The Power of Creation – Chapter 263

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“What is the meaning of this?” You shout at the dark elf receptionist, who is shooting you a dark look. “Where is my baby?”

“Your baby?” The dark elf gives a look of disgust. “You insolent man. That is a baby of the dark elf tribe. Your… contribution has been noted, but you are no longer needed!”

“Insolence? Why you little bit-“

“Benefactor, this is all just a misunderstanding.” Pocahontas tries to stroke your arm reassuringly, already on her feet thanks to the insta-birth. “I didn’t get a chance to talk to the Matriarch sooner. We just need to work these things out.”

“Work things out? With baby stealers?” You snort.

Pocahontas withers under your look. However, it is not just your look that she has to contend with. A large portion of the girl’s present looked forward to seeing the first official baby. They are all angry to find out their niece was taken from them before they could play with her. Even the usually tactful Aurora is seething. The lobby is filled with angry women, and even though the receptionist wanted to look down on you, she is also facing a mob of outsider women, which was much more difficult for her to ignore.

Tiana sniffs. “That’s all we can expect from her kind. Stealing…”

Pocahontas raises an eyebrow. “What do you mean by my kind?”

“Oh, you know, elves with black sk-“

“Okay, Tiana goes to the back of the mob.” You declare as several girls grab Tiana and throw her behind them.

“What? Eh? I’m just saying what everyone already thought!”

“Tiana! Reflect on your actions!” You declare, sweatdropping over the realization your dirty elf is also a bigot.

“Why is everyone shunning me? I don’t understand.” Tiana cries out.

“Racists never do.” You sigh, looking off for a moment before shaking your head. “Either way, she’s kind of right. They did steal my baby.”

“He agrees!”

Pocahontas waves her hands. “It’s just a misunderstanding. As soon as I speak with the matriarch, we can resolve this.”

“Speak to the matriarch about what, dear?” Someone suddenly declares, causing everyone to look at the door to the lobby.

A beautiful woman with white hair and dark skin is standing at the door. She doesn’t look much older than Pocahontas, although she has a lankier body like Tiana. Her body looks exotic, and something about her gives the impression of a wild woman. Her breasts are actually quite small, maybe B.  She has a retinue of about ten guards on either side of her and more just outside. As soon as the receptionist sees her, she immediately bows and keeps her head lowered. Pocahontas also gives a quick flustered bow.

“Master, I have managed to successfully have a baby. This man here showed me how to properly make babies. I was just coming to see you to suggest some reforms. There were many things you taught that were wrong–“

Pocahontas’s rush of words are stopped as the beautiful woman raises her hand. “That is all, sister, you have done well to bring the father and baby here. Matriarch will take care of it from here on out.”

“I don’t know about done well.” You say. “However, I know I made that baby, and I know you took that baby from me.”

The Matriarch’s eyes widen at being talked to so brazenly, and the women on either side lower their weapon spears at you, looking like they plan to fight. A spark shoots through your eyes as your crack your knuckles. These bitches who stole your baby are going to pay!

“You think you have ownership over a woman? This baby was carried to term by a dark elf. All you did was stick your dick in her pussy!” The Matriarch’s words held disgust.

Pocahontas gasped. “Matriarch! You know this? That’s how babies are made! If you knew, why were you telling us otherwise?”

The Matriarch’s eye flash as she turns to Pocahontas with a regretful look. “Ah… I had feared this would happen. It appears like her years traveling among the other races has corrupted my precious disciple. She has been tainted by the Patriarchy!”

Several of the nearby darkelves put their hands to their mouths and gasp. One shook her head like she was in denial. Not Patriarchy. They’re the worst!

“Matriarch, that’s ridiculous!” Pocahontas explains calmly. “I’m merely trying to inform the group how to have babies again.”

“Blasphemy!” One of the darkelves call. “We’re women, don’t confuse this situation with logic!”

“It looks like my poor little disciple is going to have to be re-trained on the wonders of being female. Start her brainwash- ahem… I mean her re-education immediately. She has grown too tolerant of the despicable men who should be whipped and kept in their places.” Matriarch sighs.

“You think?” You say aggressively, taking a step forward.

“As for this… man…” The Matriarch sniffs, taking a step away while looking down at you with disdain. “As he was able to make a baby, he clearly has something the other men were missing. Lock him up. He shall be used for sex. Every woman in the tribe is ordered to have sex with him. They’ll milk him dry. They shall sleep with him two, three, a dozen times until every woman is pregnant. So orders the Matriarch!”

The guards suddenly storm in, grabbing all the girls.

“Please don’t resist.” Pocahontas begs the other girls. “This is just a misunderstanding! A misunderstanding!”

Once someone grabs Aurora, she cries out in your direction, “Hero-san! Why are you suddenly looking so helpless? Can’t you resolve this peacefully with your magic?”

“I want to!” You cry out helplessly as your strength suddenly leaves you. ”I just can’t. Who would have ever thought that this Matriarch has a spell-nullifying… uh… necklace… sure, necklace… that weakens me completely. It’s my only weakness. Argh… if only I could fight back, but I just caaaaaan’t. Damn my weaknesses.”

“I do?” The Matriarch looks at the necklace on her chest and then her eyes brighten. “Ahem… I mean, of course! I knew that gypsy I bought this from wasn’t a scam-artist! This is a powerful artifact!”

“He has a weakness alright, but it’s not a necklace.” Mulan mutters with a frown.

You put on a look of struggle as the dark elves easily overpower you. As you collapse to your knees, you receive several extremely icy looks from the ladies behind you. It’s a testament to your own shamelessness that you’re able to withstand them.

