The Power of Creation – Chapter 133

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“So… anyway, that’s how Mulan’s sister ended up moving in with us.” You explain.

“Mm!” Mushu says in agreement as she rubs herself against Mulan.

You’re all back at the mansion eating dinner together. Mulan’s date ended rather abruptly, but she seems happy enough. Well, right after the date, things got a little uncomfortable for a bit…

“Master… if you really loved me you’d get rid of my sis-“

“Hey, Mulan, if you really loved me you’d have a threesome with me in your sister!”

“Guh!” Mulan looks like she’s been struck in the stomach. “Using my clever argument against me.”

“I wouldn’t call it clever. I gave you one because it was our day. Every bitch gets one.”

“I’m sorry master, I thought you’d kill father and I was desperate!”

“What kind of person do you think I am?”

“I was reading the comments section and-“

“Don’t you know not the read those!” You explain and then sigh, completely understanding why Mulan would carry such worries about your personality. “Besides, where did you come up with such a cliched bullshit line anyway?”

“Well, Megara told me-“

“Nevermind, the white-hot flash of rage that just shot through me tells me you shouldn’t complete that sentence.”

“A-are you mad?” Mulan asks, her head lowered.

“At Megara? That fucking girl doesn’t know the difference between bad attention and good attention as long as she gets attention. The best course of action is to just ignore her… for now.”

“I-I meant me…” Mulan says quietly.

“Well, there is one way to make amends.” You glance over at the person sitting next to her, who is current rubbing her chin on Mulan’s thigh.

“Hm? Me?” Mushu straightens with a confused look.

“is incest the only way to satisfy my master?” Mulan asks tearfully.

“Is he suggesting we should have sex? Here? Now?” Mushu perks up immediately, drool starting to come out of her mouth.

“It’s incest when it’s just the two of you. But if you both fuck me, then it’s just a threesome with sisters. Not taboo at all.” You explain.

“Don’t say those things to my sister, she’s very trusting and easily manipulated.” Mulan growls, but curiosity overtook her sense and so she asks suspiciously. “Does it really work that way?”

“The internet doesn’t lie.”

“I don’t really get it,” Mushu speaks up. “But are you saying if I sleep with you I can do this and that with my sister and no one would thing me weird?”

“There is nothing strange about two sisters enjoying the same man, so sayeth the porn hub.”

“V-very well.” Mulan mutters, “I suppose if it’s masters want, then I can’t fight it.”

You smile as you remember that incredible night with sister dragons. However, it’s now morning and you are enjoying breakfast, and if anyone else think it’s a cop out so the author doesn’t have to write a sex scene he doesn’t feel like writing right now, no shit Sherlock. You’ll get a hot one next chapter, just hold your dicks.

“Psst…” Someone is crouched next to Mushu, taping on her shoulder. “Psst…”

“What?” Mushu looks over to see Belle standing there, staring at the pair of them, Mulan wrapped in Mushu’s embrace.

“S-so… it seems like you are someone whom also likes women. Perhaps, you’d like to talk with a like-minded strong female type or maybe if you feel like it we can enjoy each other’s company.” Belle says with lustful eyes.

Mushu’s expression goes completely cold as she stares at Belle like dirt. “Go die!”

“Guh! Why do you say that? You’re rubbing that woman in a sexual manner right now!”

Mushu rolls her eyes like the answer is obvious. “This is my sister. I love my sister. It’s not about male or female, it’s about someone who shares a part of me! A pervert like you wouldn’t understand!”

“I understand, I do! Mulan is a very attractive woman. Sometimes, I imagine her, gah, my eyes! Why did you just poke my eyes?”

“Unsee my sister with your filthy eyes you creepy lolicon.”

“Lolicon! You’re touching her privates right now as we talk!”

“This is sister love. Why are you too stupid to get this! Sister love transcends age. It transcends sex. You on the other hand look at my sister with nasty lecherous eyes. Be gone!”

“You bitch! What about that beast? Shouldn’t he get the same treatment?”

“M-my lord!?” Mushu looks away with a blush on her cheeks. “He’s an exception.”


“My sister smells beautiful, and feels soft. No one but her closest sister should be allowed to touch her-“

“Mmm… she does smell good and she really is soft!” Ariel says in agreement.

“Eh?” Mushu looks to the other side of Mulan to find another woman sitting against her other arm.

She was just as close to Mulan as Mushu was, rubbing her face against Mulan with an extreme familiarity.

“This reminds me of when I helped hero pop her cherry, she squirmed and cried but in the end she really liked it.”

“Wh-who are you!?” Mushu asks in a fluster.

“I’m your sister Ariel!” Ariel gives a beaming smile.

“Si-sister? What is this?” Mushu looks taken aback.

“All the girls here are my sisters. We’re all heros, and we’re all each others. We’re family! Mulan has been my sister the longest!”

“Wh-what? Well, Mulan has been my sister the longest too!” Mushu responds defensively.

“Really!” Ariel looks extremely excited, reaching across Mulan, who seems to have sunken into her own little world of despair in a desperate attempt to escape reality, grabbing onto Mushu’s hands.

“Then we must share! You must have some wonderful stories about Mulan. I really want to hear them!”

Mushu puffs up her chest. “Why… of course, I know her best.”

“Mm!” Ariel nods. “Isn’t it crazy that she’s really sensitive right under her elbow?”


“And she doesn’t like you to stick your tongue in her pussy, she prefers it if you flick it in a circle around the clit.”


“But you know all that, right! Right, Mulan?” Ariel turns to the dead-eyed Mulan who doesn’t respond. “Oh, she gets like this. Keeps trying to escape reality. You got to touch her right here-“

“Ergegegger!” Mulan sudden twitches when Ariel reaches down and touches her some place between the legs, “What? Oh, Pun! What am I looking at? Ariel and my sister are holding hands! Did I die and go to the bad place? Why has Pun forsaken me?”

“That way, she remains aware of everything you’re doing and can enjoy every second!” Ariel finishes excitedly, ignoring Mulan’s existential crisis.

“By Pun, all along I thought I truly knew my sister, but in the end, I am but the disciple.”

“Th-this can’t be happening!” Mulan starts crying as she stares between the two star-eyed girls.

Mushu leans forward too, her boob slugging Mulan in the chin. “Ariel… no…. big sister Ariel! Please, teach me about every nook and cranny of my sister!”

“What? You treat your big sister Belle so poorly and then let Ariel do whatever? This is bullshit!” Belle cries out. “You know what? Fuck all you bitches, I’m going to go to my room and rub one out. You all can go suck a dick!”

Belle storms off into the other room, but Ariel and Mushu barely acknowledge her in their own excitement.

“Let’s get started now!” Ariel says. “Come, Mulan, we need you as the reference so I can show your sister all the things that make you go crazy.”

“What? What! Unhand this mighty dragon! No! Stop!”

The two girls grab Mulan by either arm and start dragging her back into Ariel’s bedroom. Desperately, Mulan struggles against the two women. Eventually, she turns back, shooting you a look of despair.

“Please, master!” Mulan gives a desperate cry to you. “If you ever loved me, save me from this!”

Everyone turns to you a second as you sit their drinking from you cup in silence.

Finally, you speak several cold words in a light tone. “Mulan… what did I tell you earlier?”


“Say the words…”

Mulan looks down sadly. “… bitches only get one.”


All the life went out of Mulan as the pair turned away and drag her back into their room, the door shutting behind them.

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The Power of Creation – Chapter 132

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“He killed the dragon king, kill him!” shouts one of the young dragons.

“What the fuck! That was a match! Were you always going to attack me no matter who won?”

“This is this and that is that!” Another says as all of the remaining dragons turn into their dragon forms. “He was protecting Mushu who you attacked to kill!”

“Mushu attacked me first!” You shout back.

“You’ll burn for this!” The dragon roars, fifteen dragons suddenly launching at you.

“Mulan, what the hell is this?”

“They’re frenzying! It’s the shock of seeing father hurt!” Mulan responds, her body exploding into a dragon form.

“You bastards!” You turn back into your dragon form just as fifteen dragons leap at you.

Mulan grabs one by the back of the leg and tosses him into the side of the crater. “Damn it, you idiots, listen to this great one. Get off my master!”

However, she can’t stop it. You are going to have to start hurting her dragon colony. Oh well-

“STOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOP!” A high-pitched voice explods with enough power to shake the very ground.

The dragons immediately scatter, parting ways for the source of the voice. That voice is surprisingly Mushu’s. He is still in dragon form too, his father having absorbed the hit from your attack. Still as he approaches you, you can see one leg limping, so he must have been hurt. His eyes are unreadable as he watches you while approaching. He is large and powerful, easily as big as you. It is clear that he outpowers all the other dragons here, including Mulan.

“Mushu, don’t do this!” Mulan cries out, trying to block Mushu despite her worry.

Mushu stops, lifting a single clawed hand up, and patting the smaller dragon on the head. Then he takes a few more steps before you, and bowed.

“Huh?” You say in surprise of the golden dragon bowing on the ground. “What?”

“Please.” The dragon looks up at you with tearful eyes. “Please save daddy!”


“Mushu, don’t lower yourself to this man!” One of the dragons cries angrily.

Mushu ignores the dragon, immediately grabbing onto you looking up with tearing eyes. Please, it’s my fault. I’ll do anything! Save my daddy!”

“Anything?” you let the words out in surprise.

“Mushu, don’t make those kind of promises to this man, he’s devious!” Mulan declares.

You shoot Mulan a dirty look. What is she talking about? You can make this brother go away forever and never have to deal with him. It isn’t like you’ll torture him or anything. What kind of guy does she think you are? However, as you stare at Mushu, he suddenly backs away covering his chest and gasping.

“So, you want… that…” Mushu finally sighs and lowers his hands. “Very well, I’ll give myself to you if you save my father.”

“Outrageous.” One of the dragons calls out.

“No! Mushu! He’s mine! You can’t have him!” Mulan shouts.

“Just what kind of guy do you think I am!” You voice out. “Look, I’ll fix your dad. We’ll worry about the details later. Can you do something about your brother?”

“Huh? Brother?” Mulan gives a confused look.

Mushu lets go of you with a flustered look of his own. He really is clingy. You turn yourself back into your normal human form and the others follow suite. Upon walking the distance to where Fa Zhou’s body is, you kneel down next to him. He looks bloodied and beaten.

“I’m sorry I killed you. I’ll make it better.”

“I’m not dead, you idiots!” Fa Zhou’s eyes open and he gives an annoyed growl.



The two children of Fa Zhou run up behind you. He looks over and rolls his eyes, looking even more tired.

“Ugh… you two idiot children think a weak blow like that can take out the great dragon king! Just give me 10 or 20 years and I’ll be back to peak fighting condition!”

“He calls being laid out for 20 years a weak hit?” You mutter wryly.

“Haha! Well, it’s not as if I wouldn’t appreciate being healed though.”

“Yeah, yeah, here you go!” You wave your hand, and in an instant the color starts returning to his face.

