World of Women V2 – Chapter 1

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The door opened with a long sounding squeak, sending a small wave of light hitting the eyes of the woman. She squinted in the sudden brightness, shivering as she could hear someone stepping into the room. No sooner was she able to get a glimpse at her captor than the door shut faster than it opened, creating a loud bang that caused her to jump. Her wrists rattled the chains that were binding her to the walls. For a moment, all of her weight was put on the leather straps around her wrists. She was a short woman, after all, and had to stand on her tippy toes so that they didn’t pull. Either way, whether she let her body weight fall or desperately stood, her body was being strained from her wrists or ankles.

“P-please… let me go…” The woman begged, fearing to make any motion beyond a pleading look.

“Hmph… didn’t I tell you that your body was mine to do with as I wanted?”

“N-not this way…”

“Don’t act like a… what do they call them? A slut… yes… don’t act like a slut like you doesn’t want it.”

“Please…” She begged with teary eyes.

“Tell me what you want…” I asked darkly, moving closer to the woman, causing her to shiver even more.

“P-please, Clyburn…”

“Don’t you dare say my name!” I slapped her across the face, causing the tears to start falling down her face before I roughly grabbed her cheeks. “Now tell me what you want.”

“I-I’m a slut… sluts want cock.” The girl tried to turn her head away in shame, but I took her lips before she could move, sticking my tongue down her throat roughly and only pulling away as she gasped for breath.

“Of course, as a man, I plan to give you cock!”

The woman nodded while refusing to meet my eyes. “Okay…”

“But first, we’re going to play a little game.”

She glanced up again, a tinge of fear appearing on her eyes. She wanted to ask what game I had in mind, but my games were always cruel and torturous. As I walked away from her, leaving her hanging there from the chains on the wall, she couldn’t help but wonder.

“Wh-what…” Her voice broke, as I turned a dark look at her.

I was so much stronger than she was. Although I was only 15 years old, I was nearly six feet tall. Unlike most men, I was strong and muscular. This was a world where men were in an extreme minority. In order to prevent the population from plummeting, men received massive benefits. In exchange, from the age of sixteen onward, they had to impregnate five women a month. Failure to do so resulted in government penalties. However, this environment where everything was handed to men made most men shallow, spoiled, stupid and pampered to the point of being somewhat weak.

I wasn’t like other men. my mother had formed a monogamous relationship with a man. Although her husband turned out to be a cheater, it had left a deep imprint in her on how she wanted to raise her child, me. I was raised kept away from the government propaganda and other women who would want me for my seed. For nearly 13 years, I was raised with only my mother as a constant presence. This could have ended up terribly. In truth, I was shaping up to be a self-absorbed coward with serious mommy issues. Then, an excitable maid looking to become pregnant chose to rape me, and everything started changing.

As I started to grow into maturity, I gained an incredibly strong sexual appetite. It was much stronger than my mother ever would have thought, causing me to push my mother, my sisters, and even my aunt into a sexual relationship. Through poor choices and ignorance, I only seemed to succeed in further breaking my family apart. In the end, my mother went to jail, one sister ran off to University, and the other was released from Juvey only to find her own path. She was sixteen, an adult by this world’s standards, and I couldn’t do anything about it.

However, with adversity comes change, and I began to learn from my mistakes. I started working out to gain physical finesses. I started becoming the man of the house. I began to take on responsibilities, especially when my mother finally left. None of this was expected of a man in this world, but I wasn’t a normal kind of man. Few even suspected the truth, but I was actually reincarnated with the memories of a man from another world.

Those memories only returned to me when I was raped at twelve years of age. Of course, having the memories of a thirty-five-year-old and being a thirty-five-year-old are two different things. I was still basically a 12-year-old kid, but I had the memories, experience, and alternative points of view to fall back on. It was perhaps this reason that I so easily chased after my own family for sexual gratification. After everything fell apart, I knew one thing. I still had a lot of maturing to do.

Those memories didn’t instantly make me an adult like I had hoped. If anything, my former life where I was impudent, my wife cheated on me, and then I fell into alcoholism until I likely died from a heart attack hardly gave me the tools necessary to become a responsible person. However, they did show me what a man could be, in a world where men were equal to women, I knew what men were capable of.

Although, none of that explained why I had ended up strapping a woman to the chains of a wall. She was hanging there weeping, only wearing her underwear, a black skanky piece of attire. The rest of her clothing I had cut off with a scissors earlier while she watched. She could only stare helplessly at the strips of cloth on the floor around her that used to be a nice dress. I finally found the item I wanted in my drawer of toys and pulled it out.

“Wh-what is that?” As the woman saw what I had, she became wearier.

“Of course, a world of woman would have no shortage of these guys.” I waved something that looks like a smooth, white thing. “Unfortunately, this is a world never developed a plastics industry. Probably because there was no space program and you can enchant items and perform literal alchemy. Your mechanical toys always seem a bit… rough.”

As I knocked on the device, it made a metallic thud. The woman cocked her head to the side, confused by the words that came out of my mouth. However, I didn’t give her very much time to dwell on it. Instead, I moved up to her waving the device in my hand.

“I wonder, does a slut like you masturbate a lot?” I asked.

“N-no… I wouldn’t…” she turned away as I moved uncomfortably close to her.

“Liar…” my voice spoke so dangerously that she couldn’t help but let out a squeak in terror. “I bet you’re really a big masturbator. You probably stick all kinds of things in your pussy and try to pretend it’s a dick.”


“Why else do you think I brought you here? I see you, looking all slutty in that dress. You look down on men. Think you’re owed a man’s seed. Admit it, you think men are just there to make seed for you.”

“Th-that’s…” The woman looked away, finding herself unable to argue.

She had thought that before. All women thought that way at least once in her life. Men were there to make women pregnant. They really had no other purpose. Once the woman became pregnant with his seed, his presence wasn’t even needed. In fact, with a syringe, even sex wasn’t needed. Men were just cum depositories. Most women thought such a thing at some point. The stories in the holy scriptures claimed that it was this exact attitude that had perpetuated this curse in the first place. Perhaps, the only reason women craved dick at all for sexual gratification was as punishment for abusing the son of God for his seed. Most assumed that’s why the first time was painful, as woman’s punishment for her hubris. Thus, while many women had these dark thoughts, they never acted on them.

When she didn’t answer, my look grew sour and I shoved the white thing between her legs. It was cold to the touch and she couldn’t help but gasp as a cold hard thing was shoved between her thighs. I hit a switch she couldn’t see and a second later it blared to life, vibrating with a loud ‘Brrrrrrrrr’ sound. Despite herself, the woman who was stripped in front of me and chained to the wall was already starting to grow aroused. However, when the vibrations exploded between her legs, she lost all sense.

She squeezed her legs together instinctually and would have dropped to the floor if the leather straps weren’t forcing her hands up above her head. Clamping her legs around the hard cold thing only trapped the vibrations and made them more intense. She wanted to pull away, but her nervous system seemed to betray her, and she tightened her legs on it harder and harder as if she couldn’t help herself, causing the vibration to tease her thighs and pussy roughly.

“Ahhh… ahhh… no! No!” She cried out.

I kissed her on the lips again and then started rocking the vibrating thing between her legs, causing it to gyrate forcefully between her legs. It only took a few moments before she was gasping and moaning in erotic pleasure, her own hips humping against the hard thing in my hands. It quickly grew warm, and the pleasure shot through her in a way she couldn’t even imagine. She didn’t even fight back as I kissed and sucked on her neck and fondled her breast. She could only close her eyes and moan.

“So, here’s my game.” I suddenly whispered. “Sluts want cock, right?”

“Mmm… I want it… I want your cock.” She said, almost on instinct, the pleasure racking her body making her lost in lust.

“Call me Master…” I whispered into her ear devilishly, sending shivers up and down her spine as she grew closer and closer to orgasm.

“Master! I want your cock!” She begged, her fear turning into lust.

“Well… if it’s my cock you want, then naturally you wouldn’t cum from just a little vibration.” I gave a chuckle.

“Wh-what?” her voice came out in a gasp, her mind buzzing as she humped down on the vibrator.

“This vibrator isn’t waterproof.” I lied casually. “If a dirty slut like you cums on it, naturally, I will punish you severely!”

“P-unish!” Her eyes widened in disbelief.

Don’t cum? She was already starting to! Why did I have to wait for this second to tell her the rules? How could she possibly hold it back? She clamped her groin muscles as tightly as she could. Immediately, she tried to raise her butt, so aggressively in fact that she pulled on the leather wrist straps, lifting her body away in a desperate attempt to separate it from the vibrator and give her a moment of respite. However, I was relentless, and brought it up with her, keeping the thing pressed against her clit.

“No-no!” She cried out desperately, “I c-c-can’t!”

Unable to hold her own weight for very long, especially under the constant vibrations, she fell back down, the vibrating pushing against her grown hard.

“Pl-please… please…” She begged, her mind going to mush as her body shook, trying to reject the orgasm overtaking her body.

“Please? Please, what? Oh, Please turn it up? Okay.” I laughed.

“No!” She cried, but I didn’t listen to her, hitting another button.


The sounds amplified as did the vibration. It immediately caused her to pass her peak. She had already been brought to near orgasm and had managed to hold it off a minute or two. Given how close she was, that could have been considered a miracle. My cruelty knew no bounds, and soon she started orgasming roughly. Her panties quickly grew drenched, and the womanly juice flowed out and leaked down the vibrator, causing it to make a wetter vibrating noise against her dirty panties.

As soon as I noticed, I pulled the vibrator away with a mocking displeased look on my face. The woman was still orgasming though, and it was dripping from her underwear in a steady stream which fell on the carpet. Because she had tried to hold it back, it ended up being more powerful than she could handle, and thus she collapsed, looking like a woman peeing her underwear. Enough sex hit the floor that it started making a wet noise on the carpet under her, truly soiling the room in her lust. The woman was so mortified she closed her eyes in shame, even as her musky sex scent filled the air.

“Is that all you can handle… you dirty slut.” I glared at her.

She looked tearfully, only now remembering my promise of punishment. Desperate to avoid retaliation, she raised her head and gave a pleading look.

“Please… I’m a dirty slut. Please, Master, please… don’t punish this dirty slut… I’ll do… ahhhh!”

I didn’t listen, instead, grabbing her and spinning her around. The chains wrapped around each other once, and now her ass was facing me. I roughly grabbed her underwear, now drenched to the point that her back had a wet stain halfway to her waist. I yanked them down roughly until they were down to her knees.

“Ah… st-stop! Don’t look!” She cried out as I manhandled her savagely, exposing her pussy and butt from behind.

Without pausing, I pressed the massager back between her legs as she faced the wall and then flipped it on. I turned it to its max speed without pause. She let out a cry of shock. Without the wet underwear, the metal massager and her stimulated pussy were in direct contact, leading to a great stimulation. On top of that, I pushed it hard at full speed. She had barely recovered from her last orgasm, and now she was being stimulated at a far greater amount.

“No… I can’t… it’s making me go crazy. I’m cumming again!” She cried as more liquid started to leak out of her already aroused cunt.

“You dirty slut!” I cursed, pulling something from my side.

The something was a black flail with a handle and about ten leather straps. Without even giving time for her to see it, I slapped it against her ass hard. It instantly makes a snapping sound against her bare butt while she came against the massager.

“Ahhhh!” She let out a cry of both pain and pleasure, her mind unable to process both at once without turning into mush.

“Every… time… you… cum!” I began, beating her ass with the flail between each word. “I… will… beat… you…”

“Ah…. Ah… stop… it hurts!” The woman starts crying, but even as she cries her mouth is agape as she orgasms.

“I’ll stop when you’ve learned your lesson!” I snapped.

“Ah… ahh…. I’m going crazy… it hurts, stop hitting it!” she cried out while I continued to wail on her ass.

In under a minute, her ass was already sore and swollen, bright red in color. There were numerous red lines, although not a single one had broken skin. However, the more I hit, the rawer it became, and she was quickly reaching her limit.

“Please, Master, stop it! I can’t take it! Please, I’ll do anything!” She begged.

“You want it to stop?” I demanded, slapping it another time with a resounding clap. “Tell me how much you want my dick.”

“I want it!” She cried.

“I don’t believe it!” I snorted, hitting her butt even harder.

“No! OW!” She cried, orgasming again… “No, wait… I’m sorry…”

I started wailing on her butt again as more liquid leaked down the massager and ran over my hand, offering her no sympathy.

“It’s too much! Please, no!” She cried. “Please, I want your dick! This isn’t enough… only your dick will do. Master, please, please give me your dick!”

I continued to strike her until her butt was a deep red, and she was a blubbering mess. Her words became more and more incoherent as my flail landed on her. She started desperately trying to move her butt, to keep me from striking the same place, but my wrist was like a magnet, finding her sensitive spot every time.

“I c-c-c-can’t….” She collapsed, unable to take it anymore.

There was a thud as the flail suddenly dropped to the side, and I roughly grabbed her round hips. “Oh? Do you want my dick? All you had to do was ask!”

I immediately slid it inside her. She was already so wet from countless orgasms that I could have slid it anywhere, but I sent it right into her pussy, instantly filling her up. The girl gasped in shock. After being beaten until her butt was sore and being violated with that hard massager until the outside of her pussy was numb, to have that hard cock inside her actually felt nice. The change occurred so quickly that her brain struggled to process it. She was so relieved that I was finally fucking her that she almost bawled.

“Ahn… ah… yes… penis!” She cried euphorically as I started to take her from behind.

At that moment, any harsh feelings she had for me were obliterated. It was like a brainwashing. She was so happy that the beating ended and she got to have a cock that she didn’t even care about the abuse.

“That’s what sluts like you like the most, right?” I grunted as I thrust into her roughly.

“Y-yes…. I’m just a slut. Master’s slut!” The woman moaned, smiling despite herself with a slightly glazed look.

I reached up and grabbed her hair roughly, pulling it until her back was arched. With one hand holding her hair, and one her ass, I started to plow up into her as hard as I could, even as she was strapped against the wall.

“Ahhh… ahhh… ahhh… I-I’m cumming!” She cried again, drool coming from her mouth.

“You’ve already cummed enough!” I shouted, slapping her bruised ass and eliciting a yelp. “This time, I’m going to cum. You don’t cum until I’m done with your pussy…”

“Wh-what? You won’t cum inside me, will you? I-I can’t become pregnant!” She suddenly tried to look back with a worried look

“Eh? I thought that’s all you sluts want, don’t you want some man to pump you full of cum?” I spoke in panting breaths as I continued to thrust into her without any signs of slowing.

“B-but… I have another man… you can’t do it!” She protested.

I stopped for a second. “You-you dare have another man!”

“H-he was there first!” She cried as I pulled her head back and forced her to look at me.

As soon as the words processed, my expression turned ugly and I immediately shoved her face into the wall. “You little slut! You’ll take my cum then! I’ll get you pregnant and make sure no other man will have you!”

“No! Please… I’m promised to him. If you ruin me…”

“Bitch, you’re already ruined!” I slapped her ass again. “Fuck… I’m going to cum. Take my cum in your pussy and be glad I made you pregnant!”

“No, outside! Do-don’t do it! Ah… it’s too much stimulation. I’m cumming too! Ahnnn…”

“You bitch, you’re already cumming again? I said wait!”

“Ah… Master’s cock is too good! I can’t hel-“


A loud wailing sound comes from a magic audio receiver nearby, an incased ruby glowing as it transmitted the harsh sound. I stopped in mid-stroke. I let out a sigh of annoyance. Putting down my head on the woman’s shoulder, I closed my eyes for a second. Suddenly, I felt shaking under me. I opened my eyes and I saw the woman with her lips tightly closed and bright light in her eyes. She was holding back laughter.

“I was almost there!” I cried, pinching her bottom affectionately. “You had to go do it first! I think my Rose really is a slut.”

“Ahh… baby… I’m sorry if Cly’s cock is just too irresistible for this old woman.” Aunt Rose teased. “But the babies calling. Just untie me, I’ll go check on her.”

I raised an eyebrow. “Another man?”

Rose blushed, turning away. “With how much you’ve teased me, you’re lucky I can think at all! How can I come up with reasons for you not to cum in me when I so obviously want your cum!”

“Haha… well… if you want my cum then…” I repositioned myself to push back into her.

“Baby first!” she gave a firm, no-nonsense look.

“Yeah… I know…” I sighed, pulling my dick out, only half serious.

“Is that Anya, or Alyssa?” I asked as I put my dick back in my pants.

“That’s Alyssa.” Rose nodded, spinning herself back around on her tiptoes, but noticeably keeping her butt from touch the back wall. “Anya’s a quiet girl. Alyssa is a bit of a wild one.”

“Morgan, then Hannah, now Alyssa… why do I have a feeling my Bornholdt girls are all crazy.”

“Says the Bornholdt boy who strapped me to a wall and tortured this pour aunt…”

“Hey, it’s my last day before I leave for the dorms. I go to University tomorrow. You said you wanted to be adventurous on our last night? Didn’t you have fun?” I asked playfully, while grabbing my almost naked aunt in my arms and kissing her lovingly.

“Uh… hah…” Rose blushed, her face pressed against my shoulder. “How’d you know this kind of thing would be so exciting. I’ve heard about this kind of stuff, but I didn’t expect it to be so… stimulating…”

“I had a hunch?” I shrugged, moving up and kissing Rose, who kissed back enthusiastically.


Rose broke the kiss with a sigh. “Come on, sweetie, untie me so I can go handle the baby.”

“I’ll handle the baby.” I announced.

“Eh? You?” Rose gave a surprised noise.

I returned a wry smile. “Of course, this is my last night with my daughters as well. Mom made me promise to concentrate on University and go to the dorms, or I would stay here with you guys. I hate having to leave.”

“You can come back any time you want on weekends,” Rose responded with a nod. “Besides… if you want your harem dreams to come true, you’re going to need an education. I agree with your mom. You should focus on University. You can’t let your horny old aunt be a distraction, let alone two babies!”

“I know… I know…”

“So, let me out and… eh, what are you doing?” Rose cried as I tied something around her eyes. “A Blindfold?”

“You stay tight. I still plan to cum in you tonight. I’ll be back once I settled the baby.” I assured her.

“You… You have me tied to the wall with my underwear down to my ankles. I’m standing in a pile of lust, I’m cold and dehydrated! Clyburn… this is…”

“Well, if my slave wasn’t such a slut, maybe she wouldn’t be in that mess?” I teased. “No just stay tight and wet, slave, and I’ll come back and pump you full of cum like the whore you are!”

“Hah… hah… I hate that those words turned me on so much…” Rose cried as the door shut on her.

As I playfully abandoned my aunt, I headed through the mansion with a bit of a melancholy feel. This would be the last time I’d be calling this place home for nearly four years. I didn’t know much about this world made predominately of women, but what I had seen so far had made me wary. Truth be known, I had no clue what I’d encounter out there. Would I be the same person in four years as I was today? I didn’t know. All I knew is that I wanted to come back a better man… a man worthy of being the father to two beautiful little girls.

I was a father now, possibly far faster than any man should become a father. Fortunately, I had 35 years of experience to fall back on, even if I never had a kid in that life. I may not be a great man, but I could become a better man, for my family. I’d find Madison at University, and I’d bring her home with me. I’d find where Hannah went as well, and bring her back.

After Hannah got out of Juvey, she took off. The doctors spouted something about confidentiality, so I didn’t know where she went. I had thought Hannah would come right home. The fact that she didn’t bother me a bit. She was sixteen now, and officially an adult, some would say I had no right to butt in her life any more. Just where was Hannah? Did she really want to avoid her brother?

I entered Alyssa’s room, and as if by rote, I changed her diaper. I didn’t have to do it, and certainly, in this world, no man was expected to handle any of the parental duties. However, I learned how to do it because it was important to me to form a close relationship with my kids. Brooke, my security guard, a declared lesbian, looked at me strangely whenever I took care of the babies. It was like she was seeing an alien doing the dishes. It just didn’t fit with her world view. I actually think it was a turn on for Rose, which was why she let me do it so easily.

After changing Alyssa’s diaper, I looked her up and down. She was pursing her lips which probably meant she was hungry. Just as I turned to go to the kitchen and thaw some milk, an idea popped into my head, and an evil grin formed on my face. I walked back to the bedroom where I had Rose chained up. In the end, it really was just a spare room in our mansion that I had set up to play. It wasn’t anything like a sex room, but last night I had put a few nails in the walls and strapped up to some chains. If something happened to me, Rose properly could break out of there. Well, she’d be more likely to be found the next morning by a maid in an extremely embarrassing situation.

I opened the door and slipped back in, turning the lights on. Rose could hear the door and see the lights somewhat through her blindfold. At least, the light from the edges of her mask was enough that she knew the lights were turned on.

“Oh, Clyburn? Yo-you’re back?” Rose’s voice sounded excited, and I could tell she was really looking forward to a round two.

“Actually, it turns out both girls are hungry,” I said in a mocking disappointed voice.

“Ah… well, just heat up some milk. I pumped some extra just in case…”

“Actually, I was thinking, why waste the milk when I can get it straight from the source?”

“Source? Eh?”

I approached Rose, grabbing her bra and lifting it. She let out a cry as her boobs, the last thing covered, were freed to the world. Her boobs sagged a bit. They were big things, maybe a little bigger than my Mothers, but also less perfect in shape. Unlike my mother Morgan which seemed to be almost a supernatural beauty, Rose was more stout and real. In some ways, she was more fun to play with than Mom. Mom was an immaculate beauty, so perfect that he body felt like something that would be sinful to tease and torture. Morgan was a woman you couldn’t help but put on a pedestal, and saying that isn’t just my momcon acting up! Meanwhile, Rose emitted lewd smells, leaked crazily when she was horny, had tanned, freckled, calloused skin that had seen her fair share of rough times. She was still a beauty but in a more down-to-earth and hearty kind of way. She was tougher than Mom, but in a lot of ways that meant she needed the attention more. She was my Rose, and I loved her for the way she was.

“Clyburn! This… just remove the restraints… I’ll…”

“It’s fine, I’ll put her on, see?” I held the baby up to Rose’s nipple carefully.

As soon as Alyssa found the nipple, she turned her head a few times until it landed in her mouth and then lashed on, even with her eyes closed. Rose gasped. Clearly, having previously been sexual ravaged, and still strapped to a wall with her arms up, Rose’s mind wasn’t in a place for feeding. Thus, Alyssa sucking her nipple felt oddly erotic to her. She couldn’t get the image out of her head while the blindfold was on.

“Now, I’ll put Anya on the other,” I added.

“Clyburn… this…” Rose whimpered tearfully.

I carefully leaned over while still feeding Alyssa. Naturally, Anya was fast asleep in her cradle. Instead, the second nipple went into my mouth. I did my best to purse my lips, keeping my teeth away from the nipple as I sucked.

“Ahn…” Rose let out a moan as milk came out into my mouth. “A-anya is really hungry…”

I grinned, realizing I must be sucking a little harder that Anya does. However, with a blindfold on and a baby on the other nipple, Rose appeared to have no clue she was feeding me and not her baby. I started sucking harder and harder, taking more of her nipple into my mouth until I engulfed her entire areola and some of the boob besides. Rose twisted with a frown on her lips.

“Ahhhh… ahhh… it’s tender… Clyburn, pull Anya back a bit, she’s sucking too hard.”

I grinned with my lips around her nipple, reaching down with my available free hand and sliding two fingers into her. Despite doing such a womanly duty, Rose was still clearly very wet. Whether feeding was turning her on or she was turned on still from before, I didn’t know. She gasped as my fingers started going in and out of her pussy.

“Cl-cl-cly!” She trembled as both her nipples and her pussy were assaulted. “Y-you… I knew it was you on my nipple!”

She tried to fight back, but I used my weight and pushed her against the wall. She grimaced as he sore butt pressed against the wall painfully, but she otherwise couldn’t resist.

“Be careful, Auntie, you do have Alyssa there,” I spoke around her boob, even as I put it back in my mouth.

“Ahh… you… naughty…  how can you do this with your daughter here?” She was panting now as I continued to play with her pussy.