“Is he fucking being serious?” Grimhilde asks, eliciting some awkward chuckles from the ladies, who still haven’t processed they’re being captured.

“Laugh now,” The Matriarch declares. “But once your man has been forced to service hundreds of beautiful dark elf women, you won’t be able to smile!”

“Who’s smiling?” You wipe the smile off your face. “I’m truly defeated by this powerful Matriarch and her powerful dark elves. I’ll have no choice but to be ravaged by women against my will. Oh… the humanity! Please, my harem… don’t think less of me after my supple body is ruined by these women.”

“I don’t think it’s possible to think less of you right now.” Ursula frowns.

“Only beloved would be so shamelessly lustful.” Medusa adds fondly.

“Guys…” Tiana speaks up. “I’m not racist. I just think black people are-“

“He’s seriously going through with it?” Aurora sighs as two busty darkelves pick you up and and pull you out of the room.

You are dragged away to the sex dungeon, while your harem follows, rolling their eyes.

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World of Women – Bonus Chapter Teaser

This is a teaser for the Volume 1 pdf which will come out on 10/31/2018. This is just Part I of V for the bonus chapters. This part is titled “Rose”. It’s free for patreon supporters of $5 or more and costs $5 for everyone else. The other four parts are titled “Morgan”, “Lyra, “Hannah”, and Madison. You can guess the focus of each one. Please note the “Alternative Ending” is still also $20 away from the stretch goal being met. This will be the last WoW chapter released publicly until the start of Volume 2.


“Awww… it’s a baby, can I touch?” a woman stepped out from her group of friends and asked excitedly.

Rose gave a tight nod as the woman reached out with her hands. She found that saying no always elicited a nasty look from women. A woman that didn’t let other women touch her stomach at will was just being pompous and full of themselves. It was just easier to tolerate the touching, even though it made Rose uncomfortable.

“Who is the father?” One girl asked excitedly.

“Shh! You don’t ask a woman that!” the third pinched her friend.

The one touching Rose’s stomach smiled and looked up excitedly. “Have you heard about the designer babies? Most of us ladies just have to take whatever man we can get to be our donator, but certain women get to pick the finest seed. Men who birthed the smartest and most fertile babies. They store it and give it to the ultra-rich!”

Rose gave a gentle chuckle, not wanting to comment on this strange woman’s ramblings, but one of the other ladies rolled her eyes. “That’s just crazy conspiracy theory crap. The government is struggling to keep up the sperm quota. That’s why the population is in decline.”

“It’s not in decline! That’s a myth! The historical data…”

“The historical data is paid by interest groups that want to jack up the price of sperm.”

“You know I heard that women are starting to reject sperm more and more. Where it used to take 1-2 applications, now it takes five or six times.”

“Isn’t it like $1,000 an application?”


“I heard they’re watering it down.”

“I heard they apply a placebo.”

The three girls in front of Rose rapidly fired off their conversation, switching the subject several times. Well, they were still young, after all. Rose had to be patient with the youth.

“So, what do you think? How many times did you need to get an application of seed?”

All three women were suddenly looking at Rose, causing her to blush. “Actually, I was impregnated directly by a man.”

“Ahhhh!” The three women all cried in surprise.

“Aren’t you really old?” The one on the right asked.

The other two pushed her back as Rose fought to keep her eyebrow from twitching.

“What our friend is saying is we’re totally jealous.” One girl said, giving an awkward smile. “I didn’t get a high enough score to get into Academy and finding a man now is really tough. I’m 22 and I’m already thinking of just saving up for a government application. It’s really cool you found a guy willing to touch you even though you’re old and… ah! I mean…”

“I know what you mean…” Rose couldn’t help the frown forming on her face, sniffing as she straightened herself. “Now, if you’ll excuse me, I was just buying something.”

Rose grabbed an item from the shelf. She didn’t really look at what item, she was just flustered and wanting to leave. She was at this clothing store in the first place because she no longer fit in her old clothing. It was a source of dread for her. She originally was already a little bit chubby because of her body type, and now she had gained a couple inches to her waist. As soon as the baby was born, Rose had every intention of starving herself to regain her pre-baby body. No, better than that. She’d get a hot body. She’d never have Morgan’s long legs, but she could have a nicer ass. She knew he always liked looking at Morgan’s body, with a little work, maybe she could…

“D-don’t be like that!” The woman who was touching Rose’s stomach said, stopping Rose in her thoughts. “If you know such a generous guy, maybe he would…”

Rose snorted, a sudden spike of rage and jealousy shooting through her. “You think he picks anyone? I’ll have you know that I’m his woman! Now excuse me, I’m going back… and we’re going have sex.”

“Eh? But you’re already pregnant and you look like that. Why would a guy…”

“Exactly!” Rose fired back. “Because I want to… that’s why!”

Rose turned around sharply as the three women were stunned speechless. A woman having sex with a man… because she wanted to? Only a small percentage of women would have the right to say that. It was embarrassing admitting it, but her Clyburn had a ravenous appetite, and even now he touched her. She wouldn’t have blamed him for turning away with disgust until she finally pushed out the baby, but Clyburn had continued to touch her. At first, she had thought he had wanted something from her. It took a conversation with Morgan before she realized the truth, the only thing Clyburn wanted was her.

“Thinks she’s better than us…” She heard the words as she left the aisle with these three girls. “What a slut.”

It soured her mood only slightly. In truth, she felt very privileged to have found a man like Clyburn. At first, it was just a fear of death. She wanted to be with Clyburn to ensure that she could live longer. Then, she had her cancer cured magically in a single session. The looming shadow of death was removed so quickly, that Rose had felt completely lost.

