The Power of Creation – Chapter 183

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As you violate your sweet daughter’s butthole with your massive cock, she lets out little squealing sounds as she vigorously plays with her wet twat, reaching down under herself to add even more erotic stimulation. You daughter’s ass feels so tight and warm and inviting, and your hands can’t help but hungrily squeeze her buttocks and enjoy the feelings as you play with her tight buttcheeks.

She is quite round and pert, the feeling offers a firmness like Ariel with just a hint of a softer babyfat to add elasticity and bounce. Each time your cock rams into her tight hole, her booty jiggles a bit. As to Elsa’s expression, she is continuing to orgasm over and over again in euphoria. Much like her pussy, Elsa would not feel pain having her buttocks violated. Rather, her butthole excitedly takes in your cock, and the girl herself looks like she could never have enough of daddy.

“Ah, I’m going to cum!” You moan as the feelings start to grow to a breaking point.

“Yes, Father. Please cum in my butt.” Elsa says lightly with a blush.

She certainly isn’t as wild and unrestrained as her sister, who might have begged and pleaded to feel your cum. Wait… sister? That’s right, they are twins. You stop thrusting into her for a second. Elsa turns back to you with a worried look, however you only show a gentle smile and lightly spank her rump before starting thrusting again. Once you start again, she goes back to squealing and cumming. However, you suppress your own desire to cum.

You won’t instantly reveal you realized something is up. Rather, you set about your own series of spells and counterspells. Your twin daughters are playing a very dangerous game, and while they seem to be fighting your your affection, you’re not above a little bit of anger at the way they went about it.

The girls have your power of creation. Admittedly, as children, they likely lack the maturity, imagination, and knowledge to use it right… but they still could change things based on what they wanted at the moment. Even though they are in the bodies of teenage girls, they still had some of the mentality of children. They’re both spoiled and demand your attention.

In that respect, the spell they used wasn’t used on you. Rather, they created a universe where only you and they existed. You could resist just about any magic used on you, but the girls didn’t use magic on you. They changed the very universe your resided in. This brought about temporary confusion, which when added with their individual sexual appeal and their blatant attempts at distracting you with their bodies, this is the reason you were able to be fooled twice by your mischievous little daughters.

Had you been the old you, it’d perhaps be the case that you would never break free of Anna or Elsa’s spell. However, there was one fact neither girl particularly knew. Your true body doesn’t exist in either of their dimensions, but your own. This was merely a proxy. Therefore, while they could confound your senses and use your penis to distract you, they’d never be able to hold you for more than a minute or two. Of course, now that you know you can be trapped in pocket dimensions, you close that hole tight with a few spells.

Speaking of tight holes, Elsa’s sphincter tightens around your cock as this pocket dimension suddenly shakes from a loud resounding thud.

“Daddy, please, cum!” She begs.

You furrow your brow as the universe shakes once again. Both daughters seem to desperately want you to cum in them first. In most twin relationships, one is born first, followed by the other. While this is a subtle thing, this establishes a subtle form of pecking order, which subconsciously guides the twins. One twin is the “eldest” and the other twin is the “second”. These girls seem to have been born at the exact same second from their individual mother’s vaginas, and despite their mother’s different status, are fighting to be the dominant sister. As the competition escalates, it has become that whichever girl can make father cum ‘wins’.

The world finally cracks open, and Anna steps through the crack with a furious look on her face. You slide your dick out of Elsa’s crack now that the pair of you have been interrupted. Elsa sets up on her knees and sticks her tongue out at Anna.

“Father took my butt first! See he loves me more!” Elsa gloats.

“He took my mouth! He loves me more!” Anna shoots back.

“Girls, I took your mom’s ass and mouths long before I fucked you guys.”

“Father! That is that and this is this!” Both girls turn and shout at you tearfully.

“Look, girls, there are a lot of firsts daddy can take, if you keep going this way, there will be no end.”

“First?” Anna asks, her eyes brightening.

“What firsts?” Elsa also demands.

“Ah, well, your first boob fuck.”

“EH? You stick it between, ah! Yes, Father, please enjoy these!” Elsa immediately pushes her boobs together and pushes them at you.

“No fair! Father, put your penis in these!” Anna does the same, both women trying to shove their pert boobs at you, pushed together tightly with their hands to generate top cleavage.

“Haaa… well, even if boobs get fucked, there is also feet fucking.”

“Eh? Father, quick, fuck my feet!”

You sigh and continue on. “Other positions too. First girl on top. First girl in wheelbarrel. First girl in an upside down handstand. How about the first girl to get cunnilingus? And let’s say I do cum. Do you want to be the first creampie, the first cumshot, or the first cumguzzler… all of these are firsts to consider. Do you girls get it? There is plenty of Father to go around.”

“Yes, we get it!” The girls both declare, bowing to you with a slight glint in their eyes.

However, a moment later…

“Hah! See, Father is fucking my boobs first, that means I win!” Anna declares, kneeling between your legs as she holds her boobs together and eagerly strokes your dick between them.

“No! I’m face fucking Father, my pussy being in his face is way more intimate. You’re just passively playing with his dick, but right now, his tongue is inside me!”

“Gworls… gworls… pero pero… wheeers off twack hwhere pero pero.”

Of course, with Elsa mounting your face and humping it enthusiastically, talking is difficult. And of course you’re going to taste your daughter and tongue fuck her. You’re a man after all. However, this is all getting a little out of hand. However, after enjoying the feelings of your daughters in various positions as they do their best to ‘win’, you finally decide to put your foot down. A second later, the world shifts gain, however, this time it’s the girls turns to be caught off guard.

“F-father?” the girls ask, suddenly finding you standing before them naked, your meat still at full mast and slick with their lust.

“It seems like what they say is true. Children won’t listen to reason. Therefore, your daddy is going to have to lay down the punishment.”

You pull a belt into existance, snapping it once. It’s time to properly discipline your daughters!

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The Power of Creation – Chapter 182

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“Hah? Anna, my daughter, where is your sister?”

“Hah… ghhhrrr…” Anna made a noise as she suddenly choked on one of your cocks before finally spitting it out. “Puh… Father’s cock is so big. I don’t know what Father means. Anna is Father’s only daughter.”

“Eh?” You look down on Anna, and for a second it almost feels like Elsa and Anna’s bodies  merge into one person. “I-is that so?”

Your frown grows slightly, but the feel of Anna’s mouth and pussy are too undeniably good to let up. Despite never having properly trained Anna’s mouth, her tongue takes your dick excitedly like a lollipop, and without any of the modesty that her mother might exude. She isn’t afraid to drool and make a mess. A bit like the uncultured Snow White, she drools and slobbers all over your cock enthusiastically, never wasting a second to rub her face and lips all over your dick while gasping for more breath, only to plunge it down her throat again. However, she adds an extra charm of innocence and blind curiosity. Where Snow White has a basic understanding of the end game of making you cum, Anna instead treats your cock like a tasty toy, with no understanding of things like pacing or building up a climax.

In that way, her mouth feels good but isn’t building towards anything. No, it is the other you, with his balls deep in her pussy, which sets the pacing that is building up. You pound her pussy, growing more intense and harder, creating lewd slapping sounds as you go. Anna herself is ecstatic, unable to stop the orgasms from shooting through her system like fireworks. Clearly built differently from normal girls, Anna isn’t limited to a set number of orgasms. Even the insatiable Ariel needed breaks every now and then, the reward system inside Anna’s brain is set so that she can keep cumming and cumming, so even with her extreme sexual sensitivity, she won’t break no matter how much you give your daughter release.

After all, that’s how you built your one and only daughter. It should go without question that you properly make her feel good. In fact, her pussy feels so incredible, constantly cumming around your cock. The tremors as her vaginal walls tighten around your shaft while creating a vice on your dick. However, she’s also so wet with her constant cumming, that her pussy fails to grip your cock in the slightest. As the result, her pussy offers no resistance, fully accepting her daddy’s cock without limit.

“Ah, AH, Father! Yeah! Father. Don’t Stop. Cum… Cum in your daughter!”

You want to oblige, your balls ramming home into her cunt, wanting to fill your daughter up with your thick, hot seed. However, something just seems off. Your mind seems to be fighting this. The pair of your bodies look at each other as you violate your daughter. One of you is playfully touching her tits while she slobbers over your cock, the other has a hold of her hips while you ram her pussy with extreme vigor. Exactly why is there two of you? This is her first time, isn’t two a little excessive? You have not double teamed any of the other women before. Even the quadruplets were forced to face only one cock at a time, even as they all felt it.

“Father, please, cum! Cum in me before it’s too late! Give it to me before she comes back since Father loves me best!”

Too late? That’s when your cock slips a bit, losing the thumping rhythm. Wait, Anna isn’t your only daughter. You have two daughters, and they are both twins. The mirror image girl that had previously clung desperately to your body was Elsa. You had just been fucking Elsa. Your mind snaps back into reality, and you pull your dick out of Anna.

“Anna, stop bullshitting, where is your sister Elsa!” You say, while the other you deprive her of the dick in her mouth, even as she tried to reach for it.

“F-father, don’t think about her! We’re almost finished! I’m your number 1 girl. Please, just cum in me and I’ll be first!”

“Y-you bitch!” A shout suddenly reverberates, causing you to look around the room for the first time.

