Beauty Reversal Chapter 14: Sex in the Middle of Town


We arrive at a set menu shop and Nina orders.
Because there were a lot of foods I haven’t heard of before, I ordered the same thing as her in order to not order anything weird.
Nina who sits across from me is acting bashfully and when our eyes meet she averts her gaze.
But she still occasionally looks back with a fluttering gaze. As if she can’t handle it anymore, her mouth loosens and she laughs「ehehe」 seeming happy.
Her actions were super cute, so I, *Jii*, stare back at her as I observe her.

「This shop’s speciality is the Maurel chicken omelet!1

It was covered in a light brown glaze sauce. The omelet shined light brown.
It wasn’t much different from something from my world but as soon as I put my spoon in, a nice smell wafted.
It naturally whet my appetite, and I gulped my saliva.


*Toro toro* I cut up the omelet and put it in my mouth to chew.
The instant I had it in my mouth, the omelet seriously ended up melting.
It is hard to describe, this egg’s flavor.
It is on a different level from a normal chicken egg. The good flavor slides down my tongue like the egg was cooked in a refined soup stock.
Also, this sauce.
The demi glace sauce has a sweetness that is different to the egg, but it has an outstanding compatibility with the omelet.
I restrain my cheeks and eat this fluffy omelet with relish.

「Umm… is-is it good? Does it suit your tastes?」

I said to Nina, who seemed worried.

「It’s ok. It is extremely delicious.」

Hearing my words, Nina felt relieved.
I don’t understand the ingredients but I understand that the tastiness of this world’s cooking towers above the rest.
I was happy when I met Nina, but this is the strongest joy I have felt since coming to this world.

「Y-you know, Yuuto, I- have a request…」

Her cheeks dye red bashfully as she begins to speak.
It looked like Nina timidly resolved herself to say her request.

「I w-wanted to, umm, feed each other with “Ahhn” like l-lovers!」

「If it’s just that then… wait, seriously?」

「Is it, no good?」

「Not at all, in fact, I was thinking I have to do it. I’m sorry to have made you flustered.」

I am more or less your boyfriend. Ah, I ended up making her worry this much.
*Sakuri* I place my omelet on the spoon and carry it to Nina’s mouth.
She opens her mouth lovingly like a chick being fed, and I was fascinated by the charming appearance.

「Hamu, Unyu… Mogu3

Even my spoon is tasted by her lips.

「T-thank- yhou…」

With a feeling full of emotion, she tasted the omelet and then savored my saliva that was left on the spoon.
I am grateful for the slightly charmed expression.
I felt a huge paternal love4.
It’s probably better if I didn’t question why she tasted my spoon.
Ah, as expected, Nina is a pervert and very charming.



A lot of time has passed.
I wonder if Nina has been satisfied?
When I thought to ask that, I excitedly told my impression of today.

「If you are satisfied, then I am satisfied.」

「I am really, really, happy… Since I, was ugly I gave up but…」

We leisurely walk through town.
Even though Nina was supposed to be having fun, her shoulders were quivering as she was crying.
I only know some fragments of Nina’s past but I understood she walked through a life of suffering with an ugly appearance.
But as for me, Nina looked like a goddess.
I like Nina that has a fleeting beauty like glass work.


When I realized, I had embraced Nina.
I acted brazenly in public.
However, Nina’s dyed bright red face drew close to my ears.
I slowly rubbed her back as I relieved the crybaby Nina.

「It’s alright. Because I came here to bring you happiness Nina.」


I fumblingly embrace Nina whose body starts to shake.
When I whispered close to her ears, her delicate body that was in my arms shivered.
I gently stroke her head and whisper words of love to her.
When I did so, Nina’s thighs started to quiver as they rubbed together bashfully.

「Perhaps you need to go to the toil—-uwa!」

My hands were pulled back and we rushed into the back alley.
Nina’s face became red with extremely rough breathing.
I saw Nina’s urge to breed in the ecstasy on her facial expression.
I float a wry smile thinking “again?”
I wonder to what extent Nina can be depraved?

「I-I’m sorry! Yuuto, I couldn’t hold it any longer…」

From the rolled up robe, I can see it- Nina’s panties.
It was messy and wet from her love juices, and the shape of her pussy was plainly visible.
And then, *haa haa* her tongue extended out as if to invite me.

「Haa haa, p-please! Again, with me…」

If they were a man, anyone would get an erection from that.
*Pukuri* my erect penis floats up from my pants, and Nina’s shapely finger touched it.
I bend back, shivering from the pleasant feeling.
Nina lowers my zipper with those lewd hand movements.


