BG update

This month is very….busy and hectic… It really tired me out. I never thought I will be this busy. Not only that, I have to working overtime. Hopefully, next month will give me a lot of time to write. Luckily I finally had time to write… Even just for few hours…. Ugh.

As you know, the MSB is still not working properly and I will give the password for the update.

To be honest, It’s really feel weird for giving password just like this… LMAO

Here’s the update BG.

Chapter 41 : MLTK3479F4R56YHDSS4RH
Chapter 3 of Vol 2 update on Patreon

I will give Chapter 42 password when I’m done with chapter 4 of Vol 2 and RE:Isekai will be resumed when I had time to continue. Probably next month.