The Power of Creation – Chapter 222

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“C-come in!” after you finish sodomizing Selena and leaving both holes leaking with cum, you head of to Keri’s room.

Keri seems like a very nervous girl. She has big hair, a mole on her cheek, and a skinny appearance. There is nothing particularly desirable about her. Her breasts are average. Her body is on the less than curvaceous side. Even her face is merely okay. Nobles have better lives than commoners, so she is decked out with makeup and a nice dress that makes the most of her body. Her cleavage is maximized by the dress she wears. She even appears to have shoulder pads on to give her a more authoritative look. At least her boobs don’t look to be padded as they are only a B-size.

Overall, she’s probably the least attractive woman you’ve banged in this world. If she wasn’t wearing makeup, her level of beauty might even be under the baka maids before you altered them, back when they looked rough, dirty and scarred. That’s not to say she’s not pretty, she’s just merely pretty. The problem is that with your harem the standards have been set way too high. When every woman is a knock out beauty, and your town is filled with youthful hotties, this forty-something average woman looks pitiful. What used to be a lucky find in your old world is barely passable in this one.

For once, you start doing some of the upkeep before you fuck her. Since instantly changing her appearance would be too noticeable, you hide the changes behind a sensual massage. You work her back, butt and thighs, while steadily improving her skin, lifting her butt, and removing her varicose veins. She makes moaning noises as you squeeze her butt, and even though she’s not knockout hot, she still gets your blood flowing as you help improve her own circulation. She still has that slutty MILF appeal, especially when her toes curve and her mouth lets out sultry, moaning noises.

When she rolls over, you start attacking her breasts, making them rounder and perkier while squeezing them tightly.

“Ahhhhhnnnn…” She squeals, her legs kicking as her nipples become sensitive to your touches.

When Keri orgasms, just through the use of massage, a little bit of lewdness gushes from her pussy.

“Please, I can’t wait for it anymore, fuck me!” Keri begs you.

Her words and her glistening pussy are just too tempting, so you get on top of Keri and line up your cock.

“So… so big!” Keri gives you a flushed look, pleading for you to penetrate her with your big cock.

You slide it in, taking her pussy for the first time.

“Nnnnnnaaaaa! It’s inside!” Keri cries out ecstatically.

Like the other noble women, Keri’s lips immediately attack yours, her arms wrapping around you as she tries to take as much intimacy as you’ll offer her. Of course, you remain firmly dispassionate with these women. They could all seriously fall in love with you if you gave them too much affectionate. So while you kissed Keri, you didn’t do much more than pump your hips while she rubs herself against you.

“I’m going to cum… can you cum with me?” Keri looks up at you tearfully.

“Se-seriously?” You can’t help but raise an eyebrow.

While you have perfect control, and could cum in Keri at any moment, she wants you to cum now? It’s been less than a minute, so doesn’t this hit your pride as a man a little if you give her what she wants.

“I-I can keep going!” You insist, picking up the pace. “Just cum a few times and then-“

“N-no!” Keri pouts. “Cum in me when I cum. I want to have a mutual orgasm. P-please look in my eyes, I want to see you as you cum into me!”

This bitch… Keri is surprisingly demanding. Where the other girls sort of just let you take the lead and enjoy whatever ride you give, Keri seems to want to control things here.

“Please, I need this. I can’t last any longer. Let’s cum while looking at each other’s eyes! Th-then kiss me while you’re still inside me growing soft…” Keri blushes.

She’s making even more demands! Even though Keri is making all these demands now while you fuck away, the way she asks is quite sweet. Clearly, she’s relaying exactly the sexual kinks she has. Most women will just expect you to figure it out, or worst, get angry when you don’t do it the way she wants it. In a way, Keri’s behavior of informing you exactly how she wants this to go down could be called the proper way all women should behave.

Thus, you don’t have the heart to spoil her wants and like a certain burger restaurant, you decide to give it to her her way.

“N-now! I’m cummmmmmiiiingggg!”

You freak out for a second realizing while you are considering her demands she is already starting to cum, unable to resist that feel of your hard thrusting dick. Of course, you naturally open the flood gates, and as she restricts around your cock, you fill up her womb with hot stuff.

“Ah… I feel it… I… your cumming in me! Please, make me pregnant!”

You freeze at that last part, but it’s already too late, so you keep sending in the baby batter. Meanwhile, you meet her eyes as you cum. As she stares at you lovingly with her mouth slightly a gape, her expression very intimate, you can only look back awkwardly. Finally, as you allow you dick to soften, you kiss her on the lips. Perhaps you should go back to fucking your women. These married girl’s thirst are becoming a bit more than you can handle.

The door bangs open, and a person walks in. “Ah, wasn’t that refreshing. So, Keri, how did… oh!”

You immediately pull your lips from Keri’s and turn in surprise. A noble man, Keri’s husband, is standing there right at the door!

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Here is Kida’s portrait, although you’ve already been introduced to her behind with my previous ero image.

The World of Women – Chapter 7

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My mind raced a mile a minute as I watched the nervous Madison fidgeting at the foot of my bed.  Was this for real? I knew that Madison had some kind of hangup when it came to me and Hannah, but I never would have guessed that she’d take it to this extent. To think that she wanted to sacrifice her own purity just so that Hannah remained safe, it was not something I had expected at all.

“A-are you going to start then?” I asked with a pout.

It wasn’t intentional, but I was still drowsy and my expression naturally took on a petulant attitude. Madison only gulped and gave a decisive nod. Her nervousness became my nervousness. I had already thrown myself at mom the previous night, and succeeded in conquering her pussy, but it felt a bit different with Madison. Part of it was because of the nature of our relationship. Mom loved me and spent all of her time with me. Meanwhile, my relationship with Madison was already awkward. Having sex with this sister of mine couldn’t possibly make it less awkward.

“I will begin.” Madison responded with determination.

Pulling back the covers, my cock was already erect and ready, poking up against the underwear. Madison looked at my cock wide-eyed, her cute expression causing it to twitch. She was clearly completely outside her element. She was only a year older than Hannah, so her knowledge about sex wasn’t much beyond her sister. Suffice it to say that she didn’t seem to know what she was doing.

This didn’t stop Madison from trudging forward anyway. She pulled down my underwear, immediately freeing my penis from my tightie whities. She pulled them down the rest of the way, and I helped kick them off to the floor. I looked on excitedly, waiting for Madison to disrobe as well. However, it was clear in her expression that her heart just wasn’t ready for that yet. Instead, with an awkward blush as she refused to meet my eyes, she reached out with her hand and gripped the shaft. Her warm, small digits wrapped round it tightly, but she didn’t move her hand at all. Instead, she merely gripped on to it, trying to avoid looking at her hand.

She took a few breaths, and then to my surprise immediately turned and lowered her head down on it, taking my cock into her mouth. Feeling her sweet pouty lips wrap around the head of my cock felt too good, and I immediately let out a little moan. This moan startled Madison who pulled back in surprise. But after another breath, she closed her eyes and put it back in. Like that, she began to slowly suck on my cock.

Her fingers remained wrapped tightly on the shaft like she was afraid my cock might jump out of her fingers if she let it go. Meanwhile, her lips took in the head and about two inches of the shaft. She didn’t shove it in deeply, or deep throat, let alone inhale my cock. Instead, she merely licked it, letting her lips massage the upper portion that she could actually reach. She sucked strongly like it was a lollipop, occasionally moving her head a little as she did so.

“MmM… gmmm.. mmmm…” As she worked, her throat made lewd sucking sounds.

