The Lust System: Chapter 57 (Unlocked)

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Chapter 57 – Relief (1) (R-18)


“That went well?”

“Yeah, I wasn’t expecting it either.”

It’s been a few minutes since Layla and Lydia went home. After all their serious discussions, they talked about normal stuff, sometimes chatted about Awakened news that they can think of.

Max learned a lot this time. He felt peaceful while hanging out with them. They even ate together before they went out.

It was Yu’er who made their meal that earned her some compliments from the two sisters. Currently, they were back in their room, as Yu’er showered and Max waiting for her on the bed.

They had an understanding of what’s going to happen in the next few minutes, it was evident from his heavy breathing that Max was eagerly waiting for it.

Sounds of footsteps were heard as Max turned towards the bathroom. There, he saw his sister walking towards him with a thin robe that barely contained her big breasts.

Yu’er saw Max staring at her and asked in a seductive tone,

“Is my little brother getting hard checking out his sister?”

Max held his breath as he attempted to pretend he wasn’t distracted by her body and the white flesh he saw peeking out of her thin robe.

She laughed, as her sweet voice sounded out,

“I’ll take that as a yes.”

When she got close to Max, her hands went on his legs. Leaning forward, her hot breath on his ear, her hand cupping her breast,

“Do you want this?”

Max let out an involuntary moan, brought on by her hot breath as he focused his gaze to her breasts that were peeking out as Yu’er wanted to tease him.

She went on to squeeze his fully erect dick and with her tongue now licking his ear and whispered,

“Oh, your dick is already rock hard. Are you hard for your sister?”

Max’s brain was no longer functioning normally, he nodded as he stared at her like a starved animal, hints of lust can be seen in his eyes.

Yu’er bit his ear, her hand rubbing his dick through his shorts,

“Are you so horny right now? You can start touching me you know.”

She opened one side of her robe as it fell to her side, her big left breast popped out in full view. Her nipple was erect, which meant she was getting turned on too from all of this.

Max immediately leaned forward and took it into his mouth. Her moan on his ear was making him more aroused. He sucked it into his mouth and used his tongue to swirl around it.

“Ahh, that feels so good. Suck in harder.”

They had an agreement to take it slower and enjoy themselves to the fullest as they aren’t short on time and it’ll be more satisfying.

Following her words, Max sucked her nipple harder at the same time, biting it gently that resulted in her moaning out on his ear again,

“That’s it.”

Continuing on for a few minutes, Yu’er pulled away while saying,

“That’s enough for now. I think it’s time for me to help you back.”

Max lifted up his waist as Yu’er pulled out his shorts, leaving his dick open for everyone to see. Yu’er took his dick in her hand and lightly stroked it.

Before he could say anything, Yu’er opened her little mouth and leaned forward. Her warm mouth felt more amazing than anything he had ever felt before from others.

Max wasn’t sure if it was because this was happening now but he could only close his eyes as he indulged in the pleasure he was feeling. His body melted while his mind blanked.

Yu’er began slowly moving up and down on his dick, taking about half of it in her mouth.

In just over a minute, Max could feel the undeniable feeling in his balls and knew he was going to come soon.

Involuntarily, he grabbed Yu’er’s head and held it in place as he quickly fucked her gorgeous face. She let out a surprised sound but didn’t stop what she was doing.

After a couple of pumps between her small lips, Max shot his cum down her throat. When he was done releasing all of it deep inside her, he let go of her head, saying,

“Ha, Ha. So good.”

At this point, Max’s legs were open with his sister positioning her head between it. As Max knew that they still had a lot of time, Max wanted to experience it again.

But seeing that his sister was touching herself with one of her hands, he thought of a good idea where they can touch each other at the same time.

Max gave his sister a short kiss that lasted only for a second or two then whispered something in her ear.

Yu’er face turned redder than her hair but never said anything about it. She had already tried it in the past that she had no problem doing it again.

She even seductively removed her robe as she went on top of Max, with her hole directly in front of him.

Max’s dick was still hard. Releasing it once was not enough for him. This time, he’s not going to stop until he was completely sucked dry.

Max curled one of his arms around Yu’er’s thighs, intending on devouring her pussy as if it were his last meal.

Yu’er started to lick Max’s dick all over as she placed herself over his face, she guided her rear end down over him to begin his task. She stuck out her tongue proceeding to slide it back and forth, making Max shudder in pleasure.

Max remembered what he was supposed to do as he licked and nibbled all along his sister’s inner thighs. Starting at the outer parts, Max slowly worked his way to her already soaked pussy lips.

Each of which he gently sucked until it was swollen twice its normal size. Once Yu’er’s labia were fully engorged, Max parted them with his tongue and began licking up & down with long stiff tongue strokes.

