The Power of Creation – Chapter 306

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With the snap of your fingers, the army is teleported. Instantly, the fields of the demi-human realm have been replaced with the dark landscape of Tremaine’s home. You lock on to her life with your magic, and are basically certain that she resides in this castle. In an instant, your entire army surrounds that castle. The battle begins moments later.

There are explosions and fireballs. There is magic being casted from both sides. Harpies screech as they drop bombs and various other projectiles. The dark elves launch their arrows into the air, each one striking true. The demi-humans charge forth, with human cavalry and demons on flank. The garrison outside of the city walls is overwhelmed in moments.

You also freely use your magic, protecting your side as you construct barriers, walls, and camps. What might have been a long brutal battle that took the better part of a day for your army to establish a proper foothold is achieved in under an hour. Naturally, the demons on Tremaine’s side have defeated looks. However, they stand strong, showing their loyalty to their lord.

When the fighting settles down, you meet once again with the army generals, which include the six demon lord sisters, Aurora, Snow White, Kida, Rapunzel, Merida, Wendy, Lady, Giselle, Experiment #626, Dinah, Daisy, and Esmerelda. You smack your hands down on a table, causing the talking women to silence.

“Alright, now that we are in enemy territory, I just have one question.” You declare.

“What is it, my love?” Grimhilde asks.

“Who the hell are half of you?”


“You don’t recognize us!” the girls all break into a buzz.

“To be fair, some of you never got that much screen time in the first place! Of course, I know Aurora and Merida, the mothers to my children Anna and Elsa. Snow White and Kida… how could I forget you. But who the hell is Esmerelda? I legitimately have no clue.”

“Tsk…” the person who might have been Esmerelda makes a vexed noise.

“Owner, you just had three of your clones rape us in a giant gangbang not a day passed!” the one with a red bushy tail cries.

“I wasn’t exactly taking down names when I was banging 30 women at once.” The girls all burst into an angry buzz over your words.

“Thirty! There is a bit more than thirty now…” Merida sniffs, then looks over at you in surprise. “Wait… you don’t even remember how many girls are in the harem anymore!”

“O-of course…” You lie.

“He lost count! Admit it! You wouldn’t even know who any of us were if it wasn’t for the harem list!”

“That harem list hasn’t been updated in forever and we all know it!” You shoot back.

Why did the conversation go in this direction? All the girls are giving you angry looks. You quickly count down every girl in the harem. Let’s see.

Ariel, Aurora, Mulan, Merida, Elena, Daisy, Minnie, Dinah, Sylvia, Jasmine, Kida, Belle, Cinderella, Snow White, Tiana, Megara, Nala, Pocohontas, Rapunzel, Mushu, Moana, Anna, Elsa, Grimhilde, Maleficent, Gothel, Ursula, Medusa, Cruella, Wendy, Lady, Giselle, Esmerelda, and Experiment #626. That’s 34… 34 bitches. Why do you feel like you’re on a children’s counting show?”

“I-it’s 34! I have 34 women!” You declare happily.

“You’ve been sitting there for two minutes thinking about…” Snow White responds flatly.

“A-any way, h-how about we all introduce ourselves and why we’re here at the eve of battle.”

“Fine,” Snow White snorts. “I’m Snow White, I am a goblin queen and the general of the goblin army.”

“Very well, hero-san… I am Aurora, former queen and liaison to the human realm.”

“I’m Kida, and I’m the vice-guild leader of the adventurer’s guild.”

“I’m Rapunzel!” Rapunzel squeaks. “I’m the master of the spy network.”

“We have a spy network?” You respond in disbelief.

Everyone ignores you. “I’m Merida, former captain of the wyvern guard, I take care of logistics with Kida.”

“I’m Wendy… Matriarch of the Dark Elves… naturally, I lead the dark elves so this perverted man doesn’t take advantage of them.”

“Hasn’t he already knocked them all up?”

“Eh… further…” She clarified, backing up with a blush.

“I’m Lady, I was elected as general for the demi-human contingent.”

“Giselle is harpy queen. Giselle make harpy do as ordered.” The winged girl declares.

“I’m Experiment #626, I was elected to represent the sex doll army.”

“We’re Dinah and Daisy… we’re just maids fetching your tea!” The two girls harp from the back.

“We are the six sisters of Tremaine the Prideful.” Medusa bows. “Grimhilde the Greedy, Maleficant the Envious, Ursula the Glutton, Gothel the Sloth, Cruella the Wrathful, and myself, Medusa the lustful.”

“I’ve never heard you introduce yourself like that!” You declare.

“You’ve never asked.” Medusa winks.

“What of you!” You point to the last girl, a white-haired pail beauty who seems a bit familiar.

“Esmerelda. Vampire.”

“Are you the general of a vampire army?”

Esmerelda’s red eyes flash. “Does sovereign want a vampire army from this Queen?”

“Ah… no…” You shake your head as she looks dangerously at some of the human women. “But, then, why are you here in the war room?”


You sigh. “You’re here because you’ve barely gotten any screen time, haven’t you…”

“No talking lines in seventy chapters! Sovereign has forgotten about me!”

“So-sorry…” You pet the vampire’s head softly while she pouts. “But this is good, because I’ve decided since we’re the leaders of this final battle, we need to grow to know each other better. That’s why we’ll get to enjoy some trust exercises with each other that I’ve devised.”

Grimhilde elbows Lady. “I bet you it involves his penis.”

Lady’s eyes widen. “I’ll take it! There is no way the Great Chieftain would be so shameless in the middle of a war. You are on- oh… I see his pants are down and his cock is sticking out now. I seem to have underestimated Great Chieftain once again.”

While Lady breaks into tears, Grimhilde pats her head. “Oh, you’ll get used to it.”

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The Power of Creation – Chapter 305

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“Prince, we’ve wasted enough time in the demi-human realm!” Ursula states.

“Agreed…” Grimhilde nods, “We need to start our incursion on Tremaine. You have conquered 6/7th of the demon realm, but Tremaine has the largest and strongest territory. We have the goblin army, the harpy army, the dragons, the demi-humans, the dark elves, the sex slaves, an alliance with the humans, and all of the Kingdom of Riun at our disposal. We only have about two weeks left before the Demon God comes. We’re at the final stretch here. You must conquer Tremaine and ultimately win the battle!”

