Beauty Reversal Chapter 13: First Date


I still can’t believe the sight in front of my eyes.
Th-that guy…perhaps he is serious…?
If-if that’s the case, truly with me-, things with me too-…1
An oppressively sweet throbbing travels through my female parts.
I almost unintentionally reach my hand towards those parts but I regain myself at the last second.

“Te, what am I thinking about!? I am protecting Nina so…! Th-that’s right, you still haven’t showed me yet… From here on… No matter what, I will get you to quickly expose your true character.”

But…Ni-Nina…looks comfortable.
That doesn’t mean that I wasn’t thinking about getting a lap pillow.
Rather I think about lap pillows when I masturbate.2
I would put my head on a man’s lap and he would whisper words of love to me.
I long for that sweet lover’s life where we can be lovey-dovey.
But I only have knowledge.
My comrades don’t know that I think about things like this.
After all I couldn’t say it.
When I think of my girly delusions, I get so embarrassed I could die in agony.
I have a crude, manly character and yet I yearn for such things…
Wait, it’s different, it’s different.
More important than that is Nina and that man.
Te-, are you flirting again!? What a lengthy session.

“Such a thing…e-even I would…”

My goal is observation.
Don’t be mistaken.
But before I knew it, I ended up thinking it was envious.


Whenever I am on my bed, I unintentionally imagine a lap pillow with the man from my delusions.
For some reason, that partner was that guy Yuuto.
My body shakes painfully, as I frantically try to console myself to calm my instinct down.



「I wanted to buy Yuuto some clothes but…」

While I was having my fill of Nina’s thighs with a lap pillow, I return a nod in agreement to that proposal.
As expected, I can’t stay in this position forever.
Even though my clothes are dry, they are not from this world so I would definitely stand out.

「I don’t understand such a thing that well but what type of clothes are popular here?」

「E-to, that’s right. Since things like people’s preferences can’t be arbitrarily decided, either way I think deciding after you look at it is better for now.」

Well I think so too.

「E-to, so-so then…」

Nina’s gaze was wandering around.
I understood that she is terribly nervous.
It’s the same as the time she wanted to request something from me.
I feel a little apologetic, but I ended up having some expectations. It’s complicated.
Looking at Nina that seemed to be shaking in anxiety, even if only a little, I would like to help remove some of that anxiety.
At some point I thought it would be good if Nina didn’t take so much care around me.
That’s why I wait quietly for her words.

「W-won’t you…g-go buy clothes with m-me…?」

Nina seemed to have reached the limit of the small amount of courage she had.
「Uu…」Nina felt just a little bit down.
She was probably nervous I hadn’t answered yet, and I float a complicated expression as I missed my chance to say something.
She looked at me like she was anxious with eyes of a thrown out puppy and a face that looked like it would cry.

「That sounds good, then it’s a『date』.」

「—-! Th-that’s right! It’s a date!」

She replies with a good vigour.
I looked at Nina who smiled like she was happy from the bottom of her heart, and as expected, I also smiled in happiness.



*Niko niko*, Nina floats a wide smile across her whole face in happiness.
We finished buying clothes without any issues and decided to search through the town while holding hands.
Everyone’s gaze was cold.
They weren’t looking at me, they were looking at Nina.
She calmly pretends to keep her confidence but Nina’s hand that I was holding was shaking.
That’s why, when I tightly grasped it, Nina stared in my direction with surprise and grasped my hand back with a smile that looked happy from the bottom of her heart.

「We ended up buying more than I thought, huh.」

The bag that was completely filled with clothes was lightly lifted.
The heaviness was transferred to my arm.

「Umm, as-as I thought, should I carry it…?」

At first, Nina was carrying it and didn’t want to hand it over.
Nina thought making me carry the luggage was inexcusable. She said she could handle it all by herself, and she wanted to reduce my burden as much as possible.
But I was the same.
My man’s pride won’t allow such a thing.
In the end, Nina finally broke down in compromise, and I am carrying the luggage.

「It’s one of those things, please let me show off as your boyfriend.」


Her voice resounds as she tries to remember this moment with deep emotion and Nina, *niera*, smiles.

「Umm, are you hungry? Since we are here, I thought I would like to eat some food but… t-there’s a really good tasting place here!」

Nina proposes that.
I, who didn’t bring money, don’t really have a right to say no.
According to the novel, this world’s cooking isn’t that different from mine in tastiness.
When I think about it, I ended up becoming hungry, and I couldn’t hide my stomach’s gluttony.

「Fufu, I heard your stomach make noise.」

*Gururu* echoes.
Since we had sex so many times over, it can’t be helped that I ended up getting hungry.
When I thought we will probably end up doing it after this as well, it is necessary to replenish some nutrients.


「N? That noise just now.」


Nina holds down her stomach and completely hangs her bright red face down.
It seems she is hungry just like me.
I end up unintentionally smiling at the cute noise.

「T-then! L-let’s go!」

I wanted to pursue it because I was happy seeing the embarrassed Nina, but as I thought, it would be pitiful, so because I was hungry as well, I accompany Nina while grasping her hand tightly.


Nina entwines her fingers with mine and entangles my arm while she smiles in a good mood.
Furthermore, Nina, who was glued to me, had her breasts gently press my upper arm.
If she did this on purpose, then Nina has a devilish nature.
It’s no good, I am extremely aroused. I want the sense of superiority from this transcendental beauty, as a strong desire to protect her boils up.
My crotch throbs in anticipation of the repeated series of battles to come.


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