Beauty Reversal Chapter 15: The Person Who I Want To Protect


「Nina, can you stand?」

「A, ahaha… I want to wait just a bit…」

I held out my hand to Nina whose legs I made tremble like a newborn fawn.
Because Nina has a very sensitive body, she ends up not being able to stand easily with just a little teasing.
She has the physical strength, it’s just that her body doesn’t listen.
After a little while when Nina became able to stand, we left the back alley.
I was glad I had clothes to change into. I wonder if this was accidental or intentional.
The smell of my semen and Nina’s sexual fluids splendidly stuck to our clothes.
It’s useless to try and think about a lot of things regarding having sex outdoors.
We ended up doing it on impulse but now we have to continue with our date.
I wonder if Nina was thinking that as well, and she shyly grasped my hand.
When I show my intention by tickling her entwined finger, Nina did it back looking delighted.



「Nina, it looked fun…」

I’ve never seen Nina look so happy.
She had always smiled.
But that was a smile like a mask clung to her.
And yet despite pretending to be tough, she cries under that mask.
That is the Nina that I love.


However, that face is different.
It is a face that has completely fallen in love, it was a face that thought about men.
That feeling was undoubtedly happiness from the bottom of her heart, it was a lovely smile.
I can’t stomach anything about that man, but if Nina is that happy, this is probably fine.

I should stop things like this. Without thinking I ended up tailing them.
I secretly turn my back on the two while I have a miserable feeling.
If this is Nina’s happiness than I will have to swallow my misgivings.
It is at that time.
I heard a terribly harsh voice coming from where Nina’s group is.



「Oi oi, why are you guys in a place like this?」

Some adventurers I haven’t seen before call out to us in a raspy voice.
They have about 2 meters more in height compared to me.
When I look at the disagreeable look on their faces, it’s easy to imagine that they have unpleasant motives.
They are probably having an outburst from extreme annoyance.
There is the form of people passing by grinning in derision as if to say “serves you right” as the adventurers picked a quarrel with us.

「A, au」

Nina tightly grasps my clothes and hides behind me.
The scared Nina didn’t even let out her voice, as she shakes with a rattle in fear of the men in front of us.
Even I am a little frightened. The hoodlums from my old world didn’t look this strong.

「You’re as ugly as always! Oi! Think about the trouble you are causing the people in this town!」

The men were looking at Nina in such a way and it made me gather strength more and more.
They poured abuse on Nina as if they were spitting on her.
I understand that their violent words are injuring her heart with a grinding sound.
Nina completely hangs her head down with a pale face.
She bites her lips like she is bearing various emotions, while looking like she’s about to cry at any moment.

「Say something, oi! Hora! Apologize! Say you’re sorry for being ugly! Apologize for being a nuisance to everyone in town! Apologize for being born!」

*Gera gera*, they laugh vulgarly as their insults to the non-resisting Nina escalated.
The surroundings began to agree with them. They were secretly making fun of Nina.

『Think about the look of this town…』

『Your ugliness is seriously unsightly. What an unshapely appearance.』

『She probably paid that guy.』

The passersby that heard the racket form a circle and surround us as they continue to say whatever they want.
Nina opens her mouth while tears completely fill her eyes.

「I-I’m sorry」

It’s no good. Even my heart is disturbed by this, hatred fills my heart from these insults.
I have reached my limit, I will explode at any moment.

「Nina is prettier than anyone else.」

「AAn!?」 they pour out a displeased voice.
Nina’s face that was about to cry looks up at me surprised.
The adventurer’s overpowering attitude oppressed my miserable actions but I couldn’t stand it anymore.
I stamp my heel suddenly and anger creeps out from my throat when I open my mouth.

「You all say Nina is ugly but do you not think about yourselves? You wouldn’t be able to stand looking at your own hearts. It gives off the stench of something dead. Is it so great to hurt others?」

The punk whose face gets red from my words grabs me.
As expected, I’m scared. But my anger won.
As for me, Nina’s beauty that is like glass work, it is my mission to protect this fragile girl.

「Don’t fuck with me! You think just because your face is a little good you can talk to me in that way!?」

「You were the ones making fun of Nina earlier, and yet you’re angry at me for making fun of you? You also don’t understand morals. Your head and your heart are both weak, huh.」

*Buchi*, I thought I heard a sound.

「—-!? w-wait!」

Nina was too late to stop them, the man’s fist hit my face.
I didn’t see it. There is a difference between our stature so his blow feels considerably heavier.
I, who had collapsed on the ground, ended up groaning in misery with a sharp pain.
My nose probably broke. Maybe my cheekbone broke.
My nose didn’t stop bleeding, the taste of iron spread through my mouth.

「Hah, so weak! You were so pretentious even though you ended up being so weak?」1


They put their foot on my head and, *guri guri*, push their weight down.
My skull made a creaking sound. Ah, how unsightly.
Watching the surroundings quickly start to cheer is so frustrating I’d rather die.

『That’s good! Do it more!』

『Do it!』

“Haha”, I spill a smile unintentionally.
I commit my strong anger towards the figures of these spectators that judged us as bad guys to memory.
Is being ugly, enough for you to commit a crime?
Nina hasn’t done anything wrong.
Did Nina do anything to you guys?
Did she hurt one of you?
She didn’t, I know that the best.
Do you guys, who take advantage of the weak and think that hurting someone is fine, even understand Nina’s nobility!?