“If we march from here at full speed, beloved, we should be able to reach them just in time.”

“Or…” You shrug. “We just teleport the entire army over there today, surrounding the castle in an instant, and immediately begin attacking!”


“You guys… forgot we could do that, didn’t you…”

Maleficant sniffs. “Your powers are already so inconsistent, constantly bringing us concern and worry even though you’ve been able to resolve just about anything on your own since the first day.”

“If I just resolved everything instantly, wouldn’t that be boring?” You sigh. “Besides, why do I have to fix everything magically? Maybe, if you demon lords weren’t so easy, I might actually have to get creative in forcing your submission. Isn’t it really your faults for not being more interesting enemies?”

“This guy!” Ursula grinds her teeth, looking for support from her other sisters.

“Don’t look at me!” Cruella sniffs, “I put up the greatest fight of any of you. I’m the only one who didn’t instantly fall for his penis the first day we meant. I was actually a recurring villain!”

“Isn’t that because you pissed him off and he doesn’t like you that much?” Grimhilde offers.

“Geh! E-even so! The fact is, I was the most three-dimensional villain that this story has been given!”

“That speaks more to the poor quality of the story…”

“I-in fact!” Cruella straightens herself. “Even though you raped me into submission, don’t think that I have truly given in! I will still defy you, thief, you stole my sisters, and dare molest them in front of me. You can never truly win me over!”

“Is that so?” You raise an eyebrow, an amused look on your face.

“Y-y-yes! Don’t even think of raping me again! I may yield for a moment, but I’ll come back more resistant than ever. There is absolute nothing you have that can possibly sway my decision.”

“How about… one a day.”

“What? O-one a day?” Cruella blinks.

“You can have one of your sisters a day to do with what you want.”

“S-s-s-sister!” Cruella’s eyes widen and she starts drooling.

“My love… you… you’re not selling us out, are you?”

“I’m encouraging family bonding. If you didn’t catch that from Mushu and Mulan, or the mother, daughter thing between Aurora and her kids, then you don’t know me!”

“No… wait, you can’t do that!”

“A sister a day…” Cruella’s eyes start to light up.

You reach out and grab Maleficant. “Gah! Why me?”

With one hand, you tear her clothing off! Instantly, the loligirl is stripped and tossed at the feet of Cruella, who looks down at her sister with perverted eyes.

“No, sister! You can’t be this easy!” Maleficant cries. “Don’t submit! Don’t submit! I said it twice!”

“Ah… it’s not ‘submission’ per say… it’s an agreement! Yes… an agreement! I’m just agreeing…” Cruella’s eyes dart back and forth and she tries to justify having her largest weakness so blatantly exploited.

“I won’t do it! I won’t!” Maleficant shakes her head. “I’m not into sister stuff even if you’ve made me in the past! Especially not with Cruella, the way she looks at me makes me feel dirty!”

“Don’t say that, sister… we’ve both come from the same place, can you see your sister just wants to be close!”

You wave you hand, a little bit of magic striking Maleficant.

“Wh-what did you do?” Maleficant cries. “Why do I feel funny? It’s tingling down there? Wh-why am I so aroused?”

“I just gave Maleficant a little aphrodisiac!” You nod. “So, Cruella, who’s your Master?”

“Tsk… thief is my Master.” Cruella grimaces, only to grab the panting Maleficant and start petting her hair, while Maleficant weakly struggles.

“So simple!” Maleficant cries as she gets carried off to a tent.

Grimhilde sighs, “I’ll set up the weekly schedule for who gets raped by Cruella.”

“S-seriously… this is our lives now?” Ursula cries out tearfully. “S-sisters… do you think Prince might be right? Are we really… easy?”

“I know I’m easy.” Medusa purrs, rubbing herself against you as she begs to be touched.

“Snort! Y-yes… all sluts…” Gothel murmurs before falling back to sleep, still on the ground, her butt raised up and her body naked and covered in spooge from the previous 200 on 30 gangbang she never bothered to wake up from.

You pull your hand out of Medusa’s soaked panties and untangle yourself form her snaketail, heading out to put the army in order for the invasion. You leave the girls behind as they cope with the reality of their own narrative weaknesses. One last girl to go!

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The Power of Creation – Chapter 304

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“Cumming, I’m cumming!”

“C-cumming more!”

“It’s cumming out!”

“I’m cumming out!”

“It’s cumming in!”

“C-c-c-combo breaker!”


Two hundred some demi-human women collapse to the dirty ground, Dicks pop out of hundreds of pussies at the same time with popping noises, followed my spooge leaking out. Suffice it to say, the entirety of the Chieftains of the demi-human realm have all been properly fucked.

“S-s-seriously…” Lady cries in disbelief. “He creampied them all? How many chieftains will be pregnant now that he’s had his way with them.”

“All of them…” Grimhilde laughs.

“Wh-what? All of them? That can’t be right? Even if he was the most fertile guy, he wouldn’t be able to impregnate every woman here at once. Some of the women will come out unscathed.”

Grimhilde’s eyes flash. “Wanna bet?”

Lady looks over at the woman hesitantly. “I-I’ll pass.”

“On that note, there is just one thing about all of this I don’t understand.” Arurora speaks up.

“What is that?” Lady says, excited to end the previous conversation.

“Isn’t Lady here also a chieftain? She did not submit!”

“Eh? W-w-w-wait… technically… I am a war chief! It’s different. I don’t represent the tribes at all. Rather, I represent the alliance between the tribes.”

“Is that it? That still sounds like you should be dominated like the rest of the tribe girls!”

“N-n-no! That’s not needed!” Lady cries out.

“Is there someone I should be dominating?” You ask, recovering from the woman collapsed on the floor.

The conversation between Lady and Aurora and Grimhilde has been informative, so you’ve been listening to them chat. More than that, Lady has been growing quite loud over the suggestions Grimhilde and Aurora were harmlessly providing her, causing a great deal of people to take interest.

