Beauty Reversal Chapter 25: Yuri Sisters


「Fua, Aann❤︎」


White skin is exposed, Tamamo and Inaba tangle together to increase their eros.
I ended up staring at the yuri garden like spectacle.
They embraced each other’s small breasts and rubbed them together with a *kuni kuni*.
Tamamo and Inaba exchanged a kiss like they were coveting each other while, *kuchyu kuchyu*, inserting their fingers into each other’s pussy.
It is my first time seeing a sight like yuri sex between beautiful lolis so the stimulation is too strong.
The pointed ends of their loli tits poke at each other and their nipples both became hard and stand up to a point.
Seeing Tamamo and Inaba’s foolishness for the first time, my penis regained its size.
Their young bodies were painted with sweat. The floating pheromones smelled like a beast’s.
I wonder if they came a bunch of times on the floor, there was a small puddle there.

「Onee-chan…! I-I…」

「M-me too, already——-」

The two’s movement became even more violent. Their pink sighs and their faces painted with sexual excitement was fascinating.
Before long, it seems the two felt their limits, *kuchyu kuchyu*, their caresses became more violent wanting more.
And then—-


Tamamo and Inaba’s love between sisters came to an end.
With an expression showing that they were finished, liquid spills from their loose mouths.
Or rather, if I get found out watching, it would be bad.
I slowly remove my gaze that had become nailed to that sight.
I tried to turn back stealthily in order to not be found…
I slowly shut the door in order to not be exposed.


「!!? Who is it!?」

Eh? She noticed that sound!?
Which reminds me, beastmen’s ears are really good aren’t they…
Since they were in the middle of the act earlier, they probably couldn’t notice it.
I know that they were doing such passionate yuri sex.
It is a failure. I should have been a bit more careful.
Having that idea, I came out in front of the two.



The two looked at me being confused.
The two’s hearing ability was better than I imagined.
If someone came they probably have the confidence to notice them.
Or they possible thought we had already went to sleep.
Whatever it is, these two are in an irregular situation.
The two’s face warps in embarrassment while they try to hide their privates with both hands.

「T-tis a failure…」


I didn’t hear Tamamo’s words well so I asked again.
Then the next instant, Tamamo cries out with a loud scream.

「Tis a faiiiiiluuuuuuuure!! I did not think there was anyway I wouldn’t notiiiiiiiiicceeee!!」

I was slightly surprised by Tamamo’s loud voice.
Inaba also groans「UU…」, and her skin that was white as snow turned bright red.
It was also affected by the act from earlier but it wasn’t this red.
I, who had just shown off my act of having sex, don’t really know what to say but it is hard to show anyone such acts.
But I had something more important than that.

「Nina and Aira are sleeping so please be quiet.」

Nina and Aira are sleeping right now from being worn out from their act with me.
That’s why, I want those two to be able to sleep as much as possible.
Because it would be a problem to try and explain these current state of affairs.

「Why art thou the only one that is calm! Usually, thou should be more confused!?」

Tamamo was in complete confusion. Her ears stood on end with a *bin!*.
She was shocked at me seeing them.

「Wai-, your voice is loud, can you two take more care?」

When I said so, Tamamo became completely panicked and quieted down.
She bit her lips like it was vexing, and looked like she would cry soon.
The sight of a fox eared beauty glaring at me with upturned eyes is extremely beautiful.
The Inaba that was tightly embracing Tamamo is cute.
However, right now they are being quiet since Nina and Aira don’t know yet.

「Perhaps, Tamamo wanted to get together with Nina and Aira at that time…」

「Y-you’re wrong!? We only do this occasionally!」

It is done occasionally, huh. No, I only looked for a bit but the deed just now felt like you two were used to it.
They should do it constantly.
They seem to have such a relationship after all…

「E-to, can I ask a question?」

「Umu… If it will make you satisfied, feel free…」

Tamamo looked at me with a ghastly appearance as if saying “Now, do it!”.
I am grateful for your answer but you will end up being trouble even if you prepare yourself to such an extent.

「You two are siblings… or at least your relationship looks like that but is that fine…? Even though that is so, shouldn’t there be some resistance?」

I timidly asked that question.
I also worried that it wasn’t a problem I should butt into, but my desire to know about these two’s pitiful acts won over.
These two are probably generally ugly women.
Furthermore they are both sisters.
As one would expect, I thought there would be some resistance but.
No, well it’s not something I, who did Nina and Aira simultaneously, could say but.
When I ask that, Tamamo groaned seeming embarrassed while she replied.

