The Power of Creation – Chapter 74

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“Why… does… this… feel… so… good!” Snow White cries out.

After Ariel finishes up her blowjob, swallowing everything down like the good girl she is, the pair of you work on cleaning Elena and Snow White. Both girls are quite resistant, although in entirely different ways. It is a sort of gap between the two women that makes a lot of this so fun.

Elena is the shy type, so she desperately tries to cover her body, crouching into a protective ball to hide her parts from your hands as you rub them all over her body. She wears a blush the entire time. Snow White’s defense mechanism is more passive defiance. She’d give you a dark glare, and when you wand her to move a leg or the like, she will dig in here heels and refuse to move.

It is this way that you discover her ticklish spot is on her inner thigh. While she doesn’t smile, she does twist and move every time you touch them. She’d even kicks out with enough force that had you not left your status as quadruple her own you might have found yourself flying out of the tub. As is, you force the girls to bath like obstinate children, cleaning every crack and nook thoroughly. Both girls are shining by the time you and your partner in crime are finished. Although, the two of you seem to go a little too far by the end.

Ariel drags Elena out of the water. She spreads her legs and forces her open in front of you with Ariel’s heels wrapped around Elena’s legs. The much smaller Elena couldn’t fight back. Ariel has become very focused on cleaning Elena’s insides. That is to say, she is rapidly flicking her fingers over her clit. Elena is completely red, sexual feelings she is unused to shooting through her body.

“Ah, ah, ah… it feels weird. Stop Ariel, please stop!” She is crying out but Ariel already has it in her mind to finish the job.

Meanwhile, you bent Snow White over the pool. You are simply making sure she was absolutely clean. So, a couple of fingers slipped into her tight butthole, so what? And, well, naturally, your dick follows.

Elena is spread open in front of you being fingered and forced to expose herself to you, and Snow White’s green ass is warm and tight right in front of you. No one could expect you to restrain yourself, right? So, you start plowing Snow White in the ass, while enjoying the show of Elena being fingered.

“Does fucking your ass feel good?” You ask as you slap it.

“Yes… damn you… why? I love it. Take my ass! Take it.” Snow White shouts in a growl.

“Hmm… I wonder if I can get you to squirt by fucking your ass.” You wonder out loud.

“Eh, squirting? That’s something only guys can do, right?” Elena said through gritted teeth, clearly trying to use anything as a distraction.

“Ah, I suppose guys squirt cum…” You say casually like your hips aren’t thrusting into a girl’s behind with enough force to make a slapping sound after each thrust. “But if you get a girl built up enough, it won’t just leak out, but shoot out with force.”

“Ah, how embarrassing…” Elena turns her head.

“Oo!” Ariel suddenly lets out an exclamation as her eyes brightened. “Race you?”

“Eh?” You ask.

“I’ll make Elena squirt with my hands before you make Snow White squirt with anal!”



“You’re on!”

As the two girls at the source of the bet yell out a protest, you agree and start to pick up the pace. The pair of you violate your victims with extreme prejudice.

Of course, the victor would always be you. It’s not like you don’t have complete control of a woman from the beginning. You shove the Goblin Queen up so that she is spread eagle in front of Ariel and Elena her ass hanging over the pool edge where you still pound into her ass, splashing water with each thrust.

A moment later she lets out ecstatic screams, and liquid like a fountain bursts out of her, shooting across the wet floor, some of it shooting past Elena and Ariel’s toes and landing between their outstretched legs. Snow White looks down in complete shock as wave after wave clenches her stomach and causes liquid to shoot out like a rocket.

It was only a few seconds later when Elena erupts too, her juices shooting to the point where it almost hits Snow White. Yikes… that was close, Ariel is quite skilled at satisfying women. You need to stop making bets where the outcome has such a tight margin. Although, it is just Ariel and you didn’t set any price, so even if you lost it would have been fine. On that note, Ariel shows no disappointment in loosing as she laughs and throws her arms around Elena whose desperately trying to cover herself as she shakes from orgasms and leaks out in front of an audience, tears falling down her cheeks.

Ariel’s punishment is to be made to squirt as well. When she goes off, even though the other girls are on the floor gasping for breath quite a distance away, they end up getting covered in Ariel’s lust. All four of you have to get back in the bath to clean up the mess afterwards.

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The Power of Creation – Chapter 73

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As the purist and most untainted of the group, it is of course Elena whom you selected. She let out a surprised little ‘eh’ sound while all the other girls gave you disappointed looks. Of course, the bath could include all the girls, but you didn’t want the girls to lose their individual personalities. As long as you dealt with a few at a time, you could engage them one on one and enrich your relationship with them. However, as soon as you turn things into a dogpile, every girl suddenly just becomes one of a bunch of penis holders and every girl looks exactly the same.

“Why me?” Elena looks like she is about to cry as you point at her.

“Well, isn’t that obvious? As a former man, it’s most appropriate that you take care of me in the bath!”

“Work hard, sister!” Jasmine pats her on the pack while biting back her own jealousy.

She seems like a caring sister, so you reward her with another pat on the head, dodging as her hand tries to “accidentally” grab your crotch.

So, this is how you end up in a giant hot spring style hot tub complete with a light waterfall, plants and flowers giving a tropical outdoor feel, and a starlight night ceiling created with magic. It is certainly the finest hot tub / hot spring you could imagine, with easily enough room for a hundred girls if you so desired it.

However, right now there is just one. She is naked and crouched on the ledge behind you. She had a washcloth and his scrubbing your back. Well, you weren’t born in the east, so the idea of scrubbing first on a hard uncomfortable bench and then getting into the warm tub wasn’t your style. You used magic to remove any dirty particles, and then dived right in, leaving Elena to scrub your body as you sat in the pool.

She is desperately trying to prevent body parts from being exposed as she scrubs you, which is silly because you’re not even looking in her direction. Well, you decided that Elena is going to be your official bather from now on, and you’re going to steadily build her to cleaning with her chest. She didn’t have much of one, but when she’s so innocent and pure, you can’t help but get enjoyment over a steady corruption.

The second reason Elena became your choice is of course the tale swinging anxiously behind her and those two cat ears. Grimhilde’s demon horns were just horns, and she felt no sexual gratification from having them touched. However, you intend to thoroughly wash Elena once she’s done with you, which will also be fun. Getting to wash her cat tail while she twists and blushes makes you hard just thinking about it. Well, it would, but circumstances made that unnecessary.

A moment later, a door opens and a naked, green, person walks into the bath. They are quite dirty themselves, to the point where they had just as much grey and brown as green skin. There was dried blood from various cuts and splashed of dirt and mud everywhere. She still hadn’t even washed her face, which was covered in dried spooge and spit.

“The girls said I smelled and had to bath immediately, even if… the warrior who bested me was here.” She said uncomfortably.

Although, she looked uncomfortable, it didn’t seem to be from being naked. She unashamedly stood, showing off her black fur patch and pleasant green boobs that ended with dark green, nearly black nipples.