“I’m naughty?” I let go of her boob with the pop of a mouth, causing her to shudder. “Aren’t you the one getting off by your niece sucking your nipple?”

“Y-you…” Rose cried, unable to argue back.

Naturally, I was doing the majority of the teasing, forcing Rose to be aroused in this state, but Alyssa’s incessant sucking had taken on a sexual edge as Rose grew closer and closer to orgasm. With me erotically sucking her other boob, her brain couldn’t tell the difference. The shame flooding through Rose was immense as she found a natural motherly act becoming erotic.

“Ah? Rose is cumming already?” I asked, “Oh, that’s right, but Rose likes dick the best?”

“St-stop…” This time Rose wasn’t acting, but genuinely started tearing up as my teasing became more than she could handle.

However, I wasn’t much different in play than I was in real life. I pulled his dick out and pushed it into Rose. Given how horny Rose was, she found herself being penetrated easily. My cock filled her up, and sighed as I felt her warm, wet womanhood wrap around my cock.

“N-no… Clyburn… the baby!” Rose cried out.

“I have her… it’s fine.” I chuckled darkly as I kept Alyssa between Rose and me.

I started thrusting into Rose, moving slowly and erotically. Each thrust pushed up Alyssa in his arms slightly. As a result, my rhythmic thrusting into Rose turned into a gentle rocking for Alyssa. Alyssa happily closed her eyes, oblivious to the two gasping adults on either side of her, or perhaps being soothed by the moaning sounds of her parent and guardian.

“Cly-cly… I can’t take it anymore. I… I… I’m cumming!” Rose panted.

“Yeah… you want my cum, don’t you? Tell me you want it!

“You… naughty… ahh… I want it… ah… give it. Give me your cum!” Rose gave up, surrendering to her lust.

Having already played with Rose for so long, I didn’t take long before I reached my limit. Only about three minutes of thrusting into her, and I came. I thrust forward hard, shaking as I came deep inside my aunt and the mother of one of my babies. By now, Alyssa had stopped sucking and was now happily asleep with just a little milk running down her chin. After I finished cumming inside Rose, I lowered my head to my daughter and licked the milk off her chin, then turned and licked the milk dripping down Rose’s nipple. Rose shuddered as I cleaned her sticky nipples. She could only hang their blinded, seemingly leaking from every orifice.

“I love you, my Rose,” I finally spoke when I finished, kissing her lightly as I pulled my softening cock out.

“My heart is always yours,” Rose responded, her smile only slightly tight.

“Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh….” A higher pitched voice suddenly came from the magic receiver.

“Eh… looks like Anya woke.” I laughed. “I’ll let you down, you can get this one.”

“Yes… dear.” Rose chuckled wryly as I freed her from her restraints with one hand while carrying Alyssa with the other.

When she finally was down with her blindfold off, rubbing her sore wrists, she looked at me as I gently rocked Alyssa in my arms, leaning over and kissing her on the forehead while making soft, soothing noises to keep her asleep despite the whining coming through the receiver.

“You… really do make a good father.” Rose’s smile turned genuine as she looked at us together.

I chuckled awkwardly. “Ah… yeah… well. I did probably go too far today. It’s just my last day with you and I got excited. I’m not that kind of guy though. I’m definitely not going to do anything sexual with my daughters.”

“Really?” Rose cocked her head, completely unperturbed by that suggestion. “I think you should? Keep acting like this, and your daughters will probably want to be impregnated by their daddy.”

I broke into a cough. “Ah… that… well…”

Rose headed to the door and then turned back with a mischievous grin. “I mean when they’re the appropriate age… Don’t stick your dick into my daughter until she’s at least thirteen.”

Rose left the room, while I stared on with my mouth open. There was no dishonesty or discomfort at her casually suggesting I bang our children. Well, thirteen-year-old girls. No, my thirteen-year-old daughters! I’d been living in this world for three years now, and I still found myself complete shocked by this world’s common sense. After a moment of shock, I finally shook my head and recovered. This was my last day to spend with Rose and my daughter. It was time to start the next phase of my life. I didn’t know what else this world would throw at me, but I had to grow and learn. It was time for me to become the man I needed to be to survive this world of women.

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The World of Women – Chapter 31

What? Chapter 31? No, I didn’t write another chapter… kind of. I said I was going to edit chapter 29 for pacing reasons. So, 29 got turned into two chapters and chapter 30 became 31. If you want to read the extra scenes, most of it is chapter 29, with a hand full of differences in chapter 30 (formerly the second half of 29). The PDF will release tomorrow night. It’s Halloween, so I’ll be taking my kids of Trick or Treating. I’ll release the PDF after we get back. Thanks!

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“You’re beautiful, Mother.”

“You tease me too much, I’m bloated and ugly.”

“How could I ever think that.” I moved forward, wrapping my arms around Mom, holding on to her bloated stomach, “You’re the most beautiful Mother in the world. Do you know why?”


“Because it’s my baby in your womb.” I kissed Mom’s neck gently as she smiles at me.

“I never want this to end.” Mom leaned back, stroking my leg lovingly. “Can’t we just keep things this way forever?”

I smiled and shook my head. “I’m afraid not. Time changes us all. I need to move forward, and so do you. I’ll be fifteen soon, and then you know what comes next.”

“Mm…” Mom sighs. “At least for now, stay with your Mother.”

“Always.” I kissed her again, slowly stroking her stomach.

Even though Mom was a bloated 9-month pregnant woman, her skin didn’t seem to show any stretch marks. Many women would be impossibly jealous looking at her. Her tits were large and full. Her skin was pale and smooth. Her hair was dark and lascivious. Her butt was perfect and pert. She was just as beautiful as a pregnant woman as she was any other time. Her body was completely naked lying against me, and it was a sight for my eyes that I loved every moment of.

Plus, when I squeezed her breasts, warm, white liquid came out. I tasted it a bit and Mom’s milk was sweet and gave me a comforting feeling. However, she got really embarrassed by that and so I didn’t tease her too much. She said that since the baby wasn’t going to get to eat by her breasts, that I shouldn’t get to either.

The only thing on Mom’s beautiful naked body was a bracelet around her ankle. It was a ghastly white thing which flashed a red light menacingly every minute or so. This was, of course, a court-ordered tracking bracelet. Mom was, for all intent and purposes, on house arrest. She had been in this state for just short of nine months now. Those months were not sad or lonely times. Even though Madison had left to school, and Hannah was in juvey, Aunt Rose, Morgan, and I had filled every day with love.

Mom was just happy to be with me every last day we could be together, and I was just happy to be with her. This world of women favored pregnant women the most. While Mom was pregnant with a girl, she was still awarded several benefits for having a baby. In her case, it was a suspension of her sentence. Mom was on house arrest until my little daughter was born. After that, she would have to serve a four years sentence in jail for manslaughter.

That’s just enough time for me to work my way through Academy. At the end of my education, my mom would get out. By then, I had hoped to bring Madison home and maybe even have a grandchild waiting for my mother. Although, since my first child was my mother’s child, doesn’t that make Mom’s future daughter also her granddaughter? Well, I didn’t want to think about these technicalities too much.

What was important was that I got to spend one last year with my mother before I had to head off to the Academy. It was a year filled with love and nurturing. Sure, I was all but trapped in this mansion, only being allowed out two or three times on small trips, but I had two beautiful women to keep me company. Three if you counted Brooke, whom also moved in. It looked like Aiko and Brooke weren’t meant to last. I asked Brooke why she broke up with Aiko, but she didn’t give me any straight answer. Just something about Aiko not being “the one”. I guess, now that a baby was a very real option in Brooke’s future, she needed to start thinking about the woman she wanted to settle down with. It had to be something like that.

Meanwhile, Nada hadn’t moved in yet. She was still working on rehab. According to Veris, it wasn’t clear if she’d be able to handle moving at the moment. I still wasn’t sure how I felt about Nada. It seemed like I was the kind of guy who gave every girl I slept with a place in my heart. While thinking about Tinya and her death, I still hurt from time to time. I didn’t know it was trauma from having my wife leave me in my last life, but I had trouble letting go of anybody. I didn’t want to. I wanted all of my women with me.

“I think I’ve given you everything you need. Are you really planning on moving to the dorms?” Mom asked, her mind once again wondering onto my future.

“Yes, Mother, all the finances are settled. The dean was happy to hear another boy will be staying on campus. I guess it’s great publicity for the school, having men staying on campus. Like full-time school mascots.” I couldn’t keep all of the bitterness out of my voice.

Mom gave me a gentle smile. “It’s better this way. I want you focusing on your studies. Rose will take care of the babies. You’ll be close enough you can visit them whenever you want.”

“Mm…” I nodded, kissing Mom on the nose.

“Ah! The reminds me, I have something for you…” Mom suddenly burst out nervously, reaching into her bedside drawer and pulling something out.

She handed it to me and I looked at the cloth in my hand. It was a lacy black thing, and it took me a moment to realize what it was.

“Eh? Mom? It’s your underwear!”

Mom looked away while blushing. “I’ve found Clyburn’s collection…”

“Mom! Privacy!” I admonished, even as Mom turned stubborn and pouty.

“Well, you can’t blame Mom for being curious…” Mom defended herself under my glower. “Either way, I wanted you to have these.”

“Ah… Mom, I’m not really into… eh, I seem to recognize these. Weren’t you wearing them last night when we-”

Mom’s face flared red. “Y-yes! Don’t say it! I made sure not to clean them, isn’t that how you like it?”

“Mom… seriously… that’s…”

“If you’re going to take them, please put them away! Jeese, this is so embarrassing. My son is such a tease!”

I gave a wry smile. Mom was seriously misunderstanding something. So, I had a drawer with several panties in it. I had one of Madison, one of Tinya, and one of Hannah. That didn’t mean I was some creepy guy who liked to keep soiled panties! I put the pair in my pocket. Don’t read into it, this was just because it’s easier than dealing with Mom’s guilty face!

“And… her… do you plan on doing it?” Mom rapidly changed the subject.

I nodded resolutely, showing Mom no hesitation. “Yeah. Hannah is getting out of Juvey soon. I didn’t bail her out earlier out of respect for you, but when the time comes that you leave, I need to bring my sister home…”

Mom held up her hand and touched my shoulder. “I understand, my son. I would have helped her out myself if I could bear to see her. I wronged her so much, I just can’t bring myself to face my own daughter after what I did…”

“Mom…” I held Mom as a few tears fell down her cheeks.

“I know I’m an awful Mother. The truth is crystal clear to me now. Clyburn, you’re the only person who matters to me. Not my late husband. Not my daughters… just you. I know I’m disgusting, but I just can’t stop wanting you and only you.”

I stroked Mom’s head affectionately. “You’re not awful. You’re just human. Let me deal with Hannah and Madison. I haven’t given up on this family. Even though we’re broken, I only see a future with all of you in it!”

“Baby…” Mom looked at me tearfully.

“Mom…” My lips slowly moved towards Mom’s, our bodies pressed together.

The door swung open with a slam. “Are you two still in bed? Ugh, Morgan, how can you be so shameless just lounging around naked.”

Morgan tsk’d, but she wore a smile on her face as she glanced at the door casually. “I’m very pregnant. Why would I walk when I can just lie with my son all day?”

“Hmph… maybe that cute talk works on Clyburn, but I’m just as pregnant!” Aunt Rose admonishes, holding her big belly, only about a month behind Moms. “The doctor said it’s healthy to take daily walks.”

Aunt Rose moved up the side of the bed, trying to remove our coverings and hang them up to air out. I grabbed Aunt Rose and pulled her towards me, making sure to be careful of her stomach as I dragged her onto the bed.

“Ah! Clyburn, you naughty boy!” Aunt Rose helplessly fell into my clutches as I grabbed her and kissed her lips thoroughly in front of Mom.

“Are you simply going to sit there and watch your son tease me?” Aunt Rose breathlessly begged my mom for reinforcements as I sucked on her neck.

“Mm… you’re right, I haven’t been active enough lately.” An evil grin formed on Mom’s face as she moved forward and started touching Aunt Rose’s chest.

“Ahhnn… that’s not fair. You traitor!” Aunt Rose cried as I kissed her neck and Mom played with her breasts.

“Relax, my Rose, we’re just enjoying our last few weeks together,” I whispered in Rose’s ear, making sure my breath ran across her neck and gave her goosebumps.

“I understand, Clyburn,” Rose responded tearfully, her entire face turned red. “I’ve already stepped back and let you two have a lot of time together, but there need to be limits to these kinds of things…”

“I’m sorry, my Rose, I’m not very good at knowing my limits,” I grinned evilly. “Can you please teach me your limits so I can learn by example?”

“Ahnn!” Rose cried out as my hand wrapped around to her front and touched her pussy over the underwear.

“Her underwear is already completely wet!” I said in a mocking surprised voice. “Since she’s so lewd and horny, perhaps my Rose is just unhappy that we haven’t been giving her enough attention!”

“Ah, my poor sister.” Morgan shook her head devilishly. “We’ll have to fix that.”

“G-guys, stop! I’m leaking, you-you’re making a mess.” Rose whined as wet spots stain the front of her shirt where Mom was squeezing her tits.

“Don’t worry,” I said teasingly, sliding my fingers under her wet undergarments and into her snatch. “I’ll clean it up. You just need to show this poor boy your limits so he understands them better.”

“Ah… aiiiiiiii!” Rose screamed as she started squirting.

Sometime later, I was putting the bed sheets into the laundry machine. I did say I would clean up the mess. However, how did I know that Rose needed to pee before coming in and ended up soiling the bed? Even Mom was surprised at the big stains she left. I left Rose with Mom. They were enjoying afternoon tea, although Mom was still teasing Rose for being naughty. Meanwhile, I was left with cleaning duty even though a maid could do it. Rose said she wouldn’t have another woman seeing and cleaning the mess she made. Pregnant women were a lot of work!

However, I whistled happily as I did my job. I was enjoying the time I had with my mother and aunt to their fullest. I had been in this world for almost two years now. I had made some mistakes. I had some regrets. The only thing I could do now was move forward. I thought about my sisters every day. However, I couldn’t rush things anymore. I couldn’t just push forward blindly and hope for the best. I would get my Madison back. I would put a reign on my Hannah. My harem plan was only just beginning!

After finishing the laundry, I didn’t go join the future Mothers of my children for tea. Instead, I headed over to Brooke’s room, which was now located comfortably in the mansion. She was my personal security, which differed from Charlene, who was hired by Mom. Whenever I left the mansion, she’d come with me and keep detail. Once I went to campus, her job would be very limited. That’s why I pulled a few strings and made Brooke a student.

Brooke was actually only 22 years old, which honestly surprised me when she told me that. I had assumed she was in her thirties. She was quite angry when I gave that response. She didn’t look in her thirties, so it was only her behavior that made me think she was older. She was actually a vibrant and youthful tomboy, but I never expected she was so young. Then again, she never went to Academy, spending the last 5 years between bouncing and bodyguard work.

It wasn’t impossible for a 22-year-old to go to Academy, although most went into smaller technical academies. She would certainly be out of her element, but she was a lecherous lesbian in a field of high school roses. She wasn’t complaining. It was my personal request as a man that she be allowed to go to school with me, and that held some weight. It wasn’t uncommon for bodyguards and servants to go to school alongside their master, although this was typically something wealthy daughters of CEOs and high government officials did, not men.

There was a saying for men in this world. The only constant in your life is your Mother, and even she uses you. It’s a bleak saying, but it probably reflects the attitude of the men of this world, of which I’ve yet to meet one. However, it wouldn’t be long before I started meeting other men. Of course, that’s exactly why I came to Brooke’s room right now.

“You ready then?” Brooke asked.

I gave an affirmative nod, not nervous at all.

“Then, get out of those clothes.”

I went into Brooke’s room and she started to work me hard. Since we started these sessions, she always left me sore and aching. She was a vivacious woman filled to the brim with energy, and she could easily tire me out. I put up a fight, but Brooke always won in the end. That’s to say…

“One, two, three… switch!” As if to accentuate the word switch, she actually carried a switch and liked to smack me in the ankles.

I was running in place before jumping down and doing pushups. This was my work out routine with Brooke that I had established after being in the clutches of the Primrose. I didn’t want to be weaker than the women around me. I definitely didn’t want to be weaker than the men I was about to deal with.

I stood up, panting with sweat covering my body. By the time Brooke was finished with me, my shirt was completely drenched in sweat. Brooke was looking at me stiffly with a strange expression, her lips slightly opened.

“What is it?” I asked.

Brooke shook her head and slapped her own face for some reason. “Ah! That… your body is amazing.”


“We’ve only been training for the last six months, but your muscles are very toned. You’re almost able to keep up with me. Considering you were a weak little shit just a short time ago, I just can’t believe how much your body has bulked up. It would take someone else two years to get in this kind of shape.”

“I don’t know about keeping up with you, but isn’t that just testosterone?”

“Test-oster-one?” Brooke sounded out the word.

I gave a wry smile. I’m sure this world knew the word, but with most women not dealing with men daily, it probably wasn’t a common word people would know, especially someone uneducated like Brooke. I naturally had some advantages over women when it came to muscles. Adding to that I was only just turning fifteen, and my physique quickly built up with just a little bit of training.

Of course, I wasn’t just doing sit-ups. Brooke taught me a lot of stances and combat moves. Her style seemed to be heavily influenced by Judo, as it mostly centered around grappling and throwing the target. Well, I knew nothing about Judo, so I could only say they looked similar. The fighting style was designed for two lightweights, women, to be fighting on equal ground. It would probably be just as applicable to me fighting other men though, so it worked out for the best. As far as how I could fight a woman lighter and smaller than me, my personal answer was that I didn’t want to fight women. I still saw Tinya’s beaten face when she died by her own gun in my grasp, and I swore I’d never hit a woman again if it could be helped.

I pulled off my sweaty shirt, looking at myself in the mirror. I wasn’t extremely muscular, but I did have the hint of a six-pack. I was very skinny and scrawny before. Brooke actually had me eating extra so I could put on some muscle. I’d never look like a bodybuilder, but I was content with my body now. I was more content in this body than I had ever been in my old life. When you were rich and had nothing but money and time, it was easy to focus on your personal image.

Out of the corner of the mirror, that’s when I saw Brooke. She was looking at me as well. Her eyes held some interest. I froze, making sure to not meet her eyes. Was my lesbian bodyguard seriously checking me out? The darkness inside of me started to leak a bit and I hid an evil grin. Perhaps it was time to move up my moves on Brooke. I didn’t think I’d turn her straight, but I had hopes that one day I could start a sexual relationship with her. At least, maybe I could put the baby in her personally. Brooke was cute and had a fun personality. We had our differences, but at the end of the day, I considered her a friend.

If she liked any kind of man, it’d probably be the muscular kind. Perhaps, she didn’t see me as a man before, but now that I had toned my body, maybe it was time to start my moves.

“Hey, Brooke,” I turned around. “What do you think?”

“Eh?” Brooke’s eyes which had been on my ass suddenly jumped up to my face. “What? What do you want?”

“Nothing?” I said, casually walking up to Brooke while she eyed me suspiciously. “I’m just curious, what does Brooke want?”

I moved closer to Brooke than was necessary. She backed up a foot until her butt hit the wall behind her. She looked a little flustered, and she wasn’t meeting my eye. The way she fidgeted was really cute. Could I really push her down right here? That would be incredible.

“Cl-Clyburn, what are you doing?” Brooke asked nervously as I moved up to her as she was pressed to the wall.

“I was just noticing how beautiful you look when you’ve been working out,” I said, leaning into Brooke and lifting up my hand to brush a lock of hair behind her ear.

A second later, a fist slammed into my stomach. After a minute of vomiting my guts out in a nearby basket, Brooke stretched casually. “Ah! That was a good workout. Thanks for the compliment kid, but I dig girls?”

I looked up miserably. “If you’re going to take the compliment, why did you punch me?”

“What? You were about to get your manstink on me. It was self-defense!” Brooke snorted, however, I was too busy throwing up to notice that her lips faulted a second and she let out a breath of relief before I looked up again.

By the time I saw her, she was grinning at me mischievously. “Why are you getting all muscular anyway? You know women don’t like that kind of thing.”

Brooke wasn’t wrong. In a world where men were a minority, female sensibility and fashion took hold. It was always suggested that women didn’t wear makeup or nice clothing to impress men but to impress each other. If this world was any indicator, that would turn out to be true. The lack of men didn’t lead to a simplification of fashion, but rather a flat-out arms race.

In this world, there was no such thing as masculinity. There were no cowboys. No bearded lumberjacks. No muscular soldiers. Manliness was spoken of like a joke, not an enviable trait. I supposed there were people back home that treated manliness like a toxic concept that poisoned society, but this was a society that barely understood the concept. Thus, muscles, beards, and flannel were not thought of at all. As for most men in this world, they’d be metrosexual in style. They were pretty boys with great hair and delicate features.

As a result, my muscular physique would be slightly foreign on a man. Admittedly, I wasn’t so muscular that unless I took off my shirt my six pack wouldn’t be exposed. However, most women wouldn’t be intrinsically turned on by a six pack either, at least culturally. In fact, they wouldn’t know what to do with it. At least, that’s how I understood this world. I had some suspicions that desiring masculinity occurred at a genetic level, and I’d attract women whether they consciously realized it or not but I wouldn’t be able to test it out until I went to the Academy.

I finished recovering, drying myself off, and putting on a fresh shirt. I just finished up when the door opened. The person standing at the door was Mother, who had an awkward look on her face.

“There is… someone here to see you, Clyburn.” Mom seemed a little stiff as she gestured me out of the room.

For a second, I thought she had seen me embarrass myself on Brooke, but I realized that wasn’t possible. Brooke bid me farewell without bringing up the scene again, so I headed out with Mom. Mom seemed bothered by something as we headed to the reception room.

“What is it, Mother?” I asked, holding Mom’s arm intimately.

“Ah… dear, it’s fine. It’s just… a girl.”

My eyebrows raised. “A girl, don’t tell me Mother is jealous.”

“Tsk…” Mom made a pout. “She’s pretty, and she’s from the Academy. I’m just thinking I shouldn’t let you go to Academy.”

“Hah…” I let out a laugh and treated it like a joke, but I had a feeling Mom wasn’t joking.

Mom had a furrowed brow, and I knew the kind of woman she was. Mom seriously was the territorial and jealous type. She said she understood that I needed to spread my wings, but I didn’t doubt that if Mom had her way, she’d lock me in a cage and be the only woman to interact with me. Even Rose barely avoided her ire, which was probably why Mom teased her so relentlessly earlier. It was a passive aggressive torture for daring to catch her son’s eye.

We reached the receiving room, and when I saw the back of this blonde bombshell, I started to understand Mom’s sentiments. I couldn’t see her face, but her body was really nice. Mom’s body was currently lost to pregnancy, and so she wasn’t feeling her sexiest right now. If a beautiful woman suddenly showed up looking for your man, naturally your feelings would be complicated. Never mind the fact this blonde was closer to my age and full of the youthfulness my mother couldn’t provide.

The girl seemed to be on the balls of her feet with excitement when she turned around. As soon as she saw me, her eyes brightened and she gave a smile, holding out her hand. “Hello! My name is Lyra. I’m from the Amaryllis Academy welcoming committee. I was sent to personally greet Clyburn Bonholdt, and see if you need anything before your big day.”

“It’s you!” My mouth fell open as soon as my eyes laid sight on the blond.

I should have been able to tell from the back of her head. That body that could only be matched by my mother yet on a bubbly blonde high school student was one I couldn’t forget. I also couldn’t forget eating her pussy! I had almost completely forgotten about that unpleasant day, but having this woman grab me and talk about having babies together all came crashing home in my mind. Had she seriously tracked me down? She really went out of her way to find a man who just ate her pussy once?

Lyra blinked at my reaction. “Uh… sorry? Have we met? I don’t recall ever having met a bo- wait… could you be… no… he was skinny.”

Within that short sentence, I experience many highs and lows. First, I was happy she didn’t recognize me. Then, she seemed to be starting to guess, and my heart started skipping a beat. Finally, she settled on my body not matching the one she had seen against the sun once nine months ago. I let out a breath of relief that she hadn’t connected the dots, although I was also a little interested to know what she remembered from that day.

