Beauty Reversal Chapter 19: Paizuri Training


「Aira, are you here?」

*Kon kon*, the door was knocked.
After a bit, I went to visit Aira’s house in secret from Nina.
The weak me is unable to protect a girl. I’m unbelievably weak.
I don’t have the image of becoming strong like Aira and Nina but even if I am the lowest, I want to be strong enough so they don’t worry about me that much.
After watching Nina I got the feeling she was an adventurer that specializes in magic.
What is Aira? She carries a big shield but is she the vanguard?
I thought If someone trained their body it should change to look more powerful but…
That’s why I had to keep my visit to Aira’s room a secret from Nina who is prone to worrying.

「Yuuto? What’s up?」

The door opened with a clank and Aira’s face popped out.

「I have a request of Aira.」

If it’s Aira then she should accept my request gladly, but as expected, because I haven’t done training like this before, I ended up becoming a little nervous.
As if she could see through my heart, she smiled and said.

「Yuuto, can you please not be so nervous? I don’t think there would be anything that Yuuto would request that I would find unpleasant.」


That’s it.
I love this girl.
When wanting to become stronger to protect Aira, what is there to hesitate about?
Of course it is the same for Nina but.
Since there is a girl that I want to protect in front of my eyes, even if I shame myself I should say it.

「Yes, thank you. I want to become stronger in order to protect you two. Could you train me?」


Aira stares at me blankly. She folds her arms like she is thinking about something.
After a while, she nods her head in agreement.

「I see, un. If you think you want to become stronger then I also want to help you.」

Aira accepted willingly as expected.
It was a very natural response, not one out of reluctance.
With that being settled, I felt refreshed. I felt extremely hopeful.
I thought that I would like to meet Aira’s expectations.

「Ah, b-but, I also have a request but…」

「N? What is it?」

When I asked in return, Aira begins to talk hesitantly.
What is it, her face is red.
Ah, is it possibly… I tried to say what I thought.

「Is it perhaps something perverted?」

When I said that to try and tease her, Aira opened her eyes widely and became red.
Huh, I tried to say it as a joke but could it be bingo? Was I perfectly correct?

「Eh, no way, is that true?」

「Y-you’re wrong! Umm, e-to…!」

What am I wrong about I wonder?
She moved her hands in a panic and opened her mouth to try and deceive me but nothing came out.
Eventually thinking whether she wasn’t able to come up with an excuse or not, Aira who became bright red grasped the hem of her clothes and ended up hanging her head in shame as she leaked「uu…」

「A-are you disillusioned…? I, after doing it for the first time with Yuuto, umm… I think about that constantly…」

Her eyes became damp, and she spoke about her unease with upturned eyes.
As if I may have hated her, her face looked like it would cry and looked exactly like Nina’s.
As I thought, in this world there are many women here that are perverted girls.
It’s the saying, “When petticoats woo, breeks may come speed”1. I smile gently saying it’s fine.

「Please don’t be so worried. There isn’t a reason for me to be disillusioned with Aira, is there?」

「Are-are you serious…?」

But, I continued.

「Aira was already quite a perverted girl.」

When I said so mean-spiritedly, Aira’s face became red with a *bon!*
Tears well up from her moist eyes. However, her pure-hearted spirit is cute.
Did I tease her too much?… I will reflect a bit.
I pulled her hand as I lead her to enter her bedroom.



「E—to, what will you do?」

I turn my line of sight to Aira’s breasts whose eyes were moist in expectation.
The breasts had a strong assertion. The huge breasts that armor can’t even hide.
I proposed something to Aira that I have always dreamed about doing.

「Could you service me with your tits?」

「W-with my tits?」

It was a man’s romance, paizuri2. They are enormous breasts, that’s exactly why, my fantasy can be realized.
Aira was bewildered. She tightly holds down her chest restlessly.
I don’t know what would be good to do here.

「E-to, first, please take off your clothes.」

When I said so, Aira undressed one layer at a time.
The way she timidly undressed felt erotic.
She was completely nude. I wondered whether her body had power, since it only looked like mochi.
She slowly unhooked her bra and took off her panties. Her breasts make a *burun* sound as they jump out.
Aira tries to hide her private parts with her hands in embarrassment and I give her a request.

「Please make my dick feel good. Please do the best you can while thinking that this is for me.」

I sat on the bed and opened up my legs.
At that time, Aira leans in.
We were doing something perverted and yet, there was no hesitation.
Aira submissively does what I tell her almost like she is a maid serving her master.

「First, hold it between your boobs. And then, please stroke my dick while you’re pressing it in the middle of your chest.」

「U, un, I will try my best.」

「Aira, that’s wrong.」

“Eh?” Aira was perplexed.
This is just a guess but if I request strong enough, I get the feeling she would listen.
Or rather I should say, I thought Aira’s response was correct.
After all, someone like Aira listens to everything that I say.
If I said it’s because she loves me then it could be enough, but apart from that, I felt a different hunch.
That’s why I gave her an『order』.