“My love, we have a deserter here trying to avoid the domination ceremony!” Grimhilde declares, her eyes full of mischievousness.

“N-no! It’s not that!” Lady cries out tearfully, “My leadership has already been dissolved now that the alliance has all sworn eternal slaveship to your Great Chieftain. Even if I was dominated, it’d be over nobody!”

“Hero-san, she also made a bet in which she agreed to become your pet!” Aurora adds.

“Ah! Th-that’s true… which is why, you need not dominate me in person.” Lady nods. “Since I have already lost the bet, I will be your slave from here on. There is no need to dominate. I am bound by my word!”

“Hah?” Grimhilde continues to argue while you just sit back and chuckle. “What kind of crap is that? Either way, what level of domination are you swearing here.”

“S-slave, of course.”

“Didn’t all the other tribes swear as eternal slaves? Aren’t you trying to sell us short?”

“B-but… eternal slave… all of my children serving your children for all time, isn’t that too cruel?”

“You’re just trying to get out of your promises!”

“Yeah!” Another lady, one of the earlier dominated demihumans shouts. “Break her, Great Chieftain. Don’t allow this dog to slink away!”

Soon, all the previously violated women are shouting to bring Lady down. After all, Lady is the one who suggested that the Chieftains all submitted at once. They were convinced by her that if they submitted to him willingly, they could exhaust him, and in turn gain some level of control even while accepting a Great Chieftain. Naturally, that plain was blown out of the water by your penis, and a couple of the girls are still a bit spiteful at being broken under your unceasing cock. Thus, they were eager to vent their discontent on Lady.

“Alright, I’ll dominate Lady.” You finally quite the crowds with your declaration, “But I think I might need to be more women, as this is going to get messy.”

“Hah?” Grimhilde blinks. “Well, your harem is always there for you.”

Grimhilde says, thinking you need someone to hold Lady down and feeling a bit sadistic. However, a sudden grin on your face starts to make her nervous.

“W-what is it that hero-san needs us to do?” Aurora asks.

“Hah?” You scratch your head, “Isn’t it obvious? I still have two hundred copies of myself. They need to work themselves out until they finish. I thought I’d have to cast a spell reabsorbing them, but thankfully my Lady and my harem are happy to help let them exude their power naturally. While there only some 30 of you and 200 of me, please take care of us!”


Two hundred you surround your group of girls. Every girl only needs to satisfy seven men. They can handle it. Several girls hold on to each other weeping while you circle around them, horny perverted looks on your faces. A couple having challenging or aroused looks, but most just looked resigned to their fate.

“Wh-what is this?” Lady cries tearfully.

Grimhilde sighs, realizing now she had flown too close to the sun and now it was time to get fucked by it. “We call this a regular Friday night.”

“Let’s fuck!” Ariel breaks the standoff as she rips off her clothing and leaps naked into the group of you like a true soldier.

The rest of you surge forth on the defensive line of harem girls. Soon… your eternal slaves wipe their brows, glad they’ve only agreed to be your slaves for all time. At least they weren’t harem girls… harems truly got it the roughest.

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The Power of Creation – Chapter 303

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“Yipes of the Zebragirls!”

“E-e-eternal slave!” She cries out.

“Miss Bianca of the mousegirls!”

“Eeeternal slave!” She squeaks.

“Bambi of the deergirls!”

“Eternal Slave!” Bambi mews.

“Dory of the fishgirls!”

“Just keep cumming, cumming, cumming, just keep cumming, Eternal Slave!”

“Ginger of the spicegirls!”

“Wait… what?”

“Rory of the Gilmore girls.”

“This is getting ridiculous.”

“Buttercup of the Powerpuff girls.”

“You’re not even trying anymore. At least pick actual demi-humans!”

“Twilight Sparkle of the Equestria girls.”

“… touche….”

“I can’t believe this!” Lady cries in disbelief. “He doggied the dog girls. He fucked the ducks. He *beeped* the sheep! He snogged the frogs.  He even did the dodo.

“I thought they were extinct?”

“They are now!”

“Wait, if he’s having sex, isn’t that a propagation of the species? How did they go extinct?”

“You’re overthinking this!”

You continue down the aisle of women, conquering one ass and pussy at a time. It takes anywhere from thirty minutes to 3 hours before each girl breaks down, but the verdict always seems to be the same. Eternal slave. After 30 women, a day has already gone past. Since you haven’t taken a single break, many of the women at the end of the line are growing quite tired being on their knees.

“Tsk… not good.” Lady sighs.

“What’s that? You thinking of ditching you debt?” Grimhilde frowns.

“D-don’t look at me that way!” Lady cries. “I’ll follow through! N-no… what I’m worrying about now is timing. Never before has a Chieftain needed to conquer so many other chieftains at the same time. Although his nonstop attitude has been admirable, at the end of the day, many women will be force to wait. Those that were forced to sit kneeling for 2-3 days by the time he finally gets to them will feel absolutely awful. No matter how good the Great Chief is at dominating, they will always resent him for choosing them last.”

“This domination thing sure is complicated, huh?”

“O-of course! Did you think it’d be easy to become chieftain? At this rate, although Chieftain’s means of selection is unbiased, the first girls will naturally have a greater fondness for him. Waiting 8 hours was almost a given with so many women, but as he goes on to 16 or 24 hours, the good will he’s garnered will fade. Truth be known, he’s selfishly spending too much time with each woman. Even if he has the stamina, what he lacks now is the time.”

You’re listening to Lady explain all this too out of the side while you continue to plow away at the emugirl race.

“I’m about to finish!” You declare.

“E-eternal slave!”

“I’m not even done yet!”

You finish up, dropping the emugirl back down as she collapses in sweat and sex. Looking down the line, you realize you still have a long, long, long way to go. Well, despite certain requests, this can’t continue on for much longer. This story needs to wrap itself up. To achieve this, you cast magic. An instant later, there are two of you.

“Eh? Chieftain is now two people?”

You cast it again.


You cast it again. And again. And again. Each time, your number doubles until you have 254 of you. You stand up before the army of you.