「No, we didn’t really think much about it… it’s just when we get in heat, we felt it couldn’t really be helped.」


When I asked repeatedly, *kuwa*, Tamamo opened her eyes wide and exclaimed.

「We could hear your voices the whole time we were doing seiza!
Constantly, constantly, cooooonstantly! An An An An An An!
Is it mating season for you guys!?」

「No, originally speaking, it was because Tamamo made me drink that medicine…」

When I said that, Tamamo turns silent with a「Uguu」.
It was because she understood it was her own fault.
But to be able to hear the voices in a separate room from here.
The difference in beastmen’s ears’ ability surprised me.
Well, certainly we probably did get a bit too excited but…


Inaba quietly abused me with one word.
It pierced my heart with just the lack of expression.

「Furthermore, that smell from Nina and Aira in the day time!
Can’t you help that a bit more!?
Making me smell such a thing, there is no way I could hold back!?」

A-… that reminds me, she did say something about the smell.
Was it that strong? Well, the two regard me as an open pervert.
I only knew of the usually sweet smell but.
A beastman’s nose can smell up to there.
A little after Tamamo lets out her complaints, she meekly lowered her head.

「Please, Yuuto… I want you to keep this a secret… Especially to those two…」

「I also, request that…」

*henyou*, their beast ears droop. Until a while ago it was standing like a cockscomb.
Tamamo’s pretty tail also hangs with a *peta*. Inaba’s perfectly round tail also withered a bit.
However, the nude loli beauties were hiding themselves with their hands like they were embarrassed to show their private parts.
These beautiful girls that were frantically petitioning me made this scene very dangerous.

「I don’t really care but why? If it’s you two, I don’t think you would mind but.」

Somehow or another since they were comrades, I thought they would accept it but.
Nina and Aira’s feelings are heavy, comrades are more important than anything.
But it seems Tamamo and Inaba still have anxiety.

「No, as expected it’s strange, right? Such things between women…」

If I think about Tamamo’s words about how she came bringing aphrodisiac to do a les play with her comrades, something seems strange.
No, I wonder if she might have wanted to use the aphrodisiac to pull their comrades into doing les play.
Speaking of Nina and Aira, they kissed each other earlier and participated in a threesome together so they do have the ability.
But if I am asked to go this far, I don’t have a reason to refuse.

「I understand. I will keep the things today secret from Nina and Aira.」

「I-I see! I am indebted!」

「Yuuto, thanks…」

Ah but, if that is the case I want to try and request something.
I have just the right request.

「That-, will you help me to become stronger?」

「N? Now that you mention it, you were doing something with Aira, what was that?」

I explained the actions at that time.
The stuff about how I ended up getting injured due to my disappointing strength.
The stuff about how I ended up being protected by the women I wanted to protect.
About how I ended up making the two worried.
That’s why when I wanted to no longer be that much of a nuisance to the two I decided to become stronger and asked Aira to help.
Tamamo hits her hand, it was an action as if she was thinking about something.

「Does Nina know about these things?」

Nina doesn’t know about this. I can’t say it.
I don’t want to worry Nina who is prone to worrying.
But Tamamo rebuked me for it.

「That is bad, if you were in Nina’s shoes what would you think?
Anyway, sooner or later you will be found out.
I think she will feel left out and if it will give her a shock, I think it is better to tell her as soon as possible.」

「I also, think that…」

…Even so I have my reasons.
No, rather I feel that they are correct.
Certainly considering Nina’s personality if she is the only one being ignored she would probably receive a shock.
No, she will certainly receive one.
Nina worries more than anyone and easily gets lonely.
I still have a lot more things to consider with my shallow thinking, I scolded myself.

「Understood. Well then, I will properly tell Nina.
Even if I have to humiliate myself even more.
I will properly bow my head in apology and try to ask Nina.」

「Umu! If that’s the case then it’s good! So study will start tomorrow?」

I bow my head in agreement thinking I might as well do it quickly.

「Go, without holding anything back…」

Inaba that put her hand in front of her chest and squeezed tightly as if firing herself up looked somehow lovely.
I unintentionally loosen my cheeks at Tamamo and Inaba’s sweet appearance of getting fired up.
But because of that action, their genitals were visible and I thought it would be better to not say anything.
I am happy they don’t notice. Also it’s beautiful.
But well, in any case.

「I look forward to working with you.」

Starting tomorrow, my training will become more strict.
I will do my best. In order to protect the girls I like this time.
I will also have a bit of fun.
Because everyone will do something together. Since primary school I have been excluded from school functions.
Since I was apart of the indoor function, I can’t think of many mementos but.
In my heart I got a bit nervous as tomorrow approaches.