I noticed that her hair was tied up so that it wouldn’t fall down her face. Along with the summer dress, I instantly realized that Madison had come here from the beginning planning to give me a blowjob. She had prepared ahead of time. I could even see a glimmer of chapstick on her lips. The girl had prepared properly.

“Ah… it feels good, keep going Madison.”

“Mmm… Mmm…” Madison cutely made a noise of affirmation, muffled by the location of her mouth against my cock.

I reached out and touched my beautiful sister’s face as I watched her lick and suck lightly on my cock. She immediately moved her free hand and pushed my hands away. Her eyes glared at me, but she refused to break mouth contact with my cock. I couldn’t help but sigh sadly. Madison wasn’t doing this as any kind of intimacy. She merely wanted me to cum so that I would leave Hannah alone. To Madison, this was a mission to protect her sister, even if it tainted her own purity. She had absolutely no feelings for me whatsoever, not even the base love of siblings.

Still, as she rotated her head, moving her lips around my wettened cock, I couldn’t stop myself from moaning and reaching out for her again. This time, my fingers ended up entwining in her tied up hair. She ignored my hands this time, instead focusing on sucking and moving her lips.

“Guuhh… Guuh… Guuu….” Her mouth made gulping sounds as she sucked the upper half of my cock aggressively.

Feeling like I wanted my cock further inside her, as I moaned again I pushed down on her head. The cock slide any extra inch, and I got to feel even more of my wonderful sister’s sweet mouth. However, she immediately coughed, pulling away. At this point, she did slap my hands away angrily. Drool ran down her chin as she glared at me, a string of saliva connecting my shaft to her mouth. She was absolutely beautiful.

“Don’t!” Madison only said that word.

She went back down, attacking my cock again with her mouth. Meanwhile, I felt a little sheepish at her glare. Furthermore, Madison wouldn’t let me touch her anymore. Without becoming overly aggressive and forcing myself on Madison, I could do nothing else but lie back and enjoy her machinations. Although her hand didn’t move at all and her technique got me with teeth quite a bit, Madison was trying her best to bring me to orgasm.

To have a cute teenager sucking on my cock, naturally, my excitement peaked, and I only held on for about ten minutes. I am a hormonally charged boy just about to reach his teens. My current sexual prowess as weak. My panting increased, and Madison’s aggressive sucking seemed to be encouraged by the noises I made. Even though she felt little affection for me, the closer I got to orgasm, the quicker and fiercer she attacked my glands.

I decided not to tell Madison I was going to cum. I was afraid Madison would do something like force me to finish up in a towel or something. Of course, it is much more enjoyable to cum in my sister’s adorable mouth. Although Madison’s eye’s widened in surprise when my swollen cock shot out the first string of jizz, to my shock, she quickly started to swallow it. Without parting her lips from the head, she continued to suck down every spurt of semen I delivered, sending it right down her gullet without a single ounce of hesitation. After about thirty seconds, I finally finished cumming, my panting reaching its culmination as I relaxed. Meanwhile, Madison sucked a little longer, making sure to lick up every drop.

I’d never met a girl as thorough as my big sister. Her entire personality aroused me greatly, but my young stamina didn’t keep up with my hormones, and my cock fell flaccid despite my best efforts. I’m simply too young to be engaging in any major sexual escapades.

My sister finally broke her lips from my cock. Her lips were red and chapped, and she was breathing hard. The skin all around her lips had the reflective look of saliva, but other than that, she looked just as beautiful as ever. I reached out, instinctively wanting to embrace this cute sister who just sucked my cock to completion and swallowed it. Prostitutes and even my wife, the few blowjobs I ever got, demanded condoms. To actually cum in her mouth and to have her swallow, this was the first time for me. It actually made my heart beat a bit faster, and despite myself, I started to see my sister in a slightly new light.

However, when Madison immediately pulled away from me, avoiding my arms with a scowl, my affection slammed into reality. Madison had finished what she came to do, and now there was no more between us. For a second, a bit of me ached for my sister. I suddenly found myself longing for more of her. However, as she got up and wiped her face, she had an expression like she had nothing else to say.

I wanted to ask what she thought of the taste of my cum, but I realized that’d be inappropriate. I wanted to squeeze her small B sized boobs, but I knew I’d never get close. I wanted to hold her, but that wouldn’t happen for a million years.

“Thank you.” I finally got out, not able to come up with anything better to say.

Madison had thrown the towel away and was now straitening her dress with her back to me. “Leave Hannah alone. Come to me if you need anything and I’ll take care of it from now on.”

Madison didn’t wait for me to respond, immediately darting from my room and closing the door with a small slam. I fell back in my bed, my soft cock dripping out a little bit of late cum Madison had seemed to miss, even though she had been so thorough to catch it all. Hormones were certainly a fucked up thing. One blowjob, and I was already starting to fall in love. Well, in this world, it wasn’t so bad. It was a world where I could have my sister, so why wouldn’t I?

Thinking about my cute Madison sucking on my cock, I started to grow excited again. I couldn’t last long, but I could get horny again in a half hour. This was becoming frustrating already, and would only grow worse as I got older. I let out a sigh looking down at my member, now half erect. I supposed it would be too ridiculous to run after my sister and demand a second round. Frankly, I was pretty certain Madison had a very specific limit, and wouldn’t tolerate anything beyond it. In this case, she’d suck my cock on her time, but not on my time.

Thus, I did what I had planned to do anyway. I went to my mom’s room, knocking on her door. My mom had remained low since last night. As to how she coped with the knowledge she slept with her son, I’m not really sure. I knocked again when there wasn’t an answer. This time, I heard a muffled voice from beyond the door.

“Go away… you can clean up tomorrow.” The voice came.

This time, I just pushed my way into mom’s room. Mom immediately looked up from her bed when the door opened. As soon as her eyes met mine, she went white. Clearly, the memory of last night was very fresh in her mind. She had been lying on the bed with her legs spread open. When I walked in, she immediately crossed them and pulled a blanket up, hiding her body from my sight. My sexy mother, who had never once covered her modesty around me, was now hiding her body with a blush. I frowned at the development, not pleased that mother was trying to put up defenses.

“Honey, wh-what are you doing here?” mom asked nervously, suddenly unable to meet my eyes.

“I heard about what happened to Hannah… two years ago.” I blurted out.

It wasn’t really what I wanted to say. I wanted to say, “bend over and spread em’”, but I knew that wouldn’t go well with mom. Instead, I gave myself a reason to push into her room. More than that, I distracted her from the expectation. She was defending against a sexual assault, so I side blinded her with this nugget of truth to cause her to drop her defenses. Better than that, if I played my cards right, this could be a source of guilt for mom. Once she felt guilty, I could further push her into becoming my permanent fuck buddy. That was the ultimate goal, after all.

“Oh… honey… that…” Mom also remembered that two years ago she had spanked me, which was something that made her feel bad, as she was not one to hit her child normally.

At the time, I had retaliated by not speaking to mom for a week. It was something that had hurt her heart immensely. She had always felt her heart being torn between her daughters and her son.  She tried to defend Madison’s honor, but had only served to drive a wedge between her son and daughters. She had even feared that I might not help her daughters find a man to impregnate them given the current attitude between us.

“Do… lesbians really hate men?” I asked.

Mom sighed, her motherly instincts kicking in and obliterating her built defenses. She gestured for me to join her in bed. I ran up and sat next to her while she looked in my eyes with a comforting appearance.

“All animals are built for sex.” Mom responded gently. “It’s just the unfortunate bane of humans that we make so few men. It’s not surprising with so few men and so many women, that women want to try sex with another, even when a man isn’t available.”

“Mom too?” I asked mischievously.