You wave your hand nonchalantly, and the dirt on her is obliterated. She still doesn’t look fresh or clean, but for all intent and purposes she would dirty the bathwater with anything but her own natural scene. That scent was completely human. She had a heavy, earthy aroma as a goblin. It was clear the goblins had a low sense of hygiene and produced a strong natural musk. It wasn’t disgusting though.

She looks wonderingly at her arms where all the blood and cuts healed instantly. “You… are truly much more powerful than I had predicted.”

You give a shrug. “I am what I am. If you have the strength, you might as well use it to get what you want. Get in.”

Remarkably, she responded to the order, getting into the bathtub. She made no attempts to clean herself, she seemed to have no desire take care of these kinds of duties.

“Do you shave down there, then?”

The question made Snow White go rigid, and she responded stiffly. “That is… I was told… that a woman who shaved gained power over men, so I took every advantage offered to me.”

You let out a laugh and she furrowed her brow as she gave you a glare until you finally shook you hand. “I’m sorry, I’m sorry. It does have power over a man, but only in the sense that it arouses his sexual desires. Then again, there are men who like hairy and natural too.”

After a moment, she calmed down and nodded, then stiffened again. “I suppose then, you have your desires? You plan to shame me again in this tub, warrior.”

“Ah, what? I already got that covered.” You bring your hand up and a head bursts forth from the water.”

“Is something the matter, Hero, I’m still good!” Ariel gives you a glowing smile, only put off a little by slightly puffy lips from giving all she’s got under water.”

“No, you may continue…” you shove her head back under water without a second.

You had removed her need to breath using a magic spell, so she was free to work as long as possible. She had actually snuck into the bathtub before you got there, but after having trouble with the so-called breathing thing, it was her idea to have you remove that need. To her credit, Ariel is quite skilled “under the sea”, as it were.

Elena, meanwhile, had a front row view as she watched your back, right over your shoulder was Ariel going to town on your massive cock. She has her head lowered and a blush for that very reason.

Snow White gave a sigh that sounded partially in relief with just a tinge of regret. “Then, I won’t be needed for that kind of thing.”

You give a laugh. “You say that like I’d ever leave you off that easily.”

She shrinks back slightly as a dark smile forms on your lips.

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The Power of Creation – Chapter 72

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“See, things worked out for the best.” You pat Jasmine’s head and Ariel’s behind.

Jasmine seems like she wants the same treatment as Ariel, but you ignore it and she doesn’t press her desire for physical contact.

Snow White is kneeling on the ground. She is covered by baggy clothing now, but is still filthy and smells of sex and dirt. Her hands are tied behind her and her eyes are down on the ground.

“I sent Merida to inform the villagers that the army has been defeated, but they’ll want answers, hero-san.”

You shrug. “Just tell them the truth, I challenged their Queen to a battle and defeated her, so her army was subdued.”

Each of the girls had odd looks on their faces in response to the word “defeated”. They had to some extent seen the treatment you had given the Goblin Queen as clearly as all of her army. For most of the girls, this isn’t particularly surprising, although Belle is thinking that she had gotten off easily while Elena seems concerned about what you’d do to her one day. Jasmine only seems eager, and you are a little annoyed none of the other girls blocked her sight during the RC-18 stuff. That’s a crime to expose kids to those kinds of sights, you know!

“I wish I was defeated…” the murmur came from Ariel who threw you a seductive look.

You slid your hand up her dress to find her not wearing any underwear. Your fingers immediately slip into her wet and waiting cunt. She lets out a little squeal of delight as you start petting.

“I’ve already conquered you, bitch.”

“Mm…” She gives you a loving smile as you finger bang her in front of the other woman.

None of them even seem to respond to it at this point.

“My love, what do you plan to do with this goblin?” Grimhilde asked.

“Ah, well, I figured she’s a spoil of war. If I return her she might cause trouble, so I’ll just move her to the mansion and keep her on a short leash.”

Although that is an expression, the girls are looking at you like you might literally collar her and put her on a leash. Well, it’s not like that is necessarily a bad idea. However, you could control her enough by holding her hair, so a leash seems like overkill.

“You won’t cause trouble anymore?” Aurora asks this question directed straight at Snow White.

Snow White doesn’t respond, and the harem all give each other worried looks.

“She asked you a question.” You backhand Snow White across the face, causing her to fall to her side, dirtying herself even more.

“Have you not shamed me enough!” She yells back.

“What would you have done if you had won? Would you not have slaughtered everyone in the village? Your army merely raped a bunch of sex toys, but I saw the shape of them once they were done. Not a single one was left undamaged. Are you saying you wouldn’t have let your army do the same to Riun’s women? To my girls…” The expression on your face must have been quite scary when you spoke of your harem, because she was shrinking back while her face turned slightly yellow in an expression you realize is blushing. “Why did you even attack humans in the first place?”

“I did so as a request of the Demonlord!” The Goblin Queen states in defense. “I made an agreement with her that if I moved on the human world, we’d form an alliance and goblins would finally gain the land we deserve.”

You frown and turn over to Grimhilde with a raised eyebrow. “Hey, Demonlord, what’s she talking about.”

Grimhilde raises her hands. “Hey, don’t look at me! It wasn’t my orders! It must have been one of my sisters!”

“Huh? Sisters?”

This time Grimhilde tilted her head before shaking it and sighing. “I forgot you didn’t come from this world. You didn’t even realize I was the demonlord when you attacked my castle. I’m simply one of seven demonlords. We each rule our own demon country. My country is Nana. Our country shares the greatest amount of border with the human countries, therefore, we tend to be the main country to interact with humans. For your information, there are three human countries that border the demon world, Aurora and Ariel’s country is only one of them.”

“So, this demonlord is from one of the other countries that touches the human world?”

“Maybe…” Grimhilde frowns as she thinks. “The only other country that touches the human world is Mut, and my sister there would have to put great risk on herself should we start a war between humans and demons. It may very well be one of my sisters from the inner countries. Certainly not Hito… maybe Itsu…”

“Why would they want to start a fight?”

Grimhilde puts on a wry smile. “Profit of course. Any war would ravage my own country, but they get to rack in all of the boons of war. Prestige, slaves, treasure… they risk nothing and gain everything, while my country is ground to dust in the middle! Humans tend not to know the difference between a demon and a monster. If an army of monsters attacked, they would likely blame the demon world and counterattack my country. While we struggle to survive, my ‘generous’ sisters will swoop in to save us and stand up for demon kind, racking in the rewards in the process. This Snow White was likely merely a pawn in their ploy.”

Snow White twitched at the insults, but otherwise remained impassive. She isn’t broken like the bandit girls. Quite the opposite, in fact. She seems extremely defiant. A single encounter might not be sufficient to break her bad attitude.

“Well, these things aren’t really my concern. We’ve prevented this so-called war, so let’s head back to the mansion and clean up. Who wants to bath me?”

With the exception of Snow White, Belle, and Elena… every other girl excitedly volunteered.

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Power of Creation – Harem List

Warning: Contains spoilers, especially if you are not up to the most recent chapters on Power of Creation! 

