Beauty Reversal Chapter 17: The Second Person



The lips that were piled on top of each other separated. They were very soft and the same red color as her hair.
A string of saliva stretches out as we separate. It was almost like a silver thread.

「Yu-, Yu-uto…」

Aira called out my name with feverish eyes.
We stare at each other with mutually passionate eyes.
With just that, I understood Aira’s muscle along her back were shaking. When I stroked her lightly, she twitched. She seems really nervous. But somehow there is a strange feeling in the way she called me. Is she trying to do something impossible?

「If it’s hard to call out to me, I don’t mind if you call out to me like when you call out to Nina.」

Aira would probably prefer this solution.
If she calls out to me in a friendly way, I can feel relieved.

「B-but, such a thing… to call out to Yuuto without honorifics is… Hauuu!!」

*Hamu*, I nibble her good looking ears. *Hamu hamu*, I gnaw on it lightly with my lips.
I stick my tongue in her ear and pry into it with a *kuchu kuchu* sound.
I stain her ears with my saliva as it clings on.

「Fuah, no-no good, there, ah, ah, ah, aa!」

It seems Aira is sensitive just like Nina.
When I tease her by digging into her ears with my tongue, Aira’s waist, *biku biku!*, spasms.
That reaction really woke up my S side.1

「Look, Aira? How should you call me?」

「Aah… Yu-Yuuto…」2

「Good girl.」

“There there”, I stroke Aira’s head. *Piko piko*, her ahoge shakes looking happy.
It didn’t seem to be as much as Nina, but Aira also slightly closes her eyes as if she felt very pleasant.
The way she looked up at me like she felt good, was almost like a cat. My smile deepens.
I thought the mood and the timing were appropriate, and I stretch my hand to Aira’s crotch.
—Aira’s hand stopped mine.

「What happened?」

「U-umm… since it is my first time, uhh… I think doing it on top of a bed would be better…」

Ah, so it was such a thing.
Although I don’t mind people, doing it outside definitely damages the mood.
Having her previous impressiveness change, I felt Aira’s romantic side.

「Sorry Nina, can you return ahead of us?」

「Yes, please take your time.」

But before that, Nina placed her hand on my cheek.


I didn’t understand the meaning behind that action.
But when Nina said「『Heal』」, the pain on my face from when I was struck disappeared with a light green light.
I had forgotten in my excitement but come to think of it I was injured.

「I can only do this much but…」

「No… it’s amazing, so you can do something like this too?」

In admiration, I said so.
“Well then”, Nina waved her hand moderately and left before us.
I had received Nina’s attention, and went to Aira’s house.
However, Nina was happy on one hand but on the other hand she looked somewhat lonely.





I pushed Aira, whose armor I stripped, down on the bed.
We made ripples on the pure white bed sheets.
Releasing a sweet voice, Aira easily collapsed on the bed.
That strong Aira gave her full trust to me and relinquished herself to me.
The feeling of completely conquering the nonresistant Aira boils up.

「Aira’s is big, huh.」

I hold her breast with both hands trying not to hide them, and I praise them while taking a long hard look at them.
She was locking them up behind her armor but as expected they have an overwhelming size.
“Even though she is a gravure idol, doesn’t the size have a rather good lewdness to them?” It is to such an extent.
It is about halfway between bakunyuu and kyonyuu3. The feel of rubbing it is like a work of art that makes a man’s lust flare up.
Furthermore they don’t droop at all. *Ku-pa-*, the ligament tightly holds, as her pointed breast meat opposes gravity. It was arranged in a frightening manner.4

「Ah, yaa…」

She resists with a seemingly shy delicate voice but it had an endless femininity to it.
*Chuu*, I light kiss the area near her chin.
She tightly closes her eyes but a sweet sigh overflows from her lips.

「I’m, so big, everyone made fun of me when I was a kid… Yu-Yuuto, do you, hate these breasts?」

「No, that’s not true, rather they are the best. Even though they are really large, they have a pretty shape, I don’t have any complaints.」

Aira, who shakes in what seems to be anxiety, has her expression loosen.
I praise her chest that she has a complex about, and she floats a really happy looking embarrassed smile.
I give her praise and she was the very image of an innocent girl.
This girl is lovely. I try to extend my hand to Aira’s nether region.