“Ah!” Mom blushed, turning away. “In Academy… before your father, perhaps… But the point is, liking and sleeping with women doesn’t say anything to their feelings about men. Most women find themselves able to enjoy both sexes equally, although men always hold a special place in women’s hearts for their capacity to make seed.

“However, there are a few women, like those lipstick lesbians, who speak blasphemy. They believe the world doesn’t need men. They want men to be treated like cattle, milked for their seed and distributed among the women freely without their input. This goes against everything we’re taught! They claim that the holy scriptures are false, or even worse, that the holy scriptures were written by men as a deliberate attempt to subjugate women!

“A lot of them are criminals, exchanging black market seed. They spread propaganda and lies, kidnap men, blackmail, and spread hate. They prey on young women, trying to convince them to hate men and worship their own bodies. They’re just being selfish and conceited!” Mom became more impassioned as she spoke. “It just isn’t right! These women would reject any man, just because of his sex!”

“I don’t want to be rejected…” I said worriedly.

“Oh, baby, you don’t have to worry… you’re fine.” Mom patted me gently.

“M-mom… you’ll never reject me, right?” I asked with my head lowered, hiding the glint in my eye.

“No, honey, never, I’d never reject you! I’m your mother, after all.”

“I love you.” I said.

“I love you too, baby.”

I lifted up my head, and before mom could react, I once again took her lips. The suddenness of my kiss caused her mind to flail, and in that moment I sent my tongue into her mouth, savoring mother’s taste aggressively.

“Mmmm…mmmm.. mmaaa…” Mom wanted to say something, but as my tongue explored her mouth, her shoulders soon slouched and she gave in to my kisses.

My hands then found their way to her chest. Once again, her eyes widened and she let out an alarmed moan, but with my lips planted on her lips, and her bold statement of never rejecting me fresh in her mind, I had once again pushed her into a corner just as overwhelming as the bathtube. I finally broke my lips away from hers after kissing for some time. Mom was gasping for breath, a blush on her face. Unlike my sisters though, her eyes were locked on me without any shyness, waiting for what she knew would come next.

“Mom, can we do what we did last night? I want to be inside you.”

Mom let out a long breath. Even though she had expected it, that didn’t mean she knew how to handle it. However, she couldn’t say ‘no’. That would be rejecting me. Whether she realized the trap was done on purpose or not was questionable, but she was trapped. Mom could only give a nod. The previous night, she had promised to teach me everything she knew. This was said in the heat of the moment, and once her head cooled after a night of sleep she had regretted it in an instant.

She could always find me a new playmate to hire that is my own age. Demanding my attention for herself wasn’t just morally wrong, it was selfish. She knew she couldn’t have me all to herself, although there was a scary part of her she realized wanted exactly this. She wanted me all to herself. Just like my father, to have a man to personally follow and satisfy her, it was desire that no other woman but my mother would dare have.

Finally, she gave a slow nod, opening her legs for me as she pulled me on top of her. Last night had been a mistake. Mom had spent the entire day mentally preparing herself to correct that mistake at all cost. She had been waiting for me to invade her room, ready to let me down softly. However, when I striked from a position she hadn’t anticipated, I had destroyed her defenses and pushed her to this state. The dark side of mom that wanted to monopolize me as her lover, it took over.

Mom brought my mouth to hers, and she started to rip off my clothing. Since I was supposed to be an experienced child, it was mom who led the way this time. Little by little, her apprehension withered away, and the promise she made the night before, that she would personally lead my sexual education with her own body, started to become ingrained into her mind. Why risk finding another woman who might betray us, when mom was right here to guide me through my sexual puberty? Her mind was filled with these attempts to logically excuse her actions. As I slid inside her warm, wet pussy, my hips rocking against her hips, we fell into each other’s embrace, making love deep into the night. Mom showed me many things.

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Bonded Goddess – Chapter 2


What is that? What the hell is that?! What the fuck is that?!

It’s a freaking monster!!! That thing that should be exists in mythology! Not in the modern era! It’s twenty feet tall, has two eyes, and the teeth… and that face… and holy shit, look at those feet!

While I’m screaming in my head, the girl looked frightened and confused as she silently watched the creature and muttered. “Cyclopes? Why it is here?”

Cyclopes? Not the Cyclops, but Cyclopes? Well, it has to two eyes after all. So it’s definitely a different creature. It’s not a Cyclops but something else.

But the girl seems to recognize it.

“Cyclopes? What is that? Your pet’s name?” I asked

The girl just snickered. “My pet? Are you an idiot or something? That monster is SS-class level! A Sub-species at that! There is no way I can take it as my pet!”

SS-Class? Sub-species? Sub-species SS class? I will pretend I never heard this part… that SS class thing already scared me to death.

Monster? I refused to call it a monster!! I absolutely won’t call it! Yup, it’s a creature! Not a monster! AH! It’s UMA! I’m pretty sure it’s just Bigfoot’s true appearance! Or Daddy Bigfoot!

I convince myself of that! But the girl seemed to realize something.

“What, you do know about them, don’t you?” The girl was shocked as she looked at me. Her gaze was as if she was looking at a moron.

Irritated by her expression, I said loudly: “What about it? It’s just an UMA (Unidentified Mysterious Animal)! You can see those every day in manga and in anime!”

“What is UMA?” She looked at me as she asked that.

“UMA is UMA! A creature like that,” I acted smug about it as I pointed at the mon-the creature otherwise known as a UMA.

“What the hell is that supposed to mean!?”

It seemed like she had already put aside what happened a while ago to face the current situation.

Yup, that’s good! Thank you, Cyclops-like creature! You indirectly solved my problem!

The girl then sighed and started talking.

“Cyclopes are all very strong monsters. The lowest of them should be between A to S rank monsters. They are a highly intelligent carnivorous! They should be in the forest of death and the unexplored region… Why is it here?”

“What about it? You can kill it right?” I asked the girl


“You can’t?”


I calmly looked at the mons- the creature.

“How can you be so calm right now?!” The girl snarled at me.

“I mean it’s just UMA… It-” As I about to said that, she cut me off.

“Are you know how terrible the situation we were currently in?!!” The girl screamed.

“I was calm because you were being calm!” I cried.

“What? When you didn’t react to the Cyclopes I thought it was because you had a plan!”

I looked at the monster again then the girl.

“We are in danger?”

“Yes… apparently, a great deal…” The girl grimly nodded.

“……. For real?”

The girl nodded again as cold sweat shedding in her body.

“I see, so we are in a very grave situation right now? Hahaha, this forest is really awesome!” I speak in a broken voice.

This must be a dream, right! There was no way it could be true! I mean, come on! There is no way a monster exists!

I was about to say something then finally realized something else was off.

There is a giant tree… I saw a giant tree that I never saw in my life…. It was something that the NEWS would report. A tree that reached the clouds in the middle of a low grassy plain? It’s something I would have definitely heard about!

Then my eyes turned from the massive tree whose top I couldn’t see over to the sky nearby, there were two moons…


Where the fuck is this?!


The giant creature seemed to finally notice us as it altered its path and started walking towards our direction.

“Go! I’ll cover you!” She shouted as she took a fighting stance.

“Eh? Why? Can’t we defeat it together?”

“Idiot! Although I don’t know how strong you are! However, I don’t think you can defeat that! I’m a B+ rank Mage Warrior so I can only hold out for a very short time! So leave this to me and go!”

“Hm? I see, that makes sense. Okay then! Good-Bye!” I said calmly then turned around.


“I pray for your safety!” As I started to run away, I heard her screaming behind me.

“Wa, Wa, wait! No matter how you think about it under this situation, the flow should be followed by you saying ‘No wait, I’m a man so I will be the one to fight them and hold them off!’!!”

