The Power of Creation – Chapter 96

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“You’re… passable.”

As she eyes you up and down, you remember that you haven’t really altered your appearance all that much since you came to this world. You’ve perhaps been more confident since you found out you had this new power, but as far as looks go, you mostly just look like yourself. You say mostly because stats themselves affect you. As you increased strength, vitality, and such, you became fitter. Your skin blemishes all vanished. You have nicely toned muscles now. Overall, you look like the best you possible without altering your appearance fundamentally in some way.

It just never seemed necessary to have a pretty boy face like Florian. You already have tons of women throwing themselves at you, likely from your very high charm, so why change your looks. How would the girls react if your looks change? Would they love you regardless of the face? Would they be more turned on by a more beautiful face? That kind of thinking grates on your nerves. You don’t like the idea of the girls being more attracted to someone else, even if that someone else is you after you change your facial features.

“Let’s see what else you have…” She says, her hands reaching in and freeing your member; it springs to attention, a massive anaconda that equals the thickness of either of her arms. “Oh, Definitely passable.”

Hmph, Passable? It’s big enough to split this little Loli in two. Now that you’re up close, you give her another look. She’s wearing something very erotic for a so-called lord. It’s a skimpy leather number, with the only thing covering her lower regions being an underwear-like leather piece. She leans back in her chair as you admire her body, then her hands pull the underwear to the side.

“Suck it.” She says sweetly.

You look down at her exposed snatch in surprise. It’s a small, tight, hairless thing that looks like it would break if your cock even touched it. Her forwardness catches you off guard a bit.


“I want you to eat my pussy. Does Grimhilde not let you lick down there? No worries, this girl doesn’t have such hang-ups.”

Once again, Maleficant interprets the situation at her own convenience and is so hilariously off base that it is almost enduring. Her excited eyes flash as she licks her lips seductively. She really thinks she’s forcing Grimhilde’s “boyfriend” to service her. She’s probably imagining something like Grimhilde looking on teary-eyed as Maleficant corrupts and steals her boy toy.

Actually, now that you think about it, Grimhilde is rather conservative. Well, she WAS rather conservative. When you first met her, she wore a modest dress that covered up most of the goods. She was a virgin. She disliked the taste of sperm, and it was likely that under normal circumstances she wouldn’t give blowjobs. It was likely she’d be the type to shy away from cunnilingus too. Of course, then she met you, which was barely a week ago. By all accounts, the Grimhilde that Maleficant knew was long gone, but she’d have no reason to think Grimhilde had become a cum-guzzling gluttonous slut who shared her man with over a dozen other women.

You decide to humor the girl, moving down on your knees and sliding your tongue into her hairless snatch. Damn, the girl is very tight. Even your tongue can feel the tightness of her snatch. Could you even make your dick fit that? Well, she seems to be experienced so it had to stretch accordingly.

“Aiiii… ah… it’s so good! His tongue is in me sister, do you see? Ah… ah… I love it… suck it!” Maleficant is moaning like this from the very second you stick your tongue inside her.

Although, with your abilities and skills, you don’t doubt you’re great at cunnilingus, her actions are a bit over the top. Besides screaming and moaning, she’s rocking her body in strange ways, throwing her hands up and rubbing them over her body. Hew lewd sounds are ridiculous.

“I’m cumming! AH, I’m cumming! Your boyfriend just made me cum!” Maleficant declares.

Although the truth is that she didn’t. In fact, her vagina was barely reacting at all. You were very experienced at this point, so it was very clear to you what this was. Maleficant was acting. You were very confused, because you never struggled to provide women with intense pleasure. Having a woman fake it before you’d even gotten started was a bit of a put-off.

Out of sheer annoyance, you lace your tongue with magic that acts as a more effective stimulation, your tongue flickering over her clit in a way that you knew would bring her to climax in only a few minutes.

“Ah, ah… it feels so- eh? Eeee, hah, hah, hah, hah, AhhhHhhhhh!” The familiar clamping down occurred on your tongue, barely giving it room; damn was she tight.

Her voice went extremely high and she immediately lost cohesion. She claws at your face and pushes you away before you continue, then backs up on the chair staring around wide-eyed with a confused look while gasping for breath, her face flushed. You look around to see that a few of the guards are showing concern and confusion, while Grimhilde only looks bemused.

“Wh-wh-wh-wh-what just happened!” Maleficant demands.

You cock you head to the side, confused. “What? Did you just have an orgasm?”

“A-a-a-a-an orgasm?” Maleficant’s eyes widen even more and then she whispers under her breath. “Th-that’s an orgasm?”

“Don’t tell me you’ve never had sex before?” You respond.

“O-o-of course I have! With lots of men!” Maleficant is clearly flustered, then she comes down and puts on a fake face of maturity. “Rather, I just wanted to commend you for your good job. That’ll be all today. I will give you accommodations and we can do more of the sex things that I’m definitely experienced with later.”

“Haaaah? I haven’t even started yet?” your humor finally starts to fade.

“Wh-who are you talking too? I’m the Demonlord of the third most powerful country!”

“Yeah? Well, I’m the hero. And If I see a Demonlord, I won’t stop until I’ve pierced her with my sword!”

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The Power of Creation – Chapter 95

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“Tsk… this is boring.”

Florian pulls out a Gatling gun and immediately starts blasting bullets at Meg, who jumps to avoid them. Florian doesn’t pull any punches, however it looks like this sort of play is nothing to Meg. She’s laughing and dancing around like he isn’t trying to kill her. However, it’s only at that level. You didn’t know what you expected. At the very less Meg’s clothing should be torn off by now and Florian should be activating some kind of hero mode.

You wave a hand and send all the girls back to the mansion. You also cast some extra protective spells over it to protect them.

“You left me behind, my love.” Grimhilde responds with a tight smile.

“Well, I was gong to go take care of your sister while they are busy playing.”

The pair of you watch as their forms dance around. With Florian augmented, he’s actually keeping up with a surprised Meg, and the fight is getting intense as magical spells and bombs are dropped, creating explosions all over the place. In a bit, it’s going to get a bit dangerous if Grimhilde remains.

“Already!” Grimhilde says and then puts on a wry look. “Is that how abrupt your decision to conquer me was?”

“No…” You lie, “I gave it a great deal of thought.”

“Liar.” She sniffs. “But if you weren’t so overbearingly powerful, I wouldn’t have given myself to you in the first place. My sister is much more dangerous.”

“Yadda yadda,” You wave your hands, “Shall we go?”

When that the pair of you reappear, instead of sending yourself directly into the castle, you guys are now standing in front of a demon lord’s castle. You immediately raise an eyebrow.

“That’s strange, this place looks nice?”

The castle actually looks like a proper castle.  There were two flustered guards standing in front of a giant gate. The ground was actually covered in green grass, and there is forested terrain as far as the eye could see. The scene wouldn’t go amiss in a human part of the world.

“Don’t be mean, my love. My territory was the smallest and poorest. We lived in a mountainous area surrounded by active volcanoes and mineral deposits. That doesn’t denote the entire demon world. We all have our strengths and weaknesses.”

“State your business!” The two guards finally regain their composure and demand from the pair of you.

You nudge Grimhilde. “Well?”

Grimhilde shoots you a wry smile before responding, “I am seeking the presence of the Demonlord, my sister. I am Demonlord Grimhilde. Please let her know I have visited.”

The two guards look at each other, but one of them finally shrugs. “Very well, I will let the lord know, but she is very busy right now.”

One of the two men left, while the other watches the pair of you.

“Please, watch out for my sister, my love. She’s smart and cunning, but also always wants more. Her greed is legendary.”

“I’ll take it under advisement.” You respond.

“You are allowed in.” The guard finally returns and waves the pair of you on.

You walk into a castle guided by the guard. Lavish… would be an understatement when looking at this castle. Greed, was it? Maleficant seems determined to advertise as much of her wealth as possible. The walls are lines with expensive tapestries, and you can’t walk two steps without walking by another statue or vase on display. It all looks kind of expensive.

The pair of you are taken to a massive doorway leading into what appears to be the throne room. The doors swung open grandly as trumpets blare. There is a long red carpet that stretches up to a massive throne. Lining that carpet is a long honor guard of demons. At this point, the pair of you only can walk forward. You head along the carpeted walkway, and as you approach you start to notice the woman on the throne.

“A loli!” The trumpeting music stops just as you say this, the word ‘loli’ echoing loudly through the room.

The little girl sitting on throne room looks only slightly older than Jasmine. She has a pair of red pigtails. Like Grimhilde, she has a horn and tail. However, the end of her tail doesn’t hold a spade, but a diamond. Her proportions are all much smaller than Grimhildes. Small chest. Small body. Small face. Small horns.

“Let me do the talking, my love.” Grimhilde whispers to me, trying to ignore your slight even as some nearby guards give you a tight look. “Hello, Maleficant. It’s been a long time my sister. How have you-“

“Ah! I see you’ve brought me a slave! How generous of my little sister!”

“Little!” you say before you can stop yourself.

“I’m the youngest demon lord, remember?” Grimhilde whispers to you before continuing in a loud voice. “Well, you see, he’s actually my-“

“Your boyfriend or something? Well, give him to me anyway.” Maleficant speaks blatantly.

Grimhilde hisses quietly in a voice only you can here. “She’s always like this. Taking other people’s things.”

“Ah ho… do you perhaps… love him?” Maleficant’s eyes shine as she licks her lips excitedly and doesn’t wait for an answer. “In that case, Guards, bring him to me! Let me show her boyfriend the charms of a real woman!”

“But she’s a loli… heh, guards?” Before you can even react, a bunch of guards have grabbed onto the pair of you and are now dragging you right up to Maleficant’s feet.

“I was afraid this would happen.” Grimhilde whispers over to you. “She’s jumped to her own conclusions. She wants to take you for herself to embarrass me, that greedy wench. Beware, my love, she isn’t nearly as… sharing… as I have been.”

“Well, it’s not like I won’t have fun breaking her.” You respond frankly.

Grimhilde gives a tight smile. “Can you, at least, go easy on my big sister?”

“No worse than I’ve done to you.”

“I… was afraid of that.”

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Min’s Story – Chapter 1

Warning: Min’s story contains spoilers of TOAE, particularly regarding Min’s origins and motivations. I wrote this for a few reasons, but primarily for my Patreon Supporters. Once again, thanks for the support! For others, Please seriously consider donating! 

As sword met sword, the ringing of metal sounded out across the yard. Two people were in the middle of a duel, but calling it a duel was a little inappropriate. In fact, it could be considered fairly one sided. A tall, elegant boy was swinging a sword, deflecting off the attacks of much smaller person. However, it was the smaller person that had the clear upper hand.