Looking at it as if she can’t hold back any longer, she brought her small mouth close.
*Boron*, Nina gave my exposed penis a kiss and, *chiro chiro*, stimulated my glans with her red tongue.

*Jururu, Jubu, Chuuu, Juppo Juppo!*

As her lust progresses, Nina savors my dick.
It’s impossible to think this girl was a virgin not too long ago, giving such an indecent sounding fera.5
The tongue digs into the head of my glans, and I am bursting with vigor as her lips slides up and down my cock with viscosity.
My whole dick turned into an erogenous zone6 as my thighs shake and tremble all over.
Nina’s drool drips on my skin giving me a nice cool feeling.

「Amuu, hah, nh」

The devilish Nina licks my testicles with the tip of her tongue whenever she reaches the root of my penis.
It was like she was trying to squeeze semen out with force.
My testicles were covered in Nina’s saliva pressing me to ejaculate.
*Kyururu*, the semen makes a sound like a raging stream as it goes wild.
With her skillful performance, my penis stands up throbbing, as it jolts grandly.

「Ah, please w-wait Yuuto, please don’t let it out yet!」

She tightly grasp my angry penis with one hand in a confused state.
Being stopped right before it happened, I bit my lips trying to hold down the urge to ejaculate.
But inside my head I don’t want you to ask that of me as I release a wheezing breath like a dog.

「I-I want it let out inside me… Please fill Nina’s perverted pussy with lots of semen…!」


Nina said so with a muddled, enchanted beauty in ecstasy.

—–Please violate Nina’s pussy.

If you say such a thing, can a man be silent?
Nina places her hands against the wall and raises her back in position as I push my penis against her pussy.
Love juice slides down her fine, gentle pussy ready to easily accept my penis.


Lewd juices hang down almost like honey.
My penis slowly enters with the sound of water being repelled.
I pound her hips as I savor Nina’s pussy.
*Biku biku*, the pussy walls, that I pull against, cling to my penis and don’t let go.

「Ahn, ah, ah, ah❤︎」

Obscene heavy breathing overflows from her mouth.
I also thrust in and out of her like a wild animal, and her ass, without a single blemish, shakes with a *bururu*.
Each thrust would make a slapping sound. My penis would be tinged with heat, and would become even larger.

「Nina really is a pervert, huh. Is it fine even if we end up finishing like this?」

I whisper in Nina’s ears. It’s skillful and like a beast.
*Zoku zokuu!!* I see her shiver intensely while nodding in agreement.
Nina looks at my face as she opens up with female pheromones, and replied, “Hyeth”7, with a voice painted with lust.

「Haa haa, p-pleash.」

「Then, it’s fine if I poke it even more, huh!」

When I increased my strokes, Nina raised her voice as if she couldn’t stand it anymore.
In this back alley situation, my shame also multiplied and my excitement rose.
A mean feeling appeared as I knocked against Nina’s cervix.
It was as if I was trying to violently induce Nina’s eggs to come out.
Then Nina’s legs also bounce and spasm and let out a voice that seemed like it felt good.

「Fuaaaah❤︎ Aah❤︎ Yuhto❤︎ Give hyiit❤︎ Pleash fill my pussy with lots of your dick juice.❤︎」


「A, AAAAA- AAA- A- A- AAAAAAaaaAhaAah❤︎❤︎❤︎❤︎」

As if she was squeezing my balls out, her cervix stuck to my penis and didn’t let go.
Nina’s pussy sucked up my semen leaving nothing behind.
Nina’s lecher pussy had power like a vacuum.
I started to pant as I slowly savored the pleasant feeling of ejaculating.

「Haa, Haa, Haa, Haa…❤︎」

*Bububu*, air leaked out from where I pulled my penis from.
My baby juice and Nina’s pussy juice mix together and bubble forth from her vagina.
Nina waited upon my penis and began a clean up blowjob.


She sucks out the remaining semen, and my testicles end up becoming tight.

「Nmu, th-thank you… Yuhto… I… am extremely happy.」

I gently stroke Nina’s head, who is talking while she is licking me like she is licking a popsicle.

「That is my line, Nina.」

*Niko*, Nina smiles with upturned eyes.
Right now, I am exceedingly happy…


  1. マレル No idea
  2. Japanese expression said before eating. Hard to TL
  3. Fairly certain this is the sound effect of her eating. Hamu is her mouth closing over the spoon and mogu is chewing. I don’t know the other.
  4. ??? I am guessing because she is acting like a spoiled kid…?
  5. Fellatio, aka bj
  6. But… it already, is?
  7. Yes