This girl completely destroys her previous cool and calm image. Guess that monster is really dangerous.

Are you a feminist? That doesn’t matter.

The serious and serene atmosphere a while ago was replaced by a RomCom atmosphere. I’m too old for RomCom. But since she was willing to sacrifice herself… I could only pray for her.

I can the monster growled behind me, the roar sending a chill down my spine. Right now, despite honing my martial art skills, I don’t have superpower to fight that.

Am I being coward? Then what are you, an idiot? Do you expect me to fight monster with bare hand? The girl had magic and sword, so I think she will be fine.

What? Fighting that will wake my cheat skills? No, you idiot!

“Huff…!” I ducked under a tree. Behind me, the monster growled again, I held my breath and pushed myself to run faster.

Then I thought about the Silver haired-girl.

“Silver haired-girl, even I don’t know your name! I will never forget about you! You’ll always live on in my memory,” I muttered without looking back.

“Don’t just kill me off like that!” I heard the voice shouting behind me, turning to find the girl was following behind me





“YOU KILLED HIM, RIGHT?!” I shout as I ran as fast as I could.

“No, I’m not, there is no way for me to kill that Monster with my current level.” She calmly said as she ran beside me.

I see, so she can’t kill that thing…

“Hah~, useless,” I muttered, but the girl seemed to heard that and thrusted her sword in my direction.

“UWAA!! That’s dangerous!”

“That’s for calling me useless!”

“See?! It’s chasing us because you’re running!”

“That’s your fault for leaving me!”

We keep running as we continue our bickering till we couldn’t hear the monster’s roar. After a while, we seemed to outrun the monster.

“Hah-hah,” Both of us lost our breath.

“Did we lose it?”


I finally collapsed onto my butt, gasping for breath. The girl nods, sitting more reservedly on a nearby stone, her cheeks pink from exhaustion, but desperately not trying to show it on her face. I suddenly let out a laugh of relief, and she started to join me after a moment.  Yeah, we just managed escape from dangerous monster, we were both just happy to be alive.

Suddenly, the girl spoke out with a serious face. “….Kyou, are you from the another world?”

When I heard her question, I realized I was right. As I thought, this place… is not Earth. This was where Otakus fulfilled their daydreams… This is an Isekai or should I say, a Parallel World… as the non-geeks would call it. Hell, my younger self definitely will shout “Isekai kitaaaa!!”

“What makes you think that?” I asked her.

“When you glance at the moon and the tree of life, you look surprised.”

I see… that giant tree is called the Tree of Life. Just as I was dwelling on this, another roar came from the distance. Shit! He is still following us? I immediately jump to my feet, a look of frustration forming on my face.

“We haven’t lost him? How are we going to shake him?” I snapped.

“We can’t.” The girl sighed miserably. “It is an SS-rank. It could smell us for miles. We either need to distract it or bore it enough till it gives up chasing us!”

“You’re telling me that now!”

“I had hoped…look, we have to just keep running.”

“Is there anywhere nearby we can hide?”

“The only thing within miles of here is the Tree of Life.”

“Damn it!” I cursed, but a moment later, an idea formed. “Wait… the tree of life! Can’t we climb up that tree? It’s really tall! Maybe we can shake him?”

“You idiot! He can climb it too!”  The girl start calling it “he” too…

“No… I mean, we Jack and the Beanstalk that shit. If we climb high enough, maybe we can cut the branches and cause him to fall. The bigger they are, the harder they fall, or something like that!”

“You…” The girl narrowed her eyes. “You want to cut the Tree of Life!?”

“Look, it’s either the tree or us? I say if a tree called the Tree of Life can’t survive a bit of pruning it has no right to its name!”

“You really do come from another world, don’t you…”

“Let’s not focus on that right now! Are we doing this?”

“Do I have a choice?”

The Cycolpes was starting to become visible, the vibration of its steps could be felt by the pair of us. Immediately, we started to take off running. However, this time, we were heaving back towards the tree, angling away from the Cycolpes to avoid him. We had only managed to get about halfway when it became clear the Cycolpes caught us and was re-adjusting his steps. However, we still had the speed advantage, and seeing the massive tree getting closer and closer only excited our steps.

Although I was gasping for breath by the time we reached the bottom of the tree, I didn’t hesitate to leap on one of the roots, climbing up to the trunk. With a specific goal in mind, we needed to get moving fast. A tree of this size had no branches within the first 100 meters, so we clung to the bark, forcing our way up the trunk. We had only been climbing for a minute when the trunk suddenly shook. It was clear the Cycolpes had reached the trunk.

The pair of us only moved faster. We’d take this one branch at a time. However, as I climbed closer to the branch, I realized my dreams of cutting it down were too optimistic. This branch had the thickness of a tree trunk! Would the girl’s magic be sufficient to cut it down?

Unfortunately, we didn’t have time to think about such things. We hastily climbed up to the branch, not sparing time to even look back. It was when the girl reached the branch and looked back down that she suddenly heaved a sigh of relief and relaxed. I quickly pulled myself up, my arms starting to feel like Jelly, before I turned and looked down as well.

The Cycolpes hadn’t climbed up the tree at all. In fact, he was still trapped at the bottom. His entire height was about a fourth of the distance to the branch, but he just couldn’t reach it. Furthermore, when he tried to climb the rough bark, his pudgy fingers and weight prevented him from getting a grip. The few times he got a good grip of bark, it ripped off the trunk and he fell back down with a thud. He roared angrily at the pair of us.

I could only let out a laugh of relief. “He can’t climb after all!”

The girl even let out another laugh. Less muscular than me, she really looked like she had no more energy left.

“Yeah, but now we’re stuck in this tree.” she gave a sigh.

I walked out onto the branch, looking down at the angry Cycolpes glaring at us. “Hey, dumbass, what are you going to do now!”

The Cycolpes could only roar angrily. Had a woman not been present, I might have even mooned the Cycolpes. Instead, I gave him the finger. In the last few minutes of running for my life, I felt a lot of animosity towards this thing. After all, I was a skilled combatant, and it was rare on Earth that I ever felt my life threatened. Then again, I guess I’m not on Earth anymore. I looked back at The girl. Her face was bright pink, her clothing disarrayed, and her chest heaving, but it was undeniable she was a sexy woman. I suddenly found myself remembering her naked body just moments prior. Fortunately, she was too tired to notice the lewd looking i was giving her.

Suddenly, her eyes locked on mine widely. “Watch out!”

“Huh?” I looked down, and noticed that the Cycolpes was lowered down, his hand held in a strange motion like he was going to karate chop the air.

“Move!” She jumped back, but it was already too late.

The monster’s hand chopped, and there seemed to be some kind of otherworldly glow as it moved. Something… seemed to fly out from his hand. My instincts kicked in, and I could only jump away, narrowly dodge what appeared to be air, but air that could cut threw my body if I was struck with it. I took a deep breath of relief seeing the blade of air fly up harmlessly into the sky. However, the horrified look on the girl’s face immediately caught me off guard, and it was when the branch started falling that i realized I was really in deep crap.

The damned creature had used the same trick on me I planned to use on it. I heard a roar as the branch under me gave out. I fell to the ground and grabbed the branch with all my might. Soon, the branch was no longer horizontal, but vertical, and I was falling straight towards the ground below. It was then that my combat senses started to kick in. The branch started to move as if it was in slow motion. I looked down and saw the Cycolpes below, looking up eagerly at me. As is, the branch would strike the ground in front of the Cycolpes, and he’s immediately grabbing me.