She actually had a somewhat let down expression on her face. Had she perhaps been thinking about me? Well, that doesn’t really matter. I was just satisfying my own ego at this point. It’d be better to just pretend that we hadn’t ever met before.

“S-sorry… I was just surprised by your appearance,” I admitted.

Mom frowned, while Lyra seemed to beam, taking it to mean that I was stunned by her good looks.

“Well, you’re quite a pretty one, I must say.” Mom smiled falsely.

Mom… you don’t need to be jealous. If you’re going to be jealous of every woman I bring home, how am I ever going to reach sixty girls! Then I remembered that Mom tried to shoot my sister, and became slightly relieved that she was only taking it this far.

“Oh… thank you!” Lyra gave a curtsy. “To be fair, I knew I’d be visiting a boy’s home, so I made sure to prepare ahead of time.”

I broke into a coughing fit. She prepared ahead of time! Does that mean she visited the pussy market! Was that what she did? She got her pussy eaten out so she wasn’t distracted by boys! I can’t do it! I can’t stop imagining my head between her legs! My face turned completely red.

Lyra continued to give me the spiel about the school. She told me where I needed to go, what I needed to do, that kind of things I needed to expect. However, with her naked body on my mind, I couldn’t meet her eyes and my face was red. This amused her greatly, and caused Lyra to try to get closer to me, only causing me to become more flustered. It got so far that she tried to touch my face, only for me to dodge her hand. I don’t know where that thing has been! This girl was a pervert!

The worst part of the meeting was Mom completely misunderstood. Thinking that I was crushing on Lyra, her glower was turning worst and worst. I had no choice but to end the meeting as quickly as possible. I almost threw Lyra out. It was for Lyra’s own safety. My mom will wreck her! She’s not afraid of prison!

“If you need anything, just call m-” I slammed the door in Lyra’s surprised face, finally letting out a breath of relief.

“Well…” Mom looked at me displeased while tapping her foot. “She was pretty…”

“Geh! Not as pretty as Mother?” I didn’t mean for it to come out like a question.

“Flirting with a young thing in front of the Mother of your child…” Mom suddenly pouted. “Clyburn is such a playboy.”

Flirting? Was that what she was calling it?

“Mom is the only one for me. I’ll show you!”

I grabbed my mother, Morgan, and dragged her to me, planting my lips on her firmly. She resisted at first, but it only took a second before she melted under my touch.

“Choo… you tease…” Mom said breathlessly as our lips parted.

“I love you, Mom, but you know there will be others. Madison, Hannah… they’re just the start.”

Mom sighed and nodded. “Your Mother knows, I can’t have my little Clyburn forever. Can’t I just be selfish for a little longer?”

“Just a bit.” I grabbed Mom and pulled her off to bed, as she realized where I was taking her, she started to grow excited.

Even though she was pregnant, she moved quite fast when she was given the right encouragement! The pair of us reached my bed and she melted into my arms. The clothing came off. The moaning began to fill the room.

In a week or two, everything would change. I’d be a father. Mom would be in prison serving her sentence. Academy would start and I’d live abroad. Everything changed. For one last brief moment, I stayed a Momma’s boy. Because this was my last chance to indulge myself. In this world of women, my life was truly about to begin!

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The World of Women – Chapter 30

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“Mom!” I cried, immediately moving towards where they held her.

The girls with their hands on my shoulders weren’t expecting me to move, and I slipped out of their grip with ease. I only made it halfway when the two women caught up and grabbed me, pulling me back to them. Mom gave me a guilty look.

“My Clyburn, I’m sorry. I sent all the security away to help find you. I never thought… they’d come back to our home. I drank something, started getting sleepy and the next thing I knew I was being dragged here.”

“I discovered a smuggler’s path in and out of our house. It’s how I left home so often, I told Tinya about it…” Hannah started and then shook her head. “If you think this will get me to cooperate, then you don’t know me very well!”

“Oh? She’s your Mother. She’s not some father figure absent from your life. She gave birth to you,” Tinya responded teasingly.

A fiery light shone in Hannah’s eyes. “I don’t care about her at all!”

“Ha-Hannah? You’re not involved in this, are you?”

Hannah ignored Mom, glaring at Tinya. “What do you want, Tinya? What do you plan to do to… her?”

Tinya chuckled. “Straight to the point, it’s what I love about you. It’s really very simple. I don’t plan to do anything. The question is, what do you plan to do to her?”


“We’re going to send a message to the world. Man-lovers like this woman won’t be tolerated. I know you hate her. You’ve told me as much. Now you can do whatever you want to her. If you do what I ask, then you can stay in the Primrose. I’ll even let you keep… that brother you kidnapped as a pet.”

“You… you did this?” Mom covered her mouth shaking her head in disbelief as she starred at Hannah. “You kidnapped your brother from me? You’ve held him here?”

“From you?” Hannah’s lips turned into a sneer as she glared at Mom. “That’s rich, coming from you, Mother.”

“Hannah, you don’t have to do this!” I broke in.

Tinya giggled. “If you don’t, you’ll just join her. We’ll beat you to death. Hmmm… I bet I could make it look like Clyburn beat you both to death, and then shot himself in the head. We all know men or so violent, after all.”

“Shut up, Tinya. You wouldn’t dare-”

“If I can’t have you, you might as well die! I won’t lose anything else to a man!” Tinya shouted.

“Wait… I remember you… that stupid maid!” Mom’s face turned disgusted as she interrupted. “How could you? How could you do this to my family? We brought you in. We trusted you! How could you do this to-”

“to you?” Hannah jumped in, stepping towards Mom, her body movements bristling. “I’m the one who kidnapped Clyburn. As to how? The answer is easily! Originally, I just wanted to kidnap Brother for payback. You spent so much time with him, and gave Madison and me nothing! I hated him… and… and I hate you!”

“Hannah…” Mom looked at the distorted face of the daughter she thought she knew and looked lost.

“Of course, Brother was just some selfish little man-child, scared of the world, clinging at Mommy’s apron strings… or so I thought.” Then Hannah smiled strangely. “Then he started to change. I didn’t know what to think. Suddenly, Brother was looking at me differently. He acted perverted. It excited me, but then Madison had to keep getting her nose in the way. She wouldn’t let me play!

“Still, I thought everything was fine… my brother was just more interesting now, but that wasn’t good enough for my mother!” Hannah threw up her hands as if she was giving a speech to all of the gang members present. “You were losing control of him. My little brother was starting to think independently. So, what did my mom do? She fucked him! She screwed him until she was all he could think about!”

There were one or two gasps, but most of the women present just continued to stand still and watch curiously through the show Hannah was putting on. It was clear how she had captivated the hearts of all of these women and made them followers of her gang.

She had a certain panache for the theatrics. I recalled a latent memory of mine that when she was twelve or so she was in the theater, however, she had suddenly dropped it two years ago. That might have been when she joined Primrose.

“That’s not what happened…” Mom started.

“Oh, but Mom, you don’t even know!” Hannah said. “You don’t know just how much your Clyburn had grown up! I know! He’s told me things he’ll never tell you!”

“Hannah!” I couldn’t help but call out.

“Don’t worry, Brother, I won’t tell.” Hannah walked up to me until her lips just brushed my ear and then whispered. “It’ll be our little secret.”

“Hannah… I’m not angry,” Mom spoke up, interrupting Hannah, who was nearly holding me. “I’m just disappointed. I thought you were a better girl than this.”

Hannah rolled her eyes and stepped back. “Sorry to disappoint you, Mother. But if we’re sharing our feelings now, I guess I might as well tell you… you’re a bad Mother.”


“And a whore…”

Mom’s face turned hateful for a moment, her teeth almost approaching a snarl.

“You kept dad all to yourself, even though it was a lie. You forced him to sneak around with women behind your back because you were too proud and selfish to share. You got him killed. You were trying to do the same thing to Clyburn!” Hannah snapped. “You don’t deserve my Clyburn.”

“He’s mine!” Mom took a step forward, causing several of the women to move defensively. “I’ve birthed him and taken care of for his entire life. I love him more than you’ll ever know! What have you done for him?”

“I’ve done everything for him. I brought him away from you!” Hannah snarled. “Look around you? Look at my Primrose! Clyburn had everything he needed. Free from the government interference. He had food. He had shelter. Thirty beautiful women to warm his bed every night… me… I would have shared. I knew from the beginning I could only ever enjoy Clyburn in spurts!”

There was murmuring as Hannah suggested the entire gang was there for my pleasure. It was becoming increasingly difficult to tell where the lies ended and the truth began. Hannah seemingly had changed her stance fluidly several times within the last day. The only thing I knew for certain coming from my sister, was that she clearly wasn’t stable right now. She had been backed into a corner, and now she was letting everything out violently without remorse.

“Hannah… you’re sick…” Mom’s words caused me to clench my fist.

Mom wasn’t wrong, but once again, she didn’t have the right words to say. Hannah was boiling right now. I could possibly have calmed her down. However, Mom was just a cold glass of water. When it was tossed on the oil, the effect was obvious. I couldn’t see how to fix the situation. The one who caused it, Tinya, seemed content to watch the meltdown.

“Mother, what would you do?” Hannah’s voice was low, she wasn’t looking at anything particular, looking somewhat like she was lost in thought.


“What would you do?” Hannah lifted her eyes to me, her expression turning cold, and nodded. “For him.”

“Hannah? I don’t… I don’t know what you’re asking…” Mom cautiously approached, the other women letting her go. “Hannah… let’s just go, okay? Let’s take Clyburn home. Okay?”

Mom spoke those words like she expected Tinya to just back off and let the three of us walk out. It’s possible she was too distraught and distracted to think clearly herself. With Hannah staring blankly in a corner and her voice lowered, Mom seemed to think that Hannah had finally blown off her steam. To Mom, Hannah finally finished rebelling and ended her tantrum, so now things could just go back to the way they started.

However, Mom was naïve in a lot of ways. From thirty-five years of experience, I didn’t become a savant. My life ended a mess, and my second life didn’t seem to be in much of a better condition. One thing I knew though, was that there were some things that you couldn’t go back to. The world changes and people can’t just hit a button and restart all their relationships over again. I had to live with my mistakes, as did my mother and sister. There was no going back, only moving forward from this.

Mom reached out to grab Hannah’s shoulder. A second later Hannah spun her fist slamming it into Mom’s face. The thirty women watching roared to life as my mom stumbled back falling on to a crate which cracked under her. I tried to move forward, but all of the women immediately lined up into a circle like this was a high school fight. Some were even yelling ‘fight’. I was reminded once again that most of these girls were just teenagers. I couldn’t manage to push my way through, thus I could only watch on helplessly.

“The answer is anything… Mother…” Hannah grinned scornfully. “I’d do anything for Clyburn. Even if that means getting rid of you! You’re no longer needed anymore. He’s mine!”

Mom’s face morphed from shock as she touched her bruised chin, to derision, and finally anger. “Hannah! You’re an awful child. I never should have had you!”

Mom immediately sprang back up and lunged at Hannah. Hannah met her face on, and the two women began to slap and hit each other. Mother got Hannah into a headlock and started pulling on her hair. It was absolutely ridiculous; my mother and sister were attacking each other. Years of family angst spilling out in a single moment. It wasn’t the right time, the right place, or the right situation, but I could tell neither of them was thinking clearly.  Hannah was pushed into a corner by Tinya, and Mom was confused and taking out a week of frustration and sleepless nights worrying over me on Hannah.

It was only at this moment that I realized that every eye was focused on Mom and Hannah. Didn’t that mean no one was paying attention to me? In fact, in the entire room, I had the most freedom of movement. I could have fled the building and likely no one would notice. That was ridiculous though, I wouldn’t abandon my mother and sister to whatever Primrose would do. I suspected that whoever won the fight, the Primrose would still toss both women in lock up.

Thus, my eyes wondered for something I could do to end this. If I could pull a fire alarm, that would certainly cause issues. Or, better yet, I could-

My eyes immediately fell a single person standing nearby, only partially hidden in shadows. She was the only person not looking at the fight, but at me. She gestured me over, and I immediately snuck over to her, making sure to stay behind the crowd. As soon as I came in range she grabbed me and pulled me behind a crate.

“Clyburn, you’re in one piece.” Brooke looked me up and down, her face looking slightly relieved.

“What are you doing here? Did you know where this place was or did you follow Mom?”

“A little of both,” Brooke responded quietly. “We were already suspecting this place might be where they were, but we didn’t have proof. Fortunately, I put a tracker on your Mom. The police are outside ready to move, but what the hell is going on?  What is this mess?”

Brooke’s voice was hard to make out over the shouting and screaming. It felt like an extreme fighting match, with spectators yelling for more blood. Except, that blood was coming from two of the people I held the dearest.

“Mom and Hannah, they’ve lost it!”

Brooke nodded thoughtfully as I explained what happened. “I thought this might happen.”

“What? How could you guess my mom would fistfight my sister!”

“I’m sorry, has your Mother ever acted like a rational woman!” Brooke gave me a stare. “Plus… with the baby…”

I shut my lips as I remembered the countless times she’s always acted spontaneous and random. Mom had once mentioned that she had been a bit of a wild girl. That was a complete understatement! She hadn’t grown up at all, she was still wild. So was her daughter for that matter. It’s genetic! Suddenly, my eyes widened as the last part crashed home.

“The baby! She can’t be fighting with-”

Brooke slapped me upside the head. “Stop focusing on stuff you can’t do anything about and focus on what you can do! You wanted to be in on the rescue for your sister. Well, guess what, that’s happening now. Take this!”

Brooke handed me a canister which basically just looked like a spray can with a pull tag.


Brooke nodded. “It’s a gas canister. It’ll fill the room up with smoke. These stupid kids should hopefully panic and run out. Just yell fire or something… and they’ll run right into police custody. They got squad cars at every door. The smoke needs to spread quick or they’re going to guess something is up. On ten, you release it over there, I release it over here.”

“And then?” I asked.

“And then, stay low and hide behind a crate!” Brooke barked. “Ready? Go!”

Her lips began to move in a silent count, and I left the area behind the crate and immediately dashed for the other side of the room. Mom appeared to be on the floor, digging her elbow into Hannah’s back. Hannah was kicking her in the knee and biting her arm. Brooke told me to sit back, but I wouldn’t. A soon as the crowds dispersed, I’d run to break up Hannah and Mom. I didn’t care what happened to me. I’d fix this.

As soon as I said ten in my mind, I took the can and pulled the pin. Smoke immediately began to shoot out. It looked like Brooke had pulled two or three of them while only asking me to pull one. Once again, it was a job she probably just gave me to humor me. My hands tightened into a fist as the smoke rose around me. These didn’t appear to be tear gas cans, so they didn’t sting the eyes. It was possible that tear gas wasn’t a thing in this world. It was also possible that there was magic that could suppress a crowd better than gas, but Brooke used what she had access to.

Once the gas lifted up to my vision, I began to hear cries of confusion. There was a shout of fire, and soon the crowd of women began to move all around me. I couldn’t see anything but ill-defined shapes. My ears were focused on the sounds of the fight. It was my mom and my sister fighting that held my interest the most. Slowly, I started walking through the fog, trying to find the sound of wrestling and grunts of fighting.

“Clyburn!” A face came out from the fog and shoved me, causing me to trip and fall on my ass.

That face was Tinya. Rage and disgust matted her face, and she glared down at me with hostility.

“You did this, I know you did!” Tinya snarled.

“You did this to yourself.” I shot back. “Just give up. You’re all going to jail now.”

“You… bastard!” Tinya shouted, fumbling with her jacket. “I’ll never forgive you, I’ll never…”

I shot to my feet and my hand went up in an uppercut. Not expecting it, she didn’t dodge when my fist struck her chin. Rage was flowing through me now. I saw her trying to pull something from her side, and I knew I wouldn’t let her do it. This woman, Tinya… although Hannah may have been involved in a lot of what happened to me the last week, it was Tinya who kidnapped my mother and incited my sister into fighting. We may have had sex once, but at that moment, when I looked at Tinya, all I could see was red.

“You fucker, you…” Tinya cursed with a bloodied mouth as she swung at me.

I hit her again. This time, the item she was pulling out, a small pistol, fell from her hands and went flying, skidding off in the fog. She threw a punch at me, hitting my shoulder. However, with testosterone flowing through me, and pure anger driving me, I barely even felt it. I shoved Tinya back, causing her to fall down the same way she had pushed me down a moment ago. Her face was bloodied, and I hovered over her, my entire body red and shaking, my face clenched.

I was never an angry man in my previous life, but I had been through hell the last week, and all of that rage came boiling to the surface. Even though Tinya wasn’t necessarily solely at fault, she was the one who had to face my wrath. My helplessness, my frustration, my ineptitude, it all came boiling over. I jumped on top of Tinya, and her expression changed from disgust to fear. I started hitting her. Once, two more times.

“Ghhaa…. I hate you!” My hand stopped before I heard her again.

Her face was bloodied, and she was terrified, but she was still conscious. However, the voice I had heard was no her voice, but Hannah’s. I brought my bloody shaking hands back to me, finally moving to my feet. Tinya stayed down, afraid to get back up again. I turned away and moved over to sounds of fighting.

Hannah was panting, her face flushed. She had somehow gotten a bat in her hand. Mom was lying on the floor. I immediately ran up to Mom, kneeling down next to her. As soon as I touched her, Mom groaned and I let out a sigh of relief. I looked over both women, and I instantly realized that for the length of time the two had been fighting, they were surprisingly devoid of injuries. Hannah had a black eye. Mom had a bite mark. There were scratches and bruises. However, I had left Tinya in far worse shape than either of these women.

Mom wasn’t unconscious. It looked more like she was dizzy and disorientated. Perhaps her pregnancy plus fighting in the smoke caused her to momentarily lose her faculties. As to Hannah, she held the bat as if contemplating hitting Mom, but she didn’t move to do it.

I stood up and snatched the bat away from Hannah, not even giving her another choice. Hannah looked flustered, but when her eyes met mine, a mischievous smile formed on her lips.

“Why… Clyburn… Brother… I-”

My lips took Hannah’s, as I kissed her deeply right there and then. Hannah could do nothing but kiss me back until I was satisfied. When I finally pulled away, she was breathless.

“Don’t ever do that again!” I said in an admonishing tone. “You’re mine, and I won’t have my women fighting! You worried me sick! Do you understand! You were never going to hurt Mom, so stop pretending. Just as you know my secrets… I know yours… so stop hiding how you feel behind your tricks!”

Hannah looked down, her face suddenly turning demure. “Yes… Brother.”

“It’s good you understand,” I said, and as I patted her on the head, tears started to fall down my cheeks.

As we spoke, the smoke was starting to dissipate, and the cops were moving in to handcuff anyone who didn’t escape from the smoke.

“H-how did you know?” Hannah asked pouting as I continued to stroke her head. “That I wouldn’t hurt Mom…”

I smiled wryly. “You avoided her stomach. Every hit you did was to her arms or her head, but you made sure never to touch her abdomen, even if that meant she got you worst.”

“Ah! Th-that…” Hannah looked even more shy, blushing furiously.

Hannah wore a complicated expression as she looked at Mom on the ground. I let Hannah walked over to Mom, looking down like she wanted to help Mom up, but didn’t know how. More police flowed in, and suddenly Brooke broke out of the fog.

“It looks like 25 Primrose are already in custody, and the rest of about to give up.” Brooke wiped her hands before her eyes suddenly shot to my shoulder. “What’s this? A tear? You didn’t stay put, did you!”

“I… uh… did not?” I laughed, scratching my head.

“You…” Brooke glowered at me. “How am I going to have a baby if the baby daddy keeps putting himself at so much risk!”

“Eh? I thought Aiko was going to have the baby.”

“It’s the same thing. It doesn’t matter. Shut up!” Brooke gave a pout, looking away as I chuckled.

“Ah!” Hannah suddenly screamed, causing the room to turn in her direction.

Mom was halfway up to her feet, but she was holding something in her hand. That thing was a pistol. Not just a pistol, it was the same one I had knocked away from Tinya earlier. It must have landed somewhere near Mom. Mom was exhausted and confused. She hadn’t slept in over a week, was several months pregnant, and had recently been drugged. In that state of mind, she didn’t realize the fight was over.

“You wanted to know what I’d do for Clyburn?” Mom shouted. “You’re right. I’d do anything!”

“Mom, no!” I screamed, but there was no way I could move fast enough.

A few policewomen were nearer, including one who held Tinya in cuffs. Mom straightened her back, the intent in her eyes was clear. A second later she pulled the trigger. A small pop resounded through the warehouse. Hannah started to fall to the side.

I ran as fast as I could. Hannah ended up stumbling several feet to the side, ramming into a crate painfully, her eyes holding a bewildered look. The person who fell into my arms wasn’t Hannah at all.

“No… no… no…” I looked down at the bloodied face looked back.

Tinya had shoved Hannah out of the way. She was still handcuffed, but she had managed to save Hannah. The bullet had landed square in the center of her chest. I looked down at the first woman I had seen since I had come to this world. This was the woman who took my virginity and started me on the path leading to now.

“I… love… ha..han…” Tinya’s eyes went slack, the last words she tried to say were obvious, but they never came to the surface.

I slowly put her down on the ground, shaking my head. My hands went and closed her eyelids. My brain was long past the point of exhaustion and common sense. Doing anything that involved conscious thought was proving impossible.

“She… tried to kill me… she tried to kill me…” Hannah was shaking as she looked at Mom, who was still staring with her mouth open. “Hahahaha… you can’t even kill your daughter right! You killed the wrong person! You stupid Mother! Can’t do anything, can’t…”

What little sanity Hannah had left dissipated as she cried and laughed at the same time. Mom looked down at the gun still smoking, and as if deciding to still go through with it she started to raise her hand towards the gloating Hannah. However, two police immediately grabbed her and pulled the gun from her possession before she could finish acting. Mom blinked as if she didn’t really know where she was.

“Hey, what are you doing, you’re putting her in handcuffs?” I raced forward as they shoved Mom over a crate and started cuffing her.

Brooke grabbed my arm. “Stop, Cly… your Mom just killed someone. She needs to go to jail.”

“What? No… she’s my mom, she’s…” The tears fell, but it didn’t make a difference.

I watched as Mom was cuffed into the back of a police car, while Hannah was cuffed and placed in another. She was still laughing at seemingly nothing, not even noticing me. An ambulance came and took Tinya’s body. A detective asked me a series of questions I don’t remember answering. For what it was worth, none of the cops approached me or gave me sexual looks that I recalled. Within a few minutes, the cars left, taking the last of the criminals of Primrose, that including my sister. Like that, I was left standing in front of a vacant warehouse alone.

“Come on, kid, I’ll take you home,” Brooke said quietly, leading me to a hover car that must have been hers.

The drive home was quiet. When we drove up to the mansion, it was dark and empty. I walked into the room with no lights on. Not even the maids were there at the moment. Madison had left days ago.

“Aunt Rose, I gave her a call. She’s at the station seeing what she can do about your Mother,” Brooke still spoke quietly.

I nodded and headed for my room without a word, collapsing on the large and comfy bed I hadn’t seen in a week. Like that, I had lost everything. Hannah, Madison, Morgan… my entire family was gone. I was all that was left of the Bonholdt household. When my wife had cheated on me, I had turned to alcohol and smoking. My life fell apart and within a few years, I died. I had been given a second chance here. This time, it only took a year to fuck it all up. Would I give up and spiral back into depression?


I stood up, my fists tightening as I got ready for battle. I quickly found a phone and a phone book. This world’s communication wasn’t that different from my old world, but my mother still depended on landlines. I looked for numbers and started dialing. I ended up making calls for around three hours before I found the person I needed.

“My name in Clyburn Bonholdt, a man. A few hours ago, my mother was arrested for shooting a woman to protect me. I’d like to cut a deal with you.”

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The World of Women – Chapter 29

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As I sat in the dark, all I could do was worry about Hannah. Was she being released? I didn’t know. I simply had to give my trust that Faeri would follow through with what she said.

The night continued on as I listened for any indication of someone coming to the cells. I heard nothing.

After considering what I had seen so far, I figured out that I was locked up in some sort of abandoned factory. The current cell I was locked in was perhaps where valuable items were locked up during the night.