The world around you has oddly been whited-out, and you only realize now that besides the bed, everything else had a washed otherworldly feel. Those words seem to echo as if someone from the outside is shouting through some kind of door or seal.

“Chtt…” Anna gives an angry, disappointed look.

A crack in reality suddenly forms, and a naked woman jumps through into your room. At this point, all of the pressure that led you to momentarily forgetting Elsa dissipates, and you shoot Anna an angry glare as she refuses to meet your eyes.

“Anna! How dare you try to take Father from me! He’s mine!” Elsa shouts with a chilly demeanor before you can say anything.

“Hmph, it doesn’t matter, Father has had me more. I’ve even pleasured him with my mouth! He hasn’t let YOU pleasure him with your mouth. I’m the first! I’m his favorite!”

“Girls… this is getting ridiculous.” You cause your second you to disappear, thus allowing yourself to maintain focus on the girls as you start trying to lecture them.

“You… two can play at this game!” Elsa declares before you can stop her.

You are struck with another wave of dizziness. With a slight bit of confusion, you reach down, and your hands end up cupping some pert, round flesh. You see a seductively cute, pale butt wagging in your eyes. A girl is in doggy in front of you, and she’s reaching back, pulling open her cheeks and revealing a clean tight, little dark hole. She looks back with a smile, it was of course, Elsa.

“Father, please give your only daughter anal. Stick it in, Father, I want your dick in my ass!”

“Ah… of-of course…” You push your dick into Elsa’s tight butthole.

Even though her butt is tight, she’s spreading it open and doesn’t resist her daddy’s penetration at all. Having turned back into one person, your dick is very wet with slobber and pussy cum from plowing her other… errr… other? Other who?

You start taking your daughter’s ass, and even as something feels a little off you don’t mind it because her butt just feels too good and tight.

“Of course, anything for my only daughter.” You give her butt an affectionate little slap, causing the innocent Elsa to giggle.

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The Power of Creation – Chapter 181

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“Sister, sister, Father is on top of me,” Anna says over to her sister, identically pinned down on the bed.

“No, no, father is on top of me!” Elsa shoots back.

Both girls have been stripped of their clothing, and are now being pushed down on the bed with you on top of them. Of course, both ‘you’ are just as naked as your little girls, and a mean looking mass of meat is jutting out from your hips towards their pale pink pussies. Both girls don’t resist their Father in the slightest, instead, wearing excited eyes waiting with anticipation. If you look down at their light pink cunts, you’ll see them very wet and ready for Father’s penetration. However, while your dick is close, it hasn’t touched the girls yet. Rather, they hover over the girl’s waiting honeypots, threatening to savagely take their virgin pussies at any second.

“Sister, my Father is the true father, of course. He loves me best!” Anna declares.

“You… father would rather have me! The one on top of me is real. You just have a copy!”

Your face tightens as you look at the two girls arguing. Anna even reaches out and slaps Elsa. Elsa immediately tries to return the slap, and it takes the pair of you grabbing their arms and holding them against the bed to keep the two girls from fighting. Even now, they stick their tongues out at each other once again.

As to their question of who is the real you, that might have been a legitimate concern some time ago. In the past, you could make a copy of yourself with magic, but there would be a copy. It was an inevitability that one would be the main “you” and the other would not. You could share the same mind, but at some fundamental level, whether it be a clone, duplicate, or copy… one girl might feel gipped out for having been given the sloppy second.

However, that was before you created your new body. In truth, now, neither version of you is the true you. Your species isn’t even human anymore! These both are projections from your true body, and they are both you! There is no such thing as one body controlling the other, as they are both your puppets. In fact, you could create as many puppets as you wanted, and with your brain enhanced, it was quite easy to control both of these guys independently at the same time!

“Girls…” the one pinning down Anna says, “Stop fighting or daddy will not be happy.”

“You want to make daddy happy, right?” The other you asks.

“Please, Father, I want you to be happy!” Elsa begged.

“I’ll stop! Please, Father, give it to me.”

“Very well! I’m coming in!” You don’t waste another moment, immediately diving into your girl’s pussies, leaving the lining up and penetration to your innate sexual talent.

“Ahhhhh!” Elsa lets out a loud moan.

“Sister, sister, it’s inside me!” Anna cries out.

You take in the pleasure as your penis simultaneously slides into two tight, pink pussies. Although virgins, Elsa and Anna were created by you, and whether intentional or not, they are created for sex. So naturally, they experience little pain and all pleasure as your cock splits open their waiting pussies. The concept of breaking open or ripping their hymens simply isn’t possible, women made by you could never reject or resist the penetration of your cock!

Two little girls simultaneous writhe and pant as you force ten inches of cock deep inside them. In fact, the amazing feeling of your cock sliding inside seems too much for the girls, as their eyes roll up in their heads and they start moaning more and more. Their pussies hungrily throb against your cock, and it’s only a few moments after penetration where you feel the double whammy of two pussies cumming around your member. Their wet juices are already flowing as they twist and moan under you while you hold your rambunctious daughters down forcefully to the bed, preventing either one from resisting your relentless penetration.

“Are they perhaps too sensitive?” You wonder aloud.

As it turns out, the unique method of conception might have made these girls too erotically sensitive. Their first penetration is enough to make them instantly cum in the absence of any pain. In fact, the girls must have been suffering since their birth the previous day. Even the slightest breezes stimulate the girls erotically. It is no wonder that they are constantly acting lewd and erotic, the two women are so incredibly sensitive that they are constantly being turned on, even when they don’t understand what that means entirely.

As such, this is likely the first orgasm Elsa and Anna have ever gotten to experience. Although they had previously spoken of touching themselves, they lack the true knowledge to be able to induce an orgasm. You feel slightly bad that you had made your daughters wait so long for any sort of relief. To think that they had to deal with constant sexual arousal without any true understanding of how to relieve it!

“Father, please, kiss me!” Anna begs, tears of joy and relief flowing down her face.

“Hug me, father!” Elsa calls out, gasping for breath.

The two girls beg for more of your affection, and after feeling how much relief you could provide your daughters, you oblige. Lowering yourself down, you fully envelop the feeling of these identical twins under your two bodies. Slowly, you start moving your hips, thrusting your cock into their wanting pussies. Your lips find your daughters, and you find your tongue entangling with two sweet tasting women. As to their sex, the start shuttering as their pussies orgasm again and again. You’d forced a similar event on Medusa with your tongue, but in this case, it was your daughters own sensitivities that led to them cumming again and again, spurts of liquid coming out with even other thrust as they unleash the extreme arousal that had been torturing them since conception.

As you continue to relieve your daughters, you begin to pick up their uniqueness. Although they are twins, they aren’t exactly the same. In reality, they are the exact inverse, both in appearance and behavior. It is only known that you have pulled the twins apart and appreciated them separately that you can taste the unique flavor of each woman. Elsa is more restricted and reserved. Her legs wrap around your hips tightly and she squeezes your body as she holds on to you. Much like Elena without the claws, she clings desperately to you, her eyes taking on a fervent look of want as she tries to pull your bodies together as tightly as possible, trying to bring you as deep into her as possible, wanting every inch of skin contact with you she can manage.

Anna, meanwhile, is more unkempt and wild. Her hands run up and down your back. Her back arches, her legs spreading and hips gyrating. While Elsa wants to be as close as possible, Anna seems to want to be as active as possible. She bites at your neck various times as her hands graciously enjoy your body, squeezing and feeling for her maximum pleasure. She lets out moans and screams and wails. Although her vocabulary is limited at the moment, you imagine she’d be the kind of girl who speaks very dirty when she grows up.

“I love you father! I love you!” Anna moans.

“Mmm… mmmm…” Elsa can only blush as she holds you tighter and tighter.

“I want… I want… I want… all of Father!” Anna suddenly calls out.

A second later, the world goes dizzy for a second. You shake your head, continuing to thrust into Anna. Wait, you look forward in confusion. You’re looking at yourself on the other side of Anna, the pair of you now facing each other. Anna is between the pair of you. One of you is plowing her pussy. Elsa’s pussy is now gone, having been replaced by Anna’s mouth. The pair of you are now spitroasting Anna, while Elsa is nowhere to be found!

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The Power of Creation – Chapter 180

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“Father, will you teach Anna and I how to be naughty now?”

You give the two girls who were now jumping around your bed playfully a light grin. “You girls will never be naughty. You will always be daddy’s good girls, yes?”

“Anna will always be Father’s good girl, but I think Elsa will be naughty!” Anna declared, throwing a pillow at Elsa.

Elsa gives Anna a glare as she dodges the pillow. “No! Anna is the naughty one! I caught her touching her privates while thinking about a boy she liked!”

“Wh-what?” You look over at Anna.

“Th-the boy was father after all, I’m sorry father, but when I think of you I can’t stop feeling funny, and when I touch down there it feels good.” Anna had her head lowered as she explained.

“Anna is naughty, Anna is naughty!” Elsa declares, pointing and laughing.

“Does Elsa not touch down there?” You ask suspiciously.

Elsa’s sudden words stop, and she looks to the side unable to meet your eyes, “N-no…”

As she says this, a blush appears on her face and she twists her feet, showing the classic signs of a guilty party.

“She lies!” Anna declares.

