LOTA CH30 — Uneven Servitude

『 So It Is You Who Has Resurrected This Great One From The Shackles Of Death. 』

The flow of time seems to have stopped between the two of us. Two different beings, different in almost every aspect, somehow encounter one and another. The dragon with its long neck carrying its head on top stares right through me as if it knows everything, where none of my hidden secrets will be left unrevealed, as it slowly judges me from within, and assessing my worth.

Its eyes flicker and there is taunting amusement behind them.

『 Hooo… Interesting. There Is Something Different About You. 』

It must’ve observed something within me. Is it mere wonder? Inferiority? Or maybe the black hole in my heart?

『 The Essence Of Divinity. It Lingers, And Perpetual. Yet You Are Unmistakably A Human. 』

The essence of divinity inside the likes of me? Surely, you jest. Why would an idiot like me have that?

Its sharp gaze never deviates to anywhere other than me, the dense air combined with its sheer size that leaves no empty space, fills the room with its sheer pressure. But I’m indifferent.

『 I Sense That You Are Unafraid. Loosen Even. Have You Seen Dragons Before? 』

Indeed. An ancient dragon at its full glory, with its impenetrable full-scaled reptile-like body, revered and frightened by anyone and right in front of me is right in front of me. Additionally, its mesmerizing, beautiful crown on top of its head must’ve meant a great deal as a status symbol.

A legendary almighty dragon. God amongst dragons, as what it said before. But how come I’ve never heard of the name Naga before?

Nevertheless, it does bring the question of how come I can always stay calm in front of a supreme being.

「 In a sense, yes. 」I answer as I look upward to the dragon with its head held high.

『 None Of My Fellow Dragons Ever Dares To Face Directly At Me. Even More So Of An Insignificant Being Such As Human. 』

 「 Are you by chance the same blood as the Raiyuu Race? 」I immediately ask, thirsting to quench my curiosity of this ancient dragon’s origin.

『 You Sure Are Brave, Human. To Compare This Great One To An Inferior Dragon Race That Of The Raiyuu. Countless Of Their Kin Lost Their Worthless Lives Challenging My Supremacy. Or Any Other Dragon Race That Foolishly Dares To Face Against Me!

Those last few words literally spat out from its mouth, causing small earthquakes throughout the room. After gaining a bit more composure the dragon snorts. Twin column of steam emits from its nostril.

The dragon has a way about them, might and grace. Even in the state of blazing fury, where it leaks out for all to see, its stoic posture is still maintained, causing its rage to be withdrawn soon afterward. A calm composure with lurking vigor underneath its appearance.

『 I Was Once The Revered Naga From The Sacred Mountains. I Am My Only Kin — The One And Only Naga. Yet For All My Might, The Mandate Of The Heaven Is Still Mightier, And Calls Upon Rains Of Colossal Meteors That Annihilate Every Creature, Including I.  』

The dragon smirks, its eyes gazing bore through me once more, as it continues to reminisce.

『 All Things Come To An End. Such Is The Way Of The World. I’ve Accepted My Fate As I Face The Descent Of Those Meteors. Welcomed Even. Now Imagine My Surprise When This Great One Becomes Alive Again. What’s More, It Is Thanks To A Human Being. 』

That human must be me, contempt in the word “human”. Considering its background which is highly likely to be back at the Ancient, Verum Shihi Era, where humans are at the bottom, it is reasonable.

「 Then you should be quite dissatisfied with being faced with such an insignificant being. 」

『 Do Not Worry. You Are Undeniably My Creator. I Will Show Respect Where It Is Due. 』

The once high serpentine-like neck is now lowered, its head touching the ground. Its eyes closed. Subservient in posture, though noticeably reluctant.

Five seconds merely pass by and it lifts its head back again already.

『 Now Then. What Is It That You Seek For In Summoning This Great One, Human? Is It To Use This Great One’s Power To Conquer The Whole World?  』

A bold question. Understandable, coming from a supreme ancient dragon. But a wrong question to ask to a fool that is me.

「 I’ve never — ever, wished to conquer the world. I don’t have any particular reason to summon you. Besides, I’m sure you don’t want to be tied with me. 」

『 You May Say That. But An Eternal Divine Soul-Bond Has Formed Between Us. With Me At The Mercy Of Your Whim. 』

With delicateness and concentration on the sensation within my deep inner-self, indeed, there is a new bond — a woven string of arcane mana that connects me with the dragon. It connects rather deeply, which could conclude that it touches both of our abstract souls. Similar to that slave collar, but much more powerful, rigid, and unbending.

Considering the connection between I and the shadow minion, or should I say Adsignatos, what the dragon said is true. This mighty, ferocious dragon will heed to any of my commands…

What kind of joke is this?

I’ve only assumed the purple room’s purpose is to grant me a more powerful mindless loyal shadow minion, not a legendary ancient beast.

Heck, what’s the purpose of getting more power? At the end of the day just like what Elras said, people would only flock to that power or wealth. Not because of who I am.

Whatever it is, the dragon needs an explanation.

「 I have never intended to bind anything, much less an almighty dragon. This is pure accident. 」

『 Calling Forth This Great One Is Almost An Impossible Feat. Even More So Unintentionally. 』

The dragon must’ve doubted me, but what can I say other than it is purely random chance?

An explanation is due, so I point to the swords on top of the altar.

「 I was exploring around a human-made temple ruin and came across those words, where it emits arcane-like mana. Instinctively I know something special from it and my inner-self guides me to place it into the altar where it leads to your summoning.  」

『 So. These Swords Are The Cause Of My Reincarnation. The Same Swords I’ve Blessed To A Puny Human Who Carelessly Lost To My Domain. The Trace That Remains From It Must’ve Allowed You To Summon This Great One. 』

Blessings? That raises a lot of questions. Is it similar to the《School of Enchantment Magic》?

「 So What happened to that human? If the swords are truly blessed by you, how come when I’ve first come across it, it seems to be untaken care of? 」

『 Do You Think This Great One Care An Insignificant Human? Make No Mistake. That Blessing Was Done Out Of Pure Whim. To Avoid Unneeded Bloodshed That Will Taint My Domain With The Fetid Human Blood. 』

 「 Is there a way to release you? 」

『 What’s This? My Creator Being Benevolent? This Great One Appreciates It But That Would Be Unnecessary. For Even If There Is A Method, My Whole Existence Is Tied To That Bond Of Yours.  』

 「 So you are stuck with me? I am sorry in advance. 」

History doesn’t repeat itself. But it often rhymes.

The fact that I managed to send Sian-, no, Hyledd off doesn’t mean I’ll be able to avoid going down the same path once more. And this time I won’t be able to cut ties to solve my mess. Is it the fate in the works that runs the gears of the making of this encounter? Whatever it is, it’s definitely not welcome. For nothing good comes out of it. In the end, this eternal tie will be broken, where it won’t fulfill whatever its purpose, on my end or the dragon’s end.

Stuck in a forced relationship that will end badly. Even more so with this almighty dragon as a vassal, serving to a mere human.

There needs to be a change. Remember, Ryo; true love doesn’t exist.

With that statement in mind, something new comes to mind. A foundational view to base towards this weird relationship.

Cold and proper.

This servitude will only be kept on the basis of honor, duty, and respect for one another. Nothing more, nothing less. With no feelings attached.

「 But at least I can release you physically, right? 」I ask the dragon, this will be the first step towards that.

『 You Could. But This Great One Would Rather Not Blemish Her Scales In The Murky Excuse Of Mana Outside Your Domain Without Good Reason. 』

Ah. I forgot that the cause of proper dragon extinction is not just due to meteor rain. But also the lack of available mana in the air afterward. Its immense dragonic body, full of life and power definitely takes a lot of mana to function properly.

Damn, so that’s the fate of this dragon? To be caged inside this sky-palace with nowhere to go for most of its time?


A voice from the inner within comes to me, infiltrating my thoughts. It sounds familiar, and it came from the outside. Professor Meyer’s voice. Times up from the looks of it, he must be searching for me.

「 Sorry to break it to you, but I must leave. I will be back in a short time after I’m done with what I need to do. 」I say with a tinge of shame of having to leave it alone.

『 Your Excessive Worry Is Not Needed. Centuries Of Solitude Is A Normal Occurrence For This Great One. Now Go And Do What You Must.  』

Centuries of being alone…?

I was about to pity this dragon, but I don’t have the right to say that. Who knows, maybe ancient dragons are just built differently.

「 Feel free to explore the palace while I’m gone. I hope you find your time here enjoyable. 」

Without further ado, I immediately conjure a magic spell to leave this sky-palace. And naturally, drowsiness comes to me as I close my eyes…




「 Renald, where are you at?! 」Professor Meyer shouts, from what seems to be outside the room I’m in.

I wake up from my nap that feels like ages from interacting with the dragon, but I’m sure it’s only been a while since I was awake.

「 I’m here, professor. 」

「 Ohh you’re here. Find anything interesting in this room? 」He says as he comes into the room.

There’s nothing much in this room honestly, broken porcelain and plain old heavy dust. And other weird dust that feels organic… Maybe this is a food storage room? Still, nothing special.

「 I’m sure what you’ve seen answers your question.  」I say with a bit of a smirk.

「 Just because they are not the bountiful gold or treasure that we’ve encountered in the other room, doesn’t mean they don’t hold any historical value. I need to research further. Don’t judge on face value, Renald, 」professor Meyer soon replies, facepalming.

I guess he’s right. I almost forgot the main reason for this expedition in the first place. Archeological research. That dragon encounter must’ve taken a toll on my mind…

With noticeable excitement from his attitude, professor Meyer, ready to examine this mundane room with a magnifying glass in his hand. The opposite of me who’s going to go out of the room.

He really is very enthusiastic in history, even when it is highly assumed to be a human temple ruin instead of a dragonic ruin. But then again, there was that dragon statue…

「 What are you doing, human?! Make yourself useful and help us carry these legacy items up to the surface! 」Dae Sho shouts out of nowhere, being an annoyance as always.

He’s already out from the treasure room. In both of his hands is holding a chest that must’ve been filled with gold and a sling bag with what seems to be a big scroll leaking outwards from it. He’s already decked out in foraging or looting the site’s treasures huh?

Looks like my job is now to help this devil in carrying the items we’ve found.


『 Hooo… So This Is What’s Left Of The Great Dragon Race. Quite Shocking Indeed. For The Dragon Race To Be Reduced To Little Mere Humanoids. 』


A thought magically comes to my mind, as I help Dae Sho carry the heavy chest. Must’ve been the dragon. This telepathy system works similarly to that of Adsignatos from the seems of it. With the added ability for the dragon to be able to notice my surroundings. There needs to be more research on this, considering my privacy is greatly at risk, but for now, the dragon seems to be in the need of a conversation partner.


Are you ashamed of what now happened to your descendants? Or what the dragon race has now become?

『 This Great One Could Care Less. The Dragon Blood May Flow In Their Veins. But They Are Not My Descendents. That One Resemble The Mervyn Kind And The Other Two Resemble The Tian Kind. I Am My Own Kin — The One And Only Naga. 』


「 Too bad you won’t be joining my class any longer. Teaching when you’re one of my students was surprisingly, very enjoyable. 」

Professor Meyer said, from behind. That’s pretty quick.

「 Such is the way the academy works, professor. 」I respond,「 but I will still be around campus if you need my assistance or help. Although I’m not sure if I have spare free time to do so. 」

「 Senior Meyer. 」Dae Sho intervenes,「 Please excuse me, with Senior Karn’s permission I was tasked to carry our ancestors’ legacy items back to the surface. 」

「 Go ahead. I will check in with Karn Sho and continue investigating this place some more. 」

「 Thanks, Senior Meyer. You heard him human, let’s go! 」

And off we go climbing the stairs that seem to go on forever, carrying big luggage back to the surface, both physically and mentally….


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LOTA CH29 — Crowned Dragon


Everything is salty. The air that brings the saltiness of the windy sea to the mind who daringly recalls the treacherous past events.

Cheated by my past wife, and left alone by my elven slave. Instead of feeling sadness, however, what I feel the most is how foolish I am to think that love still exists.

I snort in derision. I’ve been betrayed once so I should’ve learned from my past mistake — only to repeat it once more.

L̴͖̎o̵͈͊v̵̼̉ẽ̴̗ ̸̲̓i̷͖̐s̶̖͑ ̷̼͑f̵̖̀ȏ̸̟r̵̹͋ ̸̺͊ẗ̷̥́h̶̜̑ȇ̵̝ ̴̤̀w̵̘̚e̴̲̿ă̴͍k̸̙̃

I’ve known this and now I learned my lesson twice. Yet, a part of me still yearns for true love, believing in such a made-up concept to exist. I guess I am a fool first and foremost.

The saltiness lingers forever long, amplified by the very blue sea. The archeological expedition requires a ship that I’m in right now. Within the view is the destined Ivrett Mountain Range, a desolate place littered with rocks and dust. To think there’s a ruin in this kind of environment, who knows what the builders or settlers were thinking…

While I ponder some more, the ship sways slowly and surely like it always fucking has…

Oh fuck, I feel sick, N-not again….


Ugh… Thank god I threw it up to the sea this time…

「 Why does the senior, Krig Meyer, even bother bringing this idiotic human to the expedition? He can’t even sit nice and tight without having to throw up. Thanks to the ancestor for this foolish human to finally learn his lesson. 」

Oh great… Here comes another pinch of salt. Can’t a fool just be left alone in peace for fuck sake?

I could recognize that voice filled with a pompous attitude anywhere, even though I first just heard of it yesterday. A devilishly handsome young dragonkin around my age. Sporting a fancy red and gold robe. Streaks of white marred his golden blonde hair, adding a rebellious feel towards him. His red sharp eyes, burning with constant judgment to my upbringing — as a human.

「 Dae Sho, 」I sigh,「  I know you have a beef against me. But let’s put your prejudice aside and act professionally for the time being alright? Professor Meyer has already told you from time to time again that I won’t steal your ancestors’ legacy items. 」

「 And how could this venerable one trust you, a lowly bohemian? 」He sneers at me.

「 For goddess sake… there’s like twenty people in this expedition, do you think I can slip up an ancient item without getting noticed by that many people?! 」

「 I don’t know. I’m not a human who likes to use underhand tactics! 」He replies automatically, anger added in the end.

「 Look, I get it. 」I say, trying to reason with his bias,「 I can’t change your view towards humans, but if you can let your prejudice pass under the rug just for this one expedition, we can finish it super quick and you won’t have to deal with humans like me any much longer. 」

「 As always, humans with their roundabout thinking. The fastest way would be to throw you off the ship! 」

「 Silence! 」A deep loud shout, silenced the whole ship, leaving only the noise of the ocean breeze.

I look towards the noise. Professor Meyer walks towards us, with heavy steps, segmenting the inevitable, wearing an expression as though he found a student sleeping in his class. Irritated.

「 Dae Sho, 」Professor Meyer calls,「 I’m pretty sure I’ve told you beforehand, Renald Alderhide is my assistant that I hold dearly to. I know you are unhappy that a human is joining an expedition to what’s highly likely to be our ancestor ruins but by no means you are allowed to threaten him. 」

「 Senior Krig Meyer! 」Dae Sho’s words carry an unmistakable tint of reverence,「 I propose for this human to just stay on the ship and not join us in going inside the ruin! Who knows what this lowly human would steal in the ruin. 」

「 Your premonition is unjustified. Renald is not the greedy kind and I already promised him that he can take any items that don’t hold historical value for us. And even if he does steal something, it’s my responsibility to deal with him. Not yours. 」

「 How can you be so confident with their scheming kind?! He might be your student but you don’t know what he’s up to! 」

「 Remember this, young dragonkin. 」Professor Meyer says, Stress added in the last word, 「 What you’re in right now is the Concordis-sphere — the human-sphere. This is not the Lungkin dynasty, where your powerful father clan resides. Contain your arrogance, for it will cost you greatly if you fail to do so. 」

「 Hmph, fine! 」Dae sho shouts, slightly condemning him.

