The Power of Creation – Chapter 147

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“May I ask to what do I owe the pleasure of your visit.” The man wearing the face of Florian says, his legs lounging over the side of a chair as he picks up a bundle of grapes and eats one.

A demon woman who looks to be a slave is currently massaging his feet as he lounges away while his army prepares for war. This is the state the pair of them find him in as they are lead into his tent.

“Florian… it has been some time.” Medusa purs, giving the man a seductive look.

The body that he inhabits is pleasing to the eye. It is almost a shame the hero has been taken. Medusa would have taken great pleasure in seducing a real hero and turning him into one of her generals. Now, this was just some slug’s puppet.

“You didn’t make it easy…” Ursula complains, bending over and removing her foot from a sandal to rub it for a second. “Putting anti-magic barriers around an army of demons is insane. You’ve given this lord of Riun and his goblin army a distinct edge. When the barrier went up over my own army as well, I thought we were being attacked.”

Although Ursula is giving Florian a dirty look, he merely throws his head back and laughs. “You ladies should feel glad that I put up barriers over your armies. This… lord of Riun… is some kind of magical genius. He’d have flattened your armies instantly if I hadn’t saved you.”

“Clearly, you jest. A wizard with the power to flatten armies? Living as the lord of some backwater bordertown?” Ursula responds in disbelief.

“And yet, his power is unfathomable.” Florian shrugs. “But you deprive him of magic, and he’s suddenly a weakling.”

“I hardly think so. An antimagic barrier isn’t the same thing as an antimagic spell. Even inside your bubble, he could cast spells to augment his abilities. If he’s truly as powerful as you claim, he could still wipe you army out.”

Florian grins and kicks away the demon woman suddenly, sending her sprawling on the floor before turning and leaning towards the two women before him. “That he will. But he won’t be able to protect everyone. His army, our army… they will meet on this battlefield.”

“Florian, baby…” Medusa takes a step forward, her snake-like eyes looking at him intensely.

Florian was about to ask what she wanted, but suddenly his mouth hangs open and he stares at her, his face going slack.

Ursula knew all too well that Medusa’s eyes were dangerous to look at. She had an innate charm that would trigger a hypnotized state in anyway who looked long enough. This wasn’t something specifically magical, so it was an ability Florian wouldn’t have expected.

“Ah… Florian.” Medusa mews as she takes the steps forward towards the dizzy Florian. “What is it you seek here…”

“I… I seek power.”

“You wish to kill my sister Maleficant?” Medusa asks as she reaches out and grabs Florian’s hands, putting them on her hips while Ursula only rolls her eyes.

“If… Maleficant dies… I will become the Demon King.”

“Haha!” Medusa couldn’t help but laugh, even as she continued to make unblinking eye contact with Florian. “The Demon King? Is that what you seek? To become the demon king, it is said you must defeat all of the demon lords. One is hardly enough.”

That isn’t completely true. The stories say the Demon King could make the demon lords submit, but the demon lords mostly figured that meant they were going to be conquered and imprisoned by the so-called Demon King. That is… at least in a small part, why Medusa wants Grimhilde and Maleficant back and in her care. It isn’t the first time in the history of the demon realm that two demon lords had been captured or defeated, but as long as they could either kill them or bring them back, then the Demon King prophecy never come to be.

“Th-then… I’ll defeat all of you!” Florian declares proudly.

“Do… you want to conquer me first?” Medusa’s lips are only a few centimeters from Florian. “We don’t care if you kill this lord. Simply leave my sisters alive and return them to me. You can have all of me… and we will help you win.

Florian’s face broke into a dark smile. “Bitch… I’ve already won.”


The knife goes into Medusa’s side instantly. Medusa lets out a cry as she grabs her side where blood is pouring out. Florian shoves her to the side and throws the knife at Ursula, striking the shocked woman in the throat, causing instant death. A second later, both women disappear in a puff of smoke.

“Tsk… puppets.”

In the place of the two women are two dolls which the women had used as a proxy. They managed to create the dolls to look and act like them. The dolls are powered internally, so it managed to circumvent the anti-magic barrier.

Florian shrugged. “No matter, they are going to die shortly anyway. It has begun.”

Medusa and Ursula turn and look at each other. It appears their dolls who visited Florian were killed. Because of the barrier, they didn’t know what was discussed. They only felt the doll’s death.

“I guess that went poorly.” Ursula sighs.

“No matter, we’ll try this lord of Riun next. I’d like to taste this man who thinks himself the next Demon King.”

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The Power of Creation – Chapter 146

Where is Tales of an Enchantress! I’ll get to it next month. I’m going to be gone next week, so no releases from me, period. When I get back, I’ll start releasing again. As for TOAE, sorry I haven’t been releasing, but I’ve had a lot on my plate. I’ve been getting ready for a trip to San Diego. I’ve been publishing and self publishing. I’ve been trying to get data ready and make a poster. I’ve been beating Breath of the Wild. I also submitted a short story that is getting published (real published) in an anthology book. Lots of important things. Releasing TOAE and Min’s story subsequently tired me out and I couldn’t keep it up.  I’m taking a break to recharge before I jump back into it. Anyway, enjoy a PoC chapter.

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“Kida! What the hell is going on!”

“Rookie?” Kida jumps, a bit on edge as you walk out the door and see her racing around trying to organize the local militia of adventurer’s still in town. “Ah, I’m sorry. Right now, your goblin army is stationed to the east of Riun! Meanwhile, the dragons are located to the northwest.”

“So, how the heck are we surrounded then?”

“It’s not one army! An army is currently marching from the east. Another from the north! And a third from the south!”


“It’s three armies. Three different armies!”

“Who are they?”

“They’re all demons, my love.” As you were speaking with Kida, Grimhilde emerges followed by Maleficant.

“The army from the north is Florian. I recognize his banners. That bastard. I’ll kill him three times!” Maleficant snaps.

“What about the other two?” You ask.

Grimhilde and Maleficant share look before Grimhilde sighs. “Our sisters. The flags from the south and east are our third and sixth sisters.”

“Do you know anything about them?”

“Medusa’s a whore and Ursula is a fat pig!” Maleficant snaps.

“You speak so nicely of our sisters…” Grimhilde mutters, but when she sees you eying her she throws up her hand. “Not that I disagree. She describes them accurately.”

“Are they going to attack?”

Grimhilde shrugs, but when she sees you disapproving stare she continues. “I can’t tell you I know what my sisters are thinking, but more than likely they’ll send an envoy to you and Florian. They’ll offer some kind of peace treaty with you. Then, let the pair of you fight it out. Once it’s clear which side will win, their armies will assist in crushing the other side. If you both tire each other out, she’ll crush both of you and divide the spoilers.”

You raise an eyebrow at Grimhilde.

“What? That’s what I would do!”

“What I don’t understand, “Maleficant interrupts. “Is that I’ve gotten an idea for exactly how strong you are. With a baby on the way, why haven’t you just crushed all three of their armies and be done with it.”

Your mouth twitches as you get the sudden urge to smack Maleficant’s behind in punishment.