“I-I don’t! Well… maybe once… I… Father, I’m sorry! Please discipline me!” Elsa gives you begging eyes as she lowered her body in shame.

You shake your head with a sigh. “How much do you girls really know?”

The two girls look up at your serious face and cock their heads in confusion. They turned from babies to sixteen-year-olds in seconds. Even as Aurora demands that you teach them about sex, the two girls clearly had strong sexual appetites. As innocent as they act, they clearly know some things, and it is actually somewhat difficult to tell what is an act and what is genuinely something the girls don’t know.

The big question you have is who inserted all that information into their heads? They grew to the bodies of sixteen-year-olds, but that didn’t teach them how to talk or anything like that. You learned first hand from Rapunzel the squirrel girl that simply using magic to give someone a special body doesn’t necessarily give them a better mind. Yet these girls could function far beyond the capacity of a child. Even from a sexual point of view, while the girls seemed innocent in some respects, they’d also act in ways that were clearly intended to provoke.

“Sister, sister, is Father upset with us?” Elsa asks worriedly.

“I don’t know, sister. I feel like crying.” Anna put on a tearful look as she watches me with tears in her eyes.

You stand up a sigh, stretching. “Since I don’t know what you girls know, I’ll just have to treat it like reprogramming. Like your mom said, I’ll train you until all you can think about is me!”

“Father?” The two girls cocked their heads in confusion.

Immediately, you pull down your pants, allowing your large member to erupt forth in front of your sweet and innocent daughters. Both girl’s eyes open in wonder as the beast is unleashed. Although this isn’t the first time they’ve seen it during their playful curiosity, your unveiling seems so deliberate that it can’t help but tantalize their attention.

“This is your father’s penis. You both are going to get well acquainted with it in short order. It has pleased many women, including both of your moms. It made the pair of you exist, and if you give it special attention, it will make the pair of you feel very good too!”

“Ooo…” Anna clapped as if you had just made a presentation.

“Father, can I play with it?”

“There are many ways you can play with your father’s penis. You can lick it like a lollipop. You can stroke it like an animal. You can rub it between your breasts or thighs. The best way to satisfy father is to put it inside you. It can go in your mouth, your butt, or your vagina.”

“Father, question, what is a vagina?” Elsa asked while raising her hand.

“That thing you rub when you think of daddy?” You explain, causing Elsa to blush slightly, “The hole is made for daddy’s cock.”

“Re-really… but it’s so small and tight and father is so big. I don’t think it can fit in me, I’m sorry, Father.” Elsa lowers her head shamefully.

“It can fit in me!” Anna declares.

“Father! Anna’s lying now! Father’s cock is too big and Anna just wants to show off!”

“I have every confidence both of you girls will fit daddy’s cock, do you want to try?”

“Oh, I do!” Elsa raised her hand.

“No, me first! Father, please, Elsa said it won’t even fit in her so stick it in me.”

“No, me!” Elsa pushes Anna away.

“No! Me!” Anna pushes Elsa back.

You scratch your chin and sigh. “This is truly a worrisome issue. You are both my very good daughters. Which shall I stick it in first? When a man is forced to choose between two sunsets, which does he decide to stick his dick in first… that is the ultimate question of life.”

“Father…” Both girls move forward with begging eyes.

“Haha! Of course, the answer is most clear. How could I ever choose one, when I can have both?”

“B-both?” The girls look at you in surprise.

A moment later, you split in two, and two the shock of both of the girls, they are no longer the only identical twins in the room.

“There are two fathers?” The girls say in unison.

“I call my penis Thing 1” You point down at your dick.

“And I call mine Thing 2.” The other you also points down at your dick.

“And we’re going to use them to fuck the pair of you!” You declare together.

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Tales of an Enchantress – Chapter 29

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Naturally, just by gaining a single level in Enchantment, I didn’t suddenly become able to enchant items at will. Rather, Peers informed me the next day that I would now have to dedicate half of my workday to an apprenticeship with Crish. The council had seen Crish’s success in creating a self-warming fabric and wanted me to further help him develop enchanted items to improve their quality of life. As a result, I found my days significantly restricted, sex with Peers being relegated to a morning quickie before I had to work on potions for half the day and the enchanting apprenticeship for the other half.

Of course, calling it an apprenticeship was laughable at best, since Crish had no greater understanding of Enchanting than I did. In fact, most of the time involved trying to translate and fill in the holes in Crish’s Enchantment instruction booklet. I also had to regurgitate everything I could remember about geometry and trigonometry in order to give Crish a crash course in high school mathematics. The total amount of information I could provide turned out to be limited in nature. I would have killed for a math textbook at that point and time.

So far, I had managed to create an Enchantment that allowed me to keep potions warm  or cold during the mixing process as a form of temperature control. It wasn’t much, but even a hotplate could help me when working on potion extractions. The council seemed to be happy with my progress so far, so I didn’t want to disappoint them. Besides the life potions that they craved the most, I also made sure to practice creating other potions as well.

A steady supply of health and mana potions were well received in the colony, and the Cambions were able to put up a bit more effort as a result. Hunts could be a little more dangerous knowing that minor repairs could quickly be healed, and mana users weren’t as afraid to exhaust themselves knowing they could take from the growing stock of refreshing potions I was providing at no cost. I also started trying to make poisons. Although the recipes the Cambions had access to were limited, they still could be used to help the hunters in incapacitating larger prey.

The creation that went over especially well for Cambions was unexpectedly, or perhaps most expectedly, the sex potions I had developed under Reinhart. Of course, the Cambions liked the skin lotion, but it was the vial of minor male enhancement lubrication that was most popular. It seemed the feeders got great use out of it. I had even managed to remake and perfect a recipe for the vial of sexual arousal, which I no longer feared with my charmless skill. It was also highly requested as well, even though the recipe required somewhat rare ingredients.

I considered the harsh reality that it was likely being used to help coerce the Cambion’s livestock. I had mixed feelings on helping them improve their capacity to manipulate and rape men and women. Peers had let slip that the arousal potion was used on a certain more resistive person to make her more amendable to their feeding. I instantly knew they were talking about Eva. I tried to tell myself that by increasing her arousal and sexual satisfaction from the exchange, that I was, in a small way, improving her life. However, even I couldn’t swallow that lie too much, which is exactly why I doubled down on working on my potions craft.

Two weeks passed by quickly by the time I finally managed to create my first moderate strength life potion. It required a great deal of distilling and concentrating various herbs to create a more powerful concoction. In reality, it used about ten times the ingredients of the previous vial, but it also boosted the vitality the same amount. In the grand scheme of things, it might seem like little difference if someone had to drink 10 weak vials compared to one moderate vial, but if I wanted to convince the Cambions to change, I needed to make it as convenient as possible.

{Vial of Moderate Seed – Rank A – Creator: Aria – Life in a vial – Quantity – Moderate}

Of course, it hadn’t simply been this potion that had advanced over that period. Ever since classing up and having the time to repeatedly work on crafts, my skills started to surge forward again as well.

{Sexual Arts has increased to Level 21.}

{Enchantment has increased to Level 3.}

{Poison Making has increased to Level 2.}

{Magic Sense has increased to Level 5.}

{Life Sense has increased to Level 3.}

{Mana Alchemy has increased to Level 6.}

{Manipulation has increased to Level 18.}

Other than the distillation, it was perhaps my rising Mana Alchemy that allowed me to overcome the barrier and create a moderate Vial of seed. By imbuing the vial with enchantress mana, it was bringing out the maximum amount of life. Understand life force was a difficult concept to grasp, and not one the Cambions were good at teaching, even though they fed off it to live. Expecting Cambions to understand life energy would be like expecting a person who eats food to understand sugar metabolism. However, my life sense was growing despite the fact I had no prior world reference to understand it. This likely meant that Life Sense was a core skill of Enchantress.

I held the vial up in front of Peers eyes proudly, “This… can you make the request now?”

Peers’ reaction was a bit awkward, reaching behind his neck and scratching before sighing. “I can make the request, but I can’t guarantee they’ll say yes.”

“Asking is enough for now.” I respond, trying to give him a slightly provocative smile to ease his tension.

Peers chuckled as he reached out and grabbed the vial before looking at it for a few moments and shaking his head. “I can feel the life force here. It’s about enough to replace a single feeding from a decent stock. However, your idea of replacing the feeders. Many here have old ideas, and will resist this sort of change.”

“Just get me in with the council, I’ll make the pitch.” I explained.

Although I was acting very confident with Peers, I didn’t feel remotely close to it. In fact, I was secretly freaking out. Mary made the day-to-day simple decisions, but it was the council who had the ultimate say on everything. On top of that, I had never met them before and knew very little about the Cambions even after being here for a few weeks. I’d seen a few more Cambions beyond Peers and Crish, but they were still somewhat shy and remained at a distance.

Peers merely nodded and sighed. “Why don’t you head to Crish, I’ll show this to Mary and see if I can get you in with the council. Alright?”

“Thanks, you’re the best.” I leaned forward and gave him a quick kiss on the lips before pulling back with a blush.