I couldn’t really understand the specifics. How did manufacturing work in a world with magic? So far, I had yet to see much in the ways of magic. Perhaps Faeri’s voice box was magic? I had no clue. I still didn’t know enough about this world.

Perhaps I never should have given myself to the Primrose. However, if I hadn’t, then Hannah would have been in a worst situation. Perhaps she would have been raped by that Matty woman already. Thus, I didn’t regret my decision. I had done everything I could for Hannah. If she was truly gone, now I simply needed to worry about myself.

With those comforting thoughts, I drifted off to sleep. My dreams were filled with as much frustration and uncertainty as I had when I was awake. Suffice it to say, I had no clue how much time passed by as I slept.

“Brother… Brother… wake up!” I murmured a few times as a visage of Hannah floated in front of me.

I felt hands on my face, and that’s when my eyes shot open the rest of the way. Hannah’s voice wasn’t just coming from another room, Hannah was literally hovering in the bed over me.

“Hannah!” I let out a cry and grabbed the girl into an embrace, causing her to make a surprised noise.

“Brother! Ahhh… not the time!” She turned her cheek as I tried to kiss her.

I gave a pout, and Hannah responded with a guilty look, turning back and giving me a quick peck on the lips.

“I love you, Hannah.” I smiled. “I was so worried…”

“Brother… when you look at me that way my chest feels like it’s going to burst…” Hannah had a slightly pained look. “Please, we need to escape…”

“Escape?” I immediately stopped teasing Hannah, sitting up instantly.

My memories of where we were came crashing home. For a brief moment, just seeing Hannah had caused me to forget. However, now wasn’t the time to play.

My change in attitude caused Hannah to puff out of her cheeks and look at me stubbornly. “Brother is a big meanie for teasing me.”

I reached along the bed and pinched her butt, eliciting another yelp. “Come on, if we’re escaping, let’s escape already. How did you get away?”

Hannah stood while rubbing her butt and still pouting, “I just did. They took me away in a blindfold, but I remembered every turn and came back.”

“You shouldn’t have come back.” I winced.

“I love you, I’ll always come back,” Hannah explained simply, looking away with a blush.

“Then let’s get going…”

Hannah nodded, heading to the cell and looking out both directions before heading the opposite way of the path where we had gone the day before.  I followed after her, keeping low and trying to make my footsteps light. I didn’t know anything about sneaking. I adjusted where my feet landed from my heel, to my toes, to my instep several times, still not satisfied with deciding which direction produced the least sound.

Meanwhile, Hannah moved in front of me, still holding my hand as if she was guiding me naturally. She didn’t slouch or hide. Rather, she moved with confidence as if she had memorized the route. Well, she came in through this route and didn’t run into anyone, so it should be safe, right? It’d still be nice if my sister showed a little more caution. The expression on her face wasn’t that of a woman who was raped yesterday, and now she was trying desperately to escape with her brother. Rather, she seemed oddly casual, as if this was just a stroll through the park.

I couldn’t decide if her behavior made me more worried or less. All I could do was hold onto my sister, keep a lookout, and follow as quietly as possible. I could hear my own heart thrumming in my ears. For some reason, I felt nauseous too. I had been captured for nearly a week in the Primrose, yet I felt more nervous trying to escape than I did living there.

I was so focused on my own thoughts that I walked out ahead of Hannah before realizing she had stopped. I immediately froze when my eyes landed on Faeri standing in front of me with two other guards. Or would calling her Tinya be a better word? She wasn’t wearing the mask right now. Instead, she held a very displeased look on her face as she glared at Hannah and me.

The girls she brought with her looked tough, and one of them was holding a bat while the other looked to have a pair of brass knuckles on. Either way, I didn’t think I could take the girls. I might be a little stronger than a girl my same age, but I hardly had the body to make up for girls three or four years older than me, let alone with weapons.

Just when I thought Hannah might have to lead me there deliberately, I saw the frustrated expression on her face.

“What are you doing here?” Hannah demanded angrily.

She tried to push forward, but I instantly protected her with my body. If the women started punching, I’d take the brunt of it. Hannah had come back for me. Now, we were both trapped again. I had wished Hannah had just left without me. I’d deal with the crazy Faeri on my own.

“I was waiting to see what you’d do… it was… him… after all.” Tinya’s voice sounded sad like she had hoped Hannah had done something different.

Hannah grabbed onto my arm, hugging me. “Just leave us alone! We’re done!”

“You may be done with Primrose, but we’re not done with you.” Tinya sneered.

“Tinya, look, we can work this out…” I held up my hand, trying to use the goodwill I thought I’d built over the last week as her fuck buddy.

“Shut up! You… you… man!” Tinya’s eyes flashed with hatred.

“Stop it…” Hannah shook her head, her body shaking in agitation.

“You’re going back into your cage!” Tinya moved her hand from me and then pointed at Hannah. “You’re going back to where you belong.”

“Stop it!”

“Don’t let him come between us!” Tinya shouted, agitated by Hannah’s demeanor. “You’ve had your fun with him. We gave you a week to play, now come back to us. Come back to me.”

“Shut up!” Hannah screamed, putting her hands over her ears.

“I love you! I love you more than he ever will!” Tinya insisted.

“Huh?” at this point, I took a step away, looking between Tinya and my sister, who was shaking her head, her eyes seeming to lose some cohesion.

What was going on? Tinya was in love with Hannah? What? Tinya had been sleeping with me for the last week. Tinya was jealous because my love for Hannah was greater than my love for her. I didn’t understand what they were talking about now. Did I miss something?

“See… don’t you see I love-”

“Fuck you!” Hannah screeched. “You’re ruining everything!”

Tinya’s lip peeled back into a snarl. “You’re the one trying to throw it all away… for this… man.”

“I don’t understand.” I shook my head, my mind trying to work through this sudden change, “What does Hannah have to do with you?”

“See? This idiot doesn’t even know. He doesn’t know who you are,” Tinya snapped, looking at Hannah desperately.

“Know…” My eyes focused on Hannah as everything clicked into place.

My hand moved without thought. I reached out towards Hannah, who had her head lowered as if she had been frozen by Tinya’s accusations. She didn’t react as my hand grabbed the collar of her shirt and pulled. Right there, on her neck, was a yellow bruise with teeth marks. It was a familiar bite.

“Faeri…” The words came out in a whisper.

Hannah slapped my hands away. Her lips slowly curling upwards. She peeled back her head and laughed, her arms falling to her side. It was a familiar laugh, although it was clearer now without the voice modulator.

“It’s a joke… a joke. I was just playing a joke. I’m your Faeri, Tinya, I’ve always been,” Hannah responded darkly before turning to me. “Hahahaha… Brother, you’re so stupid, not knowing it was me!”

“I had my suspicions.” I shook my head in disbelief. “You acted differently. Looked different. You didn’t bleed when we… of course you wouldn’t because I’d already taken your virginity a week ago!”

Hannah nodded, jumping up and kissing me on the nose before I could react and then moving over to Tinya. “And Brother was so rough too. You didn’t give your big sister any mercy! You just took me and fucked me like an animal!”

“Hannah…” my mouth grimaced, and I just could not figure out how to respond.

My mind felt numb with shock, and this sudden development was too much to stomach. In a lot of ways, it seemed so obvious now that I thought about it. Hannah kept things dark so I didn’t notice the differences between the two women, but she was Faeri every time she came in and fucked me. The cell across from mine? Who knows, it probably had another entrance in it. She’d just pull off her mask, tie her hair up, and then pretend to be Hannah. As to Tinya’s role in this, she was probably some second in command, and possibly Hannah’s lover. It was so obvious, but I found myself unable to put the pieces together until they were shoved in my face.

“Don’t look at me that way, Brother.” Hannah pulled the familiar mask out from a pocket behind her and put it on. “It’s just business. We needed a cum dispenser and you just happened to be dumb enough to walk right into my little trap.”

Her words hurt, but they would have hurt a lot more had I truly been a fourteen-year-old boy. I might have been too flustered and hurt by her words to truly think if I didn’t have my other memories. I wouldn’t have seen how flustered she was. I wouldn’t have recalled how she was just helping me try to escape. Her behavior now was because she hit a dead end. She was both figuratively and literally hiding behind a mask. She switched sides and now was trying to distance herself from me because she felt like she had no other choice. I wouldn’t stand for it.

“Hannah… I told you before. You’re mine. I’m not giving up on your so easily,” I said.

Hannah straightened for a second, but then laughed again. “Hahaha… Brother, you don’t get it. I played you. I’ve been Faeri for a long time. I’ve been plotting to get you out of the house for over a year now. This was my plan, all of it! I even picked up Tinya after Mom discarded her. Why else would you think I recruited my sweet Tinya?”

Faeri, my sister, ran her hand through Tinya’s hair like she was petting an animal. Tinya closed her eyes and had a pleased look on her face like she enjoyed the affection.

“You saved her because I fucked her,” I growled, causing Tinya to shoot me a hateful glare. “She took my virginity, so you wanted to possess it.”

“Hahahahaha… you’re so funny, Brother!” Faeri’s hand tightened and pulled Tinya’s hair before she turned away. “Aren’t you being really conceded?”

“I don’t believe it. Last night…”

“An act… I was just playing with your emotions…” Faeri’s eyes flashed for a second. “Don’t you get it, Brother? I never… never l-loved you…”

“I don’t believe you.” I narrowed my eyes, looking darkly at the girl who hid her expressions behind a mask.

“Well, it’s not like we believe her either,” Tinya sighed, turning an eye to Faeri.

“What?” Faeri spun towards the woman with a surprised glance.

“We all saw you last night…”

“It was a joke, I was just putting on a show!” Faeri insisted, glancing at the other two women who didn’t show her any support.

Tinya shook her head sadly. “You requested to step down as the Faeri. You wanted to leave Primrose.”

“We had an agreement!” Faeri shouted. “You become the next Faeri and I leave! This would have gone perfectly, you traitor!”

Realizing her rouse was crumbling, Hannah turned hostile towards Tinya once again. She didn’t show any love or affection for Tinya that she showed for me. Whatever they had, it looked to me like it was one-sided.

“The Primrose are nothing without their Faeri, and you tried to leave us. We won’t allow it.”

“Bitches! All of you!” Faeri shouted, backing away.

As they spoke, the nearby boxes were pushed aside and more and more Primrose came out. This was a complete ambush, or perhaps an intervention. All of the girls were looking at Faeri like she owed them something. In a few short seconds, the small warehouse was filled, and Hannah had nowhere to run.

“Don’t make this harder than it needs to be…” Tinya said, sadness cupping her facial features.

“You think I’ll just play nicely now? You think your Faeri will keep you going?” Faeri cursed. “You were nothing without me! You’re nothing! You’re-”

As Faeri shouted, Matty walked up behind her. With a single strike on the head, Faeri was cut off mid-sentence. As she collapsed in Matty’s arm, Matty pulled off her mask and tossed it to Tinya.

I glared up at Tinya, who was standing their hesitantly while holding on to the mask.

“Is this what it was all about? Being in charge?”

Tinya’s lips twisted. “You wouldn’t understand, you’re just a man.”

I frowned slightly. “What’s to not understand? Your brother was an asshole. You grew desperate and tried to rape me. Mom kicked you out, and Hannah was the only thing you could cling on to. Of course, now that you learned your time with Hannah was a lie, you’re upset.”

“Upset?” Tinya shot me a hateful look. “You and your Mom took everything from me! You destroyed my life. You threw me on the street. Now you want to take my Hannah.”

“You ruined your own life,” I shot back, “You know, my mom planned to have you be my first lover. I was going to give you a baby. When you turned on the family, she was hurt.”

Tinya took a step back. “Lies… your Mother just wanted you to herself.”

I shrugged, crouching down and touching Hannah lying unconscious on the floor. “Believe what you want, but if you had come back, I would have taken you in. I never forgot about us.”

“Us… there is no us…” Tinya gave a look of disgust. “There is only Hannah and me!”

“Tinya, it’s not too late…”

Tinya bared her teeth angrily. “I told you once before. Tinya is dead. I am the new Faeri. Hannah gave up that right yesterday. You’re now my prisoner, and so is she!”

“You don’t have to do this…” I stood up, taking a step toward her.

“You…” she stepped back and put on the mask. “You’re just like the rest. You’re a man!”

A few of the women nodded, like simply saying that was enough to explain herself. Clyburn couldn’t keep the irritation from flashing across his face.

“Hannah isn’t yours. She never will be.”

Tinya’s eyes, now outlined by Faeri’s mask, darkened. “You’ll pay for taking everything from me… you, and your Mother.”

She nodded and a bunch of girls grabbed me. I didn’t even try to fight back. I only felt sad that I couldn’t save her. The girls grabbed Hannah and dragged her along with me. We didn’t return to the cell, but rather the familiar room I had started out in. They chained me back to the pipe, and then chained the still unconscious Hannah to another pipe.

The light flickered off, and the pair of us were in the cold. I wanted to move over to Hannah, but the chains didn’t allow me to get any closer. Instead, I could only watch her unconscious form. I shook my head and sighed.

We sat in the dark for several hours. I laid with my head against the wall. I’d like to say I was coming up with ways to escape, but I mostly felt numb and confused.

When did Hannah join this gang? It must have been around the same time she was molested by a lipstick lesbian. Was being molested what got her into the gang or was it part of her play? I didn’t know. Either way, the Hannah I thought I knew was gone.

“You… must hate me.”

My eyes snapped open as I heard Hannah’s voice. She was still lying in the same position she was left by the Primrose, but her eyes were opened now. I had no clue how long she had been awake.

“You’re my sister,” I responded simply.

“I… betrayed you,” she spoke hesitantly. “I led a double life and then as soon as I got the opportunity, I imprisoned you here.”

“… I know…” I said, not knowing how to respond.

“I wanted to take you away from Mom,” Hannah sighed. “Away from Madison too. I just wanted you all to myself.”

“That’s impossible.” I grimaced. “Not in this world.”

We sat in silence for a few moments before Hannah continued. “In your other world, did you have a sister?”

I had already guessed I had been misunderstanding what Hannah said before when she said she came from another world. She might have been talking about the fact she was wearing a mask. Or perhaps just being in a gang in general. I had told my little sister something I never should have told her. No, worse, I had told a complete stranger a secret I never should have spoken. I was so desperate to find someone like me, I had ended up hearing what I wanted to hear.

I gave a wry chuckle. “Why, you jealous?”

“Maybe… if you slept with her…”

I broke into a cough. “Ah… ahem… actually, in my world, men are plentiful. Sleeping with your sister would be completely inappropriate. Even half-sisters and adopted sisters would be taboo.”

“… oh…” Hannah responded simply.

“No… in both my lives, you’re my only sister…” I paused for a second. “I’m sorry… for everything.”

Hannah raised her head. “Why are you sorry?”

I gave a wry smile. “You had an entire hidden life. You kidnapped me and you committed crimes just to get back at this world that focuses on men. To get back at me…”

“Ah!” Hannah held out a hand, but after a moment realized she couldn’t argue that point.

“Well, for the last year I’ve hidden my real self. I threw myself at Mom, you, and Madison just to alleviate my frustration and isolation. This world is frustrating for both sexes. The men who are handed everything but treated like objects, and the women who must work tooth and nail for the chance to have a baby.”

“Then let’s change it.” Hannah’s voice reverberated in the dark room with a surprising amount of strength.


“We escape… we run away…”

“I’m not going to do that!” I grimaced. “I’m not going to leave Mom…”

“Mom? Mom again…” Hannah said that like a curse. “That woman is always in the way.”

The hatred in Hannah’s voice wasn’t any lighter now. I hesitated for a moment. I had to fix things between mother and daughter. There was no way to move forward without that.

“Hannah, I…”

The door opened, interrupting the pair of us. Tinya, still wearing the mask, glared at us.

“Get them.”

A couple of girls moved into the room and surrounded the both of us. Hannah tried to struggle for a moment, but when it was clear they wouldn’t yield, she sighed and let them lead her with me right behind. The pair of us were unchained and moved out into the room with two women on either side of each of us. We ended up where Hannah and I had been forced to perform her exiting ceremony, although the bed had been removed.

It made more sense to me now than it did the previous night. Hannah must have decided to let me go after our conversation. She wanted to step down as Faeri, which seemed to be less an actual person and more a name for whoever the group leader was. Leaving the group required being sexed out… a process similar to what was necessary for some girls to join gangs in my old world. She probably made some kind of deal with Tinya where I became her sex out partner and then she’d sneak out with me while Tinya took over the Primrose. What Hannah didn’t realize was how furious Tinya would be over the thought of Hannah leaving.

“Tinya, quit this already,” I sighed, trying to end the situation. “Let us go and I’ll give you some semen. It doesn’t have to-”

“You think this is about semen?” Tinya sneered, spinning around as we were brought to a stop. “Half the girls in Primrose are lipsticks. Hannah never resented men like the rest of us. She never truly spoke for the Primrose. Her plans for you were never our plans for you! This goes beyond what I feel for her. A lot of the girls have been unhappy with Hannah using us so she can play at being a house wife.”

Hannah frowned as Tinya spoke. Many of the Primrose, who were now standing around us, nodded or made noises of affirmation. Naturally, when Hannah was in charge, no one argued with her. Hearing about their discontent now made her feel a bit affronted. As soon as she gave up the mask, she lost all of their respect and admiration.

“If this isn’t about semen, what is it about?” I demanded.

Tinya, the new Faeri, made a malicious grin. A second later she snapped her fingers. A woman was dragged into the room. They struggled slightly, but they seemed to stumble a bit. There was a bag over their head. As soon as I saw them, something about their body caused my heart to rise to my throat.

Tinya let out a laugh. “I finally realized the perfect way to satisfy my anger and save the Primrose.

She grabbed the bag and pulled it off, revealing the person underneath. That person was none other than our Mother, Morgan!

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The World of Women – Chapter 28

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“I kept a pair of your underwear, you know?” I suddenly said.

“Eh? Wh-what!?” Faeri moved in a cute flustered way.

It was a few days later, and the rescue hadn’t come. Faeri had stopped by again for sex. Every day she’d come. This time she rode on top of me on the mattress.  I suspected one of the only reasons I had been given a mattress was so that Faeri didn’t do it on the floor anymore. Like every other time, Faeri had turned out the lights. Given how lewd she was, I was a little surprised that she was so shy. However, I knew girls in the past who’d only get naked in the dark. Faeri just happened to be one.

Our first time could be called an anomaly. We had both been clothed and it was done in her desperation and my confusion. That was the old Tinya. Faeri, on the other hand, was a mischievous and cute girl. I never forgot that she had put us in this situation, but for some reason, I felt comfortable lying next to her naked. Strangely, the fact that Hannah was nearby started to be more of a comfort than a distress. Of course, she listened in on our fornication, but she remained quiet while we did stuff and wouldn’t admit to me if she touched herself again.

“The first time we had sex, Tin, in the mansion… you left your panties behind. I kept them.”

“What? Oh… she’s dead. Just call me Faeri,” Faeri turned her head and looked pouty, after a moment adding. “You shouldn’t do things like that.”

“Oh? And why not? They’re proof that I took you, and you’re mine.”

“Ah!” Faeri grew even more flustered when I grabbed her and kissed her again.

Her hickey on her shoulder was only now starting to turn purple. It was still a big ugly bruise. When I finally lied back after squeezing her for a bit and making her even more flustered, my expression turned serious.

“What did you mean when you said you came from another world?” I asked seriously, my voice lower so Hannah couldn’t hear.

Faeri looked at me for a moment before turning away, speaking just as quietly. “It’s a secret…”

I got up on my knees, looking over Faeri as she tried to avoid my looks, “A world where men and women are born equally?”

Faeri shot me a look, her eyes widening in surprise. I immediately laughed in relief.

“I knew it! You’re from another world, like me…” I sighed, pulling my head back. “It was the day we had sex… a bit over a year ago. That’s when my memory came back, my memories of home. Of a world completely different than this one. A world without demon lords, where men and women were equal. I didn’t ever think I’d find someone like me.”

“You’re… from another world…” Faeri’s words came out slowly, “Like me?”

I nodded excitedly. “I’ve felt so alone since I’ve been here. Mom… um… Morgan… she keeps me stuck in the Mansion all day. Every day, all day… it’s all I see. Maybe if I had grown up that way I’d be used to it, but for someone from another world it’s like a cage, you know? It’s probably some of the reason I started a sexual relationship with her… I just… I had nothing, right?”

Faeri reached and grabbed my arm, squeezing it for a second. Her eyes growing teary with complex emotions. Her entire body was shaking. I didn’t know if it was from shock or excitement.

“I… didn’t know… if I knew…” Faeri shook her head as her mind was muddled.

“You don’t need to apologize,” I turned away. “I understand why you did what you did. This world must be maddening. You know, guys from my world fantasize about this kind of thing. Women everywhere. It’s the dream… but I hate it here. I hate the way women look at me. I hate the way people use me. I hate how freaking broken this world is. This place is a prison. I guess that’s why I’m so calm given the situation. I traded one prison for another. The other world wasn’t much better, but it was still better than this.”

“This…is a prison?” Faeri suddenly sat up, looking away from me.

“Yeah, what did you think this was? Did you think I’d be happy in your cell? Did you think I’d be happy without my family?”

“Mo-morgan?” Faeri asked, her voice cold.

“Hannah too…”

Faeri’s eyes flashed, turning to the door.

“B-but… us… the love…”

Faeri’s expression was strangely hurt. I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. She was truly a crazy woman.

“What? Did you think just hearing my sister’s voice is enough? Every day you come here, that Hannah has to hear us… it hurts me.” My face turned incredulous as I stared at Faeri. “How could you think what we have… is anything…”

Faeri silently stood and started redressing. I watched her wonderingly as she seemed to not be meeting my eyes. Nothing I said should have been a surprise to her. Should I have just lied? Maybe that was it. Faeri surrounded herself in lies. Her brother had rejected her, so now she sought to make me her new brother. She just pretended I wasn’t locked in a cell. She pretended she wasn’t keeping my sister hostage. All of this was just to convince herself that she was loved. It was pitiful, but I couldn’t bring myself to back off on what I said.

“Faeri?” I asked, feeling my heart beat strangely.

Faeri didn’t answer as she finished getting dressed. However, when she reached the door, she stopped and looked back.

“You’re not alone… anymore. I… I’ll… free you from this prison. I’m… I’ll fix this…”

I frowned as she opened the door and walked off. I could hear her footsteps resound down the hallway. That was a weird comment. I didn’t really understand what she meant. The light turned back on and I blinked a few times to the new light.

“Brother, catch!” Hannah’s face was red, turning away from her door instantly as she hid back under her blanket.

I panicked and immediately stuck out my arms, barely catching the thing that my sister had suddenly thrown at me from across the hall. Was it some way to escape? Had she worked something out? I quickly brought the thing into the cell with me. It was some kind of cloth. Was it a map?

I unfolded it and looked to see a thin pink thing in my hands with a little bow on the front. They were, without any question of a doubt, Hannah’s panties.

“Ha-Hannah?” I called out, looking at the girl across the hallway.

“I-I haven’t been able to change underwear in four days. Th-they’re a bit ripe. I-is that preferable for Brother?”


Hannah had thrown me her panties. No, she had thrown me her only panties. That meant that Hannah… absolutely wasn’t wearing panties right now! I carefully folded the panties and put them in my pocket. What? If I tried to throw them back, there was a chance I’d miss and then no one would have panties. Since that was my concern, naturally I would hold on to them until I could hand them back in person. There was nothing perverted about this at all!

Rather, I went back to sit down on the bed. Time passed by slowly. The food still came as usual, but after 24 hours, Faeri hadn’t returned. I was starting to grow impatient. Hannah has said practically nothing. She just remained hidden in her blankets, and only occasionally answered me when I called for her.

It was starting to grow dark on our sixth night when the door to my cell suddenly opened. I was just starting to drift off to sleep when I was suddenly jarred awake. It wasn’t just because Faeri had shown up, but because she wasn’t the only one. There were about six other girls as well. They didn’t wear masks like Faeri, so I could see their faces. At least half of them looked to be black or Latino. All of the girls looked like rough women, although they ranged from pretty to smoking hot. Interestingly enough, there were no ugly girls present.