However, Clyburn was there like a beacon of light in that darkness. Men weren’t so rare in this world that Rose hadn’t met several. All of them had a certain attitude about them. It was the attitude of being detached from the world. Men didn’t care about anything except their own happiness. They looked at women as a means to an end. Clyburn… Clyburn was different. These little girls here just wouldn’t understand. They were just kids.

Rose gave a wry chuckle. Then again, the man who held her heart also was a kid, wasn’t he? Sometimes, his childishness and immaturity was readily apparent. She just wanted to smack his bottom and send him to his room. Other times, what he said come off as quite profound. It was almost like he had come from a completely different world than the rest of them. He lacked common sense but he was smart. He was childish, but could be mature. Rose’s heart started beating excitedly just thinking about him. That had to be the so-called love you only read about in stories, right?

The last nine months have been a dream for Rose. She didn’t even know what she expected when she was at the end of her rope calling Morgan. She expected to be thrown back on the street. If she was lucky, she’d have a vial of seed and luckier still, it would work and she’d be pregnant. She never expected to be able to live with her close friend. She never expected to reconcile their differences. She definitely never expected to have a sex life, and to be sharing that man with Morgan.

Of course, she had drawn the line at sharing. She and Morgan had never… done anything together with Clyburn. Although he had hinted at it a few times, Rose couldn’t imagine where his dirty mind had come up with the act. Still, Rose had no fantasies of being with Morgan. In fact, she still found herself a bit jealous seeing them together. If she actually was forced to watch them engage in sex, even if she was also engaged in fornication, she didn’t know if she could keep this up. The few times the pair had teased her was as close as it every got.

“Ma’am, is this what you want to buy?” A woman asked, holding the thing Rose had grabbed off the shelf.

When Rose saw it, her eyes widened and she gave a self-derisive look. Just where was her mind going at this time of day? Thinking about sex in public? Clyburn was quite content living a life of debauchery, and he was starting to rub off on Rose. She lowered her head and nodded, being more embarrassed to not buy the item she had grabbed. After getting it put into a bag, she fled the store. It was Clyburn’s fault for making Rose so naughty. She wanted to be mad at him, but every time she thought about him her heart just beat crazily.

The buzz on her cellphone brought her out of her thoughts just as she reached her car. She looked at the number before picking up. It appeared to be the mansion. Why would Morgan be calling her before noon. She didn’t know either her nor Clyburn to be morning people.

“Aunt Rose!” A distressed voice immediately shot over the phone, causing Rose to focus her attention.

“Cl-clyburn? Why are you calling?”

Rose was truly perplexed. Clyburn had almost no knowledge about technology at all. He couldn’t be blamed entirely. His mother had kept him away from technology most of his life. However, with Clyburn, it went a step farther than that. Rose didn’t understand it, but it was almost like Clyburn recognized technology, but had completely misunderstood how it was used. He knew there was a power button, but he didn’t recognize the universal symbol for on/off. When Rose got him a phone, he kept calling it by strange names like iphone and android. He even tried to talk to it. He named his phone Google! Or was it Bing? He called it both names and seemed disappointed that it didn’t respond back like a pet!

“It’s happening? Contractions! Regular! Oh, damn it, where’s the bag?”

“The bag?”

“Yeah… the bag! The overnight bag… didn’t we prepare an overnight bag? Why didn’t we prepare an overnight bag!”

He seemed to be talking with someone on the other side of the line. He seemed in a bit of a panic. Before Rose could think, the edge in his voice had concerned her. However, the word contractions stood out, and finally she let out a breath of relief.

“Are you saying Morgan is in labor?”

“Yes! Yes! You need to come to the hospital! Morgan… baby… it’s coming!”

A surge of happiness shot through Rose, however, it was immediately followed by hesitation. Rose should be happy that Morgan was having a baby. That was always a joyous event.  Rose herself was only a month away from having hers. However, she feared some of her happiness might be that once Morgan had the baby, Morgan would need to go to jail. That meant that Aunt Rose would have Clyburn all to herself until Academy. She’d have two months or so of time with him all to herself. Realizing the source of her happiness made Rose hesitate. Morgan was the friend and mother of her lover. She couldn’t bring herself to be happy that Morgan was being put in jail.

“Alright, Clyburn… just relax.” She said it for herself as well, burying her momentary spike of emotion for a better time. “I’ll head to the hospital now. Don’t you worry, I’ll let you know when the baby is born.”

“What? That’s not necessary. I’m going to the hospital too!”

“Wh-what!” Rose was truly surprised, and once again feared Clyburn was having another childish outburst and was trying to use this as an excuse to get out of the house.

She didn’t blame the boy for wanting to use any excuse to get out of the house. She personally thought Morgan had sheltered him a bit too much. However, it was exactly this sheltering that had made him unlike any man she had ever seen. No guy ever worried about a woman in labor. However, this cute boy was in a panic. Would he act the same way when Rose went into labor? For some reason, thinking about it made her heart flutter.

“Don’t you start too! This is my baby, I’m going!”

Rose felt somewhat withtaken by the determination in his voice. Despite his boyishness, it sounded assertive. It reminded her of their first time when he pushed her over the bed and had his way with her. Ah! She couldn’t think about those kinds of things right now or she’d have trouble driving!

“Okay. Brooke knows? She’s coming too?”

“Yeeess… I knoooow…” Clyburn gave an annoyed answer like he was being nagged by a parent.

All of the manly assertiveness he had gained was popped like a bubble by the next childish answer. Rose couldn’t help but grin as she considered him fondly. This was her man. He might be a little young now, but he would only grow more mature. It excited Rose a little more than she would have liked to admit imagining the man Clyburn would become. It gave her complicated feelings knowing that she was likely to still be in his life at that point.