You even clean off the dirt. Speaking of which, you’re still very naked too. You wave your hands again, cleaning your own body and Mulans, putting you both into your respective clothing of choice.

“So cool!” Mushu mutters as he looks tearfully down between you and his dad.

Fa Zhou stands up a moment later, brushing himself of while eying you and his children before sighing. “You so casually use magic that normal people would consider impossible. You truly are a hero.”

“I don’t really see myself as any kind of hero. I’m just doing what comes naturally, I guess.”

“Is that so?” The man says thoughtfully while stroking his chin. “In that case, I see no other choice than to leave my children in your care.”

“Father!” Mulan says excitedly, then the color drains. “What do you mean, children! Both? No! No, not Mushu!”

“Yes! I get to be with my sister and the man I gave myself to!” Mushu suddenly realizes you’re looking at him incredulously and he straightens and bows with a blush on his face. “Please accept me.”

“Accept you! What the heck are you talking about? I don’t want him.”

Fa Zhou nods. “That’s why I know you’re the right one for her.”

“Ah… master… uh…”

“P-p-perhaps this will answer your question.” Mushu declares, leaping at you.

Before you can even react, his lips touch your own. Frozen in your own horror, it takes a second to realize his lips are really soft. And he smells really good. And that’s not the only soft thing. A warm, soft pillow is pressed up against your chest, creating a barrier between you and him. You’re confused, so you pull out a hand and squeeze.

“Ee…” A very feminine voice moans as the lips leave yours and Mushu’s form pulls back, covering her chest.

Except it wasn’t Mushu standing there. Yeah, she had some of Mushu’s feature like long golden hair, but it was very curly now. She had golden reptilian eyes like all dragons. She also had a pair of tits the size of Kidas. Although where Kida was very tall, so the boobs balanced her size, Mushu was just all curves. Her looks were absolutely stunning, the kind of looks that would make any chin drop at the sight. Although Mulan was also beautiful, her body was very flat. This was a body made to be played with, but unlike the Cinderella sex doll, was proportioned as if a deity had made her to perfect specifications.

She blushed, giving you a look that made your heart race. “You already wish to touch those. O-our future husband, sister, is very forceful… It’s cool!”

“It’s not cool! You can’t share him! He’s mine!”

“Wait, what the heck is going on here?” You demand.

“Ah… I was going to mention it earlier.” Mulan snaps her fingers. “I thought you already knew, but I don’t have any brothers.”

“What Mulan means is that she is my adorable, sexy sister!” Mushu declares, grabbing Mulan and immediately hugging her tightly while rubbing her cheek on the top of Mulan’s head.

Mushu is about a head taller than Mulan, and her massive chest engulfs Mulan’s head.

“I’m in my own personal hell.” The muffled words come from Mushu’s chest.

“It’s okay!” Mushu pulls Mulan out of her chest. “I’ve got big enough boobs for both of us!”


“You’re still my beautiful sister. Please make love to me!”

“Get away you creepy siscon!”

“Why is Mulan always rejecting my love!”

“Shut up, you cow sister!”

“Y-you know, maybe if you suck on my breasts you’ll grow big breasts too.”

Mulan stops for a second, the temptation overriding her sense for a moment, and then looks at Fa Zhou.” I-is that true?”

Fa Zhou gives the same tired expression and shakes his head. “No, of course not.”

Mulan turns back to Mushu. “You liar!”

“Rats! Daddy, can’t you just lie once for your daughter!”

“I hate you!” Mulan punches with all her force into Mushu’s chest.

Her massive boobs take the entire impact and reflects it. Mulan ends up going flying into the crater wall.

“Oh, sister. Come here, I’ll fix you!”

“Stay away!”

The pair end up racing around the crater while the onlooking dragons all scratch their necks and avert their eyes, clearly used to this kind of behavior.

“I don’t get it,” You say to Fa Zhou who is standing right next to you. “I thought you said you couldn’t find her a suitor.”

“I can’t.” Fa Zhou laughs. “You’ve seen her personality. The only guys who would take her as a bride only want her for her body, and those are the guys I’m not okay with. Plus, she’d be miserable that way. I had hoped as soon as her sister matured I could send her off for marriage. As soon as I started considering marriage partners for Mulan she started using glamour magic to look like a guy and claiming she was the best fit to marry Mulan. In the end, Mulan ran away, and rather than distance helping, it only made Mushu more desperate.

“To be honest, I didn’t know what I was going to do. You’ve really help- I mean, ahem, it would be my honor to hand my daughters over to you.”

“Aren’t you just dumping your problem children on me?”

“Haha. Speaking of which, as you are the hero, our clan will be happy to follow you in the future.”

“You’re just trying to avoid the issue!”

“Do you mind if our colony relocates to your territory?”

You finally give a sigh. “Yes, I guess. Everyone is welcome in Riun. Just don’t go around scaring people in your dragon forms.”

Fa Zhou nods and holds out his hand. “Very well. In that case, please look after my daughters.

You grab his hand. “Can you at least not look so relieved as you say that?”

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The Power of Creation – Chapter 131

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Boom! Thud! Crack! Boom!

The sounds of a horrific battle echo throughout the land. Nearby monster flee in terror as the sounds shake the earth and fierce surges of magical power threaten to overwhelm the very air itself. However, anyone who saw the fight would call it incredibly one sided.

A powerful looking old man leapt 100 meters into the air, hitting another man directly in the face. He then grabbed the man’s foot, tossing him to the ground with full forth, creating yet another of the dozen or so craters that lined the mountainside. He lands with his fists out, propelling his body with a magical surge that creates an avalanche. He manages to jump away just as a thousand tons of rock and dirt falls, burying the newly formed crater and the man at its epicenter.

“Hah, hah, hah…” the old man gasps for breath, sweat running down his face.

There are a few moments of complete quiet once the avalanche settles. Then, a fist suddenly punches out from the rock, and a form pulls themselves from the dirt. That form is a very naked you. Of course, you are covered in so much dirt and mud now that it could constitute as clothing.

“We done yet?” You ask arrogantly.

“You bastard!” the line came from Mushu who was waiting on the sidelines. “You dare humiliate father like this! I’ll kill you myself.”

“It is clear that your defense is top notch.” The old man regains his demeanor, once again holding up a hand to silence Mushu. “But is your offense enough to defeat me?”


“Liar! No one can be so strong in defense and offense simultaneously!” Mushu insists. “You must have put all of your efforts into defense magic to trick us!”

“No! Father, it’s true. Master is truly strong. That’s why…” Mulan stops for a second, but then steps forward with a pleading look. “That’s why father must stop this folly.”

“If you can so easily defeat me.” The old man asks. “Then why have you held back?”

“It’s simple. I told Mulan today was her day. Mulan asked me not to fight you.  So, I won’t.”

“I was expecting you to not budge when he hit you! Why are you flying all over the place!”

“Because it’d be meaningless if I didn’t struggle. This is Mulan I’m fight for, I can take at least this much for her.” You shoot Mulan a thumbs up.

“B-b-baka!” Mulan calls, turning away in a blush. “I-it’s not like I think that’s really cool or anything.”

“She totally does!” Mushu shouts, “She smells really excited right now!”

“Quit smelling me you creep!” Mulan shouts back.

You hide a grimace at your little lie. Well, it was a partial truth, at least. You didn’t want to admit the real reason your body was flying around. It was because the so-called dragon king was really really strong. Even with maxed stats, you’ve found some issues. Specifically, you’re a human. Humans have a limit. Well, all creatures do, it’s just that a dragon’s upper limit is higher than your own. True, you could block Fa Zhou’s strikes, and not move an inch. However, if you did that, you’d be absorbing 100% of his blow. It wouldn’t kill you, but it word hurt like a motherfucker. Like a car’s crumple zone, you’ve found flying back and embedding yourself into dirt diminishes the force of impact far below your defensive ability. Standing still, you could take maybe twenty minutes of punishment before you collapse, but being tossed around didn’t hurt a bit.

“Even for love…” Fa Zhou broke off the bickering siblings. “Do you think you can keep up with this forever?”

“Well, I have been draining your stamina, so the question is, can you keep up with it?”

The old man gave a laugh. “I thought I was running out of steam quickly. Was afraid I was just getting old. Tell me young one, why would you tolerate such abuse, just for this young dragon?”

“Isn’t that obvious? Since I came to this world, she’s was the second to join me. I love her.”

“You bastard.” Mushu growls.

“L-l-l-love! M-m-m-master…” Mulan is fidgeting and looking extremely shy.

“Why are you being shy now?” You ask. “We just confessed are love earlier.

“I-in front of father, it’s so embarrassing, but I must say it too! I love master too.”

The old man scratches his chin with an interested look. “What do you mean by ‘came to this world’?”

“Huh? Ah, well, I was summoned here from another world.”

For the second time, a surprised look covers the man’s face. Numerous other dragons also start whispering excitedly. Fa Zhou shoots a look at Mulan, who nods in confirmation.

“And I suppose, you’ll bump heads with the demon lords?”

“Well, more like bump uglies, but yeah, in a way you could say I’ve succumbed two of them.”

“A true hero…” there is a whisper among the dragons.

“It can’t be.”

“Father! You shouldn’t listen to this, he’s clearly lying!” Mushu declares.

“He’s not! I’ve seen the defeated demon lords. He made them bow on their knees before him!”

So, they could give you head…

“And, he’s punish them brutally if they step out of line!”

You do like to spank them.

“And, they’re forced to act like dogs in front of him!”

Doggy position is Grimhilde’s favorite position.

The muttering grew louder with each declaration until everyone is talking excitedly.

“What does that have to do with anything?” You ask, slightly irritated at your confusion.

It is Fa Zhou who speaks up. “Few know this, but our particular dragon colony are the direct descendants of the great magic dragon Puff.”

“Puff the magic dragon?” You reply dryly.

“The one and only! He gave up his freedom and became a servant to the hero from another world 1000 years ago. The hero rode him to battle and stopped the summoning of the evil god. I only saw him once as a small child, but that moment I’ve cherished my entire life. Our entire line is devoted to stopping the resurrection of the evil god and serving the hero. If you’re the hero… then that would mean…”

“Th-that’s right!” Mulan interrupts like she just thought of something. “That’s why I became master’s dragon! He will ride me into battle against the forces of darkness. T-that’s why I had to run away, to find the great hero!”

She ran away and became your servant so that she wouldn’t get violated by her incestuous sibling! Now she is trying to spin it like she had planned this from the beginning. You consider what punishment games she’ll face later.

“I won’t believe it!” A shout cut through the excited discussion.

The voice was, of course, Mushu’s.

“Mushu!” Fa Zhou tries to cut him down with a glare, but he ignores his father.

“I won’t believe you’re the supercool hero! You won’t take my sister from me! It’s no fair she gets to travel with the hero and I don’t! No, rather, I don’t believe you’re the hero! Father is just getting old! We’re ten times stronger in our dragon form and father didn’t even try!”

“Enough Mushu, you embarrassment of a child, it’s considered rude to fight outside of the form your opponent takes, especially when you’re the challenger!”