「Ah, Yu-Yuuto, that… it’s, my first time so, I-I want you to treat me gently…」

She raised her upturned eyes towards my direction like she was flattering me with her wet eyes.
She grips her hands tightly as she shook stuck in between anxiety and expectation.
My reasoning blew up in an instant. I want to devour Aira greedily.
How cute can this person be. I want to thoroughly torment her.
It was the usually confident Aira. And yet now she is the weak woman, Aira. The gap is unbearable.

「Yes, I will be gentle for you, if it hurts please tell me, okay?」


I peel off her clothes one layer at a time. The perverted smell of sweat floats and pokes at my nostrils.
*Purun*, her voluptuous white breasts shake. The way her average bra pinned it down was pretty.
The pigmentless, salmon pink nipple that was standing up hard was cute.5
Aira covers her pure white skin with her hand like she was embarrassed. When I caress her skin like I was tickling her, Aira emitted a suffocating breath from the gap in her lips which was like a rose bud.6

「Ah❤︎ Ah❤︎」

I stimulate Aira’s skin as if I was in a hurry. I gently touched her, and it was like her skin became fluffy.
*Tsuuu*, When I stroked her thigh, her back lifts suddenly and her thighs start to chafe together like it was asking to be touched more.
I could no longer hold back so I extended my hand towards Aira’s breasts.


So soft. It had tension as the sensitive flesh pushed back against my hand.
The feeling of the massage felt like it was sucking the palm of my hands in and ended up turning the touch of my fingers into erogenous zones.

「Yu-Yuuto, it’s no goodd! My, breasts are sensitive…!」

I massage her boiling hot breasts.
I was gentle like I was rhythmically playing the piano and then I was strong.
*Tapu tapu*, The vibration of the flesh was transmitted a beat late when it jolted.
The tenderness of her breasts were almost as if a marshmallow as they shook with a *buru buru*.
My head became disordered because they shook with a large feeling.
I couldn’t hide my arousal for Aira’s miraculous tits.

「Haa haa」

「I’m taking it off, okay?」

I slowly tear off her underwear. When I did so, transparent strings of sexual fluids are pulled from there.
Nina would also have noticed my line of sight. I am surely unabashadly ogling Aira.
It seemed I also couldn’t turn my eyes away either and Aira’s face fills with blood in embarrassment.


When I extend my middle finger to her slit, Aira’s woman parts spits out a painful looking mass of sexual fluids with a *kopu*.
I scoop up that sexual fluid with my fingertip and smear it on the nipples of Aira’s two enormous mountains.
The nipples, that began to grow hard to a point, were flicked with my index finger with a *pin pin!*.

「Ah!? Ah, A, A, Ah❤︎ Su-such a thing…❤︎AAAAAh❤︎❤︎」

The sexual fluid’s sliminess also helped my smooth caress as Aira reached her climax in a flash.
When I pinch her stiff part, her flesh violently bends back and forth.
With every pinch, her nipples’ hardness grew, and on top of that, Aira’s glazed voice grew in proportion with it.
I put the completely hard nipples of Aira, who was shaking, in my mouth like it was delicious.


*Biku! Bikubikunn!*

Her female body undulated violently.
I saw her sexual fluids spout out from between her thighs as she spasmed.
With each of Aira’s lewd acts, my dick becomes hard like it was opened up. If it is this wet then it should already be fine. Or perhaps I should say it seems I am the one that can’t hold back any longer. I want to hurry up and screw my dick in and I am irritated.

「Aira, is it okay?」

「U, Un, my first time… I want Yuuto to take it…」

I pushed my penis against Aira’s slit.
I slowly insert it without change. Whether it was due to the love juices or not, it went in without a hitch even though it was a virgin pussy.
*Nupupu*, her love juice spills as she gulps down my manhood.

「A, guu」

Aira withstands the pain. She grasps the sheets tightly.
Thinking it would be easier to hurry up and do it, I instantly pierce through Aira.
I pierced her up to the root and the sound of her hymen tearing is transmitted through her flesh.
Blood flows out as a proof of her deflowering.

「Uu, gu!」

Kuu, as expected it’s a great feeling.
It goes without saying that the tightness was good. Contrary to her solidly built body, her pussy was fluffy.
I repeatedly push it in and take it out slowly as I was being affectionate with Aira.

「Ah! Ann!! A❤︎ A❤︎ Aann❤︎❤︎」

Aira grits her teeth as she bears the pain.
However, gradually a different expression floated on her face.