Dae sho with his face red as tomato and runs to the quarter deck. Then, from the quarter deck comes Professor Meyer’s friend, Karn sho, looking embarrassed. Must be because of Dae Sho’s explosive attitude.

「 Forgive me, Renald, and Krig, 」Karn Sho immediately speaks to me,「 to think this young junior of mine would be quite brash in front of you. Having him on board wasn’t my first intention, but due to the will of his father, my clan headmaster, I have no choice but to let him join in the expedition. 」

「 It’s alright. I’m sure he’s very arrogant due to his upbringing, but why is he like that towards humans like me and not towards fellow dragonkin? 」I ask, looking forward to an explanation of this whole social shenanigans. Something I’m desperate for but didn’t get the chance.

「 Honestly, I’m not quite sure. Although we are slightly related by blood, we are not exactly that close. When I was just a child I had already moved away from our clan, from the Lungkin dynasty. It was only recently that my distant family, which includes Dae Sho, started to connect with me again. I can only guess the clan’s education puts a lot of dislike towards humans. 」

「 You missed out on the current geopolitical situation Karn Sho, 」Professor Meyer steps in, seemingly wanting to share a piece of mind,「 there’s rising tension between the Concordis-sphere with the Lungkin dynasty. It’s a very complicated situation but in short, the Concordis-sphere refused to help or trade with the Lungkin dynasty when the barbaric Nogoon empire attacked them. Even though previously the Lungkin dynasty helped the Concordis-sphere in repulsing the elven attack. This makes it seems that the human-sphere betrayed the Lungkin dynasty. And this sentiment could very well be transmitted to its citizens, including Dae Sho. 」

「 Hmmm… That’s true, 」Karn Sho says, 「 Your intelligence is definitely something to be praised. I never thought of it in that perspective. 」

「 Ohhh… my, is that the ruin?! 」Professor Meyer shouts, brimming with unusual happiness out nowhere,「 I can see it now! Even though signs of age and crumble are apparent from far away, its magnificence still withstands! 」

I follow him and look in the direction of what he’s looking at. And I see what mesmerized him. Within the Ivrett mountain range, with a closer look, lies a cone-shaped temple, made of what seems to be dark black stone. Even though it is purely black, it doesn’t resonate with death or violence, rather, peace and harmony of some sort. Interesting.

「 Indeed it is. Now, do you regret spending your money on this expedition? 」Karn sho asks, brimming with enthusiasm.

「 Although a new archeological expedition is exciting as always, this one is a bit too small for it to be an actual dragon ruin… 」

「 I’m not sure what you’re talking about…? 」

「 Karn Sho… Did you just lie to me?! This is probably not a dragon ruin, but a human ruin! 」

「 Ehh… really? I couldn’t tell…? 」He says, seemingly feigning ignorance.

「 Urghh fine… I make an exception on this one just because this ruin doesn’t look like anything that we’ve discovered before. 」

「 Thanks to the ancestors for your graciousness… 」Karn sho mutters,  「 Man! 」he then shouts, calling the attention of the ship’s crew,「 prepare to close off to the shore and prepare the landing boats! 」

We finally come closer to the shore, but before landing, we first must take a smaller boat. Thankfully, I don’t have to share the boat with Dae Sho. Who knows what kind of ruckus he would make. Karn must have this in mind when assigning landing boats.

From the boats, we tirelessly row in rhythm to the shore. With how close the ship already is to the shore, it takes quite a short time, and the crew wasn’t exhausted.

Under the command of Professor Meyer and his friend, we quickly start mobilizing and walk to the ancient ruin.

Inside it, dust, crumbles, and cracks are on all sorts of corners. Considering its primal-like usage of stone material, it’s amazing how this temple still stands with a little tear.

「 Hey! There’s a staircase going down! 」

We all rush and look into the staircase, it’s quite narrow, only allowing two people side by side at most. We probably have to divide into smaller groups.

「 It’s quite narrow and the descent is steep. Only a small group of people can pass through it. 」

「 Who’s going deeper? It looks dark as hell. 」

「 Oh, now you’re chickening out? When you were boasting about an upcoming adventure last night? I should’ve expected nothing more from a son of bitch who’s just trying to impress the bar harlot! 」

「 Shut up! I only signed up to help to man the ship, not for dying in an unknown ruin! 」

「 Be quiet! This is a new ruin discovery! Not a street market! 」Professor Meyer interjects,「 Me, Karn Sho, and Renald Alderhide will be the ones going down the stairs, the others will explore the surface ruin and collect any data. 」

「 What is this blasphemy?! Why am I not joining to go downstairs?! 」Dae Sho protests.

「 Fine…. You also join us. Now let’s go. 」

『 Albenz 』

A small blob of light materializes in Karn Sho hand’s, radiating bright light as we descend on the staircase. Dae Sho as always distances away from me and trying to be closer with the rest, which makes me feel excluded. But why should I care?

After what seems to be a long time, we finally meet on a flat floor.

An entirely different atmosphere greets us. There was no calm nor was there is peace unlike before. A fiery serpentine dragon statue lies in the center of the room. Its malicious expression faces directly towards the entrance of this room.

「 Senior, look! It’s a dragon statue!  」Dae Sho says, stating the fucking obvious.

「 A human-made temple with a dragon statue inside? This is the first… 」

「 I’m sure it’s because the humans here revered heavily to our superior ancestors! As they should be! 」

「 Renald. What’s your take on this dragon statue? 」Professor Meyer says, immediately interjects.

「 The dragon statue race seems to be that of the Raiyuu race. 」I recall,「 with its long serpentine-like body. However, this one surprisingly doesn’t have feet nor hands… For the sculptor to miss it out accidentally is definitely unfathomable. 」

「 For the first time, I have to agree with you on this one human. To think these low lives dare to sculpt an incomplete version of our great ancestor! 」

「 Calm down. 」I say, trying to shut him up, 「 if the sculptors truly revered the dragons then, of course, they won’t purposely miss out on such a big detail like its limbs. There are two hypotheses for this reason. First, the dragon is not that of the Raiyuu race, but instead a new dragon race the world never discovered before, which is, of course, highly unlikely. Second, considering humans are isolated in the ancient era, it wouldn’t surprise me if they have the wrong depiction of the typical dragon, which is more likely, considering how desolate this area is. 」

「 I must say you always put a well-thought-out perspective, 」replies Professor Meyer, 「 We can debate and uncover more about the dragon statue but for now, we need to figure out how to open that door. 」

He points to the door, and immediately the top of the door draws the attention the most.

From a protrusion hangs a golden crown. A very unusual place to place what supposed to be such a valuable item. Why would there be a golden crown on top of the door? The size of it is monstrous — no human would be able to wear this.

What’s the point of using priced metals on something you can’t wear? Unless… It’s not meant to be worn in the first place?

A crown that is luxurious, decked in gold, and other beautiful ornaments are usually worn by a very important figure, a king. But a king’s crown in a temple? Hmm… Something’s missing.


「 Professor, I have an idea I like to try. 」

With the help of everyone, including the reluctant Dae Sho, we pulled off the golden crown out of its unusual place, and placed it where it rightfully belonged — at that’s least what I believe it is — the dragon statue head.

It fits perfectly and in a short moment, the ruin shakes a bit as the door slowly opens.

「 Hmph, I knew bringing you in is necessary for this expedition to work. 」Professor says, showing me off apparently.

The door completely opens, Dae Sho rushes out first, leaving us catching up to him from behind in rushing to the newly opened room.

It strikes us that the room isn’t something that we weren’t expecting at all in this archaeological expedition.

「 G-gold…?」

A bonafide treasure room.

Gold, unique silk, and fancy porcelains are littered everywhere throughout the room. There’s even what seems to be a gigantic painting of the dragon similar to the one before, drawing the attention of both Dae Sho and Karn Sho.

The professor starts to cast what seems to be sealing magic to prevent the non-metal findings from turning to dust upon touch. A form of mana layers the object it is cast on.

Karn joins in, soon finishing the work.

However, what calls my attention the most is not the exorbitant wealth that lies in front of me, but rather… two rusted swords on the corner of the room, emitting an arcane magical aura, a somewhat dim purple light.

「 Professor Meyer, 」I call him,「 Do you find anything special in these two swords? 」

Professor Meyer then comes and inspects the rusted swords with meticulous details, like what a true professional would do.

「 Although the embellishment might make these swords seem special, in the end, These are just common human swords, Renald. Ancient ones for sure, but I’ve seen this type of sword in my many other previous archeological expeditions. Most likely tracing back to the Aquilo human civilization. 」

Huh… that’s strange…

「 Do you feel anything from those swords? Perhaps a mystical aura or something? 」

「 I’m not exactly sure what you’re trying to talk about Renald… 」a doubt spread over Professor Meyer’s features,「 as I said before, these are just normal swords with no magical properties or manaritium embedded. 」

Am I the only one who’s able to sense that arcane magical aura and the dim purple light coming from the swords?

It feels arcane, with its distinct and other-worldly sensation of magical aura. But somehow, instinctively I feel like I’ve felt this before… But where? The only time I’ve noticed an arcane aura was my time with Instructor Smush and… the Sky Palace… wait, the purple room?

「 Professor Meyer, may I take these two swords? 」

「 Huh? Why would you want these words? 」

「 Of course, I would like to have some gold that we found, but I would also like to take these too. It might be rusted but the ornaments seem special to me, I would like to collect them. 」I say, making up excuses. If my hypothesis is right, then these ancient items might have a connection with the purple room.

「 Sure, these artifacts are from human civilization and seem unimportant, so you can keep them. As for the gold, it will be equally distributed to everyone, in the form of money perhaps. At a first glance, the other artifacts here have some historical value that I have yet to determine so I would take all of them. 」

「 That’s alright, thank you. 」

「 Krig! Come to me! I found something! 」shouts Karn Shoe on the other side of the room.

With Professor Meyer rushing towards his friend, leaving me alone, a chance to slip to the recently forgotten mystical place of mine — the sky palace.

I quickly carry the two swords and go inside another room. Immediately, I whisper my spell chant. And within my burning excitement on what’s to come, drowsiness comes to me as I fall asleep.



Somehow here I am in the Sky Palace, specifically the Purple Room.

The two rusted swords wiggles around, trying to escape from my grasp, as if it has its own mind. I follow along with its force, as I move to the middle of the room, where the decagram magic rune and altar lies.

They calm shortly afterward, right at the front of the altar.

Subconsciously, I place the two swords on top of the altar.

The rusted weapons slowly radiate bright purple light.

Then, out of nowhere, comes the blinding light that forces me to shut my eyes.

From The Shackles of Death, I Am Reborn. From Thy Wish I have Cometh.

The voice that comes resonates heavily within the room, an absolute authority giving out its last magnificent statement.

From The Mountain That Pierces The Heaven, To The Divine Sky-Palace Whom The Owner Has Called For.

And deep within the room, on top of the decagram magic rune, something comes from the nothingness.

I Am The Ruler. The Tyrant. The Guardian that Rises From the Root of the Earth.

The serpentine neck reared up, along with its head adorned with horns and a gleaming golden crown. Its skin covered in purple lilac scales.

I Am Naga, God Amongst Dragons.

The serpent dragon just from its presence alone radiates sheer power and majestic regality. And like a true ruler, demands full attention and obedience.

And I have Come Forth To Greet He Who Summoned Me.


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LOTA CH28 — The Way Forward

A splash of water drenches me, forcing me to be awake…

And the first thing I notice is Elras with a smug face.

「 Feeling better now? 」

「 Wh-where am I? 」I respond quickly.

「 At the back of the Sugary Sweet Bar. I can’t believe I would find you in a drunken state and much worse — in a peasant bar.  」

「 W-what happened to me? 」

「 Oh dear goddess… Did your mother ever teach you noble etiquette? 」Elras asks, looking me right in the eyes, and soon withdraws slightly, must’ve gotten his answer,「 You were drunk. Some time ago, I was on my way back home after my border patrol, until a city guard reported to me that a certain noble friend of mine is staying in a shitty peasant bar for a concerningly long time. Being the good friend that I am, I’ve come to pick them up. And I can’t believe what I found that friend of mine is apparently you who passed out on the table; drunk, I bet. I had to drag you out and splash cold water onto you so you can gather your senses again. 」

「 Okay… I understand… 」Then… it hit me, something smells horrid here… like a… 「 horse piss… Why am I smelling horse piss… Oh, fuck. Did you just?! 」

「 As much as I think it would be such a hilarious thing to do, I still have some decency, Renald – unlike a certain person. 」Elras adds, mocking me most certainly,「 oh yeah forgot to tell you, the back of the bar is a horse stable, so of course you’re about to smell something funny. 」

Not believing what he said, I smell the shirt I’m wearing and am thankfully able to confirm it’s just normal water. I look throughout my surroundings and indeed we’re inside a horse stable. Beside me is a bloody horse sleeping which I’m guessing is where the funny odor is coming from, and the place where I’m sitting is littered with hay and straw. The clean one as far as I can see, at least I really hope that’s the case.

「 Ughh fair enough… 」I say whatever comes to my mind, headache, migraine still being a bitch, must be the hangover,「 Well… thanks for waking me up, good night Elras. 」

I get up and soon head towards the stable exit, ignoring Elras as I just want to be left alone.

「 Not so fast Renald… 」Elras says, reaching out, his hand firmly gripping on my shoulder, stopping me.

I want to be mad, but I’m not in a condition to be able to get mad at him. Ughh.. to think this migraine is such a pain…

「 Renald, I’m not dumb. 」Sternliness in his voice,「 A diligent student who’s at the top of his class is now staying in a shithole bar late at night, drinking beer and spirits like the world ends tomorrow. Something happened to you, and I want to find out. 」

「 Fuck off… It’s none of your concern. 」I try to shout, but there’s barely any energy within me.

「 What if it IS my concern? 」

He says, grabbing my shoulder, forcing me to look at him dead center in the eyes.

「 Fine… I’m too tired to go against you… in this pitiful state of mine… 」I say, defeated and tired,「 So, what do you want, Elras? You’ve captured this fool. 」

「 Come, 」Elras walks to the exit of the stable, 「 Let’s talk in a decent place, one not littered with horse dung. 」

By the time we’re out of the stable, his carriage is already in the front with his attendants.

I almost lose my balance and fall down, thank the goddess, one of his attendants is observant and quick enough to prevent my slip…. I guess I’m still a bit drunk.

How much did I drink anyway…

Ahhh I don’t know…

I’ve basically left with a few measly coppers anyhow…

Wait, what… We’ve already arrived at Elras’s place…?

Elras drags me to one of his empty rooms…

I sit down on one of the sofas, still feeling a bit clumsy…

He seems to grab two glasses and a bottle of wine… Nice…

「 Didn’t know you were such a gentleman, Elras.. 」I say, reaching my hand towards the glass.

「 You already drank a lot, Renald. I’ll be the one pouring wine into your glass. 」He says, as he pours wine into the glass, barely enough for three sips…

While he pours his almost to the brim. This fucking bastard!

「 Just drinking fantastic wine is fine by me but what do you have in mind Elras? 」I say trying to distract myself from this obvious unfairness.

「 What have you been up to recently Renald? 」

「 What are you? My mother? 」I reply immediately.