“I don’t care!” Mushu cries out. “I’ll prove once and for all that this guy can’t be that cool!”

“I don’t even know what you’re talking about anymore!” You shout.

Mushu explodes into a dragon form amongst all the human shapes, and with a single jump he launches himself at you.

“You can kill that bitch all you want!” Mulan points at Mushu.

“Don’t mind if I do!” You jump at the dragon, planning to meet him in the middle.

“No, you can’t! Mushu is still my child!” Fa Zhou leaps in the way, clearly not aware that death is a relative term for you.”

You stop just short of hitting Fa Zhou, but the sheer strength of the blow carries through the wind. His scales shatter and Fa Zhou goes flying back, hitting Mushu and taking him with as they both slam into the mountainside.

“No! Father!” Mulan screams as the shattered man collapses to the ground.

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The Power of Creation – Chapter 130

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“Before you die for touching my Mulan, what is this master stuff?” Mushu demands.

“Master is master!” Mulan takes a step forward while shooting Mushu an angry look. “Mushu should but out of it!”

“Mulan is mine,” you explain. “So, I guess she was more comfortable seeing it as a master-servant relationship.”

“I’m masters! See!” Mulan pointed to the ruby collar around her neck, causing several of the dragons to gasp and even her father to tense up.

“A dragon would dare collar another dragon!” Mushu shouts.

“Hey, she asked for the collar!” You defend. “Besides, who says I’m a dragon?”

There was even more chatter amongst the dragons.

“Wait, are you saying you’re not a dragon?” This is the first time Fa Zhou looks genuinely alarmed.

“No. That transformation was just something for fun. I’m human… I think.” Your voice loses steam as the looks from the dragons become increasingly more hostile.

“If he’s not a dragon, then they can’t have legitimately bredlocked! Mulan, come back here! Your loving Mushu promises he won’t punish you too much!”

“No! I hate you! I’m bredlocked now! He was a dragon so it’s official!” Mulan declares.

So, apparently her desire to mate had a second hidden meaning. Only sex between dragons could be considered bredlocked. That meant that her declaration that you must get married originally back in the day was an embellishment, and also driven by her distaste for Mushu. When you first met her, she must have been eager to get into a relationship so that she wouldn’t have to go back home. On the other side, Mushu is looking very depressed at those words.

“Wh-why does Mulan hate me so? You used to think I was the coolest, remember?”

“You started turning weird!”

“I made those changes for you!” Mushu insists. “I wanted to be together with you. That’s why I started becoming a true man!”

Mushu flexes his muscles as if to prove the point. They are certainly impressive. The pretty boy Mushu is an above average attractive man. You aren’t into that kind of thing, but if you had to rate looks he is probably more attractive than Florian. In fact, if it wasn’t for his muscles, with the long golden hair he might even be confused for a girl.

“You’ve always been like this!” Mulan shouts with a teary expression. “You’d sneak into my bed at night and you’d start touching me in strange places and doing this and that! I didn’t like it! That’s why I ran away!”

“Mushu is a loli-pervert?”

“Guh!” Mushu reacts like he was struck in the gut. “That is… skinship! I wanted skinship. If Mulan wasn’t so cute I wouldn’t sneak in your bed every night! What’s wrong with that?”

“Incest is wrong!” Mulan shouts back.

“Wait… whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?” You cry, “What the fuck you mean incest?”

It was the silver-haired dragon who looks exasperated and tired who responds. “It’s the unfortunate truth. Mushu and Mulan are siblings.”

“Listen here, fake dragon. Mulan is my beautiful and loving sister. Only I will have her!” Mushu declares.

Fa Zhou hits Mushu over the head with enough force that he face plants into the ground. A second later Mushu pulls his head out of the dirt and shoots you a glare like nothing happened.

“None of that matters now. I’ve already declared a fight to the death with this young man. No matter how much dragon you possess, you still claim ownership over my precious daughter. Our colony cannot afford to lose her. She’s my last normal child. I’d never be able to find someone to marry Mushu, so Mulan is my last chance to strengthen ties with another colony. With no proper heir, it’s the only way we’ll survive as a colony. Please prepare yourself.”

“Father, no!” Mulan cries before turning back to you. “Please, master, I beg you, if you love me even a little, don’t hurt father. I couldn’t bear to see him hurt. I know it’s an unreasonable request, but please don’t fight him.”

You take a few steps forward, patting Mulan’s head as you pass. “Don’t worry. I’ve already said it. Your mine, and today is your date. I will definitely fulfill your request, no matter how impossible it is.”

“S-so cool!” the words came from Mushu, who immediately covered his mouth and then gave you a hateful stare.

“Alright, old man. Mulan is mine. If you think you have the strength to take her, then test me.”

“I like the look in your eye young man.” Fa Zhou responds. “It’s a shame you weren’t born to our noble colony, decedents of the greatest dragon who ever lived. I might have even given you her hand myself. For that, I’ll end this quickly!”

Fa Zhou immediately dashes forward at a full speed which easily breaks the sound barrier. He arrives in front of you at a speed even the other dragons can’t see. They didn’t call him the dragon king for no reason. His fist flies at your face with enough speed that flames spark in the air. Of course, only you are fast enough to see the fist. Your hands instinctual go up to catch it.

However, after a brief glance at Mulan, looking on with worried eyes, you give a sigh and lower your hands. The fist strikes you in the chin with full strength. Soon, you find yourself flying into the side of the crater with a resounding boom.

“Huh?” the voice is Mulans.

The dragons are nodding as if this was a given conclusion. Only Mulan thought otherwise. It didn’t occur to her for a second, even knowing the absolute strength of her father, that he’d even move you a hair’s breadth. She had such absolute faith in your ability that her brain couldn’t process what just happened.

“It’s done.” Mushu says cockily. “Now, come over here Mulan so I can snuggle you properly!”

“Wait…” Fa Zhou stops Mushu from surging forward with a wariness that comes with age. “He… didn’t even attempt to block…”

The mini-crater on the side of the massive crater starts to crack and crumble, and a moment later you pop out. There is no blood or damage on your body, although you’re covered in a little bit more dirt than you were prior. You simply smile and shrug.

“Wh-wh-what is this?” Mushu takes a step back in surprise.

“Mulan told me not to fight.” You respond simply. “So, I won’t fight. I wonder how long you can keep up, old man.”

You raise a hand, gesturing your fingers to bait Fa Zhou. Fa Zhou watches you carefully with narrow eyes.

“I don’t know what game you’re playing.” The old man sighs. “I am truly sorry, my daughter, but it seems I will have to break your former lover. Goodbye, strange one.”

Fa Zhou comes at you again, faster than before, his fist burning with magic. You don’t lift a finger as the fist connects, creating a massive shockwave that engulfs the crater. It’s going to be a long day.

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The Power of Creation – Chapter 129

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You pat off your naked behind as you stand up and look around. “Huh, it looks like we landed on a mountain.”

“It’s not a mountain anymore…” Mulan responds with a tight smile.

She isn’t wrong. The pair of you are in the center of a crater about a kilometer wide. There are traces of the mountain, but the impact has scattered the majority of the mountain and you now sit in a volcano-like divot created by your skyfall.

“Wait… I know this mountain.” Mulan’s eyes start to hold a look of worry.

“Huh? You recognize crater mountain?”

“Well, it wasn’t crater mountain before!” Mulan insists, covering herself up the best she can despite the lack of clothing for either of you. “Wait… we need to go! Master! We have to go now!”


Mulan seems to turn very agitated, grabbing at your arm and pulling while you stand there dumfounded. “Please, master!”

Before you can respond, there is a loud roar that nearly shakes the ground. A moment later, more roars answer, and within seconds you hear a cacophony of monster sounds around you. You look around but don’t see any monsters.

“Those sounds are familiar…”

“It’s too late, they’re here!” Mulan cries out, pointing up into the sky.

You look up in the direction she’s pointing, and that’s when you see emerging from the sky, dozens of dragons that are circling overhead. They start descending upon you. You merely stand there, naked, watching curiously. Mulan seems to cower more and more behind you the closer they get.

Finally, the dragons land in a circle around you. They don’t appear hostile necessarily. It is more like they are trying to put on a show of intimidation. While it’s true they are powerful, you check their stats and make sure yours are better. Suffice it to say, you’re confident you can take them. Just in case, you ready the insta-death dragon spell you made the first day you got there too, the one that killed Mulan.

“They’re dragons?” One of the dragons roar.

“This one… could she be? Mulan?” a silver dragon asks.

With those words, Mulan hides even farther behind you. Several other dragons make surprised exclamations as they talk excitedly among themselves. Mulan’s name comes up more than a few times.

“Hey!” You say casually. “How are you guys on this fine morning?”

You opt for pleasantries.

“You… strange dragon. We heard the sounds. You have taken this young dragon as your mate. That was a mistake, you will die!” A golden dragon shouts.

So much for pleasantries. “Excuse me, why is who I chose for my mate your problem?”

The dragon’s all look at each other, and then in a flash they all turn into human-like forms, landing on the ground softly. The whirling wind immediately dies down. You give a noise of surprise. So, dragons can turn into humans? The one who appears in charge is an older man with a beard. He had been the silver dragon. There also appears to be a cocky young man standing next to him with golden hair. He came from the golden dragon. He took a step forward, but the silver one stopped him by holding up a hand.

“You must be a rogue dragon. It’s rare to find a dragon that isn’t part of a colony. If you had been, you’d have known it is considered taboo to bredlock a dragon from another colony without expressed permission. This young dragon here appears to be one of ours. She is still quite young. Since she had gained the ability to hold a human form, she must have matured early, but she is still belongs to this colony.”

You give a tight smile as you look back at Mulan, who continues to shrink back and lower her head. So, normal dragons could appear in human form when they were adults. Mulan is officially an adult. You certainly didn’t push her into premature adulthood when you resurrected her from the dead. That’s just crazy talk. A-D-U-L-T… confirmed.

“A bredlock… that is to say that because I’m Mulan’s first, we are bound together, yes?” You clarify.

The golden-haired man became angrier while many of the other younger looking dragons winced. However, the old silver-haired bearded elder merely nodded.

“While it is true that you have bredlocked Mulan, this sort of thing can be broken.”

“Oh?” You aren’t terribly interested in the conversation, but you decide to humor him, since he’s been politer than the other dragons shooting you angry looks.

“A dragon can challenge and defeat you from Mulan’s colony. If you win, we forfeit the right to Mulan. If we when, you forfeit the right.”

“Well that doesn’t sound so bad.”

“The battle is to the death.”


“It’ll be me who kills you, bastard!” The goldhaired man stepped forward.

“Mushu! Enough!”

“But Mulan was to be mine. It was all but decided.”

Mulan put a look of disgust on her face when the one named Mushu stepped forward. It was clear that she didn’t like the guy. If you had to guess, he was likely the reason she ran away in the first place.

“It was not decided, Mushu, do not get ahead of yourself.” The silver hair man shot a tired and exasperated look. “It will be me who performs this fight.”

“No!” Mulan said the first words since the dragon had spoken. “You mustn’t!”