「AaAAh❤︎ Yu-Yuuto❤︎ I love you❤︎ Fuah❤︎ More, more❤︎ Do it mooooore❤︎ AhaaAh❤︎❤︎」

My speed also slowly increases. My strokes gradually become more violent.
My balls gradually rise as if saying it can’t last any longer.
Each time I forced into her, *burun! burun!*, her huge tits would shake.
My reason became hazy at the disheveled Aira’s foolishness.

「A-Aira! It’s a-already coming out…!」

We both reached our limits and I changed how I tormented her.
I grind against her hips and tease Aira’s vaginal walls from various directions.



At that time Aira returned a remarkably amazing reaction. Her hips jolt jerkingly.
Guessing that was her weak point, I raise and focus my tormenting on that location.

*Gorii! Goriyu! Goriyuriyu!!*

「No gwooooooooooood❤︎❤︎ hiYuhto dat plash ish no gwood, I shaid ish no gwood❤︎ AAAAAA, A, A, I-I can’t hwoooold ooooooooooon❤︎❤︎❤︎」

The woman’s body that was painted with sweat gasped hard. Her pheromones wrapped up this place.
The noble disheveled Aira made my genitals much harder and I got erect like the floodgates were opened.
It looked painful but no matter how you look at it, her body danced a obscene dance in happiness and I finally reached my limits.

*Dopyu! Byuburuuruuuuuuu!! Byuu, Byubu!*


My semen surges forth without being able to be cut off and my mating juice fires off like a gun.
At that moment, Aira also reached her climax and exposed her ahegao in exhaustion.



Aira and I came together and cuddled in our birthday suits.
A little time after I pulled out of Aira, as expected, we were tired and we laid down together.
Sometimes, I gently stroke her cheek, and when I was caressing her head, she would suddenly raise a cute voice like a spoiled child.
The time has already become considerably late. I can’t remember how many times we battled on top of the sheets.
If we had sex for a very long time in this way, I wonder if Nina is worried?

「Yuuto, did you think about Nina just now?」


How did she find out? Don’t tell me it showed on my face?
A woman’s perception is scary.
*Muu*, Aira was jealous as her cheeks swell up like a cute squirrel.
Pouting Aira is so loveable that when I poke her cheek, *muni muni*, with my index finger, she laughs like Nina with a「ehehe」.
After a while, Aira talked slowly.

「Yuuto, about me, I also like Nina, that’s why I ended up thinking whether this is fine or not. The first person to come to like Yuuto was Nina right?」

I see, so Aira was worrying about stuff like that? It’s an obvious concern.

「That may be so but…」

When I try to continue, Aira puts her finger against my mouth to stop me.

「It’s fine, Nina and Yuuto are both nice so, even if I say anything, I understand you two will surely accept me.」


「I ended up being a little jealous, because I wasn’t able to take Yuuto’s first time…」

Aira smiles with loneliness when she says that.
Aira’s figure was very magical when the moonlight shone down on her.
But, Aira continues on.
Her red eyes were loaded with a strong will. And then she made a cruel declaration.

「I will remember this feeling, my feelings of love for Yuuto won’t lose to anyone. Even Nina.」

When she said that Aira clung to me.
It’s not the same type as cuddling, it was almost as if she was marking me as she rubbed against my body.
I ended up feeling some guilt towards Nina.
Japan doesn’t have a polygamy system.
That’s why I wonder. Will I end up feeling guilty if I embrace her?
Is it fine with the girls? To be the partner of this indecisive me?

*Suu suu*, I heard the regular breathing of someone sleeping.
Before I knew it Aira fell asleep.

「Yuuto… I love you…」

I pet her head as she talks in her sleep extremely cute like.
「Nyufu…」She spilled a happy breath in her sleep.
Her swaying red hair shines in the moonlight.
I don’t know if I am a man that deserves these girls.
If that is so then let’s start—-

「I will definitely make you happy, Aira, Nina, and everyone that is important to them… I will do it without a doubt.」

I grasp the sleeping Aira’s hand as if I was taking an oath.


  1. He means sadistic for those who aren’t familiar
  2. No honorifics
  3. Enormous breast and huge breast
  4. Uses osoroshii which is commonly used by flat chested characters in anime to describe a characters big tits.
  5. The author just endlessly put adjectives in front of it and I tried to make it flow alright.
  6. Ok seriously the author just feels like adding an annoying amount of adjectives in sentences now I guess.