「Ni-Nina, I-I am sorry…」

「You’re still talking? Chi, fine already, I’ll do it.」

The man drew a sword. It was a double-edged long sword that had a nick in it.
I feel the cool presence of death.
When such a thing is done to here—–aa.

That’s right, we don’t have any allies, huh. I forgot.

This case will surely rely highly on eyewitness testimony.
But everyone who happened to see isn’t trying to stop it, rather, they turn their hatred toward here as if saying “hurry up and do it”.
Deep down, I was frustrated, but I have no choice but to raise my nails from the ground and raise a voice of resentment.
The man brandishes the sword.
I watched this scene somehow in slow motion.
Nina, I’m sorry… Please forgive this weak person I am.

「Ora! Time to die-gyaaa!!!?」

The man was blown off as he shrieked like a pig.
*Gashaaaaan!* sounded as the man was thrown into the market.

“Eh———-?” Who did that?
Perhaps it was one of the passersby, perhaps it was one of the adventurers, or maybe- it was me?


I didn’t understand whether it was her for an instant.
Nina floated an expression of extreme rage, the likes of which I have never seen before.

「Doing stuff to me is fine, I know it’s true that I am ugly so… I didn’t make trouble while bowing my head in apology. When you told me to apologize, I did.」

“But——-” Nina continues to say as her voice shakes in hatred.

「I will not forgive anyone who hurts Yuuto!」

In that instance, a magic circle appears around her with her in the center.
It was a beautiful pale green light, that was magical and divine.
It is being completed while a fierce energy casts a light from it.
Is this that so called magic?
Something dense wraps around Nina.
Is that, a snake, or ivy? What is it? A strong prickling power is transmitted into my body.

「W-wait! We were wrong! Sor——」

She wouldn’t listen to the frightened words of the men.
She had a sharp cold gaze. They were eyes that were almost like they didn’t belong to my companion.
Then, Nina slowly and calmly recites a spell.

「『Wind break』」

It was a transparent wind bullet.
No, it wasn’t such a simple thing.
It was a giant mass of air like a missile that went towards the adventurers.
The invisible force gouged out the ground and it jolts the atmosphere while it went towards them with intense speed.
That had more than enough power to kill a human being.

「Hi, Hiiiiiii!?」


A thunderous roar echoes.
*Para para* fragments of something dance in midair, and a cloud of sand rolls up.
The worst case crossed my mind, but a different scene spreads before my eyes.


Aira was holding a huge shield and defended against Nina’s attack.
She suddenly raises her shield and floats a carefree grin.

「-, A-as powerful as always, huh, Nina.」

「Why did you stop it?」

Nina looked at Aira, who entered to stop the attack, with somewhat cold eyes while throwing out that question.
The continued words don’t fit with the current situation, and she doesn’t seem to be going easy on Aira.
Nina could understand her intention.

「If you do such a thing as killing someone, wouldn’t you fall into the worst kind of slavery?」

「I don’t care.」

Nina declares. Her intent was as straight and pointed as a sword.
“Is that so…” Aira mutters. And then sighs in astonishment.

「You don’t, care?… You are that resolved?」

「Yeah, that’s why, Aira, move away from there.」

「You are prepared to make Yuuto sad?」


Then Nina stops moving for once.
Nina who moved in anger faltered.

「If he can’t meet you, what will Yuuto think?」


「Nina, you have already done enough, look, isn’t Yuuto also worrying about you?」

Finally, Nina’s eyes met mine.
I stand up unsteadily and approach Nina.
And then, I slowly grasp her hands, and make an eye signal saying 「I’m alright.」.
But the hoodlum’s anger didn’t seem suppressed. Rather, it was like oil was poured on the fire and they started getting out of control.
「Ha, Haha! Don’t fuck with me! Did you think you could just get away without any consequences!? Since we have all the testimonies on our side, even if we lie, all your comrades will die! You fuckers will get along well with the people in prison!」

Just as the hoodlum’s said that, the surroundings raised their voice saying “That’s right, that’s right”.
We didn’t have a single ally in the vicinity.
There is barely even anyone injured on their side, but it is true that we launched magic.
It’s just as the guys said, we tried to kill them and snuff out their lives completely.
My face became green at that. Isn’t there anything to be done.
However, Aira didn’t get worked up and grabs the hoodlum’s wrists.

「N? Got something to say?」


*Zudon!!!!* *Gaoooon!!*

The ground shook as if it echoed from its core.
When I look over there, Aira smashed the man’s arms.
The hoodlum that hit the ground had his arm bent in an unnatural direction and blood spurt out.


The man foamed at the mouth in pain while he grew incontinent.
Aira’s voice resounds in the alley that became dead silent with a *shin~*.

「Does anyone else want to take sides? Bring it on! I won’t show mercy to any of my foes.」

Aira declared so with those sharp red eyes full of killing intent.

「If any of you fuckers2 try to hurt Nina I won’t forgive you. I have memorized all your faces. If you say anything like this man, then next time— I’ll kill ya.」

Contrary to that dangerous line, Aira donned a dignified appearance.
It was almost, like a knight, like a daring lion.
The fact that she dominates this area is clear.


  1. Quick tidbit here, you guys probably already are doing this but the author has these guys’ sentences end with ze which literally just adds force to the sentence. So essentially read these guys’ lines like you would a typical Japanese hoodlum or yakuza. It’s kind of hard to translate to show that
  2. Uses yatsu which is like a derogatory you and I thought this was best for the situation. If you think otherwise feel free to let me know.