Beauty Reversal Chapter 26: Intensive Training Start!


Then, the next day I started my training in order to become stronger at once.
In addition to Aira, there is Tamamo and Inaba.
Furthermore with the sisters’ help, I also got Nina to lend me a hand.
That is fine but to be accompanied by 4 people somehow gives me a bad feeling.
They probably also have work as adventurers.
To spare their time for the weak me is somewhat…
It doesn’t seem to be affecting their plans but…

「Now, let’s do it Yuuto.」

At any rate, making them accompany me makes me want to give it my best more than anything.
Even if I get just a little stronger, I want to become a proper man for everyone.
That’s why I want to puff my chest up in pride with my resolution of powerful love.
But, up to here a trifling problem occurred.

「Nina, are you still pouting?」

That’s right, I talked to Nina earlier about this.
It was because I didn’t want Nina to worry.
At first I asked only Aira for help.
But I told Tamamo, and I thought to try and tell Nina.
And then, how should I say it… she sulked a bunch.


Come to think of it, is this the first time I have asked something of Nina with a serious appearance?
Because it is Nina, since I didn’t rely on her, she seems to feel unneeded and she probably felt lonely.
When she didn’t really mind, she ended up pouting, as I thought, she is a woman like a dog.

「Uu, it’s envious… to have Yuuto rely on you… what kind of reward is that…」

Nina mutters something like a monologue. *Puku-*, she puffs up her cheeks.
She tightly squeezes the hem of her robe in a cute way.
Or rather, is it a reward to be relied on by me?
To what extent can you act like a faithful dog?
Her big and beautiful eyes were moist, and she was cute in jealousy.
In this case it’s very cute but… but as expected I think I want Nina to smile.

「But, hasn’t Yuuto also relied on thou before?」

Tamamo also put in a follow-up. It seems good.
However, Nina’s easiness to be lonely cannot be taken lightly.
I thought she had shown some improvement recently but it seems I lost focus on her.
If Tamamo didn’t say what she did, what would it turn into?
When I think about it, I have no choice but to thank her.
And then, I fell into my usual uselessness a bit.
I pet Tamamo’s head saying “there, there” in my heart.

「That’s, right… I was being a bit selfish. I’m sorry.」

Nina apologized. She was incredibly docile and had an apologetic expression.
I think apologizing quickly like that when you think you have done something wrong is a virtue.
Although she did a dogeza when we first met.

「I’m sorry, actually I just didn’t want to make you worry.」

If you were jealous to that extent it was cute.
I don’t know if you needed to apologize but I will still pat your head.

「!…Nn…Ha, a…!」

I think this everytime but why does Nina feel that good when her head is stroked?
Why does it make her hips squirm?
Why does she leak such a sweet sigh?
Why does her cheeks turn red?
Her hand that grasps at the air and the drool that spills from the corner of her mouth is lascivious.
Her reaction is so erotic and the admiration is reversed.
Does she have an erogenous zone on her head?
When she makes such a reaction, it is to the point that you wonder whether she could reach her climax or not.
This time I will try it out.

「Yuuto… i-is there nothing for me?」

Aira also joined Nina’s head pats.
She said that while being just a bit embarrassed.
It was the usually diligent Aira’s lovely request.
For them to be this glad about it, I lengthen my hand towards her head that she pushes forward.


Aira also closed her eyes partly looking like it felt good. The edges of her mouth warped grinning broadly.
*Pyoko pyoko*, her ahoge swayed back and forth seemingly in accordance with her delight.
Nina’s reaction was erotic but Aira made a reaction like a cat which made the patting worth it.
It looked like both of them had their tail wagging with a *pyoko pyoko*, their asses squirmed back and forth.

「Dost thou have nothing for this mistress?」

Tamamo was also added. She seems like a greedy child.
Umm, what about the training…?

「It’s not like a want a reward or anything… Since Nina and Aira get something and I get nothing, it’s a bit lonely.」

「Are you fine with me?」

「I have always wanted to be spoiled by a man, look, I have such a face?」

*Ni—*, she showed me her stretching her own cheeks.
I see. If that’s the case… or so I thought but another problem appeared.
I am currently petting Nina and Aira.
And I only have two arms.
I told Tamamo to wait a bit.