Max gripped her ass at times, massaging, releasing then gripping it again. Yu’er tried to keep all of her weight off of him which began to be extremely difficult as the sensation he gave her spread throughout her body.

Max seemed to enjoy pleasing her as much if not more than he did being brought to orgasm. Her taste was delicious that Max was getting addicted to it.

Their lewd smell was also spreading out the room, causing them to feel hotter all over their bodies.

Max varied the intensity of his licking so perfectly that his sister felt her peak getting closer especially with her heightened state of arousal.

“I’m close.”

Max gave his sister a notice so that she won’t be surprised but Yu’er acted like she never heard anything, still playing with his dick inside her mouth. Sucking and licking while massaging his balls.


Max let out huge loads of cum as Yu’er continued to suck it all in her mouth. The timing couldn’t have been more perfect as every muscle in her body suddenly contracted, including her legs.

Followed by a series of loud muffled moans coming out of her and a huge gush of fluid which all exploded from her pussy.

Needless to say, Max’s face got a good soaking. Not that he was complaining, just the opposite as the satisfaction he gets from bringing a woman orally to an explosive climax was very exciting.

Giggling as she cleaned me, Yu’er rose from Max’s face only to plop down next to him exuding a beautiful look of afterglow on her face.




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The Sex Beast System: Fetishes!!!

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The Sex Beast System: Fetishes


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Table of contents:


1. Jacob Goes To A Swinger’s Party Alone


Jacob Goes To A Swinger’s Party Alone (Part-1)

Author’s note: The setting is in the future, but there are no spoilers. Just Jacob’s penis is better.


[Shall we go out now?]  

No, we should wait just for a bit more, I guess.  

Right now, I am hiding behind a tree while continuously observing an expensive-looking house right in front of me which is alongside houses that look somewhat similar to each other.   

Suddenly, a car comes from around the corner of the street and parks itself in front of the house.   

See? I told you that we should wait some more… Hahaha! I am right again!  

[Yay! You win! *Sigh* You are such a kid…]  

Shut up!  

From the back seat of the car, a muscular man and a beautiful blond woman walks out.   

They both look like they are in their early thirties. The woman is especially really beautiful with a lean, well-maintained figure. Her curves also look well-shaped with bigger than average tits and a nice-looking round ass.   

The man put his hands around the woman’s waist and leads her towards the house before disappearing inside.   

[I am really excited, partner! This is going to be so much fun!]  

If we don’t get caught, that is. But yes, after we get inside… Fufufu.   

[We will surely get this blond one. It would be so nice to see her beautiful face sucking on your cock! I think you should paste your white cum all over face! So much that it would flow to her pussy by itself and impregnate her!]  

Okay, first of all, that is impossible. And second, I will fuck her but I will also save some of my energy for the redhead we saw earlier! Her huge tits will be amazing to play with…   

[Damn! That that redhead is a sexy one. It would be amazing if we could get a tit-fuck from her! But don’t forget about the one before her. You know, the one with that “phat” ass!]  

Obviously not!  My dick would look so good buried between her meaty—   

Fuck!  I am not even inside yet. I should think of these things later…  

[True. But you cannot forget the best part, you know?]  

Yeah, I know. The best part is that this is a swinger’s party… So, we will be fucking all the women in front of their husbands and boyfriends… Fufufu.   

[You seem especially excited about this, huh? You really like to steal another man’s woman that much?]  


[Oh! Don’t get me wrong! It’s not like anything is bad about it! I actually support stealing! Just don’t let your women get stolen and everything is fine!]  

W-Wait, this is not stealing or anything, okay? It’s just a gathering of people who don’t mind sharing…   

[Yeah, it’s a gathering of cucks.]  

Don’t say it like that!   

[I am just saying the truth. Well, who cares what they are? The main thing is… You are getting benefit their cuckeryMuahahaha]  

Don’t laugh like some evil villain…   

[Sorry…couldn’t resist. Well, let begin! I think the party must have started a long time ago…]  

Yeah, no one is coming anymore as well. Let’s go.  

I come out from behind the tree and start moving towards the house in front of me.   

With how big this house is, I am sure there will be cameras recording the surroundings 24×7. If I try to sneak in from the backdoor or something, chances are that I might get caught in the camera.   

The only way is to walk up front confidently.   

I know, it sounds a bit insane but you don’t know how well this thing works usually.   

[But won’t they notice when they will see you walking in without any girl along with you?]  

What do you want me to do? Bring along a girl?   

[FUCK NO!!!  Do that and I will personally kill you!!! The only dick ever going inside your women is your own!!!]  

