Beauty Reversal Chapter 16: Aira


The hoodlums didn’t say anything. Their faces turned pale and they couldn’t move due to fear.
The people that surrounded us too, they didn’t do anything in response to her words that displayed the overwhelming difference in power.
It is also the first time in my life that I have seen something so monstrous. The grotesque scene in front of me is making me a bit nauseous.
I was shaken to my core.
I was just like the surrounding people, even though I am her ally, I ended up shrinking back in fear from Aira’s dreadful thirst for blood.
Other than Nina, I bet the fear the other people felt was higher.
No one dared to try and run away, on the contrary they all completely shut their mouths.
Only one person moved, it was like Aira’s time was the only one in motion.

「Nina, Yuuto, let’s go.」

Me and Nina were suddenly lead by the hand.
When we drew near, the surrounding people part like Moses and the Red Sea.1
In a certain sense, it was impressive we made it out of that situation.

「Eh, umm isn’t this fine…?」

She saved me back there but I feel uneasy. After all, no matter how you look at it, I think this is a disaster.
I am trembling with fear that any moment now the guards with come and surround us.

「Will, we end up getting arrested…?」

It seems Nina embraces me with the same uneasiness.
But Aira easily denies it.

「There is a large-scale gathering of soldiers in this town but they shouldn’t be able to cut us down.」

N? What do you mean? What gathering of soldiers?
I try to think back to the contents of the novel in my head.
…Perhaps it’s for 『That』?
But if that is the case—-

「At most you are probably trying to use us and then throw us away with some ulterior motive but… I can’t let that happen. Also, in the one in 10,000 chance that what you say is true, Nina and Yuuto-, I will somehow do something for you regarding everyone in the party.」

「Umm, Aira.」

For now, I put my questions aside.
Because right now, after thinking for a bit, I have a hunch that I won’t find the answer I am looking for.
So, since there is something that is more important to be said right now, I will say it.


「Thank you, if Aira wasn’t there at that time, I don’t know what could have happened.」

「…I’m sorry」


Those words were unexpected.
I thought my disappointing self committed an error and yet why did she apologize.
I didn’t understand the meaning behind Aira’s words, I returned back a question mark.

「The truth is I have been tailing you this whole time.」


Actually, I knew.
Or rather if I said that to show off, she would probably hit me.
I remember that adventurer from a while ago whose arm she broke, and since she can just carry me to the cemetery, I resolved myself to stay quiet.

「I am the worst, huh. I was jealous of Yuuto. I couldn’t believe that Nina’s happy looking smile came from Yuuto… No, I didn’t want to believe it.」

I listen quietly to Aira’s confession.
Her recollection is probably a bit disheartening.
Nina also pulled back her hand while being quiet.

「I said I would protect Nina no matter what. I arbitrarily decided that there wasn’t a man that would love me and Nina. I gave up on happiness and in exchange tried to bring happiness to Nina even if it was only a little.」

But that was a mistake. I’m glad it was a mistake.
Aira made her eyes water, and her face looked like it was about to cry.

「The one who believed in Nina more than anyone was me. I, who tried to deny my friend’s happiness, was an idiot. That’s why when Nina said Yuuto was the person she liked, I couldn’t obediently believe in you.」

Aira released our hands then.
She let her shoulders shrink back and then suddenly turned around.
And then turned towards me and Nina and bowed her head very deeply.

「I’m sorry, Yuuto. I was wrong. Your feelings are real. I was actually the ugly one, not everyone else.」

If such a thing is shown, I can only believe you.
Aira raises her head and spills a smile of self-deprecation.
Silence flows between us for a little bit.
As for Aira’s pitiful confession, Nina couldn’t say anything.
However, I had a lot of things I wanted to say overflowing from inside me.


After all, this girl is nice. It was just like the novel.
Her body is strong but her heart is weak.
Even if you stupidly assume she is ugly, her way of life, her figure was very beautiful.
I ended up feeling this Aira is adorable. Surely, Nina does too.
That’s why I looked into Aira’s eyes and clearly stated.

「I love Nina. And I also love Aira. I firmly believe so.」

「Eh—–m-me too? E-to, s-so that means…」

Aira expresses astonishment. *Wata wata*, Her hands, that hung down with nothing to do, move.
I feel pleasant with the gap from this chivalrous girl from not that long ago.
*Kohon* I release an unnatural cough and spin words to my heart’s content.

「Yes, please go out with me.」

I unabashedly proclaim my feelings to Aira.
I was filled with a very refreshing and invigorating feeling.

「Aira, is it no good…?」

「B-but Yuuto and Nina-」

「I have received permission. Also, above all, I am attracted to you.」

When Aira shifts her gaze to Nina, Nina smiles gently.
All that’s left is Aira. It depends on her feelings.

「I-I am extremely unattractive but…」

「You heard from Nina, right? It seems my sense of beauty is strange. However, Nina and Aira. I think you are more beautiful and lovely than anyone in this world.」

「I… am unrefined and manly and I don’t have a cute character like Nina’s.」

「That Aira that hates herself and has suffered— I love her.」

Aira is under the impression that everything to do with her existence is bad.
But, she doesn’t understand.
Her very charming existence is reflected to me.
My heart is tightly held by Aira’s existence.

「I-I too, as for men, is it fine to love you…?」

She places her hand before her chest with a pose like a maiden as her eyes moisten.
It was a voice that sounded like it would end up crying at any moment.
A delicate voice spills that doesn’t suit such a strong woman.
I think her actions are unbearably lovely.
I answered her words at once without wavering.

「Yes, I love you.」

The next instance, Aira leaps into my chest.
It was the same distance as when we first met.
Aira’s red eyes moisten as her face dyes red with nervousness.
I shorten the distance with her, that looks at me with upturned eyes.
This time I won’t stop. I slowly drew close to Aira’s face.


And then our shapes overlap.


  1. This analogy totally caught me off guard