By then, she probably wouldn’t be his lover. If Rose was anything, she was pragmatic. She understood that she already was an older lady, and by the time she was in her fifties, Clyburn would move on to other women. While Morgan had voiced the same expectation, Rose suspected she would have a lot harder time letting go. For Rose, it was enough that she’d be there to watch this man grow up. Being by his side and seeing him become a one of a kind that forged his own path, Rose considered this her blessing.

“Just relax, Cly, I’ll be there.” Rose ended the conversation.

Morgan would handle it. If for some reason, Morgan couldn’t handle it, than Brooke would take care of it. Although Morgan chose to act like a love-sick Academy girl around Clyburn most the time, she was a smart woman who knew what needed to be done. Brooke also wouldn’t take any of Clyburn’s shit, so the two made a good pair.

Rose got into her car and started it up, immediately heading towards the major hospital that took care of the city of Amaryllis. As it turned out, she was actually a lot farther away than the mansion. She liked to explore bazaars and factory outlets on the outskirts of town, and this one happened to be about a thirty minute drive out of Amaryllis. Thus, she expected to get there after Morgan and Clyburn were already there. She still worried about Clyburn. He seemed to have a tendency to get into trouble when strange women were involved.

Rose made it to the hospital in a timely manner. Without waiting another moment, she parked, got out and pushed her way into the waiting lobby for the labor unit. Instantly, she saw Clyburn there. She slowed her steps a moment as she saw him looking like a nervous wreck. He was pacing back and forth, and he looked something awful, wearing the stress openly on his face. As soon as he saw Rose, his eyes flashed and he immediately walked over to her.

“She’s inside. They told me I couldn’t be in there with her. It’s so ridiculous. Not letting the man be with her when she’s giving birth. Who’d ever heard of such a thing?”

Rose lips rose in a wry smile. Who ever heard of a man going into the labor unit with the woman? A man’s duty was to provide the seed. Once that was complete, they had no more relations to the baby or the baby’s momma. While Noah was a bit different, he still stayed far away from the hospital. He went out drinking with a male buddy. Knowing what she knew now, while Morgan was having the baby, he was likely banging some bar skank in celebration.

Of course, this is what made Clyburn so compelling to Rose. It was clear that he was a nervous wreck over a baby! Whether it was because of Morgan’s unorthodox methods of raising him, or some other strange reason, Clyburn was one of a kind. He was a father who cared about his baby so much that he was shaking. Rose wanted to kiss and hold him, her heart suddenly feeling warm.

“It’s okay, Cly, I’m here. I’ll go check on your mom in a moment.”

Rose looked around the waiting room worriedly. There were several other women in the room. Most of them were having a baby or were relatives of someone having a baby, so very few were looking at Clyburn with temptation. Most merely had curious looks. A few gave off an uncomfortable vibe, clearly wondering why a man is in the waiting room of a typically female domain. There is no rule that says men can’t be in a labor waiting room, but it happens so infrequently that there might as well be one.

Rose walked up to the receptionist. Unlike the other ladies, she was eyeing Clyburn while chewing on the end of a pen. She seemed like she wanted to engage him in a conversation. Although, his ragged appearance, his pacing, and muttering to himself put her off enough that even the temptation of a man couldn’t overcome it.

“Hello, Morgan Bonholdt?”

The woman turned and gave a smile. Rose felt only just a slight degree of hostility. The woman had seen Clyburn talk to her. Rose could only shrug. She was used to these kinds of icy looks. Older women shouldn’t be fraternizing with men. It was an expected rule in this world.

Even sixty year old men were surrounded by teenage beauties looking for his seed. What changed wasn’t the ages, but the quality of the beauties. This didn’t matter to most men of that age, a teen girl was a teen girl. The young fertile men got the Academy girls, the immaculate beauties with power, prestige, or intelligence. As they reached their twenties, they switched to career girls, Academy attendants that didn’t want babies to get in the way of their careers, as well as CEOs and other boss-type rich women. Then, it fell to the middle class by 30s. Attractive women who didn’t get into Academy or couldn’t afford Academy, and thus work blue collar jobs. 40s and 50s is when it started to the average looking girls. Men 60s and above typically targeted the poor women, the gold diggers, the moms who had a female daughter and already used up their benefits, women who lost their virginity already, those types… Of course, there were other factors involved, but that summed up the majority of it.

“Yes, she came earlier. She can only have one visitor at a time.” As she spoke, Clyburn took a step forward, opening his mouth. “Female… naturally, I apologize, uh… sir… but you’ll have to continue to wait here.”

Clyburn gave Rose a look and she could only respond with a shrug and a wry smile. Something about the way he paced with a scowl made Rose’s heart beat faster. It wasn’t how most men acted, that sort of dominating behavior was generally frowned on in public, but something in the back of Rose’s head screamed that it felt… manly. She wasn’t the only one. The receptionist couldn’t look at him anymore, turning away with a blush. A few of the girls were watching him too, feeling a little regretful that he wasn’t the father of their child. All of the pregnant women’s fathers were noticeably absent. This was normal, yet a few of them couldn’t help wonder what it would feel like if their baby’s daddy was pacing in the lobby while they were in labor. It was enough to make any girl blush and fantasize.

Rose fought the urge to sigh like an Academy girl over her first man and headed back into the hospital rooms. She quickly found Morgan’s room and stepped in. There was currently no one attending to her, but that wasn’t uncommon early in the labor. Since Rose had gotten pregnant, she had done a substantial amount of reading and knew of such things.