Okay, okay, calm down. And as a system, you cannot kill me even if you want to, to be honest…  

[Yeah, try bringing along your girls and we will see if I can kill you or not…]  

Hey, I was just talking about bringing in a prostitute or something…   

[See, I am going to tell you this only once so listen well. You bought her, she is yours for that much time, okay? Only spend money to satisfy your own cock…not someone else’s.]  

Fine, not that it’s needed anyway.   

If this was in some hotel or a club, getting in would have been almost impossible due to the security and stuff but that isn’t the case here.   

The swinger’s parties that happen at someone’s house are usually really low profile and only shared with people of similar interests. I only found out about this place after I heard a man talk to her wife about it in the grocery store.    

[Well, that’s good then…let’s get inside!]  

I enter the premises of the house with fake confidence, trying to show as if I belong here. I also give a huge smile to the camera directly above the door of the house.  

[You know, this is exactly how creeps smile…]  

Fuck off!  

The moment I enter, a rush of different noises enters my ears. They mainly consist of music, voices of men… And to my joy, moaning of women.   

As I predicted before, there is not even a single person at the entrance of the house to look at who is entering. All of them are inside and enjoying the party.   

The fact that this house is really big and modern shows that the organizers of this party are really rich people.   

I move towards the living room and the sounds of music and people get louder.   

[This is it, buddy. Let’s enter the fuck-fest and eat to our heart’s content!]  


I open the door of the living room and get inside…   


The scene inside the room is exactly like I imagined it.   

Mostly everyone here is either naked or in their underwear. The moans and grunts are coming from some a few pairs having sex but most of the others are either talking, dancing, eating food or drinking in a small bar at the corner of the room.   

I know a few things about a swinger’s party. There are three kinds of couples you can find here. First are the ones which come here to do what the name implies, i.e. swing. They exchange their partners with each other and some even watch their partners fucking or getting fucked.   

Second, are the ones who don’t share their partner but only like to have sex with each other as people watch them and the third ones are newbies with no experience of parties like this. They just observe things with their girlfriends or wife for the first time and see how things are done here.   

Well, I can tell that there are no newbie couples here but it’s really difficult to distinguish between the first two.   

But still, something is strange here…  

I look at the bar again and see the hot blonde and the busty read-head who have changed into their sexy underwear already, talking to each other with a strangely irritated expression on their face.   

I cannot spot the guys they came in with anywhere though…  

Like them, there are many other women with a strangely irritated and angry look on their faces.  

This is so weird…  

[Wait! What the hell did you just say? Buddy, if you find hot naked chicks weird, then I think there is no point for you to live anymore… Just kill yourself already!]  

It’s not that, idiot! This is weird because there are around 40 women and only 10 men in this room! Where are all the other men?  

[Fuck you! I was only doubting it at first but my guess was true! You are actually gay and here for men! I am so disgusted to being your system right now…]  

Shut up, asshole! I was just mentioning the abnormality! There should be an equal number of men and women here…   

[Oh, Okay… Sorry.  So, how are we going to do this? I say we start fucking all the chicks randomly who are without a man! Fufufu, you have 30 options!]  

No, I cannot start like that. I have a feeling that it would look a bit suspicious as most of them probably know each other already from before and I am new.   

[Then what will you do? Wait here till your balls turn blue?]  

No! I think that I should first try to mix up with couples already have sex…  

I look around and see a somewhat hot black-haired girl sitting on the sofa and giving a guy a blowjob.   

Both of them are completely naked. I can see the girl’s bigger than average tits and a nice round ass. Her skin is also fair. All in all, a beautiful woman.  

Well, I don’t want to describe a naked man much but I will just tell you this: He has short brown hairs, and slightly bigger than average dick.  

[Fufufu, I don’t mind you sharing a girl with another guy… As long as she is his, not yours! Come on! Let’s plow that sweet pussy!]  

I move towards the couple…   

Let the fun begin…  


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The Lust System: Chapter 56 (Unlocked)

As I couldn’t edit the pages on my table of contents, here is the unlocked version of Chapter 56!






Chapter 56 – Talk (2)



In the end, they had to agree with what Lydia said. Max took the chance to check her out as he couldn’t help but compare her present delicate appearance to how cool she looked when she was fighting.

While she was fighting, Lydia was displaying a huge amount of confidence that made it look like she was just playing. Even when their fight ended, not a single scratch can be seen on her clothes.

Max wondered how long has it been since she started training because from how she fought, he knew that he won’t stand a chance against her if he were to only use his body strength and his purple lightning.

“Seeing that we don’t know any more about it, let’s put this aside for now.”

“Next would be about Awakeneds.”

Yu’er moved on to the main reason they were here as she wanted to get this over with as soon as possible.

All of them didn’t know where to start as they looked at each other.

“So we agree that all of us were Awakeneds right?”

Layla focused her gaze on her, still not believing what she heard.

“You really are…?”


“Since when?”