He gave a wink and smile before he turned away, walking out of the tent. Once he left out of sight the blush immediately left my cheeks and my flirtatious smile disappeared. It wasn’t even something I consciously did anymore. Had Peers burst back into the tent, the mask would have reasserted itself in an instant. In the same way that the Cambions had to use illusions and dreams to manipulate, I also had my own façade. That was most likely the reason Manipulation was increasing. I was pretty confident that Peers was as he appeared, a simple, laid back guy with concerns about family and his own place in it. However, I knew that he preferred someone a little shy and coquettish, so I naturally filled the part.

At that point, I realized that he had left without me. That was the first time I was left on my own without an escort between tents. Knowing Peers, this had likely been done thoughtlessly as he concentrated more on what he was going to say to Mary to get me my appointment. However, I really was done working in the potion tent for today and Crish was likely waiting on me. If I waited here alone for several hours until someone fetched me, I’d feel like a fool later.

Thus, I took my first step out of the tent. As much as I enjoyed Peers’ company, and I still had the slight giddiness of an early relationship euphoria, after spending nearly every waking moment for 2 weeks with Peers’, even the novelty of a fresh fuck was starting to wear thin. Being outside unsupervised felt incredibly refreshing. I stretched out as I walked toward Crish’s tent, allowing the sun which was becoming more dominant as spring set in to wash over me.

One advantage of the Cambion colony being quite small was the fresh air. The city smelled quite bad, especially given the fantasy-like lack of indoor plumbing and such. Here, the air was clean, the sun was bright, and I was starting to feel a bit good about myself.

As I had my hands stretched out while standing in the middle of the road with my eyes closed, a hand suddenly slapped my butt. My first thought was that Peers came back, but Peers wasn’t the kind of guy who slapped my ass or talked dirty for that matter. He was too laid back and gentle to get rough with me. Therefore, I immediately glared back with a dark look to search for someone who’d dare sexually assault me in broad daylight.

However, when I turned, there was no one behind me. My eyes snapped around in confusion until a sudden giggle brought my eyes down. As if he was looking to stay just long enough to get caught, a small boy suddenly jumped around me, and with a single wave of his hands, pulled up my skirt with enough force that the wind took in the rest of the way. In high school, I usually wore jeans, so wearing skirts was something I wasn’t fully used to. Plus, growing up in the modern era, even those kinds of pranks were treated extremely seriously.

As a result, I had never experience the so-called skirt flip, and my mind could only stare in blank confusion as my skirt went up, revealing everything underneath. The boy stared wide eyed at my unmentionables. I stared with a confused look at the boy. When my skirt finally fluttered back down, that was the point when I finally put two and two together.

Mental Fortitude inhibited any sense of actual shame, so my body didn’t consciously react to having my skirt flipped. Furthermore, since it was something I never experienced before and I was caught off guard, even my acting skill failed to react in time. However, as my brain caught up and I realized this boy was being mischievous, my face immediately turned red. My hands started shaking and I took a violent step forward.

“Why you…” I growled lowly, immediately readying myself to throttle the boy.

The boy himself had seemed to freeze at the sight, forgetting to run until my words broke him from his trance. He let out a high pitch squeal, recovering from his successful attack only to spin around and run away. Before I could move to chase, a second person ran right next to me. As my eyes suspiciously turned to them, I realized it was a cute little girl about the same age as the boy. She immediately bowed her head.

“I’m sorry, miss, the other boys dared him and my friend is not very bright. Please forgive him this once.” The little girl pleaded innocently.

She was such a sweet girl, that my heart immediately went out to her. It was clear at sight that she liked the boy. She seemed flushed as if she had been chasing him all day cleaning up after his mischievousness. It certainly was tough for this childhood crush.

I bent over and gave her a gentle smile and a pat on the head. “It’s fine, dear, go on and play with your friend.”

The girl nodded before hesitating and glancing down at my skirt for a second and then back at me. “You should probably wear underwear too, or the men will look down on you and you’ll never find a husband!”

With that, she turned around and ran off, chasing after the boy who had already disappeared into a nearby brush. I wiped away the wrinkle in my forehead over the girl’s misguided comment and borderline slut-shaming and gave a sniff.

“If he didn’t want to see a woman in all her glory, he shouldn’t be flipping skirts.” I muttered.

The angry expression I had immediately dissipated. Having my skirt flipped had done nothing for me. I had experienced no shame and no humility. While Mental Fortitude was likely the only reason my mind hadn’t broken in this world, it still had many setbacks as well. I wouldn’t even consider a boy flipping my skirt to be a sexual thing, yet Mental Fortitude had kicked in anyway. Was it becoming stronger with the class up? That didn’t seem right, but the alternative, that I found a ten year old boy peaking at my privates sexual… was a more disturbing option. I marched off to Crish’s tent with one more worry added to my list.

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The Power of Creation – Chapter 179

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“Ah? What do you mean the cook is still unconscious? I thought we were going to eat?” Tiana asks with a frown.

“It appears that she fainted after the beast did something to her and now won’t leave her room.” Belle explains.

“Did you purposefully word it in a way people could misunderstand just to piss me off.” You growl as walk in on a large group of women talking amongst themselves. “Besides, what are you all doing here so early in the morning?”

After spending a vivacious night with Medusa, combining your tongue and dick until Medusa’s eyes showed not even the slightest pigment of red, you had gotten up early in the morning only to find this large crowd of women waiting around the dining room. This particular dining room was large enough to seat 30, and the numbers were rapidly swelling to the point where the room could be considered quite active for so early in the morning.

“My sister is fine. She’s just… eh… relishing over a certain kiss. She said something like ‘if I see savior now my heart might burst, or something…” Elena explains before turning to you. “Eh… sweetheart, it’s 2 pm.”

So early in the afternoon…

Who could blame you? A lot happened the previous day, from impregnating Moana, the birth of your twins, defeating Florian, or fucking a planet… so you were hoping to spend most of the day relaxing. However, managing a harem appears to be a lot of work, and already your girls are wanting more from you. You give a sigh as you sit back in the master chair at the head of the dining room. Immediately, one of the maid girls starts to rub your shoulders while a second one gets under the table and rubs your feet.

“So, what’s up?” You finally break the silence.

“My lord, Ariel told me that you almost made Mulan pregnant! You must never do that…” Mushu speaks first.

“I know,” You role you eyes, “Mulan is a bit young.”

“No, I mean, never do it without me! To think… I almost missed out on this event! How can I call myself her big sister if I can’t even be there to watch her conceive! It’s my duty to carefully make sure it all gets in there and also to clean up the mess with my tongue!”

“Sister, sister, did you here that? My face is messy.” Anna innocently points to her lips, where she has a white stain of milk.

Elsa nods, leaning over and licking Elsa’s face.

“Girls, can you stop tonguing each other.” Aurora says with an exasperated look.

She had only given birth a day ago, so naturally she is exhausted, with a cold cloth on her head as she leans back In her chair while watching the twins and wearing a gentle smile.

“Mushu, please be careful what you say around our impressionable children.” Merida adds.

With a warrior’s body, Merida has recovered a bit quicker than Aurora, but she also shows signs of fatigue.

“Twin sisters,” Mushu nods her head to them. “If you truly love each other, it’s not that kind of mess you lick. You should make sure to also thoroughly lick her vagin-“

“Okay… Mushu, new plan, just don’t talk to the kids in general.” You interrupt her ill-fated advice.

After things start to quiet down once again, it is Aurora who speaks again, turning to you with a gentle look.

“Hero-san, as it is, our daughter’s age and creation are not normal. They were rapidly grown to this age using the ‘life’ energy produced by you and your army. I shouldn’t have to tell you the implications of that. Given the unique… lifestyle within this… home… I think it’d be better if you properly educate our daughters now rather than later.”

“Properly… educate?” Your eyebrows raise. “Are you talking about giving them the talk?”

“Mm.” Merida nods. “Our daughters are so strong that without proper guidance, they could make many regretful mistakes. That’s why we need daddy to properly train our girls early.”

“T-train… right… that is… about what a penis is… and what a vagina is… and how the two, interconnect.”

Aurora nods. “You have more experience in these matters than all of us.”

“Ah… well, I guess that’s true. In the case, I’ll make sure to give our girls a good talking too. Anna, Elsa, come with me, we need to talk a bit about biology.”

Your two daughters obediently follow your hand gesture while giving you a beaming smile in between trying to lick each other. They seem to have fallen into licking war that ended up with both their tongues tied together and wrestling aggressively with the only winner in sight being you. Immediately, certain dark impulses inside you roar to life once again, however, you have to be pure. If you are to do something like this, what would the rest of your women think?

“Oh, and hero-san, make sure after you break their hymens that you take their asses as well.” Aurora casually calls out just as you reach the door.

You spin back with a fluster. “I-I—I’m sorry, what?”

Merida and Aurora cock their heads with confused looks before Aurora continues. “Make sure to properly educate our daughter’s on anal as well? They need to be trained with ever hole. Mouth, ass, and pussy, leave nothing out, hero-san.”

“Haaaaaaaaah…” you suddenly lose focus for a second as you deflate like a balloon. “Ah, shouldn’t I just be telling them about sex. Maybe some visuals if needed, but, to actually… you know… you’re saying I should fuck my own daughters!? Isn’t that wrong?”

Aurora gives you a strange look. “I don’t understand the problem. You’ve made me have sex with my daughter many times. How is this any different?”