Without any time to think, I pushed my feet against the lifesaving branch and kicked. I shoved away from the branch but the branch also was pushed away from me… and towards the Cycolpes. The Cycolpes couldn’t even react as the rip of the branch ended up striking him right in the face. In particular, his eyes were slammed with the trunk like tree. Dazed and blinded, the monster stumbled back and fell to the ground, roaring and rolling on the ground with pain.

Meanwhile, I was in free fall, the ground getting closer and closer. A moment before hitting the ground, I suddenly felt like i was wrapped in a marshmallow. Air seemed to wrap around and protect me. It wasn’t until my feet were on the ground and the air had dissipated that I realized The girl above me seemed to be chanting with some kind of glow coming from her palms. On pure instinct, the woman who had recently wanted to kill me had saved my life.

I gave out a laugh. “The Cycolpes is blinded, let’s get out of here quickly!”

The girl gave a nod, and lept from the stump branch she was still standing on. She immediately held her hands to either side, looking somewhat like ironman as she floated gently down, pushing up with wind magic as she balanced herself. I became stunned at the sight. First, I could see up her dress, which gave me a splendid reminder of the goods I had witness not much before. Furthermore, as she descended, her hands glowing and her hair waving in the wind, I began to realize just how beautiful this woman was. She really was way outside of my league.

“No! Watch out you idiot!”

My eyes were too caught up on her, that I hadn’t been paying attention to the Cycolpes, whom hadn’t been moving much as he cringed in pain and held his eye. The Cycolpes had thrown a hand out in a wave, desperately trying to strike where he had heard me shout. Since I hadn’t moved, that was directly where I was standing.

The girl immediately moved one of her hands, trying to shove me out of the way. A puff of air hit me in the stomach, and I flew just out of the raging Cycolpes reach. However, moving her hand caused the girl to lose her balance, she struck into trunk of the tree and then bounced off, falling down at an alarming rate. I let out a shout, but could do nothing as she spiraled to the ground. As if to add insult to injury, the cyclop’s raging hands clipped her on the way down. The girl spiraled off fifty meters before landing hard against the ground.

My face went white. “No!”

I immediately started running, dodging the blind Cycolpes easily as I raced over to The girl’s side. I immediately fell to my knees. Her face and body were bloody. Blood was leaking out of her mouth and there appeared to be a wound on her back leaking blood to boot. This was bad. Really bad.

“Y-you… killed me…. You… idiot…” The girl coughed out some blood.

“No… no… we can fix this. Healing magic… right! You can use magic, right! We’ll just heal.”

The girl shook her head with some difficulty. “The Cycolpes used a curse on me during that blow. C-conventional healing… won’t work.”

“Th-that’s ridiculous!” I snapped.

It can curse?!

Just how many lives did this stupid Cycolpes have! Well, he was a SS-class monster, I suppose having one or two tricks up its sleeve.

“I’m sorry… I tried to kill you.” The girl moaned. “Just… burn my body… after…”

“No… no, you’re not dying. Ah… if this was Earth, I’d have the medical capabilities to help you. Curse or not, doctors can do some amazing things!”

Suddenly, the only thing I wanted more was to return to Earth. Had I known this world was more technologically advanced than my own, perhaps those thoughts never would have occurred. However, at this exact second, returning home permeated my mind.

“What the-”

The same light that brought me here appeared again…

This time, it covered me like an aura…

And with that, my view became completely shrouded in light.


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The Power of Creation – Chapter 221

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With Selena as your next lover and a full day of fun activities scheduled, you can only set up to meet with Ariel later tomorrow. You still didn’t trust this woman who wore your girl’s face, and perhaps if you set the meeting up on your terms, you can at least be on top of things. The Ariel impostor looks slightly disappointed, but only for a brief moment. A lot of her expressions look just like the woman you know and love, so it’s kind of difficult to deal with.

Part of you wants to hate her, but then wouldn’t that be hating something that looks like your Ariel? Suffice it to say, if you did accidentally double Ariel, you plan to have both. Perhaps this Ariel is attracted to you because the other Ariel is attracted to you? Either way, your main squeeze just got a twin sister, so shouldn’t you be happy? At least, that’s what you tell yourself.

You make it to Selena and she sneaks you into her room. Before long, you find yourself able to distract your issues as you plow Selena as she’s bent over her bed.

“Ah… Gods… it’s so big!” Selena moans.

Selena seems to enjoy it a lot more than the previous time. You had brought the size back down to ten inches. She didn’t seem to realize the difference. Big enough that it feels like she is being torn open all feels the same after the size gets to a certain point. However, she’s stretched enough to tolerate this size now, so rather than pain, it is all pleasure on her end. Selena cries out as you thrust into her blindly, using her body to forget your own thoughts.

Thwack. Thwack. Thwack.

Your balls slap against her butt. Your hands grip and kneed her ass as you take enjoyment from her tight pussy. The woman herself moans and cries, clawing at the bed as she enjoys wave after wave of orgasm. You finally blow a load inside her, keeping it more manageable than the bukkake you left her friend Britney.

When you finally finish with Selena, she turns around and kisses you. All of the married women seem like that. Where a lot of your harem girls like the hard pounding fucks, these women demand a little bit more intimacy. As married woman who have tasted intimacy in the past, and aren’t getting it now, thus they’re much more prone to wanting to kiss and hold you. Selena even seems like she wants to cuddle a bit. Since your mind is distraught and you have time before you have to meet up with the untasted Keri, you find yourself lying on Selena’s bed while she cuddles up against you lovingly. Her hand even grabs your sticky cock, her fingers lightly rubbing the head. Occasionally, she brings her fingers to her mouth and licks them, as if wanting to fondly remind herself of the taste of your cock.

Noticing you lying there with a furrowed brow, Selena finally speaks up. “Are you having any problems? Want to talk about it?”

You shrug, not sure how to answer, but a question pops out instead. “What do you know about Ariel?”

“That prize girl?” Selena raises an eyebrow in amusement. “Do you fancy her, even though you have me?”


“I don’t mind. I know you’re not mine to begin with.” Selena says that sadly, but then shakes her head with a smile. “I heard that she was one of the most beautiful women in the human realm, and that rumor turned out true. I also thought I had heard she was dead, but that turned out to be a rumor. It was just his wife who passed away, I guess, the poor man.”

You snort, “Yeah, poor.”

Selena ignores your sarcasm. “There is little to know. He had kept her sheltered most her life. Now, suddenly he wants to give her away. It’s a little strange, isn’t it? To hand your entire nation to whoever wins a silly competition?”

You had to agree. You remembered not too long ago suggesting that if you defeated the demon lord, then you’d get Ariel. That had been met with almost open hostility by this king, and you were a hero from another world. Now, that same king is giving up his daughter for anyone who can win a competition? The person who won Ariel wouldn’t even be the one fighting, but the noble who has the best fighters. It was definitely suspicious.

“Do… do you love Reginald?” You don’t know why the question came out, but remembering Ariel causes you to remember what Reginald had told you right before.

“Love?” Selena didn’t seem at all surprised by the question, perhaps answering it for a lot of the men she had previously swapped with. “He’s just a lower noble without any power. I was young and basically sold off to him to broker a trade agreement. Ever since, he’s never seemed all that interested in me. In fact, he seems more interested in trading me away than enjoying me. Do I love him? Maybe… but it doesn’t matter how I feel, he clearly has never felt a thing for me.”

Selena even sounded a bit bitter as she said it. The emotion in her voice told you that her feelings for Reginald are complicated.

“He said he fancied his brother’s girl, the queen…”

This time Selena raises her head. “He told you? Why… that man… he’s going to get himself hanged if he keeps up with this stuff. The past is the past. I’m his present, I just… I just wish he’d acknowledge that!”