“You have done this to yourself, my dear. Running away. Giving yourself to a rogue. You have much to atone for young lady.”

“Hmph.” Mushu shrugged. “I guess you’ll die anyway. Prepare to face the wrath of the dragon they call the Dragon King!”

Mulan turned back to you, tears in her eyes. Was she really so worried? This dragon king guy could hardly be that powerful.

“It’s alright, Mulan.” You give her a smile. “I’ll just kill him and then we can go home.”

Rather than looking relieved, her eyes swell up even more. “Please! No. Master, you can’t kill him?”

“Master?” There was a rumble of unhappy murmuring amongst the dragons at the word master.

You look from the crying Mulan to the silver-haired man questioningly. “What did I miss?”

“Ah? I guess we haven’t been properly introduced. Since we are about to fight to the death, we might as well exchange names. I am the Dragon King Fa Zhou. You can also call me, Mulan’s father.”

“Ah…” That’s problematic.

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Lute Dragoon – Chapter 2

Chapter 2 – Education

“ *sigh* Haaaaaa…….so boring .”

Lute Dragoon, who was already 7 years old, strolled around the garden alone while muttering how bored he was.

His mother was training with her magic. He enjoyed watching it but once she stopped, she would start meditating which was boring. That was why Lute decided to while away the time by strolling in the garden.

He might be complaining at the moment but once he began observing the plant, he would become absent minded. He would start appreciating how beautiful the flower was how they grew and anything that related to plants.

Next week, he would start his private education like his big sister.

A few days ago, Wallen mentioned this to Lute that his education like his sister would start when he’s 7 years old as he was Dragoon Family’s sole successor. He also told to Lute not to tell his mother as Wallen himself would speak to Sheila.

Then he suddenly heard someone calling him.

“Luuuuuuuttteeee!!!! I miss you so much!!!!”

Lute then turned to where that voice was coming from and saw a crimson haired girl running toward him at full speed, before she jumped and hugged him.

“Waaaahhh!!! Rosalin Nee-chan, it dangerous…geez…..”

Rosalin Dragoon, 9 years old, Lute’s big sister. She was wearing a white school uniform.

She entered school when she’s 8 years old. People called her a genius because she became an honor student at such young age. Rosalin was having a hard time in the school because her house was so far away, which ended up needing her to stay in the dorm. Every time she received a chance to go home, she would rush back home and meet Lute first like she always did.

“Aaaaaaaahhhhh! I feel so calm when I hug you, Lute. School really makes me tired and people keep asking me.”

“Hahaha here, here, Rosalin Nee-chan. I hope I can help you even just a little.” Lute smiled indulgently.

Lute hugged his sister back. He knew Rosalin was having a rough time and let her do what she liked for the time being. Rosalin then brought him to the bench while still hugging him. She sat down and started talking about her school activities. Lute just listened without complaining.

“Hmmmmmm, I feel so refreshed after talking with you. Thank you.”

“I’m glad to help,” Lute replied.

“Well, I will hold it for now but I cannot wait until Lute enters school later,” Rosalin said excitedly.

“Mu, I do not want it. It will restrict my movement. I cannot do what i want later.”

Said Lute with annoyed tones.

He was a child who did what he liked and he disliked being restricted, his curiosity and observation was quite high. When he wanted to know something, he would learn it until he completely mastered it, unless the thing he saw was not interesting or boring, he would just ignore it.

“You can’t, you have promised father, mothers and me that you will enter the school. Do you remember? Also father and mothers dislike people who cannot keep their promise. Also Mommy Sheila will sad.” Rosalin reprimanded Lute.


Lute was a smart boy, he knew what Rosalin said was true. He had no choice but go to school.

“Fine then, I also cannot bear to see big sister alone at the school.” Lute gave in as he scratched his cheek. While he did agree with his sister, he still thought that going to school was a waste of his time.

“Oh my, so you are really worried about me. Thank you very much. I will appreciate it when you enter the school.”

But on the other hand, Rosalin was very happy that her little brother would be going to the same school she attended.

She hugged him tightly, which ended up burying Lute in her developing breasts. Even though Rosalin was still 9 years old, her body had steadily developed to a woman’s body, especially her breasts, which were quite big for 9 years old. It’s no doubt she would become beautiful woman like her mother.

Now, Lute who was buried in his sister’s developing breasts, felt comfortable but as she hugged him more tightly he started to feel uncomfortable and could not breathe. He struggled and patted her hand but she still did not realize.

“Ne….Rosalin Nee-chan, I….can….cannot breathe…… argh…”

“Ah, sorry. I was just too happy, hehehehe.”

“Seriously, Nee-chan… Don’t do it again”

Because her action earlier caused Lute to pout, but seeing his pouting face make Rosalin smiled and apologized in a cute way.

“Oh my. Rosalin, welcome back.”

Sheila had already finished with her magic training when she saw Rosalin arrive with Lute

“Yeeesss, Mommy Sheila!! I’m home !! Hehehe.”

Rosalin then hugged Sheila, who returned the embrace.

“So this week was your holiday right?”

“Yup, but I feel so tired and miss you all. Also, it’s hard in the school. I don’t realize when it happened so suddenly, what with becoming an honor student and all…

Sheila patted Rosalin’s head.

“Then feel free to share your problem while you are here. Take your time to enjoy the holiday. Also go meet your mom.”

“Ah, hehehe, I totally forgot. Then, Lute and mommy Sheila, I will be going first.”

Rosalin waved to Lute and Sheila as she walked toward mansion

Then Sheila sat next to Lute on the bench, enjoying the scenery of the garden that’s full with flowers. Then she hugged and snuggled with him like she always did.

“Aren’t you happy your sister is finally home? You looked lonely when she’s going to school.”

Sheila teased Lute

“Not really…”

Lute looked away as he answered, he seemed embarrassed.

He was already fine without Sheila. He won’t cry when he’s lonely or when he didn’t see her. He also slept in his own room. However, the opposite ended up happening. When Lute was walking around in or out of mansion, Sheila would order her maid to walk with him when she’s doing meditation or magic training. But when Lute was absent for so long she felt so lonely and worried about him and at that time Lute would suddenly appear of nowhere in front of her like he knew that she was lonely. She remembered this event that always happened so she believed no matter what happened Lute always would be there for her. This made her very happy.

Lately Sheila noticed Lute was always thinking when he saw something that spiked his interest. She was so worried and kept this a secret but she realized that she was being selfish. This secret could hold up until now because Wallen had been busy over the last few years. He still returned home but rarely stayed long. The longest one was one month, which made Elizabeth and Sheila feel lonely but they knew Wallen’s service was needed to keep the empire safe.

“Let go back. It’ already near lunchtime.”

“Yes, i starting feel hungry.”

Sheila just smiled wryly. He was still eating quite a lot but not like when he was 5 years old, when she needed to breastfeed Lute every night. But while Lute stopped sucking his mother’s breast every night, he was still asking for milk breast when he’s really hungry and food was still not prepared yet.

Sheila didn’t mind that as it was a happy moment in her life. Though it’s quite troubling as Lute sometimes asked for her milks when everyone was present.


In the mansion, Rosalin and Lute were playing cards.

It was called Luveria card game, which you needed to guess a word based on a diagram.

Rosalin learned how play this in her school.

It’s really interesting for Lute. Both Lute and Rosalin were immersed in it. Most of the time, Rosalin won while Lute continually made mistakes. Elizabeth and Sheila just watched them with warm smiles.

“I’m home!!!! Whew, made it in time. I guess it was worth it.”

Both of them were startled by the sudden loud voice that came from the main door of the mansion except for Lute and Rosalin who were too focused in the card game. Wallen happily walked to the living room. It was his free time and he knew Rosalin had returned from her school.

“Welcome back, dear,” Elizabeth greeted him.

“Welcome back, Wallen,” Sheila added.

Oh, you’re all here. And…….what they are doing…… Rosalin~~~~ and Lute~~~~ I’m home.”

“”……….”” Neither Rosalin nor Lute responded.

The silence was so awkward that Wallen felt as if he had done something wrong. When both of his wives realized it, Elizabeth opened her mouth.

“*sigh*……Do not worry about it, dear. They are playing a card game that Rosalin learned during her time at school while waiting for lunch.”

“Yes, then without our realization, they became so immersed in it. So we can only watch.”

“Hooooo, that seems fun to play. No wonder they aren’t aware of their surroundings.”

Wallen just smiled as he watched his daughter and son play together. Lately he saw many aristocrat families not having a good relationship, especially among siblings. This world still used the old system of inheritance. The first son was guaranteed the position of replacing his father and managing his land. While the daughter was being subjected to political marriage and the other sons had to leave once the first son married. Some aristocrats including the Dragoon family never used this old system. Their ancestor, Gilbert, realized this when he met his friend, the otherworlders, who told him, “This system is too cruel. We cannot take it off completely so how about we support each other so they can also survive. Even we get dragged into political marriage. At least know the love of having family”. This advice was passed down to all generations until Wallen’s. Wallen had a big brother and their relationship was very good but his brother was not interested in inheriting the house and succeeding his father’s position. So he just passed that position to Wallen then left to find his own future and never come back.

As Wallen reminisced while watching his children playing, Elizabeth’s voice entered his ears.

“Well, it’s almost time for lunch, let’s call them.”

“Hahahaha. Well, let them be. When food is served they will stop. Do not worry. If it does not work then I will call them.”

His wife looked worried but he succeeded in convincing them . They went to the dining room while the maid placed the food on the table. Taptaptap….the sound of small footsteps running to dining room.

“Yaaa food!!! Eh!?!? Papa, when did you get here?”

“Ummmm, Rosalin Nee-chan, I think we were too focused on playing that card game.”

“Wahahahaha! See? They will come. Now sit down. I just arrived but you two were just immersed in it without realizing it.”

“”Sorry””Lute and Rosalin apologized.

Now, now. Both of you sit down. Don’t stay there,” Elizabeth told them.

All of them started eating. Lute and Rosalin talked about their earlier match such as “Mu, next time I will beat you.” then “ No, you just lost 17 times. Just try learn from it, haha” and other. While Elizabeth, Sheila and Wallen discussed about family, work and mostly important…..

“By the way, Sheila, we are going start Lute’s education next week,”

“I have no problem with it. If it’s for my son I’m willing to do anything for him.”

“The plan is still same?”

“Yes but depending on the tutor we called, I do not know if we can get the same tutor, Klaus. It has been years since we called him.”

The plan Elizabeth asked was basic education for an earlier age such as learning how to write, read, calculations, history and common knowledge. This was already applied to Rosalin and there was no problem. So they decided to do the same with Lute. The only difference was that Lute was 7 years old and his education would start earlier than Rosalin while Rosalin had already mastered writing, reading and calculating when she’s 4, so she only needed to learn about history and common knowledge when she’s 7 almost 8 and she finished the study only withing four months.

“Then…..i will tell him right away after this.”

Both of his wives just nodded, showing that they agreed with Wallen’s decision. After lunch, they drank the tea.