“Ah… that… but… she… huh…” You suddenly find yourself unable to make an argument other than the fact they were your daughters, and you are you.

“Daddy, it’s just that these girls are very curious and will likely be losing it soon… They might just grab the first guy they see or some big toy.” Merida gasps. “They could end up as some kind of pervert like Belle!”

“Hey!” Belle shouts.

“And besides. “Aurora adds. “There is no man better than hero-san, so isn’t it best if their father is the one to take it? They can live a life knowing that all of their virginities were taken by the best man in the world. They can only lose it once, after all.”


“It’s okay, master, we knew when you impregnated Aurora and Merida that you’d be sleeping with your daughters when they came of age, it just happened a bit faster than expected.”

“You guys… about that… I mean… I did… but… taboos…”

“Hero-san!” Aurora suddenly rose her voice, using all of her authority as a former queen. “Stop your silly childishness. You get in that room and you deflower your daughters thoroughly and properly like a good father should! You need to train your girls to be properly obedient! By the time your done my daughters better have only thoughts of daddy’s cock and no one else on their mind! I won’t have my daughters fucking around with anyone but their father, understood?”

“…” You find yourself completely suspicious, but after looking at the dead serious look on your children’s mother’s face, just how could you say no? “Yes, sweetie.”

You turn away, heading over to your daughters, but stop once again, speaking without looking back. “It looks like our daughters aren’t the only ones that need to be trained on some obedience.”

The queenly Aurora puts on a seductive smile. “I look forward to my lessons. Please take care of this queen. I’ve been a bad girl.”

The once uptight and reserved Aurora has truly come out of her shell. She’s the same person as always, caring about family above all else, but she has also grown more sensual, more sultry, and in many ways more erotic than ever before. She was… one hot piece of MILF!

You continue on, touching the backs of your two daughters as you guide them over to your room. First you’ll train two daughters, then their naughty mother.

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The Power of Creation – Chapter 178

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“No… shit…” You collapse to your knees as you realize you committed the worst taboo.

Not fucking Jasmine, you were totally going to do it eventually, you were simply waiting for Patreon to earn the maximum amount before cracking that golden egg. No… it wasn’t popping little Jasmine itself  that bothered you. Rather, it was how you did it. Anonymous, unknowing, and roughly, giving no text towards enjoying the deed.

You see, there is a distinct method towards popping a loli. Perhaps she accidentally pops out of the bathtub while forgetting to put on her clothes, and then accidentally opens your door while you’re changing. Her eyes will snap to your penis, the first one she’s ever seen, and her eyes will open with wide-eyed wonder. She’ll ask you what that big thing is that makes her feel funny and as you sit her down on your knee you tell her about the birds and the bees. As you explain that it feels really good when a girl (like her) touches it and puts it inside her, she’ll declare unabashedly that she wants to try it out and will do everything in her power to make her big brother feel good.

Her little hands will wrap around your massive member, but her childish impatience will lead her to quickly climb up to the top of your cock wearing a brave face while telling you that she wants to feel what it’s like to be a grown up too. However, she’ll be shaking with nervousness until you pat her on the head and sooth her. As she calms down, she slowly lowers herself down, impaling herself on your cock while she tries to hide the pain behind a brave façade.

But no matter how much it hurts, she makes sure she gets it all in like a good little girl, a single tear dropping down her cheek as she breaks her hymen on your giant cock and impales her tiny body. Then, she’ll throw her arms around you, hugging tightly against your abdomen, her head pressed against your chest while she tells you how much she loves you. With a bright smile and teary eyes, she asks you to start using her tight little hole even if it hurts, because she wants to make you feel good no matter what. That’s the deluxe loli experience, only $99.99 on Patreon.

Instead, Jasmine was broken abruptly, roughly, and unintentionally, and you weren’t even aware at the time! People will want their jerkoff back! It’s a downright travesty!

“Ah, my beloved, that’s why I grabbed you, you seemed like you were a bit out of control. I’m sorry I put you into this situation with such temptation. Had I known you wanted to deflower Jasmine so badly…” Medusa turns away, not finishing the sentence.

You had made a mistake. You had gotten overtaken with your own lust and overindulged on your harem. Now, Jasmine was behind that wall right now. She was possible cold, her nether regions broken open, cum leaking out of her torn crack, likely crying giant tears as she realizes that she got the man she wants most, but not in the way she wanted him. You already imagine her now giving you a gentle smile with tears running down her eyes, telling you that it is okay, even as she fights the pain both between her legs and in her heart. Like that, your own heart shatters at the thought.

With a wave, you dispel the illusion, freeing your poor misused loli from her sexual captivity. Even if you have to raise a baby with a 12-year-old girl, you will take responsibility for Jasmine! First, you’ll pat Jasmine on her head and tell her it is alright. You might even kiss her thoroughly. At the very least, Jasmine deserves to be kissed on the lips after you did this to her.

The spell dissipates and you reach out your arms. “Jasmine, my poor sweet Jasmine, come here!”

“Ah, hah! I got you! I fucking got you now!” Immediately, a much larger clearly not loli naked woman tackles you to the ground and puts her knee in your back so that you can’t get up.

“Ah, what the fuck is going on!”

“LPD! You’re under arrest for violating the loli code!”

“Fuck that! Get out of my way, I need to check on my poor Jasmine!”

“You’ll never check on Jasmine again where you’re going!”

“I’m fine, my savior.” You hear the words just before you get rid of the person in your way, glancing up at the source of the voice and coming face to face with a bare-naked little pussy.

The young Jasmine has crouched down in front of you as Moana has you in a armlock from behind, and thus when you look up, her little pink flower is the first thing in your vision. You quickly realize that Jasmine looked like her regular self. She was blushing, and slightly nervous, but she seems happy and not at all hurt. Her cat tail is gently swaying back and forth between her legs in slight embarrassment. More than that, your front row look at her bare pussy shows it to be in a perfect virgin state, neither full of semen nor leaking blood.

“If it’s savior, you can keep looking.” Jasmine noticing you staring intently at her flower looks away with a blush and her eyes closed while she reaches down, touching the outside of her lips and spreading…

“Don’t look!” A hand hits the back of your head, forcing your face down on the ground.

“Damn it! Medusa, you said it was Jasmine I fucked!” You stand up, using your overpowering strength to fling the woman off your back.

“It is! I mean… it was… I swear as a demon lord I put Jasmine in that spot!” Medusa waves her hands defensively as you glare at her.

“Oh ho… angry that I disrupted your plans?” A voice suddenly comes from behind you. “As if I’d allow you to violate a loli.”

You look down to see the gloating Moana on the ground naked, her legs wide open and exposed, but without even the slightest bit of awareness as to the position she is in as a naked, exposed woman. Furthermore, it is very clear that her pussy has recently been abused, with white stuff and a bit of red leaking out onto the floor between her legs. There was little question as to who you had fucked.

You raise your hand to your forehead. “Moana… it’s Moana right?”

“Of course! You should know the name of the woman who finally caught you!”

“Please don’t tell me you swapped places with Jasmine.”

“Oh, hoh… impressed by how clever I am? Of course, any loli lover would put their body on the line of duty for a loli!” Moana immediately stands up, puffing out her big boobs proudly, completely oblivious to the semen now leaking down her legs. “Now, kindly let me arrest you!”

“But… I didn’t touch a loli.” You respond matter of factly.

“Of course, you did! You stuck it in… in…” Moana’s eyes widen as if realization suddenly dawns on her.

“I stuck it in you…”

“But… you were going to… and…” Her voice suddenly looses all steam as her head lowers, her eyes turn tearful as she starts to give off a depressed aura. “M-my virginity… lost… like that…”

Did this idiot seriously not even consider she was getting fucked while it was happening? Was all her focus on the loli and none on her own self-preservation?

“And well, you’re now pregnant with my child.” You add.

“Bu-bu-bu Pregnant!” Moana screeches, only now truly looking at the state of her body before closing her legs and covering herself desperately. “I c-c-c-can’t be pregnant!”

“I thought I would have a goblin little baby sister, but I’m happy for any new sister and a new baby!” Ariel says excitedly.

“I grew up thinking I was a boy, but I could have ended up being a mother just now.” Elena responds blushing. “Well, if it was sweetheart, then I wouldn’t mind.”

“This great one is too bursting with youth to have a baby right now, but is always satisfied when master uses her.” Mulan responds proudly.

“This is… for the best.” Snow White nods, her eyebrows only slightly furrowed. “A weak woman like this is better for being laid up with a baby.”

“Rats… why couldn’t he have lost control and impregnated me.” Megara sighs before muttering in a low voice only you can hear. “I could get him on the child support alone!”

“Is darling still impregnating women? It was one of my former soul’s desires to have a baby as well.” Cinderella adds.

The only two that seem to have nothing to say as they gather around the panicky, semen-soaked Moana are the two demon lords, whom had been in the front lines and got the most attention, only to have to wait cold, dirty, and cum-soaked for the longest. They merely hold each other as if they are victims of some kind of violation and were seeking comfort from each other.

Jasmine comes up and pokes Moana’s naked body while Moana continues to panic. Moana instinctively looks down at the little innocent loli, perhaps expecting her to thank Moana for a job well done. Thinking such a thing, she gives Jasmine a reassuring smile even while trying to hide her shame from the growing group of onlookers.