Ariel Ramsey:

A sexy, beautiful, 16-year-old princess, she was sheltered by her father to the point that she lacks much of this world’s common sense, let alone awareness of the world around her. A brunette with curly long hair and lusciously smooth, pale skin, her pert D breasts were expanded to size F and she was given shapelier hips by you. After you break her in with every sort of sexual deviance you could conceive, her naive nature and poor common sense were broken to the point where sex and you are the only things she thinks about. She considers herself your “bitch” and frequently aids you in raping other women. She’s very handsy with other members or potential members of your harem, desiring for every woman to reach sexual nirvana under your care. She calls you “hero”, expressing the way she idealizes you.


Resurrected from the corpse of a young red dragon who ran away from home you accidentally killed your first day, Mulan has a youthful body appearing round 12 years of age, although Mulan herself is 192 years old. She has fiery red hair, red reptilian eyes, B-cup boobs, and a bald pussy, although she can return to a red dragon form big enough to carry several people. She talks with a raspy voice that tries to sound more violent than her voice box can produce, often referring to herself in the third person. Normally domineering and conceited, she acts more docile after you break her in. While she isn’t as sexually minded as much of the harem and has a typical tsun personality, her extremely competitive nature leads to her being easily peer-pressured into giving it her all in bed. She also has an attraction to shiny things and treasures, both the valuable and sentimental kind. She refers to you as her ‘master’ and has accepted her place as your dragon and servant.

Aurora Ramsey:

Queen of the kingdom that summoned you and mother to Ariel, she was just as sheltered and isolated as her daughter, but has the common sense, wisdom, and experience from age her daughter lacks. Looking more like Ariel’s big sister, they have very similar appearance, and similar body shape (after you modified both of them), but she’s about ten years older in appearance. After being impregnated by you, she takes on a motherly like persona, and accepts the strange dynamic between you, her, and her daughter as long as she can remain with her family, which she cherishes more than anything. Her sex life with the king was lackluster, so she finds her new life more satisfying, but she is typically more restrained than anyone else. She calls you “hero-san”, suggesting she sees you as an equal.


The demonlord of the country Nana which borders the human territories. She has long black hair, violet eyes, D-sized breasts, and a great figure. She about twenty years old, and is a rather young and inexperienced demonlord. Her only demonic appearance is 2 small horns on her head and a spade-shaped tail she usually keeps hidden. Her territory is under a great deal of strain in recent years. You blackmail her into sex with her father’s life. After finding out she dislikes the taste of semen, you cause her to be irreversibly addicted to your seed. She remains by your side to continue to feed her addiction, but after you help repair many of the problems of her country, she comes to see you as worthy of her love. She typically has a pragmatic, mature personality when not desperately feeding her addiction. She refers to you as “my love”, which is either a reflection of her own feelings or where she wants her feelings to go.


A loyal wyvern rider and knight from the country that summons you, she is fiercely loyal to the queen and princess. After being teleported into the forest and becoming lost for four days without food, she becomes quite the glutton at the dinner table, always eating enough for several women. While her body isn’t particularly muscular, she is fit. She has long blond hair, blue eyes, and massive size H breasts. Her breasts are abnormally large and don’t actually fit her body, leaving her top-heavy and just a bit clumsy. She is impregnated with your second child so that she can act as the milk-maid for both babies. Typically, she is absent-minded, but also kind, loyal, and polite. She’s very quiet and conservative, preferring to bare her pain and discomfort in silence, she’ll avoid complaining if she feels it will inconvenience others. She can also produce breastmilk within moments of being impregnated. She calls you “daddy” as a call-back to her naivety and innocence.


A cat demi-human street rat and Jasmine’s brother. He was working as a pickpocket with a group of street thugs to make enough money to treat his little sister’s illness. After confusing him for a girl and rescuing him, you take him and his sister in, inadvertently changing his sexual parts to a girl. Despite being sixteen, she has a small under-developed body and clearly no breasts to speak of. She has black hair which matches the black fur of her cat ears and tail as well as golden, cat-like eyes. She’s very innocent and pure, much like a pure pre-corrupted Ariel, so you have avoided breaking her in yet. She’s too trusting and thus easily bullied by others. She has a deep-rooted love for her sister. She stays with you out of a sense of responsibility after you saved her sister and the strong belief that you’ll give her sister a better life. As you haven’t broken her in, she has no official nickname for you.

Daisy, Minnie, Dinah, and Sylvia:

Four identical twin bandits. While not on par with the rest of the harem in looks, you modify them to have perfect D sized breasts, nice rounded asses, and perfectly tanned and scarless skin despite their formerly rough appearances. In order to differentiate them, you further change them so each girl has different colored hair both on top of their head and in their pubic region. Individually, Daisy wears her green hair slicked back with a bow in the middle and has pursy lips, Minnie has yellow hair tied into two pigtails and mouse-like features, Sylvia’s blue hair has a slightly librarian appeal, and Dinah’s purple hair was parted in the middle and runs down the sides of her face like long dog ears. Whiny, pathetic, and stupid… the four are often punished by your ire, and only function as disposable maids for your mansion, earning the name the baka maids (stupid maids). They’re prone to swearing and have vulgar, uncultured tongues. You also tied all four of them together with magic, so what one feels, the other three feel. They call you “boss”, accepting their place under your employ after you slaughtered their entire guild.


A ten-year-old girl and loli-trap, she’s much less restrained than her brother/sister. Immediately deciding that her future lies with you, she makes sure to push herself and her brother on you as strongly as possible, even offering up her brother’s virginity and innocence if it allows them to stay by your side. While spending her entire life sickly and shamelessly having to depend on her brother to survive after their parents died, you restoring her to health gave her a second life, and she’s unabashedly given that life to you. As the only non-monster, non-noble in your harem, she’s the only one who actually knows how to cook. While working as your cook, she’s determined to have you take her virginity and impregnate her so that she won’t be discarded. She’s surprisingly worldly, and acts as she thinks is necessary so that you don’t forget her. She calls you “savior”, which is how she sees you. Like her brother, she’s a cat girl with black hair and golden eyes, but also like her brother she looks young for her age so she looks about eight. You’re never going to sleep with her. Ever.  Because the author isn’t going to write a scene between you and a ten-year-old girl. It ain’t happening. He likes not being called a pedophile and he likes not going to jail. He’s willing to stretch things a bit with younger “appearing” girls, but there is a line, and it shan’t be crossed. So, quit asking.


Close to seven feet tall, Kida has long curly brown hair, a muscular body, and massive size L boobs, however, because of her large size they don’t appear too out of place. She is the assistant head of the guild and effective go-to person in the city of Riun.  She’s attractive, with her muscles being well-proportioned rather than ridiculous like a body builder. Her garbs leave little to the imagination, and she feels no embarrassment showing her nearly bare body. She’s also exceptionally fast, with S ranked credentials in the Adventurer guild. She has skill both in bare-knuckle fighting and swordsmanship. Her tendency to crush people who join the guild has given her a reputation as a tyrant, but in reality she simply wants to protect people by not letting those who aren’t ready join. She’s generally really kind and not particularly sociable, which has often lead her to talk with her fists first. Despite that, while easily excitable, she’s not the dumb muscle brain she appears, and is actually clever, strong, loyal, and willing to die to protect the people and city she cares about. She refers to you as “rookie”, pointing out that she has already accepted you as a member of her guild and someone worthy of protecting.