“Alright, me… I’ve already been at this battle for eight hours. I know I’m tired. I know my penis has already experienced 30 orgasms, and even for me, that’s enough to leave me temporarily satisfied. However, we have a job to do, a sacred duty. That duty… is to satisfy those booties!” You point at the rows of women, eliciting a loud cheer.

“Now, me, go out there, and make an eternal slave out of every woman. Pump and fuck… until it is done!”

There is another cheer, and all of you run out to the line of women. The girl’s let out surprised cries as a man comes behind them and grabs their booties. Some girls were still expecting to have to wait a hours or even days. However, they look at their neighbors in confusion to see the same man mounted up behind the other girls. Lady and the rest of the audience only stare on in wonder as you take every demi-human at once. Over two hundred you are banging over 200 demi-humans, with 200 different men. The extra’s even work to double team the bigger gals of the elephantgirl tribe and the rhinogirl tribe.

Naturally, the sounds, the smells, and the sight are something to withhold. This is a day that would go down in demi-human history. This was an event that created a holiday. Thousands of years from now, men will bend women over benches on this day and take them from behind, relating how on this day, there was one man who dominated 200 demi-human chieftains at once. And as the men recall that history, a tear flows down their cheek as they recall their grand-papa relating the story that he had personally claimed to witness up front.

And as they creampie their women, reaffirming their dominance, they solute and think, “Great Chieftain… this one, is for you!”

Happy Cumstas!

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The Power of Creation – Chapter 302

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“T-to think, Meeko the racoongirl only lasted thirty minutes!” the crowd is mumbling.

You pull your softening dick out of Meeko’s pussy. For the trash panda, you alternated between holes. Nothing’s too good for your ladies. A gush of sperm follows, and she collapses with a moan as white stuff leaks down her legs lewdly.

“Meeko! Are you okay? What is your verdict?”



“Eternal slave!”



“The raccoongirls aren’t even a small tribe like the cowgirls!” Lady shouted in disbelief. “To think, their chieftain would submit after only thirty minutes! I-is his penis really so dominating?”

“Yup!” Grimhilde nods.

“Of course, hero-san’s penis is best.” Aurora adds snobbishly.

“S-still, he’s already cum twice! Don’t think because he’s succeeded with docile cows and scared raccoons that his next match will be so easy! The next girl in line is Horace of the horsegirl tribe. She’s grown a reputation for being a wild stallion. Don’t think he can mount her so easily! She’ll buck him right off of her, especially if he mounts her ass like the previous girls!”

“Is that so…” Aurora seems unimpressed.

“Want to make a bet?” Grimhilde grins.

“Hmph… a bet, you say? If you’re really so convinced that he’ll creampie all 250 women, then how about this. If he succeeds in complete dominance for every woman… then… then… we’ll hand over the brain-washed demi-human slaves to serve him. Even though many of them have family and friends here, they’d be honored that their family was owned by a chieftain so great as you claim.”

“Huh? Doesn’t he already own them?” Grimhilde scratches her head in confusion.

“You… were you planning not to give our people back to us? His daughters messed with their brains! Naturally, we have planned on rehabilitation!” Lady declares, but then sighs. “F-fine… if that’s not enough, then I also will personally put on a collar and become his own personal bitch!”

“Hey, I’m his dog!” Tiana cries out, overhearing the conversation. “Does this girl wanna fight?”

“Settle, bitch, three bitches are better than two, right?” Ariel pats Tiana’s head.

“R-really? Ariel is so wise…”

Aurora decides to ignore her daughter as she further corrupts the mind of Tiana. Meanwhile, Grimhilde nods thoughtfully.

“What do you get in exchange if we lost?”

“Since my winning is all but assured, I simply ask that the Great Chieftains harem all become honorary demi-human tribe members. You will support us and maintain the dignity of the demi-human race.”

“So, since you can’t make my love accept demi-humans as his harem members, you decided to make his harem member demi-humans?”

“It’s the only way to protect our future, it seems.” Lady sighs. “So, do you agree?”

“Very well… if you win, your demi-humans will be treated on the same level as us harem. If you lose, you will be nothing but my love’s sex slaves to play with as he pleases.” The two shake hands.

Aurora nudges Grimhilde and whispers. “Hey, Grimhilde, doesn’t hero-san already treat his harem as nothing but sex slaves to play with as he pleases?”

“Shhh!” Grimhilde winks. “She’ll find that out the hard way.”

You get up behind the horsegirl, another pretty twenty-something who glances back at you with defiance, way less cowed than the previous raccoon. The God Pun intended.

“Are you ready for this?” You say loud enough for the crowd to hear.


“Too bad!”

You slam it into her asshole! She immediately bucks, her front hands shooting up as she shouts in surprise. Although you had done this to the previous girls, she had experience as a mount, and new how to toss those that didn’t treat her with respect. However, despite nearly standing, your dick was still in her ass. More than that, you were thrusting into her! Naturally, she couldn’t use her ass to push your dick out, since your dick was way too long for that!

She leaps forward and you grab onto her hips, going along with her. As you pound her ass, Horace fights for her life, galloping down the line of women still waiting. The women at the end of the line, bored and unable to see the previous sex events, are merely bored waiting for their turn. So, you can imagine their surprise when the Great chieftain comes riding down their line, a horsegirl neighing and winnying as she flees, but unable to interrupt your hard pounding action. Every step of her is accompanied with anal penetration by you!

“What- what is this? He’s really mounted her!”

“Am I seeing this right? She’s not a centaur or something! She has the body of a woman, how is he riding her ass from behind while she gallops at full speed! I’m seeing it and even I can’t understand how it exists!”

“It’s incredible! If only we had an illustration of this event to better visualize it!”


Oh, fuck off. Half of you still talk shit about my illustrations, and most of those aren’t even the people supporting me. Now you want an illustration for every girl he fucks the day of release? Fuck you.

“Jeese, relax, we were just asking.”

“Yeah, dude, chill. No need to get upset. We were joking.”

… I hate you all.

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The Power of Creation – Chapter 301

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“First up, Clarabell of the cowgirl tribe!”