“Wh-what is it, sweet girl?” Moana fights back her own tears to put on a brave face for the innocent loli she coveted so much.

This was the girl that she had put her body on the line for afterall. As long as she could make this loli happy, then her sacrifices would be worth it, even if…. even if… she had to have a baby!

“Welcome to the family!” Jasmine declares.

“F-f-f-family?” As it turns out, it is the loli that delivers the killing blow.

Moana’s eyes roll up into the back of her head and she collapses to the floor. Of course, she’s carrying your baby, so you use a little magic so the fall is gentle. You wouldn’t have even called her part of your harem before, but this is fine. She did have a nice virgin pussy (now lightly used), and you enjoyed it immensely. Plus, her dark Polynesian skin and perky breasts were the best. She had a body to be played with, and your only regret is that you haven’t gotten to play with it more. You’ll make great use of her!

“Boooo…” A voice interrupts you as you look down fondly at the freshly impregnated newcomer, mentally adding her to your growing list of lovers.

You turn to Jasmine, who is sitting there with puffed out cheeks and a disapproving look. “You tried to make me pregnant!”

“Hah, well, to be fair, I didn’t know…”

“Well, if you’re sorry, then take responsibility! Let’s do this, make me a mommy! I will be a good mommy. I already take care of Elena and Rapunzel!”

“Eh? Jasmine! I take care of you, you have it backwards.” Elena interrupts tearfully.

“Aren’t I only supposed to take responsibility if I do make you pregnant?”

“Please, savior, give it to me! I have been waiting all this time! I’m even naked and your pants are off. That dreadful policewoman is unconscious. Have me! Have me now!”

You give a gentle smile, kneeling down in front of Jasmine so that the pair of you are roughly the same height. All the girls watching suddenly hold their breath as you look at Jasmine for the first time, not as a little girl, but as one of your women. She gives a little gulp, finding herself unable to talk as she shakes nervously. You reach forward and grab Jasmine’s shivering body, and pull her towards you. In a single brief motion, your lips find hers and you give her a single peck on the lips before pulling away and dropping your hands.

Jasmine touches her lips lightly. “A k-k-k-k-k-k-kiss!”

Suddenly, Jasmine’s eyes roll up in the back of her head and she collapses too, landing on Moana’s tanned naked melons to break her fall. Both girls lay there naked, sprawled out on the ground, unconscious but with their eyes still open and rolled up in a faint, their bodies slightly convulsing as if in extreme shock.

“That was… um… Jasmine’s first kiss.” Elena explains.

Her first kiss? In the future, you’d be taking all her firsts, but well, it has to start somewhere. This appears to be all Jasmine is ready for at the moment, and that’s fine too.

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The Power of Creation – Chapter 177

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“It seems that I worried you…” You say sheepishly, patting Medusa on the head.

After holding each other for a long while, Medusa finally pulls away, wiping her eyes and shrugging. “Worried? Of course not. This is merely expected of my beloved. To expect him to be so lustful, even after you mounted a planet I underestimated your resolve.”

At that moment, you notice something different about the Medusa in front of you.

“Were your eyes always blue?” You ask curiously.

Medusa frowns before her eyes widen and she looks over at a hand mirror that she seemingly pulls from thin air, staring at her blue irises in surprise. “Oh my… to think… my eyes have never turned completely blue before.”


Medusa gives a silly shrug. “My eyes turn red when I’m horny. Even my second husband who was quite a master of bedroom fun only managed to turn them half blue. To think, on our very first try, with just your tongue…”

Medusa gives a shiver and blushes, remembering the event only a few minutes ago where you pushed her down and had your way with her. As if to punctuate it, the slightest tinge or red returns to the edges of her snakelike irises, betraying the kinds of thoughts in her mind.

“As much as I’d like to take all the credit, I used magic as well…” You admitted, not wanting her to have unrealistic expectations.

Medusa shrugs seemingly unperturbed by the addition of cheating. “Still…”

Despite this world being part of Pun’s domain, sex magic is not part of the preexisting spells of this world. Therefore, there is no stigma against simulating someone magically. Therefore, to her, your capacity to induce sexual pleasure magically is no more miraculous than your giant cock or anything else that makes you sexually appealing to her. Furthermore, if you thought about it, even your penis and high stamina are just a product of magical manipulation, so it seems silly to be satisfied by your endurance and endowment while not considering your magic as well.

The pair of you stare at each other for a few seconds until the thoughts of pushing her down again start to surface and then you cough, turning away. “On that note, my girls have been sitting like this for nearly an hour now, they are probably quite cold and uncomfortable.”

“Mm… I think it should be no surprise to my beloved that you lost this game, however, I think that in hindsight of the end results you’ve already paid your due…”

“I keep my word!” You insist. “Tonight, I will keep your eyes blue for a week, and we shall make a baby as requested!”

“Oh my…” As if the words were a trigger, more red returned, and the blue-like color was almost gone now.

Considering how fast Medusa got horny, it was no wonder her husbands could never keep up. Had you not delivered orgasms at a ludicrously fast rate, you would have never managed to fuck the red right out of her eyes. On that note, before now she always has deep red eyes, which means that she is always incredibly horny!

“So, prepare me before I free my harem, who are the girls whom I enjoyed?” you change the conversation casually to keep your excitement in check.

“Oh, yes! The 1st two women were my sister’s Ursula and Maleficant!”

You merely nod, a bit happy that your guesses are spot on, however, then a thought cames to mind. “How did you ever get either of those women to agree to expose themselves in this way?”

Medusa sniffs. “You act like I gave any of the women a choice. As to how I paralyzed them, are you really asking how a snake-like woman named Medusa known to have hypnosis powers with her eyes is able to immobilize a group of ten women?”

“So, they weren’t here by choice after all.”

“I explained it to them…. After I froze them. I heard no complaints.” Medusa responds mischievously.

Of course, no one would be able to complain after she froze them!

Alright, so this one right here,” You continue, tapping the third girl’s butt, “Is Kida?”

“Hm? No… I played the game fair, that is Snow White. When you suddenly pushed me down, I thought you had already figured it out and were simply enjoying yourself after. Before you entered a lustful state, I had thought you were giving me a consolation prize since I wouldn’t be ‘winning’ tonight.”

“Snow White!” You snap your fingers, “To think, her ass is still so tight. Clearly, she needs more anal training.”

You had clearly mixed up your reasoning. Of the two women, it’d be Snow White whom had tasted the painful penetration of your ten-inch dick that would pucker her asshole tightly in response to your machinations. If anything, Kida might be more loose. Desperately wanting to feel your touch while concious, she would definitely have her guard down and be much more open to penetrative attacks. Even the light lciking you had given Snow White would have filled Kida with joy.

However, as it turns out, Kida has suffered even less attention than you thought! After working over a certain suspicious pervert and having to let her go without charges, Kida actually fell asleep at her desk in the Adventurer’s guild while doing paperwork. Had she been in the mansion during Medusa’s recruiting period, she would definitely have been picked, having a physique most similar to the Goblin Queen, at least when it comes to her ass and thighs. Had Kida known this, it’s possible she would have pulled her hair out in frustration.

Meanwhile, you ground your teeth, frustrated that you would be wrong on one, and the most important one in the game at that!  You are still too naïve to call yourself a harem king. More practice is surely required! However, for the moment, you hold yourself back so to avoid another “lustful state” as Medusa calls it. You have more important questions as you assess the consequences of losing control.

“Did I… with my daughters?” You ask, with a slight gulp.

“Haha, no. You still haven’t committed that taboo.” Medusa chuckles, and then mutters under her breath so that you wouldn’t have heard it without your super hearing. “Unfortunately, like their father they aren’t affected by my stare.”

You give a breath as a knot in your chest comes untied, but you don’t really know if it is a knot of relief or regret. “Then who else?”

“Ariel, Mulan…” Medusa pointed to the top and middle of your pussy stack before pointing at the rest of the girls you hadn’t gotten to yet, “Daisy, Elena, Cinderella, and Megara.”

“Ah, well, you were kind afterall. Making me think I might impregnate my daughters or an animal… such a cruel tease.”

Medusa winces as her finger goes back to the last girl, the bottom of the pussy sandwich and the one who got the big creampie ending. “Ah… so you don’t know?”

“Know what?” You ask, raising an eyebrow.

“Uh the girl I placed in that spot… that would be Jasmine.”


Oh… shit…

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The Power of Creation – Chapter 176

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After lustfully crippling the demon lord Medusa, one pussy at a time is no longer enough. Your breath becomes haggard and uneven. Your eyes dilate as you watch over the wall of pussies on high. You are their king! All of these pussies are yours, and you will have your fill of every one of them! One at a time? Hah! You demanded more!

Waving your hand, the next three women are shifted in the wall. You don’t break through the illusion that was set up by Medusa, however, the holes, and the attach butts are moved into a new position of your choosing. You carefully make sure as to not hurt the women behind those asses, but at the same time you aren’t gentle in rearranging them either. You stack the next three women on top of each other while turning them over to the front, tilting their hips in the air so that their pussies are even more exposed.