“What? What’s going on?” I asked.

Faeri moved up to me. “Come along, Clyburn. It’s time for the test I promised you.”

“Test?” I went through my brain, trying to think of what Faeri meant.

Finally, I remembered she had mentioned a test on what I’d do for Hannah. Hadn’t she already been testing me? Over the last week, she had fucked me in Hannah’s presence nearly every day. I can’t imagine any test more brutal than that. However, my relationship with Hannah was still strong. Maybe, they were going to make it worst.

“Brother!” Hannah grabbed my arm as the pair of us were pulled out of the cells and marched down the hall next to each other.

“It’s okay, Hannah.” I tried to reassure her, even though I had no clue what was happening either.

I tried to relate what I had said to Faeri about being from another world to what was happening now, and nothing came to mind. I was completely lost as to what Faeri wanted.

We ended up being escorted into a large warehouse-like room. There were at least thirty women present. It was noisy, like an arena. They were all watching the pair of us escorted out. It was like one of those movies where the gang members are holding a meeting right before the hero jumps in and fights the boss. It immediately made my skin crawl.

“Faeri… what’s going on?” I demanded.

“I said, a test.”

“What do I get if I pass?” I asked.

She gave me a dark smile before turning away. She walked up on a small stage which held a fold-out chair and then sat on it. Meanwhile, many of the other girls were crying out. Most of what they shouted was unintelligible, but a few things were quite obscene.

“Give it to her!”

“Crunch that pussy!”

“Ahhh… brother!” My eyes shot to my sister, who was being pulled away by three women.

I immediately moved to follow her, but someone kicked me in the back of the knee, causing me to fall onto the concrete hard. I tried to stand up, but I felt three women push down on me, keeping me from moving. For not the first time, I found myself wishing I had worked out more. Women in this world were not particularly stronger than women in my previous world. It was my own lack of initiative that kept me from making use of my testosterone and growing some muscles.

Thus, I could only watch on helpless as my sister was dragged over to a bed. She was immediately tied to the bed, her arm and her feet to each of the bedposts until she was straddled across the bed. My heart began to sink as I got a bad feeling about this.

“Fuck her! Fuck her!” Several of the women were crying out.

A moment later, a guy stepped into view from someplace deeper in the warehouse. My eyes widened at the first man I had ever seen. He was a big muscular guy who was twice my size. He had short blond hair and a chiseled face.

“No… no!” The blood drained from my face as I saw this monster approaching my sister.

In a burst of adrenaline, I lunged forward, pulling from the three women’s grips. I turned and kicked one of the women, before lunging forward. Faeri rose in her chair, her eyes surprised as I fell forward. However, I only made it about five feet before five more women piled on top of me and forced me back to my knees. At this point, the muscular man had made it to the bed.

“Faeri!” I shouted, as Faeri looked away and ignored me. “Don’t do this! I’ll never forgive you!”

“Fuck her! Fuck her!” The women shouted.

The man ripped off his pants. The women started shouting in a roar. That’s when I noticed something off about this man. That was, he was wearing a strap-on. I had to look two more times to realize that where a dick was supposed to be was a vagina. This wasn’t a man, but a very butch woman! This did not make me feel any better though, as she still planned to fuck my sister!

“No! No… please no! Save me, Clyburn!” Hannah started to panic with tears coming from her eyes as the muscular woman approached her.

She wore a cruel look in her eyes, and she held the dildo cock in her hand as if she had grown accustomed to it. The thing wasn’t any bigger than my own, but it looked a tad small in this big woman’s hands. I once again tried to fight, but I could feel my shoulder tearing, and instead of escaping, I was rewarded only with pain. Either way, I shouted over and over again.

“Stop! Stop, you fuckers! Don’t touch my sister!”

Just as the muscular woman put her knee on the bed, Faeri raised her hand. The screaming suddenly stopped as if it had all been rehearsed. My voice was hoarse, and I couldn’t bring myself to shout again as the warehouse of nearly thirty women went dead quiet.

“Today… we have with us a woman…”

“Booo!” Several women started shouting.

“Fucking trash!” Another added.

“A woman… who has broken the covenants of Primrose!”



I frowned over this farce of a trial. What covenants has Hannah broken? She’s not apart of Faeri’s stupid gang. This whole thing was another excuse for Faeri to screw with me some more.

“Therefore…” Faeri held up her hand. “The punishment… is Violation!”

“Whooo, fuck her!”

“Tear her open, Matty!”

“Ladies… ladies… the rules are the rules. A violator must be violated, must be exposed for the whore she is… in front of the entire gang! However, the rules don’t state who the violator must be.”

These words caused some confusion among the ranks, some murmuring in the background.

Faeri continued. “Matty is a great violator, having torn open many traitors. However, on this particular occasion, we have a man present. A man, as it turns out, that is her own brother!”

The murmuring grew louder.

“I propose that he deal out the punishment. Let all of us see what this… man… has to offer us.”

A few girls seemed to be confused, others nodding with grins, and a few outright angry. I was suddenly dragged to my feet and shoved forward, stumbling several steps toward the bed before I got my feet under me. I immediately shot a glare at Faeri.

“What the hell is your game, Faeri?”

Faeri gave a slight shrug. “It’s simple? Fuck your virgin sister, right here, in front of all of us… or Matty with do it for you.”

Matty grinned, turning and bouncing her fake cock in her hands. She really had no breasts of any kind, and truly tried to look like a man. She was a transsexual or I’d eat my hat. I glanced down at my sister, who was crying and still trying to pull on the restraints that held her.

“Hannah…” I sighed.

Hannah blushed and turned her head. “It’s… okay… if it’s brother. I… won’t mind it!”

I nodded to Hannah and looked back at Faeri. “If I do this…”

Faeri waved her hand. “Yes, yes… this is the exit ceremony for all Primrose. Although Hannah’s situation is… unique… the girls will release her once she follows the code. As for you… don’t hold your breath.”

I nodded in acceptance. Perhaps this truly was the best Faeri could do for me. If I slept with Hannah, then I could get Hannah away. They might end up moving me immediately after or something, but at least Hannah would be safe. I’m sure my family would keep looking for me. Even if they couldn’t find me, none of the women here were ugly. I didn’t hate having sex with Faeri. It’s just one prison for another. At least the perks of this prison weren’t undesirable as long as I didn’t have to satisfy Matty.

“Hannah…” I said, walking up to the bed.

There were over two dozen other women watching us, which made this whole thing really awkward. Sex usually came so naturally, but as I stared down at my tied up sister, I didn’t even know where to start.

“Brother… it’s okay, Brother…” Hannah said, although her lip seemed to be quivering with a strange excitement that didn’t fit the situation.

I supposed even Hannah had been waiting for this moment. After all, she fled the house and ended up in this situation exactly because she was angry that I hadn’t pursued her harder. It’s almost like the world was aiming to have me fuck my sister. Not fucking her got her kidnapped, and the only way to free her was with sex. Isn’t that something like fate?

I unbuckled my pants, pulling them and my underwear completely off. I had sex with mom a few times completely naked, but most of the time I usually stayed clothed and only undid my belt and pulled out my cock. I hadn’t had sex with Faeri even once naked, although she always stripped down to nothing but her stockings. My shirt soon followed until I was standing naked in front of a gang of women.

The women all seemed to look at me wide-eyed. Many of them may have never seen a naked man before. Well, I wasn’t exactly a complete man yet. I was pale and scrawny. I had pubic hair, but not much hair anywhere else. Other than my lack of boobs and my penis, there wasn’t anything about my body that stood out as particularly masculine. However, boy did every eye follow my dick. It was erect, and I was glad to see it wasn’t cold in here.

“It’s big…” I heard one girl gulp.

Words like that expanded my ego along with my cock. I turned to my dear Hannah and kneeled on to the bed, getting between her tied up legs. As to why I got completely naked, perhaps I just wanted to take the attention off of Hannah. Hannah was being sexed as some kind of hazing, but the fewer people who looked at her, the better. With me naked, not a single spectator would even acknowledge the girl under me. Another reason was simply as I bent over, my ass was bent in those girl’s directions. In effect, I was mooning all the women. I took my victories where I could get them.

I kept crawling up the bed until my body was completely over Hannah. I wanted to cover her body with my own. A small part of me didn’t want her to see the lower half as I skewered her with my penis. Rather, I wanted Hannah to look in my eyes and know that I loved her. Once settling myself over Hannah, she looked up at me with an indistinguishable smile on her face, her eyes not at all holding the fear or embarrassment of being raped in front of a dozen women. Her eyes seemed to only be on me.

“I’m going in…” I said, not sure what else to do.

I was already moving as slowly as I could, but there appeared to be no one ready to jump in and rescue us. There were no last-minute interruptions. Nothing to change the course of these events. My sister would lose her virginity to me at this moment.

Hannah gave me a reassuring smile, hugging my body. However, she didn’t close her eyes. Rather, her beautiful hazel eyes look directly into mine. I pushed my hips forward, and my dick pushed into her. The feeling of her pussy parting came almost naturally. Hannah’s face twitched, but she kept her eyes on me even as her mouth fell open in a gasp. I instinctively hugged Hannah tighter. I was inside her now, but it didn’t take as much effort as it had with Madison. It was almost like her pussy was waiting to open up for me. Hannah herself even smiled as it slid inside her.

All my fear, my worry, my hangups, looking into my innocent sister under me, who so openly accepted me without any resistance, all of my negative feelings began to dissipate. I tightened my grip on my smiling Hannah. Her body felt so nice. She was warm and soft, even though her flimsy clothing, I could feel the softness of her skin. My lips took her lips, and the two of us kissed passionately while she hugged me and I hugged her back.

My hips started to move, and so did hers. We moved together like one person, enjoying the feel of our parts intertwined. While my penis sat deep inside her, my tongue ravaged her mouth. My hands held her tightly, pressing her soft boobs against my chest tightly.

My lips broke from Hannah’s for a moment and whispered softly in her ear. “I love you, my Hannah.”

“Mmm…” Hannah closed her eyes for a moment as if she was savoring what I said.

Her lips were red and wet with saliva. I couldn’t help but take them again. I held her tighter and tighter. Reaching out, I undid the restraints that held her arms to the posts. Noone behind me seemed to be making a noise. In truth, I had all but forgotten they were even there. My mind began to focus on my sister, and she became everything in my world.

Once her hands were free, Hannah grabbed my shoulders and tugged me tightly. We had been kept apart for nearly a week, and all of that loneliness and segregation had built until I realized I couldn’t get enough of my sister. The feel of her body pressed against mine was hypnotic. The light moving of her hips was subtle but added to each thrust inside. Her tongue danced and twirled against mine like a ballet. It was at this moment I came to the realization that I loved Hannah just as much as Madison.

Perhaps it was part of my old-world mentality, but I had tried to keep the two girls on different terms. Ever since I had learned Madison wasn’t my full sister, I had tried to see her as a girl to pursue while my sister as a child to spoil. Only now, with Hannah under me writhing, with her gentle moaning, her rapid heartbeats, and her soft breathing… did I realize that there was no difference. I loved Madison, but I loved Hannah too. I loved both of my sisters, but not simply as sisters. I loved them completely. These girls were my everything, and I didn’t want to lose either one of them.

Tears started falling from my cheeks. I pulled away, suddenly embarrassed and not wanting to drop tears on my sister’s face. She reached out and grabbed my cheeks, pulling my face back to her. It was then that I realized that she was silently crying too.

“Hannah…” I moaned.

“I love you, brother… I love you so much!” Our lips found each other again, refusing to let go as we enjoyed each other’s bodies more and more.

“I-is this… gulp… what it’s like between a man and woman?” a girl whispered to the other girls nearby.

We were lost in our own little world, but we weren’t the only ones in the room. Vaguely, I was aware that there were thirty other women looking at us. Our bodies never parted for a second, our hands roaming each other’s body like each touch was a gift. We kissed hard until our lips heard and we had to separate gasping for breath. While I thrust into her, there were no large movements. Our hips never parted. It was like we were blended as one.

“This… isn’t what I expected.” Another girl was twisting her legs, suddenly feeling really weird down there.

Most of these women had watched one or more exit ceremonies. A woman would scream and struggle while Matty exposed her pussy and pounded her. It was hot, wet, and violent… and these girls wouldn’t even bat an eyelash at it. However, every woman was now blushing and fidgeting uncomfortably. The scene in front of them was far more intense than they had ever imagined. Every single girl was asking herself if this was what sex was like when a man was involved, even the lesbians!

“This is… making love?” One girl suggested, suddenly blushing and covering her face. “Aiii… I’m embarrassed.”

“I-if… we have him, can we do this too?” One girl asked.

“Don’t get too excited, it’s just because they really love each other… ah…” One of the girls looks away. “We’re separating a loving couple like this. Won’t the gods punish us?”

While the other girls fell into bouts of fancy, Faeri watched the scene in front of her while her hand tightened more and more on the arm of her chair. Where most of the other girls looked enamored or flushed, behind Faeri’s mask was an irate expression. Worst, I was barely aware of it as I enjoyed my sister to my own delight.

Just when she was about to stand up, a big person suddenly stood in front of her. A moment later, a large phallus strap on was dropped on her lap. Faeri looked up with a glare which became lost when it fell on the muscular form in front of her.


Matty looked away awkwardly, a strangely feminine blush on her cheeks with subtle tears running down her face. “I don’t think I can do any more exiting ceremonies. This… I realize now what I did was some bastardization of what sex truly is.”

Faeri’s mouth fell open as the giant woman walked away, tears falling down her eyes as she fell into an existential crisis. The violator Matty was actually the most emotionally moved woman there!

“I love you, Hannah!”

“Mmm! I love you, Clyburn. Cum in me, brother!” Hannah cried.

By the time Faeri looked back, I was already cumming inside my cute little Hannah. I held her tightly as my warm stuff shot into her. I didn’t really mind cumming in my sister. If I got her pregnant, I wouldn’t regret it a single bit. Hannah was my woman now, and I wouldn’t let her go any more than mom or Madison.

As I pulled out of Hannah, I raised her skirt and looked at the damage. Her cute little flower of a pussy was gaping a bit from my dick, and just a bit of white stuff was leaking out. To my surprise, there was no blood. Hannah immediately leaped forward and covered herself while blushing.

“Don’t look! St-stupid brother!” While Hannah didn’t seem to mind being fucked in front of thirty strange women, apparently having me look at her naked body in the light hit her limit.

I gave a wry smile and kissed Hannah on the nose affectionately. Of course, Hannah was a masturbator. She was the kind of girl I bet had used toys. Naturally, hymens get broken before sex all the time. Not every woman bleeds, so I didn’t think anything of it. That only men that this experience was as enjoyable for Hannah as it was for me.

I finished untying my sister, not realizing I had a dumb smile on my face I couldn’t remove. In fact, Hannah was smiling too, to the point it almost looked like she was glowing. It was only when we turned to get off the bed that we realized where we were again, and our smiles faltered.

Thirty women were staring at us, however, their expressions were radically different from before. Some of them were panting with their hands resting between their legs. Others were twisting their thighs strangely or pushing their parts against the corner of a box. It was a really strange scene as if all thirty of them suddenly really had to pee but refused to leave.

It was then that I saw Faeri’s expression. She was nearly shaking with anger. I didn’t know what to say to her. She may have had a great body, but no matter what, it was Hannah who was my sister. Faeri had failed completely to replace her, if that was even her goal. Naturally, I would be affectionate with Hannah while I only treated Faeri roughly.

“Take him back to his cell!” Faeri’s voice was angry enough that even Hannah raised an eyebrow.

“What about my sister?”

“We’ll let her go!” Faeri sniffed, turning away as if she didn’t want to look at me.

Instead, she walked over and grabbed Hannah. I wanted to immediately follow them, but as Faeri dragged Hannah away, she didn’t seem to be afraid or resisting. If anything, Hannah looked obstinate. They better not go back on their words and do anything to my sister. I absolutely wouldn’t forgive them. Some woman took me back to the cell while shooting me strange looks the entire time, occasionally glancing down at my crotch. At least they had let me grab my clothing and put it back on before taking me away.

“My sister, what about my sister?” I asked after being shoved into the cage.

The door was closed and the woman walked away without a word. Soon, the lights were shut off as well. Noone else came that day. Neither my sister nor Faeri showed up at my doorstep. I sat back on my bed, with nothing to do but wait in the darkness.

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The World of Women – Chapter 27

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I slept that night hunched over in a partial sitting position. That would be the first time this body had ever slept on something that wasn’t a bed. Suffice it to say, I was stiff in all the wrong places. The previous night, I had been left alone after Faeri left. I had considered her final words when she left a million times, and a small fire had started to burn in my chest over the only meaning I could consider.  Another world! Faeri was from another world!

“Brother… brother… wake up…”

However, as my consciousness returned, I realized that I was no longer on the concrete floor. Furthermore, the voice I heard was one I recognized. Rather, it was Hannah’s familiar voice, light and airy. My eyes snapped open. Looking around, I could see that I was on a mattress with sheets and everything. I was in a room much smaller than the last one. My hands and arms were no longer chained. However, I could see only one exit. That exit happened to be another solid door with a bared over window.

I painfully stood up, stretching out my accumulated aches from the day with a light groan. Someone must have moved me into this jail cell while I was sleeping. My stomach chose this moment to start growling, and I realized I hadn’t eaten since the Primrose gang had kidnapped me.

“Brother… are you okay…”

My eyes snapped to the source of those words, which were coming from outside my cell. I immediately stood up and stumbled over to the door, grabbing the cell bars to keep myself from falling over. The window outside of this room was only about two feet by two feet, and all I could see outside of it was another cell, with its own two feet by two feet window. However, within that other cell was Hannah. Hannah was clinging to her bars in the cell across from mine, her face pressed as far as it could go while she stood on her tippy toes.

When her eyes landed on me, they shone with relief. “Brother!”

“Hannah!” I called out, trying to stick my arm out the window between the bars, which didn’t quite have enough space.

Hannah did the same, but the hallway was too wide and we couldn’t touch. We were nearly three feet short of touching each other. There wasn’t even a chance.

“You came…” Hannah looked down, her face hidden behind her door so I couldn’t see her expression.

“I’m sorry, Hannah…” I responded. “I’m sorry you were kidnapped. This is Brother’s fault. Brother will fix this.”

“I… I told them your name…” Hannah’s voice was soft.

“I don’t blame you, Hannah…” I tried to reassure my sister. “I… I’m sorry.”

“It’s my fault…”

“No, Hannah… it’s not. It’s mine.” I sighed, turning and pressing my head on the door. “I… should have shown you how much I loved you. I’m sorry I made you feel unimportant to me. I love you, Hannah. Do you understand? I’m going to take care of you.”

“Mm…” Hannah’s voice sounded like it broke behind the door, and I heard a light sob.

“H-Hannah? Please don’t cry. Are you hurt?”

“N-no…” Hannah murmured. “J-just happy.”

I let out a breath of relief. Even though we were still in this situation, I instantly felt a million times better. I had seen my sister. She was okay. I had given her my apology, and she didn’t hate me. It might be a few days before we were rescued. Faeri said it wasn’t going to happen, but I had to have faith in Brooke. Brooke would come to save me. Upon reflection, I realized how flimsy my plan really was. However, had I not come, the alternative was worst.

“Isn’t that sweet…” A familiar raspy voice suddenly caused my skin to crawl.

I turned to look out the cell, and Hannah did the same. Between our two cells, a person walked down the hallway. It was Faeri, she seemed angry about something as she looked between the two of us. Suddenly, she reached in and grabbed Hannah’s cheeks.

“Hannah!” I let out a shout as Hannah cried out.

“Brother and sister, united!” Faeri pinched Hannah’s cheeks before pushing her away.

Hannah glared back, rubbing her cheeks.

“Leave Hannah alone. You have me now!” I hit the bars causing a metal reverberation as if to punctuate my point.

“Yes…” Faeri raised an eyebrow while still looking at Hannah. “I have had him. I tasted him before you did, how does that feel, Hannah?”

Hannah’s face flashed a second with rage, then she looked away with a blush.

“Hannah…” My voice broke, not finding a way to defend myself.

I fucked Faeri for Hannah? Even if it was true, those weren’t words I felt like I could say. It certainly wouldn’t make Hannah feel better.

“Faeri… we need to talk.” I changed what I was going to say. “About what you said last night…”

“Oh?” Faeri looked over at me, seemingly disinterested. “And what was that?”

“I know…” I said, looking up at her. “I know who you are.”

“Oh!” The sound was Hannah, who immediately ran to the door, staring in wonder at my words.

Meanwhile, Faeri seemed frozen solid, as if I had pulled a rug right out from under her. I became more confident based on her reactions. However, this wasn’t something I could say to Hannah. I needed to speak with Faeri privately.

“I… really doubt that…” Faeri spoke slowly.

“I know you’re not who people think you are.” I went for broke. “I know your identity is a lie, and that you’re pretending to be someone else.”

Faeri turned back and looked at Hannah, who was still standing there wide-eyed, before taking a step forward and unlocking my door. She immediately stepped into my cell and pulled me away from Hannah. Like me, it was clear that it was something she didn’t want Hannah to know. I followed Faeri into the corner of the room, my heartbeat nearly bursting out of my chest as I considered finally talking to someone from another world.

“There is no way you know who I am.” Faeri cursed. “You know nothing about me.”

“I know you come from another world. I know you’re pretending to be someone else. I know we had sex. I know you were a virgin before we… ahem…”

“Stop!” Faeri held up her hand, after a second she sighed and lifted her hand to her mask, pulling it slowly off her face, shaking her brunette hair.

My eyes widened at the sight. The person standing before me was the last person I ever expected to see. I couldn’t even speak, I was so completely shocked.

“So, you do recognized me…” The girl said, even though it still got converted into the raspy voice, seeing her face relaxed me a bit. “Well, it’s not surprising. You never forget your first, do you?”

That was the woman in front of me. She may not have been as otherworldly beautiful like my mom and my sisters, but she was extremely pretty. She was a pretty girl who my mom had hired as a maid. She had been selected to be my partner. Had things gone according to plan, we might very well be having a healthy sexual relationship right now. However, she raped me, and that was the day my memories returned and everything went to hell.

“How?” I asked, forgetting my thoughts about another world.

The girl straightened her back. “After your mom kicked me out of the house, I had nowhere to go. I desperately tried to get my brother to have me again. I actually broke into a club for men to find him. I begged him on my knees for his seed. And so… he delivered… he… and every other guy in the club.”

I turned my head away as the woman called Faeri stared at me with a wry smile, only managing to mutter. “I’m… sorry…”

“Don’t be… at the time I gladly did it. I let nearly twenty men do whatever they wanted to me all night. Even as they put out cigarettes on my skin and made me drink cups of piss, I told myself if I got pregnant, it’d be all worth it.”

“I… take it you didn’t get pregnant.”

She laughed. “After I passed out, they forced a day-after pill down my throat. Just to be cruel. They threw me out on the street naked, covered in cum, and bleeding from my crotch. I still bleed when it’s too rough. That’s the men of this world. That’s you…”

“I… never would have thrown you ou-“ I remembered the blood on my fingers that night, and couldn’t continue.

“Shut up!” She screamed. “You’re no better! You’re just another man! Another disgusting man!”

“I’m different!” I stood up.

“If you’re so different, tell me… Clyburn, what’s my name?”

I froze. I had heard the name once. What was her name? It was… T… T something. Tiffany? Tiana? Tanya?

“Exactly…” She snorted, looking away with disgust. “It doesn’t matter, my name is Faeri now. I found someone soon after. I found a girl who reached out and saved me when I needed it the most. I found a new family, here with the Primrose. I became the Faeri…”

She stopped, her lips twisting for a second, her head shaking as she looked at me with a complicated expression that told me nothing.

“What about me?” I asked, “You want my seed? Making it a gang reward? Or perhaps you just want to sell it on the black market? Take it… I don’t care… take it. You can sell enough until you’re rich. You can impregnate every Primrose. I’ll knock you up myself, I’ll participate. Just let my sister go.”

