Beauty Reversal Chapter 24: Anal Training


Aira couldn’t hide the anticipation on her face.
She bashfully wipes her face like a cat. That Aira is unbearably cute.
The aphrodisiac has already reasonably set in but just looking at this Aira, my penis quickly regains its hardness.



「E-to… That」

Aira tries to say something. But when she does, her face flushes red and she ends up hanging her head down.
I wonder what it is. She really wants to say something but she won’t say it, it’s very tsundere-ish.
Aira at the time was being shy of it but she showed a face saying she wanted my dick.
When you see the fleeting drool drip from her mouth, anyone would understand.
When saying up to there, the thing Aira wants to do…

「Does Aira also want to do it in the ass?」

「—–Naa!? W-wrong, I am not that kind of pervert!」

No, her reaction says she has been found out.
But as expected it is embarrassing to confess that you are envious of Nina getting her ass played with.
Then let’s try it here with the assumption it will be like the last time.

「Aira, this is an『order』」

I order Aira as her master.
When I said the word order, Aira jumped with a start.
Aira’s masochistic spirit can’t go against me.
Her eyes get wet with anticipation, *haa haa*, her breathing becomes rough.

「Please say, “please use master’s finger to tease and fiddle with my dirty asshole.”」

「Uu, s-such a thing」

She was shy but her eyes were wet.
The glimmer was warped like oil dripping and was clear like sake.
Her hips bashfully shook and love juice flows from her crotch. She is a bitch without patience.
I think it is good she became obedient quickly but… it can’t be helped. Should I try saying it a bit stronger?

「Please say it, If you don’t then we will be done here, you know?」

If it was over then the person that would be troubled would be me.
But I can’t destroy my confident attitude.
Because I know doing this makes Aira delighted.
Also, if I don’t make her say it properly as her master, I won’t be satisfied.

「Yaa, A, wait! I’ll say it! I’ll say it so!」

When I said that, Aira had eyes that looked like a puppy being abandoned.
I nod my head in satisfaction to the Aira that could not go against her desire.
Aira floated a fraction of tears in her shame filled eyes while opening her mouth shaking.

「Please use master’s finger to tease and fiddle with my dirty asshole.」

Well said. I turn towards Aira’s rear.
I place my hands on Aira’s butt that she raised in the air and spread her cheeks.
It is a beautiful butt that could give birth easily. It’s glossy and whenever it is seen, it is an obscene female ass that wants to be inserted into.


Her face looked like she was almost embarrassed to death.
But it was delighted, if you look at her pussy you would understand well.
When I looked at her lewd sticky honey flowing out, I understood her expectation.
I carefully observe Aira’s ass. *Pechin*, I lightly spank it.

「It is extremely pretty.」


Aira completely covered her face.
But her anus, *hyuku hyuku*, repeats its lively contractions.
It had a slight color but it didn’t change much from normal skin color.
The asshole was pretty just like its owner.
I blow a breath on that lovely anus.


The sensitive Aira twitches. She frantically muffles her voice.
It’s the same as Nina, she also seems to have the qualities to do anal.
It’s surprising but it’s a happy miscalculation. It is better that she has it rather than not.
It made me hurry up and lengthen my finger to that part.
When I apply my fingertip to her anus, I scratch the wrinkles like I am tracing it.

「Ah❤︎ Ah❤︎ Ah❤︎」

Her dainty waist shakes with a flutter. She felt a slight stimulation.
It was like a belly dance, it was a very obscene and beautiful spectacle.
Looking at the beautiful girl’s waist shake, blood gathers in my penis.
After a little tinkering, I hurriedly push my finger in because I could no longer hold back.
I slowly sink into Aira.



When I put my index finger in up to the second joint, Aira’s body bends backwards.
I repeatedly insert into her asshole as it tightens with a *kyuu kyuu*.
She shakes from the corrupt feeling of being stimulated in her excretory organ while her hips shake.

「NOh, Ooh❤︎ Ohoh❤︎ Aaaah❤︎❤︎ Hii❤︎❤︎」

Sometimes Aira cries out with a daring voice.
But my finger is fairly short.
I turned one side of my hand towards Aira’s crotch.
When I stroked the area around her clitoris, Aira suddenly brings her waist to attention as if she wants it to be touched.