“The same with Max. A long long time ago.”

Layla couldn’t believe that she had been an Awakened for a long time. Not only that, what she was surprised the most was an Awakened managed to hide among them at school.

It made her think that maybe there were more Awakeneds hiding in there, committing to her memory that she should be warier at school just in case.

“By the way, please keep it a secret to anyone. Even if they’re close to you. Okay?”

Layla and Lydia nodded as they knew the seriousness of this and as they’re close friends, they wouldn’t do anything to put them in danger.

“Don’t tell anyone about us too okay?”

Once she finished saying this, Layla felt the heavy feeling inside her disappear. Her face became brighter as all her problems were now been resolved.

Furthermore, seeing that nothing changed between them made her happier. She looked at Lydia who also felt the same as her, to Max who was lying down on the bed with a relaxed expression.

She knew that everything went surprisingly well. Not even close to what she was imagining would happen.

There was also one more thing that contributed to her happiness. It was about Lydia’s relationship with Max.

Now that Max was an Awakened, she doesn’t need to speak with Lydia about it anymore as there’s no problem with two Awakeneds being in a relationship.

She thought there are even Awakeneds who have multiple women out there. An image came to her mind with her grabbing Max’s arm and her little sister grabbing him on the other side.

Her face blushed as she slightly shook her head wanting to forget it. But the time when Max was having sex with her little sister kept playing on her mind.

She clearly remembered Lydia’s face filled with pleasure as she moaned out, imagining how good it must have felt for her to be like that.

Thinking about Max’s dick, her eyes gleamed with desire as her crotch started to get wet.

‘Why am I thinking about this.’

Layla thought about different things to forget about it. She didn’t notice her little sister glancing at her as her eyes were shining weirdly, random thoughts run across her mind.

As their main problem was resolved and their relationship seemed to not have any changes, Yu’er didn’t waste the opportunity to get more information.

“Hey, do you know any happenings in this city? Do we have to watch out for something? Any news at all?”

“We’re not sure about this. I think there was an increase in the number of rogue Awakeneds going in this city.”

“Maybe it was only a coincidence. But it wouldn’t hurt to be more careful.”

“How much money are they getting anyways? Couldn’t they just you know steal it?”

Max had some thoughts about stealing money from others. After all, he has the capability and he wasn’t someone that was kind-hearted enough to avoid doing those things.

In the past, he had fantasies of cleaning businesses of all their money if he had superpowers and when Xiao Ming arrived, it was the trigger that made him consider doing that.

But he didn’t understand why would Awakeneds work for normal people only for money if they can just steal it from them.

It was contradicting as Awakeneds can do dirty work for others but they can’t do it for their own personal gains. Basically, why work for someone if they can just get it themselves.

“They can. The amount of money they get from one job was minimum in the hundreds of millions.”

“The businesses that have those amount of money would definitely have an answer to robbers, even when they’re Awakeneds.”

“There are some Awakened organization that offers security services. Those people are annoying, acting like heroes.”

“How did you know all that?”

Max looked attentively at Layla as from her words, she probably had the thought of doing it in the past.

Layla only responded with a smile that Max gave up knowing more about it as he knew that he won’t be getting an answer no matter what.

Now that she thought about it, Alice asked her if Max was an Awakened. Did she know about it back then? Layla didn’t think so as if Alice knew about it, she would definitely warn her.

‘Maybe it was her intuition? Or she saw something from Max? Her skill was something about looking at people so that’s definitely possible.’

“Just a heads up, Alice has some suspicions about you being an Awakened.”

Layla didn’t bother hiding it as she notified Max about Alice. It’s not like she was supposed to keep it a secret as Alice never hid her identity from other people.

“So she was really an Awakened? She had been staring at me throughout the party that I was almost certain that she was the same.”

“Yeah. She doesn’t care if people know that she’s an Awakened. She said there’s no point and it would do more good than bad if people knew about it. It’s not like people will know what skill I have, she also said.”

“What do you think about her?”

“She isn’t a bad person. We’ve been close for a few years now. If she came off to you as a scheming person, it was because she was born in a business-minded family.”

“Calculating and analyzing things on her mind before she makes a decision was normal for her. She said logical decisions are what’s gets you an edge compared to normal people as they include feelings in their decisions.”

“So don’t mind her habit of coming off as a scheming woman. She doesn’t care about what people think of her, but don’t distance yourself away from her just because of that.”

“She’s a nice person that helped me so much through the years.”

Layla told her what she thinks about Alice, not realizing that she was slowly trusting them more and more.

After a few more exchanges, they talked and laughed like how they usually do in the past. Max felt that Layla and Lydia were treating him better compared to the last time they were here.

It’s not like he has a problem with it. In fact, it made him more comfortable around them, considering them as his first real friends.




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