“That’s right, Rookie, if you c-… wait… you’ve already tried, haven’t you?”

You turn out to the armies in the distance. Of course, the second you had this issue you fired horrific magic to annihilate the armies. You’d just let the goblins eat what survived. However, nothing happened. Now that you could see it with your own eyes, your magic seemed to melt the second it hit some barrier. That barrier was erected completely around Riun and seemed to cover the armies quite a ways out.

“Incredible… antimagic barriers.” Grimhilde shook her head in surprise.

“Explain.” You shoot Grimhilde a frustrated look.

“It’s not much different than your battle with Snow White, except rather than affecting you, it affects an area. Magic cannot exist within the perimeter.”

“I’ve even casted anti-magic magic. I’ve casted spells under, I’ve casted spells above. Even tossing something in and letting momentum carry it seems to get cancelled. Nothing seems to be getting through. What the fucks the point of Power of Creation if I have such a stupid limitation?”

“Well, it’s not a terribly stupid limitation. This is an odd case. You could call their armies quite crazy for erecting these anti-magic barriers in the first place.” Grimhilde explains carefully.

“Crazy? Why do you say that?”

“We’re demons and monsters and demihumans. We all possess magic in us. In fact, you could say we require magic to survive. Only humans are capable of existing without mana. So, a magic barrier weakens any nonhuman in the barrier the longer they remain in it. Within a few days, those demons will collapse from mana deprivation and die.”

“Days! A lot can be done in a few days!” You argue.

“Not really, if we take a defensive and work a campaign of attrition, they’ll quickly collapse. Plus, they are already significantly weaker without magic. Even after turning it off, they’ll be disadvantaged for some time. And with you here, they won’t be able to shut it down without instant death.”

“So, basically, those armies have just created a coffin for themselves.” You chuckle. “Oh, look, their envoy has arrived. Let’s greet them.”

The Power of Creation – Chapter 145

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The door slams open. “My love! Aurora has gone into labor!”

You pull your tongue out of Nala’s ass. “Huh? The baby is coming?”

“Wh-what are you guy’s doing to Nala?”

You stand up and abandon Nala, still hanging from the ceiling. Ariel pulls her penis (temporary) out of Nala’s pussy and it vanishes a moment later. You can call it a secret power your have given Ariel. As long as she’s balls deep in pussy, she has a penis, but as soon as it comes out, she has a vagina. That way you never have to deal with an Ariel with a penis, while she can make use of it to her fullest extent.

“We’re just having fun. I better go attend my baby momma.”

“She’s my mom too, I’d like to come!”

“Of course!” You laugh, “But you have to wait until after the baby comes out before you can fuck her.”

“Yes, I know…” Ariel rolls her eyes like you’re a parent lecturing her on the obvious.

“Um… guys… what about Nala there…”

The pair of you turn back and look at the naked, disheveled woman hanging from the ceiling.

“C-congratulations on the baby…” Nala deliriously mutters before passing out unconscious.

“Ah, well, if you wouldn’t mind cleaning this up, Grimhilde.”

Grimhilde looks over the scene distastefully. “There is dirt and filth everywhere; a complete wreck.”

“Well, leave everything else. Just clean up Nala.”

“I was talking about Nala…”

“So, you won’t do it?” You ask.

“We demon lords have torture chambers in the dungeons of our castles. She resembles some traitors my father has put under hot iron for weeks. If it wasn’t for the smile on her face, I’d feel sorry for her.”

“You know… that white stuff leaking down her legs is some sweet sweet cum from your lover here…”

“You…” Grimhilde growls and then whines with a pout. “Making me lick old cum out of a pervert’s crotch. Sometimes, you’re the worse.”

“I’ll make it up to you eventually.” You shrug as you wink at her.

She rolls her eyes but shoots you a subtle smile as you close the door on her and the still hanging Nala.

Walking down the hallways, you see the four baka maids racing back and forth, likely fulfilling some request related to the baby coming. There is also a crowd of girl’s outside of Aurora’s door talking excitedly. They all part as you and Ariel approach.

Listening to various congratulations, you open the door and step in. Even Sebastian isn’t allowed in this room at the moment. The only two girls inside are her loyal servant Merida and Cinderella. As to the reason that Cinderella is allowed inside…

“We’re at four centimeters.” Cinderella declares, pulling her fingers out of Aurora, who has her legs up.

“Hey, why does Cinderella get to finger my mom while I have to wait, it’s no fair.” Ariel pouts.

“You understand my ass… She’s not fingering your mom. I copied midwife / OBGYN knowledge into her brain. She’s technically a doctor now. I wanted my babies being born with the upmost care, but I’m not going to let some old lecher feel up in my girls.”

“Hero-san is so thoughtful.” Aurora chuckles.

“However, I am surprised to see you out of bed, Merida?”

“M-me? I must stand guard for my queen when she is vulnerable!”

“You’re just as vulnerable though?” You mutter.

“Huh, what do you mean?”

“You should be in labor as well. I timed it so both of you would have the baby together?”

“Hah? What? I don’t know what daddy is talking about!” Merida responds in a fluster.

“Merida…” Aurora responds sharply as she glares at her guard, “You said that you had no problems at the moment.”

“Ah, that… I thought it was just tummy ache. I’m fine, really. Hey, what are you guys doing?”

You and Ariel double team Merida, ripping off her clothing with relative ease as you push her down on the bed next to Aurora. Despite Merida’s warrior strength, she is still nine months pregnant and doesn’t want to disturb the queen next to her, and so her pants and panties are tossed aside and she’s spread open with minimal struggle.


“Yes, darling, penetration is imminent!” the latex glove slaps as she puts it on her hand, immediately leaping forward with fingers covered in lubricant while you and Ariel keep Merida down each with a hand holding the legs apart.

“You guys, this isn’t… ah, that’s cold!”

“Also 4 centimeters. Breaking water to facilitate birth.” Cinderella declares, her finger likely morphing into a long stick inside Merida.

“H-hey, wait, that’s…” wooosh, a gush of liquid bursts out of Merida stopping her protests and causing her to lower her head in embarrassment.

“Don’t be so difficult, my loyal guard. We will be mother’s together…”

“Y-yes, ma’am…”

A few spells later, you have Merida laying in a second clean bed right next to Aurora. You have two babies about to be born, and it just made sense to take care of it together. It is actually pretty nice as you wait for the final steps of labor. It’ll still be a few hours according to Cinderella, but this is totally going to happen. Exciting!

The door bursts open, taking you, Ariel, Aurora, and Merida out of your family event. It is Grimhilde once again.

“My love!”

“Grimhilde, I’m kind of in the middle of something right now…” You growl.

“It’s war!”

“Huh? Yes… yes… we’ll start your war in a couple of days. Let me at least see my baby…”

“No, my love.” Grimhilde shakes her head gravely. “War has found us. Riun is surrounded! We’re about to be attacked!”

Can’t you even get a break to spend with your new family? Someone is going to fucking pay.

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The Power of Creation – Chapter 144

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“F-florian!” Nala cries out again. “D-don’t look!”

“What is this? What are you doing?” Florian gives a horrified look.