Selena genuinely seems angry, and with that you realize that she genuinely does care about him. As to her being a spy, you already used magic to check. Selena is clean… well… figuratively. Her pussy is still leaking semen and she is sweaty and smells of lustful desires.

“Even though my husband doesn’t have a dick large enough to satisfy me, if he remained loyal, didn’t swap me away, I would stay by his side. I wouldn’t even mind if he kept a few mistresses, they all do it… just as long as he accepted me.” Selena’s words seem to herself this time, like she is just asserting her own wants and desires out loud for the first time. “However, that’s just wishful thinking! Right now, I have your big dick, and you are the man I want to lie with. Would you like to stick it in my ass?”

“Ah… well… since you’re offering.” You put thoughts of Reginal behind you as you take his wife in the behind.

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Here’s the illustration of Merida I commissioned. I know, I know, not what you imagined. Boobs too small, hair wrong shade, not echii enough clothing… bite me.


The Power of Creation – Chapter 220

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“Sh-sh-she said I was just some ugly half-elf and that I should never talk to her again!” Tiana wails, sobbing into your shoulder as you’re forced to comfort the woman.

Normally, you wouldn’t treat Tiana like a real person, but she’s been surprisingly helpful the last few days as well as extremely affectionate. Given the fact you’ve been going around banging married women, you would have thought Tiana would cause trouble, but she’s only worked in your favor. You even found out one or two nobles used their wives to approach Tiana for wife swaps, and she skillfully handled the situations where you weren’t inconvenienced. She even worked to put it in their minds that cheating on their husbands would be preferable to a swap.

Therefore, after sending Tiana to talk to Ariel, you are shocked to see her sobbing in tears. The other girls try to provide her comforting looks, but only Merida seems particularly sympathetic. The other women are cut from a rougher cloth and can’t sympathize too much with the idea that ‘words hurt’. Kida might say something like ‘yeah, but fists hurt more!’, while Snow White might wonder why Tiana didn’t pull out her spine after Ariel slighted her.

“That just doesn’t sound like Ariel.” Merida shakes her head in disbelief, the only other woman close to Ariel.

As to Merida herself, she plans to avoid Ariel and the king at all costs. They haven’t recognized her so far, but she technically is a deserter if you got right down to it. You used a little magic to make her harder to recognize earlier, so it shouldn’t be a problem. However, that didn’t mean Merida wants to get close to this impostor and test her luck.

“Exactly, that’s why it wasn’t Ariel,” You pat Tiana’s head. “I’ll get down to the bottom of this… err… tomorrow, I have some responsibilities tonight.”

The patting seems to make her happy, so you’re find with continuing to do it. Tiana seems to preen under your attention, becoming even more spoiled. However, she looks surprisingly cute when she’s being spoiled, so you’ll do it just this once.

“Are those responsibilities banging more married women?” Tiana suddenly asks mischievously.

Her cuteness level plummets in an instant. A pin could drop in the silence that follows and everyone present would hear it.

“I-is that true… yo-you’d rather bang flabby old married sluts than this virgin you own?” Rapunzel asks tearfully.

“Ah… commoner! You’re rubbing my head a little hard now!”

“So, so warrior is weak against old ladies… good to know.” Snow White snorts.

“That’s not true… it’s…. it’s just a phase!” Merida tries to defend me.

“Ow! You’re rubbing my head way too hard!”

“I know I’m inexperienced and broke the bed last time, but rookie doesn’t have to depend on betrothed women to find the skillset he needs. I will definitely work harder to learn properly!” Kida speaks to you pleadingly.

“Now you’re just pulling my hair. Stop! Stop, please spare me!”

You stand up, finally letting go of Tiana’s head as she rubs it tearfully. “I don’t have to take this kind of abuse! I’m going to go where I’m appreciated.”

You storm out of the room, leaving the six women gawking at you. They’re completely misunderstanding things! It has nothing to do with their experience or your personal tastes. It has to do with availability. Any of your harem you could fuck any time you want. These married sluts are only available while you’re here. You are simply having your cake and eating it too, which is the proper thing to do with cake, if you recall the proverb correctly.

In fact, no sooner did you come back to the mansion from the tournament than you found three separate seductive notes from various women wanting a rendezvous. One of them is Selena, who wants to meet you again behind her husband’s back this time. The other two came from the last two married woman in this mansion who have yet to taste your cock. They are called Keri and Christina, or so the names on the letters claim. You don’t really remember their faces, but it’ll come to you after you are balls deep inside them.

You don’t know if the girls are in cohoots, but they also ask you to meet seemingly in perfect intervals. As long as you don’t dally too much, you could afford to rendezvous and have all three women tonight. Maybe with some convincing you could get all five of the married skanks for some group fun. Perhaps that is just some wishful thinking, but you plan to enjoy the buffet while it is open.

You only are half way to Selena’s rendezvous when you turn a corner to come face to face with the person you don’t expect. It is Ariel, or rather the woman pretending to be Ariel.

“H-hello! You’re Riun’s leader, yes?” The voice sounds like Ariels as well, immediately putting a frown on your face.

“Yeah, I’m him.” You respond, eying the imposter suspiciously.

Ariel gives you a side look before she leans a bit closer. “I heard from some sources that a lot of the ladies here have been… enjoying your company immensely. They told me it’s big, is this true?”

True, she is acting a bit pervy like Ariel, but it still feels off to you. Before you broke Ariel in, she barely knew what a penis was, let alone what it did. For this woman to be enticed by dick, there is just no way that she is the princess! As you think these things, you stand in stony silence, which seems to only encourage this woman, who moves to the point where her chest would be smashed against yours, if she had the chest of the real Ariel.

“Would you like to come back to my place? Perhaps show me what it can do?” Her eyes flash excitedly.

You can’t help but raise an eyebrow as the fake Ariel hits on you just like all of the horny married women! What in the world is going on?

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The World of Women – Chapter 6

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“You… bastard!” The loud shout occurred the very next morning.

Madison, my eldest sister, was blond and blue eyed, which I was told made her take up after my father more than my mother. Unlike my younger sister, who had a plump youthfulness, Madison was tall, taller than me at the moment by half a head. She had long, thin delicate arms and legs, and wiry frame that came off as more petite despite her height on me. Her hair was made up in a single large fishtail braid that ran down the back of her neck, nearly reaching her butt.

I was reading in the library, trying to enhance my knowledge of this world. My previous twelve years of life had left me somewhat dumb. Men in this world didn’t need to know anything. If they could jizz, it was sufficient to succeed in life. For a person like me, that wouldn’t do. Thankfully, I had all of my collective knowledge from my previous life, or I would have been a complete idiot when it came to things like mathematics or critical thinking. Even so, I knew virtually nothing about this world I was reborn in, and so before I was sent to the academy at the age of sixteen, I wanted to learn as much as I could so that I didn’t have to feel stupid.

That’s how Madison caught me reading a history book that should have been four to five years outside my age range. Fortunately, the girl was too angry to notice things like what book I was reading. Instead, she stormed around the couch until she was standing over me, glaring down. Her light skin with barely any tan flashing deeply red that even revealed a few freckles on her cheeks.

I slowly sat up in my couch, discarding the book. I noticed that there was someone else hiding partially behind the door. She wore an anxious look as she watched the pair of us with one eye, while the rest of her body was hidden in the shadows of the hallway. I immediately understood what this was about by one look at Hannah hiding nearby. Had they somehow found out about what I had done to mother last night, then I didn’t think things would fit this particular arrangement.

