Beauty Reversal Chapter 18: Shrine


「I can only do this much but…」

Aira and I spent the night together.
Whether it was caused by being disordered by our individual lust, we fell fast asleep.
When I woke up, Aira wanted me to eat so she prepared breakfast.
Her female power was quite high. I was surprised from my depths with her delicate consideration.

「No no, this is amazing…」

It was a prettily prepared breakfast that was lined up in a standard fashion in front of my eyes.
In addition to the fundamental menu of bacon, eggs, and rye bread, I don’t understand the ingredients but it seems close to a fresh juicy salad and a soup that had something close to a tomato base.
Even though it is judged by me that is from a different world, it was a well-ordered, ideal breakfast.

「Well then, itadakimasu.」

「U, Un」

With a nervous appearance, Aira looks at what is in my hands.
Her face became red and the way she was watching over a man was almost like a newly married wife.
After the morning kiss, she floats this tender smile and completely made breakfast. Didn’t her moe points1 increase dramatically?

「This is very delicious…」

「—–! I-is that so! I’m glad…」

Just then, Aira’s mood improved. She restlessly raised both her hands above her head delighted.
The anxiety from earlier that completely filled her face changed, there was a really bright smile.
I saw an unexpected domestic side to Aira and that gave me a feeling like I got a side benefit.
Learning the wonderful parts of the girl you love is the status of a man.
She eats the food she made while smiling in a good mood.
Little by little, I thought from the bottom of my heart that I want to comprehend more of Aira.
While we talked about silly things, we laughed together. It was a moment of very calm fun.
We talked about whether a fine day or a rainy day is better.
We talked about how the first time I ate an omelet in this world made me deeply moved.
We also talked about how Aira also loves to read books and whether she had a taste for love stories.
But when the time came to talk about Nina, I was glad for Aira’s complaints.2

「That is so true! That girl, AA, if she saw this she would be quite jealous. I ended up eating that girls favorite strawberry cake and she pouted for about a week. But, after patting her she ended up forgiving me, she’s really too loveable.」

I float a wry smile while nodding in agreement to Aira’s story.
Since she was her close friend, Aira’s favorite thing is probably stuff about Nina.
It seems it could be cut down to one charming page.

「Aira really loves Nina, huh.」

「I love her! There is no one as cute as that girl! She is my important close friend! I pledged that I would give up this body in order to protect her!」

The story of Nina gushes out like an abundant item.
And then I tried to ask an ill-natured question.

「How do you feel about me?」

「Eeh!? Th-that is of course, umm… I-I love you…」

「I can’t hear you.」

「I-I love you… te, isn’t it fine already! This conversation is over!」


It was very sweet and then kind. I thought I wanted to savor this time of happiness forever.

*Kon konn*


At that time, I heard a knock from the door.
“Who is that?” Aira stands up and says that, and opened up the door with a clank.
The person there was wearing butler clothes. It was a well-dressed elderly male.

「Under the orders of the Feudal Lord-sama, I came to ask about the story of the scuffle that happened yesterday.」

Shit! As I thought, did it come?
As one would think, if we make a racket like that, it would be strange if there were no repercussions.
To expressly bother the feudal lord, we have no choice but to tell the truth.
I wonder if Aira is thinking the same thing as well, she talks about the details about yesterday’s matter with politeness.
“Fumu” After hearing, the man does the action of hitting his hand.
That spurred on my anxiety and so I timidly ask the main question.

「Umm, so then, what will happen to us?」

「There is no punishment.」


I raised an idiotic voice to his excessively light reply.

「Umm, I am grateful but is that fine?」

I thought there would certainly be some sort of punishment.

「Feudal Lord-sama is taking you for your word but『With the circumstances as they are, there is something missing in this case.』is what he said.」

「With just that…」

Aren’t you talking as if something bad occurred?
As if giving me confirmation, the man continued.

「He also said,『I expect the adventurers had a role in it.』」

In that case, I have done something rude. The butler said so and left.




At a later time, When Aira and I went to Nina’s house, the moment we knocked, Nina popped out with a strong force.

「Uwaa! Nina!?」

I caught Nina’s delicate body as it is.
While in my arms, Nina poured questions on me in rapid succession.
That face made me really happy but a tiny bit of tears rise to the surface of her eyes.
After you heard, were you that worried for us?
Still, it hasn’t been long since we met but I understand Nina is an immensely spoiled child.
It was only one night but it seems she ended up having some very lonely thoughts

「It was really lonely, huh. I’m sorry.」

I stroked Nina’s head and said that. *Naderi naderi*, I run my fingers through her silver hair.


As I thought the feeling of rubbing her head, I don’t know a person worth doing it to more.
*Piku piku*, Nina twitches from feeling good inside my arms.
Her delicate waist shakes bashfully and she leaks a painful breath. It’s strangely erotic.
Thinking this girl is extremely cute, I put more strength into my tight embrace.
When I look next to me, because Aira was looking over here with an incredibly envious face, I moderately cut it out a bit.

「Umm, Yuuto…」

Nina calls out to me in a reserved voice while looking disappointed.
That was a little bad.

「My heal wasn’t very successful so yesterday I had to use some emergency measures but I think it is still better if Yuuto’s injury was looked at.」

「Well…That may be so.」

But I don’t really have money for a medical center. Japan’s insurance won’t be effective here.
Having Nina and them continually support my poor self is painful.
“I need to hurry up and make money in this world”…When I secretly decided so, Aira also voices her approval.