It was only a few minutes before a wide swipe took the sword from the boy’s hand and sent it flying off. Upon losing his sword, the boy seemed to let out a breath and relax his shoulders, calling the match done. The other person didn’t let up though. As a result, he took an elbow in the gut.

“Uh!” he grunted as other person spiraled a sweeping kick, sending him flying to his ass.

They raised their sword again, as if they planned to deliver a killing strike. The boy’s eyes widened, fear and pain starting to overwhelm the sheepishness he had on his face so far.

“Elmindreda! That will be enough!” A man nearby barked.

The small woman’s sword stopped instantly. She took a step back and sheathed her sword in a single motion as if she wasn’t in a fight at all. However, she couldn’t help herself, and a moment later gave the boy on the floor a mocking grin.

He rolled his eyes as he worked his way back up to his feet. “Jeese, Min, have some mercy on me please.”

“Do you think soldiers on the battlefield will show you mercy, Danin?” The imposing man walked forward, shooting both of them rough looks.

“No, sir.” The boy called Danin responded, straightening his back just short of soluting.

The man made a pointer finger and pushed Danin in the chest. “Never let your guard down. You accepted loss just because you lost your weapon. Don’t expect your opponent to do the same.”

Elmindreda’s smile grew more condescending, while Danin’s shoulders slouched under the unrelenting criticism.

“And you!” the man turned suddenly, Min jumping a little as she scrambled to hide her obnoxious smile from her mentor. “Pride can be your downfall. I saw you playing and teasing with him, letting him think he’d win. That kind of overconfidence could cost you.”

Danin’s slouch grew even more severe as the words attacking Elmindreda struck his pride even more, but at the least, the smile was removed from her face as well.

“I’m sorry, Baron.” Min gave an unwomanly bow, “I will reflect.”

“I bet,” Baron rolled his eyes and sighed. “I guess, that’ll be it for today. I want you both to perform bow practice. Who ever can’t hit the target at 100 paces tomorrow morning runs 50 laps.”

“A hu-hundred paces?” Danin’s voice was high, but Min only responded with a nod, which Danin noticed before shooting her a sharp look. “Don’t tell me, you can shoot a hundred paces easy?”

Min lowered her head for a moment. “A-a skill.”

“Another one? You leveled again?”

“Mm… level 35.”

“Ho-how many special skills does that mean you have now?”


“Perhaps I should make it 200 paces for you.” Baron contemplated out loud, causing Min to make a noise of protest before he raised his hand. “Don’t worry, I won’t… for today. But to get a skill every 5 levels. Besides the hero, you’re the first I’ve seen in a thousand years to be blessed with so many skills.”

“Wow,” Danin looked at Min with open adoration until Min turned her head away with a blush.

“Elmindreda!” the words came from a woman’s voice some distance away.

Min’s blushing face immediately went white, “That’s my mom!”

“Don’t forget you were going to help me check the stream nets tonight!” Danin called out as Min turned and immediately dashed off in the direction of the voice.

“Mm!” Min responded as she continued to run up the trail path which lead into the elfish camp.

Camp would be the appropriate name for the small village, as everything was made out of makeshift fiber woven buildings. They had doors, but their support was skeletal at best. The elves were intrinsically migratory, and only stayed in any given camping area for a month or two before moving on to the next one.

One of the largest tents in the village, placed somewhere close to the center, was the one that Min headed to. As soon as she entered the door, she gave a curtsy.

“I’m home, mother.”

“Ah, Elmindreda, will you take off your shoes. Look at this, you have dirt all over your dress.”

“I was practicing, mother.” Min responded as she pulled off her sandles.

“Yes, yes, practicing swords and bows with that Baron guy.”

“Baron is a respected general, even father approves of him.”

“Him… yes, you going out roughhousing all day. No. All of your special skills are built around fighting and archery, it’s a travesty!”

“Ma… I’m an archer.” Min’s voice took on a petulant whiny voice as her mom wiped her face with a napkin and spit.

“It’d just be nice if you had a few special skills that’d served you as a proper wife.”

“Mom… not this again.”

“You’re 71 years old, Min. You’ve reached a marriageable age…”


“And I want you to know how to properly sew and cook. One of these days, you’re going to meet someone that you’ll want to cook for and sew clothing, and you’re going to be glad your mother taught you these things.”

“I can already cook and sew better than you!”

“That doesn’t mean you don’t need to keep practicing.” The woman crossed her arms and held a no nonsense aura.

Min rolled her eyes. “Yes, mother.”

The older elf sighed, then held Min’s cheeks, “One of these days, my dear, you’ll find someone who is worth giving everything you have. I promise you this. You may not realize it now, but one day, you will.”

Min allowed her mother to pull her into a nearby crafting room, and for the next three hours she was forced to needle thread until her fingers felt like they were about to bleed. It was boring work, but it was still time she got to spend with her mother, so she cherished it anyway. Still, she was young, and she spent the time thinking about when she’d be able to shoot targets with her bow. Many elves didn’t marry until 100, so she still had plenty of time.

“Ow!” She had poked herself with a needle in her inattentiveness, causing it to bleed.

“Be careful, dear.” Her mother responded without looking up.

Min shot her mother an annoyed look. Min’s mother, Alliana, was considered a beauty across the elvish settlement. It was no wonder then that she ended up marrying her dad, a top member of the council.

“What about father?” Min asked suddenly, trying to give herself something to else to think about.

“Oh, yes! That reminds me.” Alliana perked up. “Do you mind giving me some privacy tonight. I heard you were going to go out with that Danin boy, that’ll be fine.”

“Huh? What’s going on tonight.”

Alliana chuckled. “Ah, nothing much. Your father has been working hard, so I wanted to improve his life a bit. I suppose I should go take a shower about now.”

“Ew, mom, please, I don’t need the details.”

“Oh, ho, in that case, would my little Elmindreda want to hear about our wedding ceremony again?”


“You know you were conceived during the wedding ceremony. That’s very rare for elves. It takes some almost a decade of trying to conceive to be successful. But it seemed like as soon as your father finished up, you were on your way. It’s considered good luck…”

“I’m leaving mom, I have stuff to do!” Min rushed out of the room while covering her face as Alliana laughed

“I’ll see you soon dear. You can come home after the sun sets. I’ll be finished with your father by then.”

“I’m not listening!” Min slammed the door to cut off her chuckling mom.

In order to clear her mind, she followed through with the practice she was assigned. Finding her hay block with a target on it, she took a bow and arrow and started shooting. As she fired, allowing her special skill Precision to make her shots near perfect, she grew into a rhythm. Load, pull, fire, load, pull, fire. Each arrow landed true and it didn’t take long before the red center of the target was nothing but arrows.

“Beautiful.” The word snapped her out of her actions.

She turned to the source to find Danin standing nearby.

“Ah, I’m sorry.” Danin held up his hands. “I was just watching for a bit. You really have gotten good. You could probably enter in the archery tournament next year.”

“Mm…” Min merely shrugged.

As she put down the bow, she realized that her arms were already as tired as jelly. She was covered in a light sheen of sweat. She really had gotten into it. She didn’t realize how much of a workout she had put on herself. Her arms would be exceptionally sore tomorrow, which didn’t speak well for the challenge from Baron.

“Ah, it’s getting late. Did you want go afterall?” Danin asked.

Min merely responded with a nod. She had lost track of time, but the sun was already down to the treeline. There was only about two hours left of sunlight. Danin’s job was a pretty simple one. There were a few nearby streams and they set up nets to catch some fish. The streams were within the elf patrols, so they was unlikely to encounter monsters. Plus, Danin was a second classer like her, and the risk was rather low for them to meet something they couldn’t handle.

As Danin was checking the first net, he let out a sigh. “So… yesterday I ended up going to my sister’s wedding.”

As he spoke he blushed, and Min couldn’t help but blush as well as she turned her head and responded. “Uh, which sister was that again?”

“The older one.” Danin responded, leading into a few moments of awkward silence.

“H-how was it?” Min broke the silence, unable to contain her curiosity.

“Ah… that… l-loud, I didn’t expect… well… my sister was really loud. Mom says she was just trying to show off.”

“Sh-show off?” Min responded nervously.

“Ye-yeah. I guess it happens at a lot of the weddings. The… the women will be louder and more animated to suggest their husbands are really good at it…”

“Ah… right, I guess.”

“Well, it’s their first time, right?” Danin had put the net away and he stood in front of the blushing Min a little less nervous now. “Like, they can’t be good on their first time. But they don’t want to be seen as bad.”

“Is that how it is.” Min asked, while heat emanated from her face.

Elvish weddings were known for one thing. A man and a woman engaging in sex while being witnessed. It was considered good luck to conceive during the wedding. It was also common for couples to exaggerate their sexual prowess. It wasn’t uncommon for elves who just reach the marriageable age like Min and Devon to shyly discuss such exotic actions with a sense of excitement and wonder. However, they were still shy, and the pair of them struggled to even look each other in the eyes as they spoke.

“Some of the guys are saying you should practice first, so you don’t embarrass yourself on the big day.” Devon gave a side glance at Min as the pair continued to walk to the next stream net.

“Practice? That is… engage in…that.” Min lost some strength as she spoke.

“Well, remember that one guy. They say he lost it the second he started. Barely lasted 5 seconds his first time. Everyone still makes fun of him for it.” Devon explains. “What do you think?”

“Ah, about?” Min questioned, although she had an idea on where Devon was heading.

“Y-you know… practicing.”

“The first time… would make me their wife. We’d be married…”

“N-not if you don’t have witnesses.” Danin explained. “If no one sees it and you don’t speak of it, then its like it didn’t happen, right? You can pr-practice as much as you want. It’s just smart.”

“I don’t know, Danin. I’d want the one I’m with to be my only…”

“Then marry them later!” Danin seemed to be growing excited by the conversation. “I mean, if you find a guy, you can do stuff now, and then the pair of you marry later. I’ve heard a lot of younger couples are doing that now a days. They want to make sure they’re compatible. So-so, what about it? What do you think?”

As he said this, he turned around and stopped Min from moving forward and grabbing her hands. By his actions, it was very clear what he meant. He wasn’t asking what she thought about the process, he was asking if she wanted to become his sexual partner. Min couldn’t say she wasn’t tempted. She was at that age, and her libido was active. He was a good friend and not unattractive. The temptation of doing that taboo thing she’d never done before was certainly overwhelming.


“And here’s my fiancée, holding the hands of another man. You hurt me, my dear.”

Min’s voice cracked and her face whitened as she heard the voice of the last person she ever wanted to hear coming from just behind her. She spun around, pulling her hands away from Danin’s.

“Dante, what are you doing out here?” Danin spoke up with a tinge of anger in his voice.

“I heard my fiancée was running off into the forest with some lowcaste elf, and I had to step up. It’s a matter of pride, you see.”