Either way, I didn’t think mom would be so willing to reveal such a shameful act. Being seduced by her twelve-year-old son would be impossible for a woman to admit. She likely blamed herself, and would keep secret about the situation. She certainly wouldn’t talk to her daughters about it. Their relationship was already estranged as it were. If I could in the future, I should figure out a way to improve mom’s relationship with my sisters. Perhaps, in time, all four of us could share a bed together.

“What does my beautiful sister want?” I asked.

“Y-“ Madison’s tirade was stopped as soon as she heard the word beautiful, but rather than making her happy, her look soured further and she gave me a hateful glare. “How dare you do what you did the Hannah, you bastard!”

“Huh? What did I do?” I gave an innocent reply.

“You… won’t admit it?” My innocent looking face caused a moment of doubt to spread on Madison’s expression, causing her to look up at Hannah.

When I glanced back at Hannah, she was shaking her head tearfully. It was clear that Hannah had not shared any particular details with Madison. Furthermore, this confrontation was pushed forward by Madison, not Hannah. As to how much Madison did know, I couldn’t say for sure.

“I admit I kissed Hannah, but she’s my adorable sister, so why shouldn’t I kiss her?”

I downgraded my actions to a kiss. However, even so, Madison’s eyes flashed with rage at my admission.

“So, you confess! How dare you touch Hannah? Don’t you get what she’s been through?”

“Eh? What has she been through? Did something happen?” I gave a questioning frown.

“Don’t act stupid, you…” Madison became uncertain again upon seeing my very real confusion. “Mo-mother didn’t tell you?”

“Why did something happen? Wait, did a guy touch you!” I immediately sat up straight and turned to Hannah, not totally stopping the fury from reaching my face.

The protective look I gave confused Madison fiercely. Hannah squeaked and hid farther behind the door. It took me a moment to realize those words came more from my past self. The idea of another man accosting Hannah in this world was as likely as being struck by lightning. I quickly schooled my features, turning back to Madison, whose violent anger had diminished to a low boil.

“I don’t care what you know.” Madison finally said. “Hannah is off-limits!”

“Ah… but I need Hannah?” I said innocently.

My words were so light that Madison couldn’t figure out how to respond. Meanwhile, Hannah finally peeked out from the door, her eyes flashing with a weird light.

“Why… why do you need our sister?” Madison demanded with her arms folded under her chest.

“After my maid was dismissed, I don’t have any other playmates close to my age. Mom didn’t tell you?”

“Mom didn’t tell us what?”

“Last week, I was… raped.”

Madison’s eyes widened, and the traces of anger on her face immediately lessoned as she took a step back, putting her hand to her mouth. Meanwhile, even Hannah took a single step into the room, her hand reaching out towards me as if she wanted to give comfort before pulling away and hiding behind the door again.

“Raped? Th-the maid?”

I merely nodded. “Mother said the maid wanted my seed to have a baby. She… got on top of me… and did… things. When mom caught her, she said since the woman had awakened my manhood, she needed to finish the job. Ever since, mom said if I’m feeling aroused, I need someone to take care of it! She says if I don’t, my seed will be compromised. So, I grew confused, and when I saw Hannah there, I tried to do what mom told me. But then Hannah ran and I didn’t even get to release. It didn’t damage my seed, did it sister?”

As I spoke, my voice grew more petulant and tears started to fall from my eyes. By the time I asked the final question, I was already sobbing. Suddenly, guilt spread over Madison’s face. Men were men, after all. They were delicate creatures, and you had to take care of them. Sperm count was very important, and if Hannah’s circumstances had caused me to loose fertility or become impotent, there would be hell to pay.

My face fell into my hands as I cried, but it was only to cover the smirk on my lips. Even Hannah had stepped into the room, immense guilt on her face. Both girls were simply way too gullible! The men of this world might as well be unicorns for all the knowledge women had on them. I could say my penis will fall off in the next minute unless they bend over and take it, and they probably would! Still, I needed to keep my lies within reason, or they’d inevitably be caught. For example, mom never suggested I seek out my sisters to take care of it. Quite the opposite, she had told me to only touch my sisters with their expressed permission.

“I’m sorry to hear what happened. I know being a man is… difficult.” Madison was starting to get over her shock, the anger reasserting itself. “However, it still absolutely can’t be Hannah!”

“Ah, but all the maids are too old…” I muttered to myself thoughtfully, “Does that mean, the person I should find is Madison?”

Madison’s eyes widened and once again she took a step back in surprise.

“Ah!” The voiced protest actually came from Hannah, who reach out to Madison before pulling back again, however, she didn’t hide behind the door again, remaining near the couch to my right.

Upon hearing Hannah’s protest, Madison looked at the flushed Hannah, then me, then Hannah again, before giving a resolute nod. “Mm… if you need to take care of things, then I’ll do it!”

I nearly fell over when I heard those words. Could the sister who hates me really be a tsundere? I expected her to be the hardest nut to crack, but in a single moment I had gotten her to agree to take care of all my sexual needs? Of course, I also understood that talk was cheap.

“Sister… no. You don’t have to, I will…” Hannah’s voice started with strength before she suddenly blushed and looked down at her feet, one arm rubbing the other anxiously.

“If you’re willing to take care of it, then shouldn’t we get started?” I interject.

“Ah!” This time it was Madison who shouted. “What? Now? B-but… but… it’s not hard.”

Looking at my crotch out of the corner of her eyes, she pointed down deliberately and then straightened her back, as if the evidence she’d given was undeniable. Meanwhile, Hannah rubbed her hands together looking between the pair of us with an anxious look.

“True… not completely… but I need to know you can do it. If I come to you and you’re not willing, won’t that cause even more damage then? Thus, we need to practice now so there are no mistakes.” I explained calmly.

“You…” Madison shivered slightly, her hands tightening against her sides, but after a moment she gave a deliberate nod. “Hannah, please leave for now.”

The seriousness on her face quickly caused me to grow excited, however, my arousal was quickly dampered when Hannah stepped forward. “N-no… Madison. It’s not right. I… I must…”

Hannah looked down before revealing what she must do, unable to channel more strength.

Madison gave her a sympathetic look, walking over to Hannah and giving her a hug. “I know, Hannah, it’s fine. You don’t have to force yourself. I’ll never let anyone you don’t want touch you again.”

“Okay, what happened to Hannah? I want to know!” I demanded.

Madison shot me a hateful look, but when Hannah touched Madison’s shoulder and gave her a confirming nod, Madison could only sigh.

“Mom must have hidden it from you, but a few years ago Hannah was… she was also… molested…”

I immediately stood up, fury painted on my face. Who the hell touched my sister? I would kill them. Madison seemed put off by the belated rage, while Hannah merely cowered behind Madison. After taking a deep breath and nodding for Madison to go on, she continued.

“It was one of those lipstick lesbians. Those manhaters who run around wearing fake male parts and taking joy in molesting women. It was at a movie theater. I was supposed to go with Hannah but didn’t feel good so I stayed behind. Hannah really wanted to watch the movie so she went alone. Then… one of those creeps sat next to Hannah and started feeling her up. It was my fault, because I wasn’t there my little sister was molested. Those lipstick bitches… I hate them!”

Hannah touched Madison’s shoulder as if to say it wasn’t her fault, while Madison’s own shaking got even worse.

“Did… did this… erm… lipstick lesbian… stick that errr… fake male organ, in Hannah?” I asked, trying to grasp the level of the violation.

Madison turned her head. “No… but that was only because someone at school noticed her in the theater. A group of classmates saw her… and they also saw the lipstick bitch. Hannah managed to use the interruption to escape, but ever since, rumors at school call her a lipstick lesbian and she doesn’t have any friends.”

