Beauty Reversal Chapter 23: Tamamo’s True Motive


「Tamamo… No matter how doubtful you are of Yuuto, giving him aphrodisiac is too far isn’t it.」

Aira’s cold gaze pierced through Tamamo.
The usually sweet Nina got mad this time.
Inaba tried to say something but she couldn’t cut into the two’s fierce wrath.
Tamamo released cold sweat in drops feeling the two’s anger.
I was suffering from being served the aphrodisiac gasping for breath but I somehow became pitiful.
It was only a few seconds but the time was too much, it felt like an eternity, Tamamo finally opened her mouth heavily.

「N-no… I didn’t mean to give it to Yuuto, I thought Nina would be the one to take the aphrodisiac…」

Or so she says.
This cake was a souvenir to Nina.
Before meeting me, it was impossible for this to be meant for me.
But I am not understanding the meaning more and more.
Why would Tamamo give such a thing to Nina?
Even as a prank, it’s a bit much…

「Nina made me worried after all…」

The frail Tamamo confessed.
There wasn’t a trace of mischief in her expression, it was just a sincere attitude.

「What are you talking about?」

Did Nina sense something from her state?
Stopping her anger from a while ago, she asked Tamamo gently.

「Nina, Dost thou remember the time when we met a little while ago before our quest?
Your expression was haggard, it was terrible… I called out to you in a bewildered voice.
And then, I thought Nina didn’t hear me but a beastman’s ears are good.
I heard your soliloquy clearly.」

「What was it Nina?」

Turning towards Nina, Aira asked.

「『What is the meaning in my life when I can’t be loved…』she said.」

「That was…」

Even Aira held her tongue.
Aa, I see. Certainly, Nina brooded over me when we first met.
I showed very little kindness but Nina was incredibly happy.
That’s why I thought I want to protect and love this person.

「I thought I certainly had to do something…
It was a bit overbearing but Nina was at risk.
I didn’t want to see Nina tormenting herself day by day…
I wanted to cheer thou up even if just a little…
But, I was a tad impatient it seems.」

Tamamo says so with a sorrowful countenance.
She really seemed to worry over her, tears lightly float to her eyes.
No one would be able to think she was lying based on her facial expression.

「So, then you thought aphrodisiac would cheer me up?」

I understand this situation of Tamamo wanting to cheer up her comrade.
If I were in Tamamo’s position, in any case, I feel I should do something.
Certainly I have heard of masturbating with extreme pleasure is a stress relief.
But I think that is a stupid reason.
Tamamo shook her head at Aira’s words.

「No, I thought to leave that to Aira.」


Nina and Aira release a weird voice. I also couldn’t believe my ears.

「After all you two are close aren’t thou?
You became comrades that didn’t mind that you were girls… that’s why I thought that.
If men will just make us suffer, then I thought women should be fine?…
Since a man wasn’t here, I decided that loving each other as women wasn’t bad.
Also, a man and woman’s hearts won’t connect if they are ugly. You can love each other.」1

I see, I don’t understand her reason at all.
In my world there is also platonic love and homosexual love.
I understand love can come in many different, weird forms.

「…Eh, are you an idiot?」

What should I do?
I understand her feelings… but I don’t have any words to protect Tamamo.
During this time of poor suffering, I had the feeling of the saying,『If there is no bread, then isn’t it fine to eat sweets?』
Also I think being able to suggest homosexuality still is a little weird but it can’t be helped.
I don’t know what is right but at the very least Aira is also right.

「Tamamo… could you not think of any other method…?」

Aira said as if she was shocked to her depths.
It already seriously amazed me. I looked at her almost like she was a young girl with a poor head.
But looking at Tamamo’s expression, she was serious to the limits.
She seriously read between the lines of these two’s thinkings.

「Uguu, I-I would about you so much… Aira could you look at that Nina and not think anything?」

「No, well… I understand your feelings but… 」

Nina seems conflicted. The person in question is Nina after all.
She is happy that they worried for her, she is apologetic that she made them worry to such an extent, and she was bewildered as to why she would choose such a means.
All those were mixing together to form a complex emotion as she floats a bitter smile.