Dante was a physically imposing man. He was twenty years older than Min, clearly within the realm of adulthood. However, for an elf, their age wasn’t so improper. He was the son of a rival council member, and in a culture where political marriages were common, it wouldn’t be considered odd in the slightest that Dante and Min would be paired up. However, Min’s father wasn’t the type of man to force Min to marry someone, and Dante was also an unbearably conceded asshole.

It had started nearly 30 years prior, when he had decided to claim Min as his own. He had actually beaten up a boy who Min was crushing on. That boy never spoke to Min again. She still remembered the condescending look he gave her as he explained that she was his and his alone. Her hand was already tightening on the hilt of her sword. However, Devon wasn’t so cool headed, and had already drawn his weapon.

“A filthy lower elf is going to threaten the son of a council member? Do you want us to cast your whole family out? At best, you’d end up slaves.”

He also thought himself as above others, and frequently used his position to abuse power. However, Min could only tremble when she looked at him. She was deeply afraid of him. At that moment, she seriously considered taking Devon’s offer. If he had her, then she could guarantee that she’d never end up in Dante’s hands. She’d had nightmares of that happening from time to time.

Dante laughed, pulling a sword from his own belt. Fortunately, Min didn’t share a sword master with him, but Dante was still twenty years their senior. If they both took him on at the same time, they might win. However, that was a maybe.

“Min, go!” Danin shouted. “I’ll hold him off.”

“Hold me off?” Dante only looked amused at those words. “My sweet fiancée, let us stop playing these games. Some day soon, you will crawl on your knees to pleasure me day and night. You becoming my wife is an inevitability.”

“You bastard!” Danin attacked first.

Dante’s eyes showed a bit of surprise, but he still managed to dodge the blade easily and with a swipe caused Devon to fly off balance. Attacking first was a mistake that Devon would have to pay for. Min knew the moment he attacked that he’d face repercussions. She didn’t think Dante would kill Danin, but he and his family would pay for breach of conduct. It was against the elvish way.

Even though she knew this, Min couldn’t stop herself from turning and running. In the end, she was still just a scared little girl. Therefore, she ran. She ran as hard as she could. She left the sounds of fighting behind her and headed straight back to her house. The sun hadn’t set yet, but she didn’t care, opening the door and closing it behind her before she finally allowed herself to gain her breath.

She wiped a few tears from her cheeks and recovered her breath as she started to relax safe in her home once again. It was only then that the noises started to assault her ears and she couldn’t help but blush. There were wet noises, the sound of skin on skin, and most audible of all were the moans.

“Oh, yes, don’t stop!” her mother’s voice flew into Min’s ear.

Min immediately exploded into a blush. That’s right, it was dad and mom’s night together. She had just barged in on them in the middle of something. She decided to tough it out. She wasn’t going to go back outside. She’d just have to plug her ears and pretend she wasn’t hearing anything.

However, a moment later she tripped over a pair of shoes. They weren’t a pair she recognized. In fact, the coat at the door was also one she didn’t recognized. For a moment, she allowed herself to listen to the moaning noises. The man’s voice…

Confusion and curiosity overtook all reason, and Min found herself slowly shuffling towards her parent’s bedroom. The door was open a crack, and the closer she got, the louder the sounds. She could hear the wet noises of skin sliding into wet skin. Her face was expressionless as she finally looked through the door and her heart fell.

Her mother was on her marital bed on all fours while a strange man who wasn’t father was plowing into her from behind. Min could see his taut ass tighten with each thrust, pulling hard on her mom’s hair like reigns.

“Ah, ah, it feels so good! Fuck me! Fuck me!” her mom yelled out lewd words.

The man was hitting her mom on the ass, and it resembled some of the men Min had seen on horseback. He was riding her mom like an animal. He was mounting her and riding her.

“Ah… I’m cumming, I’m cumming!” The man growled.

“Cum inside me baby, fill me up!” Her mom said things Min never imagined would come from her lips.

He made a moaning shout as she panted and purred. “Ah… it’s inside me.”

They didn’t remain in that position long, because he pulled his dick out of her and it flopped down, white stuff dripping down onto the bedsheets her parents shared. A gush of white stuff dripped out of her mother’s stretched snatch too. Min didn’t find the scene erotic. Rather, she was completely numb and confused.

The man then turned and noticed Min standing there at the door. Rather than being shocked with his dick hanging out, he gave her a smile and a wink. The blood drained once again from Min’s face as she realized she recognized this man. He was a council member. Not just any council member, but one of father’s biggest rivals. He was the father of Dante!

“In for some mother daughter fun?” He gave Min a look that made her skin crawl.

“Huh?” her mom looked back in confusion, her ass wagging with a trail of dripping semen swinging back and forth like tail. “Elmindreda! What are you doing there?”

Alliana immediately grabbed a blanket and tried to cover herself. As if to further drive the nail home, the man leaned down and grabbed one of her tits, putting it in his mouth. Alliana doesn’t resist as he sucks noisily on her breast, one eye on Min. Meanwhile, Alliana seems completely lost about what to say.

Min doesn’t give her time to come up with something, as she turned and immediately raced to her bedroom.


She ignored it as she slammed the door shut, falling down her to knees as tears fell from her eyes.


The Power of Creation – Chapter 94

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“I mean, I don’t mind, but I never did ask, what is your particular power?”

“Upon holding the stone, the power I was bestowed with was the ability to actualize anything from my world.”


“Yes. This may not seem like much to you, but where this world has magic, my world developed technology.”

He waves his hand and a moment later a belt full of grenades appeared in his hand. “For example, each one of these can create an unbelievable explosion not unlike a fireball. Although I am not limited to weapons. I can make food, commodities, even buildings.”

“Isn’t that a cheat!” You respond flabbergasted. “That’s totally cheating!”

“You’re one to talk!” Grimhilde hits you on the back.

“Ah…” she successfully brings common sense back to your head. “Then, please proceed, but know that I will step in if things become dangerous.”

Florian bows one more time. “Thank you, hero of Riun!”

With that, Florian leaps up onto the stage as Meg picks her nails with a bored look on her face as if she doesn’t care about the fight at all. As they face off, you used a magic that allows you to assess their abilities in the form of stats, much like your own status menu.

“Ai, he’ll be wiped out in the moment.” You mutter quietly.

His status isn’t weak. They are about on the same level as Kida, which is still far beyond the realms of what is called human as far as you are concerned. He’ll probably be able to beat Kida too, presuming he can summon any modern technology. You donn’t know how much that ability cold overcompensated for status, but you imagine he’d probably be able to manage against someone like Snow White or Merida.

Yes, Merida. It surprised you too, but she isn’t a major countries top Wyvern Knight for nothing. She wasn’t fronting when she said she could take Snow White on. You aren’t sure who’d win in a fight. Well, you still aren’t confident Merida wouldn’t slip and pratfall given her top heavy body. Perhaps if she lost the boobs. You immediately dropped that particular train of thought that bordered on blasphemy.

Instead, you crank up Florian’s stats temporarily. For the duration of this fight, he had a 10X multiplier on all status. It’s up to him to do something with it. While you are at it, you crank up the defense stats on all your women. You include Nala and Pocahontas for the moment. You already see an easy method to add Pocahontas to your harem, but you’re not sure how someone as love obsessed as Nala would work. Simply tricking her into thinking you’re the childhood friend with a spell feels a little cruel.

Once all the girl’s have enough defense that bullets would bounce off them harmlessly, you relax and sit back to enjoy the fight. Huh? Where did Sebastian go?

“Ah… he sure is diligent.”

A spell shows that he returned back to the mansion. He dragged the maids back with him, and they were now cleaning the place of the dust and debris resulting from the exposion. Of course, you had made sure the mansion was explosion proof. It was the only building still standing on the very edge of the crater. Although, the be honest, had the explosion been a little bigger even if the mansion stood it would have toppled off the edge of a cliff. New measures would have to be taken.

Either way, Sebastion is preparing a clean place for you and the girls to return to once you’re done playing here. Ah, and he’s even preparing three extra bedrooms for three more women. He’s become quite diligent. You guess you shouldn’t disappoint him then.

At that moment, the hero from another world and the demon general Megara begin their first moves, clashing in battle.


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The Power of Creation – Chapter 93

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“W-wh-what just happened?” Florian’s voice breaks out as the dust started to clear.

“Hm?” Meg cocks her head to the side, “A survivor?”

“What happened?”

“Oh my god?”


Voices starts to break out everywhere, and when visibility returns, a large crowd of people was still there in front of the stage. In fact, if it isn’t for the missing buildings and crater, it looks like not a single living soul had been harmed. The other girls came out from the back stage exit, looking confused and wary from the sudden attack.

“N-no one was hurt?” This time Meg’s words came out annoyed.

Well, it is certainly close, but you basically created a spell along the lines of ‘Noone get hurt.’ When you thought of it, you thought with the intention of protecting your harem, but it seems the spell countered any damage that would have occurred to anyone as a result of Meg’s attack.

You let out a little annoyed sigh. “Not that I care all that much, but may I ask why you destroyed my city of Riun?”

“Oh ho, your city, is it?” Meg’s eyes narrow on you, having decided that the survival of the currently panicking crowds

“Yeah, well, I settled in here and was starting to come to like the place a little bit.” You respond nonchalantly, completely at ends with the wreckage all around you. “As a matter of fact, I wouldn’t want you trying to use them as collateral so let’s declutter things for a bit.’

You wave you hand, and a moment later, every villager in the town is gone except for the girls and the judges. The steadily increasing noise of the scared crowd is silenced in an instant.

Meg looks around with an amused look. “Interesting… so you’d protect these people, but you leave the women?”

As she says this, she gives a mocking look to the girls behind her. A few look ready to throw down, even after seeing Meg’s complete domination a moment ago.

“Well, if you bother my girls, it won’t be collateral you’ll find, only death.”

“Oooo, scary.” Meg wiggles her fingers out before rolling her head back and laughing.

“I-I still don’t understand.” A voice came from your right. “We’re all allies. We’ve fought together. Stood side-by-side, how could you betray us?”

Meg looks down on Florian without a single ounce of pity. “You foolish hero. To think this is the best another world can offer. It wasn’t even hard to infiltrate your little party. So trusting…”

“B-but we’re friends!”

“Friends? HAHAHAHAHAHahahaha… That’s just soooo cute.” Meg bends over in laughter. “You think any of us are with you because we are friends? Pocahontas follows you because she wants you to save the dark elves. They near extinction and she hopes someone from another world can bring them back. You’re not a friend. You’re a fragile branch she clings to in hope her whole species won’t fall into the abyss!”

“That is…” Florian turns his head away, unable to find an adequate response.

