazing.”

But Max wasn’t only going to stop with just that. Even after cumming for two times now, he still wasn’t feeling a bit tired.

Probably because this was the Dream Realm and his body in here isn’t his real physical body. And since his skills were stronger in here, maybe he would be stronger too.

Max turned to the lady in front of him, seeing if she can still go on. Coincidentally, the lady was also looking at him.

Her eyes were now back to how it usually was, but Max still believed that even if this was only in the Dream Realm, he could make her more responsive to his words and actions.

And through the time they were together, he had been partly successful in doing that. But for him, it wasn’t enough. He wanted more from her, and he wasn’t going to give up just yet.

“I still want more. Tell me what you think?”

“Haa haa haa haa”

“Do you want more of this?”

Max pointed at his dick that never lost its strength, still wanted more. The lady moved to fix herself properly and looked at him.

“Mnnh, want more.”

Max lifted one of his eyebrows as he was able to make the lady speak for more than one word. It wasn’t really a big deal as people outside can speak normally.

Some of them just don’t make sense. What Max wanted was to speak with someone and get a real reply, not just random words.

It looks like it was working with this lady. But he will have to see. Maybe he can make her move like how he wanted her to.


As the lady was weak on her legs, he carried her on his arms, heading towards the bed. He laid her flat on her back so that she can rest for a little bit.

Max’s dick was still rock hard, and he didn’t want to stop to wait for her on getting her strength back.

Spreading her legs, Max went on top of her. He grabbed her head and pulled her in for a kiss, sucking her lips and playing with her tongue.

His hard dick laid right on her belly as he enjoyed himself on her sweet lips. After a while, Max released her lips. He peered down through the gap of her bountiful breast to his dick that was pressing against her soft skin, staining it with his precum.

Max didn’t forget to give her lips a few pecks before he moved back to kneel between her legs. His swollen member pushed through her pink lower lips.

As she was still very sensitive, the lady gave out a soft moan but never stopped focusing her gaze on the snake that was going to penetrate her.

Max guided his dick with his hand and lowered it until his bulging head pressed against her entrance.

The lady gave another moan as her hips jerked. His precum was once again mixed with her juices.

After carefully pushing his dick inside her, Max got in with ease as it was already soaked with fluid. Max started by slowly moving his waist even when she was ready for him as he wanted to enjoy the feeling thoroughly.

Her pussy never changed. It was warm and wet. Her walls were tight on his dick, clutching him like her pussy was hugging its favorite dick.

Stimulated his dick with her walls, Max once again started to feel the familiar feeling of pleasure. Max had no idea how she was doing that, but she somehow learned to move her walls on her own.

The intensity of what he was feeling was indescribable that he almost exploded then and there. Luckily, he had a lot of experiences to know how to hold back.

His head rubbed against the folds of her moist flesh while his eyes were closed, enjoying every second of it.

It was then. The lady unexpectedly wrapped her meaty thighs around him, clamping hard on his waist, seemingly wanted him to push his dick further in.

And that was what she got. Max pushed deeper, reaching the deeper regions of her pussy. Taking deep breaths, forcing himself to hold back, not wanting to come this early as he felt he was very close.

Finally fitting perfectly inside her, his entire length was grasped tightly by her tight and wet pussy. Her legs kept on pulling him in as her walls clenched tightly around him.

The lady was kept panting, not sure whether she was growing tired of using her legs, or she was feeling more lustful by the second.


Max felt her coming as her pussy twitched around him while more juices were released on his dick. But he didn’t stop his thrusting, continuing to bring both of them more feelings of pleasure.

Pulling back and thrusting in, smoothly and fiercely, his swollen dick was sliding through her wet folds with no effort. As if her pussy was made for him and it was designed to fit his entire length and accommodate his exact shape.

Max hips violently moved, pushing his bulging dick into her pussy with powerful, fast and deep strokes.

He also didn’t forget to hit the sensitive spots he found on her pussy, making the lady moan nonstop.

Their lower bodies were in a mess as fluids were spattering and soaking them as they moved. The lady gripped him tightly while her inner walls kneaded his every inch as he penetrated her sweet pussy.

The lady got over her climax very quickly, keeping up with Max, meeting his every thrust. Max’s eyes were lost on her breasts that were swaying back and forth with each push.

Max kissed her lips, all the while moving his waist. The lady responded to him by kissing him back, positioning her arms one at the back of his head and the other rubbing his back.

