Cheat Parody Chapter 1~5

Hey there, peeps. This is Nymph.

Cheat Parody is a new original story I’m working on (or at least trying my best to). It’s 1/3 troll, 1/3 parody, and 1/3 serious. Therefore, it isn’t for those of you who seek amazing plot building. No, not that plot; I mean actual plot!

Here’s the first 5 chapters. There’s no lewd yet, but I’ll work toward it very carefully.

And before you dive in, here’s a disclaimer from me:

The story won’t be about the protagonist’s growth; it’ll spin around how he interacts with the people around him. So, if you intend to say something like, “Stupid author! MC could’ve used his godly power to dig up resources, make nuclear power plants, dominate the world, bla bla…” then you’re better off not reading. It’s not that type of story.

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(Original Novel) Three Queens Story

Hi, this Tenou‘s first work on MSB Originals.

Description: MC is summoned to another world to be enthroned, follow him as he learns the bad and good sides of being king. His real name is not mentioned, and this is made on purpose, with time you will know why.

Things to note:
– I know that Isekai novels are not original at all, and summoning someone to make him king may seem stupid, but hey, it worked more or less in Harem Castle and Genjitsushugisha no Oukokukaizouki.
-English is not my first language, and I work this project solo, without editor, so please be understanding.
-Words in italics are for emphasis.
I’ll be adding more as they go appearing.

Genres/tags:World Travel, Sword & Magic, Arranged Marriage, Harem, Elves, Human-Non Human Relationship.
Possible Future tags: War, Slavery, Multiple transported characters, Pregnancy and Child Raising.

This is an introductory post to announcing the existence of an Original Novel written by the community, you guys will see more of this in the future. I hope you don’t mind.

Have fun reading his story, new updates of the story are on MSB Originals.

Dragon Magic Chapter 08

Alright, fixed up a few things. I’ll be more careful next time.

(This is an Original Novel)

Since my lust ruined my plan yesterday, today I’m heading over to the Guild.

It’s quite near my house, so it doesn’t take too long to walk there; the Guild’s also near the city plaza. The building is obviously fancy, it’s an important part of the city after all.

I go through the door and make my way to an empty counter.

– Good morning. How may I help you today? – The female receptionist greets me with a smile.

– Hello. I’m here to register as an Adventurer.

– Before that, may I ask if you know you can also register as a Hunter?

I raise my eyebrows:

– Oh, I have no idea I can.

– Would you like to learn more about the job Materials Hunter?

I nod:

– Sure.

– Once you’ve registered as a Hunter at the Guild, you can either go to the Guild’s Firm or a private trading firm to receive Hunting Quests. Your main objective will be collecting the required amount of materials by hunting monsters. In all honesty, being a Hunter guarantees you a more stable income than an Adventurer, but you must fulfill a quota of at least 1 Quest every week.

– So the Adventurers also deal with collecting herbs and escorting missions, while Hunters strictly focus on killing monsters to obtain the required materials?

The receptionist nods with a smile:

– Yes, that is correct. More details about the job Hunter can be found at any trading firm in the city, but, if you’d like to learn about what kind of jobs are involved with being an Adventurer, any of us staffs here at the Guild can help you.

– Is it possible to become both? – I ask.

– You certainly can apply for both, but you might need to be a careful while picking an Adventurer Quests, since you don’t want the two types of Quests to interfere with one another. It is tricky, but a few people have pulled it off before.

So, generally speaking, if one’s intention is solely to kill monsters and earn money, then being a Hunter should be a better choice. However, if you want to do a wide variety of jobs, the ‘Adventurer’ choice comes out on top.

Now, if I think about my future plan, it doesn’t involve a lot of travelling, since I don’t intend to move away from this city. Aldyr is a great place to start a life if you’ve got some strength in you. On top of that, we need to lay low for the time being, so that the bastards from Runia can’t track us down. Once they’ve given up, we’ll be free to go around, doing whatever we want. I, myself, also need to practice using Dragon Magic more. I do think that there are a few more tricks that I haven’t discovered yet.

With all that being said, I make up my mind and give my answer to the receptionist:

– I’ll become a Hunter.

– Understood, then, first, please fill out this form.

– Alright.

I put down a fake name, a fake age and the kind of weapon I use, as well as my fighting style. However, I leave the Hometown entry blank; it’s optional, anyway.

– Alright, then, Jester-san. Now you only need to bring this over to the Guild’s Firm, which is the building right next to this one, and submit your application there. The staffs over there will take care of the rest.