“Morgan, how’s it coming along?” Rose asked.

Morgan was taking a sip out of a Styrofoam cup of ice water. She turned and gave a smile.

“I’m fine. They’ve already had a spellman cast the numbing spell. This is my fourth baby now, I can handle it.” Her smile grew distant for a moment. “Although, you wouldn’t think that by Clyburn’s behavior. The nurse was complaining to me that my son was being a distraction and I should convince him to go home like a proper man!”

Rose couldn’t help but smile fondly as she considered it. “Clyburn is… different, isn’t he?”

Morgan smiled, but her eyes slowly gave a sad look. “I won’t be there for him… anymore.”

Rose sat at the foot of the bed, putting a hand on Morgan’s knee. “How long?”

“As soon as I check out of the hospital…” Morgan sighed.

“So soon!” Rose cried. “It seems cruel, to let you have the baby and then immediately take it away.”

Morgan put her arm down and touched the back of Rose’s hand. “The paperwork is finished. You’ll be Alyssa’s guardian for the next four years. I’ve set it up so everything is handled. Even in jail, my benefits should be delivered. If you can-“

Her voice broke as tears started to fall down her face.

“I know…” Rose raised her free hand and wrapped it around Morgan, giving her a hug. “You don’t have to worry…”

“-And about Clyburn…” Morgan sniffled. “You’ll look after him, won’t you?”

“Mm… I’ll take care of our man. I swear it.” Rose assured her.

Morgan nodded against her shoulder. “I know… I know you will…”

Morgan and Rose continued to hold each other for some time. It was when Morgan’s next contractions occurred that she finally laid back. Rose stayed with her, only checking on Clyburn once in the interim time.

“Is it out? Is she done?” Clyburn asked in a voice a bit loud for the lobby, causing several annoyed looks from the current batch of people in the lobby. “Where’s my baby?”

Rose held up her hand, almost laughing. “Easy, she’s at seven centimeters. She’s still got a few hours to go.”

After reassuring Clyburn two more times she fled the lobby room. His anxiousness was making her anxious. Things rarely went wrong with baby births. With a Spellmen nearby, it was near impossible for the birth to go bad. In the worse circumstances, they’d pull the reagents together to cast a teleportation spell, and bring the baby out that way.

It was another two hours until Morgan was pushing. Rose was nearby, holding her hand. Rose didn’t start a relationship with Noah until after Hannah was born. However, at the time of her first two pregnancies, Morgan was already headstrong and stubborn, and insisted on doing it alone. In fact, the only reason Rose was with her now was because Clyburn would have a heart attack if she didn’t report to him.

“Push!” The doctor said. “I see the top of the head, keep going.”

“Aaaahhhhh…” Morgan was covered in sweat, yet even in a hospital gown without makeup and breathing in pain, her face was beautiful. “Clyyyburn!”

She squeezed on Rose’s hand tightly as her entire body strained. Rose could only gulp, feeling a bit nauseous.  Unlike Morgan, she had never given birth. In a month, this is the same situation she’d be in. Would she be able to handle the pain? Clyburn was somewhat large in size, but it was northing compared to the baby head coming out. For a second, Rose felt darkness closing in. She was about to faint!

“I’m here, mother!” the door suddenly slammed open just as Rose couldn’t take it anymore.

The doctor and nurses turned to him in shock.

“A-a man!” One of the nurses cried in surprise.

“Get him out of here!” The doctor barked agitatedly as she turned back to focus on Morgan.

Two of the nurses went to block Clyburn, trying to edge him out of the room. However, he immediately noticed Rose’s state, her eyes closed and her legs shaking like they might buckle. With barely a thought, he walked forward, brushing the two nurses aside. They made cries of surprise as he pushed right through them. They were nurses who were used to patients who sometimes needed to be held down or restrained. Never before had they been so easily brushed aside.

This man was like a brick wall. One of the girl’s grabbed his arm as he passed, but he kept moving and pulled his arm from her grip. She could still feel the heat of it on her fingers. It wasn’t soft and smooth like a woman at all. It was actually really hard and bulging. It should have felt weird, but for some reason the girl couldn’t stop flexing her fingers as a blush formed on her face.

As the nurses were still reeling from shock, Clyburn made it to Rose just as she started to give out. She fell, but suddenly she hit something hard and warm. She looked up, and saw Clyburn with his arms wrapped around her.

“I’ll handle this, my Rose.” His words were smooth and gentle, and he turned and guided her back down onto a nearby chair.

“A man can’t be in here.” The female doctor looked up. “You’re in the way!”

“Doctor, do what you want after, but the baby is coming now and I’m here. This is my family, and I’ll be damned if I’m not there for them!”

The doctor stared at Clyburn for ten seconds before she finally nodded. “Fine, grab her right leg and hold it.”

Clyburn nodded and immediately went to his mother’s side. Morgan, despite the pain, gave a smile even as tears fell down her face. Clyburn was there! Her man was by her side while the baby came. This was something even Noah had never done. For some reason, she felt so happy she could burst.

“Push mother, breath. Hee, Hee… Ho… Hee, Hee… Ho…” Clyburn demanded.

Morgan finally started to focus as Clyburn looked deeply in her eyes. Unlike Rose, who seemed helpless standing next to Morgan, Clyburn seemed to almost take charge of the room. Where the doctor was doing the coaching before, it was almost like the role was taken over by him. It wasn’t clear who was the doctor and who was the visitor. Rose started to feel a warmth growing inside her. For the first time, she started to realize that Clyburn was a man she could rely on. It was an odd feeling. A good feeling.