「I also agree, if it is the shrine then they will heal you, I think it is better if we go quickly.」


「It is the shrine where Goddess Diana is worshiped, Yuuto, do you not know about it?」

Goddess Diana… If I recall correctly, in that novel there was an existence of a plain looking goddess.
I possibly thought but. Are you also in this world?
At any rate if Nina and Aira are worried for me then I don’t have a reason not to go.
On top of that I am also really curious.
We immediately left to walk to the shrine.

Along the way, Nina entwined her arm around mine like a spoiled child.
*Munyuu*, She pressed those demonic breasts on me.
「Ehehe」Nina laughs.
「Muu」Aira expands her cheeks.
And then Aira attached her monstrous breasts to me in opposition.
Amazing, both of their softness, it goes without saying they have comfortability, but with Aira and Nina as my partner, I was overflowing with intense euphoria from being in between their chests.
The two seemed very happy. They linked arms with me while releasing voices like a spoiled child.
It’s not bad. I am also a healthy young man that’s why I didn’t feel bad at all but… it was slightly difficult to move.
But the main problem is definitely——



“Kuu… th-the breasts are…”

Since both of their breasts were big, there were various troubles.
Every time we walk, they shake with a *puru puru*, and any light movement alters their form.
The direct transmission is a first-rate sensation. They are tits that make people depraved.
In the end, my reasoning was in full speed all the way till the shrine.
After all, if my sexual desire becomes honest at this rate, I’d want to grab those boobs and compare their tits right then and there.
Perhaps, since it is these two, they would present them with pleasure, I am plunging down the harem road, huh.



After walking for awhile, we had almost left town.
And so we looked up to see the shrine that was our goal.

「This is the shrine…?」

It was quite ragged.
It was quite a big building but there were various cracks here and there, and I saw that the deterioration was advancing.

This is the shrine for the goddess named Diana…

As I was viewing the shrine, the two women approached it.
There was a beauty there that was in my strike zone with a fluttering white robe.
She wasn’t as good as Nina and Aira but I ended up unintentionally staring at the well-proportioned shape of her face.



I came to my sense as the two called out my name with faces that had anxiety, or rather that looked like they would cry at any moment now.
I was brought back to reality with a strong sense of guilt.
No no, it’s fine. Because the partners I love won’t change.
I cough with a *kohonn* in order to try and deceive them and turn towards the girls.

「How do you do? I am the one working for this shrine to Diana-sama, Claire3. What business do you have here today?」

We immediately get down to business.

「Umm, Yuuto… here ended up getting an injury so we wanted you to look at it for us but…」

Then, Claire moved to my position.
When she lightly approaches me, she touched my injured cheek and nose that we hadn’t told her about.
Her face is close. When she was fixedly looking at my face, somehow my heart raised a groan.

「…There is no problem, it has been healed neatly, it seems you used heal to cure this but who did that?」

「Ah, that’s me.」

「It’s magnificent, it seems a thorough incantation was used and strong feelings wanting it to be healed more than anything were transmitted in it.」

Nina smiles sweetly and releases her hand. Surprisingly, she felt embarrassed.
When Nina was praised, I also became a little proud.
But more than that I was fully realizing my own weakness.
Since this injury was caused by my weakness, I need to show some responsibility.
And my worthlessness is the cause of the two’s concern, that’s why…

「Since we are here, why don’t we go pray to Diana-sama?」

Since we didn’t really have a reason to refuse, we followed Claire.
When we went into the interior, there was an altar there.
Due to deterioration, the stone statue was hard to identify, it was extremely difficult to make a distinction.

“Isn’t it somehow similar to Nina…?

I, for some reason, ended up piling up the image of the statue on top of Nina.
It’s probably a coincidence.
But, when I saw the part that I could make a distinction of, it was entirely like Nina.

『———, —————, ——』


I looked back suddenly.

「Yuuto? What happened?」

「No, there was something just now.」

The next instant the sound of *zaza* travelled to my head.


I had a feeling I heard a small voice.
No, I don’t know whether it was a voice or not.
But the moment I heard something, I felt my footing shake dizzyingly.
I will ended up with my butt hitting the ground at this rate.


「Yu-Yuuto!? What happened!?」

Nina and Aira called out to me in a worried voice.
Rather than concern, Claire floated a surprised expression for some reason and looked over here.

「I-I’m sorry, it was just a bit of dizziness.」

「…Is that so? Don’t push yourself. Should we hasten our praying at this place today?」

What was that? Something just whispered to me just now?
Although it gave me an uncomfortable feeling. I grasped that I was surely worn out after being emptied from those series of battles.

I thought about it while we walked home.
In the end, Nina had completely healed my wound.
And then, the two waited on me and had me consult the shrine.
Due to the injury, the two paid attention to all my needs since I am weak.

“This wound is proof of my powerlessness. That’s why, first, in order to protect these two, I need power…”

I looked at Nina and Aira having fun while talking and it further strengthened my thinking.

“I want to be stronger… If it’s Aira, would she accept my wish?”


  1. Moe points is like cuteness
  2. The author kind of just lists this stuff off and it didn’t seem good in English so I added some variation of we talked about X to show that’s in fact what they were doing.
  3. クレア
  4. No damn idea imagine a phone cutting out and getting 1 word and half of a couple others. For some reason the author decided to focus on particles like ga or nara and not nouns or verbs. -_-