Just a Guy in Space – Chapter 25

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Chapter 25

“I don’t see it.”

“He’s right, these numbers are certainly above average for the average Council citizen but they’re a far cry from those of a combat-grade Council soldier. I fail to see how this is a potential threat.”

“That is because you are looking at his current physical attributes. By his own admission the human Gus is below average in terms of physical fitness among his race. An above average human could easily have strength rivalling a Council soldier but that’s still not what’s alarming about him.”

A holodisplay lit up, showing Gus running on the treadmill. “As you can see, when pushed his body was able to adapt to the increase in activity quite easily.” The holovid sped up to the part where he received the first shock. “Look,” Trando said, pointing to the display. “He suffers the aftereffects of the shock for some time then gets back on the machine. As you can see, increasing the physical and mental stress on him had diverse effects.”

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Ruki Update

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FeralHeart Chapter 165 and update on YesorNo’s absence

It feels horrible lying in a hospital bed with drips pumping you chock full of chemicals. Some weird viral infection, they said… didn’t know what exactly it was, they said… needed me quarantined, they said.

If I touched anything, it needed to be isolated, they said. So for the sake of preserving my laptop, I couldn’t write.

Turned out to be a new, resilient strain of the influenza virus. My arms still feel like noodles but I can type. Cheers. I’ll meet the quota for the month at the very least. [14 more for Feralheart, 4 more for kama-sutra]

Chapter 165