「You want to be touched that much? Can you no longer hold back from your asshole being touched?」

「Aiiiiih❤︎❤︎ That’sh rhight❤︎ Mashter’s teashing ish mahking me feel iiiiiiiiiiiit❤︎ AHAAaaah❤︎❤︎」

I mix some verbal abuse in there and ignore the slightly hasty movements of her waist.
The flustered Aira’s body became plenty hot and incidentally I pinch her throbbing erect clitoris.
The foreskin was peeled back and I toyed with her flesh pearl in full.

「Ah, hHiiiiiiiiiihiiiiiiiiih❤︎❤︎❤︎❤︎」

As expected her clit’s reaction is the best.
*Kuni kuni*, when I pinch and roll it, I saw her waist shake tremblingly.
I tormented her anus and clitoris at the same time.
Aira’s waist moved back and forth like she was trying to run away. But, that was useless resistance.
If she pulls her waist back I get her anus. If she goes to the front I get her clit.
Either way a pleasure hell is waiting for her.

「What a lecherous body, feeling it from your asshole, Do you like it in your ass? How is it here?
Do you feel pleasure from this firm feeling in your butt? Here, how about here?
Is this your weak point? Isn’t it difficult when you have this many weak points?」

Matching my verbal abuse, I torment her two weak points simultaneously to the end. Aira’s limit came soon.
She might have felt some pleasure because she looked at Nina but nevertheless she quickly reached her limit.
Anal torment seems to work well for Aira.

「How do you want to come?」

「Ohoooh❤︎ Hih, Aaaaah❤︎ Ah, Ahaaa❤︎❤︎」

As if there was no leeway to answer, nothing was answered back with the exception of a coquettish voice. She was just like a pig. She released a lewd voice like a sow.
I strongly pinched her clitoris as punishment.
*Kyuu, korikorii!*, sounded giving up all her thoughts with spirit.
Also I further inserted into the depths of her anus that became slimy with her intestinal juices.
It was considerably intense but since she released plenty of lubrication fluids it was easier to insert than I thought.
*Nupo nupo*, I torment and turn up her asshole. I said a single word while stroking her clitoris.

「Cum, you huge pervert.」

「A, A, A, ah, AAAA-, AA-, A-, Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahh❤︎❤︎❤︎❤︎❤︎」

Aira blew a tide that was just as violent as Nina’s.
I hasten my insertion into her anus, like I was putting on a pursuit.
It was like I was preparing her anus with my finger as it became sticky, and I filled Aira with love.
In order to make her remember the taste of anal, I was persistent.
After our lewd party, we continued until Nina woke up.



「Uu… Yuuto is terrible…」

Nina looked at me with criticism.
I thought I certainly over did it.

「I, who had fainted, was thrown away and you two enjoyed yourselves…」

「I was also teased terribly…」

U-n, there is that. I thought Nina’s facial expression looked a bit jealous but I had a feeling everything was normal.
I wonder if Aira’s true character is serious, she showed a super hateful face.
And yet I was super happy.
But although I was excited with the aphrodisiac, I wonder if I did too much in the spur of the moment.
After all, at that time, how many times did something end up coming out from Aira’s insides.
As one would expect, when she didn’t get used to the intense anal, I filled her pussy up with my semen but.
I wonder if it would have been better to dig up the masochistic Aira’s ass-pussy with all my heart.

「I’m sorry, I will treat you kinder from now on.」

I apologized with one word. It was 80% a lie though.
Then the two became flustered.

「A, n-no, i-isn’t it fine once in awhile…?」

「Th-that’s right! Don’t worry about it!」

They said such things. Somehow my expectations for myself are scary.
I was only a little silent. Rather—

「…Did it satisfy you?」


Nina confessed while trying to hide her embarrassed face.
From the crack, the face you can see is redder than anything else.

「I-I don’t really…」

But, how do I say it, Aira doesn’t seem to be acting obediently.
To be disordered up to there, that isn’t there, huh.
I faced Aira, I mutter something to her close to her ears so Nina can’t hear.

「If you say it honestly, I will give you something even more amazing next time, you know?」

*Bikuu!*, her shoulders shook.
I wonder what she imagined, her red eyes became wet with expectation.
And then, the beautiful girl with the dignified red hair said with a enchanted female face.