「”I will serve master’s revered dick with all my might. Please feel a bunch of pleasant feelings with this female pig’s lascivious tits.” Please say that.」

「Su-such a thing…」

*Kaa*, Aira’s face turns red. She averts her eyes and hesitates.
As one would expect, there is some resistance, huh? Well, I won’t back down but.
“Please do it quickly”, I raised a voice to strengthen my assertion.
When I did so, Aira’s slightly trembling eyes became moist while she opens her mouth.


It was a flattering voice that shook with shame. At least I didn’t see any behavior that she disliked it.
I unintentionally released a smile at the gap with the usual Aira.
And then the instant Aira said that, her body evidently shook.
It’s exactly as I thought.
I thought the way she was nonresistant the first time we did it was suspicious but this proves it.
Aira is surprisingly a masochist.

「I will serve master’s revered d-dick…with all my might…Please feel a bunch of pleasant feelings with th-this female pig’s lascivious tits…」

*Haa haa*, her breathing became rough. I think I now understand the joy of being a servant.
She rubs her thighs together bashfully and a debauched female scent wafts through the room.
And then she timidly inserts my penis in her enormous breasts.


So soft. But I can feel it clearly.
I sink very deeply into her enormous breasts and my buried penis twitches inside with a *biku biku*.
The feeling of my penis being caressed lovingly without pause blew away my reasoning in an instant.
*Munyu*, both of Aira’s breasts that were being warped stuffed their cheeks with my dick, almost as if it was being wrapped up in bottomless love.
It is a very smooth texture.
The elasticity is like a daifuku3 undulated on my penis.
The pole of my penis danced when it was stimulated, but the bare portions of my glans was tickled by her sweet sigh.
It was different than Aira’s pussy, It had another different type of pleasure.


Aira called out to me seemingly in worry when she saw my state.
Because she has the qualities, she hurriedly became accustomed to being a female pig.

「…I’m fine. Please continue stroking it between your breasts like you have been.」


Aira suddenly put strength in her arms.
*Munyu munyu*, her voluptuous tits changed shape.
The soft form changes and my penis is stimulated.
I was stroked from the head of my dick to my shaft, that movement quickly made me melt.
My erection throbbed with a tingling sensation as it starved for pleasure.
My balls raised it’s speed of mass producing semen, The sexual excitement was burning in my head like it was boiling with a *gutsu gutsu*.
I wonder if Aira is also excited, as I float an expression.
A man’s smell and a woman’s smell mixes together and turns into a strong sexual smell.
My back shivers as pleasures of the flesh travel through our body.
Thick cowper’s fluid begins to flow from my glans.

「Haa, haa, master, it looks like it feels good… Your revered penis is also extremely hot…」

*Nutchyu nutchyu*, an extremely obscene sound of stickiness resounds through the room.
Aira who is melting in pleasure, manipulates her enormous breasts in a paizuri.
The tip of her perverted nipples asserts itself.
I felt my testicles shrink with a *gugu* at the sensational sight.
My dick pulsates intensely and the heat increased.

「Dick-sama… Please cum using Aira’s tits.❤︎」

The voluptuous tits’ movement sped up.
Occasionally their movements were staggered and occasionally she would move while shaking her whole body.
Aira opened her mouth and dribbled on my dick.
It mixed with the sliminess of my Cowper’s fluid and tormented my dick with a smooth friction power.
As if giving a reply, my penis curved up and hardened.

「Guu, Ah, kuu, kuaah!」

Each time Aira spits out lewd words, my excitement rises up.
“Dick-sama, Dick-sama”, Aira repeats that over and over and loses herself in suffering arousal.
Aira drools even more. *Guchyu guchyu”, and makes an obscene sound.
The sliminess grew and the soup of Cowper’s fluid and smooth drool attacked my penis.
The head of my penis enlarges4, and it received stimulation from in between Aira’s tit meat.

「Master! Please let your revered penis cum with my tits! Please shoot your semen with a *pyupyu* with Aira’s service!」

Aira’s obscene words agitated my desire to ejaculate.
She gave my glans a kiss over and over again.
And then she flicked the red tip of her tongue as it was and licked it.
With that same instant, Aira constricts and squeezes both her breast tightly and strokes it with a strong power.
She trembled with her whole body, it was just for a bit but when a pleasant feeling was sent to my dick, I desperately shook her enormous breasts.
Aira’s tit meat gave my whole penis a stimulation.
And then as if to pry into and take out my semen, *zuzuuuuuuuuu!*, she sucks on the tip of my glans.