Before Nala can respond, you quicken up the pace, thrusting into her harder and harder, using a little magic to ramp up her sexual excitement.

“Oh, oh, aaaaaa….!” Nala can’t get the words out as she cums again, her body twisting against her restraints as she orgasms.

Florian’s eyes narrow as he looks up at you. “You… is this your doing? What are you doing to my Nala, you fool!”

“My Nala…” The words come out distantly from Nala’s lips.

You shrug while continuing to pound Nala from behind. “Don’t look at me! I’m just giving Nala want she wants. She’s been wanting to get it since the beginning.”

Florian’s eyes shoot back down to Nala. “Is this true?”


You slap Nala’s ass hard and she let’s out a moan, rather than showing pain or disgust, her face gleams in a smile that she quickly tries to cover up.

“I mean… wha-a… it feels so…” Nala’s eyes roll up in her head as she breaths, desperately trying to regain her composure even as you and Arial continue to relentlessly harass her pussy.

“Nala… you’re confusing me.” Florian says, “Should I be saving you from this or not?”

“That’s… uh… ah… ah… ah…. Right there, don’t stop, right there…” Nala’s teeth tighten as she fights a moan.

“Right where, what?”

“I wanted it to be yooooooouuuu—-aaaaaah!” You spank Nala’s bottom again, creating a stool to put up one leg on and continuing your savage thrusting into her wet snatch.

“Nala, speak clearer.” Florian demands angrily.

“Iii… I want…. I want… I want…” Nala’s voice is rising as she tries to speak while another orgasm shoots through her body.

“What is it? What do you want?”

“I waaaaaaannnnnt….. DICK! I want dick! Fuck me! Oh gods, fuck me harder, right there, give me your dick! Don’t stop! Keep going! Keep going… I’m going to… I’m going to… I’m cumming!”

“Nala…” Florian’s eyes drop away as a sad look falls on his face.

“I fucking love dick! Ah, ah, ah… I’m sorry Florian. You’d never give me this! This is what I want! I’m so sorry.”

“So, you see, Florian, I’m just giving her what she wants, right Nala?” You intervene.

“Yes!” Nala cries. “Yes… keep it up, keep it up… one more time, it feels so good. I’m sorry Florian… this is just too good.”

“So… you love this man?” Florian responds in disbelief.

“N-no… it’s not like that… he’s just my companion… my intimate companion.”

“Does that mean, we’re not companions anymore?”


“Choose now! Is it him… or me?” Florian demands.

The fucking was reaching it’s final crescendo. Your balls are slapping into her hard enough that their conversation can barely be heard over the sound of your fucking. Arial does her part as well, sloppily eating her cunt and your balls, catching all the fluids leaking down Nala’s legs.

“I’m sorry Florian! Aaaaaaah…. I need it. I’m sorry… I can’t stand it. Please, keep fucking me!” Nala screams.

“I’m going to cum!” You declare.

“Fill me up! I want it! I want all of your dick!”

You explode inside of her on command, filling her womb with your cum. As shots of white seed continue to fill her up, it bursts out the edges and leaks down her legs, giving Florian a view of white juices dripping out of Nala. Fortunately, Arial is there to quickly catch and lick it all up.

Florian watches with lowered eyes as Nala gasps for breath, the last of her orgasms racking her body as you finally pull away, squirting a few last streams of white across her ass. Arial stands up and steps away too, leaving the naked, sweaty, soaking-wet, dirty Nala strapped to the ceiling on her own. She no longer has any strength in her legs, so she mostly just swings there, her feet not touching the ground. Then Florian turns away and in a single step his body turns to smoke, vanishing from sight.

“Wh-what just happened?” A dazed Nala asks.

“Ah, well, I do plan to honor our agreement and save him, but it’s a bit much to just do it out of the blue. That was just an illusion.”

“Wh-wh-why would you do that?” Nala cries out.

“Well, first off, you wanted it. You said you wanted to take care of your desires while Florian watches.”

“That’s… I guess that’s what I said… but….”

“Second, I wanted you to admit what you really want. You said it, we’re companions now. Companions don’t just do things for each other, we help each other grow together. It was all in the name of our friendship. You needed to admit that you wanted it, and that Florian is never going to give it to you…”

“I… guess you’re right.”

“Damn right!” You say, moving up to Nala’s front.

“Ah, what are you doing?” Nala demands as you reach around and pull up her legs.

“I’m fucking you from the front this time. We still got a long date ahead of us.”

“More?” Nala says in wonder.

“Of course, I won’t stop until Nala has all the dick she can stand.”

“Re-really… now…”

“Any objections?” You pick her up, sliding your dick in her as you hold up her body, you lips touching hers for the first time.

She doesn’t reject your kiss, letting you explore her mouth as you penetrate her pussy. When you pull away, she puts her head down on your shoulder with a sigh.

“Sure… that’s what companions are for… I guess…”

Her voice sounds somewhat dizzy and she looks a bit out of it as she says that. Have you just broken another girl? Well, time will tell on that one. For the moment, you have some more fucking to enjoy. Arial is coming from behind with a riding crop. This time she gets the back, and she’s not nearly as gentle as you are. Nala is in for a rough night.

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The Power of Creation – Chapter 143

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“Ah! I can’t see! You’re behind me, what are you dooooing!” Nala begs as she desperately tries to look behind herself, failing to see around the bar that keeps her arms out to either side. “Wait, Ariel, what are you doing?”

With Nala bent over, you go up behind her while Ariel takes the front. More specifically, Nala’s front half is hanging from the ceiling, and Ariel kneels under her, looking up at the confused and frantic Nala. Ariel wastes very little time, reaching out and feeling up Nala’s  naked body. Her fingers quickly head south, and she starts to touch Nala’s clit. After a second, she adds a second hand, spreading Nala’s thighs slightly and opening her fuckhole to give you a nice sight from behind. You admire the sight for a moment, giving a few nods.

“Stop looking, it’s so embarrassing!” Nala whines while her pussy practically drips in excitement.

“Well, I suppose there is no more delaying things. Let’s give Nala what she wants.”

“Haha… please… I can’t…” Nala begs.

You ignore her and push your cock up between her cheeks. Nala makes out a cry as she feels the head press against her pussy lips. Ariel stretches her lips open enough that the head of your cock rests in her wet pussy.

“Ah, it’s big!” Nala says, already breath hard from Ariel’s rough machinations. “Oh, it’s going inside! No!”

Of course, you slide it in smoothly, her horny cunt accepting your cock hungrily. Immediately, her pussy starts rhythmically clamping down on your cock as if it wants to suck your cock into it.

“Hmm? Is Nala already coming!”

“Hah, hah, hah. I can’t help it with Ariel touching me so! You two, I’ve already cum, so we can stop.”

“Stop?” You laugh. “I haven’t even started.”

“Huh? I don’t get it, I came, we’re done! I said we’re done.”