– Got it. Thanks.

– You’re welcome. I hope you have a wonderful day.

Having left the Guild’s main building, I enter the Guild’s Firm right next door. Inside is a little bit more quiet than the main building, but everything looks a lot more tidy and organized.

I wait in line and submit the form to one of the staff there.

After processing the paper with a copy machine-like magic tool, the guy explains to me the basics of the job Hunter:

– You will not be hunting for specific materials like how the Adventurers do. Instead, you’ll have to fulfill the Quests based on the classifications of required materials. For example, a Quest might ask you to bring back five sheets of B rank hides, or maybe ten pieces of C rank bones. It doesn’t matter what kind of monsters the materials come from, they only need to be of the right classification.

– Alright. How do we know what rank the materials are? Not all of us have the skill Appraisal, right? – I ask.

– You don’t have to worry about that. Each Quest will properly provide you information regarding which monsters you should kill to obtain the required materials.

– I see.

– Is there anything else you’d like to know?

– None, for now.

– Alright then, you can pick a Quest from that bulletin board over there.

– Thanks.

I walk over to the Quest Board and look through all the Quests posted there.

There are loads of them, ranging from F rank to A rank with all sorts of materials in need. For the time being, to make things a bit simpler, I’ll go with ‘Five Sheets of D rank Hides’.

After confirming it with the receptionist, I exit the building and walk North. According to the information written on the Quest paper, I can obtain a lot of D rank materials from killing the monsters in the Northern forests. To name a few of them, Crimson Wolves, Cyclop Bears and Wood Lizards.

– Dragon Speed.

Invoking a spell, I begin running toward the Western forests. Normally, it would take a day or two by foot, but, with this speed, I can get there in thirty minutes.

Let’s see how strong D rank monsters are…



Having arrived at one of the Western forests, I summon the Dark Dragonblade and take a stroll around. It’s pretty gloomy, but, at least, it’s not filled with dark miasma or something like that. I’d prefer not breathing in those miasma…

Five minutes later, I’m attacked by a Cyclop Bear.

The creature looks like your average mountain bear, but it only has one eye. Although, the strength of its muscles and claws are leagues above any ordinary bears.

One slap and a commoner’s definitely going to die.

That said, Adventurers who move in groups with decent teamwork can take it out pretty easily, since the Cyclop Bear isn’t all that fast and agile. They only need to ruin its only eye, and there’s nothing else it could’ve done to survive.

– Let’s see how tough this Dragonblade is… – I mumble.

I raise the Dark Dragonblade and swing it downward, trying to directly cut the bear.

Much to my surprise, the blade slices right through the Cyclop Bear’s thick muscles and steel-hard bones, cutting it into half. I didn’t even feel any pressure on the blade when it bisected the huge bear. I guess it’s just that sharp…

– Wait… This is not good…

Because I cut it too violently, the bear’s hide was ruined. Now I can’t turn that in…

Letting out a sigh, I take the claws and fangs of the bear instead. Next time, I’ll be more careful. I should just aim to pierce the monster’s heart or brain to kill it instantly. That way, I can avoid damaging the materials I need.


A few hours later…


I’ve finally fulfilled my first Quest, that is five sheets of D rank Hides.

I’ll admit that skinning it with a knife is pretty tough. It certainly took me a few tries before I got used to skinning an animal as big as a bear.

I tried to skin a Wood Lizard, but it was horrible. I’m never going to try skinning that thing again…

The Crimson Wolves were actually pretty easy to skin, though.

I quickly make my way back to the Guild’s Firm to turn in the things I’ve obtained. It’s already late noon, I missed lunch, but, since I could go weeks without food, I don’t particularly mind.

– Oh, next time you don’t have to skin it yourself. – Says the receptionist.

Even though he’s really surprised that I completed a weekly quota within one day, he doesn’t lose his composure. The guy sure is professional…

– Yes?? – I make a dumb face.

– You can just drag the monster back here, and we’ll dismantle it for you with a cheap price. That way, we’ll also buy the extra usable materials from you, and you can earn some pocket money, too.

– ……alright. Thanks for the advice.

I’m not even going to make a comment on that. That’s just stupid of me……

Anyway, the Quest’s reward is forty silver coins, plus three silver coins from the extra claws and fangs I took from the first bear I killed.

This world doesn’t seem to use bronze coins as they seem less common than silver or gold mines. On that note, if you’re really stingy, two silver coins could keep you alive a whole day. Well, it’s obviously going to be a lot more expensive if you eat at a restaurant. But, as far as home-cooking goes, it’s pretty cheap.