Using invisible restraints, you pull their legs apart and spreading them in a V against the wall, essentially creating a pile of three pussies lined up in a row, or three stacked vertical V’s. You immediately slide your dick into the bottom pussy, which unlike the resistant demon sisters, takes your cock gleefully. This was a girl who was begging to be fucked, so you obliged without restraint. While you penetrated the girl on the bottom, your mouth found the woman on top. As to the woman in the middle, your fingers ran down her thighs which were now pressed against the wall and spread open, and immediately began to play with her cunt.

The woman who accepted your cock turned out to be a virgin. You dick came out red as you broke through a hymen that had been begging to be broken. She was very tight. Although she didn’t possess the “micropussy” of Maleficant, it was clear she was unused to being violated. She was also very wet, which meant she was someone deeply aroused by your penis and being fucked by you.

As to any other details, those were something you’d bother with later. Other than that her pussy was tight and that she was a virgin, you couldn’t tell her dimensions at all with just your penis. Your hands were already too busy with another pussy while your mouth tasted a third. You vaguely considered that the virgins in your harem are Rapunzel, Anna, Elsa, and Jasmine. You are almost certainly engaging in incest, underage boning, or bestiality, and you can’t even bring yourself to care anymore, because it just feels too wonderful!

Are you fucking your daughter? Are you eating out a loli? Who cares? All these women are yours, and you’ll taste them all! The virgin under you will taste your seed and become the next woman to have your child! Then you’ll impregnate the woman you’re fingering right now. Then you’ll impregnate the pussy in your mouth. You’ll impregnate them all!

The taste, the feel, the smell… all of these pussies! You just can’t get enough! Your hips move harder and harder, giving the virgin woman no mercy as you claim her pussy as your own. Vaguely, you get a feel for the middle pussy. Tight and small, it clearly belongs to a loli girl. You can feel the lack of any pubic hair. The pussy in your mouth is more worldly. She’s a woman who has been widened by your cock many times. She’s still tight, youthful, and pert, but also very versatile with her pussy. In fact, she seems to use kegels to squeeze against your tongue, squeezing herself to enhance her own pleasure and your enjoyment too. Your expanded tongue penetrates deep inside her, getting a good taste, and you realize your recognize this women easily when you consider it.

Of course, this is Ariel, who has had your cock many times and knows just how you like it. You wouldn’t mistake that taste or scent anywhere. It is flowery and rich, a scent only your bitch gives off. It is a scent that reveals the lewdness of her inner nature mixed with her background as a princess. It was both eloquent and dignified while slutty and erotic. You ate your bitch’s snatch while you pounded a virgin and fingered a loli, thus going for a trifecta of entertainment.

Your load erupts deep inside the virgin’s pussy. Laced with your magic, it was an instant KU. Which, rather than a knockout, it means that she is instantly knocked up. You made sure the baby batter is delivered in massive quantities, each spurt of cum bursting out of her fuckhole and leaking down the wall. Had you fucked Ariel’s pussy first, the runoff of semen would have instantly impregnated the girls under her, creating a pregnancy train. Perhaps that is what you should do with your next cumshot? How about you line them up, all ten remaining women, and as you creampie the top, let it run down each woman in turn. Of course, there would be no transferring of powers or anything like last time. These babies will be normal, and they won’t look alike.

You pull out of the freshly impregnated former virgin and adjusting your height slightly, now aim for the loli. It is time to make baby number 2! All you have to do is-

A force suddenly slams into your back. The first feeling you get are hard erect nipples which are pressed against your back, and then two pale white arms that are wrapping around your body. A head is pressed against you back, and you look back in confusion until you realize it is Medusa who is hugging you as tightly as possible, her face pressing against you. There is also a dampness forming against your back, and you realize she is crying again.

However, it isn’t the tears of sexual satisfaction and pure bliss like before, but frustration and worry. Your ears finally start to work again and you realize she is muttering something while pressed against your back.

“I’m sorry… I’m sorry… that’s enough. Please, come back to me.”

You shake your head in confusion as you mind started to focus again, . Your cock, having just expelled numerous loads into the pussy under you finally starts to soften, the moment having been dispelled by the desperation of the woman behind you. Her thin, colorful snake-like tail is wrapped around your waist from behind, her body pressed desperately against your own.

What you had been doing for the last couple of minutes suddenly starts to dawn on you. It isn’t necessarily bad, but it isn’t necessary good either. It is like… you had lost all control. Your mind had gone on an extreme tangent, and you had gotten lost in the consumption and lust of the moment.

Nothing you did was too regrettable or outside the realm of what you’d do any day, but most of your actions in the past, even when spontaneous, were grounded in your own particular brand of reason. For a bit, you started to lose all reason, and Medusa must have picked up on that. Now, you had made one of your newest harem members cry while you unreservedly fucked the others without care.

This… wasn’t your way. Yeah, you used your girls as fuck toys. You’d rape, impregnant, or enjoy them to every extent regardless of their permission. However, they weren’t “faceless” fuck toys. One pussy was not equal to another. Every girl had her own identity. You always cared which girl got what, and it mattered who was who. You wouldn’t just impregnate every one, or fuck them all indiscriminately. They aren’t just a lineup of pussies. They’re your women, your harem.

First, you had suddenly become overwhelm with an insatiable desire to have your harem, unwilling or unable to stop from enjoying as many as you could take. Then, as if a switch was triggered in your mind, all you could think about was fucking and impregnating as many women as possible.

You turn around slowly, still in Medusa’s embrace, her tail still tightly wrapped around you like she was desperately trying to hold you back but allowing just enough room for you to twist in her grasp. You didn’t know how long she had been there before you noticed, but in the end, you noticed… and you noticed because it was Medusa. You slowly raise the woman’s chin. She’s slightly sniffling as she can’t hide the emotions in her face. You had thought this woman was a conniving vixen without loyalty? You even felt jealousy over her former lovers? No, she belongs to you. They all belong to you.

You raise her face up and give her a gentle kiss. It isn’t lustful. It isn’t erotic. It is a little salty from her tears. However, it says more than any other kiss ever could. It says, ‘always be mine’. Medusa melts into you, giving herself to you without reservation. Without even knowing it, you conquered lust.

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Tales of an Enchantress – Chapter 28

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I pulled out a hand full of herbs, stuffing them in my mouth and chewing it akin to chewing tobacco as I waited for Peers to return. After chewing for a few minutes and sucking out the juices to swallow, I spit the rest out in a bin. This was the best method of birth control I had access to at the moment. “The herb” as it was called is used by most women who wished to prevent themselves from becoming pregnant. It was this world’s version of the pill.

There is also a magical enchantment in this world, but it involved going to a church. The enchantment lasted for roughly one month. I had sought out a birth control enchanted item, but alas I had never heard of one. I never was able to ask Sandor and Pratter if they could make something like that, but the second-rate enchanters I’d met on the way from the human continent to the demon continent seemed unable to manage something like it. I’d imagine it’d be pretty common if it existed at all.

I was always looking for an alternative though, as I wasn’t fond of the current type. Such as when I was captured by the slavers, I had been off the herb for a while. I could have become pregnant during those sexual encounters or even the ones I faced with Peers. Peers said it was impossible for a Cambion to impregnate a human woman when he was gathering life, but the unique skill Fusion that had regrettably been granted to me with my class up made me deeply nervous of any unprotected sex.

So, even though the herb had negative connotations, often being associated with this world’s sex worker trade to the point the herb’s unique flowery scent on a woman was virtually a scarlet letter that marked her as ‘easy’, I had chosen to take it regularly. Unlike a world with medicine, the herb had no particular dose, and drinking it as a tea was considered ineffective. Thus, I had to chew the herb and spit. It reminded me of my great uncle, who used to chew tobacco before he ended up having half of a jaw removed. It was one more reason I generally disliked the herb. It’s just… I liked sex more. So, the herb was one of the many requests I had made on the list for potion making, even though it was for my own personal gratification. What they didn’t know wouldn’t hurt them.

Peers poked his head inside my tent after I finished rinsing my mouth out with salt water and what I was pretty sure was baking soda to remove the herb’s distinct smell. As I wiped my face, triggering the immaculate spell just in case, I glanced up eagerly at Peers. After a second he gave a light nod, and I broke into a smile, running up to him.

“You convinced them?” I tried to confirm, waiting for a nod before continuing. “You’re the best!”

I wrapped my arms around Peers and kissed him thoroughly. It was a passionate kiss, and if I had been in my bedroom instead of the lab, I might have pulled him on my bed for a quickie before we left. Instead, I pulled away and blushed as he made a regretful sigh. Then I turned to leave the tent, grabbing his hand as I went. This news was exciting for more than just getting my equipment upgraded. Other than my tent room and my lab which sat right next to each other, I hadn’t been out of the tent for more than a few minutes and hadn’t seen any of the rest of the Cambion colony.

It only consisted of the sixty people, so I didn’t think there was much to see, but even a third tent would break up the monotony of seeing the same things every day. Once we left the tent with myself in the lead, I immediately realized I had no clue which direction this enchanter was. Peers gave me a wry look as he passed me and took the lead. I followed behind, my excitement only slightly diminished for the moment.

As I suspected, the distance wasn’t far, and the tent we came to was no more remarkable than my own tent. Peers poked his head in and made a quick greeting and I quickly followed in behind him.

“So, Peers, this is the human woman we’ve taken on as our guest recently. I see she is as beautiful as the rumors have suggested.”