A bitchy receptionist at the Adventurer’s guild, her misandrist behavior puts off a lot of starting adventurers which Kida uses as a kind of psychological test. In appearance, she’s a cute girl with long straight dark brown hair tied in a pony tail, a dark complexion, glasses, and an hour glass figure. Her breasts are size D. She has wide hips which makes a perfect heart-shape when looking at her bent over from behind. She’s also a complete lesbian and hardcore pervert. Easily suggestable and tempted with a generally weak personality, she succumbs to pressure easily, doing things she normally wouldn’t do. She’s had poor success with the ladies, often using any large phallic object she can find to satisfy her perverted nature. Petty and weak-minded, she wouldn’t hesitate to use her body to get what she wants. After you convince her to violate Kida and she’s subsequently fired, she remains with you partially because she feels she’s protecting Kida and taking her place for loosing in your match, and partially to enjoy time with your harem. Most of the girls ignore her, having been pushed into various girl-on-girl situations already at the hands of Ariel, so her general perversions go unnoticed. She’s also passive aggressive, and will try to pay people back by pranking them in sometimes meanspirited ways. She calls you a “beast” after you had your way with her, but even if she doesn’t love you, she’s seems to love the harem that loves you, and that seems to be enough.


All the victims of a serial rapist and murderer were kept in the mortal plane with his necromancer powers. Upon dying, they finally could pass on, but all of their negative energy and unfulfilled desires mixed with the energy of a night of sex with your harem and led to the creation of a vengeful spirit. After fulfilling some of the unfulfilled desires of the former spirits, the spectre allows you to place it in a vessel where you can continue to fulfill the dreams and desires of all the women who lost their lives. Cinderella is cold and emotionless, her face showing very little expression, even when the desires are met. Still, it feels a compulsive need to have those desires met, the main one of which is to be in a properly loving relationship. However, it based all it’s understanding of what love is on your night of debauchery with your harem, thus believing abusive and rough sex is an expression of love. While the original spectre resembles the girl from the grudge, the vessel you create is basically a picture-perfect sex doll. Flawless skin, big wide hips, very skinny waist. The only retaining feature is the very long, silky, black hair which nearly reaches her buttocks and she often combs to cover her eyes. She refers to you as “darling”, a display of her misplaced love.

Snow White:

While much shorter than Kida, she’s got a similar physique. Snow White is actually green in color. She’s a goblin who was discarded as a child. When she was found and saved, she was snow white from the cold, which is where she got the name. She has long black hair that typically isn’t combed and a black patch above her pussy. She looks quite ferocious, but with the exception of the green skin, a few ridges on her nose, and pointy ears she doesn’t look all that much different from a human. She is quite powerful, even exceeding Kida’s S rank. She’s typically crass, stubborn, ornery, and unhygienic. While she respects strength and will attack any task fullheartedly, she will also push back if things don’t go her way. Being naked doesn’t phase her, but she considers sex shameful, and being seen deriving sexual pleasure as a weakness worthy of embarrassment. However, being shamed and humiliated is sexually arousing to her, a fact she’d never admit. You modify her body so that her ass can take an abnormally strong pounding, and also derive a more than normal amount of sexual pleasure from anal penetration. While you could say that Mulan is more dere than tsun, the opposite could be said about Snow White. She calls you “warrior” as a term of respect for your overbearing power.

The Power of Creation – Chapter 71

Announcement 1: I created a cover for TOAS and TOAE. They are in the table of contents page. Just seeing what people think.

Announcement 2: I’ll be adding a character list in the ToC for PoC, so look forward to that.

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Perhaps excited isn’t the right word. More like enthusiastically. She was giving you hateful looks the entire time, but as she did it she also gave it her all. Despite her poor ability to swallow and suck, she had fairly decent control. You didn’t feel the least bit of teeth that you might get from an inexperienced girl. The Goblin Queen made sure to do the job right, and while she was sloppy, she made sure that you only felt her lips, tongue, and the inside of her throat. It wasn’t long standing there before you let yourself go and started blowing gobs of white seed down her throat.

The seed quickly bursts out of her mouth and starts running down her chin and chest. She is just as sloppy at swallowing seed as she is at swallowing spit. Well, that is what you thought, but as more and more of it splashes out of her mouth, you realize she isn’t swallowing it at all. She is just holding it in the back of her throat.

You finish and pull your cock out, and she looks up at you with an open mouth. Pools of white stuff filled all the way up to her lips. It overflows from her mouth and runs down her chin and onto her chest as well. She is actually running her hands over her chest, rubbing all the seed into her skin. A moment later she spits the seed out into her hand, and before you can frown, she suddenly smears it across her face.

She rubs the white, hot seed into her body like it’s lotion as you watch her curiously. After a moment, most of it has dried or rubbed into her skin, and from her forehead to her navel she’s covered in crusty seed.

As she notices you watching, she responds. “It is customary in our culture wear the evidence of our actions. We bath in the blood of our conquests, and shower in the shame of our defeats.”

“Ah, well, there is more where that came from. Bend over.”

“Have you not shamed me enough?” Snow White snaps hatefully.

“Shame has nothing to do with it?” You shrug. “I’m just taking what I want.”

As you speak, you shove her forward, putting her down on her hands and knees. She doesn’t resist as you grab the back of her hair and pull painfully while positioning her buttocks so her pussy is waging in front of you. She’s a bit wet, so you know this is exciting her even if she won’t admit it. She might be a bit of an exhibitionist after all.

“So then… you want to deflower this queen in front of all her men?”

“Hah? Who said I was planning on raping your pussy?”

Without another word, your cock still lubricated up with her spit dives savagely into her asshole. She lets out an agonizing scream. She tries to bring her head down and buck her back, but you grip and pull her hair savagely to the point it almost feels like it will rip from her scalp. You keep her head up so she has no choice but to scream towards her awestruck goblin army as you shove your mass into her tight asshole.

It takes some work too. Her ass, even spread as she was, is very tight, and as soon as you penetrate her, she clinches down hard. By the time you force your way in, painfully pulling on her hair as leverage, some blood is spilling out from tearing. Well, you are pretty big these days, so it wasn’t like it’d just slide right in carefully.

“You bastard!” She cries out as spit flew from her face as she tries to look back and give you a hateful glare.

Of course, with her hair in your grip, you control her head, and force her to look down at the dirt as you start to thrust into her without any care. She should be happy she gave such a slobbery blowjob, as it made it far more enjoyable to thrust into her with the extra lube.

The backdoor canal was tight and warm and intensely pleasurable, and you gained a great deal of enjoyment watching her green booty bounce in front of you. You started slapping it over and over again. The bruised ass starts to turn a yellow color, and you could see a yellow hand print on her green ass.

However, you weren’t a complete monster. You had your fun violating the Goblin Queen’s ass, but at the end of the day you still planned to put her in your harem. Thus, as you went, you used a little magic. You strengthened her asshole to be able to tolerate your abuse a little more, healing the damage. You didn’t make the hole less tight. Rather, you just made the skin more resilient to your abuse.