Besides, some inns include meals in the rental, so there are a few ways to survive before you get paid by the Guild’s Firm.

Needless to say, depending on your Hunter Rank, you’ll earn a fixed amount of money every week. Whereas, if you’re an Adventurer, it depends on what kind of Quests that are available for you to take. Freelancing is difficult, be it in this world or my previous one.

The Receptionist brings out the money.

– Here you go, Sir. Forty silver coins from the Quest itself, and three silver coins for the extra fangs and claws.

– Thanks.

With that, I leave the Guild and go home.

My total earnings today is 43 silver coins. Not too shabby; though, I should increase the difficulty of the Quests I’m going to be taking…


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MSB Originals

Ayy dudes, this is Nymph.

I’m here to announce the existence of MSB Originals.

We basically put together a Forum/Board for Authors who want to post their original novels on Machine Sliced Bread. It’s the same posting format with NovelUpdates Forum, and it won’t overload the main Translation site with too much unrelated (kinda) contents.

Check out MSB Originals here.

The domain is really ugly since I don’t have any money to make it pretty LOL. But as time goes, if we find success in this Original Novel Community, we’ll try to give it a proper domain.

Next, regarding how a new Author can post their novels.

Get your Synopsis, Genres, Titles ready – Ping me (Nymph) on Pun’s server – Give me the details, then I’ll post an introduction post on MSB Translation for you, linking to MSB Original.

It doesn’t matter if it’s R15 or R18, we have space for both.

Yes, you’ll need an account on MSB Originals and post stuff there. I’ve already made a post on it regarding how you should format your novel on the Forum.

Questions? Ping me on Pun’s server.


Dragon Magic Chapter 07

Just a quick reminder, though……I’m directing this novel towards an entertaining and relaxing read (maybe not so much with a boner). So if you’re here expecting amazing plot twist or plot build-ups, then I believe you’re in the wrong place.

(This is an Original Novel)

After two weeks of constant travelling, we’ve finally arrived at the capital city of Kregoria, the Fortress City of Aldyr.

Right now, we’re at the gate filling out a registration form.

They’re putting us under an inspection in order to check for any harmful magic tools.

According to what I heard from the Guards, in the past, there was a guy who walked in with a delayed magic trigger which, eventually, caused a massive summoning ritual of Undead’s all over the city.

What a crazy story – I thought.


Having entered the city without problems, we intend to find an inn first, then I’ll register at the Guild as an Adventurer. That will be my main income, since I’m decently strong.

However, as I walk down the busy main street, something interesting catches my eyes.

– Natasha. – I stop my feet.

– Yes, Master?

Pointing at a small house not very far away from the central plaza, I ask:

– How about we rent ‘that’?

– Oh. That sure looks like a nice place.

There’s a ‘For Lease’ sign on the door, and it looks like it’s a much better living space than a room rented at an inn, so I immediately take a liking to that idea.

The house itself faces the main street, but the design is old and inconspicuous.

All in all, it’s a pretty decent place to start a new life with my woman.

– So where do we go to meet the landlord?

– Usually, we need to contact either the Merchant Guild or the Town Hall. – Natasha says, looking at the sign on the door – But, in this case, since the sign was painted Red, it’s the Town Hall.

– Let’s go there, then.

It’s really convenient to have Natasha, a resident of this world, with me; she really knows about the way things work. And, since it’s Natasha, I don’t have to worry about getting scammed.

I stop a random man and ask for the directions to the Town Hall.

We then head over there to talk business.



Apparently, the landlord isn’t around, so we’re going to have to wait for them to contact him.

Sitting on the couch in the Town Hall’s waiting lounge, I chat with Natasha to kill time:

– You can cook, right?

– It has been several years since I last entered the kitchen, so I’m a little bit rusty, but, generally, yes, I can make a few dishes.

– I’m not a picky person, so that’s alright. – I continue – What are those dishes that you can prepare?

Having pondered about it for a few seconds, Natasha answers:

– Aside from the basic ones like omelette and bacon, maybe I can do hot stews, steaks, and soup?

– Just that much should be enough. – I nod – Is Meat expensive?

– It kind of is in Runia, but I don’t know about Kregoria’s market. However…generally speaking, meat is cheaper than vegetables due to the climate. The Demon race can grow much better vegetables than us.

– That reminds me, Kregoria is almost right next to the border of Demon territory, right?

– Yes. That’s why the climate here is really nice, unlike in Runia.