「No, right now these two are getting their fill of love.
In my case, I was thinking if I could get a lap pillow this time or not.」

While laughing with a *kera kera*, Tamamo pats the back of her head with a *pon pon*.
Lap pillow, huh… I don’t have any reason to refuse.
She placed her cute head with fox ears on my lap. There, there, it was such a spoiled situation. It’s so good!!
I immediately nod my head in agreement.

「Understood. We have a deal.」

「Umu, I will gratefully receive the pleasure.」

Tamamo smiles showing her protruding tooth. It was a smile showing innocence across her whole face.
It was a lively smile that made me feel better.
There was also a feeling of failure. Even though I was in the middle of petting two beautiful girls.
When the cheeky Tamamo did that, it felt very lovely.

「Ah, then me too…」

Aira requested from me timidly.

「Umm… is it alright if I ask something of you as well…?」

Nina said that while looking over here with a fleeting glance.
Is it alright for you two to keep asking for these various requests? Although they seem a bit uneasy.
It is the extent of wanting them to request something from me. It is a reward.
The two that were afraid in their depths quickly said「it’s fine」.
*Paaaa*, the two’s facial expressions became bright. Their frequently changing expressions changed, I don’t get tired of looking at it.
Incidentally since I found a weak point, I gently stroked their heads while increasing the pace a bit.

「Fuaah! Ah…ah! … Na…!!」

「Fua, n…」

Didn’t Nina’s breathing get a bit quicker?
I also made Aira’s eyes appear intoxicated.
Does it feel that good to have your head patted?
This time I will get one of them to do it.
Something or another has kept them from doing it previously.
Their head become extremely spoiled like it was at the level of melting.

「You guys, how far are you going to do it…」

Tamamo had gotten tired of waiting and seeming amazed, gave her honest opinion.
Certainly as it is, no matter how much time passes it won’t end.
I separate my hands from their heads. I lightly pat their head with a *pon pon* announcing「it’s over」.
Aira looked disappointed.
Nina went *Haa haa*. Aren’t you already in heat!?


But Inaba was the only person not to say anything.
Does she simply have no curiosity? Does she think nothing of me?
I thought so but it was a bit wrong.
I can’t see feelings but I clearly understood.

Why are you『afraid』Inaba?

I still hadn’t understood the reason.

「Now that you mention it, what can everyone do?」

I pulled myself together and tried to ask that question.
It was on my mind from earlier.
I more or less read about it in the novel to some extent but I only understood the rough details.

「I am a magic swordsman, magic is the main part but I use a bit of swordsmanship as well.」

「I am a warrior, I mow down enemies with all my strength using my long sword and large shield.」

So Nina can also use a sword, huh.
Aira was pretty much as expected but Nina was a bit unexpected.
It’s a bit rude to say but she had a slight dim image.
Also in the novel that I read, she didn’t really use the sword that much so I didn’t know.

「I am a talisman arts user.」

「I’m good with a dagger…」

Tamamo and Inaba stated what they were good at.
Since this is the first time I heard about stuff regarding their combat, it was a bit fresh.

「Dagger I understand but what is a talisman arts user?」

It is a job I have never heard of.

「Giving a rather rough outline, it is borrowing the power of spirits and being able to do various things.」

「For example?」

「The talisman that has a spell drawn on it is used to spread a boundary and can be used to curse someone. There are a variety of other things it can do. 」

It’s a bit frightening. Especially the curse.

「Certainly, Tamamo’s powers have a lot of uses, huh. She gives the feeling of a handyman.」

Aira put in a light supplement.
Handyman, huh.
I won’t know if I don’t try and see its practicality but if Aira says that much then that is how it should be.

「But, Onee-chan… is weak.」

Saying that, Tamamo groans「Uu」.
Listening to Inaba’s words, Nina and Aira float bitter smile.
Is she not good at hand-to-hand combat?
Especially when I don’t see any follow ups, she is probably really weak.

「Is that so?」

「No, talisman arts is my pride, it can do a lot of things but my own combat ability is nonexistent, if they are taken by surprise it’s possible.」

I see.
Tamamo is good at what she is good at but she seems to be the type her weak point is her lack of strength in the end.
Certainly with such a thin body, she seems to be weak to physical damage.
No, everyone is thin but as expected Tamamo is a loli that is younger than me.