“She’s just a sister! Brother never cared about me! Admit it! You don’t give a shit about her!” Faeri rounded on me angrily.

“I will do anything for her.” I stared up at Faeri obstinately.

“You keep saying that…” Faeri gave an amused smile. “Let’s put it to the test.”

“What’s that mean?”

“This is the last time you’ll see me without my mask.” Faeri picked up her mask and put it back on, heading for the door. “It was Tinya… by the way. That was the name of an innocent girl who just wanted her brother’s love. She died.”

“If you’re my sister… then… that means… a brother?” I forced the words out.

Faeri stopped for a second at the door.

“I’m actually the younger sister. Brother had a different father. He was a friend of Noah’s. Noah fucked my mom and made me as some kind of vengeance. That’s why brother never gave a shit about me. Even though we were raised together, I’m just a half-sister.”

Instantly, the man that raped my mother came into my mind. Did that mean that Madison had another brother? My heart suddenly hurt at the thought of sharing Madison.  Tinya… or should I call her Faeri, opened the door and stepped out. She gave Hannah a twisted grin and a nod before turning and walking down the hallway.

Sometime later, two plates of food were slid under the door, but by the time I checked to see who had come, they were gone. I had been so shocked that Faeri was Tinya, that I hadn’t even asked her about coming from another world. Was it true that the maid who brought me to this world was a reincarnator of her own? Maybe that’s what caused me to regain my memory in the first place. When a reincarnator fucks another reincarnator, does that trigger their memories to return?

I took my plate, but Hannah had seemed to wrap herself up on her bed and gone to sleep. Hannah always was a sleepyhead that spent every day in her room. It wasn’t surprising that even here, or perhaps especially here, she’d spend her time sleeping. Just having her across from me was enough that I was able to relax. I sat on my mattress and quickly stuffed down the food. It wasn’t rotten or disgusting. At least, these Primrose’s wanted to take care of me a little. We wouldn’t be starved or exposed to death… at least, as long as I cooperated.

The lights in the hallways and my cell suddenly went out. It had been a few hours since we had eaten, but it couldn’t possibly be night time already.

“Hannah!” I called out, moving to the door.

“B-brother, what’s going on?” I heard from outside my window. I looked out into the darkness, but I couldn’t see into Hannah’s cell.

I tried to focus my eyes harder when a face suddenly jumped into my view causing me to flinch. “Boo!”

I let out a curse. “Damn it, Faeri!”

Faeri let out a laugh as she unlocked my cell and pushed her way inside. “You should have seen the look on your face!”

“What are you doing here?” I demanded, shooting my eyes over at Hannah’s cell.

She had gone quiet once Faeri showed up, clearly becoming scared. I wanted to comfort her, but I was afraid of causing Faeri to show interest in Hannah again. Thus, the only thing I could do was sit back and humor the deranged woman. In the lack of lighting, Faeri took on a darker persona. She seemed sort of bubbly and vivacious. I started to wonder if she had some kind of split personality, a light side, and a dark side. I wouldn’t be surprised to find out she was a schizophrenic.

“I want you, right now,” Faeri demanded.

My eyes widened as Faeri’s clothing fell to the ground once again. “You… my sister…”

Faeri’s smile grew malicious. “Take me right here.”

She stood at the door, popping out her very nice ass at me teasingly while she grabbed the bars and looked out it. “Oh, Hannah, I’m about to have your brother fuck me… do listen carefully.”

“You sick bitch…” I shook my head disgustedly.

Faeri frowned. “You said you’d do anything for her! If you don’t… maybe I’ll just stop feeding her for a while.”

My body shook for a second, and I considered hitting Faeri. If I knocked her down, I could escape with my sister instantly. My eyes flickered to the clothing that was lying on the ground right next to me. Faeri seemed to pick up on it instantly.

“Hahahaha… I wouldn’t try that.” Faeri moved her tongue, and a second later there was a flash of silver in her mouth which turned out to be a key. “If you do anything I don’t like, I’ll swallow it and then we’re both stuck in here. It won’t unlock her cage anyway, so unless you want to lose your sister forever, you better give her a good show…”

Faeri turned and stuck her tongue out through the bars, seemingly making an obscene gesture at my sister. I turned away, my entire body shaking with anger. It was easier last night when it was just Faeri and me. Things changed now. Now, I knew my sister was alright. I just needed to buy for some time until the police came.

“Clyburn… it’s alright. Just… do what she asks. I know you’re doing it for me.” Hannah’s voice came from behind me.

She spoke clearly, her voice seeming to reverberate off the walls. I wasn’t the only one battling here. My gentle Hannah was fighting in her own way. It wasn’t our fault that we had to deal with someone like Faeri, who seemed to want to drive a wedge between me and my sister. However, with those words, my frustration left me, and I calmed down quite a bit.

I turned back to see Faeri looking at me, still in position. She shrugged and grinned.

“It’s sister approved!” Faeri declared.  “Two out of two sisters want my pussy fucked!”

I walked up to Faeri and grabbed her butt in my hands. She was, after all, a beautiful woman. Tinya’s face was very pretty, if not beautiful. However, her body was out of this world. I wished I had remembered how wonderful her body was when she had taken my virginity a year ago. Well, at the time things were still a little blurry. She must have filled out very nicely over the last year. It was hard to believe that year was filled with strife. Her smooth skin didn’t look like the skin of a woman tortured by her brother and his boys. Then again, that could have been a lie. This was Faeri, after all. How much of what she said had any truth?

Of course, her naked body was enough to bring me erect, so I pulled out my erect penis and lined it up with Faeri from behind. Like before, I shoved it right into her. I didn’t really care if she bled. I couldn’t bring myself to be gentle on the hateful woman.

“Ahn… aaa… aaa…” Faeri moaned, pressing herself against the door as I fucked her against it.

Her moans rang into the hallway, and directly into Hannah’s room. Of course, I knew Hannah could hear everything. It was one thing having her walk in on me with Madison, it was quite another forcing her to listen to me have sex with this woman. Even so, I couldn’t stop my hands from wandering all over her body. She really was perfect. About the only imperfection was a bruised hickey on her neck, the same one I had given her the previous night.

“Ha-ha-hannah…” Faeri suddenly moaned out. “Your brother… he’s fucking me, Hannah. Ah! Hahahaha, brother just spanked my ass!”

Rather than the desired effect, me slapping her ass only caused Faeri to describe more of the perverted scenes over to Hannah.

“He’s making me so wet, Hannah, it’s dripping down my legs! Your brother’s cock is so big! Are you touching yourself right now listening to us? I bet you are!”

Her words were provocative and cruel, but in a twisted way, they seemed to excite me too. I became stuck in a web of disgust and arousal. Being forced to do this in front of my sister, of course, was repulsive, but at the same time, it was really hot. I had intended to force myself into a quick orgasm to get this over with, but just as the night before, I found myself unable to cum easily. Thus, our fornication kept going on. I sped up my thrusting as fast as I could manage, my cock slamming roughly into Faeri over and over again, desperately trying to bring myself to orgasm. This made the sex sound wet and noisy, especially in the dark, empty cellblock. I was using Faeri’s body aggressively, and the woman herself seemed to love every second of it.

“Ahhhn… Ahhnnn… c-cumming! I’m cumming!” Faeri cried out.

I squeezed my hands tighter, frustrated that I kept making her cum. I didn’t want Faeri to enjoy it so much. I didn’t want my sister listening to a hot sex scene. If anything, I wanted my sister to hear lousy sex. However, between the sounds of my cock slapping into her from behind wetly, the rattling of the cell bars, and the orgasmic noises coming from Faeri’s throat, the lewd sounds filled the dark hallway.

Finally, I found a spot where I felt my cumming was soon. However, it was also a spot that seemed to do it for Faeri, who made louder and louder moaning noises, as if to taunt me for daring to get off on her body.

“C-c-Clyburn!” Faeri moaned. “Say ‘Hannah’.”

My dick slowed for a second, my mouth falling open. “Wh-what?”

“Hahaha…” Faeri let out a laugh. “I just realized it’d be hilarious. Say her name! Say your sister’s name while you come into me. In fact, tell her how much you love her.”


“Do… do it! I said, do it! H-Hannah will like it too!”

I sincerely doubted that, but I had no choice at this point. I started to thrust into her harder and harder right in that spot. Faeri’s body shook as she climaxed, but I started to as well.

“Hannah!” I moaned as my cock pounded into Faeri. “I love you, Hannah! Hannah… ah… I’m cumming.”

“Cum!” Faeri cried. “Cum for Hannah, Cum in me for Hannah.”

“Ahn… I … love… Hannah!” I cried, suddenly pulling out and giving a few yanks until my cock exploded.

Cum shut up, striking Faeri’s ass. The cumshot was amazing, shooting up her back and nearly reaching Faeri’s hair. Sex with Faeri was always incredible, and my cock seemed to agree, throbbing out massive gobs of cum all over her backside. Faeri was busy cumming too, her entire body shaking and threatening to buckle. Liquid ran down her leg in droves with a very little bit blood mixed in. Faeri could only just helplessly keep herself standing as I painted her backside in white. Even though it was dark, standing there with her beautiful smooth behind covered in white stuff dripping down her, it was an incredibly erotic scene. Had this been someone else, like Madison or mom, I would have taken her for a second round just because of the sight.

“You didn’t cum in me…” Faeri gave me a glare, her lips pouty.

“I thought you didn’t want to get pregnant?” I responded mischievously.

“Ooo…” Faeri shook her head, putting her hands on her hips and looking like a spoiled child who didn’t get her way. “From now on, cum in me! It’s cold and it’s running down, I don’t like!”

I held out my hands and shrugged. “Of course, my Faeri.”

Faeri froze for a second, narrowed her eyes, and with a harrumph put her dress back on and left my cell, slamming it. She gave me one last glare before walking away. She seemed to be walking weird. I realized quickly it was because she had cum running all up her back and she could feel it pressing on her dress.

I let out an evil chuckle. A few minutes later the lights turned back on.

“B-brother…” A light voice sent me back to the door, and I could see Hannah on the other side again.

I let out a breath of relief. “Hannah… I’m sorry. That was…”

“You didn’t need to be so rough with her…” Hannah blushed, looking away.

“Ah! I’m sorry it was so loud!” I cringed inwardly.

I was trying to punish Faeri by being rough, but it was Hannah who had to listen to the noises and Faeri’s taunts. To Hannah, this whole thing probably sounded very profane.

“I-it’s okay… I know Brother is doing it for me… it…” Hannah’s face went even redder as she remembered me cumming while saying I loved her.

“Hannah! About that, she made me say it.”

“I-I know… so brother doesn’t really…”

“No!” I protested before she could come up with a justification, “I meant it… I just thought the first time I said those words… it’d be while I was cumming in… you…”

“Brother!” Hannah grabbed her chest and turned away, hiding her body and face behind the door.

“H-Hannah?” I asked, only to be met with silence and what sounded like heavy breathing coming from behind her door, causing me to think of a question that made my mouth widen in a grin. “My little Hannah, it couldn’t be that Faeri was right, was she? Hannah wasn’t masturbatin-“

“Ah!” There was a shout behind the door and a tearful response. “How could brother say that?”

“So, sister did…” I sighed.

“Brother! It-it… there was the noises and brother’s voice moaning and then you kept moaning my name and then you said I love you, it wasn’t fair! How could you expect me not to-“

“Shit, Hannah really did do it?” I nearly tripped.

I was just teasing her to try to keep morale up. I expected her to tearfully deny it. I never expected her to actually admit she had been touching herself while I was fucking Faeri. I could only stare in a daze as I pictured the erotic scene again, imagining Hannah playing with herself while I moaned her name. My cock was instantly back to full staff, but there was no one to fuck now.

“St-stupid brother!” Hannah shouted before hiding back under her blanket.

Well, I could only say one thing to the current situation. I had done this to myself.

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The World of Women – Chapter 26

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My head was throbbing. I had lost all track of time. I could have cursed my bad luck, but I basically asked for this. I never expected an even exchange. I never expected them to release my sister. No, the only thing I could do was let them catch me. The cops already knew about them. They knew who was doing it. They even had a place. What they needed was motivation. I didn’t really have much time to think of a better plan. I barely made it just escaping from my house. Had I done nothing, Hannah might have already been raped or even worst. I couldn’t live with myself knowing I had the power to do something and decided to sit back and do nothing. So, I put myself in harm’s way.

With a man in jeopardy, the police would spare no expense trying to get me back. Hopefully, if I could just get to my sister, then I could keep her safe enough. If they took everything out on me, they wouldn’t be taking it out on her. And when I was rescued, my sister would be rescued. If I failed? Well, hopefully, my next life wouldn’t be as shitty as this one. I had already reincarnated to another world. I had already lived one life. I don’t want to die, but I was willing to risk my life for Hannah. Fortunately, I don’t have the mentality of a scared child any more.

Working through the pain in my head, I forced myself into a sitting position. My head throbbed, but I was finally able to concentrate on opening my eyes. The second my eyes opened, there was a click and the lights turned on. Instantly, I closed them again, fighting back the pain and nausea from the brightness. I instinctively lifted my hand to block the light source.

Part of me realized I was likely in the same exact position as the video of Hannah. Bright lights blaring at me, my eyes squinting with a hand raised. Even with my experience, I felt fear. How terrified was my little sister at that moment? My hand tightened and I forced my eyes to open, trying to quickly regain my bearings.

I seemed to be tied to something. There were cuffs around my feet and wrists that connected to a chain. I could move full range, but I couldn’t take more than a few steps from the pipe embedded in the nearby concrete. I appeared to be in some emptied out storeroom. The walls were concrete, and the door looked like a thick impenetrable metal obstruction with a heavy latch. It was at this point I realized there was someone else in the room. A single table sat on the opposite side of the room, and a delicate-looking masked person was sitting on it.

It was the same masked person I had seen right before passing out. In the light, I could tell her hair was more brown than black. She didn’t look as imposing or as dangerous as she had in the alleyway. Being able to see her clearly eased a small amount of my fear. Her billowy outfit made it impossible to say any particular details about her. Her age, her body type, and even her sex were near impossible to determine.

“Faeri…” I murmured, glaring at the woman who took my sister.

“You’ve heard of me.” Her voice still came out as distorted and gravelly, and I couldn’t see what expression she had on her face through the theater mask which covered everything but her mouth, chin, and eyes.

I noticed something around her neck, a plastic collar with a box on it. It must be what changed her voice. I supposed it was safer for a crime boss to be anonymous, but what the heck was with all the theatrics? Everything about this entire room felt like she was trying to induce fear. Had I been a normal 14-year-old boy, it would have worked. However, my older mind saw some childishness in her demeanor. A slight shake in her hands and hesitation in her eyes. It reminded me that while these were criminals, they were still just kids likely acting like what they had seen on a visual screen.

“Where’s my sister!” I demanded, strengthening my resolve as I realized the power balance wasn’t as far in her favor as she pretended.

“Your sister? Oh, yes, you mean sister Hannah… oh, I’m keeping her in a safe place.”

“She’s not your sister. She’s mine!” I growled, pulling helplessly at the chains. “Show her to me. I came. I followed my end. Give my sister back to me!”

I knew I was showing my own nervousness, but until I saw Hannah, I couldn’t stop worrying. It was possible they never had Hannah in the first place. It was possible they had Hannah and killed her. There were too many possibilities. I needed to know that I made the right choice. I needed to know that what I did mattered.

“Oh, no… that’s where you’re wrong…” The woman came closer, making sure to remain just out of the range my chains allowed.

“You see, she’s my sister too.” The woman reached up, grabbing the mask and straightening it as if to tease me, “Daddy has been busy.”

My eyes widened as I looked up and down the woman. “No… it’s not possible…”

Faeri shrugged as if it was nothing to her. “Suit yourself.”

My father was never as honest to my mother as he should have been. Is it really true that he had impregnated other women? It didn’t just end with my Aunt. How many women did dad leave in his wake? Was this another left-over daughter from his time toying with mom?

“It’s a lie, right?” I demanded. “My father, Noah… if he fathered you… You mean your mom got some sperm he sold to the government, right?”

Faeri threw back her head and laughed lightly, a pleasant and smooth laugh. “Oh, do you think your dear father was so dutiful? There is a registry that keeps track of male… deposits. If you look up your dad, I think you’ll be surprised to find he never donated a single one.”

My eyes closed and my hands tightened. That bastard! How could he do that to mom? It’s one thing taking on a lot of lovers. However, it seemed like he just abandoned one after the other. The only unique thing about my mom is she’s the only one he didn’t abandon. What was he thinking?

I shook my head. Faeri was just trying to distract me. Rather, it was still Hannah that was the most important thing to me right now. Who knew if anything Faeri said was true or a lie. She could make up anything. I had no reason to trust her. The only thing I could trust was my sister. When I saw her, I’d know she was safe.

“My sister. I want you to show me my sister.”

“Sister… sister… she’s just a sister!” Faeri’s voice contorted angrily. “I’m your sister too. You have hundreds of sisters. What’s so different about her?”

“She’s different!”

Faeri laughed, pursing her lips. “If you want a sister so much, I could be your sister…”

“Shut Up!” I shouted, causing her to jump as I lunged at the chains. “Hannah is Hannah. I won’t cooperate until I see her! I’ll do anything for her!”

At that exact moment, there was a sudden shout from outside. The voice immediately sounded familiar. It sounded like a woman crying out, and it was a voice I’d recognize anywhere. Faeri shot a look back at the door. Her expression turned from an amused one to an annoyed one. It was like her fun time had just been interrupted.

“Hannah! It’s me, Hannah! Your brother is here! I’m here, Hannah!” I shouted, pulling against the chains until my hands felt numb.

“We’ll see about anything…” Faeri adjusted her mask one more time as she headed for the door.

She hit the light switch, immediately plunging my sight into darkness. A moment later, she opened the door and walked out. She kept the door slightly open so that all I could see was a ray of light. She was apparently addressing one of the guards on the other side of the door. All I could hear were whispers, but they sounded exasperated. The arguing went on for about thirty seconds. Suddenly, the door swung open again, light spilling in a blinding me before the door slammed shut.

It took me a minute before my eyes adjusted to the darkness. I blinked a few times in the dark room before I realized Faeri was still standing there watching me curiously. She almost had an inquisitive look that she didn’t possess before. However, she didn’t turn the light back on, and just stood there as if she was unsure of herself. I remained sitting with my eyes only partially open, not acknowledging her. She seemed to be content with this as she stood there for several minutes moving her mouth as if she was arguing with herself.

“What do you want, Faeri?” I finally broke the silence.

“Ah!” Faeri let out a surprised noise and then brushed her clothing as she straightened up. “I’ve… I’ve decided.”

The words were muttered under her breath, and they didn’t sound like they were words intended for my ears. However, the room was small and all the noise seemed to be amplified a bit. Her voice sounded a little different as if she was strained. I wondered what the conversation she had was about.

“Give me my sister, or we have nothing to talk about,” I growled, finally opening my eyes all the way and giving her a dark stare.

“Your sister… yes… you said you’d do anything for her. Is that true?” Faeri asked.

I grimaced at her question, realizing it might be a trap, but my pride wouldn’t deny it. “It is.”

“I’m your sister too. Technically, you’re my brother, so, shouldn’t you feel the same way for me?”

My face turned incredulous. However, Faeri was looking at me as if she genuinely wanted an answer.

“I already said, my sister, is special.” I finally spoke. “Had we been raised together, maybe things would be different. But you are no Hannah…”

“Hahahahaha…” Faeri threw back her head and laughed, nearly falling back, a strangely unpleasant laugh that sent tickles down my spine unlike before, “I could be though… I could be another one of your sisters. If you give me a chance…”

“You’re crazy!” I responded in disgust.

“Hahaha… maybe… maybe I am… I like you though… I like you a lot! Since you want to see Hannah, you’ll need to please me first. If you please me, I’ll give you back your sister, okay?”

I couldn’t keep my face smooth looking at this crazy woman. Become her sister? Is that what this was all about? Noah banged this bitch’s mom, and now she wants a brother of her own? Was I still paying for my father’s sins? I was coming to hate my father.

“Take out your penis!” she demanded pointing down at my crotch, making a demand like a petulant child looking to be spoiled.

I nearly spat at this strange and sudden declaration. It sounded like the unreasonable request of a child, but it took me a while looking at her in the dark before I realized she was genuinely serious.

“No!” I cursed, glaring at the psychopathic woman before me.

“I already told you, if you want to have yo… your sister, you’ll have to please me. Hahaha.” The girl kept laughing like she was making a joke, but her eyes looked serious. “So, pull out your dick, I want to see it. Do it! Do it now!”

“If… I pull it out… Hannah…”

“Yes… she’ll be safe! Now show it to me. Show it!” The girl seemed almost giddy as she stared excitedly.

I sighed, a little afraid at what she’d do if I didn’t give her what she wanted. The girl seemed to me to be quickly switching from highs to lows. She was very unstable. I reached into my pants and pulled out my dick, undoing the buckle and showing it to her. It was still dark, so it wasn’t as embarrassing as it would have been if the lights were on.

Faeri leaned forward, her eyes looking brightly. “It’s… a bit small…”

I immediately hid it with my hand and glared at the woman. “Well, I’m not aroused, naturally it gets bigger when I’m in the mood!”

Faeri nodded excitedly with a snap. “Ah, yes, excited! Of course!”

Suddenly, she reached behind her and undid her clothing. It fell in a single heap. Underneath it all was nothing but her skin. She hadn’t been wearing any underwear! In fact, other than her black stockings and her mask, she was now completely naked. My eyes couldn’t stop but pop out of my head. I’d seen many girls naked over the last year, but this woman was an immaculate beauty that rivaled my sisters and mother. At least, she had the body of a model.

It was vibrantly youthful, with nice round tits, a perfect bubble butt, smooth, pale skin, and even a cute little freckle on her right boob. She was shaved below, and it was a perfectly clean shave without a bit of hair. This didn’t look to be a body of some gang leader. Then again, in the darkness, I wouldn’t be able to make out any scars. Perhaps it was because of the darkness that her body looked so beautiful right now.

In my shock, I had forgotten to look away. The girl herself looked to the side, almost like she was pretending to be modest. Unfortunately, my cock became engorged with blood despite my protests. I went to cover myself up again, but the girl leaned forward intently, pointing at my exposed cock.

“It is! It is getting bigger! Ah… it’s bigger than I thought!” She immediately covered her mouth as if suddenly saying something embarrassing, and then she started giving me a strange look.

“What?” I asked, shifting awkwardly as she looked down at my exposed penis. “What do you want?”

“You find my body attractive…” She wore a mischievous look as she said it like a statement.

I looked away. “Of course, I do. How could I not?”

The smile on her face really pissed me off. She had forced me into this situation, and now she was acting so playful. It made hating her more difficult. It’d be easy if she was looking at me hatefully or acting like a man-hating lipstick lesbian. However, her strangely dere side was causing me to twitch.

“Stay still!” She pointed again with an order. “Don’t move!”

I held my hands up as she pointed aggressively at me. I didn’t know if I should laugh or cry. She stepped slowly into my reach. It came to my realization I could grab her now and perhaps keep her hostage. However, I had the feeling that things wouldn’t work out well if I tried. They could always use Hannah to hurt me, and I had a feeling this woman wouldn’t respond to threats. The fact she was approaching me without clothing on showed how fearless she truly was… or how crazy.

Faeri ended up standing directly in front of me. I couldn’t help but look up, seeing her naked body only a few inches from the tip of my nose. I could smell a sweet scent coming off of her. This was the woman who took Hannah and kidnapped me? In the dark, at this moment, her body was truly beautiful. Despite the situation, despite my fear and worry, I felt my mouth grow dry looking at her blooming body, still full of youth but growing sexier every day.

Her skin was just as smooth and silky up close as it was at a distance. Her mounds seemed to defy gravity. Her ass was pert and bubbly, the kind you just wanted to grab and squeeze. It was body completely unlike Madison. It was a body that had a youthful exuberance even mom couldn’t reach. Maybe Hannah had a body like this, but I had never seen hers. I remained frozen as I watched that body, my mouth gaping slightly, unable to help myself.