Pocahontas, on the other hand, stares down at her feet. Although her face doesn’t provide an easy read as to whether what Meg said was true or not, you suspect what she said is very close to the truth anyway.

“And Nala!”

“Eh? Me? Bu-but I follow the hero be-be-because I want to!”

“Hah, you follow Florian because you’re an obsessed freak.” She laughs, and then eyes Florian with a devious look. “Hey, Florian, do you know she touches herself every night while moaning your name?”

Nala lets out a shout. “Ah, Meg, don’t lie!”

“Lie? Whose the liar here?” Meg shouts back. “I’ve had to sleep in the bed next to you every night while you shlick shlick with any object you can find! You’re not as quiet as you think you are! Hey, Florian, she also likes to pinch her nipples when she climaxes and say things like ‘Oh, Florian, fill me with your big, fat cock!’”

“Stop it, Meg, Stop it!” Nala is completely red and crying, but keeps her head down rather than doing anything else to defend herself.

“Remember when we bought all those vegetables and we went through them way too fast? That’s because Nala likes to stick them in her pussy. She even puts one in her ass while she touches herself and thinks about you! The freakish girl even cleaned them after and tried to put them back with the rest. Pocahontas had to throw them out in secret!”

Pocahontas who was standing next to Nala patted her head softly. “Mm. Okay. I forgiven you.”

Nala’s face went from red to white and then she started balling even more, her feet losing strength as she collapses. “I’m sorry… I’m sorry… I’m sorry…”

In those few words, it looked like Nala had already been completely broken. Well, the vegetable thing was pretty unhygienic. You didn’t realize this quiet, gentle girl in love was actually such an over-the-top sex freak. However, she does give you some ideas on future treatment for Tiana.

“That’s enough…” Florian’s voice is quiet.

“Huh? What? Speak up hero? I’m just telling you about how you let down every girl near you. One of them just hopes for someone to save her and the other uses vegetables because you’re too dickless to just fuck her!”

“I said enough!” He shouted.

There is a tug on your arm and you turn to see that Grimhilde has joined you. She whispers in your ear.

“I recognize the girl. She’s a demon. No… more than that, she’s the demon general Megara. She works under my sister Maleficant, the queen of the demon country Mittsu. It’s a much larger country than my own. It seems my sisters really were plotting to make a war with the humans. If this event spread from here, a war between demons and humans is inevitable.”

“Hah… how troublesome.”

“Hero of Riun!” A voice broke you from your conversation.


“Meg… I am sorry that I brought such a woman to your town. I brought devastation to these people. I suspect it was by your hand that we are alive right now.” Florian gave a bow formally enough that even you are a bit uncomfortable. “But I would like to make a selfish request. Please allow me to deal with this woman!”

So very troublesome…

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The Battle of the Sexes – Oneshot

This is now open to the public. It was an attempt at writing a longer, more ridiculous sex scene.


It was a calm night. Outside, the only sounds that could be heard were the chirping of cicadas. It was peaceful, warm, and sleepy. There wasn’t a any evidence of movement in the vicinity. The woman took a deep breath as she turned away from the window, closing the blinds as she moved. She carefully removed her skirt, her suit, followed by her underwear and bra. She took a nearby fluffy towel and rubbed it across her skin, drying herself of the accumulated sweat and dirt of the day. Once hanging up the clothing, she turned to the extra-large futon and laid down, covering herself with a soft sheet made from bamboo fibers.

A form emerged from the darkness outside. It made no noise, and it would have taken someone of great skill to see them move as they danced across the shadows. They bounded from tree to tree, always sticking to the darkest corner. Even if a car, rare for this far out in the country, were to drive by, they would see nothing substantial. That form slid through an unlocked window in the adjoining room.

Even though the room was dark, the form moved as if it could see without reservation. The room was devoid of people, but it had quite a few scattered boxes. However, the form didn’t miss a single step and made it through the room without a peep. They carefully opened the sliding paper door, moving into the hallway.

He listened carefully, and seeing that the house was free of any would-be interrupters, he sneaked to the door that contained the woman. A single hand reached out to open the door, but it was clear that it wouldn’t budge. Had this woman locked the door to her own bedroom? Well, it wasn’t like that would stop him.

Even had the woman been awake and watching the door, she might not have noticed any tampering as he worked, but a moment later, the door clicked and slid open, the dark shadow glided into the room. Slowly, steadily, the form moved up to the foot up the bed. His teeth gleamed as a disgusting smile poured over his face.

“Well, it’s already too late for you.” His voice whispered as he reached down towards her form.

“As if!” The blanket on the bed rose and shot out at him.

The man cursed, pulling a blade and slashing the sheet in an instant. When his vision cleared, the woman was standing on her bed, her body set in a fighting stance. She was completely naked, but this kind of thing wasn’t enough to fluster the shadowed man. She was an absolute beauty with long black hair, dark brown eyes, and nearly flawless white skin. Her breasts were large, and sturdy tipped by perfectly dark nipples. Ignoring the sight of the arousing woman, he went to attack her, but a second later froze.

“No weaknesses!” He growled in disbelief.

“Ah ho… so you’re at least skilled enough to notice.”

Even naked on her bed, the girl’s defense was flawless. The man couldn’t see a means of striking her that would cause a substantial amount of damage to himself as well. He had never met a woman with such an overpowering aura before!

“Tsk…” he gave an annoyed sigh, sheathing the blade on his side, even though the girl didn’t relax a single bit.

“I wonder, who is it that hired you, assassin?”

“Ah, and here I thought you were a competent woman.” The man smirked. “But who said I was here to kill you?”

With those words, he ripped open the front of his pants. A massive erection sprung forth. It was easily 10 inches long with a decent girth. The girl looked down at his member with a raised eyebrow, unflustered by the sight of this monster.

“I see you’re a shameless man, but what is it you hope to accomplish by exposing yourself as such?”

“I’m merely showing you my particular weapon of choice. You see, I wasn’t hired to kill you, I was hired to rape you. My employer wants to see you broken and humiliated. A rich heiress and entrepreneur such as yourself? You’ve created a lot of enemies. There are many happy to pay to see your reduced to a quivering mass. It is my pleasure to carry it out.”

“I think I’ve come to understand, but you’ve already failed at the rape part.”

“True, but from the moment I have shown myself to you, I’ve noticed your heart rate increase by ten beats a minute. Your mouth is watering, your body is sweating, and by the smell, you have become quite moist. Your body clearly wants my dick.”

“And how do you plan on breaking the willing?” She inquired mischievously.

“I’m confident in my abilities.” The man responded simply. “Every woman has her limit before she’s reduced to a quivering mass of sex. I’ll simply make you reach yours.”

“Your challenge is tempting. I’ve accumulated a great deal of stress lately. I’ll use your body to relieve it!”

“Then, we shall begin!” he leaped on to the bed with those words, immediately grabbing the woman and pulling her to him.

Immediately, his hands attacked her chest, his face diving in. She had a disappointed look on her face.

“And here you had spoken so sweetly. I had genuinely gotten aroused by your words, yet you make the rookie mistake of attacking my breasts first. Do you know that most women feel little to no satisfaction from having their boobs played with? But just like a man to b-line for them. I will allow you to enjoy them, but it will only serve to bring you closer to your own climax more quickly.”

“Is that so… then if I do this…”

“Ahhhhh! Hah Hah Hah, That felt so good, what did you just do?”

His hands continued to work over her breasts as his gleamed darkly. “It is your mistake to disregard your breasts so offhandedly. I’ve studied the Nepalese two-handed breast’s points.”

“Breast points?”

“Yes! There are over 100 ways to stimulate a woman’s tits, and I have mastered every pressure point. So if I touch here.”

“Ahhhhh… it feels so good.”

“And then here!”

“Ahhhh… hah hah hah, don’t stop!”

“But your legs already look wobbly. If you fall to the ground I won’t be able to resist having my way with you. Please try to stay standing.”

“You think you’ve won? I-I was just caught off guard is all!”

“Did you know that women’s breasts are geared to feel sexual pleasure. The same dopamine that erupts in sexual orgasm encourages a woman to breastfeed her child. Naturally, she is geared to feel release when a baby sucks. Now when a man sucks…”

He accentuated his point by putting his lips around her nipples. His tongue flicked around, trigger 9 pressure points at once.

“Aaaaiiii! Aaaahhh… I’m going to cum. It’s going to come out if you keep doing that.”

Already?” He laughs as he spits out her nipple. “I haven’t even penetrated yet, and you’re already going to soak the bed? And you thought you could last the night? Where’s your iron will? You can barely stand!

“Don’t confuse my willingness to cum with my stamina!” She shoots back, her hand reaching out and grabbing his member.”

“I’m surprised you can even move given the pleasure I’m making you feel right now, but do not think my dick is so sensitive to… to… ah… what are you doing?”

“Ah ho… did you think you were the only one here with skills? I’ve trained my hands since a young age, working to give them a perfect touch control of any object within them. I’m not only a skilled artist and master masseuse, but I’ve perfect the perfect handjob.

“Ah, the way your fingers move, it is certainly an advanced skill!”

“But this foreplay is starting to bore me.” She sighs. “I’ve felt your cock, and you’ve played with my tits, but I want you inside me!”

“Do not be too eager!” He responds. “If you don’t properly set up your environment, you can never reach true nirvana! How about we take things to the next stage. I smell how excited your pussy has become, I’d like a taste.”

“Don’t talk about a girl’s naughty smells, it’s embarrassing.” she blushes. “But if it’s oral sex you crave, then I would like to deliver the same to you!”

“Sixty-nine, is it? Well, I’m proud of my skill, I don’t think you’ll be able to keep up.”

“Is that so?” she asks, while finally lying down with her legs spread. He gets on all fours over her, and his hand’s spread opens her snatch while his tongue dives in.

Meanwhile, she wraps a hand around his member and brings it to her lips. After a few moments of nothing but lewd sucking noises and moans, he raises his head to respond.

“It’s always the same, I’ve found. She want’s sixty-nine, but once I start to bring her to climax she can no longer focus on my dick. In the end, it just sits in her mouth while she moans like crazy!”

She pulled out his dick and breaths hard. “Well, don’t compare me with such weak women. I love the warm feeling of your dick around my lips!”

The pair attack each other’s sexual organisms as the smell of sex and the lewd, wet noises fill the air.

“Mm!” the woman’s eyes widen as her lips tighten on the thick member in her mouth.

“Did you like that? I’ve trained every muscle of my body, that includes my tongue. Many men cry while questioning the location of such female areas as the G spot and the clitoris, but I for one ask is that all you can find? The female pussy has nearly 300 unique areas that generate intense pleasure, and I will stimulate every one of them!”

“Ah! AH! AH! You’re making me go crazy!”

“Hahahaha! Do you see now? Do you see that you’ll succumb just like every girl?”