The nurses also felt lost as Clyburn continued to speak. “Keep going! Its head is almost out. She has blonde hair like Madison! Push, get the shoulders out!”

“Aahhhhhh!” Morgan let out a cry and Clyburn leaned in and kissed her on the lips.

The last push sent the baby coming out, a moment later a messy baby was in the doctor’s hands. She pulled out the umbilical cord while a nearby nurse handed her scissors.

“Can I cut it?” Clyburn asked.

“Eee… okay?” The doctor was very flustered, her eyebrows lowered in a contemplative look.

The nurse hesitantly handed scissors to Clyburn and he cut the cord. A nurse took the baby, sealing the cord as the doctor worked on Morgan. Clyburn’s eyes followed the baby, moving over to the side counter where a Spellmen casted some kind of spell on the baby. As he walked up to the nurses, the doctor shook her head.

Never in her life had she ever seen a man act this way. It left her feeling complicated. She was very annoyed by his actions, but at the same time she felt something deep down that she had never felt before. It was a feeling like what he was doing was right, like perhaps it was meant to be this way. Men and women… working together, even at a time like labor, a female only activity. A few of the nurses in the room were starting to look at him fondly, their eyes twinkling as they wondered what it’d be like if he was their baby’s daddy.

Clyburn ignored all the looks, and as soon as the nurses allowed him, he held his baby. This was the first baby he had ever had. This was his daughter, whom he made with a beautiful woman he loved. This was his family. Clyburn’s eyes twinkled as he brought the baby over to Morgan, lying the baby on her chest while still hugging her.

“This is our baby.” Clyburn said, his eyes moist.

Morgan looked up at him, and the two hugged with the baby held to both of them as they looked affectionately into each other’s eyes. Rose stared longingly at this scene. However, she wasn’t the only one. The nurses and doctor had all stopped working. They were all staring at this pink scene in front of them. It was a simple scene. A man. A woman. A baby. Yet, the nurses and doctors had worked in the labor unit for years. They had delivered thousands of babies, yet they had never seen a scene quite like this one. It felt right. Only one thought went through the mind of every person present.


The Power of Creation – Chapter 262

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You quickly take Pocahontas to the resort with the rest of the harem in tow. The dark elves inside the resort are shocked when a group of nearly thirty people suddenly storm in the lobby. They nearly faint when they see one of theme is the famed disciple of the Matriarch, holding her clearly pregnant stomach and breathing hard. You rent a room and shortly after get Pocahontas lying in bed. What you don’t see is the receptionist magically contacting the tribe shortly after you leave.

Once you make it to the room, Cinderella takes over and kicks most of the girls out. Only the former mothers Aurora and Merida are allowed to stay. Medusa, of course, has also had many children. However, after asking when the egg is coming, you decided it is best if she isn’t involved.

“Ahhh, it hurts!” You cry out, “Stop pinching me so hard!”

Although Pocahontas is having the baby, she is holding your hand and every time she has a contraction she ends up pinching you. Naturally, you’re tough enough to not be truly hurt, but there is a glint of pleasure in Pocahontas’ eye whenever she causes you pain. What you’ve heard about the dark elves so far has convinced you that she must be a sadist at heart. Oh well, you act like you’re in pain and it helps relieve Pocahontas’ anxiety. The things you do for your women.

“It’s coming.” Cinderella nods assertively after pulling her finger out and snapping off her gloves.

The two mothers who are acting as nurse’s aids give a nod.

“I hope this one is a bit smaller than our daughters.” Aurora sighs while Merida nods in agreement.

You let out a cough, remembering that Anna and Elsa were sixteen year old girls the day they were born. Suddenly, you become very curious exactly how that worked. Two sixteen year old girls coming out between each of their legs! Frankly, you struggle to grasp that logic!

“Uh… about that… as to Anna and Elsa…” You find yourself asking

Aurora snorts. “They were 9 pound babies! Ariel was only 7 pounds!”

“Please, pounds? Much of the audience is on the metric system!”

“Oh, um… Ariel was 3.2 kg, and Anna and Elsa were 4.0!”

“Ah, ah, ah, now for the Spanish readers.”

“Anna y Elsa pesan 4 kilogramos.”


“The point being…” Aurora gives an annoyed look at your attempt to be more inclusive. “They only grew after they came out. It would have been impossible to birth them at full size!”

“Oh… I knew that.” You blush, looking away.

“Besides, they already destroyed our vaginas enough as it is.”

“Wh-what? Destroyed?”

Aurora nods sadly. “Of course, the baby coming through naturally causes tearing in most cases. My pussy has never felt the same since I had my baby.”

“B-but, I healed you!” You declare.

Merida shrugs. “Even so, the damage goes beyond simple healing. I can’t hold my bladder as long. It… doesn’t look the same. Once Pocahontas pushes out something the size of a bowling ball, naturally there will be changes.”


“Look at it this way, Hero-san, when you used us earlier as pussy canons, it was my pussy that gave out the quickest. Oh… in my youth, I could have squirted for hours like my daughter, but now that I had babies, the plumbing just doesn’t work like it used to.”

Pocahontas pats you reassuringly. “It’s okay, Benefactor, even though my pussy will be broken, you can still have what is left.”

“This doesn’t even get into the horrors of labor that darling missed last time.” Cinderella adds. “It’s very bloody and load. Merida even pooped a little during her labor.”

“Wh-why would you tell him that?” Merida cries out.

“And the baby comes out covered in blood and mucus. The vagina bleeds from the tearing. It’s quite messy. The babies look like dried up prunes, their faces all crunched up and ugly. They don’t get that cute baby face until at least a month.”