Second, you took the pleasure receptors triggered by her being pounded in the ass and amplified them a bit. Basically, you made her ass release some endorphins while it was being pounded. Like with Grimhilde and her lust for semen, you made being penetrated in the ass mildly addictive. Soon, Snow White is showing an absolutely disgusting face to all of her soldiers.

“Don’t… look… at me!” She barely got out between gulps of saliva she couldn’t swallow.

She’s panting like a dog. Her tongue is sticking out perpetually, her eyes are unfocused, and her hair is a mess. She wears a look of pure unadulterated pleasure. As her own worst enemy pounds her in the ass, you pull her hair and reveal her face to her army: a horny, lustful, ecstatic face that begged for more and more, never having enough of your cock. She wears an ahegao face without reserve. The shame buried itself in her. She never would have guessed she’d fall so far in all of their eyes in mere minutes.  She has become nothing but an anal slut, and the worst part, she didn’t even care. She just wants your dick in her ass. She wants to feel your seed fill her butt up. She wants it all.

You happily oblige, and a moment later thick gobs of semen shot deep into her colon until even that was full and it exploded all over her ass.

“Ah, AH, AH, it’s filling me up! AAAAhhhhhh!” she cries out to noone in particular as the dirty looks on her face are revealed to everyone watching.

You finally let go of her hair and she collapses to the ground, a complete mess from her once former glory, semen leaking out of her butthole and dry stuff all over her face. She lied in a dirty puddle of various juices, a fallen queen.

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The Power of Creation – Chapter 70

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*Slurp* *Slurp* *Slurp*

Those slobbery sounds are the sounds of Snow White, the so-called Goblin Queen, on her knees, drooling all over your dick. She is quite the messy BJ-er. She doesn’t seem to be able to keep the saliva in her mouth as she licks and gobbles up and down your mass.

She also appears to be a mouth breather, and frequently opens her mouth, gasping for air and blowing hot breath over your dick as she breathes it in. Innumerable strands of saliva run from her mouth to your cock, and it is dripping down her chin as she gives heavy gasping breaths. A little pressure on her hair, which you have in two painful grips, and she is back down on your cock.

Meanwhile, most of the goblins had finished making use of the sex dolls, and are now circled around the pair of you, watching silently as their feared Queen works her hardest to pleasure your member.

Ah, how did you end up in this situation? Well, it was touch and go for a bit there, but as you exchanged blows back and forth, she started to seem a bit more desperate for her sword to reach you.

“While I admit you are quite powerful, I can see you growing tired.” Snow White snorted. “Perhaps we should end this in the next blow?”

You laugh at her feeble attempts to stop things now. “Ah, why the rush? I enjoy watching you sweat. I’ll enjoy it more once I defeat you.”

She let out a scream and attacked with a furious series of swings. However, you had grown used to this battle and her style by now, and as you weren’t interested in her so-called do-or-die you just kept your distance and blocked only the most deadly of swings.

“Damn you, you coward!” Snow White screamed. “Stop dodging!”

As you laughed while jumping backwards, the moment you suspected was coming came. Whatever skill was locking your casting was lifted. It only had a set time, which seemed to be about ten minutes. Immediately, you created a fireball and tossed it at her. A look of fear exploded on her face as she dodged it. Another shockwave exploded from her body.

“Shit, another one!” you moved to cast another fireball, but nothing formed.

Snow White finally let out a laugh of triumph. “Hah! I was worried you’d have something up your sleeve, but it seems that I will be the victor. There is no use continuing to try.”

You let out a sigh with a flash of fear in your eyes. “Very well… we shall end this now.”

Snow White’s eyes brighten, and the pair of you race towards each other. Of course, you had casted an anti-magic magic the second your casting returned, so it was only for show. You only pretended you couldn’t make that last fireball.

While she was busy gloating, you brought up your status menu and were rapidly increasing your status. You quadrupled them, and so by the time the pair of you raced at each other, her measly abilities were that of a child throwing a tantrum.

A swing of your blade that moved faster than she could see. You swung it in every direction and a moment later the pair of you were on the opposite sides, facing away from each other. Your weapon was shivering from the raw power, however, there was not a single drop of blood on it.

You turned around to look at Snow White. She started to turn back to you with a confused look, but a second later there was an explosion. A loud tearing sound could be heard and every seam of her clothing and armor simultaneous ripped, bursting off her body before being instantly taken by the wind. Although her body had various mud splashes and a couple of cuts from your blade, it still was flawless and beautiful, a light green body with D sized breasts and well-toned muscles. You found yourself feasting on the naked visage of the Goblin Queen laid bare. Her green colored pussy was topped with a tidy black patch that showed she liked to groom, and you were curious if her insides were slightly pinker. She did seem to have red blood, after all.

“You think you’ve won?” The Goblin Queen roared, gripping the sword in her hand. “I’ll kill you for this!”

She immediately took another run at you, ignoring her nudity. To a normal human, her body blurred and it looked like she appeared in front of you in mere seconds, but to you she seemed impossibly slow. You didn’t even bother to move. A single swipe of your sword and hers was knocked from her hand. The sword went spiraling off somewhere, as Snow White found herself completely naked in front of you now without even a weapon. She was staring at you with wide-eyed shock, her hand still grasping a weapon that wasn’t there.

“I think I’ll take my reward now!”

You grab two fists full of her hair and force her to the ground in front of you. At first, she tries to resist, but with your strength stats already four times greater than hers, it’s more like pushing down an ornery child. She doesn’t resist as you jam your cock down her throat, and it only takes a moment before she is excitedly servicing you in front of her entire army.

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Tales of an Enchantress – Chapter 7

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It was a little ridiculous having four people sitting on one side of the table while I sat alone on the other side. The companion and the trashbag seductress had taken one for each arm, while the nervous white mage had been pushed to the side, taking a seat next to the companion.

I eyed the white mage nervously. Of the group, she more or less invalidated the need for potions, which would kill my selling power. The only hope I had was her own nervous behavior. If she didn’t have confidence in her capacity to keep the group alive, I could use that to make the sale. Well, I wasn’t a merchant, but the art of manipulation could be tailored towards such ends.

Unfortunately, my character build as a seductress depended way too much on the sexual arts. Thus, I didn’t know how to manipulate someone from their coin without putting my body into it. Each time I did that, Jerard became flustered, the friend would start pinching his arm, and the trash bag seductress would start peacocking her cleavage.

“Do you mind if I analyze you?” I asked.

Rosetta seemed surprised by this question. Perhaps she was a noble after all since it was unusual for anyone but nobles to ask this question. I wasn’t sure how that carried over to Adventurer’s guilds though, so I decided it wouldn’t hurt to ask.

“Yeah, that’s fine!” Jerard answered before any of the girls could say anything.

A few looked like they wanted to object, but after he spoke none of them did. I looked at each of them in turn, which turned up a flat load of nothing. With maxed examine, the sheer amount of information that buzzed through my head was a bit hard to keep together.  They were all second classers, all lower level than Min. Most of my other abilities centered around finding out sexual experience… to which I found this group to be about as wholesome as they come. I took it for granted how depraved nobility usual was as I hadn’t expected all of these people to be completely clean of any interesting dirt. I had expected at least Rosetta had been around, but it looked like her whole sex persona was just for show.