Of course, to Nala who only ever masturbated with a vegetable, she didn’t really know what  else could happen after she came. She’d dispose of the evidence and be heading to sleep peacefully by now. Things like multiple orgasms and cum shots are foreign to her. Or rather, you could say that in a world without porn, she’s fantasizing about those things without having any idea what they look like. For a girl as horny and freaky as Nala, she is surprisingly innocent. The fact that she used vegetables has more to do with her lack of understanding. That’s when you realized something surprising about Nala.

“Nala, do you use dildos?”

“Huh, what’s that? Rather, why are you asking me questions when I can feel you inside me! Is that some kind of play?”

It’s as you thought. Nala never asked Belle for any dildos because she doesn’t even know what a dildo is. She is, for all intent and purposes, the most virgin freaky girl ever. Well, the virgin part just ended. You pick up the speed, rocking your hips as you slam your dick into Nala from behind.

“Ah, ah, ah! It feels so… it feels soooo…” Nala finds herself unable to complete the sentence as she starts cumming a second time.

As much as you want to give credit to your cock, a lot of her orgasms are riding on Ariel’s machinations from below. She is eating Nala’s clit while you slam into her from behind. She has one hand wrapped around Nala’s thigh and a second hand between her legs cupping your balls. Every time you pull out, Ariel’s palm runs up and down the shaft of your cock, adding further stimulation as you fuck Nala, using her skills to add pleasure to both of your simultaneously as you fuck.

“Oh, oh! It’s so good. I can’t!” Nala continues to protest, all the while subconsciously pushing her butt back so that your dick slams deeper into her cunt.

You raise your hand and slap it down on Nala’s rump, creating a resounding slap.

“OW! Wh-what was that for?” Nala shrieks.

“Nala is being a really dirty slut, already cumming like that. How could you even pleasure Florian if you can’t last until he’s done?”

“Ah! I’m sorry! I’m sorry.”

You spank her again eliciting another yelp.” No excuse, naughty girls need to be punished.”

“B-but I thought you liked my dirtiness!” Nala desperately tries to defend herself.

“Mm… I do… but just because I like your bad side, doesn’t mean you don’t need to be punished for it!” You declare while you thrust away inside her.

“No…no… but… I’m… ah…ah….

“Is Nala cumming again! Such a pervert. Do you see me or Ariel cumming?” You demand darkly.

“I-I’m sorry! Ow!” You spank her bottom again.

Of course, this is all lies, and if Nala was the kind of girl to think things through she’d realize you’re just playing her. In fact, Ariel’s black collar with a single aquamarine jewel in the center had relayed that she was occasionally dropping one of her hands and playing with her pussy, and that she has already cum once as well and is working on a second. Meanwhile, you have used magic to have perfect control of when you cum, but the old you would have probably blown your load and been fast asleep by now. It’s good.

You continue to fuck Nala hard, wet lewd noises filling the room as her supping wet pussy drips into a puddle under her as she’s inflicted in orgasm after orgasm. You continue to spank her ass each time she orgasms around your cock, and pretty soon, rather than yelping, she’s moaning and wagging her butt, looking forward as you continue to mount and spank her. With your hands you grab her love handles tightly, turning her lower half into your own fuck toy and you plow her aggressively hard.

“Ah, ah, ah! It’s so much! I can’t anymore. Aren’t you done yet! Please, I can’t take any more orgasms!”

Ariel is on her fifth orgasm, but then again, Ariel has no limits. Meanwhile, you continue to plow into Nala without any sign of stopping. Nala is already in the double digits and has lost enough fluids that dehydration could become a serious worry.

“Hey, Nala…” You say darkly. “Not all of us are as dirty as Nala.”

“I-I’m sorry! It’s just too much! I feel so gooooood!”

“Are you such a slut that you enjoy these lewd acts so much?” You ask, a crescent moon forming on your darkened face.

“I’m so sorry!”

“I’m not the one you need to apologize to. Shouldn’t you apologize to him?”

“Huh? Wha-?” Nala looks up, still bent over naked as a partially naked Ariel eats her out from in front and you fuck her from behind.

“What is going on here?” Florian demands with lowered eyes.

“F-Florian!” Nala shrieks.

“Hey, a deals a deal. You wanted me to save Florian from that slug if you gave me your body. Congratulations! Everybody wins!” You laugh.

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The Power of Creation – Chapter 142

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“Stop! Stop! I can’t take it anymore!” Nala cries out, her face red as she gasps for breath.

“Never!” Ariel goes harder, her hands flicking faster and faster with the tool in her hand.

“No! No! I’m going to break!” Nala shouts.

“You can take it!”

“Please, it’s going to come out.”

“Then let it come.”

“Th-that’s too embarrassing!”

You stare down at the two girls and shake your head. “You know, this isn’t exactly what I had in mind.”

“Hmm?” Ariel pulls the feather duster away from Nala’s bare foot. “Is this no good?”

“Hah, hah, hah… It’s too ticklish. Stop Ariel.” Nala works to regain her breath.

“No! It’s not good at all! I have many fetishes and Nala being tickled is not one of them!”

“Well, what does hero think we should do then?” Ariel isn’t irritated, she’s far too pure for that. Rather, she genuinely wants to know what you have in mind.

“You can start by taking off her clothing!”

“Okay!” Ariel nearly jumps to attention as she tosses the tickler aside.

You sigh as Ariel skips over to Nala, still hanging from the ceiling with her arms cuffed to either side and still wearing the dress she had entered your so-called red room with. It really is a shame that she isn’t out of her clothing yet. Fortunately, Ariel may lack common sense, but she’s a quick learner when it comes to sex.

She moves behind Nala and starts unzipping the back of her dress.

“Wh-what are you doing?” Nala is startled by the sudden change in demeaner from the previous playful tickling, “Ah, my dress, don’t take it off.”

Of course, Ariel isn’t the kind of girl to stop early, so she slowly unzips the back of Nala’s dress and the front falls forward baring two beautiful breasts with perky hard nipples. Ariel’s eyes brighten as she looks over Nala’s shoulder and down at her chest.

“Oh, those are nice. The nipples are so hard, is Nala really horny after all?”

“Th-that’s not true! Don’t say things like that Ariel!”

“Mm… Nala is so warm and soft.” Ariel purrs, nuzzling Nala’s neck and causing the other girl to become even more flustered.

A-airal!” the barely coherent words reach Nala’s lips as Ariel reaches around and grabs her breasts.

Using a skill honed on her own mother, Ariel begins to play enthusiastically with Nala’s nipples. Nala is still squirming and making words of protest, but there is a hint of excitement in her eyes that shows that the protests are only for show. Meanwhile, Ariel sucks lightly on her neck, her kisses making wet lewd noises that sre complimented by Nala’s protests and moans.

The sight is totally making you excited, so you pull your dick out from the top of your pants and start playing with it lightly as you watch Ariel toy with Nala. As Nala pants, her protests finally starting to fade as she leans back against Ariel in submission, her eyes open slightly, and then she notices you in front of her with your dick hanging out.

“Wh-what are you doing?” Nala shouts.

“Huh? This is hot, I’m enjoying myself.” You say as if it is a given.

