Betrayed Hero 3

Chapter 3: Maou and Hero, Night-creeping  ◆

The night of that day when they decided their course of action from then on. Meguru is lying down on the bed of a single room in the Maou’s castle.

「……well, let’s sleep, I guess」

Meguru talked to himself while covering himself head to toe with the blanket. He shut his eyes, thinking about what would be the plan tomorrow on.

About his old comrades. About the people who helped him, Pearlnight and co.

This is his own fight after all. He’s not planning to receive too much help, but he can only go through this alone——while subconsciously thinking about those kinds of things, the chains of negative thinking looped itself, dropping Meguru’s mind into darkness.

Suddenly, Meguru’s consciousness rose to the surface ── however, the drug called “many months of running for survival” took effects, for the first time in a while Meguru, who lied on a warm bed, has no motivation to move his body.

Right after that, the sound of the door opening resounded the quiet room.

「……umu, he’s fast asleep」

Pearlnight’s voice was heard.

As the sound of her quick footsteps came near, she herself approached him.

With that, Meguru was in doubt as to what the hell is Pearlnight trying to do.


With a yell, Meguru’s crotch felt like open air.

「Oiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii ! THE FUCK YA DOIN’ !」

「What? You’re awake?」

When Meguru opened his eyes, Pearlnight was standing before him, holding his pants.

「No, I WAS sleeping! What kind of guy can still sleep after getting his pant stripped off!」

「No I don’t care even if you sleep during the process. We’re doing it right here right now」

「I said I can’t fucking sleep!! Hold on, why the hell did you come here anyway Pearlnight?」

Hearing those words, Pearlnight’s face warped lewdly.

「You……do you even remember what you said before?」

Being told so, Meguru did a full rotate on his memories.

And then, while thinking back thoroughly, he was surprised.

Three days ago, that time when he met Pearlnight.

Just before they prepared to counterattack the pursuers.

『If we manage to escape I’ll bang you』

Or so he recalled.

「Looks like you remembered?」

She said, as though saw through his thoughts.

「Well, just doing it right here right now is fine. I’ll do you reaaal good」


Saying so, Pearlnight gently pinched the root of his penis.

With that sensation, the thoughts going around in his head was instantly blown away.

Along with the sensation on his penis, he recalled the oral sex Pearlnight did to him a few hours ago, he immediately got a hard on.

The pleasant and cool feeling of her finger on his ripened red penis spread upstream from his crotch, leaving him speechless.

「As expected this place is the most sensitive huh? Kufufu, you don’t have to hold back. Tonight I’ll keep you company until you’re satisfied. It’s okay to feel good with my hand」

With an expression of ecstasy, Pearlnight gently gripped Meguru’s penis.

「Kuu…… P-Pearlnight. That spot is……」

The pleasure that can’t even compare to doing it by himself was transmitted from his crotch.

「Stay still. Don’t be so tense and entrust your penis to me」

Meguru totally abandoned resisting, he decided to leave everything to Pearlnight.

Seeing that, Pearlnight glued her five fingers to the penis and stroked its whole surface.

Her slender fingers running along the penis were so much softer than his own penis that it sent some shivers down his spine muscles.

There’s no doubt that his penis became a lot more sensitive than usual. The sensitivity could reach the point of sensing every single small movement of her fingers.

Suddenly a question rose up in his head.

「Pearlnight, you, kuu…… You…how many…times…have you done this? This kind…of thing」

So he asked while fighting against the relentless pleasure attacking him.

「Oh? What? That kind of thing bothered you? A few hours ago we……no you don’t want to hear about that, right. I’ve lived normally for five, six centuries already. There aren’t that many people coming to challenge me, well they couldn’t even reach my place to begin with. Generally Prism ate all of them. Well, if she couldn’t satisfy herself with that then she’d crush their penises into pieces……be careful if you’re gonna dip into that. Then about these kinds of things, this body was something I rebuilt so it’s still a virgin」

So she answered, somewhat embarrassed.

「That’s why, err, I got wet too」

Saying so, Pearlnight reached her other hand down to her own crotch.


Some sounds leaked from her mouth as she stretched the hand she used to touch her crotch before his eyes.

The fingers she showed him had love juice sticking on them, making strings.

「Hey, Meguru. Feeling good?」

While gently stroking the penis, with her face was a little bit anxious, Pearlnight whispered so.

「Hn, yeah, feels good. A lot better than doing it myself, many times better」

He spoke the honest feeling in his heart, no traces of any lie were found.

In actuality, that time in the bathroom a few hours back, also now, the pleasant feeling completely different to touching himself has been filling him up.

As if satisfied with that answer, she laughed “kufufu” and skillfully moved her right hand.