“It’s cumming out! I can’t stop! I’m cumming!”

“Yes! Release your juices. Cum! Cum! And keep Cumming until your nothing but a dirty whore! AH!”

Her unfocused eyes suddenly focus, and her tongue greedily darts around his cock while she uses both hands to stimulate his member aggressively. As she lets out moans, she starts to generate moans from him as well, flustering his grip on her vagina.

“Hah, Hah… did you think I was so simple as to be defeated with a mere tongue? I have tempered my own techniques. Let me satisfy your penis with my mouth and hands!”

“Argh! You Whore!”

“Whore, whore… you keep calling me a whore, but I am one to hold the opinion that whoring is the oldest profession. All people, man, and woman, are whores. The entire institution of marriage was merely an attempt at legalizing and legitimizing the act of whoring yourself. What is becoming a housewife if not selling your body so that a man will take care of you? Look at any profession! Scientists, Teachers, Athletes, Entertainers… are they not all just selling themselves. They may specialize in other fields, but at the end, aren’t they all just whores. And you sir, wrecker of women, in the end, don’t you just get paid to fuck women? We’re all whores!”

“Ah… you… I’m going to cum!”

“Yes! Cum, cum in my mouth. I want to taste the seed of this wrecker of women. I wonder if you taste more potent to go with your large ego!”

“Ah, ah, ah!”

Hot streaks shot out into her mouth as her fingers gently stroked his scrotum, encouraging every last drop.

“Mmm… it does taste good. But I’m sorry, it seems like you have lost already.”

“Lost?” The man lifts his leg off of straddling her head and turns towards her while laughing. “Lost? Did you think that was it?”

He turned around, and even as streaks of white stretched down to the bed sheets, his cock was still fully erect.

“What is this, still hard?”

“Do not confuse me with some middle-aged husband who hasn’t known a woman’s touch in years. I’m not the kind of man to be so easily done it. I’m what you call a multi-cummer!”

“Is that so?” She licked her lips slowly, “I’d be upset if you said anything else!”

“Still full of yourself, you’ve already wetted the sheets with your dirty lust, and you think you can still be in control of this situation?”

“Stick it in and find out.”

“Oh, I will, I’ve been looking forward to getting a feel for your pussy. I wonder how tight and wet it is!”

He lines his cock up directly with her wet pussy, positioning himself over her in preparation for delivering hard, thrusting piston movements.

“Ah, it’s so big!”

“Then, I’ll put it in.”

“Ahhh… it’s going in! Ah, it’s inside me! It’s filling me up!”

“Hah… you are tight.”

“That’s just because you’re so big!”

“Don’t be like that. I’ve had many women, so when I tell you it’s tight, accept it.”

“Mmm… but it’s not too big, so you can keep going.”

As he slides his dick into her, he puts a hand on each thigh to help spread her open and slide it in deep. Once he gets it all the way in. He starts thrusting into her by making hard piston thrusts.

“Ah, ah, ah! I love it. Fuck me!”

“Mm… you’re so wet, you must really love this dick inside you.”

“I do, it feels so good!”

“Haha, you’ll make me blush talking like that.”

“That’s rich, coming from a guy who breaks women.” She talks in between gasps as the sound of wet skin on skin fills the area.

“You know, I didn’t always do this for a living…”

She cocks her head to the side. “Porn star?”

“Well, I can’t say every man doesn’t dream of being a porn star at least once, but no. I used to be in the family business.”

“Family business, is that like the mafia or something?”

“Hmm… not at first. Do you know the difference between crime lords and businessmen.”

“Enlighten me, but while you’re doing it, go faster.”

“Hahaha, don’t mind if I do!” He grabs on to her hips and starts thrusting into her faster, the pat pat pat noise growing as each thrust causes her perfect tits to bounce. “The only difference between mobsters and businessmen are the businessmen are rich enough to cover up their crimes. We tried to compete with the corporates, and in the end, we couldn’t keep up.”

“That doesn’t explain how you ended up in the raping business.”

“No, it doesn’t.” He responded flatly before grabbing her under the legs and hiking her lower body up, allowing his piston movements to reach deeper and harder.

“Ai… if you keep going like this, I’ll cum!”

“That’s the idea. I was going to make you cum either way!”

“Hah, hah, even if you say that you should be experienced enough to know that every woman is different. ‘I can make any woman cum!’ is just wishful thinking, and men who happen to touch a woman exactly how she wants to be taken on the first run is the equivalent of being struck by lightning.”

“Your point?”

“Just that a man like you should listen when a woman tells you how to pleasure her. It’ll only work in your favor!”

“I’ll take that under consideration, but before you look down on me, take this.”

“Eh? Ah, ah, ah, ah! I-i-it’s vibrating?”

“I have many tricks up my sleeve, and they aren’t all related to my hands and tongue!”

“B-but it feels so incredible! Ho-how are you doing this? I’m going to cum. It’s driving me crazy!”

“Hah! I can control the blood flow to my penis. This technique cycles the blood through at a rhythmic rate, causing the impression of vibration! Try to last with a hard penis that is not only warm but stimulates just like your vibrator.”

“Ah, it’s incredible! I’m going to lose it!”

“Please do! The sooner you lose coherency, the quicker my job will be finished.”

“But… isn’t this a problem for you too?”

“Huh? I don’t know what you’re talking about.” The guy turned his head away shyly, even as he continueed to plow into her with regularly loud, wet, piston thrusts.

“Circulating blood like that, it must make your penis even more sensitive to my stimulations.”

“I’m fine-“

“You are, as long as you cycle your blood in and out at the same rate as your thrusts!”


“That’s right! I figured out your trick.” With that, his thrusts suddenly stop, he tries to pull his dick out, but it remains in.

“But if I were to disrupt your thrusting, then the cycling blood will end up causing you intense stimulation.”

“Ah… this bitch, I’m cumming!”

“Haha, I feel it, it’s entering in my womb, it’s so warm!”

“It seems like you’ve made me cum again, so I’ll merely enjoy it, but If you become pregnant from this, it will only add to your humiliation!”

“Geh… well, you have so much seed filling up my womb, I indeed might get pregnant, but there are morning-after pills, after all.”



The pair of them finished cumming in unison, another round of sex complete. After a few moments, their breathing returned to normal.

“Um… would you mind releasing my penis now. Your womb is already filled with my seed. How do you do that anyway.”

“Ah, sorry, you’re still hard. I was waiting for it to soften.”

“You wish! I’m hardly tapped out yet! Remember, you’ll be the one to give up first!”

The girl sighed as the man got off of her.

She wiped the sweat and sex from her body as she prepared herself for another round before speaking. “I’ve done kegel training. Holding your penis is a simple feat.”

“Mm… the perhaps your pussy is too dangerous. I’ll just have to break your ass in.”

He shoved her back down on the bed head first, and without even giving a chance he slid his dick into her ass.

“Ah, not that spot!”

“Yes, oh, it’s so warm and tight.”

“That’s so dirty.”

“Hmph, and do you think your pussy or mouth are that much cleaner? I’ll take any hole equally.”

“Ah, it hurts!”

“Well, you probably never had something this thick in your ass.”

“No, I haven’t. Ow, Ow…”

“If you feel like giving up now, I’ll understand, but don’t expect me to stop and give you a break.”

“If you think a little pain will break me, you are mistaken!”

“It would be less fun if you did break so easily. While my employers just wanted you to break, I must admit I never predicted it would be so fun! You have given me much pleasure tonight, you should consider it a compliment.”

“Don’t say that so casually as you violate my ass!”

“Haha, I mean it, if I had a heart, I could even fall in love with you.”

“Instead of making such cruel jests, perhaps you’d like to hear my theory.” She retorted.

He slapped her ass once and she gave a little cry. “I’m all ears.”

“You must have been hired by Mr. Drollex.”

His strokes slowed for a second but then he returned to thrusting into her ass with reckless abandon. She chuckled at his quick breach.

“What makes you say that.” His voice came out calmly.

“As you say, I’m a businesswoman, but unlike your family, I’ve always run my business honestly.”

“The only honest businesswoman, is it?”

“Mock me if you want, but I’ve run my business legitimately. Not that I haven’t had people offering profits at the expense of ethics. Drollex recently contacted me. I say contact, but it was closer to court. He wanted me to sleep with him, and I heard his pride when I turned him down. If any man wanted to humiliate me with sex, it’d be him!”

“So… let’s say that you are right and it is this so-called Drollex. What of it?”

“Well, first I’d destroy all the video evidence.” His thrust stopped for a moment.

“I’m sorry… I’m not-“

“Oh, don’t be coy with me. You set up cameras in my room before we started.”

There was a slap on her ass followed by a rich laugh as the man started thrusting into her again. “I like it, I like it! So, you even knew that much? Why would you let me violate you so if you knew I was recording it all?”

“I’m happy to answer you, but first, I’d like you to confirm what you plan to do with the video.”

“Release it! Of course. What’s the point of breaking you without evidence? Of course, my employer would like a full copy for his own personal use, but the best parts will be released for the world to see. You, covered in spooge and sex, your vagina spread and gaping, your eyes rolled up and delirious with pleasure. Try to continue to receive the respect of your peers after they’ve watched your ass violated on camera! It’ll be a controversy that’ll get you kicked out by your board.”

“Ah, well, then once you lose consciousness, I must make sure to destroy those tapes immediately.”

The man let out a roaring laugh while he continued to plow away, his balls slapping in her ass with each thrust. “You amuse me, lady. I usually don’t like to show all my cards, but you’ve been so much fun that I yearn to break you even faster!”

“Ah, what’s happening, no, it hurts! My ass is stretching. You’re going to rip it in two.”

“Ahahahahaha.” He spanked her ass as he thrust, his large member throbbed over and over again.

Each time his penis throbbed, it became larger than the last time. Within moments, his dick was about two inches longer and another inch thicker.

“Ah, it’s so big! It wasn’t this big before! What have you done!”

She struggled desperately but was trapped in his iron grip as he continued to violate her ass.

“I told you I could control the flow of blood to my penis, remember?”

“Ah, yes… ah, it hurts so much!” Tears ran down her face as she tried to maintain her mental capacity.

“Well, Of course, I can redirect the blood from other parts of my body to my penis, further swelling it past the normal capacity of a man.”

“That’s possible?”

“For someone like me, of course! I can increase my size several times!”

“It’s much hotter too!”

“Mm… fortunately, your asshole is so warm and inviting, otherwise, I might lose body heat fast. As is, I can break your ass ten times over!”

“Break me, break me, always talking about breaking me! You’re not the only one holding back!”

“Huh? What is that? What are you doing?”

“I learned special Peru meditation techniques. I can relax my sphincter abnormally well, allowing large objects to violate my ass all day. Keep trusting. You’ll only tire yourself out.”

