Beauty Reversal Chapter 3: Dogeza


「Wai- ngu?! A, Ano, kuu-!」

The girl was surprised by my sudden actions.
Huh? Wasn’t the novel that I read from nocturne1?
It is not unusual to have eros in beauty reversal stories but, maybe I ended up choosing the wrong route.

「Haa Haa, Hamu, Ah, Nn.」

It was an intense type of kiss where biting was involved.
At first we were trembling and we tried to sync our mouth movements, but then she inserted her tongue. I who had never had any experience before was naturally at my wit’s end.
My tongue was kneaded then she proceeded licked my guns.
My saliva started to secrete out but she was already sucking it up.
*Koku Koku*2 After she had deeply swallowed my body fluids, she began to entwine our tongues together again with a bewitched expression.
Her eyes began to water like a spoiled child and she would occasionally leak out a gasp in a seductive voice. Then she pressed her hand on my face as she continued to torment the inside of my mouth.
Although I was in a daze for a bit, I eventually surrendered myself to her actions.

Then, after the passionate kiss ended-

She prostrated on the ground.

To be frank, I thought it was a privilege, but she didn’t seem to think like that.
A while ago, after she let me see her face, I made sure to be careful not to say anything that may show irritation or discomfort, but her actions further show her timidness.
If this were Japan, it wouldn’t be weird even if I were taken into police custody because of her reaction.
I didn’t really mind – or rather I was happy, but she seems to stop herself from doing any serious actions on her own because she was used to the way this world works.


Anytime I try and say something she trembles with a “biku!”3 while doing a dogeza4.
Although she became scared anytime I said anything, she would rub her head on the ground not lifting it one bit.
It was a dogeza where she had thrown away all her dignity as a human being.
She said nothing, waiting for a response from me.
Perhaps, if I were to say anything she would probably accept it.
She was waiting for an act of judgement like a convict on death row.
When she goes to this level, I feel like I have done something bad.
But if I don’t say anything it will probably stay like this forever so I opened my mouth.

「e-to, I am not mad so please raise your head.」

When I said so, she finally raises her face for me.
Because she was feeling guilty, she had some slight sweat rise to the surface of her skin and her face was ghastly pale.

「B-But I-I!」

Her pretty face was warped with remorse.
I can obviously see her trembling in her baggy robe.
She seemed to be regretful for her actions.
While her cheeks were soaked with tears, she tried to give an apology but she was overcome with emotions.
Somehow, her panicking was a little pitiful.
I really have a feeling like I did something bad.

「e-to, was that your first time?」

No, it’s different, it’s different.
What did I just ask?
It appears that I am the one who doesn’t seem as calm.
Well considering I kissed this beautiful girl right here, of course I wouldn’t be calm.
I was completely erect but it seems she didn’t notice because she was so absorbed in the kiss.

「Y-Yes b-but *hiku*5 rather than that, I-I have d-done something that can’t be recovered from.」

No, I think it can be recovered from though?
Even if she had a face that looked like she wanted to completely kill me it would be fine.
Apart from that, thanks for the first time.

「Ano, I have a request. It is the only wish of my whole life. Is there anyway you could please listen to it?」

She says so while she lowers her head and rubs it on the ground again, or rather, doing another dogeza.

「A, sure what?」

I was worried about the dogeza but for now I will continue to hear her out.
She opens her mouth with a voice trembling from regret.

「This time I did a solo request but… I have a companion that is an adventurer like me.」

「Heeh is that so? And?」

「Before I die I would like to apologize and give my thanks to them…They have an appearance like this so they share the same troubles as me.」

「Uhh wait, wait, wait!」

Her reaction was leaning towards my imagination.

「P-Please! Even if it’s said by a woman like me, it may be troubling but I will do anything! Please! Because they are younger people, please…!」

「No I won’t kill you! I am really not mad! On the contrary I was happy!」

I said this earlier but it is my real feelings.
I am not angry over small things like this, on the contrary I feel like I got a huge benefit.

「e-to, a-ano…, W-What do you mean…」

However she listened to those words and her shoulders jumped. She was terribly surprised.
She hurriedly tried to hide her wide grin in a fluster with her hand.
Her expression was slowly changing into a very impressive one.

「It is exactly as I said, I was happy to kiss a women as cute as you.」


She raised an idiotic voice in shock.



  1. 18+ novels a.k.a. lewds
  2. *Gulp Gulp*
  3. Twitch
  4. Dogeza
  5. Sobbing sound effect