“Lute, can you hear me out?”

“Yes? What it is, Papa?”

“Next week your education will be starting, I hope you can cooperate and focus during studying. If there is a problem, you can ask me, your mother, Elizabeth or your big sister.”

“Ok, I will keep in mind and try my best for studying.”

“Hmmmm, I’m glad.”

Wallen smiled broadly, happy with his son’s answer. He knew his son was not interested as he remembered his annoyed face few days ago. So he decided to have Luke make a promise because he knew Lute always kept his promise.

Wallen then patted his son’s head as smiled and thought.

Son, I have a dream, a dream where big wars more terrifying than the Holy Great Wars engulfed this world and you are the one who is going to stop this war as you are the centre of it.


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Lute Dragoon – Chapter 1

Chapter 1 – A Mother’s love


Sheila woke up. She saw the clock on the wall that was displaying the current time, 7 AM, and the first thing she did was turning her head to look for the figure that was sleeping beside her. There laid a crimson-haired boy, soundly sleeping beside her. She smiled as she looked at the peaceful face of her sleeping son, then kissed his forehead. Being able to kiss her son while embracing him was a beautiful start to their day.

He was currently 5 years old, and he usually slept holding onto Sheila, which made her very happy. Now Sheila couldn’t sleep without her son sleeping by her side, she’d be too anxious to sleep. She worried every time she thought about her son leaving her, so a part of her was glad to see him being so attached to her.

If she were to be away from the house, Lute would cry so loudly that his sound could be heard from anywhere in the mansion. Even when he’s walking with her, he’ll cry in a matter of seconds if she were to be physically separated from him.

Every morning, she would wake up earlier than Lute to meditate, it was her routine back when she was still a Mage, even now that she had retired, she still continued this routine, possibly out of habit. She usually did her meditation at the porch as she felt the fresh morning air.

Meditation, simply put, allowed natural mana to be absorbed faster than normal. Most people could do this. Another reason why she did this in the morning would be because she was more unlikely to be interrupted as she meditated.

“ Moooommyyyy! Where are you!! ……. uuuuuu!”

That was her, Sheila’s beloved son’s voice.

Lute Dragoon.

The son of Sheila and Wallen.

He was an overly clingy and spoiled child, which gave Sheila a hard time handling him as she was inexperienced with child rearing. But despite having a hard time, she liked it and thought it was worth it. No, spending time with her son was her joy and happiness.

She would remember the happiness she felt when she gave birth to him, the joy as she breastfed him and all sorts of happy feelings when it came to Lute.

When she remembered that, she couldn’t help but smile…

Especially when she recalled the day Lute called her “Mommy” for the first time.


“Mommy… Mommy….”

Sheila was on her way to practice magic when she heard something unbelievable.

“Mommy… Mommy….”

She finally realized it, that innocent voice belonged to her beloved son.

She trembled and unconsciously dropped the Magic staff she was gripping on the ground. Surprised and shocked, she turned her head around to look for the origin of the voice, and found a one year old crimson haired boy looking at her with his pair of violet eyes. Still surprised, her movement was delayed for a moment, then she moved to the boy.


Sheila looked at the child. Her hands trembled as she reached her hands out and hugged the child. The child revealed a happy smile and stretched his hands towards her and called her again: “Mommy!”

“Uhm! Uhm!”

Big droplets of tears fell from her eyes and dripped onto the child’s face. A blissful smile appeared on Sheila’s face. She held the boy tightly in her arms and pulled him to her breast. She choked on her words: “My son… My son… Lute… Can say mommy now! He can say mommy now!!”


“Uhm! I’m here, I’m here!! Mommy is not going anywhere!!”

Sheila tightly held the child and stroked his head, face, and back as she placed her ear close to him to listen to his happy laughter. Her tears gently flowed down her face as she wore a happy smile on her face.


She felt great happiness that she couldn’t express just by remembering that.

“Yes yes, mommy’s here. I have told you I will meditate here every morning.”

“Ah, sorry…..”

Then she walked and opened the door and found a maid standing by outside the room. In this house, only Sheila, Lute and the maids would be up this early.

Sheila then ordered the maid to prepare warm water for a bath.

The maid bowed and obeyed the order.

As the maid left, Sheila then cleaned and arranged the blanket and pillow before going to the bathroom. Normally Sheila could order the maids to clean her room but she was an independent woman so she didn’t need help to clean her own room as she used to take care herself before she was married.


“Madam, the water is ready,” the maid informed her.

“Thank you, you can continue your work. I will do the rest”  

The maid bowed politely and left the room to continue their job.

She then held her son’s hand as they walked to the bathroom. 

Sheila then slowly removed her clothes, revealing her slender flawless white body.

As she continued, her clothes continued to slide down, revealing her white, ample and alluring bottom, exposing the liquid curve of her white back. Her back was slender, yet not scrawny, clear and lustrous without peer. The skin of her neck and shoulder was flawlessly soft and seemingly pink, as if it had been lubricated.

Lute just watched her naked body for a while as if he was in a trance. Even though he’s still 6, his stare gave Sheila a weird feeling.

Then she heard an unexpected praise from her son.

“Mommy’s so beautiful…….”

“Hue!!! Eh! Ah, Ehehe, thanks.”

She smiled and thanked her son for praising her even though she blushed and a weird voice came out from her for some reason, and then proceeded to help him undress. As she slid down Lute’s pants, his 5 year old crotch came into her view. Despite being a 5 year old boy, his genital was 12cm long, which was unusual for his age. Lute was her first son and having never seen other boys his age, she didn’t notice what’s unusual with Lute, but she did feel that his size was abnormal. She blushed and thought.

Does a child’s genitals grow so fast? He’s just 5 years old, and yet…

She thought as she briefly stared at Lute’s genitals. Sheila was used to seeing Lute’s genitals, but still had complex feelings seeing his unusual growth. Not noticing herself staring at it, Lute snapped her back to reality.

“Mommy, are you alright? You stopped moving.”

“Eh? Ah, nothing, mommy’s alright.”

She hurriedly put away that thinking then proceeded to the bathroom while her face was still red, but Lute noticed it and asked.

“Mommy, Your face sudden turned red. Are you really alright?”

“Eh!! Not..nothing!!! Mommy’s ok. Hahaha!” Sheila forced a laugh.

Lute tilted his head at his mother’s strange behavior. After both mother and son removed their clothes, they walked into the bathroom.

They had to first wash their body before entering the bathtub. Sheila, after pouring water over her head, her hair and body appeared to be shiny and glossy. If a man were to watch her in this state, he’d definitely be smitten by her smooth skin and sexy figure as he would lose his sanity. She noticed Lute staring at her with sparkling eyes, but said nothing and thought.

Lute’s watching me again…

She smiled and blushed a little bit at her son’s behaviour.

They’ve been doing this every day. But Lute would soon turn 5 years old, she must stop spoiling him.

Then she helped Lute wash his body.

She carefully washed his whole body from head to toe, as if she’s handling a very delicate object, and when she’s finished, she hugged Lute and sighed.

“Haaaaaaa… Lute is so cute and soft….. It really makes mommy feel good and calm.“

 “Ehehehe, thanks mommy.”

As she snuggled with Lute, she slowly moved her hand to his crotch.

“It’s about time we wash here too.”

Sheila shifted her eyes towards Lute’s genitals, the part she had been washing ever since he was 2 years old.


Lute nod his head happily, he really loved it when his mother washed his wee-wee.

Lute’s genital was then hidden by Sheila’s hand as she slowly stroked it.

“Urgh…….. Mommy… It feels good……”

As Lute was enjoying his mother’s touch, Sheila peeled down his foreskin.

“It’s really dirty. Are you properly washing this?”

She asked Lute as if she’s interrogating him

“…I did,” Lute answered, fidgeting as he looked away from his mother’s gaze.

Sheila then looked at her son’s foreskin

“There’s a lot of smegma! it’s really dirty!”

She tightened her grip, and began inspecting it as she glared at her son.

“From now on you need to wash it every day; on top of that, your foreskin is tightening and not peeling. And you’re almost 6, Mommy won’t help you wash your wee-wee anymore once you reach six.”

She spoked with a forceful tone.

“Eh? But-but”

“No,” Sheila said firmly.

“Uhh… I’m sorry…”

Lute, currently on verge of tears, apologetically replied to her mother.

Sheila noticed that her son was about to cry, panicked a little bit and comforted him in a hurry.

“No! Mommy’s not angry! Or scolding you! Mommy’s just worried that you will catch a strange disease!”


Lute asked his mother hesitantly, scared at the thought of his mother hating him.

“YES! That’s why please wash your body properly from now on!”

Sheila responded hastily.

“Un, I will!”

She sighed in relief as Lute’s face brightened up as he happily answered his mother.

“Wash me again mommy,” Lute pleaded.

“Hah… You naughty boy.”

Sheila smiled helplessly as she wrapped her hand around Lute’s genital, twining it with her white slender fingers, and started slowly and gently stroking, covering it with soap.

Lute’s genital was slimy from the soap that his mother smeared on.

“Aaaa, it feels weird but good~”

Lute was enjoying the weird feeling as his genitals was being stroked by his mother.

She continued rubbing her son’s genital, also lathering his balls.

“Here too,” Sheila said.

She peeled his foreskin off and thoroughly cleaned his penis until it was completely clean.

“Fufufu, naughty boy. You became so big.” Sheila spoke in a teasing tone.

Lute’s small genital grew bigger.

“Eheheh…” Lute laughed shyly.

She blushed a little bit and smiled mischievously when she saw his reaction.

It grew bigger again… Bigger than when he was still 4… My son… My Lute-chan is slowly turning into a man.

Without realizing it, she was grabbing his penis tightly and moving it up and down in a rough pace, as if someone was controlling her. Seeing Lute feel good from her touch made her want to do it more and more.

“Urgh…… Hmmmmmm….. Mmmmm…… What, is this feeling……”

His mother always washed his wee-wee, but she had never done it this roughly. As a result, he was starting to feel a new, weird sensation from this new experience.

Then Sheila increased the speed of her movement even more.

“Ah….. Urgh… More….. More….. More!!!”

She continued tormenting her son carefully with a rough pace and her breath also started getting rougher… Seeing her son’s ecstatic look and him demanding more, she couldn’t stop herself anymore.

As she increased her pace, Lute started having hard time and his breathing went out of order because of the new sensation he had never experienced before.

Suddenly, he felt a sensation he was not familiar with, as if something was going to come out from his wee wee… Is that pee? He thought.

He wanted to tell his mother about this abnormality in his body, but he couldn’t speak due to the pleasure from the weird sensation.

“Ah…… Mom….. Mom….. Mom-!!!”


Meanwhile, she was enjoying the sight of her son feeling good from her touch.

“Ah…… Mom….. Mom….. MOMMY!!!”

She snapped back to reality when Lute called her mommy, at the same time, white juices spurted out from his penis, spraying some onto her face and into her mouth, which was opened from surprise.

Her hand stopped as she finally realized what she had done to her son, she was doing something that should not be done between families. She commited a taboo that should never be done!