「 Don’t be like that. I’ve been toiling myself inside the walls away from home’s comfort and this is how you greet me? 」

「 Well… Nothing much. Just adventuring here and there. 」

「 And how could a simple adventure cause you to suddenly become an old fart, drinking down his regrets in life. 」

Silence ensues, with only the faint sound of sips between me and Elras.

「 …If you don’t want to answer then that’s fine. But I know something is up with you. 」

「 How about you just leave it at that then?! 」

Just fucking leave me alone…

I just want to be left alone.

A fucking piece of shit like me deserves to be alone.

「 Renald. 」his voice a bit soother this time,「 how about listening to a friend’s old story? 」

「 As long as you pour me more wine. 」

「 Fine… I hope goddess Maria takes pity on you… 」

He pours me another three sips worth of wine. Fuck. I should’ve said the amount.

「 Remember my older brother that I’ve told you before? 」

Why do I have a bad feeling about this?

「 Yeah? What about it? You never told me much about your brother. 」

「 That brother of mine… 」he begins to ponder,「 he was a prodigious man. Excelled in almost anything you can imagine, horse-riding, swordsmanship, magic, army leadership, and even territory management. Devilishly handsome too, even more than me. The perfect Reinhardt. Our parents loved him more than I.

「 He also used to have a very beautiful fiance — Ayla Girtz, from the Girtz duke family. My words couldn’t express just how beautiful she is. With the hair of the finest gold and radiant emerald eyes. The size of huge melons that carries men’s biggest wish. Before I even knew the concept of lust, at such a young age, she was my biggest desire. And for her to be owned by that brother of mine. My envy grew to the limit. If given the chance, I wouldn’t have hesitated to kill him. 」

「 Seems to me you were able to explain her extravagant beauty just fine. Didn’t even know you could be this poetic. 」

「 This is because of the great wine, Renald, 」he boasts, 「 then out of nowhere — as you know — he died from an unexpected elven ambush. At first, I was very happy. I mean the root of my deep hatred was gone, anybody in my shoes would be happy right? But things changed. His fiance heavily grieved for the loss of my brother, I still remember how loud she cried at his burial. But, somehow, in just a week, her attitude towards me changed. Before, she ignored me, but after his death, she started approaching me confidently to the point of teasing me relentlessly. I felt disgusted by how easily she changed.

「 It was the first time I felt great sympathy for my once hated brother. To think his fiance would go after another man so quickly. The noble circles then followed suit. The once-neglected me suddenly became heavily prominent everywhere, invitations for gatherings rose, and many more. I was disgusted by them. They only started bothering or noticing me after my brother died.  」

「 But no man lives alone, so I still accept their approaches, knowing full well they only see me as the next-in-line successor of the Reinhardt Marquis family. 」

「 And one of their approaches includes me huh? 」I interject.

「 No Renald, No… Most nobles I encountered are always two-faced. They love spouting sweet words and shower me with expensive, yet soulless gifts. You and Aaron however, are very different. I’m used to men approaching me for business favors, women seducing me in the hopes of becoming my concubine or even wife — their eyes set on the Reinhardt Marquis family status and treasury. You on the other hand, just want to get into《Dyron Temperament》guild. Which is weird I must say — but your motives are very direct, something I’ve never experienced before and what I’ve come to appreciate. 」

「 Why are you even telling me all of this?  」

「 Because I appreciate our friendship. And your current state reminds me of my past self. 」

Past self huh…

Nothing has changed between my past and my current self.

I’ve always been destined to be alone. And I won’t be able to change that. I should accept that and not bother changing the inevitable.

「 Life is a bitch, Renald. 」Elras adds,「 A priest once told me “To live is the same as to suffer” and to this day I hold that saying very dearly.  」

「 So why bother living then? 」

「 Noblesse Oblige, Renald… Noblesse Oblige. 」He says, drinking big gulps of wine,「 Us nobles with our wealth and status, have an obligation to fulfill, to the people. I’m the only son left in the family, and I don’t want my sister to live her life inside the walls or on the battlefield. So I live for the sole purpose of continuing the Reinhardt Marquis family. 」

「 Easy for you. 」I sneer at him,「 I don’t know if you noticed but I’m basically a bloody bastard child. 」

「 Yeah I know. Your sword gives it away. A hand and a half sword, or the more popular term, the “bastard’s sword”. Most noble uses either a saber or a longsword. So I have my suspicion and was proven correct shortly after I did some research on your family. 」

Wh-what? Hand and a half sword? Is that why when I grip it with both of my hands it feels too tight?

「 On the bright side. 」Elras continues,「 you’re not tied to Noblesse Oblige. You can do whatever you want. Pure Freedom. Although, a man without responsibility or purpose tied to him is the same as a wandering animal. Living on pure instinct alone. 」

「 So what you’re saying I should find a goal, a purpose in life? I don’t believe in such bullshits. 」

Not after finding true love is such a delusional one.

「 That might be your answer. But think about it more for a while. Especially when you’re fully sober. I know for a fact, finding a goal or purpose in life is a daunting task. Noblesse Oblige is the easy answer for me. 」

「 A purpose in life huh….  」I say those words out loud, pondering over them, trying to make sense of such a spiritual and abstract concept.

「 That reminds me… When are you supposed to depart on that archaeological expedition or whatever that is with that boring professor? 」

「 Yeah… Professor Meyer told me to find a ship named “Gloria” in the morning, at the end of the month, so around two and a half weeks from now on… 」

「 Well how about you focus on that trip for now? A change of pace is what you need the most. And perhaps… you’ll find something new over there? A grumpy old professor for sure though! 」He says, laughing at his own weird joke.

「 I would need to depart tomorrow morning now that I think about it. 」

「 That means, tonight is our farewell meeting then. Make sure you stop drinking, you already got drunk beforehand anyway. 」

I nod in agreement, although very hesitantly with the way he keeps pouring wine from time to time. How can you stop somebody from drinking when you’re still drinking yourself? Wait, didn’t he already drink like three glasses of wine…. Elras is a heavy drinker, doesn’t he…

But he’s right. I should get away from this land as soon as possible. Away from my foolish actions. But to find something over there? Yeah, I wish…..


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LOTA CH27 — Leap of Faith

「 Master, where are we actually going? Aren’t we supposed to visit the《Adventurer’s Creed》guild? 」Siana says, prying for any explanation.

Of course, she would be confused. We’re outside the city, past the Great Wall of Vosgant. It’s about time I tell her why we are deviating from the previous plan.

「 For a change of pace and scenery, 」I lie as naturally as I can, 「 I want to see outside the great wall, the rumored mystical greenery of the elven territory. 」

The weather is at its prime with warm sunshine and only a few clouds lingering in the sky, showcasing the beautiful light blue of the sky. A chilly breeze sweeps the land, giving me slight chills. Or is it what might unfold that’s giving me the chills I wonder?

Across the horizon, lies a very otherworldly scene. Amidst the seas of towering greens, there’s a singular tree that stood out like a sore thumb. What’s so different about this tree is how it even pierces the clouds. Its sheer humongous size overwhelms anything, yet what I feel from its presence is not fear nor awe — but calmness and peace.

「 Siana… What is that monstrous tree? 」

「 That’s coeden ddwyföl — the elven divine mother tree, master. 」Siana says, excitement flashes in her eyes,「 it is said the first elven kind was born in that tree. The elven society heavily reveres the tree and always performs all sorts of elven rituals or ceremonies. The second most place held for rituals would be…  」

That’s strange… why does she stop near the end….

「 Please continue, Siana. 」I urge her, not able to withhold my curiosity.

「 B-b-but… 」

「 Your master wants to listen to the end. Please continue, my Siana. 」

「 It would be Dįwedd Mynydd… or what the humans would call as Vosgant mountain range. The first elven man died there, praying for the elven goddess — crëwr, for all eternity until his last breath…. P-please punish me, master, I committed a great sin! Just please don’t sell me out! 」

「 Woah… calm down Siana. It’s my wish for you to tell me your elven way of life. 」

「 B-but I committed a great sin! 」

「 If that’s the case, then it is my wish and command to not punish you for what I consider as such a small and insignificant thing. 」

「 O-okay… Thank you for your graciousness, master. 」

「 Do you miss your past home? 」I ask, prompting for her reaction.

「 Why would I? My home is now with you, master. 」she says as she shows a big smile.

Which I notice to be forced…

…That’s all the answer I need.

The girl who brought me back from the edge of despair…

…is forcing herself beyond it instead.

Whether it was out of pity, resignation, or fear, I will never know unless I do this.

「 Do you wish to return? To your kin?  」

「 No! I’m happy with you, master! I don’t ever want to return. 」

At the prospect of returning, Siana shows genuine dislike.

But would I want my parents, siblings, and friends to see me being the possession of a stranger? To meet them, but know that the only thing that allows me to is the whim of a person who exchanged me for a bag of gold coins?

I just hope the beautiful weather and the sunshine bring me great luck on this endeavor filled with anxiety.

We closed by to the edge of the dense elven forest.

Goddess Maria, I’ve never prayed to you, heck I even don’t believe you exist. But if you do exist and hear the plea of this insignificant being, please keep my heart in an ambient steady beat. Amen.

「 S-siana.. 」f-fuck I can’t believe I stutter.

「 Yes, master? Why are we so close to the edge of the goed-, uhh.. I mean, elven forest? 」

「 Do you love me, S-siana? 」I ask, my words slipping on their own.

Instead of a word from her, a more chilly breeze comes. So silence is her answer.

She can’t even pretend or say empty words of how she loves me huh…

「 Then do you want to be free, Siana? 」

Beating around the bush. I hate myself for it. But I can’t bring myself to create facts.

「 I-I don’t understand… What do you mean master?! 」

「 If… if your love for me outweighs your yearn for your family then stay with me here. If you don’t love me then take the small bag of provisions and I won’t stop you from going back to your home…. To your… Gruffydd… 」

Didn’t I want to help her? Now I sound like a bitter lover.

「 H-how… How did you know him?! 」

「 I have my sources… now please decide… I’ll support whatever you choose. 」

「 B-b-but…  」Doubt. Disbelief. Worry about slipping up.

Caution. But no hesitation.

I reach for her collar.

She jolts. I’m reaching for her neck after all. She shivers, in fear perhaps.

A single thought.

『 Release! 』

Alongside the collar, something snaps inside me.

She freezes as it hits the ground.

「 I’ll take that as a yes. I can’t make things up to you, but at least this is possible. Now go. 」

My words snap her back into reality. She looks at me, bewildered.

She doesn’t say anything. Still doesn’t seem to grasp my actions.

Tears form in her eyes as she reaches for her unadorned neck.

A pale band of skin is all that remains of the choker of her free will. But for her, not even that exists.

…Please don’t go. Please don’t go. Please don’t go.

Please tell me that I was just being paranoid. Please don’t leave me alone.

Ah. F-fuck….

She left just like that.

She runs so quickly with her nimble feet.

In less than a minute, she’s already nowhere to be seen. Vanished inside the dense elven forest.

She’s gone… She’s fucking gone….

Siana.. No. Hyledd was right to leave me.

I… I should’ve never said that I love her…

I never should’ve fucked her against her unconscious will, or ruin her relationship…

Beneath her gentle and loving appearance, is pain and betrayal she’s forced to hide. And which I’ve brought to her.

The guilt threatened to swallow my soul.

With nothing else to do, I start to walk back home. The once clear sky is now filled with grey clouds with no gaps in between. It’s dark.

I fucked up badly. I’m an idiot to think I would feel love just because I bought a slave.

She’s only obedient and acts affectionately towards me not because of what I am, but because I’m her master. That’s not love.

Deep inside me, I expected to cry like a bitch if this happened. But now… I’m not crying…

Then, out of nowhere, small droplets of water fell, ushering me, drenching me. Each raindrop impacted me as if it’s reminding me of my failures. The present and the past.

No wonder my wife cheated on me. I’m the sole reason for my own unhappiness. Releasing our master-slave bond is the least I could do… It’s the right thing to do…

Life is such a cruel joke.

L̴͖̎o̵͈͊v̵̼̉ẽ̴̗ ̸̲̓i̷͖̐s̶̖͑ ̷̼͑f̵̖̀ȏ̸̟r̵̹͋ ̸̺͊ẗ̷̥́h̶̜̑ȇ̵̝ ̴̤̀w̵̘̚e̴̲̿ă̴͍k̸̙̃


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LOTA CH26 — Unfortunate Discovery

「 Yes, Master~! Yes! Yes! Fuck me! Fuck me! 」

「 I’m cumming Siana! I love you! 」I scream on top of my lungs as I pour the third batch of fresh white seeds inside her damp pussy.

「 Haa… Haa…. Haaaa… 」Siana pants heavily. Her eyes half-closed as if they’re going to shut any second now.

Even though I’ve been the one who’s doing the moving, her white skin slightly glistens with sweat. With the intense adventuring we did today, she must be tired.

I move away from her, not wanting to burden her anymore.

I then grab a wet towel to clean up both me and Siana. As I start wiping her sweat and our love juice, Siana starts feeling guilty about it, wanting to be the one to clean me up, including cleaning herself. However, I keep insisting to be the one to do it and Siana gives up soon. But as I clean both of us, she keeps apologizing and feels ashamed about it, promising to be the one in charge after cleaning, asking whether she did anything wrong the last time.

After we are all cleaned up, I call it a day by turning off the light and tucking into bed with Siana.

「 M-master… 」Siana says softly,「 Aren’t you still raring to go? 」

「 Siana… 」I begin hesitantly, not sure what to say,「 I’m dead tired. You’re overestimating my stamina. I’m going to sleep, and you should too. 」

「 B-but last night you’ve cummed more than- 」

「 Good night, Siana. 」I say, purposefully cutting her off.

「 …Good night master… 」Siana says tiredly, giving up it seems, as she closes her eyes.

With me and Siana tucked in bed, I close my eyes and then I, too, try to go to sleep.

Minutes have passed, but I’m nowhere near falling asleep.

My eyes are closed, but my mind is still fully awake to the present.

I lied when I said I was also tired, in fact, I’ve never been as energized as any time before.

How could I, when she — my ultimate fantasy — is less than a meter away from me.

Ever since she comes, I never really want to drift away to sleep unless I really have to.

For she is the fire of my heart — my will to live.

I want to embrace her so badly, to wrap my arms around her and enjoy our warmth and skin touching one another. To bask in the heat of both lust and love for all eternity. And ironically, at the same time, to dominate her and use her in any way as I please, knowing fully she will gladly accept my wildest desires.

Even so, I must hold down my urges to the best I can, knowing that she’s tired. I should not push her to the limit.

Drifting to sleep was something I always waited for at the end of the day. To escape from this cold reality. To dream of a wonderful fantasy that could never exist in reality, as my thoughts become slow and peaceful as a beautiful carousel.

Yet that fantasy I’ve always dreamed of, something I always yearned for foolishly, somehow became a reality. It feels surreal how easy it can be; with just a signature on a piece of paper, I get what I seemingly forever wanted.

Now after finally achieving my ultimate fantasy, I’m left with little direction. That kind of feeling after achieving your dream, that feeling of emptiness. But well… There are other goals and dreams that I wish to be realized now after having her.

To spend my time with her as we grow older together, perhaps in a humble yet comfortable home near a boundless meadow surrounded by mountains, away from the hustle and business of daily life, something I also always wish for back in my horrible past life but never got to be actualized.

But now, I’m in control. I am a master and she’s my slave — a loyal and devoted slave. I just hope that she’s excited with my idea, the life of constant adventure with danger lurking around on all corners is not for the likes of me and hopefully so does she.