“R-really?” Nala suprisingly doesn’t seem as bothered by it as she might have, instead of further protests, she continues to watch you stroke your erect cock while her breath quickens excitedly under Ariel’s machinations.

It’s at this point you notice her legs are twisting back and forth as she unconsciously rubs her thighs together. You smile maliciously.

“Ariel, it’s about time the rest of the dress comes off.”

“Okay!” Ariel pulls away from Nala’s neck with a smack, leaving a very blatant hickey there before reaching down and pulling on the dress to bring it over her hips and down to her ankles.

“Ah, my clothes. Don’t. I’ll be completely naked. You can’t see it…”

“See it? What does… oh, is that what Nala doesn’t want us to see?” Your grin grows a little wider.

After Ariel finishes removing the dress, she immediately perks up and stand on her tippy toes, looking over Nala’s shoulder and down eagerly. “What is it, what should we see?”

“Isn’t Nala really wet after all?” You state teasingly.

In fact, erect nipples aren’t the only arousal Nala is feeling. She is exceptionally wet too. As in, her pussy lips are pink and pulsing, wet and dripping with arousal that even runs down her legs in droplets. Considered the level of play you are at so far, this could be considered exceptional. Most girls don’t get this wet until at least an orgasm or two.

“I’m not, I’m not… stop looking.”

“Nala is really lewd after all.” Ariel states as if it is a matter of fact.

“Ah, don’t look, please, I want to die.”

“I could also smell it after you took off her dress.”

“Ah! I don’t smell! Oh gods, don’t say it.” Nala’s face is completely red.

Ariel nods in agreement. “Nala smells of excitement.”

“Please don’t…” tears start to fall down Nala’s eyes.

“But, isn’t that lewdness completely okay?” You add.

“Huh?” Nala looks up in surprise.

Ariel continues to play your counterpart. “Of course! I like this Nala who is lewd and horny. See, look, I’m really excited too!”

Ariel shows the panties of her underwear, where a wet spot has soaked through. She is nowhere near the level of arousal that Nala has reached. Nala’s panties are soggy all the way through… but the difference isn’t something that Nala considers.

“I-is that true?” Nala asks tearfully.

“Absolutely!” You give her a thumbs up. “I think a Nala like this is really sexy.”

Nala blushes and the tears stop as she turns away shyly. You share a look with Ariel and she immediately brings the bar down, suddenly forcing Nala to bend over.

“Wait… what’s going on now?”

“Hmmm? Well, since Nala wants sex so bad, it’d be downright criminal not to give it to her.” You explain.

“S-sex! I don’t want it! That’s…”

“But look at it, aren’t you leaking all over?”

“That may be…”

“So isn’t your body telling you how much you want to have it.”


“Nala… I’m just giving your body what it wants. It’s unhealthy to repress these things… otherwise you end up fucking vegetables.”

Nala winces at that last line, but finally gives a sigh as the defense falls out of her. “V-very well, I-I will listen to my body.”

Nala looks up, only to come face to face with your giant dick in her face. “Alright then! Let’s do your body good.”

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The Power of Creation – Chapter 141

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“Nala, you’re up!”

“Eh, huh? Eh? You’re talking to me?” Nala asks breathily while looking around in confusion.

It wasn’t that surprising that she is confused. While she has slept in your mansion and ate your food for the last few weeks since Florian disappeared, she hasn’t really done anything with you. Furthermore, you haven’t shown much interest in her. Nala has looked on at your actions with the other girls, perhaps with a slight bit of envy, but neither of you have connected on any particular level.

“Well, you’re up on my list.”

“Really? So soon? I thought there were other girls… what about Grimhilde, Snow White, Ariel…”

“Well, as it turns out, their requests are a bit unique. It’s going to be a few days to mobilize the army. Snow White says she needs to get the goblins in gear and retrain them in discipline. That’s why they’ve left Riun for a bit and started drills outside of town.”

“Oh… so, I guess… I’m next.” Nala looks slightly down as she says this. “I did… promise after all, that if you save my Florian… I would… g-g-ive myself to you. J-just be gentle….”

Her face is covered in red as she speaks these words. She closes her eyes and holds out her hands, as if she expects you to tackle her to the floor and take her right there.

“Hey, what are you doing? I’ve been giving all the other girls what they want for their dates. It’s just a date, and in the end you’ll get exactly what you want.”

“Really!” Nala’s eyes snap open in surprise, but suddenly she puts on a look that is even more disappointed.

“Seriously, girl, just admit what you want…” you mutter half to yourself.

“I-I’m sorry!” Nala bows and apologizes. “I just want Florian. Oh, Pun, I said it!”

“Yeah? You know that guy has like no interest in girls, right? I mean, I don’t think he’s into guys, but he’s so self-righteous he ain’t going to ever touch you.”

Nala’s face immediately grows hot again, but this time she forces herself to look up. “I know! I know Florian would never touch me! But… but even so… I just want him to be with me. I can… take care of those desires on my own… even if…”

“You want him to watch?”

“Haaah! You…” Nala didn’t say ‘no’ though, finally breaking eye contact, “You make me so embarrassed, I just want to die. Look, don’t worry about me. If we have to do the date, we’ll just do what you want to do. Okay?”

“Well, I did have some ideas for our date, so I guess we can go ahead with that. Are you sure? I mean… Florian…”

“No more talking about Florian! Yes. Yes. We’ll do what you want, just stop talking about him!”

“Fair enough.” You give a shrug, “I actually wanted to show you a certain room in the mansion.”

“Huh? Show me a room?”

“Yeah, I threw it together when I did some of the remodeling. However, I never found a purpose for it. I thought you might like to see it on our date.”

“Ah… okay, I guess…” Nala responds innocently.

“That’s great…” You show her some teeth and hold out your hand.

She hesitantly puts out her hand and you grab it, pulling her along the mansion. Most of the other girls are off keeping busy. Of course, now that they are all collared, you know exactly where they are as well as their level of sexual excitement. These are important pieces of information and not at all the start of a stalker!

“Well, here’s the room, let me unlock it.”

With a click, you swing open the door. Nala steps into the room without even questioning things.

“So, what do you think?” You ask.

“I-I don’t know what this is? It looks a little dangerous, but also surprisingly comfortable. There’s a lot of weird items everywhere. The red walls are kind of strange.”

“Yes… this is a red room, so they are called by skanky fanfiction authors.”

“A… red room?”

“Here, come stand by this bar, I’ll show you. Do you see these cuffs?”

Nala walks over raising a hand and touching the thing you were holding. “Oh, their fluffy and soft.”

“That’s right, you put it around your wrist like so.” You pull out one of her wrists and click the cuff around it. “And then, here’s the other. And that way they lock your arms against the bar suspended on the ceiling like so.”

“So, is this like some kind of dungeon or something?”

“Some call it that. It’s the so-called sex dungeon.” you affirm.

“Oh, that’s interest- wait! Se-se-se-sex?”

“One second, it looks like my assistant has arrived.”

A woman opens the door and steps in, closing it behind her and clicking the lock as she enters. She’s wearing a leather corset not unlike the one Belle had on during your previous date. You had picked it up at the sex toy shop just for her. It was also accentuated with sexy black garter hose and black high heels.