Now, you’d think a cowgirl would be ugly, but Clarabell was actually quite a cute demi-human. With a brown mane, a long tail, and four boobs. Oh, yeah, she has four of them. They all fit on her chest too! It isn’t like those furry girls with the boobs down their stomach. She just has four perfect boobs on her chest. After Rapunzel, this animal girl is not problem. At least her tail isn’t all bushy.

“Which do you think?” Someone whispers.

“Oh, #1 for certain.”

“Really? I bet #2, let’s bet…”

“What’s going on here? Grimhilde and Aurora ask as Lady seems to be collecting money on the sidelines.

“Oh… it’s just a means of raising money during dominance ceremonies.” Lady explains, “People take bets on to the results of the ceremony. With nearly 250 women, the bets this ceremony are going to go insane.”

“What’s #1 and #2-“

“Moooooo!” Clarabell let’s out a cry as you slide your dick in her ass.

“#2! He went for anal!”

“Hmph! Analing a cow, how crass.”

Aurora stopped, lowering her head. “Nevermind… I figured it out.”

“Ahhh… it’s in my ass, but it doesn’t hurt at all!” Clarabell says in surprise. “In fact, it’s really…. Really… Moooo-cummming!”

There was a bunch of muttering around the crowds. “She came already, the cow chieftain this year is very easy to dominate, isn’t she?”

“What’s he doing? He’s still going? Doesn’t he have 249 more women? He shouldn’t waste his stamina. She’s already been dominated.”

“Naaa…aaaa… my ass feels amazing!” Clarabell cries out.

Of course, you’re using magic to cheat a little, ramping up Clarabell’s sexual excitement, removing any discomfort, and helping her derive anal sexual pleasure in the same way you used to turn Snow White into an anal slut. You want to send out the message that their ass is yours, but that doesn’t mean they won’t enjoy themself.

“He won’t last 10.”

“I bet he gets thrown off when he tries to mount the elephantgirl tribe.”

“On that note, why do we call all the tribes cowgirls, catgirl, and wolfgirl when they have both men and women in our tribes?”

“Why do they call them firemen and bellboys when both men and women work those jobs?”

“That’s fair…”

“I vote for the 20th person!”

Aurora and Grimhilde both look at Lady again for clarification.

“The biggest bet will be how many he’s able to submit. No one thinks he’ll be able to make all 250, especially considering he’s still working on the first one and it’s been ten minutes. We were going to tell him that if he must take breaks, it’s fine, but the more breaks he takes, the more respect he loses. The last 50 some tribes likely won’t respect him at all, but they’ll follow suit when it suites them. He should be picking the largest tribes like the catgirl tribe and the rabbitgirl tribe, as to consolidate his power, but he literally started at the beginning of the line. At this rate, he’ll only have complete dominance of a handful of small tribes, and thus will fail to be chieftain.”

“You don’t know our love very well, do you?” Grimhilde chuckles.

“Hero-san is being underestimated.”

“Mooo! Mooo! Ahhhn… c-c-cumming again!”

“Hmph! Well, how long do you think your man will last?” Lady demands.

“All…” Grimhilde says without pause.

“250…” Aurora adds.

“250! Hmm… well… at least you think highly of your man. I know he spent some time dominating Cruella, but he had his daughters to help him. Cruella also took on the appearance of his mother, no normal man could easily be aroused when banging their own mother.”

The two other girls look away, deciding not to comment.

“So, if that’s the case, then how many women do you expect him to cream and establish complete dominance?”



“You… he may have a harem of 32 beautiful women, but this is 250 strong-willed, sexy maidens. If you’re so convinced that his stamina can hold out, how about you bet on it!”

“Already ahead of you…” Grimhilde appears by the bet keeper, handing a massive pile of gold and causing the man’s eyes to grow eager and greedy.

“Moooo! Ahhhnnn… the sex is so good I’m lactating!” Clarabell’s moans fill the village.

“Is that even possible!”

“He’s fucking the milk out of her! Quick, get a bucket!”

Lady looks around worriedly at the large amount of money the harem are betting. She doesn’t think they’ll win. Rather, she thinks it’ll cause some distress taking so much money from their newly formed allies and the females of their new chieftain. The thought of the demi-human tribes going bankrupt doesn’t even cross her mind.

“I think we just financed the war against Tremaine.” Grimhilde says happily, her own greed flashing across her face.

“Only a demonlord would take satisfaction over shamelessly exploiting their new allies.” Aurora sniffs.

“Ladies… you’re speaking as if your man has already one. The Great Chieftain may be powerful, but he is spending all his time on one woman.”


“His stamina can’t hold out!”

Lady sighs as she turns to watch the domination. You are seriously plowing that cowgirl into the ground. Any semblance of defiance is long gone, as she helplessly cries while being pounded like an animal, lewd noises filling the village for nearly thirty minutes. Although many grow impressed by the level you’ve gone to dominate a single tribe, most think you’ve wasted nearly an hour of hard fucking on a single woman. Even though she looks completely broken, that’s but one tribe of 250! It might have been an impressive feat on a normal day where one tribe was dominating another, but on this day, it shows your failure as a Great Chieftain to save the energy to dominate all of them.

“Wait… he hasn’t cum yet.” One of the audiences tries to look at the bright side of things. “If he pulls out before he creams her, he should have enough to dominate another-“

“Mmmmooooo! I’m going cwrazy… I can’t take it! Ahhhnnn! Ahhhnnn!” Clarabell let’s out her last enthusiastic moans as she climaxes for the hundredth time. “I feel it, white stuff is going in my asshole! I’m cumming again! Ah, stop with the buckets! It’s embarrassing!”

Clarabell finally collapses on her four tits, her ass up in the air. You pull your dick out, still rock hard. White stuff leaks from her ass as well as her boobs.

A few other cowgirl’s approach their chieftain, poking her. “Oi… chief… how dominated would you say we are?”

“eeee…” Clarabell’s eyes were unfocused, bubbles forming at her mouth as she laid their spasming in sexual gratification.