I always dream of a peaceful and calm life, but life circumstances always make their way to deny me what I truly wanted. I can’t wait for what lies in the futu-

「 …. *hiks* G-Gruffydd… *hiks*…..」

W-why is she crying? Is she having a nightmare?

「 ….peidiwch â…. nynd….. Gruffydd… 」She says in perhaps an incomprehensible elvish language.

What’s Grufyd? Or Nynd? Or whatever she’s saying in her nightmare… I didn’t know the language barrier was going to be such an issue. Now that I think about it… Maybe this is something that’s been bothering her for the past few days? Related to her recent weird demeanor.

This is the first time she’s experiencing a very obvious nightmare. Is there even a way to peek inside her nightmare…?

Wait… There is a way. The《Somn》spell.

One of the most ultimate spells for the Wits magicians. Not much is known about the《Somn》spell, other than its arcane ability to peek inside the targeted mind.

The problem is, I barely understand it on a surface level and that is purely thanks to Instructor Smush’s demonstration of the spell. Learning it on the go might be possible… But…

What if I failed or screwed up in the chanting process? Who knows the severe side effect of imperfect spell conjuration…

「 …Gruffydd… 」

I look closely at Siana again, droplets of tear forms in her closed eyes, flowing in no small amount, wetting the pillow. Is the nightmare that horrible? Should I just wake her up?

Maybe no…

I can’t help but feel like there’s something much more going on in here. She’s hiding something from me; I’ve always felt this way before but have been afraid of discovering it further. But this time… after knowing for certain there is something going on, related to her past most definitely, I need to know the whole truth, even if it hurts. Although I’m afraid of what will happen to the both of us after it.

I could only pray to goddess Maria that I’m just being overly pessimistic about all of this…

Collecting my will and determination, I whisper my spell chant to the sky palace, where an intense studying period awaits. And the long-awaited drowsiness comes quickly…




Manaritium chalk powder mix for the foundation of magic rune ritual, check.

Vitriol decoction for magic circle substance, check.

And mana potion for extra mana just in case, check.

Now for the important part of the《Somn》spell ritual, the magic circle.

With the powder mix, I form a magic circle on the floor, encircling the bed. The magic circle is meticulously woven with all sorts of patterns and symbols embedded. The creation of it is calculated adjusting to all sorts of variables, specified from the Wits magic textbook. Some parts of the calculation are still questionable in their accuracy, mostly due to my incompetence, but the only thing I can do now is to pray that it is not too far off.

To finish it off, sprinkles around one-fourth of the vitriol decoction vial on the outer part of the circle. This helps in bonding the connection of the mind to the magic circle.

And with that the preparation for the magic circle is done, all that’s left is the chant.

「 Spirit to Body…

Body to Mind…

Bind thee mind to thy…

As our mind and spirit are woven together;

『 Somn! 』」

Drowsiness and a huge headache come in a flash, my head feels like it’s going to explode. With no resistance, I fall down, and drift to sleep….




By the time I’m conscious again, what greeted me the first is bright sunlight that amplifies the headache I’m feeling. The migraine is as annoying as ever; must be the side effect of the immature usage of the《Somn》spell. I should be grateful that this is the only side effect, who knows what else could happen.

I remember the Wits Magician instructor, Cathryn Smush, once mentioned there had been a student who experienced a coma for a week just for rushing in the creation of an advanced《School of Wits Magic》spell that is above his level or ability?

Towering gigantic trees that pierce the high clouds are everywhere as far as the eyes can see. Yet even with its lush branches and leaves, it doesn’t obscure the sunlight, for the lower level is well-lit and I can even feel the slight warmth of the sun touching my skin.

In these trees lie magnificent treehouses. Made not just with wood but what seems to be artistic stones that amplify its elegant beauty. Even if it’s wood it seems to be carved with foreign motifs and patterns that I could only assume to be related to elven culture. And each of these houses or settlements is connected to one another via rigid bridges. All of them marvel at me with their extensive and amazing engineering craft.

As my eyes wander to all of my surroundings, enjoying the beauty of it all, I notice a couple sitting side by side, holding hands, smiling ever so brightly, like they’re in their own world. Feeling a bit curious, I come closer to them. And soon that curiosity vanishes as I realize who they actually are…

M-my Siana… with a devilishly handsome elven man.

「 Fy Hyledd.. 」The elven man says as he kisses Siana back…

Their long kiss is ever so gentle and full of affections. As if they…. Are… lovers of one another….

「 Fy Gruffydd…. 」Siana says, ever so gentle.

At the end of their kisses, that elven man reaches out to his pocket. A tiny wooden box is brought out. He opens it, and what’s inside is a ring…. A marriage ring… F-fu

「 Ynn gadáel í brioødi…  Fy Hyledd.. 」

「 Unn! Gruffydd! Rwy’n dy gæru di! 」

Siana takes the ring in the flash, and wears it on her ring finger…

I… I can’t believe this… Did I just… witness a m-marriage proposal….

H-hyledd? Is that…. Siana’s true name? Before she became a slave?

This is…. This is too much to bear… to discover…

Then what was my connection with Siana… No, Hyledd…

I came here to help her with the nightmares haunting her.

But is this a nightmare?

No, a happy reunion.

For her, the reality is the nightmare.

Of course…

Of course…

Of course…

I’m such a fucking idiot…

Why did I still believe in such a foolish idea? True love? That shit doesn’t exist for people like me. I should’ve learned from my lesson in the past life… And here I am believing in such a bullshit idea.

Fuck… I should’ve known…

Why would anybody love a piece of shit that is me…

Who would voice dislike for the master over their life?

I drove her in a corner and thought I made her happy.

It isn’t that nobody loves me just because I’m unlikeable.

It’s because I don’t deserve it.

Wh-what… M-my head… What’s with this headache…

The migraine is becoming bigger and bigger as if somebody is beating my head over and over again…

F-fuck.. What’s happening…

I… I.. can’t stay much longer…

F-fuck.. I’m going tooo passs ou….



「̸̯̗̅̄̊̄̾̕ ̸̬̹̈́̀͆̾̆͝S̸̥̣̞͂̈͘ḩ̷̻̿͌̕ḛ̶̪̟̻̌̒͂͋̉’̴̠̼̯͎̪̇̇͒͆̀ș̷̓̉̔ ̶̩̜̯͇͖̉̓̕n̶̛̆̊͜ọ̸̾͝t̴̲̰̔̇̈́ ̵͕̥̮̃̆͌ͅc̶̮̯͆ǫ̷̱̋͑͑̅̕m̵̨̼̎͘͝p̷̧̢̤͍̍̂̉͑̈̕ĺ̸̢̺̞̞̫̒ȩ̷̢̛̯̿̍͜͝t̸̡̛͙̤̆̈͠e̵̢͕̥̣̋̏͆l̷̛̠͙̣̪̆̿̈̈́͛y̵̡͖͓̯͔̏̆͐̇́͠ ̶̯̮̼̳̟̱̔t̶͚́̅̏̅̍͝r̶̢̦̪̬̬̝̒͂a̵͈̩͈̅̑į̶̛̺̹͉̫̄̄̑͘n̸̡̼͇͚͙͊̃́͝ͅe̵̙͚͒͆̇̚d̵̞̊͗,̶̻̗̂͜ ̴̛͇̃m̷̙̔̔͌̒́̄a̷̻̹̬̟̓̓ṣ̵̡̗̺̭̌̈́͠ț̵̂ĕ̵̛̝̦̘̯͔r̷̛̟̯̍̈.̶͚̻̟́ ̶̺̄̓Ṡ̶̹̜̇͂͝h̷̞̺̬̋̆͠ḛ̴̳̜̇̎̅̚̚͠ ̶̛̩̗͙̞͇̃͐̉̑ś̸̜͊̏̍͘ͅt̶̖̖̘͎̥̭̎ḯ̴̻̠̰̰̰̒̐̈́̉ĺ̷͍͎̰͇̓̅̍l̵̢͚̖̎͝ ̴̛̱͋̆̚͝r̷͈̖͉̺̟̜̋̐̿̀͠ȩ̸̧̫̲̤́͗̓͑͝ͅm̸̧̞̭̙͉̝̐̔͠ę̸̨̻͉͙̍m̵͎͓̼͉̌̆͛̔̋̊b̶̡̡̘͈̯̿͊̍̓̿ͅe̵̳̦͍͈͙͗̆̎͋͝r̷̰͉͆̎s̷͇͎̝̑̃̌̿͜ ̴̼̟̲̣̻̏̍̉h̷̬͈͍̤̺́̆͝ȩ̸̛̝̩̫̂̓̀͂͜r̷̻̪͐̈́͛ ̸̡̛̱̰̱̹̳̿̍ṕ̷̡̅̐̈́͌̚a̶̗̖͚̪͈͛̈̉̀͂ś̸̠̩̣͈͘ẗ̶̛̽́ͅ.̶͔̹̾̒̑̈͝ ̷̡͕͍͓̋̀͂̇̚͝」̷̭͂͛


̸̙̲͕̯͎̃͛̃͂̈́͝「̵͔̈́̅̏͒̋͠ ̸͖̫̪͚͙͇̂͗͐͊́͠C̶̹̩͉̟͙͑ạ̴̝̎̿͝n̶̰̩̪͔̝̽͝’̶̢̢̖̻̋̀̄́͠ţ̸̠̉̀͑̇͜͝ ̴͈̳̖̭͉̔̈͑b̴͇̰̕ͅe̸̹̋̇͘ ̸̮͎̗͇̈́̃̅ͅh̴̖́́̊̕͘̕e̵̱͈̟̻̱͈̐l̴̢̲͓̙͇̟̎͊͗̂̋p̴̡̣̊ĕ̷̮͔̫̦̍͝ḋ̷͈̰̤̐̕͝.̸̻̽̍͂̉̊̚ ̸̛͙̠̺̊̒̏̎H̸̛͓̰͙̏̋̐͒ͅë̷͍́̒’̷̡̡̧̻̭͗́̾̄̌̕ś̶̰̗̭̏̓͘͜ ̸̧͇̤̺̰́́͝n̷̝̝̮̬̰̈́ớ̷̻̪t̶̝̳͔͝ ̴̢̡̛̩͍̳̥̍́͗͒͠a̸̩̘͍̪̦͐͊̐̕͝ͅ ̶̥̯̫̎͗͂̉͛b̵̛͈̗͚̂͜į̸͖̙̳͎̭̓͂g̷̢̰̊͊̚͝ ̷͍̣̀̏͠͝t̶̹̞̠̱̩̲͗̃͝á̷̱̃r̵̗̞͎̞̤̉͗̐́͊́g̸̝͐̏̽͋̕ȩ̶̭͍̱̇̂͆̑t̶̘̠̰͖̳́̎̀͒ͅ ̸͓̤̙͓̈́̕͝ͅą̴̨̖̬̮͍̌͋͘n̶̝̙̬̙̞̐̄́y̴̜̹̜̤̍̿ͅẁ̶̛̳̰͎̮̪̇͝a̸͙͚͔̩̪̎͝͝͝y̸̳͒̀̏́̌͌.̷̭͗̎̔̓ ̴̼̬̭̒̽̃」̵̳̝͉̼͆̀͐̋̚


̷̨͍̩̬̌͜「̷̮̞̺͔́̔͂͊̂̚ ̴̨̛̦̬̿́͐́R̷̢̨͓̄͛͛̑ę̵̼̝̳̎͊͋̈́͑ḿ̵̜̦̰̓̊̔̕ȩ̴͚̭̫̼́̄ͅm̸̗̬͚͌͜b̶͈̮͕̹̺̳̎͋̌̕e̷̼͉͇̱̠̓̏̽͆́͘ͅr̷̺̆̃̿̐͝,̴͙̬̔͂̀̅͌ ̷͙̩͎̰͐͆Y̸̡̛͓̤͔̎ǫ̴̽͐͆ủ̴̫͇̟̝̦̄͑͊ṛ̶̖̪̖́͗̆͠ͅ ̵̲͓̬͎̥̼̽̅n̴̬̎̅á̷̼̭m̷̨̪͓͂ĕ̶̯̫̫̹̭̫͌͋̌ ̶̼̝̳̤̾į̷̻̥̣̅s̸̢̞͕̘̤̓̐ ̴̨̘̗͈́̐͜͝n̵͈̥̂o̴̩͎̩͒ ̷̢͈̂̿̚ļ̷̠̫̈̀̎o̴̻̰̤͉͔̾̔͐ͅn̴͕͇̫͒ǵ̸̮͔̯̦͋͊͂͘e̶̲̽̐̌̈́ṙ̵̖̭̹ ̴̨̊̇͘H̵̨̭͇̹̍̽̋̊̍͌y̴̬͎̪̌̑ĺ̷̤͕̺̯̈́̎e̸͕͝d̵̲̖̓d̴̢̈́̈́,̴̟̠͖͓͐̿̇ ̵̢̨̹͇͇̻̒̋i̸̳̎͗́͛͘̚͜t̴̢̘̹͔͎̜͗̈́̇͒̓’̵͕̩̼̮͗̄̅̍̏͝s̷̠͙̝̳͗̇͝ ̸̮͂̑͂̽̚S̷̢̹̻̯̿̓͂̕î̵̻̺̟ą̷͓̹̘͈̔͌̾̓̌̀n̶̟͍̲̤̖͆̆͜a̸̬̭̗̯̋͜ ̷͎̥͇̉͝n̴̜̟͑̔̐ǫ̵̛͇͊̒̀̇͆w̸̧̨̫͓̲͎̎̈́.̸͍͙̐̃̓̕͝͝ ̴̗̰͗̊́̒̈́͊A̶̧̞̠͍͚̯͛̐ñ̴͕̣̣̖̼͝ḑ̵̮͉͙̰̙́͂ ̶͎͖̣͇͙̦͆̑r̴̡̧̭̱̄̔̇̕͜͝͝e̵͚͌́̍̀̕̕m̶͔͎̖̙̌̏ȇ̵͖̘̦m̵͈͙̜̼̚b̸̳͖͙̒͑͜͜͠e̶̹̹̯͗̑̀r̷̼̺̖̆̆̈́̌͒̚͜,̶̬̲̖̠̱̒́͋̚ ̶̬̱͓̌̀ͅ—̴̰̞͎͐́͆̌͘ ̴̰̞̃̿͒̆I̸̜͓̹̦̦͌̔̑’̷̨̗̭̥́̏̔̀̕m̵͉̩͖̳͎̈̉̀͋̓̕ ̵͕̀ý̵̳̣̘̾͐̚ò̴̯̫̑͝u̷̡͛͊̉͠r̵͔̙̾ ̷͉̳̱͎̭͕͑t̴̟͔͎͙̍͆̓̇͘ŗ̶͙̓͆̔͗̽̕u̶̲̍̉̑̿ë̵̜̭̫̗̻́̉͒̈́ ̷̼̟̥̓͠͠m̷͚̘̝̑͜a̴̳͐š̴̮̥͚̗͈̂t̸̲͚̀͛͘̚e̸͎̼̓͒̎̒͛͘r̴͕̼̟̔̿̀̆̊͛ ̷͉͐̊̇͆」̷̡̲͚̈̉̉̽̕͘



「 M-master! Please wake up! Are you alright?! 」


It’s my elven sla… Siana?

「 Master! You’re awake! 」

She jumps and hugs me tight. Her head snuggles, brushing her head around my neck…

What used to be lush greens on top is now replaced with a cold ceiling. Looks like I’m back to the normal world.

Back to reality, bringing the cursed knowledge of Siana’s past.

Is sleep the answer after all?

To my problems, and hers?