“A-a-ariel! What are you wearing!” Nala exclaims.

You start explaining. “Well, after Snow White and Grimhilde combined their dates, I realized that their wants might not be the only ones that aligned. As it turns out, Ariel also wanted to enjoy some more… stimulating sex. I believe her want was to assist me in showing another girl the same sexual heights she’s enjoyed.”

“Wh-wh-what are you talking about?”

“I want to open you up for hero!” Ariel says excitedly.

“B-b-but I love Florian!”

“Oh, poo for Florian!” Ariel makes a look like she might spit out his name. “Hero is the best! I’ll show you why! Don’t you want to reach a new sexual nirvana?”

“What! No! I’m not that kind of girl! Stop doing this!” Nala tries to move, only now realizing as the bar wriggles on the chain attached to the ceiling that she is completely trapped on the rack. “You… I thought you said we could do what I wanted today! This is…”

“Huh? You told me I could do what I wanted?” You explain. “Beside, I am giving you what you want…. What you really want…”

“Why is a shadow covering your face when you say that? No! Rather, Wh-wh-wh-why are you saying that!”

“Well, the safety word is “Guffenhibenshmickinstiflemoster”. Feel free to use it when you want to stop.”

“Wait? What? What word is that? Did you just make something up?”

Ariel snaps a whip, causing Nala’s attention to shoot to her. “Alright Nala, let’s begin.”

The Power of Creation – Chapter 140

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The desiccated creature has white sightless eyes and a wrinkled face. It reaches up, grabbing at nothing in particular while its mouth moves in sucking motions. Like a baby, it isn’t capable of moving much more than this on its own. A single, lonely monster desperately reaching out for something to comfort it.

“It’s okay, mommy has you.” A woman says, leaning over and picking up the light, thin body of the monster and bringing it up to her.

Her boob pops out of the top of her dress, and she unashamedly brings the pursed lips of the creature to her breast. As soon as its lips touch her nipples its eyes widen and it latches on with a vicious vigor, biting and sucking at her breast in an extremely violent and aggressive manor.

“Ow, Ow, careful… Oh my, be careful with mommy.” The woman says.

The words seem to work, and the monster soon slows down, the sucking occurring more gradual and controlled. The woman puts a pleased look on her face as she looks down at the creature happily sucking away at her teat.

Tremaine watches this exchange and shivers before looking away. “That’s disgusting, sister. I can’t believe you insist on raising Alicante. They’re truly horrendous creatures.”

Medusa looks up from her monster to Tremaine and winks. “They are fantastically loyal creatures. They’ll do anything for mommy.”

Medusa has reptilian eyes not dissimilar to Mushu or Mulan, but they were red instead of golden. She has a long snake-like tail that ends with a rattle that make her entire figure exude danger, despite her extremely alluring beauty. Unfortunately, it is a beauty she was very aware of. She put on lots of makeup and wore extremely skimpy outfits as if to exude that beauty to its fullest.

In contrast, the prideful Tremaine wore a high neck petticoat and had her hair tied into a bun extremely tightly. She sat so upright that anyone would wonder what was shoved up her butt. However, she, like all of the sisters, was incredibly beautiful, and had that kind of feature that begged men to want to loosen her up and see her cut loose.

“Does anyone know why Cruella summoned us all here?” Ursula asks in between mouthfuls of candy she pulls from a bowl in front of her. “What do you think, Gothel?”

“Huh? Wha-?” There was a snort and Gothel raises her head.

Gothel is a droopy eyed girl whose hair is always in a mess. Unlike her sisters, her tail normally couldn’t be seen. It is short and stubby. Barely there. Before even contemplating what Ursula said, she shrugs, lying her head back down before a light snoring returns.

“Ah, be careful with the teeth! Keep sucking… just keep on sucking.” Medusa makes a yelp before glancing up at Ursula. “I hear she wants to discuss the disappearances of our two sisters.”

Silence spread across the four women. It is an uncomfortable subject to breach. In only two months, both Grimhilde and Maleficant’s movements fell off the map. Every sister had spies in every other sister’s camp. No sister could even piss without one of the others hearing about it. Yet, those two suddenly went silent. There was word that Maleficant experienced a coup while Grimhilde suddenly left everything in charge of her father. However, confirming fact from rumor was near impossible. The sucking noises became the only thing filling the silence.

“I-is that good?” Ursula aks after a few minutes of silence staring at Medusa’s boob and licking her lips.

“Mm… do you want to taste? My other boob is still available.” Medusa says lightly.

Ursula’s mouth opens as she stares at the second bare boob Medusa flashes her, and then savagely shakes her head ‘no’ before returning to her own plate of candies.

Meanwhile, Medusa gives a soft chuckle.

“Riveting…” Tremaine says with an annoyed look. “I wish Grimhilde was here. At least she’d provide intellectually stimulating conversation.”

“Do you guys know what happened to our sisters? My sources say a man. You know how greedy Grimhilde is. And once Maleficant saw her happy, she’d want it too. I think that’s what happened. Many reports say they are together. They must be fighting over some guy.” Medusa speaks with her mouth full, her cheeks bursting out like a chipmunks.

Tremaine thought of the possibility, but considers it fairly unlikely.

“That is… possible.” A voice suddenly cuts in, a beautiful and fiery woman with a long demon tail ending in a sharp point like a fencing sword. “You’ve all received the letters, right?”

The three awake women turn their heads away while the sleeping Gothel merely snorts in her apparent sleep.

“Cruella, you better not be wasting our time.” Ursula grumbles.

Cruella’s eyes flash as looks down on Ursula. “And what if I was? I’m the first sister. Shouldn’t a sixth sister like you be giving me a little more respect! My country is the most powerful in the world. I could crush you-“

“Enough with the idle threats, Cruella,” Tremaine interrupted. “If you attacked her, we’d retaliate. If Grimhilde attacked Ursula I might look the other way, dogs wrestling over scraps, but you I won’t allow more power.”

As the 2nd daughter, Tremaine’s power is only slightly less than Cruella’s. A war between them would be long and bloody. And if Cruella started it by invading first, it is likely that the others would join her and Cruella would end up with nothing. That is the reality that keeps the seven sisters in check. That, and although Cruella is vengeful, the three greediest sisters were given the weakest territories, thus preventing them from fulfilling their internal desires.

“What of it!” Ursula tries to push past the tight atmosphere between her two stronger sisters and speaks on. “Seventh sister and fifth sister sent us letters. Fifth sister actually wanted me to help her fight a general who went rogue and took her territory. Seventh sister… well, she made even less sense.”

“My, oh my spies had confirmed it. Itsu is now in ruin.” Medusa speaks up, her voice as gentle and soothing as it was with the monster at her tit. “I might have sent forces to protect my dearest sister, but then I was sent Cruellas… threat.”

Her voice shows only a hint of displeasure at the word threat. It is the same tone a mother might use when they are displeased over an action their child took.

Ursula nearly knocked over her plate rising. “Haha, I told her that she did it to herself and she should just live with it! Wait, what threat?”