“Cinderella, dear, you may want to stop talking, hero-san is looking like he’s about the pass out.” Aurora tries to give you an encouraging look.

You stare blankly for a moment. Well… that’s enough of that.

“Oh, look, the baby has come!” You hold up your beautiful baby girl with dark skin and two little elf ears.

“Wh-what?” All the girls spin to Pocahontas, whose stomach is now flat again.

“Ah, well, I decided to speed the boring parts along, so now the baby is out and that’s the end of that.”

Pocohontas, who was previously in the middle of labor pains, suddenly feels right as rain. She pokes her stomach a few times, her lips pursed in a slightly displeased manner.

“I-isn’t this a little anticlimactic?” Merida asks wryly.

“What is Merida talking about?” You laugh, only sounding slightly hysterical. “This is our baby. She’s a beautiful baby. No blood and gunk at all!”

“Also, no umbilical cord?” Aurora asks.

“I cut it.”

“Uh… Okay, but where is-”

“I cut it.”


Merida looks down at the baby. “Does this look like one of those three month old babies bad plays use that automatically comes out dry and in a blanket?”

“You’re imagining things.” You shrug. “This is my little baby girl, Colette.”

The girls all sigh, giving up as the possibly long lasting labor is instantly resolved with magic. Considering you were distracted and weren’t able to see the baby coming out last time, this is fine with you.

“Perhaps, give them over to a nurse to inspect?” Cinderella offers.

“Ah, of course.” You hand her over to a dark elf nurse nearby.

With the baby free from your hands, you relax a bit and sit next to the bed, grabbing Pocahontas’s hand.

“I hope you’re not mad I took away your thunder.” You smile wryly.

Pocahontas shrugs. “It is fine. If my body is not too stressed it only means you can make more babies with me immediately.”

“More? Right now?”

“Of course, we must repopulate the entire dark elf race. This is the first baby in fifty years, it will be treasured by my tribe.”

“Ah, okay… but she’s going to grow up in Riun with us, right?” You ask cautiously.

Pocahontas seemed to hesitate for a second, but when she looked into your worried eyes she relaxed and nodded. “Of course, my benefactor. Once I speak to the Matriarch, perhaps we can move the whole tribe to Riun.”

“Good, that would be the best.” You nod, happy that there is no conflict.

“Actually, before we make the next one, may I see the baby now? I would like to hold it.” Pocahontas asks gently.

“Of course, I handed it to the dark elf nurse-“

You look around the room, finding a complete lack of dark elves besides Pocahontas. The nurse is mysteriously absent, and so is the baby!

“I was wondering this as well.” Cinderella spoke into the ensuing silence. “When did we get a darkelf nurse in the room?”

You stand up. “Oh, you got to be fucking kidding me.”

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The Power of Creation – Chapter 261

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“My man can’t even satisfy me anymore.” The darkelf sighs.

“Hah? You still complaining about that? Don’t you know all men have small dicks and barely can satisfy? The Matriarch says that it is because men are so weak and pathetic that they became that way,” her companion responds.

“Still, I wear the strapon and fuck his ass… and he acts like he doesn’t even like being pegged!”

“Hmmm… have you tried using a whip on him?”

“A whip… nipple clamps, I even did what the Matriarch suggested and stepped on his balls. He cried in a corner and then ran to his male friend’s house. I think my man is broken.”

The other woman nods thoughtfully. “This may be true. My man always gets hard when I stick it in his butt. His little pecker is so cute, sticking out an inch like it wants something. Sometimes, I flick it with a ruler. Once while we were going at it… he even leaked some white stuff.”

“White stuff? Are you sure he didn’t have an infection?”

The woman shrugs. “I don’t know, I made him eat it all and clean the mess with his tongue. Maybe it’s because of that white stuff comes out that he can’t get me pregnant!”

“Possibly… but then again, how many pregnant women have there been? If we dark elves didn’t have extremely long lives, we’d be extinct by now. There hasn’t been a new baby in 50 years! Do you think… maybe… the Matriarch has something wrong…” The darkelf suggests quietly.

“Blasphemy! Sister, make sure the rest don’t hear this talk. Our Matriarch is a hero. Before she came, female dark elves were captured by humans and demons and used as sex slaves while the men did nothing but fight back to their deaths! She managed to trade back and recover all of our women, not that the men ever did anything to help but die in battle a sell themselves for tedious lives working in mines! I say, good riddance. What do men ever do but die for our freedom/life? A man gives his life in service to you and suddenly thinks you owe him respect and courtesy? As if!”

“That’s what I’m saying, isn’t the men fighting to save women sort of… I don’t know… heroic?”

“No! It’s just because male lives are useless and expendable! Matriarch says they used to use that excuse to oppress women. so now, they can fight in battles and do all the heavy lifting and hard work and get nothing in return, as it should be! It’s all they’re good for anyway. Besides, after Matriarch’s policies went into effect, most human, demi-human, and demon men won’t even look a darkelf woman in the eyes. Clearly, the policy works. Men truly are learning their proper place.”

“I heard from some outsider women though, that men can actually use that small thing in the front and give the women pleasure?”

The darkelf looks over at her friend in disbelief and shakes her head. Every once in a while all darkelves start having these kinds of ‘what if’ thoughts. The truth is, other than the fact that there are no babies, the system works. Besides, the Matriarch has sent her best student, Pocahontas, away a year ago to solve this pregnancy problem. The darkelf has full confidence in the Matriarch as well as the one the Matriarch chose. She will return and fix their problem.

“It’s too small… and floppy.” The darkelf sighs, trying to stop her friend from thinking more blasphemous thoughts. “Just face it, even if there was a man out there who had a thing large enough, wouldn’t it hurt going in? Don’t you remember Nakoma? She decided to stick one of the stapons in her and she said it bled and hurt really bad!”

