Enslaved Sister Harem – Chapter 16



BTW – I have a schedule for releasing EPASH for the public to read. The ONLY reason I don’t release is because I forget to. I mean… no offense, but I don’t owe you guys releases or anything, and when I’m not openly releasing to my patreons, it’s really easy to forget. Point being, I released two chapters today. That should cover this week. If I forget again, all someone has to do is remind me politely. I am NOT releasing public for MDL right now, but you should still be getting NTR, EPASH, and WOW.

Oh, BTW:

Polite way to address me: “I believe that the public release for Enslaved Sister Harem was not unlocked for  Tuesday, XX-XX-XXXX (the date). <Insert Link to Locked Page Here> Thanks!” -Sent through my contact us or a direct message on discord.

The Way Most of you talk to me: “Um… are you releasing chapters to public or not?” -posted  as a random chapter comment without context.

Just saying…