Just dreaming for the rest of our lives about the world we want to be in?

I always looked down on addicts acting solely to get their next dose.

But maybe that’s the way?

We earn enough to stay alive. And sleep whenever else.

She gets the Gruffydd she loves. And I get a Siana who loves me.


I’m pathetic for even thinking that. That’s not true love.

I won’t avoid the issue. I’ll face it. Her.

For her.

For our future.


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LOTA Side Story 1 — Karin’s Demise

(3rd POV, Narrator)

Heavy downpour sweeps the area of the sleepless night of Tokyo. The sound of the small yet countless droplets of water impact succumbs the area into silence, leaving a slightly eerie white noise of it. Puddles form around the sidewalk and asphalt road, as the whole city becomes drenched.

Surprisingly, the midnight rainstorms seem to have stopped almost all activity of the area, and it pours forever long. At least, that’s what a single woman thought of the weather living in a downtrodden part of Tokyo, inside of a small four tatami mats sized apartment room.

Just like its neighborhood, the room is shady at best. The walls are so thin and tiny cracks are almost everywhere to the point it wouldn’t shock her if it can be torn down with a single punch. Tiny growing molds are also apparent on all corners, something that disgusted her constantly and she can’t get used to, no matter how long she stayed there.

She’s left laying down in a small futon just near the window, looking to the outside world. A grim and dark alley littered with trash and pipes puffing out smokes. Drunken salarymen would sometimes pass the alley, throwing up midway, leaving a horrifying smell that just adds the hopelessness aura of its cramped space. The only upside of the place is that other than its occasional random passerby, it’s relatively deserted, giving her some needed peace.

Yet, no matter how much noise the rainstorm can get, it fails to mask the ringtone of her smartphone. The woman notices it of course, how couldn’t she went it buzzed constantly for the whole day. Exactly twenty-four times, she counted.

This time, however, the buzzes hit differently. Maybe it’s because of the constant ringing or the fact she’s not been eating food recently, where even if she eats, it’s always the cheap pre-packaged kind you can always find in seven-eleven minimarts. But nevertheless, the buzzes call for her attention constantly. A mix of annoyance and anger is directed towards the phone after so long she tries to ignore it.

Fed up with the constant annoyance, she helplessly picked up the call.

「 Oh my god!!! 」The man on the other side of the phone says furiously, forcing her to momentarily distance her ears away from her phone, 「  Finally, you’ve picked up the goddamn phone! Do you know how many times I’ve called you?! You know that you’ve been skipping your shifts unannounced for several days right?!?! There’s even a customer who booked for you yesterday! Something that rarely happens for you ugly ass whore and you screw it up by not attending to the establishment! Do you know how much I have to reimburse for not meeting the customer’s expectations?! 」

「 …Yes… 」the woman replies reluctantly, knowingly nothing good will come of saying many words to her manager.

「 Look, If you don’t want to do this anymore then that’s fine by me. You’re the least popular hostess anyway. I’m just calling you to let you know that you’re fired. Never bother the establishment anymore. Farewell.  」

「 W-wait! 」she desperately shouts.

But the call is already cutoff.

「 Damn it! 」she says to no one in particular, as she throws her phone to the bed, feeling frustrated, 「 that piece of shit manager doesn’t even bother paying the rest of my paycheck! 」

She knew inside, however, even if she has any, that shady underground establishment wouldn’t graciously give it to her, especially with her already minuscule reputation.

Back then, out of desperation, with no one to ask for help. She was left to survive by selling her body in a shady soapland. It was her last option. Not necessarily actually, of course, there are always other ways, but will it give her the same luxury she once had?

It might be dirty, but other than faking moans and having to withstand pleasing ugly clients, it was relatively effortless and it was fine for her. As long as she can continue her luxurious lifestyle, everything is fine she thought.

Lifestyle-wise, nothing has changed. She’s still able to stroll around Ginza, buying whatever luxurious fashion item that catches her eyes without even thinking about the costly price, ending the night with a dinner at a luxurious fine dining restaurant on an almost daily basis.

But that wonderful lifestyle is shortly dismissed after fresh recruits of cuter, more beautiful, and most importantly younger girls take the center scene of the establishment. No rich men would want to sleep with women past her prime age — below the age of thirty anyway.

Her future now looks very grim. It has always been grim. It’s just now that she truly felt it to the core, added with her not knowing exactly just how minuscule the remaining money in the bank. Other than it is less than a month’s rent for sure. She’s basically living on borrowed time. Now, she regretted wasting her money on many useless branded fashion items or on trending holiday trips.

Left with money problems in a shitty apartment, she is truly hopeless to live by. She begins to wonder why bother living anymore. What’s the purpose of living anyway when she has to suffer this much. Is there a way to escape from this hellish nightmare that becomes a reality?

As she contemplates life, she begins to remember someone, a person that could possibly get her out of her current shitty life — her past boyfriend. But soon immediately remove the idea. Not much is known about him anymore. After the widespread news of their debauchery, he removes all contacts with her. His last message was devastating, he simply stated that he wants to remove any connection with her since he has to focus on his business on the other side of the globe, the United States of America.

Betrayed. Thrown aside after the trouble soon catches up.

She hated herself that what comes to her mind first is that bastard. The bitterness of betrayal is still fresh in her mind to this day. How could he, when she gave him practically everything?

It is then she starts to recall someone else who might be able to help her current situation. But unlike her ex-boyfriend who leaves her on sudden notice, this person broke his ties with her with fury and a bang. It is none other than her father.

Left with him as the sole option. She starts calling him with no small amount of wishes and hopes.

「 Hello, may I know who’s calling? 」A horse sound of an old man says on the other side of the phone.

「 It’s me… dad. 」

「 Ughh…. 」The old man immediately replies, not even hiding his annoyance,「 what do you want, Karin? 」

Karin. That single word crushes her heart. It reminds her of their broken relationship. She remembers her dad used to always call her “Sweetie” or “Daughter”.

「 Y-your daughter would like to ask for money… Please..? 」She earnestly asks, hoping for a chance to mend broken ties.

「 Hmph! I don’t recall having a daughter! 」

「 Please dad, just transfer me a meager a million yen [footnote] (roughly 10k USD) to live by and I promise I won’t bother you again. 」

「 And you think that amount of money is cheap?! If you are truly my daughter then you will know that this father of yours has retired and lives a very humble life back in the Kyushu countryside. 」

「 I-I’m sorry… Please forgive me…  it would be great if you just… just spare any money you are willing to give… 」

「 Ungrateful whore! You are not my daughter! I, Tamaji Satoshi, no longer consider Tamaji Karin as his daughter and she no longer bears the Tamaji family name! 」

She starts to shake up. Goosebump is apparent on her. Even after these few years his dad still doesn’t consider her as his daughter. She thought maybe… just maybe with time, he will change his mind or at the very least starts to warm up to her again.

「 Give me a second chance dad… Please give me a second chance to redeem myself, dad. 」She earnestly begs with a whimpering noise.

「 Karin. You’re already an adult. Mature? Never was, but a full-fledged adult. I’ve warned you to be careful and be responsible by the time you’ve grown up. But you never listen. I’ve already given you many second chances when you’re younger.

「 Remember when you wanted to study abroad in Canada? 」He continues,「 I fully supported you. Remember the premium private English tutors that used to teach you and set up meetings with higher education consultation to know how to study in Canada? But then midway, you’ve changed your mind, wanting to study abroad to French — Paris specifically instead. That’s fine I thought. I will always support you. Instead of an English tutor, it changed to a French language tutor. But after a few weeks of studying french, you thought it’s too hard so you went back again wanting to study abroad in Canada and learning English. Even then when I thought you’ve finally decided to study there, after just a year of studying in Canada, you decided to go back to Japan just because living in Canada is harder than you thought. I’ve always given you second chances.

「 Now that you’re an adult, however, there are no more second chances. Especially one with others involved. You’ve brought shame to the family name Karin. I never expected you to be perfect, all I ever wanted from you is to be a decent woman…. and perhaps… a decent wife for a great man. 」

「 I know… I’m so sorry… But please just do this one more time. I will be responsible this time. 」

「 No, Karin. Farewell. I’ll be sure to change my phone number this time. 」

The call is immediately cut off once again.

Her futile attempt in mending broken ties, failed as expected. She doesn’t know what to feel anymore at this point. Defeat? Anger? Resentment? Shame?

None of these feelings matter anymore.

She lazily rises up from her bed, rummaging through her wardrobe that was once filled with exorbitant branded fashion items, now is only left with plain cheap clothing. She hopes to god, if it exists, that there is still at the very least a single branded fashion item so she can sell it online for some cash. It’s a hard thing to do at first, but hunger and the underlying threat of becoming homeless easily defeat the high value she attaches to luxurious fashion items.

It is then, when she rummages through the wardrobe’s drawer, amidst small random piles, she finds something she didn’t know she had this whole time — something she thought has been thrown away a long time ago. Her wedding ring.

Then it hits her. Even after all these years, she never thought about her past husband. It never crosses her to think about him. She wanted to hate him for leaving her alone but deep down she knows the reason for her husband’s suicide is due to her own fault — her affair.

Life wasn’t supposed to go this way, she thought.

Her mindset to life is one filled with relaxed fullness and a care-free attitude. Throughout her college and school experience, she never paid much attention to academia, for her as long as she passes and lives a fun life, going out with boys and her besties, everything is fine.

Graduating from a middle-rate college with middle-rate grades, however, changes everything. She couldn’t get decent jobs, and her rich father is close to retiring. Her luxurious and care-free lifestyle was in danger.

But thanks to her father’s connection, she’s able to continue her lifestyle by ending up marrying a very simple man on a fast-track in career trajectory in the biggest Japanese logistics company. A very respectable man with money behind him. Although he is a simple, and boring man. She honestly thinks he’s a bit cute at the very least, but what’s more important than that and the reason why she decided to marry him is how easy it is for him to accept her selfish demands.

A house of her wish in a very good neighborhood is easily bought by him, and the only thing she needs to give in return is just small gratitude and “love”.

Her husband also gives her a huge allowance for herself where she wastes it on girls-night-out and expensive luxury items she dreams of buying.

At that time she’s living the life that most people would dream of. Not the conglomerate, ultra-rich kind of course, but definitely better than most people. She can continue living a care-free life, leeching off from her husband.

But no, it’s never enough. She always wants more. Amidst her boring, yet very comfortable life, she desperately craves new excitement. She misses being the center of attention; where men flock to her like birds fighting over a delicious bread. She misses being showered with expansive gifts; where men compete with one another to spend time with her.

She began pondering whether marrying him is the biggest mistake she ever made in life.

A single high school reunion where she meets her past boyfriend who is much more attractive, charismatic than her husband was all it takes to have an affair with him. He promises her new excitements with exotic gifts, fancy vacation trips, and many more to win her over — to sleep with her.

It lasts for several months, until out of nowhere, she finds her husband… hanged.

She didn’t expect things to go down this way. At first, knowing that her husband committed suicide, a part of her is ecstatic. Her boring husband is now gone, leaving a fantastic house behind and a chance to make her relationship with her boyfriend official.

Sadly to her, her delusion was quickly diminished. The house was paid in mortgage or loans, not fully paid yet. With no money on her to repay the loan, the house becomes the bank property and she becomes homeless with no assets in her name. And from then on the downward spiral of the degradation of her life continues to this day.

And her boyfriend ran away from her. Not fulfilling his promises which she realizes now are just empty words.

Just for a small excitement, she throws away everything she ever had.

Now… The only thing she can do is wailing in deep regret. As it is the only thing she can feel that makes her alive. Cherishing the past that she used to have and cursing her past self for throwing it all away just for momentary excitement and pleasure; not knowing the extreme consequences that lie behind it.

「 That man was right… I’m… I’m just an ugly ass whore… 」Karin says out to the air, as she wears the ring again, recalling her boring, yet decent husband…


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LOTA CH25 — Accompanied Adventures

The abandoned mineshaft Siana and I are in right now curls deeper to the earth’s core, steeping faintly lower as we take each step. Although it’s abandoned, signs of its life are still apparent as ever, the manaritium lamp throughout the place still shines decently, with no heavy wear on the wood pillars, and no rust in the mining cart rail.

Yet, the place is silent, its once-thriving industry is suddenly completely halted — stagnant. Replaced with the sound of the eerie cold wind seeping through the tunnels. The stale air combined with its mild smell of iron and earth forces me to breathe slowly and steadily.

Even with the manaritium lamp shedding some light to this place, it utterly fails to mask or to hide the mineshaft’s dark and depressive atmosphere. Perhaps it’s because the cause of abandonment which I know of doesn’t give much hope to this place.

Two days ago, the miners here in their mineshaft expansion, unknowingly encountered a new cave filled with slimes. The unexpected encounter combined with the suddenness of it breeds panic and confusion among the miners, resulting in a devastating slaughter, with the survivors remaining not having any sort of grasp on what happened before, other than to run to the surface for their lives.

If we are able to map and locate the source of the slimes whereabout, we will be awarded eight silver coins, with an additional one silver coin for every slime core we bring to the《Adventurers Creed》guild. An unusually high reward from the guild of its caliber. But there is a strong reason why that’s the case.

Slimes are the hardest monsters for beginners since they are almost impervious to physical attacks. I remember Elras mentioned at one point that the standard procedure in eliminating the slimes is to use any fire-based spell attacks. And there lies the underlying problem, only magic spells — quite rare amongst lower-ranked adventurers — will work against slimes.

If it weren’t for my nobility status and a letter of introduction from Elras to the guild’s headmaster, I wouldn’t be able to take this emergency quest from the《Adventurers Creed》guild. I wish I could take a quest from the《Dyron Temperament》guild famed for its higher reward, but since I wasn’t an official member, combined with my low skill in Assault magic, I was forced to join what Elras terms as “The truest commoners guild”. It’s fine anyway since sooner or later the need to join that guild will rise.

We traverse at a slow tempo, allowing us to stay alert and pay attention to the surroundings.《Biante》spell is active, but that doesn’t mean we can relax in this unfamiliar environment.

「 Master, this lowly slave smells human blood. 」Siana says, seemingly quite alarmed.

I also smell it beforehand, the faint smell of blood. It indicates beforehand what’s about to come. After hardening my heart, imagining the sort of scenery I will face from the numerous horrifying dead figures of monsters in my previous quest, I resolved myself to push through. But even after all of that preparation, what comes around the corner isn’t for the faint of heart.

The gruesome leftover of the miners’ massacre.

Splashes of blood are apparent almost everywhere, even up above in this closed space ceiling. Bits of unknown flesh or organs are also everywhere like an explosion has happened that spread these bits.

Even amidst this devastating scenery, we did not dare to stop, opting to push through deep into the bloody zone.

Then, unknowingly, I step into somehow a small yet squishable resistance in my feet. I look down, a seemingly long tube with fleshy texture in where I just step on. In … in… intestines. Dear goddess….

Creeped out, I focus my eyes to look dead straight ahead, trying my hardest to forget about it and not look at it anymore. But instead, now I see the corpse’s state in closer detail.

It’s state much worse than I thought.

Most of them are left with only their bones. Pure white, without even a sign of flesh nor blood dangling on them, as if they died a very long time ago, even though the slimes reported only appeared in this place just a mere two days ago. Organs absent in their bodies.

They lie on the cold rocky surface, limbs at awkward angles and heads held in such ways that they cannot be sleeping. Their faces clearly held lifeless expressions with a tinge of ghastly manner, signaling their last-minute state before death. Is this how slimes consume their prey?