Panicking and anxious at the same time, she was at loss at how to respond to her son.

What I have done to my son! What was I doing to my son, why…… No, for now, let ask if he’s alright. This incident should be kept a secret and never happen again!

 “Ah- Sorry, Lute, are you alright!?”

“Haa…. Haaa….. I’m alright.”

“Is that so… Then let’s rinse ourselves and get out. And… Please keep this a secret. It’s a secret between the two of us, okay?

Lute, who was still in a trance, just nodded.

They started drying their hair and body with the towel readied by the maids. She wanted to snuggle with him a little bit more as she really was spoiling her son too much, but didn’t do so because she felt bad about the incident earlier. She was having a complicated feeling without her realizing it.

After calming down and having dried their body and finished dressing up, they then left the bathroom and walked together.

They then moved to the dining room to find Elizabeth and Rosalin already present.

“Good morning, Rosalin, Elizabeth.” Sheila greeted them.

“Good morning,” Elizabeth returned the greeting.

“”Good morning!”” Lute and Rosalin traded greetings.

Lute and Rosalin were especially energetic when they greeted each other. Both mothers just giggled when they saw their actions.

Rosalin Dragoon was the first daughter of Wallen and Elizabeth.

Lute’s elder half-sister was 2 years older than Lute.

She was currently 7 years old, but her still growing body was slowly but surely showing some development. She had blood crimson hair and a pair of blue eyes which she inherited from her father, while her face resembled her mother, who was known as the most beautiful woman in the empire. People saw her as a cute little girl now, but there’s no doubt she’ll become an attractive beauty on par with her mother in the future. 

And she was a genius that picked up writing and calculating very quickly at 4 years old.. She had extraordinary learning speed compared to her peers

After greeting each other, they sat down and started eating their breakfast that was served by the maids while chatting.

“Where is Papa?” Rosalin asked when she realized her father, Wallen, was not present.

“Papa went to the capital, the Emperor was calling him.”

“Ehh? Again? He promised to play with me and Lute today.”

“I’m sorry, dear,” Elizabeth apologized gently.

“So, how is Rosalin’s study progressing?”

Sheila changed the topic when she felt the sudden gloominess.

“Everything so far is good. There no problem with writing, reading and calculating since she already mastered those at 4 years old.”

“Yes! I never knew study really good but I more like with Lute!”

Rosalin hugged Lute who was still eating next to her. Elizabeth smiled, then said.

“Well, you can play right now before you start studying.

“Thank you!”

Lute was very close with his big sister as Rosalin was the one who always played with him.


After breakfast, Rosalin and Lute played together in the mansion’s garden.

Lute was playing enthusiastically with Rosalin.

“Rosalin Nee-chan! Let’s play Hero and princess again!”

“Eh, but I don’t want to play that game anymore…”


“I want to play something else!”

“How about playing catch?”

“That’s boring too…”

“Then what you want to play?”

“I don’t know…”

“How about tag?”

“Lute-chan is too fast, I can’t run fast as you,” Rosalin grumbled.



“How about playing newlyweds?” Lute said innocently

“Eh?” Rosalin stared at him.

“Not good too?”

“Let’s play it!!!”


10am was the starting time for Rosalin’s first lesson. Wallen had arranged it so that she could start her formal education when she reached 7 years old. She would be personally taught by a tutor that they hired.

Meanwhile, Lute was feeling lonely. His sister, who usually played with him was busy due to her lesson, leaving him all alone. He started crying so hard even Sheila couldn’t calm him down.

Rosalin could hear the faint sound of her brother’s sobbing, she felt like she needed to do something to Lute. There, an idea popped up in her head. She requested the tutor for a break, and he allowed it, sensing her intentions.

She left the room to look for her brother, and found him in the room where he usually slept with Sheila. Lute’s faced was covered with tears and snot, large droplets of tears continued spilling from his eyes as he sniffed sadly. He was surprised by the appearance of Rosalin, his sobbings calmed down a little bit.

Rosalin walked to where Lute is, and knelt down beside him, then gently moved his head and placed it on top of her lap. Lute stopped crying, but was a little confused by his sister’s action.

“I’m here. Big sister is here, so stop crying.”

Rosalin gently smiled at him as she consoled him while stroking his head.

“Geez, I can hear you even from inside the study room. I couldn’t bear listening to my precious brother’s sad cries.” Rosalin reprimanded him.

“Ah… Sorry… “ Lute apologized. “Rosalin Nee-chan, I feel sad when you’re not playing together with me… I want to be with Rosalin Nee-chan…”  

“I thought I’d hear you say that, so I came up with an idea!”

She turned to Sheila who was sitting near Lute on the bed, and said.

“Can Lute study together with me? If Lute doesn’t understand what the tutor taught, he can just watch it quietly. I think he wants a companion who will do things together with him.”

“Hm…. I will talk to your father about this, but he will have to stop if he disturbs your lesson.”

“Lute, what do you think-”

“I want to be with Rosalin Nee-chan! I promise I won’t disturb her or the tutor!” Lute answered right after Rosalin finished speaking, his tears were still flowing but he stopped crying.

“Then let’s ask for the tutor’s permission later. If he allows it then we can be together even when I take my lessons.”

After that, they asked for the tutor’s permission, and he allowed it, but only if Lute behaved and did not disturb the tutoring.

Since then, Lute’s time with Rosalin increased, and he would quietly watch his sister when she’s taking her lessons.

Sheila thought, “It can’t be helped…” and smiled wryly. She could just let Lute follow Rosalin everywhere, but the problem was she herself also needed to be within Lute’s view.

It was their daily life. After Rosalin’s lesson was done for the day, they would play together again, and she would occasionally explain the content of her lesson that he didn’t understand. And when Sheila practiced her magic, Lute and Rosalin was excited to see her magic.


Rosalin and Lute were tired after playing together, and their mothers called for tea and snacks.

Lute, Rosalin, it’s time to stop.”

We have prepared tea and snacks, come take a seat.”

Comiiiiing!” Rosalin and Lute responded cheerfully.

Lute and Rosalin stopped playing and went to their mothers, then took a seat around the round table. Sheila served the tea, and Elizabeth brought the snacks for tea time.

Rosalin took a chocolate biscuit and gave it a bite. Her eyes sparkled and exclaimed. “This biscuit…. I like it!!!”

“I’m glad you like it. This is a chocolate biscuit.”

“Quite a lot has changed ever since the otherworlders spread the recipe from their world. This chocolate biscuit is one of the recipes that the otherworlders introduced.”

“Yes, apparently they missed the food from their world so much they decided to make food from their world even though the ingredients are different.”

“The knowledge and inventions that they introduced are amazing, too. Apparently previously we can only look at the sky and the position of the stars to determine the time, but with the introduction of clock, we can easily and accurately tell the time.”

“The idea of combining magic and science together is fascinating, but it has its good and bad points,” Elizabeth remarked.

“Haaa, it is really hard when we cannot imagine certain parts when using magic but with their knowledge, it becomes more powerful, I heard this from my seniors back when I was still working as a Mage, apparently the otherworlders have changed the method of studying magic and improved it. And during my time as Leader of Magic Court, the time taken for studying magic has been reduced so much that we can now focus more on training.” Sheila’s eyes were brimming in amazement

“Yes, but it is still troublesome. There are people using it in the wrong way. Like the Ancient Weapon that the Demons used during the Holy Great Wars… it’s so powerful that it can destroy the continent.” Elizabeth sighed and shook her head.

The discussion continued until the sky turned dark.


At night, right after dinner…..

“Madam Elizabeth and Madam Sheila, there is a message from Master Wallen,” a maid reported.

“Did something happen?”

“Please continue,” Sheila ordered.

The maid nodded and continued. “Yes, Master Wallen said that he will be away for a few days to take care of several problems, and told you not to worry about him. He also said that he will return as soon as the matter is settled and requested that you take care of Young lady Rosalin and Young master Lute.”

“Eeeeeehhh? Papa will not come back home? It feels lonely here…..”

Rosalin felt sad because lately she never had a chance to talk or play with him. He came back home after they’re asleep and left the house before they met.

Lute went and hugged her with a smile, and said.

“It’s ok! I’m here for Rosalin Nee-chan! And dad is amazing, he will definitely return!”

“Haaaaa… Thanks, Lute,” Rosalin sighed

Rosalin smiled and blushed a little bit when her younger brother reassured her.

Elizabeth and Sheila too smiled at their interaction.

“You may continue your work,” Elizabeth dismissed the maid.


The maid bowed and left for her next task.

“Wallen is so busy lately, even though he is usually only called by Onii-sama for difficult missions. I wonder if something big is going to happen; now I feel worried too…”

“… Yes, me too. I asked him about it before, it seems like a shady group is making suspicious movements within the empire.” Sheila sounded grim

Both of them sighed together…

“I wish I can help too…..”

“Wallen will probably decline. Even Onii-sama told me stay away from it.”

Sheila just nodded.

Both were the former princess and former leader of magic court but still could not help their husband with their strengths.

“Well, let’s leave it at that. Let’s go to sleep.”

“Yeah, the children are tired from playing around, we should sleep too.”

Lute was already nodding off from drowsiness, and Rosalin’s eyes were half-opened. Clearly, they were tired and were ready to sleep anytime.

“Hmmmm… Goodnight, Lute….”

Rosalin gave Lute a goodnight hug while holding out against her sleepiness. Elizabeth too went to hug Lute. He looked very cute in that state, so she hugged her out of an urge to protect him. Lute looked comfortable when Elizabeth hugged him with her big breasts, Sheila was envious, either at Elizabeth’s big breasts or how Lute looked so comfortable when he was enveloped by Elizabeth’s big breasts, or possibly both.

“Hmmmm… Goodnight, Mommy Elly….”

“Fufufu, good night.”

Lute did not discriminate between his mothers because he loved his family very much for bringing him so much happiness. Elizabeth would sometime play with Lute when Sheila was busy with something else. At first, Lute couldn’t get used to the absence of Sheila and would cry when she’s not by his side, but after spending some time playing with Elizabeth, he eventually opened up to Elizabeth, and they got really close, even calling her as Mommy Elly.

After giving each other hugs, they went to their respective rooms to sleep.


Inside Sheila’s room, Lute suddenly woke up.

“Mommy, I’m hungry…..” Lute complained as he held his stomach.

“Eh? You have eaten a lot earlier, but you’re still hungry?”

“Hmmm…. It can’t be helped….”

Sheila sighed as she lowered her upper cloth inside her room to expose her white breast and pink nipple. Sheila still produced breast milk, but she kept it a secret from everyone. This happened every night; Lute would tell her he’s hungry even though he ate a lot from dinner earlier. He once mentioned that her breast milk is like a dessert after dinner, which gave her a complicated feeling.

She thought that Lute might be doing this intentionally, but she didn’t think a 5 year old kid could talk so smoothly, feeling worried that he might be a lady killer in the future.

Sheila, who sat on the bed, then gestured for Lute to come by patting her lap.

“As always, sit on mommy’s lap and drink it.”  