“Tsk… If I knew you’d be this difficult…” He sighed pulling out and wiping his dick with a towel to clean it.

“Well, if you don’t mind, I’ll be on top this time.” The girl said, sitting the man down.

She spread her legs and mounted his cock, and immediately started to bounce up and down on top of it.  Each time she flopped down, her boobs flopped up and down with her, and gave quite the erotic sight. Having already cum many times, they were both drenching wet, their pubic hair covered in sex. The noises emanated from them as she rode his cock were extremely wet and lewd. As she bounced on his cock, she grabbed her chest and squeezed her own nipples, moaning pleasantly.

“As soon as I think you’re some kind of genius.” He shook his head, “You end up doing something to doom yourself.”

“Do you think so?”

“Ai… that position uses a lot of energy. You’ve put me in a state where I can lie down and relax, while you must move your entire body to receive proper penetration. Prior to this, you simply rested on all fours like a dog or lied on the bed. I was expending the most energy, but even then, I really only needed to move my hips. You must support your whole body. Furthermore, as a woman, your stamina can’t compare!”

“Don’t look down on women!” She shouted back, putting her hands on his chest, using the leverage to bounce on his balls even harder. “I have a theory regarding this also.”

“Haha, tell me!”

“When we talk of different sexes, what is the primary difference?”

“Of course, that would be these sexual organs.”

“Exactly!” She responded proudly. “Men had testes and a penis, women have ovaries and a vagina. Talk all you want about strength, size, shape, but that’s just the talk about hormones. Even breasts can be grown on a man if they were given the right hormones at the right time.”

“I’m following you so far.”

“Well, think of biology. Think about the development of our genitalia and their ultimate evolutionary progress. A pussy is designed to be ripped open and stretched. No matter how much blood courses through your dick, it never will meet the thickness of a baby. It can be pounded, it can be ripped, it can bleed regularly, yet it endures all of it.

“Meanwhile, a penis can’t take a single hit! If you had to ask which organ was superior, the one that can create life while surviving any amount of brutality, or the one that shrinks and hides in the slightest cold, which would you choose?”

“Haha, I suppose you are right. However, my penis has broken many vaginas, so this is a case where theory doesn’t fit practice.”

“We’ll see about that!”

“Wh-wh-what are you doing?”

“I’m increasing my pace, mm, I love the feel of your dick filling my pussy.”

“I too, enjoy the feeling, but you can’t expect to keep going, Ah… it’s so tight, I’m going to cum.”

“Ah, me too… Ah…”

The pair of them came in unison once again, sex splashing out between their legs which created lewd smells and noises that filled the room. Immediately after, the woman started to increase the pace once again.

“What are you doing?” He cried out. “You can’t maintain that pace forever! Have you given up?”

“Hardly,” She snorted in response. “Our talk of vaginas and penis reminded me of my greatest strength.”

“And what is that?”

“As a woman, I can orgasm almost indefinitely. Meanwhile, your sperm bank is already depleted. That last cum was insignificant compared to the first!”

“Harsh…but what does that have to do with this pace?”

“It’s rather simple. I lack the stamina, but each time you cum your balls can only handle so much. So, I’m banking everything on you giving out before me!”

“Oh ho, so you think that I’ll cum myself into a coma before you tire out physically?”

“Your balls are already sore. I can tell by the pained furrow in your brow. You’ve already cum several times. You may be a muti-cummer, but no man can cum indefinitely. As you put it, I just have to take you to your limit!”

“Hahaha, I like it, I like it! Let us fuck until the last one is standing!” He grabbed her thigh and immediately began to thrust up into her like a possessed madman.

“Oooh… shit… Ah… so good. You’re going to make me cum again!”

“Ah, keep receiving my seed!”

The sounds of balls slapping against wet skin resounded through the house for some time after that. The smell of sex grew to the point where even someone passing by might turn their head and sniff in wonder. Moans and squeals of ecstasy emerged at regular intervals. However, this pace was one that couldn’t be maintained forever. No matter how good it was, some things had to come to an end.

The next morning a pair of eyes opened. As soon as their consciousness returned, their eyes snapped to the locations the cameras had been set up. Unfortunately, they had already been taken.

They let out a sad sigh. “Ah… I lost.”


Tales of an Enchantress – Chapter 12

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The next few days continued to roll by without much else changing. The hunter’s path had now become just plain forest, and we continued to angle east towards the supposed direction of this monster colony. According to Dirk, we’d be reaching the border to the demon country by the end of the day. Strictly speaking, it wasn’t legal to cross the border.

That was one more reason that I wanted to do this mission outside of the Adventurer’s Guild. The guild held a ‘don’t speak, don’t tell’ attitude when it came to these kinds of things. Adventurers aren’t supposed to cross country borders, but it’s an unspoken assumption that it happens from time to time.

After the night Dirk took me by the campfire, he’d grown more brazen for the next couple of days. While I didn’t encourage him in the slightest, it was quickly growing to the point where he was grabbing me and feeling me up all the time. It wasn’t nearly to the extent of the times I had been with Ricardo and Denova whom I had used my abilities on, but it was problematic enough that even the other two guys were getting annoyed.

In the past, I might have asked Min to set him in his place, but I swore to myself I wouldn’t depend on Min anymore. That meant I simply tolerated the glances and inappropriate touching. Every night, he’d throw me on the hard ground. Quiet thrusts and grunts the first night had turned into full-on doggy after a few more nights, his balls slapping against my ass as he held a grip full of my hair. It was noisy enough that there wasn’t a chance Min wasn’t aware of what was going on.

The next morning after that, Tark had grabbed Dirk and the three adventurers went off a ways to have a discussion. There was some serious talk going on, but it appeared like Giff had cast a spell because I couldn’t hear any of it. Eventually, Dirk lowered his head while Tark said something with anger casted on his face. It was actually Giff who seemed like the one who brokering a peace between them. That next night, Dirk didn’t touch me at all.

Even after becoming Dirk’s sex toy, I was starting to trust the three men. Dirk’s behavior was at least tolerable. Meanwhile, the other men treated me with a certain level of distance. At the very least, I didn’t think they would cut my neck while I slept, so I went to the tent to rest early rather than continuing the double watch. In the morning, Min was angry that I didn’t wake him up, but we were fine so there was no reason to regret that decision.

“We can trust them now,” I explained.

“No, could betray.”

I had let out a sigh. “Look, I know you might be a little jealous, but there is no way Dirk is going to hurt me.”

Min’s eyes flashed at the word jealous, but then his eyes widened. “Is that why? Nevermind. Just… be careful.”

I put my hands on Min’s shoulders carefully while he continued to look up at me. “Look, Min… I’ll handle it. If something happens, I’ll fix it. You can depend on me!”

Min’s expression turned oddly dark at those words. “You… dependable…”

Given my tendency to sleep around, perhaps I’m not exactly dependable, but it hurt to hear Min disagree so blatantly. I tried to give him a reassuring smile.

“It’s okay, Min. I’m stronger than I look. I can handle it!”

I’ll become someone that doesn’t need to depend on Min. I swear it. However, Min’s appearance only seemed to become more bitter. His fist was tight enough that his fingers were white. Am… am I really so unreliable?

“Fine, Vessë.” Min responded tightly.

He turned and walked away. I had to fight the urge to reach out and grab him. In the end, I needed to give Min up. In the past, I depended upon my seduction, even if it was used passively, to continue to string Min along. I couldn’t do that anymore. If I wanted to grow as a person, I could no longer used him. Of course, it wasn’t lost on me that Min’s reliable nature still fueled out relationship with these escorts.

“We leave… tonight.”

Min only spoke those words to me a few hours later after the midday. We didn’t make a meal for lunch, instead depending on some dried bread and jerky. The men seemed to be picking up the pace near the border. Perhaps they feared that there were guard patrols. However, this far into the forest, where even the hunter’s trail had long disappeared, was highly unlikely to have any other human beings.

I nodded in response to Min’s words. “Tonight then?”


Min… I just need to depend on you a little while longer. We would abandon the men tonight and cross into the demon country. Then a few more days hard travel and we can find the succubus and incubus colony. I’d learn the secret to classing up, and when Min and I returned to town, I would leave in the night to find my own way. I’m sorry, Min.

However, those were thoughts for the future. For the upcoming night, it’d be easiest to slip the men by using my rock a bye skill.  While still requiring the use of my body, it was one of the few skills that didn’t involve any extreme manipulation. When Dirk’s turn came up, I’d leap into his pants and knock him out. With all three men asleep, we could easily give them the slip.

“We’re near the border…” Tark spoke shortly after holding up his hand. “I’ll scout ahead just in case.”

“Need me?” Min asked cautiously.

Tark held up his hand, “No, not this time. Everyone just stay here. I should be right back shortly.”

Tark dashed off into the thicket without another word. Dirk only chuckled and gave the pair of us a smile while Giff ignored us. Min gave me a look, but it I found it hard to meet his eyes for a significant length of time. Instead, I watched the forest diligently for Tark’s return.

He returned surprisingly fast and gave a laugh. “Everything’s good!”

The two other men let out sighs as if they were holding back tension. Was crossing the border really something so taxing? I finally worked up the courage to give Min a questioning look, but he only responded with a shrug.

The pair of us continued to follow the three men as they made their way forward. We crossed a particularly thick barrier of foliage and came out into a surprisingly flat clearing. My eyes were focused on Dirk’s back so I had already taken a dozen steps into the clearing when I finally noticed that we weren’t alone in the clearing.

Standing in the middle was a large carriage, horses, and large grouping of people. The people took many shapes and forms. Some of them were wearing particularly ratty clothing. They all seemed to have tails and various shapes for ears denoting the presence of demons and demi-humans. There were others wearing armor. For a second I feared they were border patrol, but their dress was hardly uniform enough. Instead, they looked more like another group of adventurer’s on guard duty.

“What’s this.” Min asked as the pair of steps slowed a good twenty paces from the wagon.

Tark turned back and rose an eyebrow. “What, this? Ah, this is just a normal routine. We’re typically charged with transport. We pick up shipments from border of the demon country and deliver it into the human country. It’s a rather lucrative business just to work as a simple transporter of goods don’t you think?”

Although he was smiling, something seemed a bit off about what he was saying. My eyes scanned around the cart, and there was nothing there that looked to be goods for transport. Rather, there was something there as goods, but the implications were unsettling.

“You deal… in…” my voice drifted off, but Min picked it up.

“Slaves,” she responded simply.

“Human Traffickers,” I muttered in disbelief.

Dirk let out a laugh. “Well, when you say it that way it sounds bad… but none of these girls here are human, are they? Not that we’re that particular…”

I finally met the eyes of the people I had been avoiding. It was about five women, the ones wearing the shotty clothing, whom were all sitting in the carriage. They were chained up and they wore collars around their necks. It wasn’t much different than the collar that had been around Jenai and Min’s neck for so long.