My mouth fell open the second I walked into the tent. For whatever reason, I had certain expectations when I considered the “enchanter” of this colony. I imagined someone like Reinhart. They’d be more haggard, with a sense of maturity and knowledge in their eyes. It certainly would have been an older man who had experienced much of the world. Rather, the person I saw didn’t look much older than Peers. Like Peers, he was incredibly attractive, with a fine physique and soft lips.

I shot Peers a look and breathed easy that he had been looking in another direction when I first saw the enchanter. I feared my eyes might have betrayed some arousal towards this man. The Cambion policy of one sexual partner per foodstock strangely had ingrained itself into their entire culture. As a result, despite being sex demons, the Cambions were perhaps the most monogamous group of creatures I had ever met. The idea of cheating on your mate was unheard of. Those that fed not only fed on one target until death, they refused to have any emotional relationships with any other Cambions for the duration of being a feeder.

During one of Peers stories, he had suggested that when the colonies were larger in size, there had even been periods of prejudice where feeders were considered the lowest forms of Cambions exactly because of their tendency to have multiple sex partners. Even if every sex partner lived a couple years, and they only had 2-3 their entire life, they might find themselves rejected by the monogamous nonfeeders. At least, that might have been the case if the population of Cambions wasn’t so dangerously low.

The end result of this was that Peers had been designated not simply as my assistant, my guardian, and my watcher, but also my life partner. Of course, for him, this was a blessing. He could be useful to the colony without continuing the acts as a feeder. As feeding still held slight negative connotations, it would seem like everyone struggled to find a useful job within the colony, and only if they failed to make themselves useful enough were they given feeder jobs.

Furthermore, while I hadn’t been told this directly, if I were start chasing after other Cambions, it would create quite a scandal. Even the sultry seductress herself Mary only every maintained a flirtish atmosphere. I might have been less enthused had I known her for what she actually was, a complete cocktease! Therefore, one couldn’t blame me for worrying if Peers caught me looking at another man.

Someone who knew me poorly might think I was disheartened to find myself in a monogamous relationship amongst a colony of top-tier beauties. While the rewords I obtained for polygamous relations in the way of experience bonus would be missed, the truth was that the colony provided safety for me. I didn’t need to get any more powerful as long as I could remain here safely. So what if my levels stagnated? The idea of becoming a hero died with Min.

In truth, when Peers absorbed lifeforce from me, the act created a euphoric druglike feeling, and when I absorbed back, it created a loop of pure sexual bliss. That’s to say my sex life was very satisfying, thank you very much, and I had very few qualms about remaining with Peers for a long time. In another life, I might have even been happy being with Denova the bandit king had he not turned out to be such a sociopath, so of course I could find happiness here with Peers. My eyes might occasionally wander but I had no plan to “cheat” on him.

It isn’t like I’m beyond regrets. Part of me wishes I could make more of a difference, but I believed I could make a deference to the sixty beings here. I could help revive a species that is near extinction, and even if the demons and humans will never love me for it, it’s the best someone like me can manage.

“Hey, Crish, I see you’re still trying hard to finish that rune.” Peers was speaking casually with the enchanter while I worked on schooling my face.

“Of course, Mary says if I can show myself with enough aptitude then I won’t end up a breeder.”

“Don’t you believe all that crap the elders spout about heirachies.” Peers responded. “Mary did away with that shit, and It ain’t coming back.”

“I’m sorry, mate.” The one he called Crish raised his hands. “I got nothing against the breeders. However, Cecelia says she’ll only marry me if I become a respectable man and breeders don’t fit her ideas.”

“Cecelia again? Really, man, you’re still hung up on her.” Peers turns to me and gives a week. “This girl Cecilia grew up with Crish. They were childhood friends for years. It was always assumed they’d end up together. Suddenly, one day, she started ignoring Crish, dressing nicer, and talking about big dreams…”

“Peers! Can you not in front of the new girl?”

“Ha ha!” Peers only laughed as Crish glared at him.

It was exactly in Peers nature to speak so openly and not really care about the consequences. That was the kind of guy he was. For a Cambion who art involved illusion and deception, he was shockingly open normally. As to my thoughts on this Cecelia, she was being a cocktease and trying to make Crish work for her. Before becoming a Seductress, I might have hated girls like that. However, the current me found the situation as entirely within expectations.

“Anyway.” Crish shot Peers one last warning look before turning to me. “Peers here tells me you were interested in enchantments. I’m afraid the best I can do is make warming stones and coolers. I’ve only reached Enchantment level 2, and the book I have has a sudden jump in complexity that prevents me from figuring out the trick behind the more complex running system.”

Although I only vaguely understood some of what he was talking about, I couldn’t help but narrow my eyes and lean forward, looking over his shoulder at the book he had pointed to.

“May… I look at this?” I asked cautiously, already reaching for the book before he even gave a nod.

“Be my guest.” Crish said before looking up at Peers, who only gave a shrug before finding a place to lie back and relax as always.

As for me, I curiously read the first chapter of the book. It looked like a incomplete book with many various pages ripped out or degraded beyond reading. I must have been spoiled by all the finely written clean cut books Reinhart and the King had. Among the more common people, books were much rarer and books with desirably skill information in them were rarer still.

However, the first few pages simply detailed the process of enchanting items. I already had a level of the Enchantment skill, but I had only obtained it by leveling my basic skills and it merely stood for imbuing something with a magical spell. That spell could easily be temporary or permanent, and I knew little about the difference between the two.

However, as I read the book, I was starting to see a pattern. In essence, it was simply an act of coding. There was a magical language which was known as runes, you inscribed a rune into an object, and then you activated the program through an initiation code, otherwise known as magic. I had once help a guy friend set up a website. Basically, all we did was download a preexisting code we liked, and then swapped out pictures and stuff, slowly making alterations one code at a time until we had the website we liked. The website never launched, but I quickly realized that this was the same way. You could pick a base rune, making small alterations and see how they effect the overall programming.

The first rune, this was a heat capturing rune, which essentially did the equivalent of imbuing a substance with thermal properties. More specifically, it allowed it to retain heat and hold it for a long period of time, only slowly losing it.

“Yeah, that’s where I was stuck.” Crish responds sheepishly as he looks over my shoulder. “I can replicate those runes on certain materials, but not on others. It seems to work best with soft earths, while I haven’t successfully been able to enchant any cloth per Mary’s request.”

“Ah, isn’t that because you haven’t changed the angle for resonance?” I muttered half-consciously as I flipped through the pages.


My eyes widened as I looked up at the shocked look Crish was giving me. A second later his eyes grew thoughtful, and then he pushed an object before me. It looked a bit like a stone tab, but the tingling on my skin suggested that it resonated with magical energy.

“This is a rune I’ve been working on. Show me what I’m missing.” Crish responded carefully.

Although I had never seen a rune before, the book I had been looking at didn’t seem that hard to figure out. Rather, the entire book was dependent on something I had learned in seventh grade. It was essentially geometry. The book used equations to plot magic along an x and y gradient. Although there were indeed some pages missing, a basic understanding of math probably could have carried you the rest of the way, right?

“Ah, don’t mind me,” I waved my hands, immediately discrediting those thoughts. “I know very little about this.”

It was more than likely I was missing something really obvious that made this far harder than it looked. While I could account for my Chemistry knowledge adding to alchemy and potion making, simple geometry being able to solve enchantments seemed unlikely. Even if the language seemed to be based mathematically, it couldn’t be that simply, right?

“Please, humor me.” Crish insisted.

His eyes didn’t hold any malice or ferventness, he genuinely just wanted to see what I’d do. So, I grabbed the crayon-like marking device he had been using and glanced down at the rune pattern in front of me. It looked something like the rune drawn in the book, however, Crish seemed to have changed a few lines. As Crish said, the problem wasn’t that the formation was glitched, it was that the material didn’t match. So, we were considering it that way, then… I instinctually erased a few of Crish’s marks and made a few changes of my own.

I was immediately concerned Crish might suddenly grow angry when I changed his work, but he merely looked intently as if he was waiting for something. After making the marks that seemed right while comparing them with the book a few times, I reached the point where I wasn’t sure what else to do. If the rune worked, it should work at this point. However, most magical success in this world seemed to be accompanied by a flash of light, a puff of smoke, or some kind of tangible change. Even when making potions, this was typically true. In the cases it wasn’t, my analyze skill always did the trick instead. So, without any flash of magical flare, my only assumption was that I didn’t do anything.

I shook my head and gave him a shrug as I handed the rune back to him. “I’m sorry, that’s all I can do.”

Crish didn’t seem upset. Instead, he pulled the run up to his face, looked at it for a few seconds, and then placed it on a quilted blanket that had been lying on a near bench. He casted magic into the rune and a second later there was a blinding flash that forced me to cover my eyes.

“Ah!” Crish exclaimed as he looked down at a the glowing blanket. “It worked.”

I was going to respond with a question but all thought left my mind a moment later when I saw a familiar flash of words pop up in my vision.

{Rune Creation has increased to Level 1!}

{Enchantment has increased to Level 2!}

My class was called an Enchantress after all, perhaps this opened a new path towards creating enchanted items. My eyes began to burn as I stared at the blanket emitting a light magical aura. Whatever the case, it seemed like I had discovered another route towards becoming useful.

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