At first, I thought the only reason they give out large rewards for this quest was purely that the monsters entailed in this place are slimes, but now… after discovering the slightly fresh corpses in this cold narrow place surrounded by earth, it would surely demoralize anyone, scaring anybody to push through.

I wonder how are they going to identify these unlucky corpses when all that’s left are just bones?

Is this the result of the slimes’ aggression… or their consummation of the flesh?

Is this going to happen to me if I fail to fight against the slime?

「 Master, are you okay? 」Siana calls me, stepping in front of me.

Damn it, I need to stop overthinking too much. Everything is fine, Siana is with me.

「 I’m alright Siana, thanks for asking. 」

While calming myself down, Siana goes ahead, leaving me slightly behind, even though I’m supposed to be the one leading. I follow behind her, away from the corpses. Shortly afterward Siana seems to find what seems to be a resting quarter, with chairs, tables, and the like in this place. Somehow dust lingers in a place like this, which might be because it’s an open space and near the mining track.

「 Master, I applaud your bravery, but this lowly slave thinks that you need to calm your mind down before pushing further. Please relax in this place for a while, master. 」

What…? I’m fine… Ahh… Alright, no point in arguing over this small matter. Since Siana heavily insists I reluctantly sit down in one of the available chairs, even if it’s a bit dusty, it should be fine.

『 Yn Lânń 』

Sparkled soft wind flows around the space out of my bewilderment, carrying the dust that lingers in this place, leaving no dust behind. The furniture becomes almost brand new with polished surfaces. I swear I can see sparkling effects on its surface.

Is this the so-called elven magic?

I didn’t even notice any magic runes, and her spell chant noise is pretty quiet.

「 Please forgive this slave for not cleaning the place further before you sit master… 」

「 Siana… Was that elven magic? 」I ask, intrigued by her unique magic.

「 Yes master. As master might’ve noticed, the elven magic is quite different from the human way of magic. I’m not sure how to explain the difference since I’m not familiar with human magic other than it’s seven schools of magic. But… but please be assured I will support master’s fight to the fullest. 」

「 That’s alright Siana, but can you explain what magic spells you can do so we can coordinate? 」

「 Ummm…. 」Siana says, looking downward, seemingly quite nervous,「 My magic workings would be supportive and healing spells. I can weaken the enemy and make master’s magic much more powerful. I could go in-depth but calming your mind is of the utmost importance in this situation, master. 」

After Siana says that, she kneels in front of me, shaking her body left and right lightly — dancing; a very charming characteristic of her. She’s doing so in order to calm me down huh… What a very attentive person.

「 Thanks, and Good job, Siana. 」I say, my hands on top of her head, head patting her.

「 Hehehehehe… 」Siana giggles happily.

The only positive thing about this discovery is that it means we are on the right track. The mineshaft is like a labyrinth with multiple branches and other tunnels it has. Good thing the guild gives us a map.

I pull out the mineshaft map that was given by the guild. It’s not overly detailed, only giving a general sense of distance and the multiple branches and divisions the mineshaft has. Added with general information that I personally as an adventurer don’t need such as the mining rail tracks and the ores such as manaritium ores that can be found throughout the mineshaft.

Just as I almost finished drawing and filling the map with our personal tracks, a mental alarm just went off. It could only mean one thing.

An unknown being recently passes by, detected by my spell. Then, another two mental alarms immediately ring inside my head. That means three in total.

「 Siana, three monsters are coming. It’s highly likely to be slimes. Get ready and remember to stay behind me. 」

「 Yes master! 」Siana says, seemingly poised and brimmed with energy that contrasts with her previous cute demeanor,「 Siana is always ready to support master fight! 」

I put away the map, back to my sling backpack. I stand up and walk to them as I ready my mental space to cast spells… And at last, they’ve come.

Three gigantic blobs of green ooze reaching half of my height. They seem to not have any distinct shapes, appearing as eerie gelatinous fluid. Their fluids, although monstrous green, are transparent enough to be able to see its blurred black ball core, the size of a fist.

They approach us rather slowly. I need to strike first.

『 Igni! 』

A burst of fiery blue comes out of my hand, devastating any ooze that touches the fire wave.

I swiftly dash towards the nearest slime. Having faced a full front of my fiery wave.

I strike my sword pointing directly to the slime’s core, barely protected by its ooze.

「 Clang! 」

The slime core crackens. The ooze surrounding it splash down to the ground spreading everywhere, as if it’s become water and not tied towards the slime core.

One down, two more to go.

The slimes move as slow as ever, even after I finish their breathens. Do they even care about their fellow slimes or they just don’t feel anything?

Then, the slimes curl their ooze individually, spinning it into a ball shape… What are they trying to do? Don’t tell me?!

The slime sends me their ball of oozes. Shit. That must be their attack.

『 Tårian 』

A white shield forms in front of me, blocking the ooze the slimes sent flying towards me. Releasing a hissing sound as it met with the shield, indicating its acidic nature. That was really close.

「 Thanks, Siana. 」

「 Don’t worry about me and go after them master! 」

I dash to them again, covering the distance pretty quickly.

『 Igni! 』

This time the fiery wave hits both of them. I use this chance to strike my sword to both of the slime’s cores.

「 Clang! 」

The slime core cracks. Just one more!

Damn, the last slime is still thick with ooze, holding my sword in its ooze, an inch away from the slime core.

『 Igni! 』

The ooze holding my sword is now gone. I strike my sword once more.

「 Clang! 」

And the familiar noise of the slime core crackens rings throughout this place.

Finally, all of the slimes are eliminated.

Fighting against slimes is alright, but if I keep encountering them, the need to drink mana potions will arise more and more. Especially with the upgraded, blue version of《Igni》. With three slimes I already depleted around seventy-five percent of my inner mana reserves. And that’s not counting the active《Biante》spell this whole time. I could drink mana potions easily but due to their expansive price tag, I wouldn’t get a high return on investment from the quest rewards if I keep doing it.

Let’s just hope I won’t encounter any of them anymore.

Out of my expectations, Siana comes to me, slowly placing her palm on top of my chest. What is she doi-

『 Ãdlęnwi 』

Her hands glow and soon like water flowing and filling a cup, my mana reserve is filled to the brim.

「 You never stop surprising me, Siana… Thank you. 」

「 Hehehe… I’m glad to be useful to master. 」

After collecting the three slime cores left behind to collect for reward, we continue pushing through the mineshaft again.

The appearance of slime seems to be a good thing since shortly afterward we come across what seems to be the end of the mineshaft, with a rough unfinished mining hole fit enough for a human to pass through.

I throw a lamp to the other side of the hole. The once dark place brightens slightly thanks to the lamp, revealing the horrifying slime ooze clinging on all walls or floors the light touches.

Bingo. We hit the jackpot. That’s the cave filled with slimes. We need to be quick. Can’t stay here for a long time, who knows when the next slime will come after us.

「 Siana, we’ve found it. Give me a moment to map the area. 」

I quickly open the map and continue the marks I’ve made on the map to indicate it towards this place.

From what I’ve heard, they will send《Dyron Temperament》adventurers and they will use my map to immediately traverse to the source of the outbreak. My only job is to scout and lessen the number of slimes if encountered.

With that in mind, our job is done. I can’t wait to receive my reward.

「 Let’s head back to the surface, Siana. I’m done mapping to this place. Our job is done. 」I say, finally glad we are done with our task without any injuries.

「 Yes master… 」

Surprisingly I’m quite tired… Maybe it’s because I have a lot of things in my mind or it’s just this hostile environment. Looks like we’ll just report back to the guild and then immediately head to bed. Who knows what time it is right now, by the time we breathe fresh air it is most likely to be evening.

「 Master… Are you by any chance… tired? 」Siana asks, somehow seemingly nervous.

「 Apparently so, might be because it’s been a long time since I trained or was in a combat situation. Do you have a spell to remove my fatigue? 」

「 Uhh… please forgive my stupidity… But I don’t know a spell to clear your fatigue master… P-p-please don’t abandon or sell me off! 」

「 Woah woah… Calm down, Siana. I’m just asking, it’s fine if you don’t have it. 」

I hug her again, feeling her slightly shivering. I also take this opportunity to give her head pats. Hopefully, this will calm her anxiety. I wonder why she’s so scared? This is not the first time she’s like this.

Although this hug’s whole intention was to calm her down, I can’t help but feel her fantastic breast pressing wholeheartedly on my chest.

「 S-Sorry master~ Maybe this slave could repay back by serving you with her big breasts~ 」Siana says erotically. Her hands making their way to hold my hardened dick still inside my pants.

「 Yeah sure… 」I say to her, not sure what to say…

「 Of course, master~ This slave would love to. 」

Oh well, looks like I can’t rest for the day just yet. For the night will be the true battlefield.


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LOTA CH24 — The Taste of Love ♡♡♡

「 ….zzzzzzzz…. 」

In the wash of the new light, Siana sleeps peacefully and without sound, her serene sleeping face looks so beautiful at this moment. By the time I woke up, the sun just barely shines its light on the world’s surface.

Even after our extensive passionate love-making, with a whole new breaking record of four orgasms in a single night, seeing Siana’s adorable face contrasted with her sultrious body, still drives my lust to the highest limit.

I’ve never felt libido this strong before. Siana’s beauty is one thing, but her willingness to respond to my desires is what truly separates her from the others in my heart.

My only complaint so far with her is how she was desperate in taking a bath at the end of our sex, saying that it’s dirty, leaving foul stains on both the bed and our body, and gives off a nasty smell. I wouldn’t mind them personally. There’s some sense of gratification and accomplishment in sleeping immediately with the smell of sex lingering around.

I could reject her proposition but due to how desperate she is, in the end, I decide to just go along with her request and take turns cleaning ourselves with a bucket of water. It’s a shame that we couldn’t clean together, but it’s still fine.

Anyway, a new day has begun, For others, it’s just another typical day they need to wake up to a mundane routine. For me, however, it feels like the first time I’ve truly woken up, feeling alive and fresh.

There’s a soothing and warm feeling in waking up and finding a beautiful woman sleeping right beside you. A reminder that I finally have someone besides me. That I’m not alone anymore.

At first, Siana refuses to sleep in the same bed with me, stating that a lowly slave doesn’t have the right to sleep in such a comfy bed. But that idea is absurd even to me. So I commanded her to sleep in the same bed as me. I don’t know why she’s so reluctant about it, I can only assume it’s because of slavery culture.

Well, thankfully, commanding her to sleep beside me is the right choice. I could stare at her sleeping face all day, it gives me such an unimaginable amount of joy. Everything just feels right. Like I’m heading in the right direction for the first time since I’ve come to this world.

「 ….uhhh…. hmmm……. w-who….. ohhh….. Good morning, master~ 」Siana says, eyes half-open, seemingly in a half-sleeping state.

「 Good morning, Siana. 」

Noticing my gaze towards her, Siana raises her upper body in an attempt to wake up. She stretches her arms up to the air, the blanket falls down in exchange, revealing her beautiful tits hanging up in the air for me to see.

After a couple of seconds of her waking up and seemingly trying to comprehend her surroundings. She giggles bubbly and leans towards me, her lips touched on mine again.

「 mmmnnnn…… nnncchhuuuuu….. 」

Her soft lips and her breathy breath turns me on, even more, when I’m already at my limit since the beginning. She then releases our kisses and leans toward my right ear.

「 Hehehe… Do you want to continue last night’s rough sex, master~? 」Siana whispers with a sultrious voice.

Without much words between us, her hand makes its way towards my dick, caressing it gently, pumping it up and down slowly but sensually. Eager to please me and warming me up.

Seeing how receptive she is towards my desire, I drag her down to kneel on the floor as I sit on the bed in front of her, the same position at the beginning of last night.

Since both of us sleep naked, there was no need to delay as Siana begins to plant light kisses all over my dick. The sensation is rather small, but seeing her dutiful expression immersed in serving me makes it all worthwhile. Enjoying her small worship, I lay back slightly and continue watching her as she serves my hard cock with her mouth.

She seems to be in a deep, focused state in giving me a long and slow sensual blowjob. Focusing mostly on swirling her dexterous tongue up and down in my long shaft and planting light kisses.

All of It feels great but after some time has passed, it becomes rather boring with the way she doesn’t change her routine in making love towards my cock.

Just when I’m about to tell her to take it deeper, I realize I can just make her take my cock deeper by force and by my own hands.

So without any warning to Siana, I grab her head tightly and pull her head deeper downwards to my cock. Siana’s eyes widen a bit but she doesn’t do anything else — no resistance.

I shiver as I feel Siana take my hard cock all the way down her warm, wet, and delightfully tight throat. Her lips fully pressed down to my balls and the bottom of my shaft.

Her throat is abnormally super tight, at first I thought it might be because of how mine is quite big but I realize it’s because of her metal collar that tightly coils around her neck, creating no room for her neck to bulge.

She gags and chokes with my dick deep down on her throat. Rather than feeling horrible about it, there’s a cruel satisfaction I feel from her struggle to breathe. Her throat trembling with each cough, a pleasurable vibration.

Although moving her head up and down feels great, it’s not as intense as I want it to be, especially since there’s not much movement or force I can do with just moving her head with my hands.

Feeling rather impatient, I stand up, holding her head, and move my hips to her mouth. Treating her orifices as a mere warm cocksleeve for me to enjoy.

This feeling of immortality is just something I cannot get used to, it feels so fucking great.

I growl as I keep thrusting back and forth to her little mouth. As the sensation is greater when I move my hips and as the sensation is greater when I move my hips, forcing my cock down on her. She whimpers and tries to breathe with my cock deep on her throat, creating something of a vacuum which pleases my dick.

I look down, her tears start spilling and her eyes become blank with almost no sign of life. Even when she’s in such a messy state, she doesn’t try to escape and instead accepts my cruel treatment of her.

I grip her head tighter as I lose to the sea of pleasure, then the all too familiar sensation of an orgasm wells up inside of me.

「 Yes! Yes! I’m cumming down on your tight little throat you fucking slave! Take it all Siana! Swallow to the last drop! 」I cry out.

I thrust myself as deep as possible inside Siana’s throat, her lips pressing to my balls. Then the orgasm comes as shivers wrack my body with wave after wave of pleasure courses through me each time I shoot cum deep inside the throat of my cum-dumpster.

After I’m sure that I’ve released every single drop of my cum, I immediately pull out. Siana coughs out some of my white seed that spills to her chest and thighs. What a shame.

「 Khogh, khogh…. Has… Has this lowly slave pleased you master? 」

Why is Siana asking a rather confusing question?

「 Of course you did a great job, Siana. I love you so much and you belong to me. 」

「 Hyl… I mean… S-Siana did great? 」She asks, in a low tone, seemingly not sure about herself, 「 I’m… I’m glad, master~  I-I… 」

「 What is it, Siana? 」I ask back, desperately wanting to know what’s bothering her.

「 I’m a clutzy, idiot, dumb elven slave girl master… So please teach this stupid slave how to serve and please you better. And please… please… please… don’t abandon or sell me out master… 」

「 What are you talking about? That’s a foolish question. I will never leave you, Siana. You’re mine and mine only. 」

I don’t know how she could ever think that I will leave her or even worse, sell her out. But one thing for sure, she doesn’t know what her place inside my heart is. I need to reassure her somehow, one way or another.

I plant my knees on the floor then wrap my arms around her – hugging her — trying to ease her anxiety. I know exactly how it feels when you’re anxious about others’ love after all. It’s just the worst.

We stay in this position for a while, enjoying each other’s warmth and comfort. With the added benefits of feeling her large breast pressed on my chest.

「 Umm… Can this lowly slave clean herself in the bathroom, master? 」Siana says, in the middle of our soothing silence.