Lute sat on his mother’s lap then he held one of her pink nipple’s inside his mouth and started sucking.

This was part of their daily activities, even when Lute was already 5 years old; he still liked to suck on his mother’s breast.

Sheila started breastfeeding him while sitting on the bed; she would pat and caress his head. The way he sucked on her breast felt good, she’d occasionally moan, and sometimes he would grope her other breast. Her heartbeat would accelerate, and she always questioned herself… was this really alright?

Every time we go into the bathroom together, I touch my son’s penis and every night, I let my son suck my breast.

She could not find the answer the answer she wanted. In this house, only the both of them knew about this.

Then she recalled the incident that happened earlier today…

And today, I finally committed a taboo… I touched my son’s penis till he got erection and stimulated him until he ejaculated…. What happened today was a mistake and will not happen again… From now on, I will teach him how to wash himself, so I don’t have to wash him again.

Sheila then remembered about the white stuff she drank…

She unconsciously gulped, and secretly thought…

But his semen… was delicious…


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Lute Dragoon – Prologue


500 years after the dreadful war.

There were 2 persons hunting in a certain forest.

“Seriously, calling me to accompany you hunting. But let me remind you, if you want me to accompany you. Find a suitable place please. ”

“What? It’s fine. I’m so bored that I need a change of pace. Besides, we’re buddie,  right? ”

“Haaaa…. Alright, it can’t be helped but how about your work? ”

“As always, dealing with the aristocrats, managing the nations and others.”

“I see. So what’s the reason you called me, Willber?”

Willber Von Kesseling Arezal was the current king of the Great Arezal Kingdom… no, the current emperor of the Great Arezal Empire.

Because their ancestor was the winner of the war, many small countries subjected themselves to the Great Arezal Kingdom, which led to the creation of the Great Arezal Empire.

The current emperor’s appearance had a sturdy look with a scar on his left cheek. Willber’s ancestor, Arthur Arezal, married a person from another world who had black hair and black eyes; as a result, most of royal family inherited the trait.

“Nothing, I just want to hunt and chat… How about your side, Wallen? “

“Oh, all of them in are good health. “

Wallen Dragoon was Willber’s war buddy and he was also the descendant of Gilbert Dragoon. Handsome with crimson hair. Sturdy look and elegant. But during the war, people called him the Demons Slayer because of his ancestor and his power that could slaughter many people in 1 hit. It was said that this kind of person was seen in 1 out of every 10,000 people.

“My second wife will give birth soon.”

“Hoho, Sheila’s? I cannot wait see to your son? ”

Willber exclaimed jubilantly.

“Same goes to you. Though, we still do not know whether it’s a girl or boy. ”

“Okay buddy, we will celebrate your child’s birth later.”

“Oi, listen to me!”

Just like their ancestors, who were best friends, they also had become best friends.

They could speak without formalities.

Then both of them started hunting while chatting happily.


Wallen started talking about his daughter as he chewed on deer’s meat.

“I really need to go home now, I miss my daughter already. ”

“What a doting father, heh. ” Willber said while laughing….

“A great warrior that became a symbol of nightmare for enemies is nothing but a doting father and family man”

“Shut it,” Wallen snapped.

“But, I understand… Rosalin, my niece is a very adorable little girl!”

“My Rosalin is an angel! She heals me with her smiles!” Wallen said with great enthusiasm.

“Of course she is! After all she is the daughter of my adorable little sister.” Willber added as he approve.

Yes, Willber was also Wallen’s brother-in-law. Wallen was married to Willber’s little sister, Elizabeth, the former princess.

Wallen married Elizabeth because the previous emperor and his best friend recommended it to him strongly, which made it difficult for him to reject. At first he thought Elizabeth married him out of her obligations as a princess but he never thought she really loved him for a very long time until he saw her crying happily at the wedding, which made him think “Am I this dense?”

Wallen smiled bitterly as he remembered that.


“I’m home,” Wallen called out as he stepped through the door.

“Welcome back, dear. ”

“Welcome back.”

“Yaaaaaaaay, papa! Welcome back!!!!”

“Whoa, don’t suddenly rush to me, it’s dangerous.” Wallen warned.

The mansion of Wallen Dragoon was big. It had a red roof and whitewashed walls. It was a European-style 5-story fashionable building that had a big garden, and also a small pond on the side of garden. 

“I’m back, Elizabeth, Sheila, and Rosalin. How’s your day, did anything happen?”

Elizabeth Von Kesseling Arezal was  Wallen’s first wife. She was the former princess of the Great Azarel Empire, little sister of the current emperor and daughter of the late emperor. She had the appearance of an extremely beautiful woman with curly pink hair and a tall voluptuous figure, and was known as one of the most beautiful women in the continent. Not only her appearance good, she was also skilled in many other fields. She was strong in combat. Elizabeth once led a group that clashed with bandits, ending in Elizabeth’s victory due to her skill and command. 

The second wife was Sheila Dragoon. The daughter of a certain aristocrat from a neighboring kingdom. Although powerful, she had retired from active duty as a Mage due being pregnant and to nearing the time to give birth. She was called the “strongest” Mage alive.

A flawless and incorruptible beauty, Sheila is recognized as one of the most beautiful women in the continent with Elizabeth, she was of average height, and her body was young but fairly developed, being slim and curvaceous, and her white skin was very pale and far from imperfections.  But she’s not really slim as her stomach getting bigger.

Finally, their first daughter, Rosalin Dragoon, 2 years old. A crimson haired little girl with an innocent face, a very adorable girl and she already can speak fluently at such young age.

“Hehehe, you worry so much. We will inform the maids if anything were to happen. ”

“Yes. Besides, the maids are staying with us, so don’t worry. ”

“Papa, you worry too much. Have some faith in us. ”

Both of them chuckled, seeing their husband’s worry.

“Hahahaha, well, I cannot wait for another one since becoming a father. I still remember my late father’s advice to be great father,” Wallen remarked wistfully.

While talking with his wives, the maid served the tea. He also sat on sofa and said, “Anyway, when they grow up, we will celebrate and also plan for our future baby. Well, I mean education and training. That’s our family plan. I hope you two can follow it.”

“Yes, dear. I think so too. We need teach them about the world. Who knows what will happen in the future. ”

“I will. There’s no problem with me too. I just want my baby to grow up healthy,” Sheila agreed

“Oh my, then we need to support them,” Elizabeth mused.

“I cannot wait for either my brother or sister to be born!”

While the both of them giggled and talked about the future family plan, Rosalin’eyes sparkled and Wallen smiled upon seeing this situation.

I’m really happy with my wives and am grateful that I married both of them. Who…knows if I can handle this? Wallen thought.


Three months later, Willber’s wife gave birth for the second time. It was a girl named Sterea Von Kesseling Arezal. At the same time Sheila also  gave birth to a boy.

“Haaaaa, I’m glad you’re safe and thank you….. I really appreciate it.”

Wallen, with his face sweating a lot entered the operation hastily to confirm his wife’s safety.

“Thank you.”

She’s tired after giving birth, her face was pale but the doctor confirmed that both of them were safe and healthy.

“So, what shall we name our son? ”

“Eh, me? I thought you are the one who decided his name?”

“I want you gave him a name,” Sheila insisted.

Sheila smiled at her husband to convince him. After few minutes of waiting, Wallen opened his mouth.

“Then his name will be Lute Dragoon. How about that?”

When his wife saw how worried he was, she giggled. They just smiled and nodded, agreeing with that name. Wallen was relieved, then he went out of the operation room to let the doctor settle the rest of it. 

With this, the world witnessed the birth of a newborn.

A newborn named Lute Dragoon, who was fated to bring about a great change in the world’s history.

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Lute Dragoon – The World


Luveria had changed a lot ever since the war that happened long ago. About 10,000 years ago, this world used to be a very fertile haven. A haven without war, violence or bloodshed. All races lived comfortably and peacefully side by side. They lived innocently without caring about

But one day, a God descended.

The God granted the races, Mana and knowledge how to use it…

Thus, all Races began to utilize or practice mana in a way that will be useful to their lives. Few used it to enhance their bodies so they can live in harsh environment.

As time passed..

All of the races that practiced mana began to research it for its many different uses.

All Races that used to be together started distancing themselves.

Since then, the Fertile Havens had changed a lot.

All Races that used to be together start waging war…

Especially Humans, Demi-Humans, Beast-men and Demons.

They kept going to war with each other, with each war ending in great casualties and repeat.

They had been fighting countless times for a hundred years.

The reasons for war were various.

Be it resources, be it God Artifacts, a godly device that God granted to them or strongest metal mines that even God was unaware of.

Each of them wanted it. Each country used whatever method they could to conquer the land they wanted just to get those.

Luveria was slowly dying and the races know this. But they couldn’t stop the war.

Humans realized this and out of desperation they created summoning spells.

To summon a being from another world.

According to a mysterious ancient book, Otherworlders, beings of another world are power were very powerful.


By summoning the Otherworlders, they believed the war would end. But it’s only making it worse.

Otherworlders proved to be too powerful. Be it their knowledge or their power.

The knowledge from the Otherworlders allowed the Humans kingdom to advance, but the war still did not end even though they had unlimited resources.

With these Otherworlders fighting on the side of the Humans, the latter were able to gain the upper hand in the wars and corner the Demi-Humans and Demons.

Having seen that the Humans were becoming a great threat to them, the other races started expanding their military and creating more offensive defensive magic for an unavoidable war with the Humans.

With the Demi-Humans and Demons slowly losing, the other races finally participated in the wars after 400 years. The Demi-Humans who had more knowledge about the current situations of the Humans than the other races began to warn the other races, especially the Beastmen and the Demons about the impending danger. They then formed an alliance in hopes of repelling the threat the Humans posed.

The Humans race that had grown overconfident saw this alliance as just a minor threat and waged war on the other races and began their march.

The Demons who were nearly losing the war managed to capture the otherworlders with their king.

The Demons king who held so much power invoked another catastrophic spell in his palm as if his mana pool was infinite defeated many Otherwolders.

They extracted their overwhelming power and knowledge mainly for military purposes.

Then created a weapon of another world which turned the wars upside down.

As the Humans advanced with their army, a sudden red light hit the ground. It shone a bright red light, then a sudden thunderous roar could be heard when the ground split in half, causing the humans to be in a disarray as nearly of half of them to fell to their demise.

The Demi-Humans, the Beastmen and other races, awed by this sight, were terrified of the Demons’s new weapon but they knew this would be the best opportunity to finish off the humans.

They charged, only to receive the same red light from Demons.

With that, the alliance broke; the other races except Demi-Humans and Beastmen decided to return neutrally

As the Alliance broke, Demi-Humans and Beastmen decided to follow the humans’s method.

Summoning the Otherworlders.

But unlike humans, who treated them as partners, Demi-Humans and Beastmen saw them as barbaric.

They used Absolute Slavery Magic on Otherwolders, which was very effective against them.

The Otherworlders were being forced without a chance to argue or run away and they only used as cannon fodder.