「Ku, a… Agu!!?」

*Doppyu! Doppyupyupyupyu! Doriyubububuu!*

That moment, I let my semen gush forth. I could no longer handle the surging waves of Aira’s paizuri.
A pleasant feeling spreads throughout the inside of my waist like it originated from the numbness in the tip of my dick.
Splendid, I was just talking about the appearance of a paizuri but it wasn’t such a thing.5

「! Fu…!」

I spit out the air, that felt painful from holding it in my lungs, through the crevice in my lips.
I throw my dirty, lusty semen on Aira’s noble small face.

「Kuu, uuu❤︎」

At that moment, Aira’s body, *bururu!*, shook.
She basked in the thick male semen and it was light but it seems to have reached her face.
I bend my back with a *gugu*, close and bite my lips, and endure my climax.

「Fua, Aa…❤︎」

Aira reached her climax without much stimulation.
She was struck dumb by it.
The cloudy liquid that stuck to her red lips was scooped up with her tongue.
In that case, I get close to Aira’s ear whose facial expression has melted and whisper gently.

「Aira came with just having semen applied on her, what a lewd masochist. You’re a shameful first rate pervert, huh.」

The nipple on her breasts that still held my dick in between them became hard and erect so I pinched and pulled it.
The erect nipples stiffened with sexual desire.
It was Aira’s sensitive weak point.
I verbally abuse her while pulling on them with a *kori kori*.


Aira was painted with shame and humiliation, and when she threw her head back looking like it felt good, a small amount of love juices blew out.
This time an obvious climax spasm ended up being exposed in front of me.
It was the usually confident Aira’s lewd foolishness.
I couldn’t hold on any longer and embraced her.

「Now then, without further ado—–」

「FuaA, masterr, masterrrr…❤︎」

Aira’s eyes were exactly like a female’s.
Her reason was completely lost as she melted in lust.
It stimulated my sadistic heart more than anything.
Aira, who had woken up to the pleasures of servicing me, kissed me.
Aira coveted my lips like a baby bird looking for food.



After receiving some resolution to her frustration, Aira completely came to her senses.
I wonder if she remembers the words I blurted out, she hung her head with a face that looked like it would cry.

「Y-you’re terrible, Yuuto…」

「Huh? Are you no longer calling me master?」


Aira glared over here like she was cursing me.
However since it’s a cute girl doing such a thing, it’s cute.
But I wonder if I teased her a bit too much.
I caress Aira’s head with feelings of apology.


Her red eyes narrowed looking like it felt good.
The ahoge slowly sways side to side, it looked like it felt exceedingly well.
Nina is too but Aira in general is simple.

「Well then, please teach me at once. What do I need to do to become stronger?」

「I-I am still somewhat unsatisfied but… I got it.」

Aira turns towards me when I got down to business.
Her face was still a little red but *kohon*, she coughs in order to pull herself together and teaches me.

「That’s it… I wonder if you can try swinging the sword first? At this point in time, I want to see how much you can do.」

「But I still haven’t held something like a sword though?」

「Even that is fine, because everyone has to start at 0.」

You’re quite right.
Aira and I left to the courtyard.
The blade that was used for practice thinned out to a long sword and it was held in my hands.
Perhaps, this is the one Aira always uses.

「First is some light practice swings.」

I heard a sound that cuts the wind. She swings downward from high above her head.
But that slash was too fast and I almost couldn’t see it.
I couldn’t see something like the power being put behind it but how did she do it?
Maybe exhausting my stamina will better increase my strength?

「Here, Yuuto too.」

As a test, I tried swinging the sword down.
It was obviously slower than Aira.
I couldn’t really hear the sound of the wind being cut and I ended up feeling a bit down.

「Your muscles are surprisingly not bad.」

「Is that so?」

But Aira also unexpectedly praised my sword muscles.
I ended up feeling a little happy with just that, I seem to be an unexpectedly simple man.

「Yeah, but since you just use your arm muscles to swing, that is bad. Imagine using the spring of your whole body like the sword is unified with your arm.」


It didn’t make sense to me but I tried to swing it again a few times.

“N-, I don’t understand.”

In the first place I don’t really know what she means by unifying my arm and the sword.
Am I just talentless?…No, I decided to become stronger.
How can I just give up so suddenly?
For now I will tell my honest thoughts on my body’s movement.

「I don’t really understand it…」

「Well that’s obvious, everyone has to patiently train to polish one’s skills, Just because a beginner suddenly does a couple practice swings doesn’t mean they will improve.」

Nothing can be done in a day, huh?
I thought too highly of myself and got reprimanded.

「That is also true, I will try and do my best again.」

I fire myself up and grasp the sword.
If I haven’t swung enough to form a blood blister, I haven’t nearly done enough.

「Umu, myself will watch you do it so give it a try.」6


I, who was swinging the sword wholeheartedly, slowly realized the person in the background.
There was a clear unease. Before I knew it, it increased by one person.

「Eh, who are you?」


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