Beauty Reversal Chapter 24

Hey guys I know I said I would be rushing these last chapters out but I have essentially been going at the same pace. Sorry about that.

In other news I have found some interesting novels that I may want to try and TL after this. I will provide the raw and google translate will give you the gist of what it is about. Don’t forget you can go to the novel information tab to see the tags for the novel.

Here are the raws:

A transferred aristocrat’s easy-going harem life ~ Since I transferred in as a noble man’s sixth son and I can’t be an heir, I will pass my time leisurely in this new world!~ (Completed)

When I applied as a part-time idol manager, the physical labor of a harem awaited!

The perverted brute teacher and the meek submissive beautiful disciple (Published and Loli)

Valhalla ・ Penis Mansion (Shota)

The slow life of a hero~ Since there is nothing to do, let’s try developing my roommates~

Stealing skills and making a harem

In terms of picking up other translators works, I just don’t feel like doing that right now.

Here is a straw poll where you can vote for all the ones that seem interesting to you:


Without further ado…

Chapter 24

Beauty Reversal Chapter 21

Here is the second chapter! Since we are coming close to catching up with the author I was thinking of picking up another novel. Since you guys have all been so supportive I thought I would ask you guys for suggestions as well as look for some myself. Keeping in the spirits of MSB the novel should be R-18, have some lewds in it(Doesn’t need to be the main focus), and no NTR.

Chapter 21