I scratch my cheek:

– That means Kregoria is a pretty big provider of the vegetables trading business, huh…

– Not just that, ranches here also yield better products’ quality.

– Really?

– It’s warm, so animals here are healthier than those in the colder South. Well… Even with this climate, it’s still difficult to grow quite a few types of fruits and vegetables that are very weak to the cold.

– I see…

Our conversation goes on and on. Natasha also seems to enjoy this kind of idle chat a lot. She’s pretty enthusiastic about answering any of my questions.

Before we know it, an hour has passed by, and the landlord finally shows up.

He’s a small merchant who runs a General Goods store by himself. The house we’re renting from him is something his brother left behind before he moved away last month. Thinking that he could make some profit from it, he put it on lease.

It’s ninety-percent new, with a few dusty places, so he’s charging us a gold coin every month.

…Definitely not something a commoner can afford, but it won’t be problem for us.

Having finished up all the signing and paperwork, the merchant hands us the bundle of keys.



Standing in the middle of the hallway of our new house, I spread out my arms in high spirits:

– Alright!!! My life in this world starts here!!!

From behind me, Natasha arranges our shoes to the side and smiles:

– You seem really excited, Master…

– Of course I am! I’ve never been to a world like this before!

– …Mmhm, – Nodding to my words, Natasha suddenly hugs me from behind, resting her head on my shoulder – thank God you were summoned to this world…

– ……

I’m not saying anything, since I know she needs this brief silence to appreciate all things that have happened in the past month. To me, it still feels like what happened that night in that abandoned building was just a dream; it’s just that surreal.

Over the course of the month, I’ve been seeing subtle improvements in Natasha’s mental state.

Right now, she’s pretty much a completely normal and beautiful lady. Although, I can’t guarantee that ALL the cogs in her head are working properly…

Oh well, it’s still undeniably true that she’s recovered by a large margin.


Suddenly, my thoughts are interrupted by Natasha sexy kiss on my neck.

She nibbles just gently enough to stimulate me, and, at the same time, aggressively enough to wake my manly instincts up.

I let her do as she pleases, but, the moment she begins running her tongue along my neck, I lose it.

Having abruptly turning around, I pick Natasha up and carry her straight to the bedroom of our new house.

– …You’re overreacting, Master. – Natasha whispers.

– That’s not true. You should know that you’re really charming.

– I don’t believe your flatteries.

She’s pretending to ‘tsun’ me, but I know she’s secretly smiling. Although, she genuinely doesn’t believe that she’s beautiful. Meanwhile, more than half of adult women on Earth, including models, would sell their souls to the Devil just to be as pretty as Natasha when they’re in their thirties.

Having entered the bedroom with Natasha, who has resumed kissing my neck and the back of my ear, in my arms, I take a look around and nod:

– This is a pretty nice bedroom.

– It’s a little bit dusty, though.

– Don’t worry, we’ll ‘shake’ all the dust off the bed! – I laugh like a pervert.

I drop her on the bed and take off my shirt. Before I can strip her, Natasha raises her head and steals my lips, her right arm wrapping around my neck and her left hand unfastening my belt.

After that, it just becomes unclear who’s stripping whom.

Maybe we’re not even bothered taking off our clothes.

The last thing I remember is me unbuttoning her shirt and pulling her panties down. The moment I push my meat rod inside her already-wet vagina, I can only feel lust burning up from the core of my soul.

– Ma…Master… Don’t go, ahn♥, easy on me…!

– I know… It’s been a whole week after all. Even I can’t endure it…

Those are the last proper words coming out of our mouths. Anything that comes right after is all broken moaning and gasping.

Every time I force my hard dick up her tight meat hole, Natasha writhes and lets out a seductive moan. Sometimes, while being drowned in pleasures, she unconsciously digs her nails into my back, leaving behind some hickey-scratches.

We literally degenerate to rabbits and spend six hours straight making love nonstop.

Once Natasha’s gotten into the mood, her lust is pretty much insatiable. It would be impossible for an average man to keep up, but I’m different. With “Dragon Magic – Matchless Vitality”, she’s the one who’s not keeping up with my libido.

Just like that, I continue slamming my hips against her lower body for several hours until I come inside.

In the evening, we take a small break to have dinner at a nearby restaurant.

Since Natasha wants to wash my back in the shower, we’re going to bathe together. Surprisingly, there’s no bath sex, since we’re just enjoying the peaceful time of gluing our bodies together, half-submerged in the hot water.

After that, though……

– Aaa♥ Master…I’m cumming…!


……right until dawn.


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