Beauty Reversal Chapter 2: Beautiful Girl


I met a very handsome man.
He had rare black hair and eyes.
I have seen a light black and a dark black, but I have yet to see a pitch black like this.
In this world, black colors are regarded as something holy.
He is the complete opposite of someone with the appearance of a monster like me. He is like a prince from a fairy tale.
I’d be lying if I said I never imagined such a development.
While I was calling out to the boy who had fainted, I suddenly remembered my deep self-hate for myself because of this wretched appearance.

Even though I know it is impossible, why do I end up getting my hopes up?
Ever since I was born I had been hated. At the village, it was like I was continually living the life of a slave…
Even after leaving the village and becoming a first class adventurer, the way people treated me didn’t really change.
It is impossible for me to experience things like love.
I usually imagine myself in a place holding hands with a man to console myself.
When the delusion finishes and I come back to reality, I shed tears.
That is my everyday life.
I wanted to be born as a cute girl.
No, I won’t talk about such luxuries.
At least average, no, even slightly below average would have been fine.
I wanted a face others didn’t hate.
I at least wanted a figure that was to the degree where anyone could be together with me and not mind my face.

Even though I say I am a first-class adventurer, if I were to exclude that fact, I would just become an ugly monster that is worst than a demon from the demon forest.
I developed a complex about this face that is said to be worst than an elf, which is the prime example of an ugly existence.

Beauty for women in this world was defined by having a saggy stomach and a flat chest.
I get envious when I look at people with chubby faces, small eyes, or single eyelids.1
They were the complete opposite of me.
This narrow waist. These inflated breasts. This small face. These large eyes.
They are all ugly and everyone avoids me because of it.
On top of that, if a man were to embrace a thin body like mine, they would surely be disappointed.
No matter how much I eat, I do not get fat at all. I can’t hide my jealousy for plump people.

The boy who I saved had a charming appearance, as expected.
He lowers his head to an ugly woman like me.
However, it was just like I thought. This person does not live in the same town as me.
I nearly cried.
That’s how it is, isn’t it?
Anyone who knows about me wouldn’t look at me with such eyes.
Until now, there have been many cases where the instant my appearance is shown everyone’s facial expression warps in hate, but I am not used to this feeling.
It’s become almost heartbreaking.
I have cried alone at night more than once.
However, that person said they wanted to see my face.

「Eto, A-Ano…」

I was pathetic and ended up becoming flustered.
I didn’t want this person to hate me so I severely resisted showing my face.
“I don’t want this person to avoid me.”
I thought that instinctively.


But the person was looking over here with an earnest expression.
Even if his face warps in disgust the moment he sees me, I will still have granted his wish.
I have almost certainly fallen in love at first sight.
These feelings surely won’t be recognized.
In any case, if my feelings don’t come true then it is probably preferable if he were to hate me.
I slowly removed my helmet.

My heart beats *Bakun Bakun*.2
I can’t see his eyes.
I wonder what face he is making.
He is probably turning away frowning in a bad mood, right?
Or is he desperately trying to endure his nausea?
There is no way but…will he be smiling with a dirty look?
The silence is scary.
How much comfort would I feel if I just ended up fainting instead?
I timidly look at his face on the verge of tears.


In front of my face, he sat without a single change in his expression.



She was beautiful.
She was simply and utterly beautiful.
I ended up getting captivated by her beauty.

Was she around 16?
She had silver hair that seemed like it was shining as it draped down to her shoulders.
She had big, beautiful blue eyes that seemed almost transparent.
The length of her smooth, wavy hair and her skin which was as white as snow- this almost unrealistic beauty can only be described as “peerless”.
It’s all the same as what was in the novel.


She looks towards me with eyes that seem to say she can’t believe it.
She opens her eyes wide and tears begin to form in the corners.

As I thought, this world is the same as the one in the novel.
It is an impossible thought, but the girl in front of my eyes who I have never seen before confirms it.
If that’s the case, this girl has probably faced troubles I couldn’t even imagine.
In this world where beauty is reversed, her face would be a terribly ugly appearance.
In that case, there is only one thing I can say in response.

「Thank you very much. You are beautiful.」


While thinking whether my words were a little snobby, no further words were spoken.
It became a little anticlimactic because I was embarrassed.
I was a little shy.

「…? Ano?」

Then I noticed she was acting a little strange.
Her body shook like she was struck by lightning while her cheeks dyed a deep red.
Her waist wriggled earnestly and I touch her hand in order to calm her down.
I bring her beautiful face that was blushing closer and I shorten the distance while her moist eyes stared at me.

「Eh? Nu—–?!」

In that way, I piled my lips on top of hers.


  1. Single eyelid
  2. Might be similar to *Badump Badump*