「I think it was too quick to end up bringing medicine.
I’m sorry, even if I apologize thou may not forgive me…
But, I thought… that would make you two happy…
Sorry… I-I just thought if I could get Nina and Aira to laugh…
I-it was just that… I want thou to permit this frivolous me…」

Tamamo bowed her head while looking like she was going to cry.
Her fox tail lost its vigor and fell to the floor with a *peta*.
She said that to Aira and Nina with a face saying “please don’t hate me”.
「Even now… I know it is none of my business but… 」she mumbled apologetically.
Nina looked happy like was thinking about something or other, she becomes shy with embarrassment.
I wonder if Aira also understands Tamamo’s thoughts, she doesn’t seem angry anymore.
I feel everyone’s bonds strengthen.
They are important comrades after all.
But Inaba was the only one looking over her from time to time with worry.

「Onee-chan… that is fine and all but Yuuto’s situation has become dire…」


Then, everyone finally turns their awareness towards me.
My body feels hot like a stifled boiler.

「His horniness is too much… it’s kind of amazing…」

My painful penis swells up and pushes up my pants.
My breathing becomes rough and it wasn’t calming down at all. The sweat won’t stop.
I was ogling everyone with bloodshot eyes.
I was desperate trying to bear not to attack the beautiful girls in front of my eyes

「Mu, mumu? S-… strange?
I bought it at the store of a formal compounding master, and the quantity was reduced just in case, but…」

「Y-you can think about that later! More than that do something about Yuuto!」

I am held by Aira.
It was a princess carry. Furthermore, it was done easily.
I didn’t think it could possibly be done by Aira.
I ended up forgetting myself in the soft touch of Aira’s body.
Somehow, I get the feeling of being a princess.2

「I-I will also go!」

Nina also came along running fast.

「W-would it be fine if we cometh along too…?」

「Me too, is it okay to go?」

The two follow timidly.

「You two kneel there!」

Aira orders them to do seiza as punishment.
Tamamo and Inaba meekly obey that threatening attitude.
They bend their legs and they sit on the floor with a pretty form.


「Why me too…?」

Tamamo understands but Inaba that was stuck in the backlash had her gloomy ears go *henyon*.



I was taken to Nina’s bedroom.

「I-I’m undressing you, okay…?」

Nina forcibly strips my pants.
The penis that was as erect as it has ever been made an appearance with a *boron*.
The curvature was too strong and it hit my belly button with force.
*Gokuri* resounded from Nina and Aira’s throat.
I understood that my excessively strong male scent made their eyes melt with intoxication.

「W-well first I will do it.」「W-well first I will do it.」

The two didn’t hesitate to do perverted thing, Are they constantly in heat?
Nina and Aira’s words piled up.
A little while after when the two were quiet, they looked at each other menacingly.

「Nina? I thought I would handle this but?」

「Why? I don’t understand what your basis is though?」

「Because I carried him all the way here.」

「If you say that then this is my room you know?
Besides, I think you are monopolizing Yuuto too much lately but.」

「Since Nina met him earlier, I think this a draw but?」

Nina and Aira ended up starting to compete.
「Gununu」 says Nina.
「Muu」says Aira.
I am very happy they are competing over me.
The beautiful girls wanted me to such an extent. It would be weird if I wasn’t happy.
It isn’t usual for beautiful girls to compete over my cock.
If the circumstances weren’t as they are now, I would entertain them greatly but.

「Yu-Yuuto which one will you choose!?」

「That’s right! Yuuto which one do you prefer!?」

The spearhead came my way.
Or rather…This is bad. The head of my penis is tinged with heat, and it is urged wonderfully.
I grit my back molars, I was at quite the limit.