“Who are these two?” The man who looked to be in charge asked, giving the pair of us a dark look.

“Ah, a gift? I hope your master graciously accepts. She’s beautiful, yes? Only a first class, but has a beauty to rival any third classer. Easy to control. “Tark spoke jovial and then gave Dirk a wry look. “And I’m told she’s good with her hands.”

“What?” for a moment, the words coming out of his mouth sounded strange and confusing.

“Vessë, run!”

Min pulled his sword just as a noise occurred behind us. He jumped into a dive, keeping someone from attacking him. They had some kind of belt in their hands and had made a lunge for his neck. My eyes widened as the realization started to sink in. This time my brain was working at full tilt. I wasn’t frightened anymore.


A body slammed from behind me as well. Before I could even react, I felt a click as something tightened around my throat. A moment later, hot breath spilled out across my cheek, smelling like sour milk.

“Don’t use any skills or resist, love, the consequences are dire.” A voice whispered into my ear.

I ignored the voice. “Jenai- aaah!”

A soon as tried to summon Jenai, a sharp pain exploded from every point in my body. My body felt like it was floating for a second, and when I recovered I was being dragged towards the wagon. I tried to resist, but each time a tingling sensation shot through my body and the part in question went numb. It was as if my very body wasn’t paying attention to my commands.

When I was finally tossed to the ground, the three adventurer’s I had just started to trust were arguing with the man who seemed to be the leader. However, my thoughts were still on escape. My last chance was to depend on Min again. It pained me to think of it that way, but Min might very well be my only hope at salvation.

“Min!” I let out a cry as I tried to stand back up.

A foot stomped down on my leg and I collapsed back into a kneeling position, but I still could look around now. The sound of someone being shoved down next to me caused the blood to drain from my face. Min was forced onto his knees just like me. He was also in a collar. The major difference is that his face looked like it had taken a beating. He wore a swollen eye, a bleeding lip, and a gash on his cheek. It was at that point that the words of the conversation in front of me finally caught my ear.

“-calling that a gift. Two of our men our dead now because of this elf. One beauty hardly accounts for the loss, even if he’d make a good warrior in the pits.”

“Doesn’t that speak more to the incompetence of your guards?” Tark responds, receiving a dark look from a few of the men, one even going so far as to draw his sword.

“Watch it, Tark.” The man stated, scratching his neck before shaking his head with a sigh.” Well, either way, since this was a gift, I suppose I shouldn’t be too angry. I’ll call it even after taking the elf’s head. Next time don’t try to give us any surprise presents.”

Head? Elf’s head. The men spoke so casually about such things that the thoughts didn’t really crash home, but the elf in question was undoubtedly Min. A moment later, the leading man pulled out a sword from the saddle of a nearby horse and began to approach the pair of us. His eyes were fixed on Min, who glared back at him through puffy eyes defiantly.

“No!” I shouted, trying to move forward. “No! Not Min.”

“Shut the woman up!” The man barked.

Pain erupted throughout my body once again. Like when I had tried to summon Jenai, it seemed to explode everywhere at once. It felt a bit like getting electrocuted, but it had a gnawing bite that seemed to tear at the insides.

Two men had their grips on Min, pulling his head forward. The final man raised his sword. His expression wasn’t gleeful or sadistic. In fact, it was completely relaxed. In many ways, this was far more terrifying. To this man, murder wasn’t something to excite or enjoy. It simply was a means to an end.

“S-sh-she’s a man!” I screamed with all the force, getting the words out even as my mouth cramped.

I lunged forward, my body having very little control with everybody part numb. The man holding up the sword’s eyes widened in surprise as I flopped over to Min, throwing my arms around him. I didn’t look back at the person who had been restraining me, but my unexpected movements had seemed to catch him off guard too. A second later, I did the same thing I had done a week early.

Using the last bit of strength I had, I ripped open Min’s shirt before collapsing. Although not large, her wrapped chest clearly showed feminity that couldn’t be denied. I collapsed to the ground as Min looked at me silently. The expression on her face looked surprised, but it quickly grew cloudy too. Again I had ripped away Min’s masculinity. For as much as Min wanted to be seen as a man, I threw out his pride and revealed the girl underneath.

“Wh-what is this?” those were the words of Tark. “He was a she all this time? How ridiculous.”

The pain continued to rotate through my body. I tried to reach up to Min to grab her, but I couldn’t. I had ripped off Min’s closed, bared her as an elf woman in front of a group of slave traders. It was done in a panic, but I had may have just condemned her to a fate potentially worse than death. I had promised to pay her back, and in the end my mistakes would destroy her.

The slavemaster with a sword in hand, Min bare with her modest chest exposed, and me convulsing on the ground. That was the scene I left as unconsciousness took me.

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The Power of Creation – Chapter 92

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It is Nala that is announced next. She sings some kind of love song. Hero blushes. She blushes. You’re not amused.

Nala: You: 3/10 Florian: 10/10 Sebastian: 5/10 Audience: 5/10

Next is Kida, who appears to have some kind of strong man act. She lifts several weights of increasing sizes. It’s actually somewhat impressive, but the last weight is making the stage sound a little…


The impromptu stage can’t take the weight, and Kida falls to her knees, barely managing to keep the weights from landing on her head. With a massive thump, Kida’s head hits the stage and there is a loud bang. When the dust clears, Kida is knocked out cold, her ass is in the air, her thong armor giving the crowd an eyeful. Women cover up the eyes of their boyfriends, but even their disapproval can’t stop the roaring cheers of a crowd getting an eyeful of camel toe.

Kida: You: 1/10 Florian: 8/10 Sebastian: 2/10 Audience: 9/10

“Is she going to be alright?” Florian asks worriedly.

“Probably fine. You didn’t give her a ten?”

“Ah, well… there is children present, right?”

Florian looks genuinely guilty he didn’t give her a ten.

Belle comes up next and pulls out a bunch of hula hoops and started hula hooping. You didn’t realize she is so good at using her hips. You’ll need to take that under advisement for the future.

Belle: You: 7/10 Florian: 10/10 Sebastian: 4/10 Audience: 7/10

Cinderella comes up next. She sits down in the middle of the stage. Everyone is briefly confused. A moment later, she lifts a foot, and then puts it behind her head. Then she lifts another, and puts both behind her head. Suddenly, she flips, her body moving in angles that should be completely impossible. Did her head just turn 360 degrees! Cinderella, have some restraint in front of the crowds!

“She… um… sure is flexible.” Florian smiles wryly as Cinderella continues to bend into increasingly more exotic shapes.

Just like you built her…

Cinderella: You: 8/10 Florian: 10/10 Sebastian: 6/10 Audience: 8/10

“Come! I will take down any man!” Snow White walks on stage and pulls a sword. “Come at me, you dogs! Try your luck and get cut to pieces by my sword!”

“Is-is this some kind of play?” Florian asks.

“No… I think she just wants to fight something.” You shrug. “Hey, Jasmine, want to fix your score? Fight her!”

“Eh?” Jasmine walks out from the back stage. “F-fight her?”

“Mm… it’ll be fine.”

“Um… I think…” Florian tries to intervene and stop the show down.

“Let the fight begin!” You interrupt him as the crowd murmurs in confusion.

“You dare mock me!” Snow White growls, “Don’t think I shall hold back because it’s a little girl. I will destroy her-“

While Jasmine is shaking and Snow White is strutting, you wave your hand. Snow White stops immediately. It’s so abrupt that everyone looks on with confusion. Her eyes shoot to you and then back to Jasmine before she audibly gulps.

“W-which is… to say, I… am too proud to possible… gain satisfaction, from fighting a little girl. So… I refuse… to fight.”

As she says this, her voice seems strained. Her position looks awkward, her legs pressed tightly together as her body trembles.

“Huh?” Jasmine looks on in confusion at Snow White’s state.

Snow White is starting to sweat, and she takes baby steps back as if she’s planning on fleeing the stage. “Now, if you’ll excuse me, since no one is brave enough to fight me, I’ll be going…”

“Jasmine, attack her now!”


“It’ll be fine.”

“Don’t little girl!” Snow White’s voice suddenly takes on a pleading tone. “That is, to say, yo-you can’t possibly defeat-“

“Okay, here I come!” Jasmine trusts you fully and races up to Snow White.

Snow White doesn’t move her sword, her hand gripping tightly on it like she can barely move. She looks on in horror as a small fist flies towards her stomach. It hits right there. Although it isn’t hard, the added pressure is too much.

“No! It’s coming out!” Snow White wails.

A moment later Snow White’s face goes yellow. However, that isn’t the only thing.

“Eh?” Jasmine looks on in confusion. “Snow White’s pants are getting wet! Is Snow White peeing herself?”

“Ah!” Snow White screams, her pants now completely soggy. “Damn you, warrior, I’ll get my revenge. Humiliating me like this!”

Snow White runs from the stage followed by the laughter of everyone in Riun.

“She probably shouldn’t have gotten into a fight if she had to pee so bad.” Florian responds wryly.

That’s right, Florian, interpret things at my own convenience… I mean, your own.

There is a great deal of clapping, and the audience seemed to take it as some kind of comedy routine.

“She really sold it, I thought she actually pee’d herself on stage. I thought goblins were scary but it turns out they can have fun!” Someone in the crowd is saying.

Well, it’s only advantageous if they don’t remain frightened of goblins.

Snow White: You: 6/10 Florian: 10/10 Sebastian: 2/10 Audience: 8/10

You also increased your score for Jasmine to an 8.

“Finally! The best girl here, my Tiana, woooah!” Sebastian got up and clapped as soon as Tiana got on stage.

Wow, father is a little biased here, it seems.

“Pass.” You say.

“Eh? What, but I didn’t even say anything yet!” Tiana declares.

“What does it matter? It’ll be garbage anyway.” You respond.

“Hah… you commoner… this… on stage, in front of everyone.”

“Ah, isn’t that a little mean? I mean she-“ the white knight Florian tries to defend her.

“I don’t know what you mean by saying I’m mean. All I see is some trash on stage. Hey maids, isn’t it your job to sweep up? I see a piece of crap on my stage! Get rid of it!”

There is a mumbling across the crowds as people start giving you dirty looks.

“My lord, if I may suggest. Perhaps it would be wise if you should tone down the foreplay with my daughter while we are in public.”

“F-f-foreplay?” the words are heard by everyone in the crowd.

As eyes snap back to the girl herself, rather than in tears, her face is flushed and she is breathing hard. “Hah, hah… shit… just shit… I’m just trash… like a noble… hah… call me more names, commoner. I’ll be your toilet!”

