Beauty Reversal Chapter 20: The Beastmen Sisters


「E-to, who might you be?」

I, who was surprised by the abrupt situation, threw a question at the girl who suddenly appeared.
The girl introduced herself with her cute looking mouth.

「Mine name is Tamamo, now then who mightst thou be?」1

「A, AA, my name is Yuuto, nice to meet-…te, Tamamo?」

I have heard that name somewhere before.
Now that I mention it, why didn’t I notice it before? It’s strange.
I have read about this girl before.
I see.
Is this girl one of the party members,『Tamamo』?

「N? What is it? Dost thou know of mineself?」

「No, it’s our first meeting, I am sorry, I spaced out a bit.」

「Aren’t thou my senior? Tis fine to not take such care whilst talking with me.」

「Is that…so? I understand. When I become accustomed to it, I will try to make my speech a little less formal.」

I look at the form of the girl called Tamamo again.
*Kira kira*, she had blonde hair that shined like a golden thread.
She had big golden colored eyes that had cuteness and shone with intelligence.
She is probably 14. She is still very young but I understand she will certainly become a beauty in the future.
She was way shorter than Aira and seemed to be a bit shorter than Nina, and the impish smile she had perfectly matched her age.

“If I recall correctly, she is a fox girl, right?”

That’s right, a tail grew lightly from Tamamo.
There were cute fox ears attached to her head and they would sometimes twitch cutely with a *pikopiko*.
Her clothes were Japanese…No, would it be fine to call them Miko clothes? The white and red themed clothes really suited Tamamo.
She was the third member from the same party as Aira and Nina.

“As I thought her chest was small…isn’t she almost like an『Imouto』2?”

I shake my head after noticing I inadvertently thought of something rude on our first meeting.
Although she is a loli, she has a woman’s breasts…No, the fact that she is a loli isn’t related to this.
Rather than that, If I continue to stare at her in this way, won’t I look like a pervert?
After I came to this world, I think my indulgence in sex with beautiful girls has become absurd.

「Tamamo! You returned!?」

「Umu, I perfectly cleared the quest a couple days back, and today I hath finally returned.」

I hadn’t seen Tamamo’s appearance before and as expected it seems it was because she was on a quest.
Huh? In that case what about her?
When I thought so, I tried to look around the vicinity but there were only the 3 of us here, me, Aira, and Tamamo.

「Huh? Where is that girl?」

I guess Aira had the same question as she asked Tamamo.

「She went to report the quest for mineself. I assume she should return any moment now.」

When they were talking about such a thing, I heard footsteps coming.
It sounded like they were hurrying a bit, like they were running fast.
*Pata pata*, I heard light footsteps coming. We turn towards that direction.
And there was a beauty almost the same size of Tamamo as expected.

「Onee-chan3… You pushed everything on me…te, who’s this?」

The girl looked at me while showing just a little bit of vigilance.
*Jiiiii*, she tried to get a grasp of me who she just met.
I give my name while smiling in order to make her feel relieved.

「A, it is a pleasure to meet you, I am called Yuuto.」

「I am Inaba…hello」

This expressionless, delicate, quiet girl is the party’s fourth member and Tamamo’s imouto,『Inaba』.
Inaba is one of those “Odd Eye” people where their left and right eyes are different color.
The right one is red, the left one is gold.
She had light blue hair that seemed transparent. She wore a miniskirt that emphasized ease of movement and a red muffler coiled around her neck.
I could see her white thighs exposed between the gap in her knee socks and her skirt, which was known as “Absolute Territory”, and it was quite dazzling.
And then, she had a round fluffy tail and her head had small『bunny ears』attached.
The girls were supposed to be sisters but why are their races different?
It’s not like they had different mothers, they are genuine twins.
I don’t know the girls past. Because the protagonist in the novel still hadn’t opened up their hearts yet.
“They should wish to be loved by a man but why?” is what I thought. I am sure they have a past that is hard to talk about.
One day I hope they will open up their hearts to me.
And then I began to think like that.
Maybe that novel played the role of a tutorial.
I think it’s almost like someone wanted me to save these girls… No, maybe I am thinking too much?
Well anyway, this is the first time I have seen beautiful beast girls of this level, and it made me remember my light excitement.
As expected, they are both unbelievably cute…
I extremely want to embrace them and go “there, there”.


