Half elves fall in love chapter 18

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Chapter is a bit late then as I planned, but I had alot of work so I couldnt finish it in time, but now it is done and we come to the first real fight for Andy, everything will be told in next chapter which is really long will release the chapter in parts. Also this chapter is still unedited but will be updated during the weekend.

Chapter 18

TL: Parthios
ED: Wolfpup/Levs

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I only want to inform that the next Inma no Hado chapter which should have come on friday will be delayed as I’m busy with work so it will comw at the end of this week. The same goes for Half elf fall in love chapter 18 is finished and will come probably on friday. But the next chapter will take a bit longer as Chapter 19 is over 25 pages long (the longest chapter so far) so I will divide it in many parts for a quicker release.


Half elves fall in love chapter 14

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A black dragon appears in the end:) Also a small question does everyone want to read a bit of the different races or the topography as the author also made chapters of that + the character Introduction. Please comment below if you want to see them soon or a bit later when we get to know a bit more. And Chapter 1-6 were reedited by Levs. Take a look at them.

Chapter 14

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TL: Parthios
ED: Wolfpup/Levs