“This is the most important part…” Lady pokes the two other girls. “the chieftain must declare what level of dominion he has over her based on his skill. There are five levels of dominion. 1. Acceptance, 2. Friendship, 3. Equality, 4. Subservience, and 5. Slave. There are other levels, but they are never met.”


“Eternal Slaves!” Clarabell shouts out, still drooling, her eyes ecstatic.

“How does that number up?”

“A a-an 8.” Lady manages to get out, her mouth open in shock. “The cowgirl tribe has dissolved all rights as a demi-human tribe and they and all future generations will forever be loyal to him and his future generations for all time. There is no greater subservience! This has only happened once before, and at the time there were only two members of the tribe left!”

While people shout out in disbelief, you walk over to the next girl in line. She is part of the raccoongirl tribe, and has spent the last hour shaking as she sees you raping the cowgirl’s ass. She had some white stuff across her dark raccon eyes, splash from Clarabell’s midsex milking. Normally, she’d be compelled to flee, but now she’s too scared to move!

“Well, raccongirl. You’re next!”


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The Power of Creation – Chapter 300

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“I’m sorry, I’m having a little bit of difficulty… dealing with this…” Your face twitches as you look down at Lady, who is bowing down low to you.

“What do you not understand? After your victory… the surviving tribes got to witness your prowess on the battlefield. It has been decided to have you become the chief of the demihumans. Every surviving tribe’s chief is represented here. As a result, you can accomplish something no demi-human has ever managed, a complete unification of the entire demi-human realm. You will be the chief of all demi-humans, hail the great chieftan!”

“Hail the great chieftain!” Hundreds of demi-humans nearby all bow in front of you.

You had since returned to the city with the broken Cruella and your daughters. As for the enslaved, you’ve decided to put them off for now, settling whatever you had to with the tribes first. After joining back up with the harem, you enter the city only to see the display before you.

Lady approaches you and is now suddenly declaring you a chieftain. That’s not really a problem for you. You can actually understand that. You’ve already become the ruler of the dragons, the harpies, 6/7th of the demons, the borderlands of Riun, the dark elves, the goblins, and more besides. No, the problem you’re having issue handling is the rows and rows of women, all bent over a long pew, their skirts up, their panties down. Most of them have tails, and those tails that could, wagged excitedly.

“I get that your tribe leaders wish to join me, but what is this about?” You finally break down and ask.

“Great Chieftain, we are half animal by nature. It is not our custom to select a leader like some human or demon.”

“Hah? Didn’t you say you’re selecting me as Great Chieftan?”

“N-no…” Lady shook her head. “It’s not like that. We aren’t selecting you. We are submitting to you. Do you understand?”


Lady lets out a sigh before she starts explaining, “Each tribe of the demi-humans is their own entity. Thus, each tribe chieftain must submit for their race personally. For example, you must perform a submission ceremony with the chief of the parrotgirl tribe for the parrotgirl tribe to recognize your authority. Since there are over 250 tribes ready to submit, I’ve prepared the chieftains for your convenience.”

“I’m sorry… I’m still lost here. What do you mean by submission ceremony?”

“Well, isn’t that obvious? We are animals? How would one dog force another dog to submit?”


“Of course, he humps the other dog! Male dogs even hump other male dogs to establish authority. This is the way of things. You need not worry. The chieftains have already agreed to submit. Do they not look submissive?”

You look down a long line of women of all shapes and sizes, their butts in the air, their pussies completely exposed for the taking. They’re all waiting with docile posses for you to jump up behind and hump them to your hearts content.

“They look pretty submissive…” You let out a breath.

Lady smiles as if pleased by these words. “Good, then, you shall hump each one of these women, establishing your dominance over each tribe. A quick warning, some women may still challenge you as a matter of pride. They will try to throw you off their backside. If they should succeed, it would be great embarrassment for you. You would lose much authority within her tribe, and possibly others. Just make sure that once you mount her, you hump her good and proper!”

“Okay… and… just to be clear here… humping… you mean, my dick… in her pussy?”

Lady sniffed. “Well, strictly speaking, penetration is not required. You’ve lucked out and all Chieftain are females under 30 at the moment as a result of the dark elves meddling, but in the past if there were two males, the dominant may not choose to penetrate the submissive out of respect and care. As for your case, you plan to dominant the entire demi-human realm, yes?”

“Ah, I guess… I should…”

“Then, I would recommend you don’t worry about showing respect. You want complete dominance, so the more aggressive you are, the more subservient they will be. There are many factors involved, whether you penetrate, what you penetrate, how long you penetrate, if they orgasm… these kinds of things.”

“What I penetrate?”

“For example, if you stick it in her ass, you’re telling her you’ll be a rough and cruel leader, demanding more submission from her. However, the pain may cause her to buck and try to escape, which would embarrass you if she succeeded. So, you have to decide if anal is worth it. When the power struggle is between one man and one woman, usually, he goes until completion. Creampie-ing a chieftain is one of the strongest shows of dominance, especially if she becomes pregnant.”


“However, my Great Chieftain, we all understand that you are but one man, and mounting these 250 chieftain would be nigh impossible. I’d suggest you give each girl just a few humps, only sparing a little more time to those that look resistant. You may face a great deal of opposition and resistance from your chieftains later, but there may be times later to reestablish dominance one by one on a different date. It’ll be a few years before you gain complete control of the realm, but I trust you can do it.”

“No…” Your eyes narrow as your face fills with resolve. “I’ll do what I must now!”

“S-so brave…” Lady looks up at you with stars in her eyes.

“Doesn’t he just want to bang 250 hot demi-human women?” one of your harem whispers.

Always leave it to one of your bitches to tell it like it is.

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Power of Creation – New Year’s Special!!!


“Master, please think about this!”


“Daddy, stop!”


“No, prince, not again!”


“Boss… please… since there are four of us, can you at least spare us having 4 at once?”


“Rookie! A-are you sure this is how it’s celebrated?”


“Mm… it is true that Darling’s method is a little unorthodox, but this is technically how a New Year’s celebration is done!”


“Why is commoner always so unorthodox!”


“What is New Year’s anyway, and why is this loli-pervert making us celebrate it?”