“So, anyway, that’s my story.”

I put a few vials out on the table as samples. I didn’t really tell them much of a story. Simply that I needed money to go up north to find some ingredients, and I was looking to sell what I had in stock. The stock at this point included 12 healing cum potions, 5 rapid recovery potions, 2 normal potions, and 2 lubricant potions. Well, I explained the lubricant potion as something for wheel carts and the like. If they happened to discover its sexual properties that’s for them to reap the benefits. Given the group it seemed less likely.

My stock didn’t really have much left. I had a lot more when I left Reinhart. I’d been able to make some on the road. However, between selling them, experimenting on them, and giving them away to those in need, the numbers had dwindled. Adventurers also did sport the same kind of money as nobles, so selling a potion for over a gold coin, even a grade A potion, is not something I’d likely see this far out. Maybe in Nidia, but the farther you left civilization, the less valuable consumables become. This might seem counterintuitive, but potions aren’t necessarily needed. A single white mage, like the one sitting across from me, can quickly negate the need for these supplies, which makes them far more valuable than any potions I can brew. Unnecessary things that are difficult to stock become a luxury item.

Of course, I can heal people too, but it’s pretty hard to sell people on letting me kiss and lick them to make them feel better.

“We can take you!” Jerard declared after a few moments.

“Eh!” a strange voice shot out of the friend who like to pinch him.

The other two girls also looked panicked. Taking me north was clearly not part from their agenda.

“Ah… but I am looking to sell these, so I can afford to hire someone.” I responded sheepishly.

He waved his hand. “Oh, well, we can take these potions and that will be our payment, right?”

“Are you kidding me, Jerard, a request like that would cost at least 30 gold. I wouldn’t say there is more than 15 gold coins worth of potion here. That is if it even works…” the childhood friend, Daria, spoke first.

“I-I-I have analyze level 2… it says grade A and B… I think…” the girl called Mia tried to speak up in my defense.

“Doesn’t matter!” Rosetta cut her off. “Good potions or not, we already have a white mage. We can’t be taking on charity cases like this. Potions just aren’t worth that much, honey.”

Despite her attitude, I couldn’t argue with her conclusion. At best we were hoping to get 10 gold out of the stock. It’d cost 5 gold just to have enough provisions to make the trip. Hiring someone for the remaining 5 gold seemed almost like an impossibility. That’s what drove Min to suggest I sell my body in the first place.

“It might be considered a good practice to be owed a few by a skilled alchemist.” Jerard tried to fight against the two bitchy women as they put their feet down.

I gave a nod, hoping that somebody had jumped to that conclusion. Of course, I could just seduce Jerard now. It might tear apart their party, but I could make him impossibly loyal to me. I could also seduce all of them. It could be a party of adventurers who loved and would die for me. However, those kinds of thoughts didn’t come easy.

There was a time I thought like that, but that was when I first came to this world, desperate to cling to anyone to survive. The ramifications of those acts had bad consequences. Jenai’s brutal death was one such consequence. The me who wanted to be a hero couldn’t go around seducing people and turning them into her sex slaves. That was a me I wanted to put behind me. I’m not the same person I was then. I have Min. I’m level 30. I’ve accumulated a hefty supply of skills.

As I was pondering what to do, still slightly tempted by the prospect of just seducing them and turning them into my personal defense, a person suddenly came up to my side, putting their hand on my shoulder. I looked up to see Min standing there. He had his head to the side as if asking what I was doing.

“Who, Is he?” The way Rosetta said it, breathily while jutting out her cleavage, quickly crossed me the wrong way.

“Ah, that.” I suddenly found it difficult to explain away the appearance of a second Bishounen style man appearing at the table. “He is, my… partner.”

“Partner…” Jerard’s face started to sink while the three girl’s faces looked bright like they had just seen a light at the end of a tunnel.

“Ah, yes, he’s quite skilled. A second classer like yourselves. I’d be, well, in addition to him. That is. So, he wouldn’t be much of a burden, you see…” I tried to explain it the best way I could.

Jerard’s face was starting to turn stubborn as I talked, and as if to add injury to insult, the girl’s started nodding as if they suddenly wouldn’t mind escorting us. Hey, I thought these girls were into Jerard. Are they really happy chasing after any pretty face? It wasn’t like I’m jealous. Min would never cheat on me, but I really didn’t want this trip to be any more uncomfortable than it had to be.

“Your friend, he wouldn’t be an elf, would he?”

“Mm.” Min sat down next to me, giving a single stoic nod.

The girl’s started whispering excitedly.

Jerard gave a nod. “I can see why you feel the need to get some extra protection then.”

“What do you mean by that?” Was Jerard secretly prejudice against elves?

He held up his hands as if to defend himself. “Ah, I don’t mean anything bad. It’s just that I’ve heard there are a lot of slavers around lately. Slavers, of course, target demi-humans mostly, although even a beautiful woman, err… such as yourself, should be concerned at being targeted. This close to the border I’ve heard their prone to selling human women in demon countries.”

These weren’t the right words to say in front of his fan club, and the girls went back to shooting me hateful looks, with one bishounen sitting next to me and another telling me I’m beautiful. I had half a mind to lift Min’s shirt again, but I knew at this point it would only upset him and destroy the trust we had just rebuilt.

“I must ask, sir elf.” Rosetta broke into the atmosphere. “Exactly how are you Aria’s partner?”

I cringed at the question. It was the exact question I was hoping not to address until we’d finalized things. However, before I could give an answer, Min spoke up without reading the atmosphere at all.

“Aria’s wife.”

Daria spat out of her glass and started coughing while the other three stared forward with confused looks on their faces.

“Excuse me…” Rosetta was the first to respond. “W-wife?”

“I-is…” Daria pointed a finger out directly at me with piercing eyes. “Are you, by chance a man?”

The emotional blow of this suggestion seemed to hit Jerard the hardest as he raised up so quickly that his knee hit the table. As he sat back down, trying to hide the pain and embarrassment on his face, the table became so silent one could hear a pin drop.

“Of course not!” I waved my hands. “it’s a, um… elf… thing. We’re um… wives. It’s kind of… weird…”

These words seemed to be relieve Jerard and sour the three women’s moods. “Oh, good, I’ve never heard about those customs, but I’ve heard elves can be a bit strange.”

Min was looking over at me with a furrowed brow. Come on, Min, read the mood. I love you, but can we just get past this! After another moment looking into Min’s eyes, I realized that it wasn’t fair to treat him that way. I gave out a long sigh.

“That’s to say, I had sex with Min, and we got married.”


“We were both women when we got married, so even though things changed we still call each other wife.”

“So-so-so you do have a dick!” Daria said it load enough a few people looked over from other tables before slapping a hand over her mouth and exploding into a crimson blush.

“Well, sometimes I have the dick, sometimes he does. We take turns.”

“T-t-take turns?” Rosaria looked slightly dizzy while it seemed like the shy white mage Mia had already fainted.

Well, at least I stayed true to Min. I glanced over at Min seeking his approval to find that he had his face in both hands blushing. “Vessë is so mean, embarrassing.”