「 Of course. You can go ahead. 」

I reluctantly release her, stopping our warm embrace. Siana then immediately goes off to the bathroom where there’s a lot of unused water left.

It’s a shame she didn’t clean up the semen that spills over to her body with her tongue and suck the leftover semen inside my dick.

And from the looks of it, Siana still holds some doubts in her heart, with the way she doesn’t hug me back. But that’s fine, I own her, we have all the time in the world.

Knowing Siana usually stays in the bathroom for surprisingly quite a long time, I decided to clean myself up with a simple damp towel. It’s a quick thing to do so I rest back in the bed, waiting for Siana.

Ahhh, I’m spent…. I feel so relaxed now. Everything feels right. I wish I could spend the rest of my days just like this.

Is this… love…? I never felt this relaxed before when I was in my previous life, I have to always constantly work hard, to meet her expectations. This time when there are no expectations, I can finally live my life. What bliss.

I wonder what I should do then? I remember Galeal saying that Siana has supportive and healing magic that differs from the standard schools of magic system. Her magic capability is just a plus side of her anyway — insignificant. All I ever want is for her to stick by my side forever and ever.

「 Master~ I’ve finished cleaning myself… Is there anything you want me to do? I’m yours to command. 」Siana says as she walks to me, fully dressed in the new clothes I just bought yesterday.

Oh well with her by my side, I will need to get my shit together. At first, I thought I was doomed to repeat the same mistake in this second chance of mine. But maybe… Just maybe I can get things right this time. For the first time, I can finally achieve true love, with her by my side. But that doesn’t mean I can be relaxed just yet.

I need to start focusing on the future. For the both of us.

「 My Siana… I’m thinking of going on some adventurer’s quest today. Will you be able to accompany me? 」


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LOTA CH23 — First Taste ♡♡♡

「 Business with you is pure pleasure, young gentleman. And please don’t worry about my small help. Perhaps, one day I’ll need help, and you’ll be there for me. 」

Galeal says as he sends us off from his mansion gate. A warm friendly smile creeps up at his feature as he sends a farewell and the gate closes, where we go our own separate ways.

Now I’m left alone with my recently bought slave, Siana.

「 Siana, we will be together from now on, so feel free to ask me anything. 」I say, trying to break the cold silence.

「 Yes, master~ And thank you for purchasing me. Siana will do her best to be useful to master. 」Siana says

A slight shiver runs down my spine. Being called master feels strangely good.

「 Umm… Where shall we go, master? 」Siana says, seemingly prompting for my response.

「 I notice how you seem to not have any possessions. So how about we buy you some clothes and other daily necessities, first? 」

「 I do not need excess possession and can live with just the bare minimum. But if you wish for it, then I won’t reject, master. 」

Having the agreement from Siana’s side, we immediately head to a semi-fancy clothing store I’ve found midway on my trip to Galeal’s mansion this noon. A young lady greets us as we come inside. After letting her know that I’m buying clothes for Siana, she immediately gives a small tour around the store while introducing quite a variety of clothes.

I was able to secure and select some cute daily clothes and adventuring attire. Then, she guides me to another room which contains… very, very sexy clothing. Lingeries, thongs, micro-bikinis, and even a freaking skimpy maid outfit. They sure got everything.

Looks like the store attendant already knows the type of person I am and who Siana truly is. Not sure whether I should be glad about this or be heavily concerned, but nevertheless, I fully appreciate and accept her marvelous understanding.

Siana is also with us in this adult room and surprisingly she doesn’t show any reserve or embarrassment with the sexual and skimpy clothes they have available. Instead, she attentively looks at them, although with a slight blush on her part.

Throughout the shopping experience, the store attendant only speaks to me and only bothers interacting with Siana to measure her body. I can only assume she noticed the slave collar Siana’s wearing and therefore didn’t deem it appropriate to recognize her.  But I’m not sure whether she’s ignoring Siana out of respect for me as I’m her master or simply because she’s a slave — a property.

I should’ve known more about this world’s perspective about slavery other than its acceptance and being commonly practiced without any moral stigma. It would’ve made it easier for me to handle social situations with Siana.

At the end of it, I secured some necessary cute daily clothes and lingeries Siana surprisingly takes interest in. All of it bore my wallet quite heavily, leaving me with a meager of two silver coins. But it’s a small price to pay to dress up my cute slave as I fancy.

As we make our way back to the inn and ultimately my room, where there’s a likelihood of closing the deal with sex at the end of the day. I can’t help but feel like I did something wrong… As if what I’m doing right now is unreal due to how it was unnaturally easy to have such a wonderful woman like her be my companion.

I sit down at the edge of the bed, the sun already giving out its honeyed light as it sets while Siana is tidying and handling the clothes we just brought to the drawer. I’ve become awkward about what to do next… Fuck, should I take the lead? Is she fine with being pushed around? Do we do it now? Or does she need more time?

「 Master, I’ve finished taking care of newly bought clothes. Thank you for buying such lovely items…. Is there anything you want me to do? 」

「 Uhh… Yeah, no problem, and… thanks, Siana. 」I say, not sure what to say.

Okay, this is awkward.

「 Master, if it’s not too presumptuous for this lowly slave — you’re too stiff. Please relax and calm down your nerves. 」Siana says, breaking the silence.

「 Yeah… I guess you’re right… 」I say, my voice lowers, and my eyes track away from her.

She’s pretty spot on when I think about it. In both my current and past life I’m always working or studying hard, desperate in achieving my goal, the so-called “success”.

Silence slowly instilled again. Okay, this is awkward again, I need to say something… As I ponder on what to say, Siana comes in front of me, with such cutesy steps.

Then, she kneels on the floor in front of me, hands folded on top of her charming thighs, looking upwards. Her lowered position coupled with my lowered head forces me to meet with her kind and charming gaze. Her beautiful emerald eyes looking at me with a gentle smile. All of it soothes me and makes me lose tension.

So adorable…

It’s the same smile that led me to buy her without hesitation.

「 Anyway, Siana… If it’s okay to ask you… I wonder… How’s your life in the elven society? 」I say trying to break the awkwardness.

Without a word, Siana somehow grabs my right hand with both of her hands, holding it and planting light kisses all over it like it’s the most precious thing in the whole wide world.

Shortly after, Siana moves my hand towards the top of her head. Instinctively, I begin lightly stroking her hair, feeling the silky and smooth strains; Giving her headpats.

While doing so, she closes her eyes with a relaxed smile, humming around and shaking her body to left and right lightly and in a cutely manner — dancing — as if she’s in ecstasy and greatly enjoying my small act of intimacy.

Feeling curious on my end, I deviate from the top of her head, moving my hand downwards just a bit until it reaches her pointy long ear, feeling its smooth lobe.

At first, she grows confused with my action, but after feeling my hand on her ear she smiles again and continues her routine from before.

「 …ppfftt… hahahaha 」

The absurdity and randomness of all this make me lose my composure and release a burst of small laughter.

「 Hehehe… you finally smiled and laughed for the first time since I’ve met you, master. You need to smile more, master. It would be such a waste of that handsome face of yours to not smile~ 」She says as she smiles beautifully.

While I’m processing what she just said, Siana slowly raises her body. Her knees still on the floor as she raises her face closer to me. Inching closer as the world becomes blank when her lips finally touch mine

「nnnhmm…… nnnchu……… aaahhhn……haaaa…… 」

Her kisses become more daring as I feel her soft tongue enter my mouth. I suck her mouth intensely, with Siana remaining active and sucking back.

「 …cchu …nnnmmm… M-master~! ♡」

As we kiss, my hands slip under her dress and make their way to her huge breast. Gently caressing her tits, feeling their doughy feel and smooth surface, I gradually begin kneading them.

I’ve never felt such extreme joy and lust, unlike that bitch in my previous life.

After what feels like forever indulging in a very long kiss, I reluctantly release Siana, wanting to check out her condition. Her cute blush with the scene of our saliva thread hanging from both our tongues arouses me to no end.

This reminds me…

「 I forgot to ask both Galeal or you, but by any chance are you… a… a virgin…? 」

「 Yes, I’m a virgin, master ♡ ~ *giggles* But worry not master~ they’ve thoroughly educated me about the subtle art of the flesh. How my silky green hair, my big full breasts, my sexes… even my mouth and my other opening, all of my parts are only to fulfill the needs and desires of the person who purchased me. So, please — my master — let me guide you, and please be gentle with me. 」

Her seductive voice, filled with such affection, arouses me and is transmitted towards my dick. I want her.

Just when I think about removing my bulging pants, Siana seems to think the same as she moves her hands to undress me. I help her by standing up a bit until my dick is able to rise to its full glory.

With the sun still not fully setting down, my penis is completely revealed for her to see. She’s staring so hard at it too.

「 Please let this lowly elven slave delight you with her pretty little mouth, master~ 」

She sticks out her tongue and starts licking my dick.

Just the smoothness and warmth of her tongue alone sends jolts up my spine. Siana doesn’t show any reserve and licks down my shaft up and down fully, without leaving any place untouched.

She breathes heavily, panting on my dick. Then after she goes back to the tip, she starts sucking the head before going deeper and deeper, covering my shaft with her mouth.

「 Aaahh, Siana, it feels so good. 」

「 M-master…. nnnnmmmm 」

Her soft warm mouth slowly but surely gives me a sense of release.

The best thing about her blowjob is not feeling her tongue touching or her sweet moans so close to my dick, but rather her enthusiasm and devotion in servicing me with her entire being.

「 ….nnnmmmmm…. 」she moans, her mouth filled, then she lets out with a pop,「 Do you like this lowly elven slave sitting below you on her knees, serving your towering cock, master~? ♡ 」

I unconsciously grab Siana’s head, feeling her smooth hair again.

Siana continues serving my dick with her mouth. Once in a while, she tries to go down fully, albeit only taking half of my shaft. Amidst her mouth filled with the head of my dick, she gazes upward, offering her submission towards me.

Led by the simulation of her blowjob and feeling impatient, I push my dick down her tight throat. Her hands are on my thighs now but she doesn’t resist even the slightest.

Right. She’s my slave. I can do whatever the hell I want with her.

I stand up, focusing on shoving my cock deeper into her throat, fucking her face. Her back shakes slightly as she chokes, my whole dick down on her tight throat.

Ooh, this feeling of dominating a woman and immortality as I treat Siana’s gorgeous face as a mere warm cocksleeve. I feel way more pleasure doing this than gently making love.

Submerging my full-length cock down her throat is the best.

I could never ask that bitch to do something this violent.

「 Aaahh! Siana!! 」

「 khogh, khogh, khogh 」

Siana’s coughing violently. She’s in such a mess with her drool and tears all over her face.

Fuck, I was too caught up with the moment. W-what have I done…?

What’s worse is that it all felt so good treating her as a toilet and I could cum down her throat at any second.

I let go of her off my dick. She falls slightly as she tries to maintain her balance and gasp for air.

「 A-are you okay Siana? 」

Shit… It’s all over now. She must’ve hated me now…

「 Khogh… Oh, how I wish for you to be gentle with me, but… khogh, khogh, such roughness is also fine master~ 」She replies with a hoarse voice but still manages to display a smile full of affection.

I was so sure she’s going to start to hate me due to how violent I was a moment ago… but she… doesn’t?

Is she okay with all of this? Is she willing to accept my violent and dominant urges?

「 D-do you want to release your cum down my thirsty throat, master? I’m fine with whatever you want to do, master~ I dare offer no resistance. 」

I can’t hold back anymore. I really want to make her mine, and her tight throat is so good. But there’s another place I haven’t tried yet to finalize and make her mine.

「 H-huh? What are you doing, Master? 」

I princess-carry her and throw her on the bed.

I’m atop of her now, looking down at my lovely slave.

She grows confused and seems to become not sure what to do. But nevertheless, she keeps looking at my eyes, as if she’s ready to accept whatever I’m about to do to her — submitting to me.

Her massive tits spill freely above her chest, creating a beautiful shape as she lays down on the cushions, even more so with the same dress she wears back at the slave merchant.

Being impatient and wanting to see her reaction, I grab her dress and tear it down to half with brute force.

「 Aaahh~! 」She yelps in surprise.

Her smooth, slim, yet curvy body can now be seen to the fullest. The warm light that touches her skin adds a beautiful charm to it.

She stares back with the same puppy eyes of hers again, showing no resistance even when I’m treating her pretty roughly with the way I tore her dress and eating her out like a savage beast.

「 Is this… Has the time come at last? For you to take my maidenhood… my precious virginity from me? 」

「 Yes, 」I say with a serious tone,「 be mine, Siana. 」

I spread her thighs lightly and she complies, opening up the beautifully shaped and hairless pussy that betwixt them. Her pussy seems to already be soaking wet and sparkling.

I place the head of my dick just outside the entrance of her pussy.

「 I’m going in, Siana. Be mine and mine only Siana. 」

「 Y-yes master. Conquer my body, ravish me to your heart’s content. 」

I push my dick down on her entrance. She was not lying as it is much tighter, much better than that bitch. I could feel something breaking as I continue slipping my dick halfway to her pussy.


「 Are you okay…? Do you want to stop? 」

I stop midway, her expression filled with pain and discomfort.

「 No!! Keep going, master! Don’t stop! 」

「 B-but you’re in pain… 」

「 Y-yes… i-it hurts master, but please keep going! 」

Even amidst her pained expression, she’s still able to smile so wonderfully. Her hand caressing my cheek as she looks at me lovingly.

She’s… She’s accepting me.

Her approval tears down the last of my reasons, I continue submerging and planting my penis deeper into her wet narrow pussy. My dick reaches to the entrance of her womb.

「 Yes~! Keep going! Take me master~ Take me! Engrave me this pain into me so I never forget that I’ve become yours! — AAAAHHHH!! — That I’m just your little bed-slave you can do with what you will… at your ~every~ passing whim! ♡ 」

I pound into her pussy harder and harder, showing no reserve in using my strength and the weight of my body to the fullest. Solely focusing on enjoying the sensation of her warm hole.

「 Yes~! Yes~! Yes~! Fuck me harder master! — Ahhhhhnnn!! — Completely convert me as your slave! ♡ 」

She makes a sweet, soft little whimpering and yelping sound as I continue to pound into her. Her sweet whimpers and moans stimulate my lust each time they escape from her lungs.

The sound of me smacking and pounding to her, mixed with our moans, gasps, yelps fills the air. Coupled with the heavy scent of our passionate and rough sex.

「 Take it, slave! Take it all! 」

「 Yes, master! Ahhhhnnn! Reduce me to be your lust toy, Master! One who you can treat as your own little plaything! 」

I make sure to keep moving, enjoying the sensation of her vagina as it presses hard on my dick.

「 Yes master! Rape me to the fullest! Have no care for me, Master! — Ahhhnnn! – Make me forget everything! All of my past! My childhood! My everything! 」

I comply with her request, as I keep thrusting my dick towards her womb hard. As I move my hips, I move my idle hand towards her dangling breast.

Squeezing them, feeling their supple texture roughly without care, leaving beautiful red marks on her white skin.

「Haa……Ahh, nmmm! Haaa! 」

She seems to be pleased with the way I’m treating her roughly, maintaining that same wonderful smile of hers. Thank god, she’s a masochist.

I keep thrusting and thrusting. Then, I feel that I’m close to ejaculating. My mind starts becoming blank with the ultimate sensation of pleasure. Left with a single thought of conquering her womb with my seeds.

「 I’m cumming! I’m cumming! I’m cumming! 」

「 Yes master! Cum to your heart’s content. ~RUIN~ me! Claim me as your fuck-slave! ♡ 」

Her dirty talk and sweet whimpers filled with her beg of claiming her are all it took to break the dam within me as I release all of my lust and seeds with my dick kissing her womb.