I winced at the words. They perhaps weren’t as bad as I had feared, but also not great either. These girls were young, and the cruelty of other children knew no bound. My little sister had been suffering, and I hadn’t even been aware of it. More than that, I seemed to exasperate the situation with my own presence. This must have just happened two years ago, which is why mom was so angry when I called Madison a lipstick lesbian back then. At the time, this crisis must have been fresh. Now, I had touched Hannah in ways that must have reminded her of back then, further upsetting her.

“I’m sorry…” I responded simply. “I didn’t know.”

Madison only sniffed. “Yeah, well now you do. Hannah, please go. I must take care of our brother properly.”

“No…” I said before Hannah could make another protest, causing both girls to look at me in surprise.

“No?” Madison asked suspiciously.

“I take it back, I don’t need Madison to take care of me.” I declared.

Madison gave a sharp look before letting out a breath and nodding. “Good, I’m glad brother is seeing reas-“

“Because, Hannah will definitely be mine!” I declared, pointing at Hannah.

‘Eh? Eh!” Hannah grew flustered as she stared at the finger pointing at her.

“Bastard! You have no shame!” Madison stepped between the two of us, her face flushed red with anger.

“What is shame? You’re the one trying to keep Hannah from properly fulfilling her sisterly duties!”

“Can’t you see that this stuff bothers Hannah? How can you be so insensitive?” Madison barked back.

“Yeah, bad stuff happened to Hannah, with a strange woman! I’m not a stranger nor a woman! Do you think that Hannah should just go her whole life afraid of touch? Should she never have a baby either?”

“That is something completely different! She already has problems at school, you want her to be known for sleeping with her brother?”

“At least no one would think she’s a lesbian.”

“Stop! Both of you!” The words weren’t loud, but Hannah seemed to force them out of her with all the wind she had, causing her face to turn flushed as she gasped for breath.

The pair of us both turned over to Hannah in surprise. During the argument, the distance between us had closed, and while we were yelling, we were nearly in each other’s faces. I didn’t realize how close I as to Madison until Hannah had broken up our little argument.

“Hannah…” Madison looked over guiltily, knowing that she was overstepping herself. “Please, you need to tell brother off once and for all. Only-“

Hannah raised her hand, silencing Madison before she looked at the both of us, her brow furrowed in frustration. “Brother… is different than that women.”


“I told you-“

“But!” Hannah’s voice wasn’t suited for being loud, and came off closer to hoarse. “But… brother must be patient with me. If he does, then Hannah will definitely take care of brother when he needs it!”

Madison’s expression fell, and she looked slightly pouty after Hannah’s determined resolution. As to what Hannah was thinking, I was not sure. Despite the sensitive situation, I had both sisters fighting over the right to satisfy me. As a brother, this naturally made me feel good. On top of that, my mother already agreed to satisfy my needs, so this was just extra gravy. Fortunately, the strained relationship between my mom and sisters would keep them from sharing details with each other. Was I being a little selfish? Possibly. But even if it blows up in my face, who’d ever blame a twelve-year-old for manipulating a bunch of older women?

Madison was angrier than I thought, because a second later she turned and stormed out of the room.

“Madison!” Hannah took a half step in Madison’s direction, but Madison had already left.

Hannah lowered her head, her hands hugging herself while she wore an expression that was hard for me to read. I wasn’t so vein as to think Madison was fighting for the right to sleep with me, but there was more to the story than I understood. Clearly, Madison saw herself as some kind of protector, and Hannah’s assertion of independence had offended her. I could only give a shrug. Trying to figure out what women were thinking was hard enough in a world full of men. In this world, it was helpless even trying it.

“Hey… Hannah…” I said, looking at the girl left behind by her guardian sister.

“Ah!” Hannah gave a little shout turning to me and realizing we were once again alone together. “B-b-brother, what do you need? Ah! That… right… I did say…”

I turned my back on Hannah. “I was only testing Madison. Like I said, I’m not really horny right now.”

That was a bit of a lie. Frankly, how close Madison got to starting to pleasure me had instantly aroused my interest. However, now that I knew Hannah’s issues, I also didn’t want to rush Hannah anymore. I had mother to take care of my other needs, so naturally, I could now afford to take my time with Hannah. In fact, I might stop by mom’s room tonight and release some more tension. She had already agreed to be my tension relief once, so it shouldn’t be difficult to push my mother down again. Perhaps, I’d take my time and enjoy her with a little more foreplay. I hadn’t eaten pussy since my wife in college. After we married, she wasn’t into it because she said it made her self-conscious.

While I was thinking about my next conquest, Hannah was trying to read the expressions on my face from the side. She had a worried look on her face, clearly deeply concerned about what I was going to do. I quickly schooled my face to hide any expression from her. I took a step towards Hannah. She jerked back, but after a second, returned, her eyes lowering as I came close to her. Her breath tightened and she started to unconsciously shiver. Even now, my dear 14-year-old sister was afraid of me.

I lifted my hand and patted her on the head. At first, Hannah jerked, but after a moment, her expression started to calm down. Finally, her eyes closed, and she even seemed to like my patting. I finally removed my hand and walked past her.

“Eh?” Hannah gave a surprised noise as she turned to follow me, now confused that I was leaving.

“What is it?” I asked, turning back and giving a gentle smile.

“Ah, it’s just… about… that…” Hannah pressed her fingers together, finding herself unable to find the right words.

“Hannah, do you love me?” I asked.

Hannah’s eyes widened as I spoke, but immediately she nodded. “Y-yes… of course… you’re my little brother… so naturally… I l-l-love…”

Her voice drifted off before she could finish that, her entire face blushing as she looked down shyly.

“What was that?” I demanded.

“I… I… I… love… little brother…” Hannah blushed even more, but she barely managed to get the words out hoarsely.

I leaned forward and kissed the blushing girl on the forehead quickly before she could react. “Then, don’t worry about it. We’ll be together forever.”

“F-forever?” Hannah seemed to be pondering the word like she didn’t understand what it meant.

“Plus,” I added as I walked away from her. “We’ll have plenty of time to try every position in that book.”

“Ah!” Hannah let out a cry, but I already turned the corner, not seeing as she grew flustered once again and blushed from embarrassment. I just couldn’t stop myself from teasing her.

After a nice dinner of steak and potatoes, nothing was too good for me as my mother always said, I went off to my bedroom to read. However, the history book I picked up was exceptionally dull. As a result, I quickly found myself drifting off to sleep. Sometime later, I heard a knock on my door. However, I was too tired to get it, so I decided to ignore it. That’s when I heard the door creek open.

I still wasn’t completely awake yet, the noises seeming to come distant. It wasn’t until I heard rustling and felt someone pushing down on the foot of my bed that my eyes finally flickered open. The dream I was having was a repetition of the previous night with mom, so of course my cock was sporting a nice erection, poking up in the sheets. However, when I opened my eyes, what I saw was not expected.


Madison was kneeling on the foot of my bed, looking like she was in the process of crawling up to me. What was more shocking was that she was wearing a dress. It was a very simple spaghetti strap white dress. It was very clear in this particular lighting that two little nubs were poking through her dress, indicating she wasn’t wearing a bra at all! Seeing me awake, Madison immediately crossed her arms , hiding her chest and looking away.

“Hmph! Don’t get the wrong idea. I won’t let you have Hannah. No matter what either of you think, I won’t let it happen. If I take care of it myself before you can run to Hannah, then you won’t be able to do anything about it!”

I considered I’d be stopping at mom’s room before the end of the night. But with the flushed Madison standing there in a cute summer dress. It looked like I didn’t have to.

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