Cruella sniffs. “I knew you’d answer in such a selfish way. Only Medusa and maybe Grimhilde would answer likely answer the call, although for very different reasons. However, Grimhilde lacks the resources, so only Medusa needed some… coercion.”

Absent in that explanation is any reason as to why Cruella didn’t want her sisters to protect Maleficant. Maleficant is a childish brat at the core, and her losing her power would only benefit the other sisters. If Medusa moved, she’d gain a lot of power and might even become number 1. As is, the sisters would like divvy up her territory among the remaining six. Perhaps that was Cruella’s goal. Anything else would lead to war with one or more sisters.

“I’m afraid my… intelligence in this matter is behind both of yours. The spies you use are beneath me. The letter I received from Maleficant is mostly just a series of whining, begging, and threatening. I believe the words ‘you have so much and I have so little’ were used. I tore up the letter and threw it out.” Tremaine explains.

“Well, I figured you’d respond that way too.” Cruella shrugs. “You’re all so predictable.”

Tremaine sniffs. “I’d rather be predictable than psychotic.”

There was a sudden snort and the droopy eyed Gothel raises her head like she just came out of sleep. “Grimhilde is in Riun right now.”

“Riun? A demi-human border town? What could she be doing there?” Ursula demands.

Cruella wears a displeased look at her reveal being exposed.

Tremaine shakes her head. “I have word that Riun was destroyed. The same general that turned her back on Maleficant apparently blew it up.”

“Perhaps, but a city still stands there.” Cruella let the matter pass and continued on with a knowing smile.


Cruella shrugs. “I don’t know. And getting a spy into the city has been near impossible. The information coming from Riun has been odd. Words about items that create light and sound without magic, an entire dragon colony taking up residence nearby, and some new generous human lord setting up a rogue state. I sent my spies to find our sisters, but when my spies asked if there were any impossibly beautiful women in Riun, all they get is laughter. After explaining that they are dangerous, powerful, scary, and sinful, they could barely bring the list down to twenty or so women. However, my spies were finally able to confirm that both Grimhilde and Maleficant are alive and together. Unless you believe some random Bordertown is full of superpowered, eccentric, beautiful women, they must be laying low.”

“In Riun? Not Nana? Why?” Ursula asks, now riveted by Cruella’s story.

“I don’t know… but they seem to be putting together an army.”

“Any army?” Tremaine’s eyebrow raises at that news.

“You might be familiar with it, Medusa… the general’s name is Snow White.”

“My, oh my… it seems like I was caught.” Medusa responds with shrug and smile, as if this truth was inconsequential. “I knew the goblins I seduced into attacking the human realm went missing unexpectedly, but to think they’d change sides. What could that sister of mine have that I don’t to get them to surrender so easily? That brow-beater Snow White had them so whipped that I can’t even contemplate it.”

“How dare you-“ Ursula starts but is interrupted by a noise at Medusa’s chest.

There is a sudden burp and Medusa looks down at her breast, pulling back the mouth of the creature that had been sucking it the entire time.

“Oh, my, is my baby done? Then stand up,” The creature’s features had recovered and now it had a much stronger looking body with smooth skin, it’s eyes glowing with yellow pupils as it followed its orders perfectly. “Now, serve me, little one. Die for me.”

This was all said in a motherly voice as Medusa presses a thumb on the monster’s forehead. There is a sizzling sound and a thumb mark is left in the middle of its skull. The monster merely bows after the procedure and then leaves, following some order Medusa must have imprinted into it.

“You’ve given our two most ambitious sisters an army, and you have nothing to say for it?” Cruella demands angrily after the interruption disappears.

“They are likely bound for Itsu.” Medusa replies, “I think I’ll head over there and see for myself what’s got our sisters so excited.”

“Hmph… I don’t exactly trust you by yourself. Gothel, you go with her.” Cruella demands.

“What? That sounds like so much work. I’m just going to go home…”


“I’ll go!” Ursula volunteers. “I’m interested in what they are up to as well.”

Cruella eyes her uncomfortably for a few moments before finally giving a nod of assent.

“You still haven’t addressed the letter Grimhilde sent us.” Tremaine interrupts.

This causes silence to shoot through the sisters again. They had all received two letters. One was from Maleficant, begging snobbishly for help. The other was from Grimhilde. It only had two lines.

He comes. Surrender now or pay the price.

“It sounds like a threat to me. It’s clear Grimhilde wants a war with all of us.” Cruella sniffs.

“That would be suicide.” Tremaine snorts. “Besides, she refers to a he. I’ve heard word of a hero being summoned recently. Some say he’s been sighted around Maleficant’s territory, and others state they saw him attack Grimhilde. Do you think she’d switch sides?”

“Of course not.” Ursula snorts. “Her desires wouldn’t allow it.”

“Then… that means… he…” Cruella couldn’t even finish the words.

There was only two people you’d describe with a pronoun. The hero… and…

“The demon king comes.” Tremaine finishes the thought.

If they interpreted things correctly and Grimhilde is right, that meant the end is near.

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The Power of Creation – Chapter 139

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After returning from Belle’s date, you find yourself suddenly facing Grimhilde. Wait, isn’t she the next person on your list to get a date? Well, if that’s the case, she must be eager for it. You haven’t fulfilled her sperm addiction much lately, so she is probably pretty thirsty. Wait, huh? Two women are standing on either side of her.

“Grimhilde, it looks like it’s about time for our date? Why are Maleficant and Snow White here too? If you wanted to have a demon orgy, I’m in for it.”

“You bastard, as if I’d give you the satisfaction!” Snow White growls.

“Even though this demon lord has been involved in many orgies, I do not wish for another with such a loli-pervert.” Maleficant adds.

“Actually, my sister has no official ‘date’ planned with you…” Grimhilde says while scratching her cheek.

“Nor do I want one!” Maleficant defends.

“And Snow White is the next on your list…”

“Hmph…” Snow White snorts while crossing her arms.

“My sister approached me in desperation recently…” Grimhilde starts explaining.

“Not desperation. I don’t beg! I… err… offered you a proposition!”

“Um… okay?” You frown, not quite sure where to go with this.

“Well, as it turns out, their desires align with mine. Snow White and I would like to combine our dates for a more ambitious request.”

You raise an eyebrow. “More ambitious than giving you any date you want?”

“Well, to be specific, we want war.” Grimhilde responds sharply.

“Huh?” You ask, taken slightly aback by the sudden violent look in her eyes.

Grimhilde turns her head and sniffs. “You seem to forget that you’re dealing with a demon lord here. While I admit I’m more peaceful than my sisters, I still crave to conquer and expand my realm. The problem is, as the seventh demon lord, I have the smallest and poorest nation. It was never feasible to spread my domain.”

“And Maleficant?”

“That slug in Florian, whatever its name is, took my territory and my armies! Even as we speak, my people are being raided and ransacked clean by the armies loyal to him. The few loyal to me were slaughtered and my people have no one to protect them. My kingdom is in ashes! While you’ve been taking your sluts on dates, my sister helped me send messages to the other demon lords. They decided not to help. Ursula, that sea witch, even told me that it was my grave I dug and I should sleep in it. Why that bitch—ow, ow, ow!” Maleficant’s tirade ends as Grimhilde knuckles her head.

