Beauty Reversal Chapter 4: Ejaculation


「I-It’s a lie…」

「It’s really not a lie though? You are…Ah right, I haven’t introduced myself yet, My name is Yuuto.」

「I’m N-Nina.」

Yuuto… Yuuto.
I thought about his name over in my head continuously.
I stared at him trying to burn his smiling face and figure permanently in my head.
I was in extreme euphoria thinking nothing else even matters in this moment.
I looked at Yuuto’s face.
I, whose eyes have become accustomed to watching the muscle movement of monsters, can’t see any traces of him lying.
His facial expression, his eye movements, his pupil dilation, and the tone of his voice, everything showed that his words were the truth.

「W-Why, why…」

I can’t believe the scene that is right in front of me.
No matter how happy I am, I still expect an annoyed expression followed by abuse a second later.

「I, am ugly aren’t I?」

I asked why over and over again.
No matter what type of human it is whenever they tell a lie I should be able to see it on their face clearly.
But Yuuto’s face doesn’t show that he is lying.

「Eh? You are super pretty you know?」

He had the most natural facial expression as if he had said the most obvious of truths.


When I noticed he wasn’t lying, tears spilled from my eyes and fell down.
Happiness ran through my mind ceaselessly.
Warm tears roll down my cheeks.
No matter how much I wiped, the tears just kept falling. I have never shed tears of sadness in my own home.

This is the first time since I was born that I shed tears of joy.



“O, OOo…”

Thank god I paid attention to novels and what the main character’s actions were! Or is what I thought but, when I am actually experiencing it I am not really sure what to do.
I didn’t really think she would cry.
But, there is a bad mood in the air now.
She is crying tears of joy, right? Is what I want to think.
I thought her tear-stained face was very pretty so I unintentionally brought my hand to the girl’s – to Nina’s face.


I placed my hand on her head.
I feel a slight warm and pleasant feeling while touching her and the sensation of her silver hair is transmitted to me.
*Biku*! I don’t pay attention to her slight reaction as I begin to gently caress her head.

「Faa…!? Nn…!」

Ah, it feels good.
When I look at her figure that has her shoulders shake with a *bikun bikun*, something surges from within me.
Or perhaps I should say, even though we are supposed to be the same age, her seductiveness is amazing.
I made her cheeks blush and thus made the beautiful girl’s face melt in passion.

“Ah shit… I don’t think I can take this anymore. No, No. Hold on, hold on. Even though I am just gently stroking her face, I am barely holding on but this much should be fine.”

I’m conflicted.
I stop myself from embracing Nina passionately and hold down my lust with my reasoning.
I bite my lip to ease my burning lust.
Rather than that, it probably isn’t okay for me to stroke her head on our first meeting, right? I separate my hand with such depressing thoughts.
I will quickly say a few words of apology.

「Yuuto…! Yuuto!」

「Eh, Uwaa!?」

As if not caring about my personal conflict, she flung herself into my embrace.
*Munyuu* I feel an abundant pair of breasts transmitted through her thick robe.
She has some very feminine traits hidden underneath that robe.
We entwine our tongues again in a heavy kiss.


We kiss each other while the indecent sound of our saliva mixing echoes.
I can no longer hold it in and my member becomes fully erect.
And it seems this time Nina noticed it.
For a moment she was in a daze but as if she could also no longer hold back, she exploded with emotions.

「Haa ha, I-I can’t hold back any longer. Yuuto!!」

Nina places her hand on my pants and then simultaneously removes my pants and my underwear.
The cold air twisted around my penis and my dick stiffened as if it was already trying to penetrate through something.


I heard Nina swallow her saliva with a *gokuri*.
I could clearly see the colors of passion on her cheeks. My back bends when she put her hand on my penis.

「Tsu… Kuu!?」

Nina’s movements were unskillful and awkward, but the feeling of her soft, gentle hands stroking it over and over again felt so good.
Just looking at her facial expression further stiffened my erection.
She had an aroused and silly expression.
I was barely able to hold on as her feminine hands rubbed my penis.

「Yuuto! Yuuto! Yuuto!!」

She kept repeating my name while she stared at my penis going up and down stroking my dick.

「Kuu!? I-I can’t! Cu-Cumming!」

She wrapped my strong penis as it went *gugu* and quickly held it in her mouth with a *paku*.
In that instant I released all of my lust in her mouth.


Dopyuu! Dopyu Bubyubububu! 3


All the semen spilled out and dirtied her face.
As soon as I saw all the semen gush out onto her face, my dick regained all of its vigor.
It spilled from the edge of her mouth as she began to lick me with a *pero* and shivered.

「Th-This… is because of me?」

The silvered haired beauty looked up at me with moist and flirtatious eyes.
I nod my head yes and in that instant she shook with a *bikun bikun* as if she was overcome with emotion.
Her back bends with a *gugu* and drool drips from the edge of her mouth. She closes her eyes and grits her teeth with a look of ecstasy as she repeatedly spasms irregularly.
Nina’s body begins to secrete the scent of a woman who wants to breed.
The nether region of her robe slowly becomes wet as she faints.


  1. Just a reaction like a flinch
  2. I am guessing this is the sound fx of their tongues
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