“It’s to welcome the new year through celebration! Darling merely wants to welcome the new year right!”


“W-w-with a pussy canon!”




“Hahahaha aaaaaaahnnn…”

“It’s cumming out!”

“My pussy is exploding!”

“N-no… not again!”

You welcome in the new year with a 30-pussy salute, each girl blasting out her mist into the night air. You salute nothing in particular, a single tear dropping down your face. It’s the simple things in life that make the world worth living. This last year has been an incredible one. So many things have happened.

Now, you get to enjoy a small celebration, and nothing starts a celebration better than forcing thirty some women to simultaneously cum hard enough that their pussies erupt in a fine mist. That mist coats the front of the lawn, giving a nice lewd glisten to your yard at night. Ah… that’s the life.

You release the girls from their confinements. Some girls give you glares, while others seem quite happy to participate in this year’s festivities. It’s a new year and you decide to just relax for this one.

You set a bonfire out on the front yard. Setting the weather so it’s just cold enough that all of your girl’s nipples are rock hard through their bra-less clothing, but not cold enough that it’s a discomfort to you. Sitting back in a lawn chair, you cook marshmallows on the fire enjoying the few of your women.

Elena, Jasmine, Rapunzel, Maleficant, and Mulan are eagerly making more marshmallows and trying to create smores with the ingredients you gave them. Well, you didn’t tell them how to do it, so they are trying out many various methods to hilarious results. Ariel is off trying to turn her mother, Merida, and Tiana into pussy canons without the use of the equipment you created. Medusa is massaging your feet while you sit back. It’d be a little more comfortable if she didn’t occasionally suck on your toes. Esmerelda is sitting quietly next to Grimhilde and Ursula, who are in a conversation about what their New Year Resolutions should be. Ursula wants to lose ten pounds while Grimhilde wants to go a week without craving cum.

Anna and Elsa are running around the recently misted grass, laughing and trying to catch fireflies. Mulan actually looks happy and content snuggling next to Mushu, so close to the fire that if they weren’t red dragons you’d be convinced they were on fire. Kida and Snow White are battling with sticks, using the melted marshmallow as a marker that one of them gets hit. Soon, they are both white and sticky. Belle offers to lick them off, but quickly gets rejected.

Nala is eying the bag of hotdogs in a way that’s making you nervous. Pocahontas is discussing something with Wendy while nodding occasionally and readjusting her baby. Moana is sitting with them, as is Rapunzel. Megara seems to be off on her own, sitting quietly with a cup of something that is steaming hot. Cinderella is trying to show how many hot dogs she can deepthroat. The answer is ten before she starts choking her spirit abandons her body. The maids keep running in and out to bring more hot dogs and marshmallows as the group runs out. Sebastian is nearby nodding happily. Even Cruella is sitting quietly, nibbling on a marshmallow by herself.

“My love… when you look around and smile like that, it makes us nervous.” Grimhilde gives a wry smile, catching most of the girls nearby’s interest. “What is it?”

“Nothing…” You return a smile. “It’s just good to be together.”

“I-is that it, Prince?” Ursula asks nervously. “No horrific sex allegory? No ‘be careful what you wish for?” No strangely sex-fueled song? Nor horrifying sex orgy or another Jasmine sex fakeout?”

“Jasmwine swex whwwat?” Jasmine tries to say, her mouth full of marshmallows.

“Nope… none of that. This is a whole new year. I just wanted to say one thing to all of you girls.”

“What’s that?”

“I love you, and I’m honored I’ll get to spend another year with you all.”

“””””””””“We love you too!”””””””””””” All of the girls respond with smiles on their faces.

Have a wonderful New Year and make the most out of it.

The Power of Creation – Chapter 299

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“Father! Please let us explain before you whip us!” Anna cries.

“Yes, Father, please!” Elsa adds.

You sigh, putting up the whip you just happen to have by your side. “Alright… fine… explain yourselves.”

“O-only… if Father agrees to still whip us after we explain.”

“Yes! Whip us, Father!”

“You two think you’re in a position to negotiate!”

“Ehhhh! S-s-sorry….”

“Please, Father, understand thatwe did all of this for you!”

“What? For me?”

“O-of course? Daddy, let us show you what we’ve been doing!”

The girl’s gesture and you follow them. With eh army gone, the soldiers have also begun to leave the city wall, and you harem is coming out towards you as well. There are scattered cheers of happiness that this brutal campaign is over, but there is just as much uncertainty and confusion. After all, the ending of this war involved an all-day campaign between, two slutty daughters, a whore mom, and you.

The other Demon lords come out and pick up Cruella off the ground, cleaning her up and dressing her again as she weeps on their shoulders. Well, what’s with the crying? She enjoyed her time. You’re pretty sure of that.

The girls take you to the crest of the hill where the bulk of the slave armor was previously encamped. After they fled, they didn’t seem to bother to take any of the army stuff with them. Perhaps, they were afraid of being run down and killed. They were likely flocking back to the human realm. Well, King Eric closed the boarders to the slavers, so they’ll likely be cut down by their own people as they try to make it back into safe territory. Suffice it to say, their reign of terror has been cut short.

Once you stand up at the top of the hill, the girls point down at the center of the mass of abandoned tents that once belonged to the army. In the center of the encampment were women, thousands upon thousands of women… all lined up and in collars.

“Wh-what the hell is this?” You ask, blinking in disbelief over the sight.

“Do you think Cruella really had a plan to defeat you other than trying to force you to trade?” Anna asks.

“Since Cruella didn’t have a plan… we encouraged her to gather up and enslave the entire demi-human race. She thought it was in order to lure you out, never able to resists enslaved women. Luckily, she didn’t realize our true purpose in all of this.”

“Your… true purpose?”

“Naturally, it was to gift Father with an entire harem of demi-human slaves!” Anna announces excitedly, jumping up and down.

“What was that?”

“Of course, there are so many different types of demi-humans, that we knew Father couldn’t decide.” Elsa explains, “So, the answer was simple. Enslave them all. For the last few months, Anna and I have been trapping all the female demi-humans and enslaving them.”