Slowly going down, Max gave her smooth white neck a lot of attention, kissing, licking, and sucking it. By the time he continued to move downwards, her once white neck was full of his marks, claiming her as his.

Taking one of her nipples on his mouth, Max played with it with his tongue, sometimes sucking it as the lady pulled his head down her breasts.

Their room was surrounded by glass walls that did nothing to hide the natural night light from the outside. Those that were to look at it would feel peace within themselves.

They would bask in the calming atmosphere and appreciate the opportunity to be able to experience it. But Max and the lady didn’t show any regard to that.




The lady reached another climax. This time it was different, she pulled his head up to give him a deep and passionate kiss.

Her legs tightened around him, wanting to keep his everything inside her. While Max was thrusting hard into her, his balls were bouncing on her, hitting her ass below.

Max could feel pleasure building up inside him really fast. He was going to cum. Max tried to hold it back for so long, keeping his mind out of it, focusing on different places.

But as the lady reached her climax, moaning on his mouth with hugging him tightly and pulling his waist deeper against her, Max knew that he wouldn’t be able to hold himself back anymore.

With another primal groan that came out from deep inside him, his balls made their move, releasing hot and thick cum deep inside her.

Shooting out loads after loads of cum, wanting to fill her pussy up to the last drop. Feeling everything in her pussy, the lady hugged Max tighter as her pussy tightened like it was drinking all his cum.

Twitching and jerking, Max’s dick kept releasing an endless amount of cum, not showing signs of stopping.

It was only after a few moments that it stopped. He fired a massive amount inside her as if he wanted to guarantee that even if she might not be real, she would still be impregnated by him.


Both of them gasped for breath as they stopped moving, only enjoying the long-lasting pleasure that erupted throughout their bodies.

Max lost his strength and laid on top of her with his head resting on her neck. Sweat was pouring down the sides of their faces.



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The Lust System: Chapter 76 (Unlocked)

As I couldn’t edit the pages on my table of contents, here is the unlocked version of Chapter 76!






Chapter 76 – Glass Wall (R-18)



A few minutes passed, Max was ready for more. Before this, he took the time to catch his breath and waiting for his strength to come back to his numb lower body.

He laid down on the bed with the lady, caressing her soft skin, occasionally grabbing her breast with sucking the other.

The lady seemed to have no problem with it as she only moaned from his actions with her hands around him.

“I have a good idea! Come with me.”

Max forced himself to let go of her breasts and stood up. He also pulled the lady with him. He wanted to do something that he hasn’t done yet.

Max hugged her body close. His hard-on was now fully alive, hitting her on her stomach. Their lips connected as they hugged each other, enjoying a warm body rubbing against their own.

“Stand here and put your hands on the wall.”

Breaking off their kiss, Max extended the lady’s arm to place it on the wall, making her face outside, where they can see other people below.

Looking at her straight back and her ass that was swaying from side to side, Max got a lot more impatient.

Turning her face to the side, Max exchanged kisses with the lady, coiling their tongue around, tasting each other.

Max reached and grabbed her fully exposed ass cheeks, squeezing them, changing their shape with his hands.

Max broke free from the kiss, and as he positioned himself behind her. Pulling her close to him, Max placed his dick in between her ass cheeks, rubbing his head on it, sliding it up and down.

His dick slid between her soft and bouncy cheeks smoothly like it was a perfect fit for him. Reaching his hand around, Max fondled her luscious breast while flicking her nipples, still enjoying his dick between her ass.

Pulling her body against his, he asked while thrusting his waist, giving her a taste of what’s to come,

“Do you want this?”

“Ahnn! More!”

“That’s a yes then.”

“Don’t worry. I’ll take it slow first so that you can get used to it.”

Max gave out a smirk, looking at her waiting for him, facing the glass wall, sticking her ass out. Her slight movements made her cheeks jiggle that Max didn’t waste any time.

Stepping forward, with one hand, Max grabbed the head of his dick. As he moved closer, he guided his dick in her wet crack that shined in sticky fluids.

Once his head was starting to slide in her entrance,

“I’m going in! I’m going to penetrate you from the back!”

Placing his hands on her waist, Max slowly thrust forward, forcing his hard dick deep into her very tight pussy.


Max looked at her reflection on the glass as the light of the room shined on it. Her eyes closed tightly as her face grimaced in pain.


Turning his head down, Max saw blood sliding out of her pussy, making his dick twitch in accomplishment.