「 AHHH~!! I love you, Siana! 」


I enjoy the feeling of release as I pour a lifetime worth of seed inside of her. She squeals in pleasure and then she’s left panting and gasping as I continue to discharge the last vestige of my white spunk.

「 Hhhaaaa!!! I can feel your seed inside my womb, my master~ ♡ 」

After ejaculating all of my lust and seeds to the fullest into her womb, I collapse on top of her. Pressing my worn-out and sweaty body on top of her. She seems to not mind my body weight with the way she giggles.

「 Siana… I love you… 」

I relax and enjoy the afterglow of releasing. This is the hardest I’ve ever cummed in both of my entire lives.

Siana, my one and one only… I love you so much.

「 I love you so… so much Siana. Please stay by my side forever and ever. 」

「 Yes master…. I’m your Siana, your elven slave. 」


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LOTA CH22 — Peculiar Bond

The sun glares through the window, forcing me to wake up from my strange slumber — one with a dream. I rarely dream these days. The last time I dreamt was a horrible nightmare. But alas, this time I somehow vividly dreamed something different. Something… Erotic.

The weight of a girl’s warm body as she pressed on my lower body. The warmth I felt in embracing her. The pressure on my member as it coiled around the warm, moist flesh of hers, making me feel ecstatic like never before. My hand holding the glinting black metal collar that tightly coiled around her neck, its chain dropping down over the mesmerizing beautiful valley on her chest.

A symbol of her being mine and mine only.

She moved with such passion and roughness that added to my lust as I kept staring at her jiggling boobs. Her delight and affection were clear as she repeatedly moaned master over and over again, expressing her inner passionate lust over me.

And then, as I almost reached my peak, she leaned down very close to my left ear, her breast tightly pressed against my chest. Her hands gently slipped under my back as she wrapped up and hugged me tightly.

Her gentle whispers – “Please mark my womb as yours, Master~” – was all it took for a huge dam to break out, releasing all of my lust as I poured my seeds into her womb of a lifetime.

Shortly afterward, I then woke up, to this present right now. All of It feels so surreal. Even with all of the small details I felt, I can’t exactly recall what her face looks like.

Wait a minute. If I dreamed about something erotic, does that mean…

I look down towards my underwear and thankfully didn’t find any spots being wet with any sticky stuff. Thank fucking god. The last thing I want would be to find out I actually wet my pants.

Not wanting to reminisce and deeply question my dream, I quickly wash my face and brush my teeth to freshen myself up, then, after preparing my stuff, I immediately go to the pub’s second floor, with its more refined furnishing compared to the first floor.

I sit down in one of the many provided chairs and a plain girl wearing a simple waitress uniform classic of a typical tavern comes to me.

「 Greetings, sir. What would you like to have a late breakfast with? The menu for today is either oat with exotic fruits or freshly baked spiced fish with white bread.  」The girl says.

「 I would like to have the first one. 」

Shortly afterward the plain girl comes to me with a tray in hand. She placed the meal on the table then goes down the stairs, presumably attending to other customers. The second floor is surprisingly quite empty, unlike the floor down below, whose rowdiness I heard all the way up the second floor, even though it’s still early noon. As I eat, I can’t help but fidget with my food as I keep pondering about the main event of the day.

I’m going to buy a slave.

It’s not set in stone, since of course, I want to get the perfect companion. One who’s absolutely devoted to me and who will love for who I am. A desire I’ve always had since the very beginning of my existence in this world. Heck, it was the reason why I wanted to become wealthy and powerful since girls always flock to men with those characteristics. But why bother doing so when I can just buy one?

For buying love to be such an easy thing. On the other hand, I’d rather not buy a slave at all before buying the wrong one.

A sense of guilt lingers within me, however, for what I’m about to do is considered immoral back on earth. Though it’s overshadowed by my twisted desire and sense of excitement as I’m about to buy a slave, one who’s loyal and dedicated to their master, fully aware I won’t receive any repercussions for it.

As I finish my meal, I also finish musing over useless things. My decision was set long ago. All I can hope now is to find the perfect slave for my amount of money. Thirty gold coins is more than enough to buy a decent plot of land in the Alderhide fief after all.

I remember the way to his place and it’s not that far. With the walking pace I’m in right now, I should arrive there in less than twenty minutes. As I walk to Galeal’s mansion, I quietly enjoyed the distinct feel of Karvent. The busy main road is crowded with multiple mining cargos passing by almost constantly. Soldiers marching by can also be seen throughout the place. All of it gives a vibrant of strength and might feeling in this city, compared to the prosperity and sophistication of Hasten.

After diverging off the main road and walking to a seemingly quieter place, I’ve finally arrived in front of the unique gold and red mansion of his. A gate with what seems to be a guard post is in front of it. I walk to the guard post and notice a slave maid stationed on the post. She seems to have also noticed my presence as I approach.

「 I would like to meet with Galeal O’dinn. 」I say to her

「 Goshujin-sama has told me about you beforehand. Please follow me, Okyaku-sama. 」The slave maid replies.

Well, that’s quite shocking. Did he actually expect me to come this soon?

His slave maid guides me to a spacious guest room with nothing except a few sofas and coffee tables. I take a seat. The slave maid goes away to where we came from, presumably to call Galeal.

My unattended state was short-lived as another slave maid, this time a Canids girl with its beautiful golden furs on her ears and tails carries in a tray filled with tea. She places it down on the coffee table and pours it before offering me the tea. This time, a rather normal green tea… I kinda miss that spicy red tea but this is fine.

Not wanting to reject her offer, I raise the cup, moving to drink it but I notice midway the tea inside forms small waves as it slowly spills — my hand is shaking. I’m… I’m nervous huh. It’s quite odd when I think about it. Calmness was at all times high when I tied and knotted the hanging rope, hammering my fate of a rather… painful suicide. But now when doing something much less gruesome, I’m completely shaking.

「 Greetings, my esteemed young gentlemen Alderhide-sama. 」

Galeal comes to me, his attire the same as last time, greeting me with a light bow.

「 Greetings. Thank you for spending your time with me in the midst of your busy schedule. 」I reply.

「 I should be the one to thank you for spending your precious time with this humble merchant, young gentlemen. And please… sleeping around with my beautiful slaves doesn’t count as being busy. Would you be interested to join me for a nice warm bath? 」

「 Eh… 」I say, about to reject, but it would be impolite for me to do so.「 Sure I guess… 」I say, reluctantly.

「 Well then, please follow me, young gentlemen. 」He says as he leads the way to his private bathhouse inside the mansion.

Galeal and I walk into the bathhouse, everything stays the same as the last time I’ve come. The floor and wall plates are beautifully crafted marbles, and the colorful plants surrounding the bathhouse compliments its charm and luxurious feel. As we step into the warm water, his slave maid serves us wine to accompany our bath.

Too much luxury for my taste but rather than complaining, I focus on relaxing myself with the warmth of the water.

When we change and take off our clothes, my old habits back on earth kicks in as I come into the bathhouse with a very small towel to cover my body. Galeal, noticing my habit, is completely shocked and immediately tells me to wrap my bottom body with a towel that goes down to the knees. He even adds that I should submerge myself with the towel on. I guess the bathing culture in this world is different as well.

「 Ahhh… I love taking a bath. Do you feel the same way young gentlemen? 」Galeal says, much more relaxed.

「 Yes, of course, thank you for letting me experience this. 」

During my stay in this world, I’ve almost always taken a bath in a tub, common for nobilities, but never in a tub this wide and spacious. It truly reminds me of Japanese public bathhouses. I used to take showers exclusively there since when I was still living under my father, we didn’t have the luxury of owning a private shower.

「 Is it okay to assume this young gentleman is looking to purchase a fine instrument of pleasure? 」A smile forms on Galeal’s face as he says that. He must be teasing me.

「 W-was it that obvious? 」I ask back, slightly surprised.

「 To be a successful merchant, especially one in this field, requires the ability to know what my guests want even before they know it themselves. 」

「 Okay… I’ll bite then. What do I want Galeal? 」I ask him, intrigued with his current confident demeanor.

A pause takes form between us. Galeal starts stroking his beardless chin, seemingly pondering quite heavily on my question. I take my time by sipping some of the provided wine. And began to stray away, thinking whether I should stockpile my own supplies of the unique red tea.

「 Hmm… A devoted and loving one for sure…  」Galeal says out of nowhere.

I abruptly stop whatever I’m doing. Another smile forms in his features — a jocular one. He must’ve known from my surprised reaction that he’s spot on.

「 An obedient girl who will do whatever you want. Her sole reason for existing is to serve you,  」he continues,「 And that’s something within my power I can easily provide – for a price of course. 」

「 Name your price. 」I ask immediately.

Love is such a priceless thing, although I sincerely hope it’s within the range of what my treasury could afford.

「 Woah, Woah… Slow down Alderhide-sama. I know the youth and the inexperienced ones are very eager and brimming with energy, but you need to calm down. There’s no need to rush. Although I can recommend some immediately, do you perhaps have any particular preference in mind? Maybe you’re still interested in Canids? 」

「 Not really, perhaps a slave girl with magic capability or potential. 」I answer.

Having a loving companion who could also fight by my side would be nice. It feels somewhat lonely to only be accompanied by my shadow minions in a fight.

「 Perfect. Tayla, please bring the merchandise to this esteemed young gentleman. 」Galeal says to his slave maid accompanying us.

「 As you command, goshujin-sama. 」

She then goes out of the place, and not shortly afterward the place somehow becomes more heated as several pretty girls stepped in and lined up in front of the tub me and Galeal are in. The girls all are only wearing simple sleeveless tight white dresses that cling to the curves of their bodies. Another noticeable item would be the black metal collar all of them are wearing.

It feels a bit weird for them to be more dressed than us as we are basically naked with only a towel submerged hiding our private parts in this pool of water, but seeing how Galeal is the same always, I should just get along with the situation.

All in all, there are eight of them lined up with a variety of appearances. Interestingly, from a glance, three of them are the so-called canids race with either white or black furs. One of them is rather petite and dangerously short, like a very young teenager… Oh god, why is she on display? Please no… I’m not interested in those types of girls.

I also notice a dragonkin with pitch-black horns that could’ve been mistaken as Rengda, but the small, sleek, pointy black tail branching into two near the end show otherwise. The Wyrm kind. Accompanied with black hair, she looks dazzling and dominant. But her looks of disdain towards me completely changed my mind about her.

There are also some human slaves, all of them look beautiful with each of them having colorful hair and the body and face type that would’ve made them an idol or model back on earth. But none of them dare to make eye contact with me, instead, they always look to the ground, as if they are trying to hide.

Then, I found a girl who caught my attention the most.

She has green waist-length hair, with equally green eyes, and the most eye-catching of all is her long pointy ear. An elf. She has a delicate thin build but with quite the large chest that fuels my lust. Feeling my gaze, she looks back curiously without nervousness and doubt, unlike the others.

「 The elf strikes your fancy, young gentlemen? Siana is quite the dazzling beauty of an elf. She possesses supportive and healing magic similar to the 《School of Aegis》and 《School of Miracle & Blessing》. You should know the elf magic system is completely different than ours but I believe she should be on par with intermediate mastery or perhaps even advanced level mastery. 」Galeal says, noticing my gaze focusing on her.

I want her.

「 How much? 」I say.

「 The young gentlemen are very decisive huh? To be abrupt, she cost quite the fortune. Fifty gold coins, but since you are a good acquaintance of Reinhardt-sama, I’m willing to lower the price to thirty gold coins. 」

Even with the lowered price, it still cost almost all of my treasury… I don’t want to owe him anything but it looks like I have to take his favor this time.

「 Are you sure you are fine with lowering her price? 」I ask, wanting to confirm.

「 Oh please, young gentlemen. It’s my pleasure to help you. Besides, I sense greatness within you, young gentlemen. This is the least a humble merchant could do to rub some greatness. 」

Damn. Should I bite and use his favors?

I look back to her and within her eyes, there’s a sense of belonging and pleading.

I must have her.

「 Deal. 」

Galeal then gives a hearty laugh and with the slave maid’s signal, the slaves start to leave the bathhouse.

「 Let’s carry on to another room to finish our deal and wait for Siana to get prepared. 」

With swift drying and Galeal’s guide, we arrived in a surprisingly different guest room, this time with what seems to be a magic circle on the floor in the middle.

「 Just to confirm, this is your first time purchasing a fine instrument of pleasure yes?  」Galeal says, breaking the silence.

I nod in confirmation.

「 Alright, let me give you a quick lecture about this world of pleasure. There will be a magical ritual to establish the master-slave contract. The slave will wear a special collar engraved with manaritium that connects the slave to its master. The main feature of the collar is to cause discomfort and even pain to the wearer, the slave when disobeying its master. Another feature is for the master to vaguely know the location of his slave, binding it to its master. 」

Sounds a bit brutal but this is another world’s customs after all. They have different values here. As long as I treat her right, everything should be fine.

「 Should the master die, the collar will kill the slave, 」he continues, 「 or should the slave forcefully try to remove the collar. Only the master can remove the collar successfully. Lastly, since slaves are considered as property to their masters, they can’t register independently to any kind of formal institutions and can’t travel unaccompanied. 」

As soon as he finished talking, his slave maid enters, bringing Siana to the center of the magic circle. This time she’s dressed in a charming light green dress with white boots.

「 Okyaku-sama, please enter the magic circle, facing Siana. There’s a small empty circle in the middle of the magic circle where Okyaku-sama will drop his blood to initiate the ownership ritual. 」The slave maid says.

The slave maid then brings me a small knife. I’m guessing I’m supposed to draw blood with it huh.

I enter the magic circle and prick my index finger quite deeply. Damn, it hurts. Drops of blood spills and land in the clear circle. The magic circle starts glowing and as more drops of blood land on it, the more it glows. Then at its peak, it radiates its light upwards, creating a mesmerizing effect and the magic rune in the collar Siana is wearing starts to glow as well.

In the midst of all this, Siana smiles. There’s something with the way she smiles. A genuine smile, the kind of smile that makes me truly feel happy to be alive and just that little bit more human. Filling my cold heart with that radiant smile of hers.

I’ve made the right choice.

I suddenly feel the location of Siana’s presence which is of course in front of me at the back of my head as if there’s a mental GPS in my mind.

「 Congratulations, young gentleman. The contract is complete, Siana is now officially the slave of the great Renald Alderhide. This is the Zempten banknote, please fill out the form to initiate a wealth transfer of thirty gold coins to my treasury. 」

Hearing Galeal words, I stop blankly staring at her and focus on the document he gives. I carefully read the banknote to make sure everything is clear and there are no hidden meanings, then I fill out the form and give it to Galeal.

「 Thank you and take this young gentleman. This is a document proving your ownership to Siana, as the one and only master of Siana. If by chance you lost it, feel free to contact me to create a new one, for a fee. 」

He hands me the document that feels and has the same magic rune art decoration similar to my magic certificates.

「 Oh, forgive me young gentlemen, but I forgot to tell you one more thing. Although interracial breeding has never happened before, the collar bears the effect of infertility. The wearer won’t be able to procreate. 」Galeal says with a shamelessly wide grin.

Damn this guy really knows what most men really want. I never thought about procreation, even with my wife in my past life.

Now I officially own a slave huh… I can’t help but feel that I’ve done something wrong, but not out of immorality…. But something else… Isn’t this what I want? But then again, it’s probably because I’m doing something very new.

I look back at my Siana and she is charming as always as she smiles with the black metal collar that symbolizes my ownership of her.


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