“Of course, we must release them this instant!” A voice came from behind, causing you to grind your teeth.

“Lady… what are you doing here?”

“Hmph… we made an agreement. You’ve done your part of the bargain. You helped us remove the threat. You will be properly rewarded.”

“I think I did a lot more than just help…” You growl. “If it wasn’t for me, the demi-humans would have been annihilated a dozen times over.”

“Aren’t these girls your daughters? Didn’t they just say they did this for you! If it wasn’t for you, we wouldn’t be in this mess in the first place!”

“Geh…” You lower your head, defeated. “I guess that’s true…”

“Eh? But Father, we can’t…”

“No, enough… you’ve had your fun, but it’s wrong to enslave people.” You motion for them to start heading down with you to the slave pit. “Do you know why your Father never bought any slaves in Riun, and has since abolished them?”

“Because the author got distracted with other stories at the time and by the time he returned to it, it felt awkward to include slaves in the harem?”

“No! Because your father doesn’t need to enslave women to make him his! I don’t take slaves because slaves are for those who don’t have the power to control women on their own.”

“Ahhh…” The two daughter’s nod as if they were taking note of your words.

“What kind of things are you trying to teach these children! No wonder they ended up condoning genocide!” Lady cries out.

“Nevermind that, just release the slaves now.”

“F-f-father… about that?” Elsa giggles, scratching her cheek.

“Oh Pun, what did you do now?”

“Gehehe… well, when we took the slaves, many of them were resistive. We wanted them to understand their places as Father’s hot animal slave girls.”

“I’m following you so far.”

“So… we had to train them properly.” Anna finishes, stopping right in front of the first row of slaves, gesturing out to them.

“Training? Exactly what kind of training?” You ask cautiously.

“Oh… what’s a good word for it, how about I just show you!” Elsa snaps her finger, and suddenly every girl turns to look at you, their eyes lightening up like their most beloved everything just appeared in front of them.

“Welcome back! Master/Onichan/Papa/Husband!” You were greated with dozens of names depending on the type of woman.

Some wore maid outfits, some wore little sister pigtails, some wore BDSM clothings. There were thousands of women, with various animal’s tails and ears on their heads, all staring at you lovingly, ready to do anything you tell them to without a single hesitation.

“Ah… I believe the word you were going with was complete brainwashing.”

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The Power of Creation – Chapter 298

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“S-seriously? You’re surrendering?”

Tremaine sniffs. “I have my pride. Do you think I’d let you trample all over me as you’ve done to my sisters.”

She gestures down to Cruella, who is filthy and haggard, cum leaking from her crotch as she stares at nothing, making weak moaning noises from the aftereffects of innumerable forced orgasms. Truly, her sight as a once proud Demon lord is not existent. In the intervening day you spent raping her, the army of slavers came to their senses and left. None of them wanted to give their lives for such a hopeless cause, and were likely under some kind of bedazzlement in the first place to put so much on the line.

“Okay…” You shrug, finally putting your dick away. “If that’s the case, then we’ll find some place a little more comfortable. I can fuck you there.”

The man behind her adjusted uncomfortably while Tremaine raises her chin in a snobbish way. “That won’t be necessary. I’ll sign whatever contracts you want, I’ll make whatever concessions you need, but my body is not on the table. I’m a married woman, and wouldn’t have my matrimony defiled.”

“Oh, hoh… is that so? Why not? Maybe you’ll like it?”

“You fucker…” The man curses, barely being stopped by Tremaine once again.

“And I suppose you’re this husband of hers?” You raise an eyebrow.

The man pulls the helmet off, revealing a mountain of a man with massive horns you initially thought were part of his helmet. He actually looks… like a pretty respectable demon. He isn’t so attractive as to be called a pretty boy, but he isn’t so ugly that it’d be unfortunate a beauty like her settled for him.

“Husband… you mustn’t insult out new liege, please do not let his crass behavior anger you. He’s just testing us…”

The man look at me before a second before finally relaxing. “Whatever… I apologize, Demon King, but know here right now that this woman is my woman. I would not go out of my way to pursue your women, so I ask that you do not press my wife.

“Eh? But ‘pressing’ your wife is exactly what I want to do?”

“Enough of this…” Tremaine sighs. “Please set your conditions. I will offer you anything you request, even my daughters, but that is all.”

“Hmmm… but I wanted to have a Demon Lord eight-some? You’re telling me I can’t bang all seven of you at once? I don’t care much about that Demon King stuff, I just want you Demon lords to experience the joy and wonder of my big cock.”

Tremaine sniffs. “As big as your cock may be, I will not yield. Set your terms for our surrender.”

“Your pussy…”


“Your ass…”

“Fucker!” The man shouts.

“You think I’d trust the words of Demon lords outside of a piece of paper? No offense sweeties.”

“Hmph…” Maleficant turns away, while Grimhilde shrugs as if she expects no less.

“I can only know I’ve conquered you with complete submission. I must become your world, your everything! What are my terms? My terms are for you to get on your knees, looking up at me with my cum running down your chin, begging for more of my cock. Do that, even with your husband present, and I’ll consider you conquered!

“I told you this man wouldn’t negotiate!” The man growls. “Tremaine, let’s not be insulted anymore.”

Tremaine stands her ground stubbornly though. “You’d let this world die? You’d let the Demon God wipe out everything just to humiliate me?”

“It’s not about you.” You shrug. “It’s about priorities. Maybe… if we formed an alliance, it’d count as you being conquered, but I won’t waste my time playing at politics. I’ve already conquered your six sisters, and as you stated, it’s only time before you fall to me as well.”

“Hmm… then the next time we meet, it’ll be as enemies.” The man snorts.

“Let’s go, Flynn.”

The two turn and walk away, disappearing with a shimmer of magic.

“You let them go!” Ursula asks in disbelief.

You wave your hand dismissively. “Now that I’ve seen them, I’m tracking them. Besides, I have more important things to do.”

“M-more important? Like what?”

You turn back to the girls who was still playing with Cruella even as the dirty mess she’s become.

“Like… punishing two naughty girls who ran away from home!” You put you fists on your hips and look down on your daughters with a stern look.


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