‘They can bleed in here?’

‘Who am I asking. This makes it even better. I’ll be the one to take her virginity then.’

Not hearing the lady ask for him to stop, Max pushed deeper, simultaneously pulling her waist back. Sometimes he stopped to make her relax and continue penetrating her unused soaked tunnel.

Eventually, the entire length of his dick entered inside her. It was warm and tight with juices thoroughly soaking his dick.

The lady still feeling pain, clamp down her lower body, including her walls, giving Max an ultimate pleasure on his dick.

Max gave her time to get used to him, not moving the slightest bit, waiting for her to relax. He only enjoyed the feeling of her ass cheeks rubbing against him.

After a few moments, her eyes started to open up with her face loosening up as the pain began to subside.

She was getting used to him inside her as her walls were also being more accommodating, getting softer, easing the stiff feeling to it.

‘This feels so good! I wouldn’t mind having this every day. Ughh’

The lady started moving her ass, side to side with her cheeks bouncing along with her. Taking this as a signal, Max also started moving.

Slow and steady at first, enjoying the feeling of her warm and untouched passage. Thrusting in and out repeatedly.



Their breathing got heavier as Max hit her jiggling ass with every thrust of his wast. His dick was sliding in and out of her, bit by bit pushing more deep inside her.

“Are you enjoying this?”




Flesh hitting against each other sounded out as Max asked the lady, trying to make her speak up.

“Good! Ahnn!”

Max began to thrust into her faster as she returned with her own movements, meeting him in the middle.

“Ahnn! Aaaah!”

The lady moaned out loud each time Max’s dick plunged into her. Max pulled her waist as he thrust his dick in her soft and tight pussy.

Her breasts were swaying as the lady arched her back to give Max a better display of her pussy and to let him push it in deeper into her.

Max took one of his hand off her waist and spanked her lightly on her bouncing ass.


The lady moaned as soon as Max did that. Her pussy tightened on his dick, giving him more pleasure than he was already feeling.

“You like that?”


Her pussy tightened once again. After a few more times, Max found out that every time he slaps her ass, she would unconsciously tighten the hold of her pussy.

Each time he spanked her, Max would feel a small burst of pleasure on his dick. He pulled her waist in each thrust.

Without stop, slapping her ass and hitting it with his waist every time he thrusts. Her breasts were violently bouncing every second that Max reached to fondle a handful of it with his hand.



Max turned to look at her after he heard her muttered something incoherently.


“Heeeh, you want it faster? Like this?”


Max picked up his pace, pushing the entirety of his dick inside her while pulling her the same time he thrust.



The lady got filled with pleasure; her mind went white, overloaded with the intense sensation coming from her pussy that was spreading throughout her entire body.

Each time Max wanted her to tighten her pussy on his dick, he would slap her ass, earning a moan from her. Her pussy was becoming so tight like it was trying to milk his dick of cum.

Letting go of her breasts, Max reached down to her pussy from the front to touch her clit, giving it a little pinch while their lower bodies were hitting each other.


Max figured that she was close to cumming and went on to rub her clit faster while giving it a little pinch.

He also penetrated her repeatedly, from behind that she wasn’t able to deal with all the intense feelings. The lady’s mind went blank as her entire body suddenly trembled with pleasure.


The lady reached her climax as her pussy violently twitched, tightening on his dick. This time it was longer, continuously squeezing his dick inside her.


Max tried to hold himself back, but the repeated tightening of her walls stimulated his dick to feel the greatest pleasure as his balls churned, spurting out cum deep inside her.

Max closed his eyes while giving out a primal groan, hugging her tightly against him to push his dick further in so his cum would reach her baby room.



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The Lust System: Chapter 75 (Unlocked)

As I couldn’t edit the pages on my table of contents, here is the unlocked version of Chapter 75!






Chapter 75 – Dreams are Real (2) (R-18)



Max’s eyes were shining as he watched the lady got close and gave his dick deep long strokes as she stuck her tongue to lick his swollen head.

Her strokes, this time was felt different than a while ago as she was stroking his dick in weird angles that seemed to give him more pleasure than usual.

She continued licking the head of his dick, catching the pre-cum that was oozing out of it, when she lifted her head, a thin strand of pre-cum formed from the head of Max’s dick to her juicy lips.

Suddenly, she leaned forward taking his sensitive head in her mouth. Max grabbed the pillow beside him, holding himself back from forcing her head down on his dick that had been wanting it for so long.


