Erocom Chapter 94-102

Hello everyone sorry for the late post I’ve been busy doing odd jobs for money. This has been done for a couple weeks now. Thanks to a generous donator I was able to buy Volume 1 of Erocom and put up the illustrations. I’ve also included lines in the chapters to them where they appear in the novel. Their doesn’t seem to be huge differences between the LN and WN but I did notice a lot of the confusing parts in the WN were reworded and added some extra details

Vol. 1 Illustrations

Chapter 94

Erocom Chapter 89-93

How’s it going everybody? I’ve been trying to keep a steady schedule for translating that way there’s not a huge disparity between releases. In other news volume 2 of this novel has been published. If any have illustrations or know where to get them let me know.

Thanks for reading everything! Here’s the chapter:

Chapter 89

Erocom Chapter 81-88

Hello, sorry this arc has taken me a while it was quite long and kind of rough to get through. Also I would like to thank Quern and Pepmin so much for their generous donations. I am deeply sorry I didn’t notice sooner orz.

In other news, this series has been published! The first volume is already on the sale and the author just confirmed the second volume is coming in May. You can find the cover for the first volume on the ToC. I will look into possibly getting them for the illustrations or if someone could get me them that would be great as I have no money. *tehe pero*

Thanks for reading everything! Here’s the chapter:

Chapter 81

Erocom Chapter 72-77

Hey guys. Just had an interview today. It went very well. Again it’s been fairly busy for me that’s why there was no post in December. We will see what my schedule is like but I’m still alive.

In other news, this novel has been serialized so congratulations to the author! When it comes out there could be illustrations which if I could get my hands on I will post em.

Chapter 72

Erocom Chapter 41-53

Hello everyone, I’ve been pretty busy. I’ve had to help with a wedding and other responsibilities. Yadda yadda yadda, excuses excuses. Here’s one big arc.

Also some people have been giving spoilers in comments. I read the story as I translate so seeing spoilers ruins it for me and slows down my TL speed. Please refrain from spoiling from now on even if you want to hint at something because I read all my comments so I will end up getting spoiled.

Sorry for the rant but here’s the chapters:

Chapter 41

Thank you pepmin for the $9

Erocom Chapter 36-40

So first of all, my weekend has been horrible. I got super drunk on Friday, hungover all day Saturday, still recovering on Sunday, got Salmonella on Monday. Next bit of business, my schedule is not gonna be one chapter a day or anything like that. It will be sporadic and I will probably upload them when there is no cliffhanger because I don’t want to stop TLing to post(I am reading this as I TL and have not looked ahead).


Also I could have sworn I saw illustrations for this novel, so if any of you could find them and get me a link that would be much appreciated. I don’t know where I would go about finding those.

Chapter 36

Chapter 37

Chapter 38

Chapter 39

Chapter 40

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Erocom Chapter 33-35

So a RandomPasserby(actual username) messaged me with these chapters translated. I had already translated them though and just had them sitting there. He reminded me to post them and also that I could translate lol. If they want to continue translating they can especially if they do so at a quicker pace than I. I will however continue to translate this now that I have more time. Due to me being gone for 6 months people still can translate it if they want to.

Chapter 33

Chapter 34

Chapter 35

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