Beauty Reversal Chapter 1: Transferring to a Different World


(A\n: It’s the first chapter! The writing may be poor quality but thanks for the support.)

My name is Sumeragi Yuuto.
My grades are only slightly bad, and I am barely decent with physical activity.
My face is average.
I have a normal amount of friends, but I don’t invite them over to my house that often.
Typically, I like to read web novels at my house.

Because a novel I bookmarked updated today, I clicked on the new chapter while holding back my excitement.


Then I had the feeling like I was shaking with dizziness.
My vision turned dark and I realized I had collapsed on the floor.
Ah, this might be bad. I thought to call out to my family but no matter how much strength I mustered I wasn’t able to raise my voice.
While my thoughts were fading away, I…

“I really wanted to read the continuation of that story…”

I thought about something like that in an easygoing manner.



I woke up with a start.

「I’m alive…」

I felt around my body with both hands and stretch lightly to make sure there isn’t any abnormalities.

「I thought I died… Thank god I’m alive…」

I breathed a sigh of relief.
I imagined myself being taken away by an ambulance and sleeping in the hospital for an instant.

「I wonder where this is?」

I was covered with a cloth that was similar to a futon.
The cloth was white but because there was some dirt on it, it couldn’t be said to be the cleanest.

Then, a clear, sweet voice entered my ears.
I didn’t understand the reason, but I guessed it was the person who brought me here and laid me down. I faced her.
When I went to thank her, I was surprised as soon as I saw her.
She was wearing a full-faced helmet with an unfashionable and baggy robe on her body, and I couldn’t really grasp her features.
There was only a small hole on the helmet close to her mouth so her voice could get through easily.
The only places where skin was exposed were her mouth and wrists.

Although I thought she had a strange appearance, I can’t say such a rude thing to someone who is my benefactor.
Let’s start by bowing my head.

「Eto, I don’t really understand the situation but, you were the one who saved me, right? Thanks.」

「Ah, please raise your head! It is wasted on someone such as myself.」

I felt a little uneasy by the way she was talking but more than that I feel that the priority here is to confirm where I am.

「I have a slight question but, where are we?」

I ask her for an answer.

「I saw you collapsed in the middle of the road so I thought to bring you to a safe place and let you rest but…I-I’m sorry I was being an annoyance wasn’t I?」

「N? No, you saved me. Thank you.」

There is no way I can think of someone who helped me, when I collapsed, as a nuisance.
But the girl who seemed servile and shaking in fear made me worry for some reason.
In order to give myself some peace of mind, I thanked her again while giving her a smile.
When I did so, she looked like she was surprised from the bottom of her heart and listened timidly.

「Eto, How were you travelling…?」


The way she asked how I was travelling reminded me of the unease I felt earlier.
Rather than that, I remember this development from somewhere.


I remembered something from before I fainted.
The novel I clicked at that time.
The new chapter that I was going to read had an outline like this.

The main character transferred to a world where the sense of beauty for women is reversed.
It’s a world where the plain and unattractive women become beautiful and the beautiful women become unattractive.
For some reason the standards for men’s looks didn’t change.
The main character, who saw the variety of new things and realized he was in a different world, ended up being attacked by a monster.
When that happened, a girl in a full-faced helmet and baggy robe came and saved the protagonist who had fainted.

It’s the same.

The girl before my eyes looks just like a girl out of that novel.
On top of that, she mentioned something about a monster not too long ago.
Looking around, there are many plants I have never seen before.

In order to calm down, I said the same words as the main character of that story.
If I remember correctly, even if the main character said he transferred from a different world, he thought it would seem suspicious so he lied.

「Yes, I am a merchant who came from another town.」

Then she should have the same type of response.
I had an illusion that the girl in front of me and the girl from the novel were talking at the same time.

『「Is that so?…Yeah you’re right…」』

She said in a sad, sorrowful voice.
It’s almost as if a person who knows themselves can’t love themselves.1
If it was the novel, the main character would go to a town with her and learn more about her there but…

I chose a different development.

Or more precisely, because it is a matter of life and death to hurry up and confirm it, this was the only thing I could do.

「I’m sorry but could you show me what’s underneath that helmet?」


  1. Seems weird, might be an idiom