God… Damn… it!

Well, suffice it to say the talks broke down after that little revelation. Jerard lost most interest upon learning I was married and the added suspicion I may be a guy killed the rest. The girls were a jittering mess by the time they got up to leave, that revelation too adult for their childish minds. Jerard was still a decent guy in the end who wanted to help. He ended up clearing out the stock of potions for 15 gold, 5 more than we had hoped to sell it for. By the time the four of them left the inn, my head was on the table and I felt like going back up to our room and sleeping for another night.

“Did, they seem odd, Vessë?”

I looked up at Min, who once again had his head tilted as if he couldn’t understand what he just witnessed.

“They’re virgins,” I responded.

Min tilted his head further. “Virgins?”

“Yeah, even after the pink moon that group somehow kept their v-cards. Total innocents. Compared to you and me, well, let’s just say they wouldn’t be able to handle a healthy sexual life… not saying that my sex life is often healthy, but to those vanilla wafers even the word sex life is mind-breaking. Adult relationships are too much for them at their current stage.”

Min finally gives a nod. “Oh.”

I snorted. “In another world, that could have been me.”


“Running around attached to a cute boy, blushing at sex terms and clinging to him like the thirstiest bitch on the planet while pretending I barely know what a penis is or does. That kind of thing. If my story had gone a slightly different direction, I’d be a generic hero protagonist I think.”

“Like, Vessë the way Vessë is.”

I smiled and leaned over, kissing Min on the cheek. “Is that so?”

“Mm, but think Vessë would not be so different.”

“Why not?” I asked.

“Because Vessë already touching me under table.” He turned his head with a slight blush.

“Ah, I guess Min is right. I never could keep things pg-13.” I chuckled as I slid my hand into his pants.

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The Power of Creation – Chapter 69

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This is a world without any kind of video game mechanics. After your battle with Kida you found you were having some issue regulating your battle prowess, so you used magic to create a status menu, and adjusted them using numbers. However, you didn’t want to be too powerful and accidentally kill someone or something, so using Kida as a base, you set your status a bit superior to her, thinking she likely represented one of the more powerful adventurers in this world.

Well, even if you did come across someone more powerful, you could always just use magic to make the difference, either by adjusting your stats or casting devastating spells. At least, that was your reasoning. However, the Goblin Queen seemed to cast a spell that absolutely subverted your expectation. You can no longer cast any more spells.

Unfortunately, your so-called status menu, not being a natural part of this world, could only be summoned and altered by magic. Once altered, it was a permanent change, but the altering itself still took casting a spell. A few moments ago you could have cranked your status as high as you wanted. Now, you’re just stuck with what you entered this battle with.

Of course, you had thought about the possibility of losing magic, which is why you have immunities to most status misalignments, a status that rivals any S-class adventurer, and phoenix-like skills that make death impossible, but moments prior you just bet the Goblin Queen you’d win the dual. For all intent and purposes, you could still be knocked temporarily unconscious and loose.

Then just betray her afterwards and use the magic then? It’s not like you are honor-bound or anything, however, you have the distinct feeling that when you wake up upon loosing you’d be bound by a slave collar or something that would prevent you from casting any spell except the ones approved by the Goblin Queen. If you lost this match, it could be very possible that you would spend the rest of your life as a Goblin Queen’s dog.

Suffice it to say, your concern in this event is logical and sensical, and not at all the results of mistakes or bad writing from a certain author. What? Don’t like the forth wall break? Well it is your story, who are you going to blame, yourself? Hah!

The point being, you only have the status you set prior to entering this battle and the skills you had deemed to add. Even your armor and sword were always summoned with magic, and you never actually created a sword with a solid form. They were more akin to the bound weapons spell in skyrim, powerful, magical, and also temporary constructions of magic you can’t cast now.

It isn’t a completely desperate situation. You did add skills like swordsmanship and dodge. However, even having the skills doesn’t mean you’ve ever been in a battle where you had to put your life on the line. You immediately leap to the side as soon as the battle begins and swipe a sword from a nearby general. Unlike your opponent, your status still dominated her underlings.

He is busy being balls deep inside one of the sex dolls when you race over and rip the sword away, cutting off his head before he can react. Like a chicken, he keeps going a few seconds afterwards. That is to say, his headless body continues thrusting into a doll giving full anal for a few strokes before finally falling to the side. Yuck… the stuff of nightmares.

Speaking of being fucked in the ass, the Goblin Queen’s cruel smile widens as she waits for you to acquire a weapon. It almost feels like she’s taunting you.

“Let us see your resolve, mage!” The Queen shouts.

As she speaks, her body blurs and she stabs at you seven times with her sword. You are barely able to deflect. It is only a single strike, but it seemed to simultaneously attack seven spots at once. It is definitely a cheat skill. It is a testament to your own high status and skills that you are able to block it. Suffice it to say, you are at the complete mercy to your skills, having no actual personal experience in a real fight.

As you leap back to create some room between you and the Queen, she looks down on you with a considering look. “I’m impressed. You are more than just a couple of spells.”

“And you’re more than just a pretty face!” As you said that, you take the initiative to attack in the next round.

The Goblin Queen lets out a laugh as she deflects your attack, your swords sparking with each exchange, little shockwaves being generated between your two weapons.

“I’m aware of my beauty.” The Goblin Queen chuckles when you leap back to give yourself room once again. “My mother was so jealous of my beauty that she actually tried to kill me. She threw her own baby daughter into the snow, and left her to die!”

“Do you expect my sympathy?” you snarl, your sword striking again.

She is tough, and since one of your hands is cut you are attacking one handed. That hand is quickly growing numb after only a couple of exchanges. It is clear that her status isn’t too far from yours. If there is a gap at all, it isn’t steep enough that you can simply overpower an experienced warrior like her with pure brute force.

“Not at all! Warrior.” The Goblin Queen readies her stance. “I’ve merely found in you a worthy opponent. I thought some introduction is in order.”

“You can know my name as you deepthroat my cock!” You snap.

“When I was dug out of the snow, my skin was as white as the snow.” The Goblin Queen  continues while ignoring your provocation. “And I rose from that snow to become the Queen of all goblins.”

“Oh god, seriously, that’s your reasoning…”

“My name is Snow White, the Goblin Queen, and I will be your new master, warrior.”

“… shit.”

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The Power of Creation – Chapter 68

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She picks up one of your sex dolls and rips the spine right out of its throat, much like you had done to a certain group of thieves the other day. Yikes, she is quite scary. You are glad these dolls aren’t as finished as Cinderella, which is to say that they don’t have any blood or inner parts. So, for the most part, the pile of parts the goblin was tossing the dolls into looks more like a pile of prosthetics rather than any kind of gory scene.

The goblins who lost their sex toys were quickly distracted by another sex toy, although given the growing ratio of goblins to sex toys, many of the toys were taking 2 or more men at a time. One girl in particular was fucking eight men at a time. As to how that is possible, let’s just say during experimentation you added a few extra holes in some of the dolls as an experiment.

“Keep working hard ladies.” You silently give them a thumbs up for continuing to battle the Goblin Queen’s army by putting their bodies on the line.