「W-Won’t you both do it…?」

Listening to my request, the two showed a look of embarrassment.
That is obvious isn’t it? I am the only one here.
If we do it, one person isn’t enough.
But I have already reached my limits and don’t have anymore time to spare.
Because I will end up attacking them like a beast.
If I do that then the girls will be wounded… No, they will probably be overjoyed but.
I want to do it as gently as I can.

「Please lick my dick you two.」

When I made a request, Nina falls to her knees on my left and Aira falls to her knees on my right.
They timidly let out their red tongues and lick my penis.


*Bikun!!* the head of my penis jumped up when it was licked.
A pleasant electric current runs through my spine and I end up getting weak in the knees.

「Yuuto, it looks like it feels good…」

Nina pecks at my glans with a *chiro chiro*.
Aira licks the edges of the head of my dick diligently.
The two beautiful girl’s excellent teasing quickly got me worked up.
And then, I remembered what Tamamo said earlier.
I thought back with desire.

「Umm, if you could, can you two do it while entwining your tongues?」

They both incline their heads to the side promptly to my words.
But when they came to understand bit by bit, they wore a face wondering if it is fine.

「W-with Aira?」

「I’m fine with it but… Nina doing it with me… a-as expected she wouldn’t like it right…?」

「I-I like Aira…
I haven’t done anything like this before but… if it’s with Aira then it should be fine.」

They seemed to have agreed to it.
The two slowly reduce their distance and connect their hands like lovers.
Nina and Aira’s lips overlap.

「Nn, chuu, A, hamuu!」

「Ni, Ni-nya…ah, n」

The scene of the red-haired girl and the silver-haired girl entwining their tongues made my erection get stronger.
This boundless impure scene made my reasoning hazy.
When Nina and Aira were exchanging saliva, they brought my penis in and entangled it in as well.


I end up uttering a shameful cry.
The beautiful girls used the tip of their tongues like it was unfolding into an obscene dance, and *gutsu gutsu*, my penis boils up with heat like it was filled with magma.

「You are wheak heer huh…」

「Here is also extremely… sensitive…」

Nina licked underneath the head of my penis. She strummed my frenulum like my heartstrings.
Aira dribbled on my dick that was constantly twitching in pleasure.
A large portion of my dick became slippery.
Aira’s saliva slides down my dick and she rubs it while Nina mixes up her own saliva.
I repeatedly find new weak points I have as the two beautiful girls’ fellatio attacks me.
I already reached my limits.

「Gu, haah!」

Dobyurururururuu!! Dopyuu, Pyuruburururuuu!*

My semen falls on Nina and Aira’s face.
Either one would have been fine but both is fantastic.
I had a sense of superiority as I am unworthy of receiving such obedient service from these beautiful girls.
The girls feelings also came together, it became a strong ejaculation feeling.
A more than usual amount of thick semen gushes out a far distance.



I, who ejaculated and it cooled me down a bit, tried to think about what I should do.
I remember the words Nina said a while ago.
I certainly think Nina wouldn’t mind nowadays.

「Aira, shall we make Nina cum?」

「E, Ee!?」

Nina raised a surprised voice. But resistance is futile.
I check Nina’s crotch. *Muwan*, female pheromones waft.
It was already way too wet as I thought it would be.
I embrace Nina. I tightly squeeze her tits and the feel of them further made my dick jump up.


I insert my penis, *nyupupu*, into Nina’s pussy as she lets out a cute voice.
The extraordinarily sensitive Nina let out a violent gasp. It made my ears happy.
I lay my hands on Nina’s beautiful ass as I repeatedly do a piston movement.

「Ah❤︎ Aan!? Ah, wh-what, is」

Just like that I open up her ass.
It wasn’t visible to me but Nina’s anus becomes exposed.
Aira looks at her comrade’s chrysanthemum3.
Nina’s face completely turns red from embarrassment.
But Nina’s tightly closed hole tightens even more.