“Yeah… but then didn’t she start using it daily and having her husband wear it and peg her… but in the other hole that isn’t her ass?”

“Until Matriarch punished both of them,” the dark elf explains like she’s speaking to a child. “Now they wear those painful looking chastity belts with the teeth. Remember what she said, dildos are for male asses, one must never stick it in a ladies parts, that’s not what they’re there for.”

“What is it there for?”

“Haha, that’s where the baby comes out…” the darkelf shakes her head at the dumbness of some youth. “Just don’t keep taking this way unless you want have to wear leather gloves just to wipe.”

The other elf shivered, looking afraid for a moment. The darkelf gave a relieved breath, hoping that putting a little fear in her friend would keep her from asking too many questions. Asking questions was what dumb people did. A lot of the darkelf men had been asking questions lately, but that’s because men are dumb. The whippings naturally had to increase until the male unrest ended.

“What about our beach resort?’ The other darkelf gave one last attempt to argue. “It’s failing now. We’re guarding the dock for any travelers, but we haven’t had someone visit BDSM beach in ten years. The economy of the dark elf village is failing. I seem to remember men and women there, and the human women didn’t look down on or hit the human men.”

“Humans are weird.” The darkelf explains. “And besides, we’re just getting out of the resort trade. We have other manufactured goods the Matriach is starting to sell to help recover our economy.”

“Like what?”

“Surplus whips and chains.”

“Isn’t it weird that we have a surplus of those?”

The darkelf gave an aggravated sigh, finally having enough of her friend’s quandaries. “Look, you’re my friend, so I’ve entertained your conversation, but you mustn’t keep this up or you’ll end up worse off than the men! We do what we do because it works. Things aren’t going to change. We’re not going to stop beating and pegging men, and the birth rates aren’t going to recover, as assuredly as this beach resort is never going to see another outsider-“


A large blast of a horn immediately causes the two darkelves to turn out to sea in surprise. Through the rolling fog, a ship suddenly comes into view. It is an odd looking ship, mostly because it is moving despite not having any sails or oars. It seems to be pushed by magic. As it gets closer, the expression on the girls grew incredulous. The ship looks dilapidated. It looks like it has been through a war. It is covered in burns, stains, and various other damage.

“Th-that looks like the stuff my husband released I was telling you about.” The darkelf mutters in surprise.

The entire deck is covered in this congealed white gel. It is like the ship has run head first into a giant white slime, which proceeded to burst all over the deck. The ship pulls up, and a platform is put down. Almost immediately, non-darkelf women begin walking off the ship. Their conditions are dreadful. They stumble down like zombies, as if their legs don’t quite work right. Occasionally, one of them will spasm, grab between her legs, and let out a cute moan. Did she need to pee? The dark elves don’t understand.

The women each look distraught. Their skin is milky smooth, but their clothing is hard and wrinkled in strange positions. Their hair is stuck in strange positions like they had put on hair gel and forgot to comb. They have bags under their eyes, and they look completely haggard.

“Six hours… he did it for six hours. I thought I was going to die…” a red-headed flat-chested girl says tearfully.

A big-breasted woman that looks like her sister pats her head, not taking any liberties, clearly as distressed as her sister.

The first one to reach the bottom in front of the two dock guards was a demon woman with a spade tail.

“Bath… we need baths… not made out of milk or cum or anything white for that matter…”

The darkelves wordlessly point to the reception area of the resort, too stunned to answer these women. Are these refugees from some war? Wait, one girl is skipping off the ship laughing. As she passes a woman that looks to be her older sister, she squeezes her butt affectionately.

“Not now, Ariel, mother’s pussy is spent.” The older woman says this like a lover in bed who just isn’t in the mood, so casually that it is clear this isn’t the first time she has said these words.

“Ahhh…” Ariel looks disappointed, but then runs over and starts harassing a pale-skinned elf girl, who resists, but seems strangely into it.

“Lesbians?” the dark elf asks her friend, who shrugs in confusion.

“A pregnant woman!” The other dark elf points excitedly.

It would be considered a rude thing to do, but it is so rare to see pregnancy in the village, that even though this is a human, it got the dark elf excited. However, trailing behind her was a second pregnant woman, and this one caused both of their eyes to pop out and their mouths to drop. With her hand on her back, the dark-skinned pregnant woman slowly makes her way down, when she reaches the bottom, she gives a gentle smile to the other two women.

“Pocahontas reporting back. As you can see, I’ve succeeded.”

“Yeah, you have…” A man they didn’t notice before wraps an arm around her, holding Pocahontas affectionately before looking at the guards. “Hey, do you guys do ship detail? Eh… you’re going to need a lot of mops, in a strange twist, the deck is actually covered in semen, not to be confused with seamen. It’s going to need some thorough scrubbing.”

“A man dares to touch a woman without her permission and look us in the eyes?” The dark elf hisses, reaching for her whip.

“No!” Pocahontas holds out her hands, “It’s okay if he touches me. He found the way to impregnate me. He has taught me many things. He can solve our fertility problem. He’s even helped me continue along my pregnancy. He used my pussy as a canon for six hours. I would never think of this, but the continuous orgasms has succeeded in causing me to start contractions. There is much to discuss, but it’ll have to wait. My contractions are becoming regular.”

The two darkelves give confused looks as they look at the pair in disbelief.

“Yes, I totally did that to help you along in your pregnancy, wait, Eh?” The man suddenly hears what she says, “You mean you’re-“

Pocahontas nods with a smile. “The baby is coming.”

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