Faeri fell down to her knees, suddenly, she was kneeling over my legs, her mask now about my level. I could see her hazel eyes, but only just. They were eyes that seemed to fear rejection. For some reason, I couldn’t look away. She reached down with her delicate fingers, grasping onto my penis before lining it up.

“S-seriously?” I let out the words in disbelief, “You’re going to rape me?”

“It’s not rape if you want it too…” The girl looked away while responding with a pouty voice, even over the voice modulator. “You want it…”

She didn’t say it as a question but as an insistence. She needed me to want it as badly as she did. I’d like to say I was a stronger man, but her smell, her appearance, and her body had already won me over. I couldn’t say no even if I wanted to. I cursed my hormones one last time. I guess I didn’t have as much of a control over them now as I thought I had gained.

No… that wasn’t right. I was just using them as an excuse. The realization dawned on me. They were all just excuses. My previous life, I had died a chain-smoking alcoholic a step away from losing his job. Once my wife cheated on me, I fell apart and died an early death in my thirties. No one would suggest I had it together as an adult. In my new life, I fell back into the same old behaviors of self-indulgence. I just convinced myself it was okay because I was a kid. It was just a victim of my hormonal swings.

Perhaps, my hormones had something to play in very beginning. I defended my bad decisions. I defended thinking with my dick. I just convinced myself I was a teenager, so there was no helping it. Perhaps I was always just lying to myself. I needed to start taking responsibility for my actions. The truth was, I’m just a horny guy who likes to fuck lots of hot women!

As Faeri lowered herself on my cock, I wanted it. I wanted to taste her! Even with my sister in captivity, I couldn’t stop myself from wanting to try more pussy. That’s the kind of man I was. I was the kind of man who while searching for his missing sister would eat a strange girl’s pussy and then fuck her kidnapper! This didn’t mean I didn’t care about Hannah, but given the situation, it wasn’t like I had a choice. I could either sit back and cry over being taken advantage of, or I could take pleasure when pleasure was offered. I chose the later, to take control of this situation.

“Aiiii!” I reached out and grabbed Faeri’s hips, then pushed her body down, impaling her on my cock.

She let out a shocked cry as I forced my dick into her tight body. Her pussy felt hot, wet, and smooth. I immediately pulled her towards me, biting her neck with my teeth. She cried out again and resisted for a second, fear and regret flashing in her eyes. However, she couldn’t fight against me now that she had fallen in my grip. I bit hard enough to cause her pain, but I wasn’t looking to injure her. Instead, my tongue flicked furiously against her neck and I sucked loudly.

“Too rough…” Faeri panted with what I could see of her face contorted in pain as she started to realize my intentions were dangerous, but I ignored her words.

If she wanted to fuck, she was going to fuck on my terms, and I decided not to go gentle on the woman who had imprisoned my sister. I bit harder, eliciting a moan from her, and then picked her up, pushing her down on to the cold floor. Faeri didn’t resist at all as I got on top of her and started fucking her. I may not be able to use her to escape, but at this moment, I’d use her for my own satisfaction.

“Ahh… ahhhnn… hah…” Faeri let out cute noises under me as I enjoyed her body.

My brain felt somewhat numb. Thinking about Hannah, or the fact that I was chained to the wall, or about when someone would come to rescue me, all of that was too difficult to think about. Instead, all I had to think about was the warmth of her body and the smooth feel of her skin in the dark. I could listen to the moans she made ruined only a bit by the voice modulator around her neck. I wanted to kiss her on the lips. I moved forward to grab the mask, but her hands reached up and grabbed my wrists instantly, not allowing me to do so.

Her eyes held a strange light as if even she was regretful that she wasn’t taking it off, but she wouldn’t budge her hands no matter how forceful I tried to be, so I gave up, attacking her breasts with my tongue and fingers instead. Using my hands, I squeezed them together, nipping and licking both nipples aggressively in the dark.

My hips rocked as I thrust into the beautiful girl in my arms. I couldn’t see her face, but I could feel her body. Her heart was racing. I could feel it beating in her chest pressed up against my ears. I could feel her gasping, hot air blowing down the back of my head after each thrust of my hips. I could feel her body writhe under me, adjusting and moving with my thrusts as I fucked her. Her pussy was inviting and hot. She smelled sweet like candy.

I lost track of how long I thrust into her in the dark as she clung onto me tightly. Our bodies turned completely sweaty as time went on, our panting becoming rugged as we worked against and with each other. The feel of this woman under me, her smell, her taste, it brought me into a euphoric trance that just went on and on.

I didn’t know if it was the adrenaline from being captured, the stress of the last few days, or a subconscious disgust over the woman under me, but I was able to go longer and harder than ever before. With mom, I barely lasted a few minutes. With Faeri under me, it felt like we just kept going. My urge to quickly cum was overridden from my need to pound this girl like an obsession. My hips moved rhythmically, filling her up over and over again, never thinking about the end, only enjoying the moment.

Her hands glided over my sweaty back. My hands glided over her sweaty, naked body. The smell of her sweet sex, the soft mechanical noises of her moans, the feel of her pussy. We fucked on and on. It felt like it lasted hours.

“Ahn… I’m cumming again…” Faeri’s voice was soft. “I can’t take any more… brother is too much…”

All of her movements were soft. From the moment I pushed her down, the sadistic crazy woman seemed to be replaced once again with someone completely unrecognizable. Perhaps this was some alternate personality? I didn’t even mind her calling me brother.

“I’m almost done.” I murmured in her ear, kissing it and causing the girl to gasp while tightening her grip on my arms.

“Don’t cum in me.” She breathed. “Not yet. Ah!”

As soon as she said this, I started picking up the pace, giving Faeri hard jackhammer movements as I plowed her pussy. I could feel her cumming around me, and the effect of her incredible body and the strange connection that we seemed to share built me to my breaking point.

“Ahhhh…” I let out a moan.

“Outside… take it out…” Faeri hit my arms.

I grabbed her hips and forced myself deep inside her. Immediately, my penis began to cum deep inside her womb. She let out a cry as she felt the warm seed burst out. Naturally, I did it because she told me not to! This was the only level of vengeance I could take on the woman at this particular moment. However, she didn’t resist or push me away. Instead, she held me tightly, even cumming again herself as she felt it fill her womb.

“Ahn… it’s inside. You… naughty boy… I said not to. I could get pregnant.” Faeri panted in a displeased voice, her head falling back as her body finally started to relax.

She had been clinging tightly to me for nearly an hour. At this moment, all the exhaustion and soreness from fucking on a concrete floor hit the both of us.

“I just gave you what you wanted? Didn’t you want my seed? Have a baby?” I teased the woman under me.

“Nn… not me. For… others…” Faeri spoke those words very lightly, and a moment later her eyes closed.

Did… did she seriously just fall asleep in my arms? This woman truly lacked any preservation at all. Now that my own brain was starting to work and I had released my desires on this woman, I was starting to think about using her as a hostage again. Of course, I was not even sure If I was strong enough to restrain her, let alone make a trade for my sister. If I miscalculated, it could mean major retaliation.

As I thought about what to do with this sleeping person in my arms, my eyes wandered down her body. She had a tattoo of a primrose on the lower corner of her hip. That must be some kind of means of identifying fellow gang members. My fingers traced her lovely body, goosebumps following my fingertips as I guided them down her perfect body.

My hands pulled back in shock when I noticed something sticky and dark on Faeri’s leg. I immediately touched my own penis and felt something similar before I put my hand up to my eyes. There was a distinct iron smell emanating from the dark stuff. It was clearly blood. That would mean that Faeri was a virgin, or very nearly one. Just who was this woman who gave her virginity to me five minutes after we met?

I reached up to grab the mask, my fingers tangling through her midnight black hair. My hand barely touched the edge when her hand sprang up and caught my wrist.

“No peeking…” The girl said, pulling out of my arms and finally standing up.

She grabbed her robes and threw them back over her shoulders while I remained lying on the cold cement floor. I didn’t try to grab her anymore. I could only stare in wonder.

“So, did you enjoy your sister Faeri?” She asked teasingly as she dressed.

“Why did you do this?” I asked.

“Why not? I already pegged you for a siscon. Why else would you have come so far?” Faeri asked as she turned and walked to the door. She stopped right at the door, only tilting back with her head. “I wouldn’t look forward to rescue. The abandoned factory address you were given is just a front. The police will find nothing there. However, you’ve pleased me. I’ll show you your precious Hannah tomorrow. I’ll put you in a cell right next to her even, so she can always see… how you treat your sisters. If you continue to please me, I might even release her, eventually. However, you… you’re mine now.”

“And who are you?” I demanded, finally sitting up.

“I’m just a girl from another world.” She responded.

The color left my face as the door opened and closed, cutting me off in the darkness.

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The World of Women – Chapter 25

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“Nada… what did she say?” I asked.

“I said you should just call the cops.” A window in the front rolled down and Nada was sitting in the front passenger seat.

“Gah! How long have you been there?” I gave a cry, immediately wiping my face and trying to recover myself.

Nada frowned, ignoring my surprise. “I… wronged you. I know that now. I’m… I’m going back to mom.”

I let out a sigh, relaxing my shoulders. “I think… that’s a good idea.”

Nada gave a nod and after a moment, started talking again. “It’s an abandoned factory downtown. That’s where you’ll find the Primrose.”


“That’s what they call themselves. Mostly teenage delinquents… those that couldn’t make it into the academy. They help traffic the drugs, minor extortion, that kind of thing. Their sign is a primrose flower. If you find the flower, you find them.”

“I got it.” I nodded, the logic simple enough.

“They’re not as hardcore or as man-hating as some gangs,” Nada added. “But that’s part of what makes them so dangerous. They’re just a bunch of dumb kids. They’re approachable. Friendly even. Then a few months later you’re eating pussy at market price for another hit…” Nada winced and turned away.

“They took my sister. I absolutely won’t trust them.” I responded simply.

We slowed to a stop, and I could see that we were parked outside of Veris’s home. It looked like Brooke had promised to take her home first. Nada patted herself off and stepped out the car door. However, before she closed it, she turned back and looked in.

“I…” Nada lowered her eyes uncertainly.

“The first time we had sex, we had sex because I wanted to,” I spoke out. “I don’t hate you. Maybe if you cleaned yourself up… I don’t know… if you came back to the mansion… and stayed, we could… I could put a baby in you.”

Nada’s eyes shot up, a look of surprise in her eyes. Clearly, she never would have expected me to offer to give her more seed. This was far, far more than she could ever deserve. Her eyes started to grow teary-eyed, and it looked like she wanted to throw herself at my feet, but our locations in the car prevented it. After taking a deep breath and getting a hold of her emotions, she gave a decisive nod.

“Watch out for Faeri.” She gave me a worried look. “She’s… not innocent like the others. She’s violent, manipulative, and hateful. If you can avoid coming in contact with her, it’d be better.”

“Nada…” I met her eyes one last time. “Thank you…”

Nada nodded a few more times like she didn’t want to leave, but she regretfully closed the door. She continued to watch as the car pulled away. She stood in the sidewalk until we were out of sight, watching the car that seemed to carry her hopes and dreams.

“Another baby?” Brooke asked wryly.

“If it… keeps her from doing drugs again, then it’s worth it.” Brooke raised an eyebrow, so I kept speaking. “We’ve slept together. We’ve shared a bond. I’m not going to be fooled by her again, but that doesn’t mean I want to leave her hanging high and dry. I need sixty women for my harem plan to work, right? Nada used to be an educated woman, she just fell on hard times. She was once pretty. She could be pretty again.”

Brooke gave a snort when I finished. “You’re too nice.”

“Maybe…” I muttered back. “Or maybe this world is just too cruel.”

“It’s the only world we got.” Brooke shrugged.

A wry smile formed on my lips, but I didn’t respond. Yeah, this is just how things are. I heard that a lot in my old world too. It was only now that I’ve seen the world another way that I understood how weak and unconvincing that argument was. Things are the way they are because people made them the way they are. If we wanted things to change. We’d had to change them ourselves.

I closed my eyes and leaned back with a sigh. Charlene always remained silent unless responding to something, and thankfully Brooke could read the mood well enough that she also didn’t say anything. My thoughts were mostly on Hannah. Right now, she’s locked in a room somewhere, dark and cold. Worst, she probably hated me. The last time we had seen each other she ran away in disgust because I was giving everyone but her attention. Now, she’s kidnapped and being used to blackmail me.

Would my dear sister ever come to forgive me? I really didn’t know. Part of the reason I left the way I did was because I felt guilty myself. I had betrayed my sister, and I felt that if I was the one who saved her, then at least she wouldn’t hate me. However, even if I saved her, Hannah could still end up hating me in the end. It turned out, my mother wasn’t the only one that I had taken for granted. Just like I assumed mom could take any abuse, I had assumed my sister would always be there. I reckoned I could focus on Madison because I had plenty of time with Hannah. Only now did I realize how precious that time truly was.

After we had been driving smoothly for some time, I finally opened up my eyes, and immediately raised my eyebrow. We were outside the city, driving away from it. Was the location that Nada gave us so far outside of the city? I didn’t think that was so. My brow furrowed. However, it wasn’t until I saw a familiar fence and gate coming to view that my eyes shot to Brooke. She had a guilty expression on her face, but she met my eyes defiantly.

“What is going on here?” I demanded.

“I’m bringing you home, kid,” Brooke responded.

“Wh-what?” I tried to stand up, hitting my head on the car ceiling and grabbing it. “Damn it! You said it yourself, we’re wasting time!”

“We already got what we needed,” Brooke sighed. “Now you need to stay home and stay safe. I’ve already contacted the authorities. They’ll be waiting to intercept the package at home. Once they intercept it, they’ll make a move at the rendezvous and the factory at the same time. It’s the safest way to protect your sister.”

“No…” I shook my head. “Brooke, they don’t care about her. She’s not a man, so they won’t care!”

“Clyburn, I know your mother has filled your head with those kinds of thoughts.” Brooke’s voice was strained with a tinge of anger. “But it is their job to protect citizens. You are their priority, so be glad they can know you’re safe while they focus on handling the exchange.”

“Charlene,” I turned to the other woman, who turned her head away from me, a guilty look on her face also. “Brooke, this isn’t what we agreed on! You were supposed to be my ally.”

“I’m supposed to do what no one else will, keep you safe and make sure you don’t do anything stupid! I’m the only one concerned about your best interest.” Brooke’s voice was raised now.

“Then, you’re fired!” I shouted back. “It was a mistake to go to you…”

“I refuse!”

“You… you can’t refuse! Charlene, get her out of the car!” Charlene looked out the window, wearing an expression like she wanted to leap through it and take her chances at sixty miles an hour.

“You already put me in your damn heresy thing, now you’re stuck with me, and I will do my job to keep you safe whether you like it or not!” Brooke growled.

“You’re out of the harem!” I said, pointing out the door like I expected her to jump.

“Fine… if you’re done with my services, I’ll just take my severance package!”

“What the hell are you doing?” I shouted as Brooke leaped at me.

“You offered some cum to make my Aiko a baby! Now you better deliver!” Brooke started trying to unbuckle my belt as I fought her off.

“I won’t give it! You can’t make me cum even if you wanted to, you taco bitch!”

“Very well then!” Brooke pulled out a switchblade. “Then I’ll just cut it off and stuff it so Aiko can use it as a toy so she can feel a real penis!”

“You’re fucking crazy!” I shouted, fighting with Brooke in the backseat of the car, while Charlene pretended she wasn’t there in the corner.

I reached out to grab anything I could use as a weapon. My hand ended up caught on her blouse, ripping it open and exposing her breasts and cleavage. Of course, her bra was still on, but with her boobs exposed, my hands immediately went for them. I grabbed her nipples through her bra and twisted hard.

“Arrrrr… you fucking kid!” Brooke shouted grabbing my crotch and squeezing until my balls felt like they were being kicked.

“I… will… not… abandon… my… sister!” I growled through the pain, delivering the most brutal purple nurple I could manage.

“You’re… not!” Brooke snarls through gritted teeth. “I… am… keeping… you… safe. Stop… being an… idiot!”

The car door my head was pushed up against suddenly opened. My upper body fell halfway out of the car. The sudden drop caught Brooke off guard as well, and she fell forward with only my body to grab on to. As a result, her hands grab my shirt and her chest lands on my chin. Flushed and breathing hard, the pair of us looked outside the door, me upside down on the bottom, with Brooke straddling me on top.

“Uh… we’re here…” The driver who opened the door said nervously, trying to keep herself from looking at us while a fiery red blush covered her face.

Nearby, there were siren lights flashing, and two or three police cars sat nearby. It appeared that when the cars were off, they released retractable metal feet like a table that they rested on. There were also a couple of policewomen, and most importantly, Aunt Rose standing worriedly nearby. Everyone was looking with their mouths slightly agape.

Brooke recovered first, rolling her eyes as she got off of me, immediately pulling her blouse over her chest, even though the buttons had been ripped off. I turned around and stood up. Feeling slightly dizzy from being upside down for a moment. Charlene had already escaped the vehicle and went to the policewoman to report everything going on. Many of the policewomen were giving me looks, apparently very excited by the scene they had discovered a man in. It’s not every day they saw a man in the middle of foreplay with a woman, and it’d be the talk of the station for weeks.

“Even in a crisis, my nephew is a bit of a deviant…” Aunt Rose muttered slightly.

I ignored her words as I got out of the car. “Aunt Rose, Hannah…”

Aunt Rose raised a hand to stop me. “Yes, I know. You’ve done well. Brooke has told us everything. You’ve made both me and your mother worry greatly. When she gets out of the hospital tomorrow, she’s going to have quite a few words for you.”

“No… I mean… I have to go to Hannah…”

Aunt Rose gave me a sympathetic look. “I know you want to help, Clyburn, but the best thing you can do is let the police handle it, okay? You’re not a hero from some story. Just stay inside with us. They’ll get Hannah back.”

“That’s what I tried to tell the brat, maybe he’ll listen to reason now.”

“You tried to cut off my dick!” I shouted, pointing at Brooke accusingly.

“You misheard,” Brooke said it with such an absolute straight face that even I almost wanted to doubt myself.

I ignored Brooke’s childishness. She was probably acting that way just to distract me. Maybe that’s why she let me go down on that other woman too. She was just trying to mislead me. Amuse me like a child. Keep me out of any real danger while allowing me to feel just a bit of thrill. In the end, I hadn’t truly accomplished anything. I looked at Aunt Rose’s sympathetic eyes and Brooke’s stubborn looks.

Many of the police ladies were looking at me too. They had the same kind of eyes as the ambulance women. I was like an antelope that had wandered in front of a pack of lions. If it had made my skin crawl before, now it just made me angry. I turned and walked away. As to the direction I walked, it wasn’t like I was being given a choice there. I headed back into the mansion. There was less security in the mansion, but Charlene has resumed her role as my shadow. I was once again trapped in my prison, unable to do anything. I couldn’t protect anyone.

I went into my room and closed the door. At the very least, Charlene wouldn’t follow me in there. However, it was a room with no escape. The door into mom’s adjacent room was locked. The window was actually nailed shut, making it impossible to open. All I could do was lie in bed. As soon as I did, however, I felt something under the covers. I got up and pulled them off. There was a manila envelope sitting hidden. How long had it been here? The police must have not searched my room. Well, there was no reason to. How would someone get into my room when the entire mansion was secure? They were waiting for a delivery to come to the mansion. How would they ever expect the package to already be here?

I picked up the envelope and opened it. Just as expected, a single note came in. The note was in handwriting I recognized. It was written in Hannah’s bubbly script. It also looked to have some stains on it. One of them looked like blood.

Dear Brother,

They told me to write this telling you to come to 4321 Ferris Pine in the city and go into the back alley. If you do, you’ll see me again. Be there by 8:00 pm. No police. If you don’t come, they will… just don’t come, brother… don’t come… don’t worry about me.


My hands trembled as I read the note, and a moment later a drop of liquid struck it. I realized that tears were falling down my cheeks. I should have given this to the police. I should. However, this was a world that prized men, not women. They didn’t care about saving my sister. Even if the police girls out front were thinking that if they were the one to save my sister, maybe I’ll fuck them in appreciation, it didn’t feel like enough. I needed to go there. If I was caught, then the police would spare no expense saving me. I left the note on my bed so they could find it after I left.

I looked out the window. The flashing lights of the police assaulted my eyes. I could see Brooke and Aunt Rose talking to a policewoman who was nodding. My window faced the front of the house, even if I could kick it open, I would be caught by the time I reached the bottom. I needed a bedroom that did not face the front of the house. That’s right, Hannah’s bedroom has a window that faced out the back corner! I headed out my door.

“Clyburn.” Charlene gave a nod.

“I’m going to Hannah’s room,” I said. “Maybe there is something there that would give us a clue.”

Charlene let out a rare expressive sigh. “The police have checked her room.”

My hands tightened and I straightened my back. “Even so… look, I’ll go crazy if I can’t do something. At least let me try…”

The desperation in my eyes was genuine even if the words I said were false. Charlene gave a nod after a moment and I let out a silent breath of relief. She took me to Hannah’s room, and once again I closed the door on her. She probably assumed I’d fall on Hannah’s bed and cry myself to sleep or something. However, I had completely different plans in mind.

I immediately went to Hannah’s window, only to find that it wasn’t nailed shut like my own. It looked like mom only gave me that kind of treatment. Her window opened rather easily, so I carefully lifted it without making a noise. Looking out the window, I let out another surprised noise. It was very lucky. Her window seemed to sit in a little alcove that hid it from eyes. More than that, there appeared to be a trellis structure built alongside the house to hold flowers. It looked scalable. I didn’t hesitate to swing my leg out the window and grab onto the structure. It seemed to creek angrily under my grip, but I still worked my way down it, only getting pricked by thorns three times on the climb from the second level to the floor. Once my feet hit the ground, I moved into a crouch.

Most of the security patrolled the borders, so they weren’t near the mansion. The cops were in the front yard, waiting on the package, and didn’t seem all that concerned about running security detail. I guess they weren’t expecting me to try to flee. The location I went to was the garage. The garage was detached and actually a ways away from the mansion in a separate building. Naturally, when we wanted to drive, a car and driver were fetched for us, so there was very little reason to have an ugly garage in the same space as the mansion.

This benefited me greatly today as there was no one near the garage. Better still, the keys to the car were left in the garage. Of course, the garage was locked, meaning I had to smash a window to get inside. I used a rock, unlocked the door, and went to the car key lockbox which was never locked. I had no eyes for cars, so I merely picked the first key I saw. We had three cars in all. The limousine still parked in front of the mansion, a car with high safety ratings that I’m supposed to use to learn how to drive when I turned 18, the legal driving age limit in this world. The last one was my dad’s car. It was wrapped with a dusty car cover.

When I tried to unlock the car using the key, it was dad’s car that beeped. I threw off the cover to find a car that looked very stylish. It had leather seats and blue flames on the side. Best of all, it was dark. I was never a car guy, but it looked like my dad might have been. I gave out a little whistle as I jumped into the driver seat. The security wouldn’t know what to make of this car suddenly bursting out of the property. Noone would expect me to know how to drive, but with 35 years of experience I could figure this out! With luck, I’ll be awhile away before the police even know what happened.

The one big disadvantage of the hover cars I noticed as I turned it on was that to move from the standing state to idle took a good minute. That meant none of the police cars were ready to chase me. Police had to stay hovering in idle when they were waiting to turn on their lights. With the cars off, they were helpless.

I turned the hover car on and started moving out. With the lights off, the car produced very little noise. They were incredibly stealthy in this world. Thus, I was able to sneak past the police blockade without being noticed by anyone. I very slowly drove up to the gate leading out of the property. There was someone at the gate. As soon as I hit the gate, I wouldn’t be able to sneak any longer. I took a breath, but right before I hit the gas, which I didn’t even know if it was called gas in this world, I noticed that the car had a phone system.

A new idea circled through my head, I moved the car into the bushes, and then dialed the number to the security gate which I had memorized one day on a whim. The phone lines were all interconnected, so assuming this was on the network, then I could message any other phone almost like a walkie-talkie.