「Hiaaaah❤︎ Nah❤︎ Yu-Yuhto, that place, is, embarrassing❤︎ Fuah, Aaah❤︎❤︎」

Nina let out a broken protest.
But if you look at her body’s reaction, it’s easy to understand she is delighted.
I send Aira a signal with my eyes.
With her fixation on Nina’s ass that was opened up, Aira turns toward there.
「Is it fine…?」Aira had a slightly perplexed state but before long she slowly approaches Nina.
And Nina who realized what was happening tried to stop it but, I be a bit rough to force her to abandon her thoughts.
I attacked her so called G-spot and Nina「AhiiIIIIh!!!」released the loudest shout returning a nice reaction.

And then, in the small gap that Nina had lost consciousness for a bit, Aira slides her finger in between Nina’s asscheeks.
She lightly traced her anus and suddenly pushes her index finger against it.

「NHOOOOOOOOOOooooOh!!?? AAAAh❤︎❤︎❤︎」

Nina, who had released an excessively bold and embarrassing voice, had her coquettish voice that was close to a scream resound.
The usual prim and proper spoiled child Nina, her obscene voice and body excited me and my movements quickened.
Aira who had embraced Nina from behind, *guryun guryun*, started to move her inserted finger.

「A-Airaa…❤︎ There, is, Ohoooh❤︎ Oh, Oh, OOoaAAAAAAAAAAAAAh❤︎❤︎」

When the development raises like three people coming together, I wonder if it will give me an even better reaction?
I torture her G-spot while making plans from here on.
As it was easy to make her cum, I wouldn’t need to train her female hole.
I scrape against the inside of her vagina as I dig it out, and Nina breathes roughly. That long breath made my ears hot.
When I was pursuing Nina, Aira was tormenting Nina’s ass in the background.
In order to twist it sensitively, it was doing something that was close to a dance.
Aira and I continue to send waves of pleasure, and Nina’s drools scatters like as she dances in ecstasy like she has become strange.

「NIiiIIh❤︎❤︎ h’I’m behcuming shtrange❤︎
I dwon’t know disss❤︎ It’sh no gwood, dat pwace ish no gwood❤︎
AAAh, it’sh no gwood, Ohooo❤︎ Dat plash is awready no gwoooooooooood.❤︎❤︎❤︎❤︎」

I wonder if Aira couldn’t hold back any longer, she brought her face close to Nina’s ear.
She puts her tongue in Nina’s ear hole and digs and stirs it up.
I saw Nina’s spine twitch with a *zokuzokuu!*.
Then, Aira withdrew her tongue and whispered.

「Nina, I love you, I really love you…」

She whispered her love to her and *fuu~~~* blew a breath into her good looking ears.


In my last spurt, I strongly dig out Nina’s noticeable G-spot.
And at the same time, my body that reached its limits let semen gush forth, I filled Nina’s insides with cloudy fluids to the brim.


Nina showed that she was close to cumming.
Shaking bit by bit, she bent back greatly.
She shut her eyes and drool drips from the edges of her mouth as it scatters around.
Not missing that, Aira quickly takes her finger in and out from inside and strongly digs out her close friend’s anus with a *nupu! nupupu!*.
I overused my penis that had already reached its limits and gave Nina the final blow of one last thrust.
We both simultaneously tortured her front and her back.
Those pleasant feelings we sent to Nina broke through her permission.

「c-gumming❤︎❤︎ cumming cumming cu-mmiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing❤︎❤︎❤︎❤︎❤︎」

Nina’s blew a tide.
It had such a strong current that it looked like it was trying to spit out all of her bodily fluids.
Her huge current made an embarrassing puddle on the floor.


Nina loses consciousness with the extremely intense pleasure.
Sometimes while she was lying on the bed doing nothing, she couldn’t help but to twitch with a *bikun! bikun!*.

「Next is Aira, huh.」

I call out her name as she was filled with desire from watching her close friend’s foolishness.
I turned to face Aira.
I couldn’t miss the edge of her lips curve in anticipation rather than a surprised expression that I expected.


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