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PLIC Chapter 87


PLIC Chapter 86

MAN OF DESTINY That’s the title of the chapter, copy pasted.

PLIC Chapter 85

Start of Maika’s arc This arc will be 20 chapters long. A roller coaster of H scenes and revelations.

PLIC Chapter 84

Twelfth Night You may notice that there are comments even if you clicked on this immediately after seeing on novelupdates. That’s because I’m giving priority to my patrons on patreon(and in my discord server) for at least an hour or two. It’s not a big of an advantage but a big one for those who…

PLIC Chapter 83


PLIC Chapter 82

Next chapter will kill Yoshida. lol

PLIC Chapter 81

Hakkon was a nice story at first. Got bored of it later tho. Went to watch Assassin’s creed with my family, That’s why this post is late. The movie was a disappointment though. Worse is I have to watch it with my friends again. They’re fan of the game after all.

PLIC Chapter 80

Next chapter would be exhausting….

PLIC Chapter 79


PLIC Chapter 78

Drink all the drinks!