「That’s why in that case, I will do my best…」

So I got the feeling like the conversation was over.
Basically when it is time for these two to fight, they probably act together.
Tamamo deals damage to the surroundings and Inaba slashes at people with her dagger.
Inaba watches out for attacks to Tamamo, and Tamamo blocks any attacks on Inaba.
It is a battle formation with a seemingly good balance.
Doesn’t it have the feeling of Princess Tamamo and Servant Inaba?

「Then what should we teach first?」

「Instead of you trying to do everything at once, it is probably better to do one thing at a time first.」

「Can I hear your reasoning?」

I try to ask Tamamo.
I, who wanted to take up many various things, wanted a clear reason.
When I did so, Tamamo…

「After all, aren’t thou not that dextrous.」

Something pierced through and stuck in my chest.
C-certainly, there are types that do things better when they focus on one thing.
But saying it so clearly…
However, since everyone has power far above mine, I better listen to them properly.

「Yu-Yuuto what type of things do you want to do?」

Nina asked trying to distract me from feeling down.
Anytime, anywhere, Nina worried about me.
Nina is seriously an angel.
Well let’s leave that for later, that’s right… what I want to do, huh?

「Can I also use magic?」

「Magic, is it?」

As I expected, since I came to the new world, I have yearned for magic.
Even so, since I felt ashamed about it I haven’t said anything but… Because of Nina’s appearance using magic was cool, I thought that I also wanted to protect someone using magic in that way.

「Fumu, if that is the case, I will do this for Yuuto.」

Tamamo was squirming around in her clothes taking something out.
It was a red ring. It was a wooden ring packed with carvings that looked like characters.

「N? What is this? A bracelet?」

「Tis a magic tool.」

Tamamo put it on my wrist.
It was a particularly mediocre bracelet but will this let me use magic?

「It’s power is weak but it should be good for training. When it detects the magical power in your body, it emits it from your palm.」

「It projects magical power?」

「Umu, the purpose is to be able to do that even without the bracelet before long.
It lets you learn the feeling of releasing magic, tis fine to think of it as practice letting it out.」

It seems to be something like training wheels for a bicycle. I try turning and revolving it.
I’ll try it as a test. For now it is for practice.
I don’t understand magic power but I will try and imagine it.
From my body to my palm, concentrate on my own strength, try to spit it out.
A little while after, when I was thinking I made a mistake in my thinking, my palm got hot… I had that feeling.
I faced a stone on the ground, I tried to get the image of magic power jumping out of my palm.



Something like a colorless ball of air came out.
It was near to the objective but it was small, a cloud of sand rolled up after something hit it.

「Basically if you don’t put an attribute in your magic power it is colorless.
Non-attribute magic almost never has power but even then magic is still magic.
Take care not to hit any people.」

Although I had help, I was excited to be able to use power for the first time.
Various questions were repeatedly asked.
I wanted to know about all these various mysterious things that happened in my body.
I wonder how I can use other magic.
How do I put out power like Nina?
How long will it take? etc. etc.
As expected I received answers saying I wouldn’t be able to do it immediately.
It doesn’t seem as easy as I thought.
I seem to have no choice but to make an effort.

「What kind of things do magic tools do?」

「Including being able to charge magic, there is a nearly infinite variety of things.
It’s main purpose is attack magic. Basically the person who isn’t very powerful uses it.
If it is just loading it with magic power, using magic is simple.
Conversely, recovery magic is rare, in the case of recovery magic, you have to control the magic power to match the wound.」

「Hee- so that’s how it works.」

I want to try and see what kind there is. I want to try out more varieties.
I don’t have money but just seeing a fantasy item would be fun.
When I was thinking about such things, Aira proposed an idea.

「A, in that case, should we go to look with everyone? In order to become strong it is important to know a variety of things, you know?」

When Aira said so, everyone unanimously showed thoughts of agreement.
I had no objections.
I thought it was as Aira says, above all when I see everyone, I ended up not being able to say much of anything.
So that means this has become a date with everyone, huh.
With the outward appearance of a visit to a magic shop, as expected everyone got nervous about going on a date.
Of course, I also want to see magic tools.
Nina and Aira are grinning broadly while looking in a good mood.
They seem exceedingly happy.


Inaba opened her mouth as if she remembered something.

「Aira, did you… finish sorting submission documents at the adventurer’s guild? If I recall, the deadline is tomorrow…」

When she said so,「Eh?」 she had a face as if she seriously didn’t understand.
But, a short time later, her face became pale quickly as if she remembered.

「I-I forgot…」