“One of those sluts you speak of is your very own sister.” Grimhilde chides.

“Ow, Ow, Ow… I’m sorry, I’m sorry. I said I’m sorry! I said it thrice!”

“Alright… what does this have to do with Snow White?”

“Hmph. I am still a goblin queen at heart. My brothers you’ve left underground are growing fat and weak. Nonstop sex and food isn’t good for goblins. At heart, all men are pigs, and soon they’ll look like pigs if you don’t give them something to do.”

“So, put it all together, we have a lord who wants to expand her country, a deposited lord wanting to reclaim her country, and a general with an army ready to go. Sound about right?’

“Yes…” X3

“What does that have to do with me?”

“As far as I’m concerned,” Grimhilde explains. “My love is the closest I’ll ever have to a husband. Your strength is my strength. I want my husband to take over the world. I didn’t tell you this yet, but once your country officially was created I planned to emancipate my own…. Yet so far you’ve seemed content to remain in this one city. Occupying Maleficant’s country, Itsu,  seems like a good opportunity for my love to get his feet wet.”

“And Maleficant is okay with this?” You raise an eyebrow.

“Hmph… I’ve already acknowledged my country is lost to me.” Maleficant sniffs, turning away. “If any of my sisters had agreed to help, I’d have just become their puppet for the rest of my life. Grimhilde has told me that with you, I may have a chance of regaining some power. You are but a twig I’m grasping to keep from falling off the cliff.”

“Aren’t you the twig though?”

“Is that a comment about my chest!” Maleficant snaps. “I’ll Kill you! I’ll kill you twice!”

Before you could respond, Snow White steps forward. “Warrior, you bested me in battle and gave me unimaginable humiliation. You may be a great warrior, but you are no general. I can lead your armies. I like to conquer, and I wanted a better life for the goblin people. You’ve done the later, now let me do the first. It is my purpose. I-I’ll let you continue to violate me if you fulfill my wish.”

You roll your eyes. You were going to continue to violate her either way. However, it is nice to know you could get her on board with you. You glance over at Maleficant, who immediately snaps to attention. However, when she realizes what Snow White just said, her face starts to turn red.

“That is… I mean… of course I have sex all the time. I’d even show this loli-pervert a thing or two… if he helps me protect my people and bring stability to Itsu… that is…” Maleficant lowers her head and blushes by the end of the statement.

You give a sigh as you look at the three eager women staring at you. “Alright… let’s go to war.”

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The Power of Creation – Chapter 138

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“What’s this?” Bell asks.

“Nope, no, we already did that one.” You race over to stop another ill-received chapter. “Oh, that? That’s a private room where you can watch porno.”

“W-watch porno? I don’t understand.”

“Ah, well, pick your favorite porn.”

“This!” Belle excitedly holds up a box.

The DVD case she was holding has the title “Lesbian Butt Babes” and depicts an attractive woman eating the snatch of a catgirl woman. Of course, this world didn’t have any porno videos. Instead, your magic seems to take porno from your own world and “alter” the images a bit to add in the demihumans. As a result, you could even find goblin and orc porn, although thankfully human remained in the majority.

“Alright, so you got to open the case, and then put the DVD in the DVD player.”


That’s right, you didn’t add television into the house. You aren’t even 100% sure how to do it. You don’t have enough power to go back to your own world or you might have already done it. So, you can’t fathom the linguistics of getting a signal from the other world. Of course, you could create movies. There are movies you’ve seen and movies you haven’t seen. You don’t know if you created a movie you hadn’t seen if it’d actual be the movie. It might be a magical approximation of what you thought the movie would be about. On that note, all the porn here is probably based on your mind to some degree. It is a literal manifestation of every fantasy you can conceive.

“That explains some of the more disturbing stuff in the back.” You mutter to yourself.


“Ah, nothing, here, put the silver disk in that right there.”

“Oh, it sucked it in! Ah, the screen is flashing.”

Soon a scene appears on the TV. Belle stares wide-eyed at the TV as it starts to show the film.

“The pictures, they move!” Belle says excitedly.

Being a porno, it’s only a few minutes before clothes start coming off. Soon, Belle’s focus is completely lost on the flashing screen as moaning sounds fill the air. As she heavily breaths with a flushed face, her hands start to twist and her legs press together to hold back extreme arousal. She’s so focused on the TV she doesn’t even realize she left the door open to her private room. Well, the store is empty. There isn’t even an employee. You sort of just created it on the spot. You were just looking for an out of the way place so no one would accidentally enter while you played with Belle.

And playing with Belle is exactly what you have in mind. As soon as she starts breathing hard and twisting in arousal, your hands find their way onto her butt, which you give a light squeeze. She’s still standing in front of the TV, leaning forward with her eyes nearly pressed against the screen image as two woman excitedly touch each other’s naked bodies. Of course, she doesn’t know how to watch a TV, so she looks a bit like a young kid in front of the TV looking at Saturday cartoons. You stand next to her, pushing your groin against her impressive rump.

“Mmmm…” Belle doesn’t look back, but ever so slowly she starts grinding her butt against your cock.

You’re not even sure if she’s conscious of the act as she is fully engrossed in the porn, but her ass has you incredibly hard. Your hands move up her butt and feel her body, wrapping around and grabbing her tits. Her breathing seems to quicken as you play with her tits and she grinds your dick. Grabbing her skirt and lifting it up, you grab her underwear and pull it down. You can tell she’s wet and horny, her pussy pink and glistening in arousal.

You don’t waste any time pulling your cock out of your pants and pushing it up against her waiting pussy. She’s so wet that the head pops right in before you can even stop it.

“Aaaa… stick it in me. Ride me, you beast. Fucking ride me.” Belle says this while still watching the porn.

So, she is aware about what your doing. Well, you’d figured she’d feel it when you stuck it in.

When you look up in surprise, she gyrates her hips eagerly, the head of your cock rocking around the base of her womanhood. That’s all the goading you need. You slide yourself right inside of her. Soon, the pair of you are moaning just as loud as the women on the screen. The pair of you end up spending her date watching porn while fucking doggy style over a chair.

“Inside, blow it inside, you beast.” She begs.

She likes to be creampied. You might do something about her anti-BJ sentiments, but surprisingly she scoops out and licks the cream coming out of her pussy.

“I like the taste when it’s mixed together.” She says innocently as she licks up the mess like the addict Grimhilde might do.

“You are a freak.” You chide her jokingly.

She sticks her tongue out at you while adjusting her naked tits which were busted out over her corset. At this point you’d already fucked three times, and she had found a leather corset with handles and wore that to help you plow into her harder. Surprisingly, Belle was far more natural here in a porn shop than at the mansion. It was as if she needed this kind of place to feel natural, a place that openly enjoyed sex as much as she did.

She also ended up buying about fifty outfits and a couple dozen dildos and various other sex toys. Overall, this ended up being the most normal date yet.

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