Beauty Reversal Chapter 9: If I Can Become Your Family


All the members of Nina’s party consisted of 5 people.
All 5 people are female, and I know of 3 of the members beside Nina already.
The remaining person has still yet to make an appearance in the novel.
Her existence had only been hinted at before I ended up being transported to this new world.

So I already knew the reason, but just in case, let’s listen for the time being.
Then as expected, it seems to be what I thought.
She said that her party all had a very ugly appearance in this world.
Of course in my case, no matter how you look at it, you can only see beautiful girls, but if people from this world were to see them they would think differently.
That’s why they became comrades.
They all had a similar appearance so they formed an alliance, and it seems they mutually console each other in order to keep on living.

「I want them to meet Yuuto, who was willing to embrace me. Everyone has been suffering because of their appearance… and since Yuuto said I was pretty, I thought you would be able to do something for them to save them.」

Well it was pretty much what I expected.
If what I did with Nina is enough to give them even just a little bit of comfort, then it was also a slight request of my own.
And with that…Nina continued.

「This is probably weird to ask of Yuuto, who I just met a while ago, but I want you to treat them with kindness just like me.」

「E-to, by that…you mean, stuff like we did earlier?」

「Y-yes… that is correct. They all don’t have confidence in their appearance, and even though they want to embrace a man, they can’t… That’s why they are yearning for a man’s embrace, a man’s love. Even if it is a temporary deception.」

Nina looked in my direction like she wanted to request something and said that.
It is a sudden proposal, but without being disturbed, I try to confirm the situation, since it differs from the development of the novel.

「Nina, are you okay with this?」

「Yes, we are family… well it’s a little different, but they are important to me. I don’t want to be the only one to experience happiness when everyone is crying. Yuuto, I think you are surely, our fated person. Ahaha, it’s strange isn’t it?」

「…I also think Nina is my fated person. And so if Nina has people that she thinks of as family, I would also like to become a part of your family.」

When I said so, *Paa* Nina floats a smile on her face like a bloomed sunflower.
When I look at Nina who seems happy from the bottom of her heat, my chest has a warm feeling spread through it.

「Th-thank you! I… am so glad I met Yuuto!」

She bowed her head while she wipes some tears from her eyes that appeared for a brief moment.
Me too, I tried to act cool but that didn’t really work out.
The cloth that hung off Nina’s body slowly slid off and I could see her privates.
I watch her tits shake with a *tapun* and because my sexual excited flared up with a *mura*1 I reached my hand towards her head in a deceptive way.2


When Nina’s head was rubbed, she made a good reaction.
Why does her body tremble? Her saliva also drips a little. No matter how you look at it, she had a face you couldn’t show to children.

「Ah… Nn…」

It’s useless. As expected, I became horny again.
Nina is sexy and cute.
If you feel that good, then I will want you to brush my head too.

「There there3, well then, shall we go?」

I remove my hand from Nina’s head and pick up my clothes.
When I put on my clothes with Nina who seemed a little disappointed, we pulled ourselves together and headed towards the town.



「G-good job…」4

Nina was now wearing that full-face helmet and full-length robe.
I find out that the terribly tense voice I let out was shaking.
Even though we entered the town, I had forgotten about money so Nina had paid for me.
It’s pitiful but it can’t be helped, so I leave it to her to handle all the procedures, and then I noticed that the surroundings seemed weird.
The people around us were keeping an excessive amount of distance from us.
Even though everyone is a bit dirty, they are keeping their distance from Nina as if she is the dirty one.
They were also looking at me that was next to Nina with seemingly doubtful eyes.

「Move along」

The gatekeeper’s voice is cold.
He turns his face away as if he doesn’t like looking at us.
Nina goes *shun* as her shoulders drop, which I understood as her feeling down.

I didn’t want to see Nina look so down so I immediately grabbed her hand.


Astonishment spread through the surroundings.
Adventurers whispered to each other in an audible voice.
The gatekeeper’s eyes opened wide like they were saying “how is this possible”, and his mouth was flapping open and closed.

「O-Oi, you, have you seen that person’s face?」

One person in the crowd of surprised people reflexively called out to me.
From the tone of their voice, it seemed they were half worried and half curious.
You may be half-worried for my sake but it’s none of your business.
It’s only unpleasant.

「We are lovers, so what?」


I said so in a loud enough voice so all the surrounding people could hear.
「Ha, haa!?」a loud clamor started.
A finger was pointed towards here rudely, and they looked at me with eyes that clearly showed they were looking at something pitiful and people looked at me with contempt as if we were making fun of them.

「Nina, let’s go.」

I let go of Nina’s hand and we leave that place.



So, I am glad we made it this far but somehow Nina’s state is strange.
She didn’t release my hand and doesn’t talk at all.

「Nina, what is that?」

I thought to call out to her to try and start a conversation but she doesn’t even utter a word.
She had hung her head down the whole way here.
I pretend to be worried and ask about her complexion but the helmet was obstructive and I really couldn’t understand her.
Was the thing earlier a shock to her?
Or did I possibly end up doing something wrong?
I tried asking her in an indirect way but, as expected, since she continues to hang her head down, I will also end up giving up on the conversation.

I follow Nina who is acting strange for about 10 minutes.

「It’s big isn’t it…」

It is a clean, white wall of a big house.
It is not to the extent of a noble’s house, but it is obviously bigger than a normal private residence.

「This is Nina’s――――」

I said until there when I was suddenly pulled inside with extreme force.

「Wai- Ni-Nina!?」

Nina pushes the door closed.
She flings off her full-face helmet, where her complexion was melting.
Looking into her pretty blue eyes that shined like a gem, I could see something that looked like a heart mark.

「Yuuto! Yuuto! Yuuto!」

Nina repeats my name.
Nina, who can’t see anything but me, brings her hand to my R-18 place with an R-18 expression.5
I thought.
“Ah, this is deja vu.”
I got this same feeling when we first met.



Noo, it’s scary, it’s scary, I’m scared.
Even if I tried to stop it, it’s useless.
Because she is an adventurer she has a lot of power.
But where does she store that power in those slim arms?

“Ah, this is no good, I will be eaten”

I give up on resisting.


  1. Sexual excitement sfx
  2. I had so much trouble with this. If anyone has a better translation let me know. I apologize for the quality.
  3. Was thinking of using Yoshi yoshi but it’s up to you guys which you prefer
  4. Uses otsukaresamadesu which is lit. thanks for all the hard work. Usually used after coming home from work or after completing some task
  5. Lol that is the lit. translation