“Help!” I cried out, trying to give a feminine voice. “Some gangsters have broken through a side gate and are currently descending on the mansion! Everyone to the mansion!”

I held my breath as soon as I finished. If my rouse didn’t work, I’d floor the gas and hope for the best. A moment later, the gate room opened up and the woman inside ran out, her walkie-talkie in hand. With the police coming and Hannah being kidnapped, it looked like she was deprived of sleep and her nerves were frayed. She hadn’t thought to double check before abandoning her post. I let out a relieved breath as she ran by.

I didn’t wait too long though as I hit the gas. The gate actually auto-opened for the right vehicles, so I didn’t need to do anything but approach the gate, causing it to open. There was a proximity sensor that noted the gate was opening, but I didn’t know how much they checked it. At the very least, I bought myself a few minutes. Thus, I slammed the gas and sped out of my home, obtaining freedom once again.

I drove twice the speed limit, blazing down the road. I kept expecting to see sirens blazing from behind as I was being chased, but when the city came into view, I had yet to see anyone. My plan worked as well as I had hoped, and soon I was in the city.

The light was starting to wane, and the sun was setting. It was then I realized that this car had no GPS. I became very lost very quickly. I asked for directions three times. As to seeing a 14-year-old driving a car, not a single woman noticed. The only thing they saw was a man pulling up to them. As soon as they found out they could help a man, they became incredibly excited and helpful. A few pushed their phone numbers on me, and one even suggested we go back to her place. I ignored them all, slowly making my way to the rendezvous point given to me.

When I finally pulled up in front of the abandoned alleyway at the address given, it was nearly dark out. I let out a breath as the last of the sunlight disappeared. I had made it here with a few minutes to spare. Now, it was time to do the only thing I could for my sister. I got out of the car and left it there. Looking down the dark alley, I tightened my fist and followed the path. It was something I had to do.

I heard some kind of movement in the shadows, but I didn’t bring a flashlight to shine my way. In the end, I could only just fall right into their trap. For Hannah… I had to do this for Hannah.

A cloaked figure emerged from the darkness. They had a mask on their face, it looked like a blank theater mask that covered half her face, completely white except for dark eyes. She had midnight black hair, but the rest of her features were completely obscured by the baggy clothing.

“You actually came?” The voice came out distorted, it was the same voice on the video. “What are you, stupid? Hahahaha…”

The voice bent over laughing like my presence was a complete joke.

“I came alone. Where is my sister?” I demanded.

“Your sister?” The mysterious figure tapped the lip of their mask. “I wonder…”

“You bastard. I did what you asked. Now let her go.”

“Hah? Did we say anything about letting her go?”

I took a step forward. “If you touch her, I swear to god, I’ll kill you!”

The form started laughing once again. “Hahaha… you’re funny. I like you…”

“I’m not joking!” I growled, my hand pulling out a knife, the same switchblade from Brooke which I had pocketed secretly after our exchange. “Give her back to me! She’s mine!”

For the first time, the figure gasped as I lunged at her with the knife in my hand. She leapt back smoothly, avoiding my slash, but she also looked very flustered and surprised. A man caring so much for a woman in this world might seem strange to some. However, this woman was my sister, I wouldn’t let them hurt her. This woman must have been Faeri. If I could capture Faeri, maybe I could use her to get my sister back.

Those thoughts ended an instant later when something hard struck me in the side of the head. I found myself going from swinging forward to falling to my side. Someone else had been behind me and had used that second to strike. It felt like a bat or something. I stared up dizzily as I felt the knife being pulled from my hand. The masked Faeri was staring down at me.

“Tsk… tsk… you’re an interesting boy, Clyburn.  Welcome to your new family. We’ll take good care of you. You and your… Hannah… as well. Hahahahaha…”

My vision finally failed and my mind descended into darkness followed by that maniacal laughter.

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The World of Women – Chapter 24

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“You. Have you seen this woman?” I leaned over and pushed an old photograph of Nada into the woman’s face as the hood of my cloak fell back.

The woman was lying on the ground with a needle in her arm. Whether she was ever a prettier girl or not was difficult to tell. Now, her body was devoid of fat. She was skinny to the bone. Her face was pocked with scabs. She was deathly pale and her skin was scraggly and flaking. When she opened her eyes, she blinked three or four times as if she didn’t believe what she was seeing.

“Hey… you’re a man? Hey, baby… want me to show you a good time.” The woman made an attempt to grab me, but in her state, I was able to easily dodge her.

I kicked her leg one more time. “This woman! Do you know her?”

“Wha-? Oh… that’s… um… what’s her face. Yeah, I seen her.”

I let out a breath. This had been the tenth person we had tried to talk to. Two of them had actually tried to tackle me to the ground and rape me on the spot. Brooke had to beat them off of me. Beat them off is the correct word because, in their drug-addled states, they didn’t stop until they were unconscious. I still felt dirty from the last one, who had managed to get her tongue inside my mouth. She hadn’t bathed in a few days, and she smelled quite pungent.

Brooke had told me it’d be easier if she just did the questioning. We were at a drug house Veris had told us was a place Nada frequented. It was the third and final of the addresses Veris could deliver. Among the ten we questioned, this was the first woman to even admit she knew Nada, let alone claim to have recently seen her.

“Can you tell use where she is?” I asked.

The girl, who couldn’t be older than twenty-five, grinned, her teeth yellow and one of her canines seemingly missing.

“What’s it to yay?” She looked down at my crotch. “Perhaps you give me a go, love, and maybe your cock will refresh my memory, eh?”

“Let me handle this.” Brooke took a step forward, cracking her knuckles.

She was just as annoyed spending all morning in crack houses as I was. She looked like she wanted to blow off some steam on this shameless druggy. However, if she accidentally knocked the woman unconscious, we’d be back to square one. I touched Brooke’s shoulder. She looked back at me and I shook my head. With a sigh, she backed off and I kneeled down to the drugged up woman again. Her eyes were more open now, and she had scooted away from Brooke. She was till eying Brooke distrustfully like she expected Brooke to start attacking her any second. I lifted my hand in front of her face and snapped, getting her attention back on me.

“Hey, you, you know if you get pregnant with my baby, you can’t do drugs, right?” I said.

“Gegegege…” The girl let out a laugh. “Worried about our baby, love? No worries. I’ll raise it up proper. Now just stick your cock in me. A lot of lipsticks have been in there but never man-dick, so you’ll be my first.”

The woman shamelessly spread her legs. Her underwear was stained. At some point, she had pissed herself while in her drugged state. Suffice it to say, she smelled overly ripe, and I nearly gagged at the scent. The woman herself only smiled, like she actually thought I’d jump on top of her and start humping her right on the floor here.

“That won’t be necessary,” I said, reaching into my pocket and pulling out my ace, “If you tell me where Nada is, you can have this. Yeah… you recognize it, all you got to do is cut it open and stick it inside. Or sell it. I don’t care. I hear cum goes for $500 an ejaculate on the street.”

Of course, I hadn’t known that earlier today, but after three drug houses, I had picked up on the street the value of my own baby juice. $500! Money in this world wasn’t much different than money in my other world, although this world had already converted to a plastic only system. Physical money no longer existed except in banks. All people traded electronically with cards. However, to think that if I did nothing but jack off 4 times a month I could live comfortably for the rest of my life, it was certainly a strange feeling.

What I held in front of the woman’s eyes was, of course, a condom. It wagged back in forth in front of her eyes, which were locked on them like a dog on a steak. It was tied on the end and full of white stuff, the same way Veris and Nada had once transported it. The white stuff wasn’t warm to the touch, but even so, any woman would get excited by the possibilities of this little bag.

“Ah! Y-yes!” The woman reached out, but when I lifted it out of her grasp, she started nodding excitedly. “Yes, yes! Nada… I know Nada. Skinny girl. Narrow eyes, short hair, average titties? She’s out back. Found herself a lipstick, eating pussy for a hit. I ain’t gay but Nada broke down last night and became a muncher. Already gobbled up ten women, the slut!”

I gave nod. “Out back?”

Brooke gave a nod. “Woman fuck each other behind drug houses like this. It’s known.”

The other woman nodded, excitedly, reaching out her hand. “Yes, of course, gimme, gimme.”

I dropped the condom on the floor with a plop. The woman immediately lunged and grabbed it. Turning away in disgust, I gestured Brooke to follow me outside the room. The pair of us headed down the stairs leading to the back.

“Are you just giving it away now?” Brooke said angrily as we walked down the stairs. “So much for your plans.”

If I didn’t know any better, it sounded like she was jealous and pouting.

“I’ll do anything for my family. Do you understand? If it was you, I’d do it too.”

“…” Brooke didn’t respond, but when we reached the bottom of the stairs, I turned around and gave her a smirk.

“Besides, it’s glue. Thought I might need some currency, so I poured some into a couple condoms. The only thing that woman will get is her crotch glued shut. Might even help with the smell…”

Brooke’s expression relaxed and she let out a snort. “Haha… you tricky bastard. You better not do that to my Akio.”

“Well, the only way to be certain is to have me deliver it straight from the source…” I turned away, a smirk forming on my face.

“Don’t you start!” Brooke snapped indignantly. “I can still beat the shit out of you!”

“Mmm… sorry, not a masochist, so if you want my cum, you’ll have to treat me gentle-like.”

“You… don’t be so… ahem… cocky…”

I let out a slight grin. “Oh… really…”

“Yes, I heard how that sounds, now kindly go jack yourself off.” Brooke stuck out her tongue and looked away, for the second time today looking just a bit flustered.

As we left the dilapidated building and started walking along the side path, the noises in the air stopped us from talking. True to the rumors, the private sealed off area behind the drug den was basically a whore house. Munchers, women who resorted to eating women out for drugs, met with their suppliers. Some of these women were rich women just looking for sexual release, while others were the drug dealers themselves, offering discounts in exchange for sexual favors. Not every prostitute here did drugs, but they went hand in hand.

“Put up your hood, kid.” Brooke muttered, “A bunch of horny drugged up women and a fertile man don’t mix well.”

I nodded, lifting the hood to my cloak and lowering it over my eyes. I was still young and scrawny, so I didn’t really have an obviously manly physique with my cloak on. Despite how silly Brooke’s words might have seemed in my old world, I was in very real danger here. If all these women did learn a man was in their domain, being pushed down was the least of my worries.

The area wasn’t particularly large, but hundreds of dirty towels and blankets were hung up by strings, sectioning off the place and creating the effect like some kind of bazaar or marketplace. The makeshift coverings came in many colors, and so it looked very lively for a back ally. Various women had created makeshift privacy tents that looked like small alcoves only about three feet wide and six feet deep. Sitting in front of each alcove was a woman plying her trade. Some of them looked professional, wearing makeup and alluring clothing, while others looked much like druggies just looking to score a hit.

To some of these women, these little hovels barely large enough to fit two people were the locations they worked and lived.

“It’s a work around the law.” Brooke suddenly spoke up.

“Hah?” I coughed, trying to cover up my voice while avoiding the eyes of a few women who were trying to get me to come over to their tent.

“Prostitution is illegal… indoors. However, you can freely exchange anything for sex outdoors as long as it doesn’t violate public decency laws. So, these sort of … pussy markets… open up in the bad areas of town. Being behind a drug den is just for convenience.”

“I really thought that without men, the sex trade would be dead,” I muttered to myself.

“Huh? Why would a man ever need to pay for sex?” Brooke looked at me with a genuinely questioning look, and I could only shrug with a half-smile.

This was the world we lived in now. It was a world of women. Human nature apparently wasn’t sex specific. If there weren’t men, women didn’t suddenly turn into perfect peacekeepers. Humans were just as bad independent of the sex. Maybe the violence wasn’t as bad. Women didn’t kill other women as often. However, that only made things crueler for them. Men just murdered men. Women, on the other hand, they’d strip other women of their humanity until there was nothing left.

I once knew a girl in high school. She wasn’t part of the popular girls and got excluded and teased relentlessly. The worst a bully would ever do to a man is beat him up and steal his lunch money. However, the girls relentlessly hounded her until she attempted suicide. Then, the same girl who had driven her to try to kill herself was put in charge of the “get well” committee which collected money and got signatures to cheer her up. The harasser was the well-liked popular girl, after all, and the teachers knew nothing. So, after trying to die, she had to watch her bully smile at her and hand her flowers to make her feel better, while secretly spreading rumors that she faked her suicide so she could get an abortion. That girl never returned, switching schools instead. However, it left a lesson that had remained with me until now, women are scary.

As I looked around the space, I could see a few tents being occupied by women. There was some giggling, some heavy breathing, and a couple of moans. I kept reminding myself how dangerous a place this was, less I start to grow too excited. However, I still felt I had to slouch a little or there might be something very obvious displaying my sex. It was then that my eyes fell on a naked butt sticking out the entrance of one of the tents. It was a woman on her knees, and she was bent over, her upper body still within a cubby hole. This wasn’t technically legal since her naked lower half was being exposed, but in this environment, the sight of naked women was common and the other girls ignored her slip in etiquette. She was a newbie, after all.

As I walked up to her cubby, I could see her ass and pussy were wagging, and it looked like she was in between the legs of another woman, munching down on some pussy. Well, trying. She didn’t have the other woman’s panties off yet, and I could hear bickering between the two like they were having a difference of opinion. Even though I didn’t see her face between the other woman’s legs, it was an ass and pussy that I recognized. I sat down on my knees, pulled back my hand and gave the ass a slap. Brooke rolled her eyes at me while the woman I slapped let out a cry.

She pulled back out of her position between another girl’s pussy and she looked up. Her face looked not much different than a few days ago. Maybe she was little more tired. Her lips were chapped and she had wet stuff all over her chin. Nada had been reduced to whoring herself out for drugs. Well, in her defense, she did try to whore herself out to me before she fell back on lesbianism. I knew it wasn’t my fault, but I still felt a little bad seeing the poor woman in this state. I had pushed her to this, although there was nothing I could do to prevent this from happening either.

“You’ll have to wait for your…” Nada stopped when she looked up at saw me.

Her eyes widened in confusion and fear. She looked more lucid than she had when she had tried raping me a few nights ago. Her eyes grew teary just from the sight, but I straightened my back and gave her a glare. Before I could say anything though, another person sat up and shot Nada a dissatisfied look. With me standing in the sun, she couldn’t see my face. However, I was shocked at the sight of her. This girl was actually really pretty, and she wasn’t much older than me! Why would some cute girl in her teens be getting her pussy eaten out in a back ally! I was stunned speechless.

“Hey, what’s the deal!” The girl growled. “You promised to make me cum and I’m not feeling it at all! $100, and I cum. That’s the promise.”

“Ah… misses…” Nada looked between me, Brooke and back at the woman in the tent. “I’m sorry… they…”

Taking Nada’s inability to properly respond, the teenage girl who wore surprisingly nice clothing for the place she was in shot both of us a glare. “Wait for your turns. Can’t you see she’s busy?”

“We need to talk to her for a moment. I hope you understand.” Brooke spoke, trying to sound reassuring.

“No… it is you who don’t understand! I have an exam in the afternoon, and there might be boys there…” She emphasized the word boys like it meant something. “If I see any boys, then I won’t be able to concentrate on my test. Whestler’s Guide to the Feminine Body says that a woman must… ahem… cum… and after she cums, she will no longer focus on a man and can do better in class.”

“You… you’ve cum before, right?” Brooke asked.

The woman’s face grew flustered. “How dare you ask a lady that?”

“It’s… her first time.” Nada muttered, looking down. “That’s why I’m naked, she said that’s it is not real sex unless someone’s naked.”

I covered my mouth as my shoulders shook, but Brooke actually threw back her head laughing, causing the teenage girl to grow even redder.

“You… so much for confidentiality!” The girl bristled, grabbing her curly blond hair and pulling it, which seemed to be something she did when she was frustrated. “It doesn’t matter! I paid! I paid for one orgasm and I won’t quiet down until I get it!”

Was she seriously having a tantrum in a back ally? Only one thing came to mind looking at her, a spoiled rich kid. A stupid, spoiled, rich kid. She was starting to make a scene, and a few of the others nearby were starting to look at them. If it continued on in this direction, this silly girl’s first brothel visit would become a big problem for everyone present.

“I’ll do it then,” I said, trying to make my voice sound feminine.

Brooke and Nada gave me surprised looks, but the teenager squinted in my direction with her hand up. “You? Well, you do look a little younger than her. Closer to my age? I don’t really care who, I’m not into women. I’ll be thinking about boys while you do it anyway. Don’t bother with the clothing, just be quick!”

I gave Brooke a smirk while she glared at me. We gestured at each other for a few seconds until Brooke gave up. She grabbed Nada and dragged the naked woman away to grill her. Meanwhile, I go on all fours and dived under the tent to finish Nada’s job. That job was this girl’s pussy. She was a cute blonde girl with curly hair, boobs that rivaled my mom’s, which was amazing on a sixteen-year-old girl, and nice long legs to boot. She also had a bag nearby, and I recognized the logo on the back. It was the same logo I had seen on Madison’s stuff. This girl was an Academy girl.

This probably wasn’t the best time to play around, but we needed to keep this girl from causing trouble. I didn’t know if there were any of the gang members nearby. Even if Brooke could safely get me out of there, would Hannah be safe if the people who kidnapped her found out I was looking for them? Thus, I had to act fast, and that meant eating pussy. It didn’t hurt that I was very horny, listening to women fornicating in every other tent, naturally, my willpower was waning as a teenage boy. At the very least, I was leaving it to a little bit of foreplay.

“Ah! Ahn…” The girl’s legs tightened around my head, stopping me from diving in before I could even get my tongue out. “G-gentle!”

She slowly relaxed her thighs, spreading herself open. She looked away while pushing her underwear to the side with her fingers. It was a very erotic scene. In truth, my body blocked most of the light, so it was pretty dark. I could only really see her pale white thighs and the outline of her womanhood. It looked a bit like a ripe flower. She also smelled sweet. It was clear, she was a girl who kept herself clean. Well, if she had looked nasty, I wouldn’t have offered to dive into Nada’s tent with her in the first place.

I blew lightly with my lips over her mound of flesh, and I could feel the girl shivering underneath me. Very slowly, I worked my head down. Any sudden movements seemed to cause this woman to tighten her legs and block me, as if by instinct. She was forcing herself to spread for me. I wonder if Nada had even managed to get a tongue in before I interrupted.

Finally, my tongue landed in the right spoke, and I began lapping up her insides, enjoying the flavor of this blond teenage bombshell. Her hands ran through my hair and grabbed tightly as she let out little whimpering sounds. She had a sweet and refreshing taste, and my tongue could tell that her pussy was a virgin.

“Ah… ah… ah…” The girl moaned.

My fingers ran through her pubic hair, which was soft and smooth. I grabbed onto the patch as I stuck my tongue inside her, causing her to gasp. I had eaten my mother’s pussy many times since I had come to this world, but there was something unique about tasting this teenage girl. Perhaps it was the fact we were essentially outside. There were women in other tents right next to us doing the same thing. Maybe some of it was the anonymity. I didn’t even know her name.

Perhaps, this was just a means of blowing off accumulated stress from the previous night, but I found myself going to town. Soon, I was shaking my head as I sucked hard on her pussy, my tongue penetrating it without reservation. The woman herself must have also been at her limit. Well, she resorted to hiring a prostitute just so she could get off and focus on exams, so she didn’t have much resistance.

“Ah, there, there!” She cried out. “Ahn… I’m cumming!”

Two words were never sweeter, and I happily drank from this highschool girl’s nectar pot as she came gratuitously. I sucked down hard on her until her clit with pink and throbbing. My own cock was rock hard, but I ignored it as I tasted the woman under me. For a few moments, I forgot about my troubles. At least, I could give this one woman what she wanted, and what she wanted wasn’t my seed, but just a simple orgasm. I provided it for her as well as I could. It felt… nice.

“Ahhnnn!” She cried out, kicking her legs out as her body thrashed under my machinations.

I only finally separated because I ran out of breath, although the girl had already leaked on Nada’s bedding. Finishing up in only about five minutes, I was just about to pull out of the tent and put my hood back up when the girl suddenly reached down and grabbed me.

“Eh?” I could only make out a strange noise as I was dragged up, my face was brought up to that pretty face I could barely make out in the darkness.

“Th-That was incredible!” The girl said tearfully. “I didn’t know it could feel so good!”

Trying to pull back, I gave her a nod of affirmation, but not reading the mood she grabbed me and kissed me, her tongue entering my mouth. Her lips were actually really soft and her chest felt really good against mine. I just ate her out and she was kissing me. This girl is really lewd isn’t she? Well, she hires prostitutes too! Doesn’t she know you don’t kiss prostitutes? That’s rule #1.

However, my horniness flattened my common sense. Compared to Madison, she felt really soft and curvy. Her body was incredible, and my hands couldn’t stop but reach around and hold her. The girl herself pulled her lips away and then looked down, breathing hard. I couldn’t see well in the dark, but she looked like she was blushing.

“I… I… think I might be gay now.” She said suddenly letting go of my face and burying her head in my chest, squealing like a silly girl who just made a confession.

“Huh?” I couldn’t process what was going on as she hugged me.

“I really wasn’t feeling anything with that girl Nada. I was doing everything I could to cum. However, when you touched me… it felt so incredible. It was like a million times better. I suddenly came to realize what all those lipstick girls were talking about! I love having my pussy eaten, but it has to be you!”

“Pfft!” I started coughing, trying to pull away once again from this girl clinging to me in the tent.

“I-I know this is sudden, but you’re about my age, right? Maybe we could, I don’t know, become a couple? Ah, I have money! Even if you’re poor, I can find you a place. Since you’re my girlfriend, I’ll take care of you, I promise! I might even be able to get a man to give us seed? Then we can both be pregnant together!”

I’m whose girlfriend now? She’s talking about having my baby? Girls are definitely scary! Definitely scary! I needed to escape before she starts discussing the wedding vows. Clearly, this girl wasn’t ready for a sexual relationship! One orgasm and she’s ready to settle down! As I tried once again to struggle away, the girl’s eyes widened once again and she grabbed on to my arms tightly.

“Th-that’s right! You di-did that to me, but I haven’t returned the favor! A-as your girlfriend, I must also… please you…” She said those words so cutely that I seriously wanted to push her down right there, if I wasn’t busy trying to run the other way.

This girl was seriously the most dangerous woman I have ever met. I was caught between wanting to leave and wanting to rip her clothing off. What kind of weird feeling is that? It’s nothing like with Madison at all!

Before I could truly grasp what she was saying though, the girl’s hands had worked their way into my pants. I unconsciously spread my legs, letting her grasp onto… oh right, she thinks I’m a woman! However, it was too late for me to reach down and pull her hand out. Her fingers found it and immediately grab onto a big bulging thing. That thing would be my balls!

“Eh? Honey, your pussy, I don’t mean to offend but it feels kind of weird… Eh? What’s that?”

It’s at that point, that her feeling around hits something bigger. Her hand reached up, and for a second, I swore the world moved in slow motion. Then her fingers wrap around the hard, erect penis. The pair of us froze, I found my face only an inch away from hers, with her hand wrapped around my cock. Her eyes slowly started to widen as she processed what the thing in her hand must have been.

“A-a-a-a-a ma-“ I immediately brought my face forward and kissed her on the lips, preventing her from shouting “man” in the middle of the pussy market.

I pulled away, leaving the girl breathless. “Sorry, gotta go!”

I immediately jumped out of the tent. Throwing my hood up, I fled the back of the drug den, running along the side and heading straight for the hover car. It looked like Brooke had finished her questioning, so I ran right up to her.

“You done having fun? If you were so worried about your sister, you shouldn’t be-“

“Yes, I know, I’m an idiot, let’s move!” I shove Brooke into the back of the car and immediately slammed the door shut.

The driver got the rush, and immediately hit the gas, our car peeling down the road. I looked through the back window, and just before the car turned a corner, I swore I saw a busty blonde Academy student frantically looking around in the street. I let out a breath of relief as I relaxed back in my chair. Brooke gave me a strange look while she straightened her clothing.

Brooke sniffed. “Well, one thing I can say about working for you, it’s never boring.”

I let out a sigh. “Yeah… as fun as a man in a pussy market…”

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