Beauty Reversal Chapter 12: Trembling Ahoge


The story from when I met Nina was about 2 years ago today.
When I had first saw her, I was completely surprised, thinking even though it is our first meeting she is probably ugly.

Of course I can’t really say that since I am also that type of person.
My face is also an extremely well-proportioned, unpleasant face.
On top of that my chest is larger than hers.
Since in these several years, it has gotten even larger, I can’t help but be nervous about to what extent they will grow to.
*Sara sara* I cut my red hair that everyone hates with a single stroke.
I hate my hair and I keep it as short as possible, but it doesn’t change my ugliness at all.
My white skin has no blemishes, even on my slender limbs as well.
And then more than anything else, my sharp, red eyes that can pierce through everything are said to look like a roc bird that picks at the carrion of the people living in the desert.
Anyone who makes fun of me, I give them a hard blow.
And I thought I was ok with that.
But still, deep down, I was lonely.
No matter how hard I tried to be tough, I couldn’t cheat this feeling in the innermost of my chest.

I wonder why?

I couldn’t help but worry about the girl who had a similar appearance to me.

「Umm, I would like to take this quest, but…」

「Tch」I heard the receptionist click their tongue.
It was an improper behavior in the guild but no one seemed to be rebuking them.
Since she seemed to be hated so much, I quickly understood.
I was sure she carried the same troubles as me.

「Hey, do you want to form a party with me?」

As soon as I realized, I had already called out to her.
It seems the ugly girl’s name is Nina.
Her appearance was almost like that of a homely goddess appearing.
However, I was captivated by that girl, Nina.

If you are wondering why, it is because even though Nina was ugly, she would be nice to everyone.

Before I knew it, our party was no longer temporary, it had become official.
But I protected Nina.
After the abuse continued and her heart wore down, before I noticed, whenever she started hiding her face my chest constricted.


And then not long later, our party grew with even more people.
We were all ugly women with a similar appearance.
But I knew. Everyone was a nice girl that is suffering.

And then the realization of the thing we decided not that long ago came.

The brothel.
Nina was the one who looked forward to going to the brothel the most.
“If it is there, then even someone like me…” I pretend I didn’t hear Nina mumble that.
Honestly I was opposed. To go to such lengths just to flirt with a man.
But I couldn’t say it. In front of Nina’s eyes that looked cornered, I couldn’t say anything.
Also more than anything, I think I wanted to embrace and love a man from the bottom of my heart.

『Please go home.』

When that was said, as one would expect, I didn’t understand the reason.
I wanted to yell “Don’t fuck with me!”1.
But before I could, Nina desperately bowed her head in apology.
Eventually, they let us pass after we were reluctantly made to pay 10 times the price of usual.
But when the guys saw us, they bluntly grimaced.
I wanted to cry. It felt like reality was once again thrust in my face.
A guy in front of me vomited when they saw us, and Nina looked like she finally gave up.
Even though I wanted to get mad, I didn’t have the spirit to do it.
So, we returned back spiritless.


Nina was crying.
Her already terrible appearance is going to worsen with her crying.
But for some reason I thought that her form was very beautiful.

When I saw her crying, before I knew it, I had lost myself in anger.
As expected I didn’t kill anyone, but we did end up being forbade to enter and received a huge fine.
They spit out, “Never come again.”



「Thanks, you got mad for my sake, right?」

As I thought, she is kind no matter what.
There can be no one more attractive than her.
Even if you were to compare to her ugly appearance, she would be more pretty and beautiful than anyone else.

But, she kept at it.

You aren’t allowed to hurt anyone. Nina said that.

Since then I haven’t struck anyone.
Deep down, I was getting frustrated, but I think I did it because I wanted to protect Nina’s words.

We were the same. I was the prime example of cowardice.

I protect Nina.
For example, even if Nina comes to hate me, I won’t forgive any guy that hurts Nina.

That’s why when Nina brought a man, I remembered my fierce anger towards that man.
I pretended to jump out from the house and without change, I decided to observe Nina and that guy Yuuto.

I will quickly peel off your mask.
Or so I thought…but.



「Nina’s thighs are so soft, it feels incredibly good.」

「Ehehe, t-thank you.」

Right now, I am resting my head on Nina’s lap.
The words “too comfortable” became ambiguous, but I can’t worry about that.
Because it feels too comfortable. I asked for the cushion that makes a person useless, but it also has this feeling. It’s the feeling of Nina who is making me a no good human being.

*Pyoko pyoko*

I caught sight of the swaying ahoge.
As if her trembling was being represented, sometime ago it moved violently.

Nina rolls up her robe and I lay down on top of her white thighs.
The feeling of her bare legs are transmitted to my scalp.
*Puni*, they were first-rate beautiful legs that had a soft and smooth touch.
Occasionally, when I would try to reach my hand to the peach in between those soft thighs, *biku!*, the sensitive Nina twitches.
The sexy sighs she let spill were irresistible.

「Nina, I’m not too heavy?」

「You’re fine.」

Nina’s voice that was like a bell ringing was pleasing to my ears.
I became a little sleepy. *Faa*, I let out a yawn.

「D-do you feel that good…?」

「This is heaven, here.」

「Umm m-me too, I’d like Yuuto to give me a lap pillow. Is such- such a thing, e-to, is- is it no good…?」

Not like I would recline, but she requests hesitantly.
Of course if you say something like that with that face, there is no way I would be able to refuse.
As for Nina’s bare legs, it was regrettable but I got up.

「Then we will alternate, okay? Here, go ahead.」

「e-to, ex-excuse me…」

I let a smile slip at Nina’s speech that somehow became disordered.
Touching me as if I was easily broken, she slowly placed her head on top of my thighs.

「Men’s are pretty boring aren’t they.」


「? Nina?」

Nina had her head placed on my lap.
As for why she was face down, she didn’t answer anything.
*Suu! Haa! Suu! Haa!* I heard her breathing that sounded like she was trying to inhale something.

「U-umm Nina…?」

「!? Ah, it’s nothing, just… i-it smells good!?」


I float a wry smile to Nina’s unusual answer.
As if Nina also noticed the weird thing she said, *kaa*, her face becomes as red as an apple.
If my smell makes you happy, smell me as much as you want.
Of course later I will get you to let me smell your delicious smell but…
Even if Nina is cute. She is ero-cute.

「Umm, Nina… is it okay if I stroke your head?」

I asked her, but I couldn’t hold back anymore.
Before I got a reply, I started to stroke Nina’s head which was in the perfect position.


Nina’s body shivering is transmitted to my legs.
She rubs her thighs together bashfully as if it’s painful.
Each time my hand goes around on top of her head, her dainty waist shakes and she lets out a breath with her shoulders.
She curls up the tips of her toes, bites her lips as if she is enduring something, and clenches her hands. I wonder why Nina feels this good just from having her head rubbed. Shit. That reminds me, if I had gotten my head rubbed, it would have felt good. It’s my once in a lifetime failure. I thought to have us alternate, but rubbing Nina’s head is an important mission. Yeah, it’s troubling.

After that, I continued to flirt with Nina on top of the couch.

“It’s shaking…”

When I look closely at the ahoge that was trying to hide it’s trembling, it was shaking more violently.


  1. Japanese doesn’t really use fuck, I just use it for emphasis based on context