Max groaned from the sudden feeling of wetness that surrounded his dick. The lady parted her lips and took his length in her mouth abruptly that Max could only moan in pleasure, not expecting her to do it this soon.

Inside, his dick was assaulted with her warm and wet tongue sliding on his length, hitting all his sensitive spots while her lips were intently sucking him off.

Opening her lips a little bit, she took more of Max inside her sweet mouth. All the while that happened, her tongue never stopped moving, licking him intently.

The lady unconsciously looked at Max while his dick was getting in and out of her mouth. Her eyes were more lively in a way that she seemed to know what she wanted to do, not like those people doing random things outside.

Still staring at him, she slid her lips back, only sucking the head of his dick. From her constant licking, Max’s dick was soaked in her saliva, giving him more pleasure as she stroked him with her hands.

Her extraordinary sky blue eyes that were fixed at his face was just beautiful. Even Max’s eyes paled in comparison to hers that Max had to admit it was the most exquisite pair of eyes he had ever seen.

And the thought of her, now sucking him off, made Max feel like a king, having some of the best women anyone could lay their eyes on.

That only drove his ambition to do further everything he can so that having the best women in the world might not be impossible for him anymore.


Max unintentionally let out a surprised moan from the sudden intense feeling he felt on his dick.

‘This! This feels great!’

Sucking the head of his dick, Max thought that she wanted to focus on his most sensitive area to make him cum but didn’t expect that she would do things like this.

In one swift motion, the lady took his entire length inside her mouth. Max felt his dick hitting the back of her throat.

But she didn’t stop there. She nicely positioned herself, then pulled him further down her throat until her lips were kissing the base of his dick.

She had some fantastic technique, being able to contract her throat, thoroughly wanting to suck his seed out of him.

She slid back up to breathe some air before diving back down onto his hard dick, sucking and licking it like she was thoroughly enjoying her favorite ice cream.

She then bobbed up and down on his dick, not even stopping for some fresh air. Her bare naked full breasts jiggled with her movements that Max stretched out his hand to play with it.

‘This is the best! I’ll definitely try to come back here again!’

A few minutes passed, the lady stopped deepthroating him to regain her breath, but when she went back, she never did it again, only taking a part of his length in her mouth.

Her head bobbing up and down with her tongue, licking him wherever she wants, Max felt it was only a matter of time before he explodes in her.

Her other hand went for his balls, massaging them with her nimble fingers like asking for him to let his cum out.



One hand stroking him, one hand massaging his balls, and her mouth sucking him, Max felt the pressure starting to build up inside him.

With all her efforts, almost his entire lower body felt pleasure. Her hair was wildly dancing as she took his dick in her mouth.

Max’s dick twitched, getting closer to cumming. The lady must have felt that as she sped up her movement. The juice that she had been waiting for was finally coming out.

Her change of pace further pushed Max closer to his climax. Without stopping, she continued sucking his dick like that as if she felt that she would get a reward for doing that.

Now and then, she would slow down, taking his dick deeper down her throat. Her tongue would also move fluidly around his dick, almost bringing Max to the brink of letting it all out.

‘I can’t hold it much longer.’

‘Her mouth felt so good that I wanted to keep this up for a few more minutes but she ughh! She really wanted to milk my dick dry.’

“You want it? You want to drink it all?”

The lady responded by increasing her pace while stroking his dick and balls as she took his dick inside her mouth as fast as she could.



She never stopped sucking his dick, but this time, it was much slower and deeper. Max couldn’t hold it anymore.

“It’s here!”


The lady used her hand to stroke him as she sucked the head of his dick, catching every load he shot out. His cum didn’t stop continuing to fill her mouth up as Max watched how she looked.

She was kneeling between his legs with her head down, stroking his dick while sucking him off every cum he let out.

Max kept pumping out as she stroked him. This experience was amazing. His mind almost went white from the intense burst of pleasure he felt on his body.

The lady hurriedly swallowed his cum, not wanting to waste even a drop of it as Max kept releasing more.


Max laid back as he overexerted himself, feeling weak on his lower body. The lady after swallowing it all never stopped sucking him, wanting more of it.

“How was it?”

“Good. More!”

Max thoughtlessly asked her a question, not expecting an answer. He got surprised that she responded. In his head, he thought if she were a real person, this would be a bizarre dream for her.

“More? Wait for a bit, and you’ll get more.”



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