With Humans and Otherwolders fighting together, Demons with their otherworlder technologies and theirs power, then Demi-Humans and Beastmen using Otherwolders as slave.

Then wars continued waging for another 400 years…

During Wars, a new small kingdom was founded, the Great Arezel Kingdom.

This kingdom was very different from other Humans kingdoms as they were not participating in the war.

They were aiming to end the wars. They used other methods to counter their problems together with the help of Otherworlders’s knowledge.

This was the kingdom that became the role model for the entire continent.

They successfully solved the problem. That was by conducting diplomatic, trading and establishing alliances with other kingdoms and other races; the frequency of war slowly decreased.

But the wars with demons still continued as the Demons race continued to increase their military. Especially within their military, there was a bunch of people claiming to be reincarnates. A being that was reborn from another world to Luveria.

They were more powerful and more knowledgeable than otherworlders.

Thus the wars continued.

But Arezal was allying themselves with other races to stop wars against the demons, not to win the war but to stop the wars.

This war had more causality than previous wars.

As servant of Gods, The Angels who knew that this war would cost a lot of lives prayed to the heavens for that the almighty to stop the chaos but their prayers were unheard.

So the angels finally found this war disturbing and decided to intervene.


As the Demons king hurled the red burning ball of inferno at the army, a bright light suddenly emerged from the sky, causing all the race to watch it in awe. The massive fireball that was supposed to char the bodies of thousands of men collided with a powerful divine shield that the leader of the angels invoked to protect the lives of the alliance. As the burning inferno collided with the divine shield a crackling sound could be heard while the blazing inferno started to dwindle in strength and began to shrink until it completely vanished.

It was then that the King of Arezal, like a beacon of hope, stepped forth in his lustrous silver armor and spoke aloud for all to hear. “Fear not my brethren, for we have found the key to winning this war” As the king unsheathed his sword, which shone in a white light as if the future and hope was contained in the sword itself. The alliances looked in awe, their eyes filled with a glimmer of hope, they watched the king as if he was a shining ray of light that will show them the path of victory and triumph.  

The Demi-Humans and the Beastmen, knowing what the Humans king was planning, were all awed.

King of Arezal, Arthur Arezal fought the Demons King.

The fighting was on par. As the debate of logic and ideology went on, so did the battle between the two warriors. From a distance, the whole alliance and Demons armies became the audience, fearful of the fate that was still to come.

The Demon King, who had proven himself to be overpowered when he massacred the human armies, was no easy foe.

Even King of Arezal had a hard time fighting him.

With his magic, he annihilated the armies of alliances that had already retreated.

But amidst the corpses of armies, rose a single Humans man, to the top of his fallen allies and brethren.

He was Gilbert Dragoon, a half dragonian and half Humans warrior who fought alongside his best friend, the King of Arezal.

He charged toward Demons Kings with his war cry.

He then slashed his sword, Matilda towards the Demons King, who was completely caught off guard and suddenly an immense golden light shot forth which engulfed the entire battlefield, temporary robbing the onlookers sense of sight.

The light from the Sword type God Artifacts, Matilda, desolated the lands where the Demons army that lay upon its path used to stand. Even the mighty life of the Demons King was not spared.

The Demons, seeing that their king had been killed, immediately retreated back to their land.

The Alliance did not bar their retreat for the Demons King had been killed and they didn’t want to shed more needless blood. Also, they knew very well that the Demons had been weakened and would therefore think twice before declaring war once again.

A few months later, the Demons sent envoys for peace agreement.

The Alliance agreed without a second thought.

Thus it’s the end of the era known as Holy Great War Era.

The otherworlders and reincarnated people cooperated with the citizens of Luveria to restore the world. They poured in their knowledge, energy and time to help the citizens of Luveria.

Technology that was only used for war war now used for daily life. Now, science was no longer being rejected on this world.

Technology continued to improve until today. After that, the rulers of each kingdom decided to send back the Otherwolders.

Otherwolders who were summoned by Demi-Humans and Beastmen werealso sent back with many compensations.

The result was some of them returned to their original world, leaving their knowledge and legacy behind, while the rest who stayed behind got special positions in the kingdom, some even built their own families in Luveria.

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The Power of Creation – Chapter 128

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“If you wish to keep up master, you’ll have to go faster than that!” The red dragon Mulan roars.

“Is that so?” You ask calmly.

“In front!” Mulan stops as a giant massive black dragon blocks her way.

Immediately, she turns and starts flying to the right.

“You’re still running?”

“I’m not done yet, master!” Mulan roars. “If I was defeated so easily then my pride as a dragon would be shattered!”

“Hi, again.” You appear in front of her again.

“Agh! Master, you won’t even give me the slightest bit of pride!” Mulan roars, but this time a giant fireball flies from her mouth.

You dodge the fireball with ease, but Mulan has already taken off in the opposite direction. You look up into the sky. The sky is covered in dark ominous looking clouds. You don’t know if Mulan is heading into the human territories or the demon territories, but it is clear that you are no longer in Riun. An idea crosses your mind, and you give a little smirk.

“Mulan! Don’t you like shiny things?”

“Gah… master, don’t think you can bribe this dragon into sex! A dragon’s relationship with their mate is dependent on their first mating. The better the fight, the more power the woman has in the relationship. There are even some women who defeated the man during mating and were the dominant in the relationship. If I were to casually give in and let you have me for baubles, that would define you as my absolute master and I would be a servant!”

“Isn’t that already the case?”

“T-that is that and this is this! That’s a matter of humans and human forms, this is dragons!”

“So, even though I’m your master as a human, you think you can be my equal as dragons?”

“I’d never be so vain! Even if I resist just a little, I’d like to at least reach the level of the rest of your harem!”

“Oh, Mulan.” You shake your head. “You already are!”

You once again appear in front of Mulan’s eyes faster that she can flap her dragon wings. Her claws come out to slash at you, you catch her arms with one of your claws, and then fold the other into a fist. Giving one hard punch in the stomach, Mulan’s eyes go wide and she starts to lose cohesion.

“I… no…” She tries to resist, the red dragon being too strong a being to be taken out with a single punch.

However, you don’t wait. Instead, you grab both of her arms and flap your wings.

“Ah! What are you doing? Where are you taking me?”

“Up!” You declare.

“Up? Up! The highest a dragon has ever flown barely reached the noctilucent clouds! How far up!”


“Haaaah! No, where are you talking this great one? I’m not going!”

“Up, up!”

“You…! We’ll die! Even dragons freeze to death!”

“Then hold on!” You grab onto Mulan tighter in your massive dragon arms, her scaly form seeming just as small in this form as her human form.

“I won’t. Let me go! Let me-“ The clouds break away and the pair of you plow into the darkness. “Shiny…”

Her voice is taken away breathlessly. Of course, you usd some magic to give you guy’s air , pressure, and a decent temperature, but otherwise you just broke out of the atmosphere. The sky has turned blacker than it ever has before. Brilliant stars shine across the sky, crisper, clearer, and brighter than they ever appeared with light scattering across the atmosphere.

“It’s beautiful…” Mulan whispered lightly.

“Mm…” You nod as the female dragon rubs up affectionately against you, a massive planet below, and starry night above.

That’s when you feel some hard thing pressed between your legs and Mulan’s midriff. You look down and nod impressively. It is quite large indeed. It’s a massive sharp think with a strong curve that is pushing out in front of you. You immediately look for the appropriate part on Mulan, which appears as a pulsating green hole with yellow on the inside. That seems to be the one. You lift Mulan’s leg as she barely seems to even notice, staring wide-eyed at the starry sky.

“It’s in!” You say as the massive thing that looks more like a scythe than a penis goes into her remarkably well.

The feeling transmitted immediately made you gasp. First off, your penis could slide much deeper into her than in any other woman except maybe the artificial Cinderella. The lock and key anatomy of the dragon allowed you to pierce her in a way that went deep into her belly. It felt incredibly warm, like hot magma pulsing around your penis.

Mulan let’s out a roar, and you do as well. That when you bodies start falling back down from the sky. Your penis rocks in and out of Mulan, piercing her insides. Each time you thrust into her, you can feel a hot squishy feeling that causes waves of pleasure to run up and down your body. Your bodies are falling faster and faster. It’s starting to get hot. You wrap your wings around both of you. This puts the pair of you in a cocoon of darkness.

As fire erupts from the very air as you hit the atmosphere at maximum velocity, you use magic to the point you don’t feel any of it. instead, you focus on the inside of the cocoon. The only thing you can feel is the hot, muggy air inside of your wings. There was no kissing. No touching. No gentle hand holding. No writhing. It was just pure, animalistic thrusting.

Her heavy dragon breaths emit hot flames that can melt steal. Your rugged roars can shake mountains. Your talon like legs are wrapped around her, grabbing onto her back, the nails clinging to her scales with enough force to hold her in place. Her entire body is trapped in your embrace. She is literally a prisoner of your cocoon. The thrusting grows faster and faster. Your cock pierces her, over and over again. It isn’t the sounds of balls slapping or wet juices spewing. It is some rawer, something grittier.

It is pure animal fucking. You pound away at Mulan, your dick piercing her over and over, filling up her insides, taking her warmth and adding to it. Mulan says nothing. You say nothing. There are no words to be had. There are no words needed. It is just about the fucking. You don’t think about whether she cums or not. You don’t even know if cumming is the right word for dragon. You roar into her face, and she roar back into yours, and the pair of you are one.

The speed just keeps increasing and increasing, your hips moving faster than a human could possibly manage, her hole taking your thrusts harder than a woman’s pussy could take.

Your bodies strike the ground just when you reach your limit, you don’t give any warnings. She doesn’t need warnings. This is raw free of politeness. It is lust and desire and satisfaction. You are taking her, and she is taking it. Your wings exploded open, letting light in for the first time since you had started mating. You inject yourself deep inside of Mulan. As you do so, you let out a massive roar that shook the world and could be heard hundreds of miles away. Your hands are pressing down on Mulan’s shoulder, pinning the smaller dragon to the ground, and as you roared, you thrust one last time into her as deeply as possible.

When it is done, you suddenly find yourself shrinking. At first you grow worried that you are going to shrink on top of a startled dragon Mulan. However, she is shrinking as well. Both of you grow smaller and smaller, your face changing and morphing. Your dick, still deep inside Mulan, shrinks and morphs with her pussy. Within a minute, you are no longer a giant dragon pushing a smaller dragon down, but a man with his arms on a loli girl’s shoulders, pushing her to the ground as he shoves his dick deep inside her.

For second, worry shoots through you as your fear you overdid it. But then a smile explodes on Mulan’s face. It’s a smile that rarely ever appears. Something genuine and pure and full of happiness.

“Master!” Mulan says so brightly it nearly causes you to jump.


“I love you! For now and forever! Even if I’m just your servant dragon…” she looks down with a sad look. “but that’s enough for me…”

You grab her chin and pull it back until she looks at you. “Mulan… you will never just be my servant. You’re my girl, dragon and woman, every part of you is mine.”



The pair of you embrace in a kiss, and the mating starts anew.

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