Inaba opened her eyes wide as if she saw something she couldn’t believe.
In a way, it is a natural response.
If you ask why it is because she holds a special ability.

「Inaba? Hast something happened?」

「O-Oneechan…! This person, is red…!」

「What didst thou say!?」

Tamamo floats a similar surprise.
Her tail stands with a *gabin!*, and she looked at me with eyes wide open.
It was a typical beastman’s reaction, and it reaffirmed I am in a new world.

「I am sorry, but what does red mean…?」

I knew already but I wanted to hear them say it.
Because I thought that was polite.

「AA, Inaba holds the『Demon Eye』.」

I knew that.
But that is information from the novel.
In order to not raise trouble, I’ll pretend I don’t know.

「Demon Eye…what is that?」

「Inaba can see the colors of emotions.」

The golden eye that the girl holds in her left eye is called『The Demon Eye of Emotion』.
1 in 100,000 people hold a Demon Eye, it is known as a rare skill.
Basically their eye holds a special ability and they can have various effects.
In this girl’s case, she can read emotions.
With that being said, it looks like a very useful ability but in actuality I think it is a seemingly troubling ability.


「Huh? You aren’t that surprised, huh. I think it is fairly strange but.」

I returned a vague response. I would deceive to the very end.
When she listens in persistently, various irregularities appear in her Demon Eye.
Or rather if Inaba said so, that time with Aira would have been absolutely easier.4
Since Inaba’s power has credentials, Aira would also believe me quickly…te or would it still be a bit impossible?
Well, me and Aira are already on good terms so everything worked out in the end.
More than that right now there are these girls. I choose my words cautiously.

「So in the end, what type of color is red?」

「Red surely, is a color that should signify love and deep affection.」

So because of that, I look at girls that are ugly based on this world’s standards, and they were surprised I would embrace them without feeling any discomfort.
For me, it was obvious but it is seen differently by a different person.
That’s why, I want them to believe in my seriousness.

「W-Why!? Dost thou not think anything whilst looking at us!?」

「I think you are very pretty.」


Inaba’s white as snow skin became red.
Tamamo’s tail shook with great vigor to show her joy.
Inaba’s and Tamamo’s expression, who returned an original reaction as if they weren’t used to being praised, as well as my expression loosened.
I didn’t have an arrogant expression, but I did feel a small sense of superiority.
But the next instant the girls’ expressions became cloudy.

「…Is that so, so thou art red, huh…」


N? Why did they have such sorrow on their faces?
It was a lonely looking face that would cry at any moment. It was very momentary.
I wonder if it is fine to express pity?
However, their expression returned back immediately.
Since it was excessively quick, I ended up thinking I saw it wrongly.
It seems they are enduring something. It seemed they tried to hide it on their own quickly.

「Mu, which reminds me, we hath brought a souvenir for Nina.」


「Umu, it hast been a pleasure.」

When she said so Tamamo suddenly turned around.
She showed a broad smile to us showing her protruding tooth.5

「Since it hast been a while, why don’t we all go?」

「Oh, that’s good, how about it Yuuto?」

I don’t have a reason to refuse. If possible, I want to learn more about these girls.
I quickly gave my approval and went with everyone.

“Oh that’s right, these are all the members that I knew about…”

When I thought so, I had a slightly deep feeling.


  1. Tamamo uses jyaa in her sentences and onushi which I am fairly certain is old-fashioned speech.
  2. I will be leaving the way people call siblings the same as my inner weeb feels it’s necessary. For those who don’t know Imouto=little sister.
  3. Onee-chan=older sister.
  4. Look back to the chapter Yuuto was trying to convince Aira, he mentioned “that girl” this is that girl.
  5. The canine that shows on aggressive females in anime.