「Y-yes… m-master… it- felt really good…」

*Haa haa*, Aira’s breathing became rough.
Nina and Aira are as expected, or rather, their behinds seem to be good as well.
I haven’t done it before so I don’t understand but does it feel good to have both front and back done simultaneously?
Nevertheless, they were disordered up to there with their first anal…
Although, because they had another place simultaneously tormented, if they weren’t that sensitive, that much should be impossible.
Those two are fairly weak to anal.
But I wonder if that is fine?
Since even though I went through the trouble to make sure the Nina, who is always worried for others, couldn’t hear.

「Eh, m-master…?」

Just as I thought, Nina caught on to it.
Since she should have inadvertently heard Aira’s sow remarks for the first time.
Aira became panicked with the feeling, “Now I have done it”.
Well of course, if your close friend becomes aware of such an erotic play, you would be embarrassed.
But as for Nina.

「U-unfair! As for me, I also want to call Yuuto master!」

A, so that’s what it is.
At first, Aira had some resistance but Nina has no such thing.
But, even I have some interest.

「A–, then want to try calling me that?」


Nina and I stare at each other in the bed.
Her flattering blue eyes became moist. It was almost like the wet surface shined like the moonlit night.
When I look at her flushed pink cheeks, I sense the tension.
And then, Nina said the cutest thing with her small mouth.


A, this is no good, what is this… it’s too lovely!
Does Nina also have the qualities of a maid? I knew she had the qualities of a faithful dog but this is dangerous!
Certainly, Nina is very obedient to me and if she acted like a maid sometimes, I had the thought that it would absolutely suit her.
However, I didn’t think she would have destructive power like this.

「O-once more, could I please tease Nina’s butt…?」

It seems to completely fit her.
While smiling wryly, I stroke her head while thinking, “of course”.
As always, she squints her eyes looking like it feels really good.
But Nina looks a bit worried.
I tried to ask if there was something on her mind.


Nina called out timidly like she was nervous.
Her blue upturned eyes shook, it was like she was afraid of something.

「Yuuto… Do you hate women who is weak with their b-butts…?」

Nina asked those words and Aira also looked towards me with anxiety.
There was a major improvement but it seems they still occasionally have some anxiety.
I said to Aira and Nina with as gentle of a voice as I could in order to remove their anxiety.

「I like them, whether you’re weak to it or not, I like Aira and Nina.」

The two embrace me looking happy with an appearance of being overcome with emotions.
Well, but since they have the qualities, it would be wasteful to not develop them.
I will give their outstandingly splendid sensitive ass-pussy more training.
I resolved myself secretly. I have to make plans to train them.
For a little bit, a silly story was told but both of them became tired from their violent climaxes and quickly began to doze off.
I was in between Nina and Aira, and I surrendered myself to comfortable sleep as is.




I jumped to my feet while releasing a voice as if I just remembered something.
I ended up completely forgetting.
I slowly descend from the bed trying not to wake the two that were sleeping from being worn out from sex and releasing quite sleeper’s breathing.

「I forgot about Tamamo and Inaba…」

I recalled the two who were left behind and made to do seiza.
Perhaps they have been doing seiza this whole time? Since then, how much time has passed…
I don’t know. But it would be better to go check on them.
Due to various reasons I perfectly forgot.
Tamamo who used aphrodisiac is bad but forgetting about her was also my error.
Furthermore, Inaba ended up getting involved too.
I go towards the two’s room in a panic.



「It’s here huh? I wonder if they are both mad.」

Certainly, it is difficult to talk about how I forgot about them doing seiza.
But I have to apologize to them.
While I was thinking about what to say to them to apologize, I timidly open the door.

「Fuah, Onee-chan…!」

「Inabaa, Inabaaa!」

The two were making love.
They kissed passionately, touching each others genitals, and rubbing each others bodies together.
I watched the two beastmen sister’s feeling it with their les play, and my body throbbed having the feeling that the aphrodisiac still hadn’t left my body.
But above that.


As expected, my body completely stopped moving at the unexpected spectacle.

『I don’t think it is a bad thing to love each other between us women.』

I remember the words Tamamo said earlier.