Beauty Reversal Chapter 10: Nina Without Patience


「Yuuto! Yuuto!」

My feelings of love don’t stop.
Even if I try to go beyond my limits, thoughts of Yuuto continually swell up.
In all honesty, I could no longer hold back in the middle of town. It was a miracle my house was close by.
But as soon as I reached my front door, I had reached my limit.
At that point I no longer knew what was what anymore.
The next moment, I realized Yuuto was under me.

「Ni-Nina, wai- calm down.」

Whatever Yuuto says, his voice jolts my brain sweetly.
When I steal Yuuto’s lips, I desire him even more.
A man’s smell, or rather, my beloved Yuuto’s smell completely blows away my reasoning like a scrap of paper.

「Yuuto! I’m! A-already!」

I make Yuuto take off his clothes. When he does so, his solidly built body that is peculiar to a man is exposed.
It contains a lot of muscle which is completely different from my body.
His body further makes me unnecessarily horny.
I stretch my hand towards his crotch while my other hand massages and squeezes my bust, which was the embodiment of my inferiority complex, with all my strength.
When I touched Yuuto’s sensitive dick, *bikun!*, I can see it twitch.
Looking at the gap between the previous cool Yuuto and the now cute Yuuto, my feminine parts become painful with a *gakyuuu!*.


While I release a sigh colored pink with ecstasy, I roll up my robe and bring my pussy closer to Yuuto’s erection.
My messy, swelled up female1 pussy.
*Muwaa*, my smell spreads. It’s a strong, lewd, sexual scent of a woman.
But it isn’t able to be inserted so easily and I am attacked with a sense of frustration.
Within that small amount of time, I had regained my reasoning for a little bit.
But it was only for a little bit.


When I was having trouble, since I wasn’t used to the movements, the tip of Yuuto’s dick ended up grazing my clitoris.
Even though I think I have a body that is more sensitive than most others, that area is an especially sensitive spot.
The instant the obscene weak point received stimulus, my sexual fluids spout out.
Shivers2 go through the muscles along my spine with a *zoku zoku*.
Somehow I was able to aim it properly while my limbs were shaking.

「Nn, Ooh❤︎ O, OhOh❤︎」

*Zupupu*, Yuuto’s dick sinks into my pussy.
The obscene shivers that spread throughout my body, makes me feel nothing but good feelings.
Hot drool drips from the edges of my mouth, and then my love juices overflow from my crotch in order to lubricate and help his penis pass through.


When it was inserted to the root, *zukyuun!* my female instinct was skewered with a pleasant feeling.
Yuuto’s penis and the finger I always use to comfort myself are completely different in size.
Since it was quite bigger, it was able to bring me more pleasure than I could have imagined.

*Gutchiyu gutchiyu guchiyuchiyu!*

My pussy takes it in and out with a *nupo nupo*. Then so much love juice is secreted from my female hole, it seems it may have been broken.
I couldn’t handle it any longer and started to shake my waist quicker.
Occasionally, if I move my waist in a circle, it lets me feel a more pleasant sensation with how it rubs differently.

「I rheally luv yhou❤︎ Yuhtoo❤︎ I luv yhou❤︎ I luv yhou❤︎ I rheally luv yhou❤︎❤︎」

Yuuto’s face that is trying to endure the pleasant feelings is unbearably adorable.
I burn with an even more maddening love.
I shout out his name while my tongue that can’t articulate properly scatters drool everywhere.
With just that, sweet numbness spreads through my brain. Everything ends up becoming trivial in the face of this intense happiness.

「Yuhtoo! I am already no gwood❤︎ Widout Yuhtoo, muh laif wuld loosh itsh meening- Ooooh❤︎❤︎」3

My obscene hips sway, his penis pushes through my pussy flesh with a *guri guri*.
My head is completely filled with Yuuto.
A white electric current travels through my whole body.

「Hinyaaah❤︎ My womb is shaking telling me it wants to get pregnant with Yuhto’s dick miiiilllllk❤︎ It’s flapping open and close like it doesn’t want to let go of your dick! Ooooh❤︎❤︎」

When I had noticed, I was already shouting.
The overwhelmingly good feeling gets larger as I let out a lecherous female cry.
Pleasure that overwhelmed that of masturbation is swallowing my consciousness.

「Amashing, the good feeling doesn’t shtop! Yuhto’s revered penish is making this perverted Ninya feel gwooood!!!」

「Aaaku!? Guu, Hah, ah, Ah!」

Yuuto’s voice penetrates my ears.
He is also feeling it. I am making Yuuto feel it.
I, who everyone calls ugly and ignores, am being loved by the man I love most in this world.

“Anyone besides Yuuto is already useless! Any other man is absolutely impossible! I love him! Yuuto! Yuuto Yuuto! Aaaaaaah!!”