The maids run up and grab her, dragging her off stage as she twitches and squirms. Awkward silence follows.

Tiana: You: -1/10 Florian: 20/10 Sebastian: 10/10 Audience: 1/10

“Hey, you can’t give 20 points!” You complain.

“Any way you look at it, your treatment is too mean!” Florian shouts back.

“And now, our last contestant. Her name is Meg!” Daisy interrupts your argument.

“Hey everyone!” A girl runs out in her kimono dress with two hands raised in victory, “I’m Meg, the cutest girl alive!

Already, her bubbly personality causes people to start cheering for her. She immediately poses on the stage, showing a shamelessness only Ariel could match.

“For my Talent, it’s a very special one, but I’m going to need the audience’s help! Okay?”

“Woooooh!” The crowd cheers.

She turns to the judges and gives us a wink, but at that moment you start getting a sinking feeling.

“I just want…” She smiles as cutely as possible. “You all to die for me…”


She raises her hand and slams it down. The world suddenly explodes as a massive force of energy seems to erupt everywhere at once. The shockwave carries a massive fire that erupts miles in every direction. When the dust finally settles, an untouched stage sits in the middle of a massive crater, and as to every building in Riun, there is none left standing.

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The Power of Creation – Chapter 91

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“Being the best requires talent!” Minnie declares.

“So, for round 1, each girl must display her talent for the judges! They will be rated by 1-10, but the audience too is a judge! You get ten points too for the loudest cheer! The most points wins the round!” Daisy shouts.

“So… g-give it up!” Sylvia yells, “For Ariel!”

Ariel comes out onto the stage. “I’m Ariel, and this is my talent!”

Everyone watches carefully as she pulls out a bag that appears to be full of something. She reaches in and then pulls out a small item. Everyone strains their eyes to see that it is a small white ball. Without another word, she puts the ball in her mouth. She reaches in and pulls out another ball, and then puts it in her mouth. The crowd is silent, most people confused by what they are watching, but one after another, she slides ball after ball in her mouth.

“Wow, her mouth can take a lot of balls!” Someone shouts.

This starts people shouting and cheering her on. “One more ball, one more ball!”

Soon, her cheeks are puffed out like a chipmunk, which looks pretty cute. You lose track of how many balls she fit, but shockingly, she turns the bag upside down to show that it is now completely empty, and slides the last ball into place. There is a wave of shouting and clapping. She then opens the bag, and like a flood a stream of pingpong balls burst out of her mouth.

She wipes her face and smiles. “And now, I will take these pingpong balls and shoot them into this cup. Except, I won’t use my mouth!”

“That’s enough! Clap for Ariel!” You immediately stand and start clapping.

“What, Where’s she going to shoot the ping-“ Florian starts to ask.

“Give it up for Ariel!” the four Baka maids rush out and grab Ariel before she can lift her dress and begin to drag her off stage.

“Eh? I’m not done yet?”

“Ariel did great everyone, clap!” You encourage them.

A handful clap with you, a few are still confused, and one or two were even demanding the pingpong trick be finished while wearing perverted eyes.

Ariel: You: 3/10 Florian: 10/10 Sebastian: 6/10 Audience: 5/10

“Seriously? You gave her a ten?”

“Ah…” Florian shrugged, “She tried her hardest?”

“Next up! Mulan!”

Mulan moves up into the center of the stage. She opens her mouth and a moment later flames burst from it. The crowd oohs and aws as she shoots the flame over the crowds. The clapping gets to her as she creates bigger and more dangerous flames. Then she accidentally ignites half the crowd on fire. You wave your hand under the table and put out the fire before most of the people even realized it. The clapping for her is pretty excited, but a few people are touching their singed eyebrows with wry looks.

Mulan: You: 6/10 Florian: 10/10 Sebastian: 7/10 Audience: 7/10

Aurora comes out next, and her talent ends up being a harp. You don’t even know she could play an instrument! However, it looks like she is quite adept, even with her baby bump keeping her from pressing herself close to the harp, her hands glided over it and create some rather beautiful music.

Aurora: You: 8/10 Florian: 10/10 Sebastian: 9/10 Audience: 5/10

The crowd here is a bit uncultured for harp music. You guess it’s a little too noble for them. Sebastian says it was rather fine music truly befitting the talents of a Queen. He seems to be impressed by the more noble talents. On that note, even a demon lord seems too cultured as Grimhilde recites some kind of sonnet and ends up getting boo’ed off stage. Well, you liked it.

Grimhilde: You: 8/10 Florian: 10/10 Sebastian: 8/10 Audience: 2/10

Pocahontas went next. She pulls out a bow and arrows and quite accurately lands the arrows on a target even while blindfolded. This audience seems to be more geared towards sex and violence, and for them the arrow shooting is a lot more exciting than the harps and sonnets. Meanwhile, you and Sebastian are less impressed. You don’t really see yourself as having a nobles sensibilities, but shooting arrows just isn’t exciting to you anymore. You could do this trick blindfolded while balls deep in a girl and one hand tied behind your back.

“Good job, Pocahontas!” Minnie declares.

“Mm…” is her only response before she head back off stage.

Pocahontas: You: 5/10 Florian: 10/10 Sebastian: 6/10 Audience: 9/10

“Florian… are you really going to give every girl a 10?” You ask wryly.

“They’re just all so wonderful. I couldn’t possibly choose!”

“Typical indecisive harem protagonist.” You mutter under your breath, so he can’t hear.

Merida comes out next. She actually has acquired two batons and starts doing baton twirling. It is pretty cute, but Mulan wants revenge from early, and seems to cause the batons to burst fire from each side. Most everyone thought this was part of the act as Merida became flustered and desperately flinging the flaming batons around. The result was still an enjoyable spectacle. You, of course, make sure to put the flames out before things get dangerous.

Merida: You: 8/10 Florian: 10/10 Sebastian: 7/10 Audience: 10/10

Elena came out and did some slight of hand. She is so earnest and smiles so brightly when she gets an applause that you fight the urge to storm the stage and take her right there. Elena’s time is coming tonight, you decide.

Elena: You: 10/10 Florian: 10/10 Sebastian: 4/10 Audience: 8/10

Jasmine comes out and sets up a pole in the middle of the stage.

“Rejected!” You declare.

“B-b-but! I’m the entire reason we even started this!” Jasmine genuinely starts crying on the stage.

As a young girl, her crying immediately touches the hearts of all the crowds, who suddenly started clapping to cheer her up. You give a sigh, stand up, and get on stage, going to one knee next to her. You pat her on the head while wiping the tears away.

“It’s okay, you can always make it up in the next round. I promise I won’t leave you behind Jasmine.”

Jasmine’s tears stop and she looks at you with bright eyes.

“Ahhhhhhhh!” That was the crowd.

You went rigid as you stood up, handing Jasmine to Elena and walking back to the judge’s seat. Florian is looking at you with a smile.

‘What now?”

“So, Riun’s hero is a good guy after all.” He says with a chuckle.

Ahhh… this is going to be a long day.

Jasmine: You: 5/10 Florian: 10/10 Sebastian: 2/10 Audience: 10/10

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The Power of Creation – Chapter 90

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After you finish giving Grimhilde a dose of her particular drug, you mosey on over to the table where the hero has a haggard look from filling out paperwork for three different girls. Kida is now taking down information about the women.

“Already, let’s do this in order. First, you, the one with the short hair!”

“Ahh! You see… me… my name is Nala. I’m Florian’s childhood friend.”

“What? He was summoned here six months ago. How does that work?” You couldn’t help but interject.

“Ah, well, actually, Nala had lived on Earth as a child. That’s, uh, the name of my world. Then she had been brought over here. I would never have believed when I got summoned to another world I’d encounter my very important friend.” As the hero speaks, Nala blushes and twists her feet.

“Pass…” You mutter.

“Huh?” Hero asks.

“Nothing, anyway, who’s the rest of your party?”

“I met Pocahontas here two months ago. She needs some help with her tribe. She promised to follow me until we can help them. Sorry if I don’t get more specific, it’s sort of a discrete problem. I don’t even know the details yet.”

“Hey, Pocahontas,” you hold out your hand and Pocahontas looks at it like it’s a strange entity.

“Nn…” she merely responds and gives you a nod.

“Ah, and this girl here is…”

“My name is Meg!” the girl herself gives a toothy grin and immediately poses with V signs over her eyes. “I’m the cutest girl in the woooorlld! So, remember judges, Vote for Meg!”

She immediately switches to another pose with her arm in the air. Sebastion only rolls his eyes at it while Kida tilts her head in confusion.

“On that note, would the hero from another world like to be a judge?” you ask, ignoring the attention seeker.

‘Eh?” Kida nearly tears a hole in the parchment she’s writing on.

“Kida wants to be a participant but then we’d be short one judge, but with you here it solves everything!”

“Ah, sorry, but n-“He suddenly looks at three women all staring at him feverishly. “Ah, I guess… it’d be okay, then.”

The three girls relax, finally entering the last bit of information to sign up. Sebastion, you, and Florian would make up the judges. Kida kisses you on the cheek before turning around and practically skipping off to the area behind the stage. You vaguely wonder if she’ll be alright once she realizes she’ll be on stage. The rest of the girls make their ways to the back area too in order to get ready. Florian is giving you tight-lipped smile.

“What, what is it?” You ask.

“You sure are popular, aren’t you?” he responds.

“Huh? Why do you say that?”

“Ah, well, you have a beauty calling you my love. You have an amazon goddess kissing you on the cheek… I just thought…”

“What about you?”

“EH, me?”

“Three beautiful girls. One of them is even a childhood friend… you bastard.”

“Ah, well, they’re just friends. My quest is something I need to do alone. I am a hero. I can’t be dragged down by worldly relationships. I have to be the hero this world needs!”

“Really, must be tough…” you answer nonchalantly.

“Yes, but it was why I was sent here. It may break their hearts, but I must be a mountain.”

“So, I guess you wouldn’t mind if I took them, right?”


“Shh! No time, the pageant is starting!”

“And now! Starting the first annual Waifu competition of Riun! We’re your hosts, Minnie!”



“And Dinah!”

The four girls in maid outfits pose as there is a wave of shouting. Of course, they were reading lines written by Sebastian, who would provide them punishment if they make a single mistake.


“And Maids!” Another guy shouts.

“Didn’t those girls cut my purse a few weeks back?”

“Naw, they have different hair color.”

“Oh, right, completely different, those girls weren’t this cute.”

Daisy’s smile is faltering as it looks for a second like she might leap off the stage and pummel whoever is shouting, but a second later she recovers her smile after one look at Sebastian.

“Harem Harem! Waifu. GET!” The girls recover by performing another pose while saying something completely nonsensical, but it works as the crowd breaks into cheering once again.

And the curtain rises. Round 1 begins.

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