At this point, the Goblin Queen has finally noticed your approach and stopped bringing down sex dolls. She gives you a cautious stare as her head cocks to the side.

“Is it you, human, who seduced my army so?”

You aren’t sure “seduced” is the right word. Is hanging bait in front of a fish “seducing” the fish if they happen to take a bite? Still, you’re glad the Goblin Queen can talk. It’d be awkward if she could only respond in grunts.

“Your army is meaningless.” You give a shrug and point at her. “You’re mine.”

“Courtship, is it?” The Goblin Queen growls back. “You wish to make me submit and take my army for yourself? Many have attempted to tame this Queen and all of them have lost their heads.”

You find yourself a bit surprised that she is on board. Perhaps this is an aspect of goblin culture. A goblin man has to beat down a goblin woman in order to conquer her. Well, this is certainly more applicable to your way of thinking.

“Very well, if I win, your army leaves, and I claim you as my prize.”

“And what if I win?”

I give a chuckle. “Well, that’s not even possible, but if you somehow win then what would you want?”

The Queen stares darkly for a moment. “You’re a mage, yes?”

“Ah, you could say that. I can use a large variety of magic. I suppose at the core, that’s my strength.”

The Goblin Queen cracks a smile. “Very well. I might need a mage. If I win, you will be my royal dog. You can sit at my feet, licking up the scraps I throw to you, and cast the spells I want when I want them.”

You shrug, “Sounds fine. After all, I’m very confident in my magic.”

The Queen’s smile grows as her eyes gleam. “I’m counting on it. It’ll serve me well as I conquer this world and make it my own. Shall we begin?”

“Ladies first.” You smile.

“Then excuse me if I won’t be polite!” As she says this, she pulls her sword and swings it at you.

At the same time, there is a glow shockwave that shoots from her body. It doesn’t appear to be dangerous, just some kind of supplementary skill, so you ignore the shockwave and move to strike the sword. As it comes down, you go to meet it with your hand. You use a spell that will cause the sword to turn to dust the second it strikes your hand.

The sword strikes your hand, and then keeps going. Pain shoots through your arm. You leap back as the remaining strike barely misses you and strikes the ground with a thunderous roar. You look down at your hand in shock. A long brutal gash has formed, blood leaking out, and it throbs in pain. If it wasn’t for the stats you had modified to make yourself generally slightly OP’d, you’d have died already.

“What’s a matter mage?” The Goblin Queen laughed. “Things not going according to plan?”

“What have you done?” You ask nervously.

She pulls her hair back and gives another laugh as she shakes your blood off her sword. “I have an anti-mage skill. Prevents you from casting magic for the duration of our battle. For a man ‘confident’ in his magic, you could say I am your worst enemy.”

The blood drains from your face. It didn’t matter what spell you could create now, because you couldn’t cast them. So even if you created an anti-magic immunity spell, unless you could cast it first time, then you would never be able to use it. At the moment, your stats are only strong. After Kida, you had scaled them back a bit so that you didn’t overdo it. You also can’t make your magic armor and weapon appear either!

While the magic you had casted in the past would make sure you didn’t die from this match, no matter what, that didn’t speak to being temporarily knocked unconscious. Should that happen, then you’d be stuck as the Goblin Queen’s new dog. The first time since you had been to this world you feel a bit worried.

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The Power of Creation – Chapter 67

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Two massive armies converge and…

“I feel like I should be covering my eyes.”

“This is truly disturbing.”

“I don’t understand, master, what are the sex dolls doing?”

You put your finger on your cheek and think about it. Your original plan was to send the army out to fight the goblins. However, as soon as the two armies came in to contact, the woman all dropped to their knees, or pulled up their dresses and bent over, or lied down and spread their legs. The goblins, already prone to raping woman from the lands they invaded, after a brief moment of confusion, went right to work.

As a result, the entire battlefield had divulged into a goblin on sexdoll orgy unfolding directly in front of Riun. Most of the refugees are fleeing in the other direction, so hopefully no unlucky child will look back for a moment and find themselves scarred for life. Well, there is Jasmine, but she seems to be looking on as if she is taking lessons. Is no one going to cover her eyes?

The goblins themselves are a green-skinned people with long ruffled ears. They aren’t short like one might expect. In fact, they don’t look too much different than humans. In fact, except for the long ears, green skin, jet black hair, and ridges on the noses, they look like any other race. Rather than some unintelligent rookie-class monster, the goblins of this world seem to be an entire species not entirely unlike the elf. Perhaps they have a common ancestor? It is no wonder that the addition of a goblin king scares everyone so much. These are intelligent beings capable of forming cities and fighting wars.

Those beings are now balls deep in each of your sex dolls. The sharp cries of war quickly diminish into the low buzz of moaning and the ‘pat-pat’ of skin against skin. Perhaps this incident would go down in history as the great rape of Riun. Although, some one could argue you can’t rape the willing.

At that, you snap your finger and everyone turns to you. “That’s right, I forgot to reprogram them for combat.”

Their base-level commands are general sexbot commands. Had you wanted to have them fight, You’d have to reprogram their protocols to include some kind of combat. Despite your orders, you could say the only thing these dolls know how to do is bend over and take it. So, they are bending over and taking it with all of their strength. In a small way, it is a bit refreshing to see the girls working so hard out there.

“What do you mean they won’t fight! What are you going to do then?” The worried voice comes from Belle.

Annoyed by her tone, you snap a finger. Like that, she loses bladder control and pees herself.

“Ai!” She lets out out a little cry and then suddenly falls to her knees.

Her skin turns a deep red as she refuses to make eye contact with anyone, simply staring at the ground, pulling her shirt to cover the ruined pants as she crouches to hide any indecency. Most of the girls are too distracted by the battlefield orgy to notice.

“You beast…” the voice is very pale, as Belle looks like she is about to cry.

Instead of paying attention, you answer her first question. “They’re distracted right now, so all we need to do is go over there and defeat this so-called Goblin King. If I get him to surrender, they might loose the will to fight. Or who knows, it might be one of those whoever defeats me takes my rank things and I can go order the goblins to stop fucking my dolls and go fuck themselves instead.”

Using a quickly designed magic spell, you scan through the massive army looking for this person who should be called the so-called Goblin King. Ah, you found them there. Rather than raping the girls, they seem very upset at their army’s actions, and are going to great lengths to eliminate the nearby dolls and get the army to charge again. They have already ripped apart a dozen of your girls.

The leader wears a heavy fur armor. They have long black hair tied in the back, were muscular, and about a head shorter than Kida, which was still pretty tall. With physique of a trained warrior, they looked quite ferocious, except…

“I’d guess it’s not a Goblin King, but a Goblin Queen then?”

Yes, the leader is a woman with some cleavage showed up through her fur armor. She hads two long, exposed, green legs that seems to go on for miles and a long flowing ponytail.

“She’s pretty hot. I Guess we’ll have to give up on plan A and B and change things to plan F.”

“Which plan is plan F, hero?” Ariel asked.

“You’ll recognize it when you see it.” You wink at her, and then start heading to the orgy to start your own battle.

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