Completely changed from the earlier gentle strokes, her palm wrapped up the penis while her thumb and index finger gently pinched the tip.

From there she gradually rub her fingers up and down, as if polishing the glans.

Slowly, gently, her fingers, with a little bit of strength, rubbed the base of his glans and


Meguru writhed.

「What, you’re weak here? Kufufu」

Understanding the fact that it’s a weak spot, Pearlnight used the inner part of her thumb and recklessly rubbed it.

Every time that spot he almost never touched while doing it by himself got rubbed, pleasures pierced deep into his mind.

「Ahhhh! No Good! Pearlnight!」

His hips began to feel itchy, his tip thrust out strongly.

「Hey, you don’t have to hold back. Pew peeew all of it out」


「C’mon, look. Your penis is wanting to cum so much it’s pulsing」

As the tip of his penis leaked drops of pre-cum, Pearlnight used her index finger to smear it all over.

「Wanna nut on my face? Let me swallow it? Or, you wanna shoot it on my belly?」

Asking so, she threw the clothes she was wearing away.

「Let it out whenever and where you like to. Or do you like doing it like this?」

Pearlnight vulgarly pushed out her lower half, waiting for the “thing” to come out from the penis. (TN: She sticks out her butt to lower her head, approaching ze dick with her face)

The obscenity of that stimulated his manly instincts.

Beautiful. Anyone would say that to this girl before him the moment they saw her, and this scene of her using her mouth trying to catch the thing coming out from his excretory organ just has too high damage.

The irresistible excitement from deep inside his hips rose.

Furthermore, in front of the penis, she──

「Hnuu. Anytime, I’m ready. Peeew it out with your best timing」

Mixed bewitching voice in and said that. What’s more is that her breaths were making a direct hit on his exposed glans.

That moment, like a crash of lightning piercing through Meguru’s body, his brain fell into a numbing sensation.


At the same time, Meguru’s vision flashed pure white, something hot run through his stiffened to the limit penis.

「Hnuu! So hot. Kufufu」

The cloudy liquid burst out from the penis’ tip directly hit Pearlnight’s tongue. Furthermore, his unstoppable ejaculation dyed bright white not only Pearlnight’s tongue, but also continued to her face and her body.

His whole body from the top of his head to the tip of his toe shivered with the strongest pleasure.

「Ahhhhhhh~~~~。 Kuu……kuuu~……」

Then, when the long pulsation stopped

「Nfuu, thanks for the meal」

Chewing on the semen that got onto her tongue, Pearlnight tasted the thing in her mouth, then swallowed it.

Her throat slowly moved as she gulped.

「Fuu, as expected your semen was delicious, its tender taste was raging inside my mouth」

While saying that, she stuck out her tongue, and licked all the cloudy liquid remained around her mouth.

「Ah~ah~. Your body is also something, you let it out a few hours ago and yet it’s still pretty energetic. Oh that’s right, I just thought of something good. Just watch me」

Saying so, Pearlnight used both hands to hold her own body, then began to coil and smear all the cloudy liquid on her body.

「Watch me closely, I’m putting your semen all over my body」

With that being said, she spread the cloudy liquid sticking on her hands on her breasts. Pearlnight’s body is now glittering with her own sweat and Meguru’s semen, a lewd gloss began to shine.

Seeing this act, Meguru’s penis once again began to stiffen up.

Pearlnight attacked even more mercilessly when she saw him like that.

「Look, it’s your semen’s fault that my nipples became like this, you know?」

Rubbing her own breasts, she showed her lewd swells’ summits standing up to his face.

「Hn, hnhaa. Ah, aahn」

She let him see her gasping hard every time her palm slid and made them stand up even more. Then, she pinched the pink colored swell that got hard, and began rubbing it back and forth just like how she did to his penis earlier.

「Hnnn, ahh, haan. Kuuu, uun, aahh」

Meguru stared intensely at this spectacle.

The penis that just cum earlier became as hard, no, even harder than that. (TN: What is it now? An iron bar?) Seeing Meguru’s reaction, Pearlnight lowered her vision to his crotch.

「You came just now and it’s still energetic huh. Kufufu. Naa, you, are you sure just this is enough? Can you be satisfied with just this? There’s no way right? Your thing is so energetic after all. Kufufu, alright, I’m not that kind of demon, but if you plan to stop right now I’ll force you into it, but if you’re all in for this then it’s just convenient. C’mon, you wanna put it inside me too, right? You don’t have to say anything, I understand, I wanna put it in too, so c’mon, hurry up, are you not doing it?」(TN: Wow that is one forceful as fuck Maou LOL)

Spreading her legs into M-shape, Pearlnight spread her pussy even more. Inside, light-pink colored creases wet with love juice was exposed, then deeper inside, a stiff-erect clitoris made its appearance.

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