—-She is my lover, so what?4


“I love you! I love you! Lovelovelove you! Yuuto! Aaaah-! Thish is too much! If you act that cool I can’t hold byaaaaaaack!!

「Itsh no gwoooooood!!? Yuhto’s penis is going *zowa zowa* raging inside my belly❤︎ It’s coming, it will come!❤︎ Yaa, I am shoo haaaaaappy❤︎❤︎❤︎❤︎」

I reached a magnificent and happy orgasm and a violent tide scatters all over the place.



「I-I am sorry…」

Nina who had come to her senses was continually apologizing.
As if she had just remember her unlady-like disheveled appearance from earlier, her face gets red all the way up to her ears.
After eating Nina in a sexual meaning, we took a shower together and then were facing each other in the living room.
As for my clothes, Nina washed them for me while I was in the bathroom. They are being dried now.
Since I didn’t have anything to wear, I temporarily wrapped the sheets around me instead.
I need to go buy clothes later.
I thought the robe she had earlier was the only one she owned but it seems she has another robe in the same style but a different color.
Well setting that aside, now Nina is doing a seiza5 in front of me.
I feel a little uneasy as it seems her intention is to shift into a dogeza.
I thought she seemed really sorry and her expression seemed a little frail.

「Please don’t worry about it any more, because I want Nina to be happy.」

These were undoubtedly my true feelings.
Well at that time she was a little impatient, but if you think about it, it’s impossible for me to think of my beloved person badly if they are willing to go that far.

「Uuu… From now on I will be careful…」

*Kyu* I grasp her hand tightly on my own to show her I don’t dislike her, and Nina who seemed worried had her eyes dampen.


My S side boiled up a little and I decided to play a little prank on her.

「But Nina is such a perverted girl.」

My words make her blush with a *bonn!*.

「Fuee!? Th-that, no… don’t say that…」

Although Nina’s words were a touch anticlimactic, I never get tired of how quickly her facial expression changes.
Because looking at her is really fun, I get a happy feeling.

「No, no, I mean in our first meeting you stole my first kiss.」

「Eh? Yu-Yuuto, it was also your first…?」

Yes it was. I nod my head in agreement.
When I agreed she wore a slovenly expression.
Her eyes drooped and she wore a broad smile looking happy and Nina says 「Ehehe, so, it was both of our first times.」 with an awkward laugh.

「…Yeah, so, I thought it was already predetermined that Nina was a Hentai-san6

Nina almost changed my thinking too, but I made her see my reasoning.

「Uuu! That- I object to that, but, uuu… I can’t deny it.」

I’d like you to deny it though.
But there isn’t really anything to help deny it.
If I think back on it, there is a variety of things.
If you mention the things Nina has done…

1. When we first met she suddenly kissed me.

2. She suddenly made me cum.

3. When that happened, she climaxed while being overflowed with emotions.

4. She asked to be embraced.

5. She pushed me down in excitement.

It’s no good, it can’t be denied at all.
When you think about it again, it’s quite dreadful.

「Am I a pervert…?」

Nina recalls as well and seems to give in to the thought that she’s a pervert.
I look firmly at Nina who feels down and my chest tightens a little with feelings of guilt.
If she gets that sad, I would want to tell her 「That’s not true」 but I had already said she was a pervert earlier.

「But as I expected, for a guy, when their lovers are aggressive, it makes them happy.」

「Yuuto too, with me… that-, do you think you want to do a lot of stuff with me?」

「I really think so, because Nina is incredibly cute, you are in the dead center of my preferences.」

When I praise Nina, *Po-*, she looks towards me with a feverish gaze.

「We-well then, e-to, is it alright if we hold hands again?」

I float a bitter smile to her sweet reserved pleading.
Thinking it was fine I grasp Nina’s hand.
I entwine my fingers with her slender fingers.
Our fingers are slowly being connected close.
I had a thought that we were like the urban legend,『Lover’s holding7

「Umm, Yuuto, it’s about my comrades from my party but—」

Saying up to there, Nina was interrupted by a voice she heard at the entrance.
It’s pretty obvious, but I don’t recognize the voice from the novel.
It is probably someone from her party but… even so the image that the voice gives me is close to…
As if she was proving my hunch correct, a name comes out of Nina’s mouth.



  1. Could be bitch but bitch is mesuinu whereas this is just mesu idk
  2. Lit. meat rapture but this was the best I could do
  3. This one might be hard to understand so in proper English it is “Yuuto! I am already no good. Without Yuuto my life would lose its meaning.”
  4. This is a memory
  5. Action to show they are reflecting on something bad they did.
  6. Pervert
  7. EDIT: It’s a meme that hand holding is extremely lewd. Makes sense since the author kind of used lewd words to descirbe it. Thanks raltzero for bringing it to my attention.
  8. アイラ let me know if you have a better TL