TLGPL Chapter 10: Information for a Price (unlocked) + Character Picture Update

Hey guys! The character pictures are updated but only some new pictures are added of the old characters (Lily, Ava, and Valerie), so you can check them out if you want. Chapter 10 is now open for public and you can find the password for chapter 11 on my patreon.

Anyway, there you go,

P.S. – ZapDaddy, the last line, any fault now? lol

TLGPL Chapter 8: Next Day in School (unlocked) + Character picture update

Hey guys! I was out of town at a wedding, so I got a bit late. Anyway, new characters are appearing in chapter 8 and 9, so the character pictures are updated. A few older pictures are also updated, so you can check them out as well. Password for chapter 9 is available on my Patreon.

If you like, you can also join my Discord to take part in surveys that might decide the story’s future course.

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TLGPL Chapter 7: Problems (unlocked) + Character Pictures update

Hey guys! I don’t know how but I somehow managed to complete chapter 8. I am updating the character pictures as well because of the introduction of new characters but I recommend seeing them after chapter 8 is unlocked because these characters appear in that chapter. You can find the password of chapter 8 on my patreon.

Anyway, there you go:-


Hey guys! I didn’t have any content for people on my patreon so I decided to release Chapter 5 earlier for them i.e. it’s password protected. But don’t worry, i will just get a few hours sleep and then edit chapter 6 at once. Once chapter 6 is published for people on my patreon, I will unlock chapter 5, please bear with me till then:)


There you go: Chapter 5: Foreplay and Lily’s Defloration (locked)

EDIT: I made a mistake earlier, sorry. The “new” in the title is added for this reason…

TLGPL Announcement and Chapter 4

Hello guys! I have to go somewhere later so I decided to upload chapter 4 a bit early.

Also, I just got my first two patrons on patreon so Chapter 5: The Foreplay and  The Defloration and an unnamed chapter 6, will be released in a few days for them.

I really want to thank my patrons with their usernames here but I know that some people don’t really want their usernames in the announcements. If you guys see this, please let me know and I will me more than happy to add them in the next update.

Anyway there you go: Chapter 4: Reason and A Naked Emily Unneeded Help


Hey guys, I decided to upload a few pictures to give you a gist how my characters look.

Please note that these pictures are not commissioned by me and the credit for them goes to their respective creators. I plan to make no profit from them in any way.

On a side note, if you click on chapter 4 it will be shown as locked. There is no way of accessing it, I am just trying the chapter lock thing. Though it will be unlocked tomorrow as per schedule.

Anyway there you go: TLGPL characters pictures